The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1965
Page 5
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WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND BMW MOSCOW—I have been to the Soviet Union three times in the last four year, and never have I found the atmosphere so frigid toward Americans and so much talk of the danger of war. I talked with all sorts of Russians, both high and low, including professors and Russian editors. Many of them are quite friendly toward individual Americans, but very critical of the Johnson Administration. The atmosphere in Moscow is so difficult that some Russians cannot be seen too much with Americans without risking their jobs. In the old days of Joe McCarthy, U. S. State Department officials risked their jobs if they favored coexistence. Now this is true in Moscow. In contrast, only a short time ago Americans were considered among the best friends of the Soviet Union, and there was very real cooperation in health, science, education, and agriculture. The reasons for the sudden change are relatively simple, but very important. They are: 1. Khrushchev folio wed a policy of pro-Americanism. One of the charges leveled against him was 'that he was too soft toward the United States. His successors, while following the same line of coexistence, don't want to be branded as pro-American. 2. The bombing of North Viet Nam has seriously embarrassed the Russians with their chief communist critics, the Chinese. For years the Chinese have been telling the Russians that coexistence won't work, that you can't trust the imperialist Americans. Now, with our bombing of North Viet Nam, the Chinese are saying, "We told you so. Americans are picking on a tiny country which is of no danger to them. Once again we remind you that coexistence will not work." - o - -WAR WITH CHINA??-- The alternative to coexistence is, of course, war, and Mao Tse-tung has said publicly that China is the only country in the world which can withstand a nuclear war and still have 300 million people left. As of today, the Chinese do not want war. They have nothing in their atomic arsenal comparable to ours. But the time will come three or four years hence when they will have. The Russians know this better than we do, and that's one reason the Russians in the past have leaned toward the United States. "Now that man has learned to move faster than sound, women arc at a distinct disadvantage." They figure the day will come when these two powerful countries, even though one is capitalist and the other communist, will be bound together by the threat of an aggressive, militant yellow race. All this pro-American policy advanced by Khrushchev and those immediately around him has now been knocked to the ground, chiefly by our bombing of North Viet Nam. Note - Top dog in the Kremlin is now Mikhail Suslov, an old Stalinist and bitter enemy of the United States, who is the man who led the purge of Khrushchev. - o - --RETIRED PENSIONER— Nikita Khrushchev is being given all the comforts of a retired president, but is not a happy man. He lives about 40 miles from Moscow in a dacha or "country place"; has several servants, two cars, several guards. He goes into town about once a week to see his grandchildren. He has been given an apartment in Moscow where his wife stays r Thank you for my new shoes, Mommy! I love them. z X I i nl Food! SHOES / You'll love them too, because quality costs so little with Robin Hood Shoes. Your daughter will love to dress up in this sparkling fits better, looks better. Come in soon and compare, then let our experienced staff'fit your daughter properly, BROWN k-Ji SHOE STORE ALGONA IOWA THE SHOE STORE THAT TAKES CARE OF YOUR FEET All Widths A's to E's All at a New Lower Price ! Exciting New Hairdo's for Excuse our appearance . . . we're going through a remodeling program, adding new equipment for your convenience. Call 295-3477 for an appointment. 4 OPERATORS TO SERVE YOU • Pelrae Kemna • Gene Rock • Bev Bachman • Ardis Lande SHEAKIEYS BEAUTY SALON (BALCONY) Here are the styles to glamourize you in the year ahead! more than he does. He resides there almost not at all. Khrushchev spends his time hunting and reading. He has lost weight and does not look particularly well. There is no question, but that Khrushchev was disappointed over the reaction of the Russian people toward his political demise. He was under the impression that he was popular. His homey wisecracks, his quotations from Russian proverbs, his habit of mingling with the crowds, were geared to make him popular with the masses. However, he was not. What hurt him more than anything else was foreign aid, which is just as unpopular with the Russian people as with the American people. The Russians were also sore at Khrushchev for falling down on the farm program. They did not consider the fact that he faced a serious drought, were only interested in the fact that he had to go into the world market and buy a billion dollars worth of wheat. - o - — LBJ WILL STAY HOME-- You can write it down that president Johnson will not go to Moscow any time in 1965. The present tension is not conducive to good will visits. Furthermore, it will take some time for the scars of the North Viet Nam bombing to heal. Nor will Brezhnev andKosygin be invited to Washington. President Johnson did give them an oral invitation, but nothing was ever formalized and Mr. B. AND Mr. K. are not anxious to come. Inasmuch as Khrushchev was criticized for his good will trips and exercise in the so-called "personality cult," they don't want to be accused of the same thing. The Russian invitation to Johnson to come to Moscow, which was delivered orally by Ambassador Dobrynin, will not be withdrawn. The Russians are too polite. But it will not be pressed. And Johnson, who understands international politics almost as well as he does domestic politics, wijl not stick his neck out by making such a trip. Note - One unfortunate aspect of the North Vietnamese bombing is that it has soured public opinion on the Johnson Administration all over Western Europe. This may prevent Johnson's going to Paris, London, Bonn and Rome this spring as originally '."planned 1 . ' He would :;not be received cordially in these capitals. - o - -AMERICAN GAS BOOMERANGS-- The use of riot gas in Viet Nam has boomeranged badly against the United States. The reaction was compounded by Secretary of State Rusk's bureaucratic recital of the circumstances under which we used the gas. In Europe his statement was compared with Eisenhower's poorly conceived, poorly timed statement taking responsibility for the U-2 night over Russia in I960. Unfortunately, many European readers note the headlines, not the statement. And in Europe ever since World War I, the use of gas has been considered inhumane, no matter whether lethal or non- lethal. Furthermore, Rusk's statement detailing our use of gas in various riots only reminded Europeans that we had had serious problems in Harlem, Ala- bama, Mississippi and else where. Mrs. Pearson, talking to various Russians, pointed out that when she walks on the streets of Washington at night she carries a small gas gun in her evening bag. Some Cabinet wives do the same. Life in the nation's capital is not as safe as in many European cities. But this was not an easy admission to make, especially in a communist country. And it would have been a lot better if the Johnson Administration had merely said, "We regret the use of gas and won't use it anymore." Members who say they're too busy to attend meetings are like the man who was so busy chopping wood he never had timo to sharpen his axe. Stickers For Recreation Areas Now On Sale The npv. Horreatioii-Cons- prvution stickers, ;IM annual ppr- init ti'fiih'i rt'ituin sp»rialh-ilf- siinipd federal ivrroati'in areas, are non available at the Titimka office of the I'liion Sli>ii ; ;li National Wildlife Ht".;iu;i>. Tin 1 lieu Uimi'Pi sticker, '\hich costs $7, authn! i/ed last September n hen Com re ss passed the Land and \\.itei Conservation Fund. Income tmui tin- sale of the stickers vill -.:c into this fund and nil! he used din iiu; the next 2."i \ears to piovide additional federal recreation areas ill id to assist states in | la Thursday, April 8, 1965 acquirinc. and developing outrloor rpcrpatinn areas ami facilities. Paul E. F'eryus.m, manager of the Union Sloimh Refuse, emphasized that purchase of the sticker is optional, except for accoss to federal facilities where an entrance fee is charged. Even on these areas, the visitor may pa\ a single-entry or weekly fee in HPU of purchasing the sticker, he said. .Stickers now on sale will he in effect until April 1, 19GG. The annual permit will save money for those persons who visit these designated areas more than a few times a year, Mr. Ferguson added. If we don't stand up for something, we may fall for anything. r. Mrj ) Upper D ••• .Vo'r.«n—5 Custodian Dies Funeral services for Jack L. Monson, 55, longtime custodian of the Woden-Crystal Lake school, were held Tuesday at St. John's Lutheran church in Woden. He died the preceding Saturday at the Britt hospital. His wife, and two daughters and a son survive. Charles Monson ofWes- ley is a brother. Wins A Radio Lloyd Berkland of Fenton was winner of ttie transistor radio given by Joe Bradley Firestone as a booth registration prize at the Corn & Soybean Clinic held here March 29 at the VFW Hall. Is this any way to choose a wall paint? You bet it's not. Not when two simple words will bring you the best-covering interior wall paint you've ever used: New DA-TEX. This one- coat vinyl latex paint is superior because it is Densi- tized. 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