The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1965
Page 5
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WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND BR1W WASHINGTON - When Army Secretary Stephen Ailes was testifying at a recent session of the House Armed Services Committee, he explained that the "reserves merger" plan called for reducing the total manpower of the Regular Army, the Reserves and tlie National Guard now 44 divisions - down to 22 divisions, or about half. Rep. William Bray, R-Ind., asked Ailes: "What steps will you take after that, if we are faced with the possibility of war and you find that 22 divisions are not enough?" . Ailes replied: "I'd rather answer that in executive session." Real fact is, according to Bray, that both Secretary McNamara and Ailes have admitted behind closed doors that we are ready to use the nuclear bomb if we have to. They have gone on to say that they don't believe it will be necessary, because the Chinese communists won't force our hand if they know we mean business. Otherwise the bomb will be used, they have said. But McNamara warned one group of Senators behind closed doors that China could not be defeated by air attack alone. It would take a ground invasion, he said, beginning with an American expeditionary force of 300,000 men. - o - —GROOMING GOV. ROMNEY— Eastern Republican business- DKXY& DAISY YOU!? RESTS ASSURED IF YOU DRINK A GLASS OF DELICIOUS HEALTH GIVING MILK FROM RETIRING/ Folks e< all ages need - and like - Homogenized Milk. Sorvo it with every meal. $ CO OP CRCAMERIff •LuJJUcfuSltSlA ot 7aX£V Q/UOfHlAV &*4/fa lONf POCK WA53O45 • SWIAClir BH21' men who put Dvdght Eisenhower in the White House are looking for a man to back in 1968. In their secret discussions, they have agreed that they want a man in Ike's image who is moderate and will appeal to the masses. They have agreed not to repeat the mistake they made in 1964 by failing to unite on a candidate until the right wing had sewn up most of the delegates for Barry Goldwater. Next time, the Eastern businessmen agreed, they should settle on a candidate and start early to build him up. Of all the Republican hopefuls, the one they now like best is - Gov. George Romney of Michigan. - o - —HARLEM GLOBETROTTER— Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, the Harlem globe trotter, left Washington last month for his sixth winter vacation. He had already whiled away part of the fall and winter in Hawaii, Acapulco, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. But he took off again for a week's cruise in the Caribbean. The Teamsters Union provided a yacht, the sea rose, free of charge. - o - -ALABAMA BOYCOTT-One of Dr. Martin Luther King's most important hoped- for allies in the Alabama boycott—Jimmy Hoffa— has walked out on him. King was hoping that the Teamsters would join him in cutting off key shipments to Alabama plants failing to cooperate for improved civil rights. Hofta gave King $25,000 for his march on Montgomery. One of Hoffa's business agents' wives, Mrs. Viola Gregg Liuzzo, was murdered during that march. However, Hoffa has refused to go along with the Alabama boycott. - o - -LULL IN VIET NAM— Gen Westmoreland, U. S. Commander in Viet Nam, is convinced that the Viet Cong are waiting for the rainy season next month before renewing their offensive. The rain hampers the regular army, particularly helicopter operations, but not the guerrillas. This may explain the present lull in the fighting. The number of Viet Cong raids has dropped in half during the past few months, though our observation planes have evidence that Viet Cong strength is growing steadily. This 'Easter Bonnet' Show Had A Few New Wrinkles BURT - It's time for "Easter Bonnets" and to get into the mood for their new bonnets, members of the Burt Past Matrons each modeled an "original" for roll call at their meeting held at the home of Mrs. Trella Patterson, Algona. There was definitely one real "Easter Bonnet." It was made and modeled by Mrs. G. H. McMullen. It sported Easter grass, eggs, chicks and yes, even two Easter bunnies. Another hat made and modeled by Mrs. J. L. Miller, carried out a "Fourth of July" theme complete with a fire-cracker. Others were equally original and amusing. In business transacted the group voted to give $5.00 to the club photographers. They also decided to hold a May Day breakfast on April 14. It will be held at the home of Mrs. Dean Andrews, with Mrs. Al Hinckley and Mrs. Arnold Hansen, assisting hostesses. Mrs. Wayne Dugan was in charge of entertainment. Hostesses were Mesdames Trella Patterson, Walter Klamp, and Earl Miller. IN ALGONA It's the latest fashion fo save ! — yes, and more and more people are saving at Home Federal Savings, Open your account soon I Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n All A**ovntt Pvlly Iniurfd to $10,000 Save From The Tenth -~ B*rn From The Fir»t 4% Current Earning SINCE 1917 - AIOONA, I9WA saw: "Someone in these meetings has been talking to Drew Pearson." "This is totally uncalled for," continued Mitchell. "It's very bad for our morale and should be condemned by everyone here." There was no comment from other members. The meeting adjourned with a general decision that the different civil rights groups should follow their own policies. THURSDAY, APRIL 15, 1965 Algona (la.) Upper Dei Mein*t^-5" Mr. and Mrs. Erl Hrubes of Duncan were April 3 guests in the Wm. Hmbes home in honor of their granddaughter Wilma's birthday. P. C. Haynes was brought home recently from Westview Home in Britt. He is slowly improving in health. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Nygaard and Mrs. Geo. Detmering visited the womens sister, Mrs. Glenn Wigans and family at Thor on April ft. Banns of marriage were published in St. Joseph's Catholic church for Roseann Hildman and Richard Carbone. They will be 'married here April 19. The senior class play of Corwith-Wesley schools will be presented at Corwith Tuesday evening, April 20. A science fair will be held in the Wesley building April 23. -RIOT GAS IN VIET NAM— The President was more than indignant over allied protests against the use of riot gas in South Viet Nam. Within hours after British Foreign Minister Michael Stewart had delivered a British protest, LBJ had discovered 123 cases where the British had used the same type of gas. Before Stewart had arrived in New York on his way back to London, he had received a direct message from the White House citing these 123 cases. LBJ was also furious over Indian reaction. He learned that the Indian government had used the same kind of gas to put down recent riots in Madras. So he instructed Ambassador Chester Bowles to remind Indian officials that when the Chinese were swarming over the Himalayas into India, the United States sent a sharp warning to the Chinese that we would retaliate from an airplane carrier in the bay of Bengal unless the Chinese called off their invasion. Ambassador Bowles was told to remind the Indians that they have very short memories. , - o - —WEST BERLIN AND USA— Unfortunately, the United States had a lot to do with the present crisis in West Berlin. For six years we have vetoed any meeting of the Bundestag in West Berlin. But this year the Johnson administration changed U. S. policy and permitted the meeting. .. This had immediate reper,- cussions in Moscow. In the first place, the neWleaders, Brezhnev and Kosygin, are under constant pressure from the No. 1 Anti- American in the Kremlin, Mikhail Suslov. Second, they considered the American switch a deliberate test of their leadership. In the Kremlin it was figured that Johnson was probing to see whether the new Kremlin leaders were as tough as Khrushchev. They reacted accordingly. - o - —CIVIL RIGHTS DIFFERENCES— A closed-door meeting of civil rights leaders recently disclosed fundamental differences regarding future strategy in the South. Walter Reuther, head of the United Auto Workers, argued that since President Johnson had come out so emphatically for voting rights, the civil rights movement should take a more moderate course and concentrate its efforts on fund-raising plus coordination of the movement. This brought vigorous oppos- Grandma is the sly one You've got to get up early to KPt ahead of Grandma. She's listening to her neighbors telling about the wonderful results they had with new DA-TEX one-coat wall paint. Because new DA-TEX is Densi-tued, it has a heavier body. It's KO thick and creamy smooth that it may be applied over wallpaper, new or old plaster, painted walls, primed wood or metal, cinder or concrete block?, brick and composition board. And new DA-TEX dries in just 23 minutes. You've read about it in LIFE magazine, now try new DA-TEX for your self. There's a wide selection of colors to choose from at Saiter's Davis Paint Store, Algona, Iowa. ition from the National Council of Churches, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, and the Northern Student Movement. Its leaders urged an even more militant program. Representatives of CORE, SNCC, and the Freedom Democratic Party argued that the voting rights bill just introduced in Congress should be even stronger. The division of opinion, which became sharp, upset Clarence Mitchell, Washington representative of the NAACP, who was battling for civil rights when some of the student leaders were in diapers. Finally Mitchell got up and Corwith-Wesley Girls Defeat Wesley Women WESLEY - The sprightly gals of the Alumni basket ball team played the Corwith-Wesley team in the local public school gym Tuesday evening and succeeded in tieing the score at the half, but lost out to the younger ones at the end of the hard fought game, 65-49. On the alumni team called the Sweenie Raiders, were Bernie Hamilton, Irene Hanig, Donna Bleich, Carol Youngwirth, Mrs. Paul Kelly, Mary Richter, Joan Vitzthum, Rosemary Dornbier, Elsie Kunkel and Patty Ricke. Wilma Hrubes and her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Bauer, visited the George Well- icks at Britt Wednesday. "Money Doesn't Grow on Trees!' 1 When emergencies arise, it would be nice to pluck a few reserve dollars from the "money tree" . . . but actually such emergencies must be met with reality. If you are properly insured, then your insurance policy will serve as a figurative "money tree." 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STARTS FRIDAY APRIL 16 The Hosiery Event That Women And Misses Of This Area Know So Well. $135 KAYSER NYLONS 99c KAYSER K-1 Seamless Meth Nylon* (Regularly SI..'Jot KAYSER K-2 Seamiest DRESS (Regularly $1.35) SHEER KAYSER K»27 Wonderloc Mrerch, Rimless, Seamless (Reg SI .'Mil 99c KAYSER K-7 Service Weight, Seamless (Regularly $1.35) KAYSER K-14 Seamless Stretch, Romforeod Heel & Toe Regularly Sl.' 99c KAYSER 6530 Service Weight (Regularly $l..'55i WITH SEAM 99c 99c 99c 99c 3 pair for '2.90' \

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