The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1965 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1965
Page 10
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M/c/wesferners wi love In the Swim on the Roman Riviera ROME — Although cafe-sitters fondly refer to the Via Veneto, winding through the heart of Rome, as "the beach," the real beach of sun, sand and sea is never far off. What is more, Rome of late has developed a fashionable riviera stretching north and south along the coast from Ostia, 16 miles from the capital. Watching the bikinis go by is a delightful respite after climbing around the Colosseum or plodding through the corridors of the Vatican Museum. The proximity of the beaches, which links Rome with New York in eight hours by Jet Clipper means that more and more tourists are packing swim suits and sports clothes for a summer stay in the Eternal City. One of the most elegant seaside colonies on the coast is Fregene, 20 miles from Rome. This resort, less glamorous than Capri or Portofino, nonetheless draws its share of Italian movie stars and wealthy Roman residents, many of whom rent villas for the May to October season. Fregene in recent years has attracted many Americans who take cottages or apartments and commute back and forth to Rome. There are all sorts of restaurants and fine hotels set in the pine woods behind the beach. THE SWEET SUMMER LIFE IN ROME Rome nowadays is fashionable as a summer resort. Several hotels in the city and its suburbs boast rooftop swimming pools, and the Appian Way, where the Legions of Rome once marched, is an ideal spot for a picnic on a sunny day. What is more, the beaches such as the Lido Ostia are just 40 minutes by subway from downtown Rome. MEW YORK'S WORLDS FAIR singles from $8 doubles from $12 HENRY HUDSON HOTEL < 353 W.U S7|h Street NEW YORK ta.N.v. LEG SORES' Do "open ten" and uloen *(dne to venous conge»tion) itch, bum, pain? For amazing relief apply LAGOL OINTMENT and WMT your elaitio itoctdng or elaitto bandage. Thia method also promote, nodingl MaO $1.00 for gcn- eroui tixe LAGOL, OINTMENT to Robert! Drug Company, Dept. 26, Brooklyn 37, N. Y. SHELTON TOWERS HOTEL iiv Midwa* between United ' IV Nation* & Rockefeller & Center. 1200 fine V* fur-eonditioned room* with TV. Superb food. Swimming Pool, Soteriw*. Smglet from $ 8.85 DoublM from $11.85 •TfigtiMi Av* 4Mk to 49Mi Sta. Tel Plaza 5-4000 IEW YORK CITY Offer/ COLORADO IN NORWAY try their BLUE SPRUCE BEAUTIFUL northern grown, wall rooted, branched (4-yeor-old, 10-18") »eedllng». Excellent lor comer grovpi, windbreak*, or Individually. Planting guide inct. with each order. 3 for $h I «or $2) 20 for $4, ptge. paid on prepaid order*. Refund If not latUned. HOUSE OF WESLEY. Nvrtery Di». ( 8*1, Otft. 177-41, WooroMgroo, III. GEIRANGER FJORD Dedicated skiers can skill at glacier slalom in August in the icefields above Geiranger in Norway. The race ends up with a water skiing meet on the blue waters of the fjord below. The fjords, fringing the coast of Norway, are featured in three- and six- day tours from Oslo. COMMUNITY WASH IN RIVIERA HH1 TOWN Although the French Riviera is known for its monopoly on glamour, life in the tiny hill towns above the fashionable coast retains its charm and simplicity. The women of the village 'do the family wash in the main square. Cattle graze on the steep slopes and narrow, winding streets are reminiscent of another era. NEW HOTEL IN FRANKFURT-ON-MAIN Rising 20 stories on the banks of the Main River in the heart of Frankfurt is the new 500-room Frankfurt Intercontinental Hotel, the largest in Germany. A showpiace of modernity, the hotel, built at a cost of $10.000,000!« an ideal base for tours to the Rhine, Ruhr, and Black Forest regions. FRENCH RIVIERA IDEAL The French Riviera, despite its accent on glamor and glitter, has its share of sleepy little fishing ports and hillside villages. The western side of the coast around St. Maxime, packed with pleasure-seekers in summer, is a haven of tranquility in the fall and winter. The weather is balmy and the air fragrant with mimosa even in February. Europe Take a whirl around London! PARIS GENDARMES "PARLEZ" ENGJLISH Paris is still Paris but American frills have been added. Most Parisians speak some English, supermarkets are burgeoning, and everyone is doing the twist or the surf. The quick lunch "a I'americaine" is in vogue and businessmen sitting on bar stools eat hamburgers, sip cokes and spoon chocolate fudge sundaes. Americans in Paris prefer French customs — the leisurely lunch, the glass of wine, the sidewalk cafe. No Homesick Americans In Paris. PARIS — While the rest of the world struggles to emulate Paris fashions and the French cuisine, France finds inspiration in the American style. Nowadays, when a Frenchman speaks of life "a I'americaine," he is referring to his own high standard of living with car, dish washer, deep freeze and an assortment of other status symbols. Taking a tip from the U.S.A., France has acquired some 300 supermarkets and hundreds of snack bars since the war. A bowling alley does a booming business in the Bois de Boulogne, and American movies draw the big crowds on the Champs-Elysees. The fabled night life of Paris offers up its share of jazz, and scotch, while Parisian teen-agers in tight blue jeans surf and twist with all the frenzy of their American counterparts. What is more, the French language itself has been invaded by scores of English words and phrases, such as "le business," 'le weekend" and "le milkshake," to list but a few. The snack bar, dispensing hamburgers and hot dogs, made its Paris debut in the Thirties. The clientele at the time was mostly American with a few curious Parisians. Today, 'le snack" and "le self-service" (as the cafeteria is known) are firmly established and the patronage is Parisian with a few homesick Americans. French businessmen seem to prefer the quick lunch — sitting on bar stools, sipping a coke, eating a sandwich, spooning a banana split. As a final touch to the American charms of Paris, there is the "Drug Store" on the Champs-Elysees near the Etoile. Styled after the American drugstore, this emporium sells tobacco, souvenirs, perfumes, books, records, theater tickets and popcorn. The "Drug Store" is the place to go for American-type quick lunch or an after-theater snack. Get carried away with Rome! Discover castles on the Rhine! Declare a Pan Am Holiday in Europe! (Our tours take all the fuss out of travel—wherever you want to go! ) Now's the time for that tour you've never gotten around to. Declare a Pan Am Holiday! There are dozens to choose from. They cover every corner of Europe. They come in every price range. And they're as footloose as can be. Go for a few days or months. Go it alone or in a group. Fly now and pay later, if you like. We'll handle all the fuss and you'll have all the fun. Hotel reservations, sightseeing arrangements, rent-a-cars, etc. are all taken care of. You'll get tips on shops, shows, restaurants, money exchange—everything to make your trip carefree. And we'll make it easy to get there. We have the only daily nonstops from Chicago. Far more service than anybody from New York. In fact, you can start from any one of 17 cities across the country. Pick any of these tours, send in the coupon and we'll get in touch with you. 1. Three Week Whirl. Sample price $770 from Chicago. See castles, canals, pubs and palaces in England, Germany, Italy, France—11 countries —22 days. Pan Am Holiday 400. 2. Scandinavia. Sample price $1024 from Minneapolis. Fjords, folklore, fun. Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway. 17 days. Pan Am Holiday 407. 3. Spin around Europe. Sample price $756 from St. Louis. An every-minute-counts tour through 10 countries. 17 days. Pan Am Holiday 400. 4. Spain/Portugal, Sample price $1122 from Kansas City. Lisbon, Fatima, Madrid, Toledo, Granada, Cordova, Seville, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Valencia, Majorca, Barcelona and more on an Iberian Idyll. 22 days. Pan Am Holiday 413. 5. You-drive Britain. Sample price $719 from Chicago. Rent a Ford in London and drive all over—up to Scotland and back. We pave your way. 22 days. Pan Am Holiday 422. 6. Luxury Grand Tour. Sample price $2177 from New York. This is the big one. First Class all the way through Europe. 40 days. Pan Am Holiday 406. j SPECIAL SERVICE REQUEST 1 Want a travel expert to contact you and help plan your Pan Am Holiday? (No obligation, of course.) Simply complete this coupon and mail to: Pan American, P.O. Box 2212, Dept. 132, Boston, Mass. 02107. I definitely plan to travel to on or about G I have Q have not made Pan Am reservations. Name Phone (Home)- Addresr City -(Office). -State- Zip Code. Pan Am Travel Agent- Agent's Address q Please contact me about the Pan Am Holiday(s) circled below: 123456 D Or special interest tours (golf, skiing etc.)

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