The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1965 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1965
Page 2
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2-Alaona ('o^ UpP er Dft* Moines Thursday, April IS, 1965 i^^B^^^^^^^^I^^^I^^^^^^I^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FROM THE ATTIC... ... TO THE VAULT (Your Hobby - And Your N By Dick Palmtr "TOPKAPI", Academy Award Winner, Here Tues. & Wednesday at Algona Theatre The Spencer show demonstrated the effect of hasty planning and inadequate prom Minn, which is contrary to the usual image of the sponsoring Chamber of Commerce. The many empty tables in the center section contrasted sharply with last year's full house. Ten day's notice just isn't enough, and that is w'.iat the majority of last year's patrons received. Several had already contracted for other shows and perhaps it is just as well as 1 was told that there was very little area publicity for the event. Show sponsors do have an obligation to advertise. A portion of the dealer entry fee is intended to cover just that. Visitors were definitely below former years, tho the heavy fog and uncertain Smug? Maybe he has a right to be! You could fool smug, too, if you know what he knows about beautifying the in- torior walls of your home. HP'S just painted his rooms with new one-coat DA-TEX, a vinyl latex wall paint unlike any you have ever used. Developed by Davis Paint Company and advertised in LIFE magazine, new DA-TEX is better because it's Densi-tued. Its heavier body makes it cling to your brush or roller. There's less drip. Less spatter. If you touch up later there are no telltale traces. Try new DA-TEX. There's a wide choice of decorator colors at Sailer's Davis Paint Store, Algona, Iowa. roads certainly curtailed travel Saturday night. Tho drivr homo \vitli virtually no visibility and the road under water at several points was one of tho worst I've undertaken in some time. - o - Antique dealers were represented by a mere half dozen, most having been there Irefore. I noted some Interesting and expensive Carnival patterns. The price still seems to be going up. 1 do believe that 1 could now sell my past purchases, especially the smokey, at a profit. The only piece of red had a price tag of $G and I felt that I could struggle along without it. Beecher Lane proudly inarched out with a full set of Vienna china and I was told that it was a bargain. Beecher would know one. I wonder how long It will be before Lane's Antiques joins Algona's business firms? 1 think this set was not, however, the Royal Vienna pattern. A set of 8 cups, saucers, plates and a tea pot remained in the dealer's stock at $150. Bob Orr, the tall man from Cherokee, was posting bills advertising the 5th annual gun, shell, coin and antique show April 24 25 at the new commimity.senter near the armory. Signs will point out the location off highway 59. Hours are 8 to 9 Sat. and 8 to 6 Sunday. The new location should help this show, as it has been very crowded in the past. - o - You can't anticipate the business patterns of these shows. Last year I had done virtually nothing by 5 p. m. Saturday and 75% of the total activity came Sunday afternoon. This year 60% of the total came be. fore 11:15 Saturday morning and Sunday accounted for most of the lookers and 10% of the sales. The concessions were for the benefit of the Spencerettes, a VFW sponsored drill learn and the availability of r-oof fee was greatly appreciated. Canadian material seemed in brisk demand, otherwise I noted no particular patterns. 1 was able to get those Indian arrow heads for my Italian correspondent from D. D. Davis of Barnett, Mo. He knew the area where they Peter Ustinov, a reluctant accomplice of a group of thieves, attrmpts to silence Aklm Tamiroff. whom he has caught eavesdropping In this scene from Jules Dassin's "Topkapi." In the color film which will open Tuesday at the Algona Theatre, the two are starred with Mellna Mcrcourl and Maximilian Scnell. were found, but told me the Indians did a lot of arrow trading, so it was difficult to identify the maker. He seems to handle most any type of order and had recently obtained a skull for one of his customers - just the thing for the person who has everything. His wife was not entirely sympathetic with this business venture and refused to permit this commercial article in the house. I hope my Italian friend doesn't develop a liking for old tones. It would almost be'worth it, however, just to see the faces of the customs examiners. - o - Some people just can't resist giving others the benefit of their pet theory on what is wrong with the country or the world in general. One gentleman handed me a letter to the editor (presumably I was the only one so honored, due to having currency on display) dealing with a somewhat vague attack on monetary policy and a frontal assault on the activities of the "international bankers". It seemed a combination of right and left economics. Maybe he wrote it. I didn't dare ask. At any rate, an academic discussion on international and domestic finance seemed hardly appropriate in the middle of a hobby show, so my response was terminal in w nature and, fortunately, was so "" received. I was tempted to" ask •-another : gentleman who disapproved of church participation at Selma whether he had cut "Onward Christian Soldiers" out of his hymn book yet, but restraint prevailed. - o For some reason, the Spencer club did not have a table for stamp display so I ended up having one of the few books with philatelic material. One antique dealer did, however, have some material including a fine assortment of commercial covers. My buying activities at the show were confined to him. I still get more real enjoymant from stamp and cover mixtures and lots than anything in the numismatic field. '« i I i i I i i i Join the new Gold Rush Mi ike il l.i»lii»ii;)l'lf! l lu'i>!-f \ our i>in> in j-oUU'ii or |ilati {oi-tinii* "1 ias-luuii {\>v &.-*' ... ,. i -. i ' / i I Registered Jetoe/er \^\KD C) V 7 e^\\\\i i////^S •^^^s^SZT^S/X^ i i i * 1966 school year in the Hurt Community School. Mrs. Esther Hilton will replace Mrs, Shirley Tietz as Third Grade Instructor ami Mrs. Marlene Stenzel will replace Mrs. Mary Oesterreicher as First Grade Instructor. At present, Mrs. Esther Hilton is in the Sentral Community School System and Mrs. Marlene Stenzel is half-day instructor in the Hurt Community School System. - o - Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle, arrived home on Wednesday after spending several months at McAllen, Texas. Patt Hoover, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lou Hoover, Burt and a Sophomore at Mankato State College has been accepted as an active member of the Alpha Lambda Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma at Mankato. Members of the W. S. C. S. Wednesday voted to purchase a new vacuum cleaner for use in the church. They also voted to purchase a large first aid kit to be Installed in the church kitchen. Oct. 13 was set as the date for the annual Turkey supper. Members of the Spiritual Life Committee were in charge of the annual Spiritual Bazaar. An impresence Easter program was presented with Rev. and Mrs. Davies in charge of spir- ial music. Others taking part were Mary Jean Andrews, Marie Parsons and Ruby Hinckley. PfRSONALS THOSE ATTENDING Methodist W. S. C.S. Spencer district mset- ing at Spirit Lake last Wednesday were Mesdamos Albert Reid, Perry Collins, Louis Kelley, Webb Fowler, Lyle Steele, Roy Hutzell, John Hayes, Mode Webster, George Wolf and John McGuire. BILL, SON of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guderian, of Stockton, Calif., has been promoted to auditor for the Sear and Roe- buck Co. and will Soon be sent to another location as yet undetermined. He has risen from the manager of parts department to assistant in the complaints department. He is" married and has two children, Stephen and Michael. MRS. E. W. Lusby, Mrs. L. C. Hanson and Mrs. Fred Bartholomew are leaving California the first of the week and will be home in a short time. Mrs. Ed Wilkins accompanied the group when they left but she returned after a month's visit with relatives and friends. Be In Style! --OLD TROUSERS TAPERED & PLEATS REMOVED. —ALL LADIES AND MEN'S CLOTHING ALTERED AND REPAIRED. MODERN DRY CLEANERS and TAILORS Phone 295-5277 • • • Algona $250 Boost In Salaries To Burt Teachers BURT - Teaching contracts were recently offered to instructors in the Burt Community School, salary increases amounted to about $250.00 for degree instructors and $200.00 for non- degree instructors. At the present time, teaching vacancies exist in the first and third grades. The Board of Education authorized the addition of a high school librarian. Mrs. Esther Hilton and Mrs. Marlene Stenzel have accepted teaching contracts for the 1965- TUES. - WED. APRIL 20 - 21 ALGONA Join us in Istanbul—we'll cut you in on the theft of the century! ACADEMY AWARD WINNER PETER USTINOV, "Best Supporting Actor" (whtn tht jtwtlt tftjt COLOR CARTOON Lets All Step Out for SEE A GOOD MOVIE motion pictpre y*Wi*U never forget! •yfe 1 •*•• . v. x ^ }'•••* ' ' ^ ', s 'V ' '' ' ^ WALflMw 'V VERA BRANDON KEITH-MILES-deWILDE-BRENNAN-WYNN.fvANS.AlBOTT PLUS COLOR CARTOON . . . TECHNICOLOR® APRIL ALGONA i THUR. thru WON. ,5^9 ADMISSION - 90e - FRI. & SAT. MATINEE 75c - KIDDIES 50c ANYTIME MATINEE Fri. - 3 PM. Sat. — 1:30 FUN n1 FAMILY' WE WILL OPEN FRIDAY, APRIL /£> BE A FIRST NIGHTER AND PLAN TO ATTEND OUR GALA OPENING! NOW! DRIVE-IN MOVIES ARE With the 'installation of Projection Equipment... We brinq to qou movies as ijou've never seen +fiem! * BRIGHTER *SHARPER Than €ver "Before! More COLORFUL::/ TRUE... LIFE-LIKE. Real'LI VINO'Picture*' FRIDAY - SAT., APRIL 16 -17 COMING UP STRONG WITH A SONG!!!! CLIFF RICHAD-MORLEY-eW-s - HIT NO. 2 SHOWN At 9:00 - 1 American Gem Society I \ POOPED PUPS • PRIZES! EASTER SUNDAY COME EARLY JOIN THE FUN ! _ __ KIDDIE'S "- JOIN THE FOSTER FURNITURFBIG^EASTER EGG HUNT AT THE DRIVE-IN THEATRE EASTER SUNDAY AT 6:30 P. M. PRIZES - A T,V, CHAIR. PLUS TWO POOCHIE THE - (TOY DOGS) & OTHER VALUABLE ALGONA, IOWA i REMEMBER CHILDREN UNO FR 12 FREE R _, MARTIN H POLL presents Glenn., Hope Rjpdlflnge - ^ -Boyer Released thru UNIIf DHJARIISIS -love is a BaLL" TECHNICOLOR PANAVISION* - HIT NO. 3 SHOWN AT 10:45 His name is PARRISH More than a boy... not yet a man! — DEANJAGGER and Parrish's three loves. TECHNICOLOR" Sun. - Mon. - Tues., April 18-19-20 STARTS AT 7:15 - COME EARLY A COPS-AND-ROBBERS COMEDY... with the kids against the skrinksi WALTERSIEZ^K- BRYAN RUSSELL ROGER/-AOBLEY-CiNCV GASSELU PLUS 2ND HIT I FORTEXAS PLUS TWO COLOR CARTOONS - BOX OFFICE OPENS AT 7:00 P. M. ADMISSION: $1.00 - KIDDIES FRL£ Yovr LUCKY ENTERTAINMENT NUMBER 295-7171

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