Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 27, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 27, 1894
Page 2
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IN has'proven to be the most satisfactory and popuiar Book of the Fair'' yet offered at the price. Everyone is Of its beauty and elegance of design. As the weeks roll by and the series nears completion the demand for fhe parts constantly increases. The reason is apparent—the work advertises itself. is artistic in conception js accurate in detail js complete in design is the book for the people And can only be found at the Journal office. Those who have not been getting the parts as they arrive should not fail to call at once and secure the back numbers. Part II (Midway Number) now ready. See coupon on 1st page. THfl MARKETS. Urnln, Prorlnlonn, Etc. CHICAGO, April 28. FLOUR— There was not a groat deal doing, hut the fooling is llrm. Tho quotations range us follows: Winter— PiUunt3.ti8U03.GO; Ht,ral K |jU. SU.COjiil'i: clears, SS.L'O*;! W: socomls, li.saa l.BU; Ion 1 prudus, ll.HHial.7i). Spring— J'a.iurn.1, KiaW.aU'. .ttrulglHM, ai!.ai.il2. 01); linkers 1 , SI. 75 ailU; low i;rutlftj, tl.iUj&l.tO; Roil Dug, fi so ai.-ll); Hyp. *i4uiaa.60. WHEAT— Fiiirly native and nervous. Gush, &8,'-B ( i*^ (! ' 1 i c ' May, MJ!8(U/. t t''t. 1 ; July, Uo^ittJO-^i;. COH.N— Qulol :unl HUMidy. No. :.', asj^o: No. a Yullow, UlKiiC.IO.'iu: N'i). 3. 38Jio; No. 3 Yolluw, aO'iu: Mnv, 'M'-'i '*38;'ic; July, najfa S87i<;; September, joy, t-w/iic. OATH— l''ii:r!y iiinlve :tud unsettled. Na 2 crush, SX'.iit'Ma; .Muy, aaiifflS^u; June, :ij.i;fB 33!,;c; Jul-. 1 , ^'!,is»3uo; September, -'5SS!!a».ii:. S;ur.pli!.-< in Tuir domiilKl iuul higher. Nu if ;I3 WW,r. No. S Wlillo, M '.^lilk-; No. B, S3 «i» 3-1'MU; No. 2 Wlilte. 38jS:M>,iU. KVE— Miirkoi dull. No. - cash, <8'/ic and .siunpto lots, 45(^^500. Muy dullvcry, 49c:. H\Kt.KV — LitLlo tlolriL' Ulioice by .vjniplo. 50 (2,5yc: fulr lo Kooil, bl^fac: common, -HX^JUU, uml loiv frriulu. i3$Htu, with suruuiiliiKs tlo.uO yiT. 50 ptjr ion. MESS POKK— TradlnsfjUiutanil prices liluhnr, CJtiotiitlona raiiKui: ;it niMuliriJi for c;w!\ i-eunlir: Sia.5i'iiaiiOT!-; for Muy, mill tliasa 1B.ST4 for July. LAIIH— MoJurntely nutlvi- ;uul liiglior. Quo- lullons riinKuil in ItT-tt!".!©" 75 for cash; ST.O^Si ftt~.7;) for iM^y, and K.vvi-it^. 35 for July. LIVE POULTIIY— Por poinid: Clilckuns, 7«<a 8c; Turkuj'M, "QiUc; Du^ks, tHilOc; Geeie, KSOOSc.'i.iW per dozun. BIITTKH— CreauicM-y, lOfiSISS-ic: Dairy, I2ai8c; FitoUUig Slook, 8(ai)i;. OILS— \Vi8uonsin J 3 rime White, 73^u; \Vntor White, Trfc; Michigun Prime Whlto. 8^4c; Water VVlilte, Co; Indiana 1 Prime White, 8140; Water Wlilto, $%.a; Heiidliffht. 175 teat. S'/ic: Gus- ollno, S7 dog's, lliic; 7< doK's. 9c; Naphtha, 83 deg'ii, GKc. LJQUOKS— Distilled Bplrits atoady oa tho hauls of 11. 15 per gul, for Iliilslied Roods. NEW YOIIK, April SO. WHEA'J.'— No. 2 red, opon^a onsier, but thoro •\VIIH u rapid recovery, and at noon tho market was Urm; May, 0!!>»Q»t&-o; July, OOIIN— No. -, easy. May, 4<!iffi4<>jc; July, OATS— No. 2, generally llrm early, easing off »t noon, Mny, 3»>^e; Jj!y, 3'Ja«t:i7e; tniok \vhlLc State, -lOffi-lUo: track white Western, iU ffi.lOo. PitovtsiONa— Beef, quiou Ftiir.lly, Hi. 303 13.00; extra mess, J&Ou. 1'orl;, steady. New meas, $14 00®U.»; family, lH.50aifi.ui); short elear, SI 4.00 £510. 00. Lard, steady. .Prime Western steam, S'S. 13, nominal. TOLEDO. O., April 51 WniCAT— Qciet, steady. No. a cash and April, 58c nslted; May, 681;; July, flO^e bid; August, 60H-A COKN— Steaily. No. 2 cash, -iOe; May, 39c. OATS— Firm. No. 2 mixed, 34c bid; No. 3 white. 3l!c bid.. RYE— Quiet Cash, OOc. Ci.ovKnscKD~Sn>;i(ly. Prime cash, April, ?5.CO asked; October, H 95 bid. America's Greatest Actors Arj all portrayed in The Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Colebrltless. 8u3h a complete collection was never made before. Such an opportunity to secure portraits and biographies of the leaders in drama as that now offered to'tbe readers of tho Journal has not occurred before. That is why our Coupon Department is kept busy and our mails are loaded with orders from people of taste with an eyo for the beautiful. All are Eager To Secure These magnlttceet portfolios while the offer of them at the trifling sum asked by The Journal still holds out. Each part contains twenty elegant half-tone photographs flaished in tiro colors. Ten Parts Are Ready The last part is fully as Interesting as any that proceeded it, with the portraits and biographical sketches of twenty famous favorites of the Amerl«an Stage, Do You Wonder Is it surprising that the demand for "Stage Celebrities" should be so great as to amount to a veritable boom, when twenty elegant portraits and biographical sketches of such famous folks can be secured for ONLY TEN CENTS, with three coupons. That Is the price at which The Journal offers them. Lire Stock. . CiIJCAQO, April S& Hoes— Market TEther uctlvi 1 , opened firm at SitblOc advance, but ft \vcuUor Melin£ was •developed later, »nd prloen settled back 5c. Sains runged at J4.70aB.20 for Figs: (6.1oas,30 for-ll^'lit; <4. 95JJ6. 10 for roujh packing: 16. lua &30formixtd, and f&.152&£.35 for noavy pack* ing end shipping lota. CATTLB— Market active and firm. Prices higher. Quotations ranged at M.40 for choice to extra shipping Steers; 5.75114.30 for good to choice do.; 13.3033.70 for fairtogeod: I3.OOO8.S6 for common to medium do.: IS.l(wa8t) for butcuors- Steers: R.80«S10 forStocyera: Ia3oa3.80 for Feeders: fl.eOtt3.49 for Cowf; ta 0033.50 for Helferai »2.0U«a. r >u for Dulls: 127033.76 for Tom Steers, an ».£0 for Vo»l Calves. TELEGRAPfflC BREVITIES. Over 5,000 cotton weavers went on a strike at New ]?eclford, Mass. Gen. It S. Uranjrer, U. S. A. (retired), died tn \Va.sh : .n{i-ton, aped 83. Hans Neilson, of Lyons, la., a fisherman O.'i years ot age, fell from his boat and . Tva« drowned. Fifteen thousand persons attended the reunion of confederate veterans at 15irminghn.ni, Alu- Ilenry Armbuster, 'son of a wealthy farmer near Yorkville, 111., committed suicide by shootlnp; himself. The Northern Illinois Teachers' association will hold a two-days session in Dixon, 111., bcifinniaj; April 37. Philip Boland, a switchman, shot and killed his wife in Chicago because she pleaded with him to stop drinkinf?. Supervisors of Woodbury county, J». are charged with having 1 misappropriated 1 250, 000 by a taxpayers' commit . tee. The commandery general of the Patriotic Sons of America of Pennsylvania will meet next year iitShcuandoiih, Pa. Great Kritain, Germany and tho United States are corresponding on tho subject of annexation of Samoa to New Zealand. The McKinley Tariff league, which has its headquarters in Washington, has issued a call for a convention of the colored republican clubs of the United States, to be held the first Monday in July. IN THE FISH STORE. A Cuitomor Wlio Had Many WHnU ot Vurleil Meanurun. A discouraged-looking man opened the door of a West Side fish store the other morning 1 and looked cautiously into the place. He saw uothinff to alarm him, and he walked boldly in. The proprietor was busy shucking 1 some oysters, and the discourag'ed- lookinjr man stood around until the job wits (lone. "What can I do for you, sir?" tho proprietor then asked politely. "Gimme two quarts, of white fish." •'What, sir?" "Gimme two quarts of white fish, I said, and ^imine 'em quick." "J!ut, sir, white fish isn't sold by the qu:irt." Tlie caller looked astonished. "Hain't, hay?" be asked. "Well, then, g-imme a pound of oy.sters, selects." The proprietor of the fish store, j thought he had a crazy man to deal with. He edged toward tin; door and stammerer!: '"Jint oysters arc not sold \>y the pound." The discouraged-looking-man gazed around vacantly. "I will have a yard of nice, fresh lobsters, he then announced. The fisli-storo man had his hand on the door-knob by this lime. "Who ever heard of selling lobsters by tho yard?" he asked in amazement. "Well, p-irame a. gill of bullheads!" shouted the visitor, desperately. "Gill of bullheads?" repeated the fish- Btore man. "Why, you're drank or cra/.y." "No, I aint. I want a square foot of clams, I thought Iliad made a. mistake. Square foot of clams, that's what I want." "I can't sell you clams by the square foot," "Can't hay? What kind of a two- penny fish shop is this, anyway? dot any sardines?" "Yes," said the fish-store man, br> ginning 1 to pet braver as he saw his visitor was harmless. "I have soinc very nice sardines." '/In oil or mustard?" "Uotti ways." "Well, frimme half a gallon in oil. Hustle now." "But I haven't g-irt as many as that." The discoNrajred-looldnfr man wandered around for a. few minutes and looked the stock over. The proprietor tiptoed across the store and picked up his oyster knife. "About two feetof these here shrimps will about fill the bill," announced the culler. The fish-store man was very brave now. He gripped the oyster knife tightly and shouted: "See here, what in bla/.es do,you wa.nt? W hat's the matter with you, anyhow." The discouraged-look in;? man thongrht for a minute. Then he said, in a husky whisper: "I'll tell you what I want. I want about three cents' worth of red herring 1 , and I hain't frot the price. Will you fix me out?" "Why didn't you ask ine for it in the first place?" inquirer! the fish-store man, as he handed out two herrings and some crackers. "Well," said the discouraged-looking 1 man between mouthfuls, "to tell the truth, "it's bin so long since I negotiated for any brain food that J was kinder pettin' the hanfr of the thing before bracing you."—Buffalo Express. THE RUSSIAN THISTLE. Damnge Uon« l>y ThlH Terror to Fxriucrrt In the Wont, The harm that has come to this country through "undesirable immigrants" of the lower orders of animal and vege.- table existences has been costly indeed. Two great enemies are now preying upon tho country as pests. The one is the gypsy moth and UK: other the Russian thistle. In the war of extermination against the former, $i.|."),00() has been expended already. This year's appropriation is$li<"i.uuu, to be followed by ?l.-.i),00() ne.xtyear, sl()(>,- 000 the next, a.n.i J.Vi.OOO annually aft.or tlia.l., so thiil a round $1,001).(Mu in appropriations is easily in sight.. Thi^ vegetable terror of the west, the KHS- Miin tliisUc. was brought, to this country sixteen years ago. ,Some immigrants liappi'iuiil to liring a bagful of. lilnek Uaxseed to DakoLa, and ::inong the llaxsi'i'd were .scattered a fo w olhc JiU.lc black seeds, not so large as mustard-seed. These were tho seeds of the fatal black thistle. Xo >oom;r had these little black parasites touched t.he soil than they started on the march of destruction, and Ihey have alreaiU' in-. vaded Minnesota, Wisconsin. Kansas, Nebraska a.nd Wyoming, rendering •10.000 square miles of agricultural lam] unproductive. The thick, thorny bush of the Russian thistle, having a weak hold on the soil, is taken up bodily by tlie prairie winds and scatters its seeds for miles around. Now that SM,000,000 of damage has already been done, the government is asked for an appropriation of SI,000,000 as a starter in a chase after the destructive thistle. Traces of its existence are now found over 70,000 square miles of countr\ r , and how many millions it will cost to exterminate H is a matter of .speculation. Little did the poor Kussinu immigrant imagine the millions of dollars of destruction that his little bag of seeds was destined to cost the country. It is, indeed, a striking theme for sermons on the power of little things to work vast results for good or evil in the world.—Uoston Globe. Rheumatism Cured Morbid Condition of Blood Cause* Much Pain The Acid Taint Neutralized and th» x Vital Fluid Enriched by Hood's Saraaparilla. > Li Grange, Indiana, TVnm«n'i Debt to Mini* Anthony. "American women,'' says 31 is.' Banks, Gen. 2f. P. Banks' daughter, "do not realize what they owe to Miss Susan B. Anthony. When she began to work for their advancement those were days when the usual newspapers would describe her addresses and meot- iDfs under some sueli headlines as 'Cackling 1 Hens." The tears were in her eyes as she talked about it. JS 7 ow, if it had not been for what she and a few ether women did I couldn't enjoy ray particular desire of earning 1 money and having- it for my very own under all circumstances)." " C. I. Rood & Co., Lowell, Mass.: " Gentleinen: — It Is with pleasure that my experience with Hood's Saraap.irlila. For tho last elcvon yenrs I have been atllkted roorft or less with rliciiiiiutlsm. Jt kept getting wort* Until two years ago, when I was Helpless for Five Month*. I tried everything I could hoar of but of no »vall. Finally through the Influence of a friend I tried one bottle of Hood's Sarsaparllla and- before I had taken it all I was able to walk several rods with the aid of my crutches, au exercise I had not taken for some tlmo only as somA one would hold mo up. I kept on taking Hood'* Barsaparilla until I had taken four bottle*. At Hood's^Cares the end of that time I was ablo to walk much farther. I then got one-half dozen bottles and my wife aad I both took iu My wife wa» troubled with indigestion and before we had taken two bottles she was entirely cured ot 1 tier disease. Wo kept on taking the medicine •nd by the time we had tike, the whole of th» fix bottles she said she had Never Felt Better *l in her life and I also was very much Improved, In order to make sure of a perfect cure I hare- Cot Six bottles more of Hood's Sarsaparllla and •m Terr sure itwill have tho desired effect H I do my part in tAking care of myself as all should Who are troubled with rheumatism. Wa shall always recommend Hood's Sarsaparllla to any- ont who may be affected as we were." Euuut B. Font), La Grange, Indiana. Hood's Pills cure liver lilt, constipaaorv ce, sick headache, L Ar« Men Not to II« Trusted? Here is a singular fact that reflects .'other badly upon our lords and masters. Among the insurance people there is constant controversy as to tho advisability of taking risks on women's evils Very conservative companies refuse them in toto, while others issue Kuch policies under certain reservations and restrictions. For example, no company will insure a wife's life In favor of her husband, while nino- tenths of the policies issued to men are for tho benefit of their wives. When cross-questioned on this point an'officer of a great life Insurance concern evaded an answer, but finally confessed that they feared men would abuse their opportunities. Frozen—Tin u on fire! Like the application of Ice to tho small of your bock, Is the sensation produced by the chill that precedes the fever of malaria. Then comes tho rousting stage, when every vo'n throbs and is scorcliitiR us It with liquid fire-. Then you well nlKh dissolve In exhausting persiratlon that leaves youns limp us a wet dlthrag. These alternatingtorments are not remediable permanently with quinine, which I», moreover a most damaging cumulative poison, Hosteller's Stomach Bitten drives out the foe and repels Its further attacks. It If the lending medicinal safeguard agalnm malaria all over the continents of North and South America, Guatemala, the Isthmus of Panama, Mexico and Australia. It regulates the liver, stomach, bowels and kidneys, enriches tho blood, and promotes «ppetltc. sleep and digestion. It Is not only a medicine, but an effective cordial welcome to the. most delicate palate. I Rhenmatlc tendency is counteracted by It. t OiimbcrUln's Efe and Skin Ointment Is a certain cure for Chronic Sort Eyea, Granulated Eye Lids, Sore Nip- pies, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Sail Rheum and Scald Bead, 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Keesling, INDIANA Full Ticket REPUBLICANS. Ttiolr State CUT THIS OJ;T. APRIL 27,1804, MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. ThMtoI th«w coupon* and ten Maun* tb« norrent nnraDtr of fhe Mem- ortal Wst Book, if pr«Mntcd at the httfoUo Department of Toe Journal. COT THIS OUT. CUT THIB OUT. APRIL 27,1804. STAGE CELEBRITIES, This Coupon with two others of dlBMent dates, and Ten Cents, I» good tor one part, containing twentr portraits, ot the Marie Bnrrough'g Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOUKNAI* cvxjrntm ovr Nominated nt • Convention. INDIANAPOLIS, Jnd,, April 26.— The following is tho full state ticket nominated by the republican state convention on Wednesday: For secretary of state, W. T). Owen, of LoKannport: for state auditor, A. C, Dulley, o( Lebanon; for state treasurer, P. J. Schools, of Evansville; for attorney general, W. A. Ketch- urn. of Indianapolis; for olerk of tne suproma court, Alexander HOB», of Wabash; for superintendent of public Inntruotion, O. M, Qectlng, of Mudlson; lor state xtatUtlclan, S. J. Thompson, of Sholbyvlllo; for state Eoologlut, W. S. Blatchley, of Tcrre Haute; for supreme judge, First district, J. H. Jordan, or Murtinsville. Batted to De»Lb by a Ram. SHEBorGAN, Wis., April 28.— At Sherman the people are horrified over the death of Mrs. G. Sieder, an aged l»dy. She had been butted by a vicious ram and died from injuries and exposure. She was missed nix days boforo tho body was found. Hilled by the c*n. CHICAGO, April SO, — Miss Edith Fowler, aged 19 years, daughter of a well- known family at Melrose, was run down and instantly killed by a Chicago & Northwestern train at May wood at 5 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. To iUDCoeell Blaooiiard lo Congrnn. SHBEVEPOBT, La., April 28.— II. W. Ogden, democratic .candidate for congress from this district, has been elected to fill the unexpired term of M. 0. Blancuard. Hi* majority w»i about fi.000. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting; the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative ; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met withjthe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- neve, Liver .and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name ia printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, »nd being well informed, yon will w* accept any nibititute if offend- TO HOUSE OWJiEBS. For putting a horse in a fine health? condition try Dr. Cady'g Condltlot Powders. They tone up the system aid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidnoj disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old overworked horse 25 cents per package. For gale bj B. F. Keeallng, druggist. Tho breath of a chronio catarrb patient is often so offensive that bo beeomes an object of disgust. A ter a time ulceration sets In, tbe spongy' bones are attacked, and frequently destroyed. A constant eource of discomfort is the dripping of the purulent secretions into the throat, sometimes producing inverate bronchitis. which is usually the exciting cause of pulmonary disease. The brilliant results by its use for years past properly designate Ely's Cream Balm as by far the best and only cure. Call upon your druggist for it, A Vetern of the mexlewn War. OAK HARBOR, Ohio.— I met George O. Momeny an old veteran of the Mexican War on the streets today who told me that fitter reading about Simmons Li rer Regulator he bought a bottle, and the first three doses gave him immediate relief.— Geo. Gosline. Your druggist sells it in powder or liquid. The powder to be taken or made into a tea. •wife FoudMioni Chicago citizens in their deelre to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are tome lady residents who can wear shoer twelve inches long, Your blood needs regulating ID •prlng. "Lafeld Cabinet Port 1 ' ii nature's own blood purlfler. Mild and mellow. Prioo, quarts, $1; pints, 60 oente. For sale by W. H. Porter, pro- lorlption druggist, 836 Market street Lo(f»n»port, Ind. Great Trlnmpli. lostant relief experienced and permanent cure by tbe most speedy and greatest remedy in tho world—Otto's Cure fo>- lung and throat diseases. Why will you continue to irritjito your throat and lungs wiih that terrible backing cough when Ben Jlsher, 811 Fourth street, sole agent, will furnish you a free sample bottle of this guarantee remedy? Its success in simply wonderful, as your druggist will tell, you. Otto's Cure is uow sold la every town and villnjre on this continent. Samples free. Large bottles 50 cents. California Fruit Laxative is nature 1 ! own true remedy. It combines the medicinal virtues of California fruit* Mid plants which are known to have *• beneficial effect on the human system. Although harmless to the most delicate constitution It is thorough anC- effective, and will afford a pei manent oure for habitual constipation and the many disorders arising from a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys, liver, stomach and bowels. For sale by all druggists at 50 cents a bottle. For Over Ftrti" Ye»r* Mrs. Wlnslow'e Soothing Syrup hut boon used for oveV fifty years by- millions of mothers for ibelr childrec while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens tbe gums, allays ail pain, cures wind colic, »nfi- is the best remedy, for diarrhoea. I» will relievo the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists i» every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and a*k for •Mrs. Window's Soothing Syrup" antf take no other kind. Glad Tiding*. The grand specific for the prevailing malady of the age, dyspepsia,, liver complaint, rheumatism, costiveness, general debility, etc., is Bacon's- Celery King for the nerves. Thl» great herbal tonic stimulates the ii- gestivo organs, ragulates the liver and restores the system to vigorous health and energies. Samples free. Large- packages 50 cents. Sold only by Ben. Fisher, 311 Fourth street. "Royal Bnby" r»rt Wine. • If you are reduced In vitality or strength by illness or any other cause, we recommend the use of this Old Port Wine, the very blood of the grape. A grand tonio for nursing mothers, and those reduced by wasting disease. It creates strength; Improves the appetite; nature 1 * own remedy, mud preferable to drugs; guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of age. Young wine ordinarily sold is not fit to use. Insist on havlnjfthis standard brand, it cost* no more. |1 in quart bottles. Bot« tied by Royal Wino Co., Cbloagp For sale by Johnston Bros. T Karl's Clover Boot, the now blood purifier, gives freshness and clearness to tbe complexion and cures constipation; 860. 60c. and «x Sold by B F.Kwslln

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