The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 6, 1965 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1965
Page 1
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Read ft for more NEWS - See It for better PICTURES - Use it for more BUSINESS ®pper ESTABLISHED 1863 Entered as second rlass matter at the postofflce at Algona, Iowa, Nov. 1, 1932. under Act of Congress of March 3. 1879. AlOONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, APRIL 6, 1965 16 Page* - 2 Sections VOL. 100 - NO. 25 Flood Water Over 21 Hiway Spots BY RUSS WALLER * * + What's this ? An Algona officer ticketed elsewhere for a wee bit too heavy a foot on the accelerator? * * * Our two gin rummy entries in the national contest at Las Vegas recently, Barney Frankl and Arnie Ricklefs, parted company as the tournament began, each to their respective assignments in the first round of play . . . a short time later they were each surprised to run into the other at another location not connected with the tournament . .. seems each one was eliminated in their first game. Champs here, maybe, but not in Las Vegas I * * * Sunday's Register carried three interesting items. Vince Meyers'project for Bancroft young people in operating their own theatre was a good story, and a good idea. The Fort Dodge-based corporation organized last year for investment in farm land made its first investment in Kossuth county with purchase of a 320- acre farm near Burt, exact location not designated. The picture of the Lotts Creek Lutheran school enrollment in 1937 looked suspiciously familiar. Could that be the same one we took way back then in connection with an Upper Des Moines feature story on the school when Professor Schmiel was headmaster ? * * * Algona JayCees are contemplating establishing a clubroom, their bulletin says, and a committee has been appointed to survey the matter. They now have 42 members, with new enrollees being Louis Heinen and Tom Kissner. * * * We trust that some of the profits from WOI-TV accrue to the state treasury in some manner of means ... if you've watched the late LATE nightcap from there, we'dlike your opinion on the three ghouls who inject themselves on the screen between regular movie reels. * * * One area farmer predicts that the increased plantings of soybeans will have some unexpected results, if we don't also go back to the planting of more windbreaks and trees on our land. He pointed out that soybeans, a good cash crop, also pulverize the soil. Winter's winds, without the windbreaks that used to exist, now whip up this loose soil easily, and the winter snows are also going to find their way to increasing extents into the cities and towns instead of backing up behind hedgerows and groves, in rural areas, * * * There are 17 Congressmen of Italian descent, 12 of Polish, three of Spanish, two of Greek, and two of Japanese, now sitting in Washington. Only one of French ancestry, We'll bet the Irish total runs higher, * * * This game of hockey isn't for the mild-mannered, is it ? At Port Huron, Michigan, as the Des Moines Oak Leafs left the arena, a fan poured a cup of hot coffee on the head of the DM goalie as he passed under a balcony. The goalie retaliated; he still had his hockey stick, and he took a poke at his tormenter. Then a Port Huron policeman entered the fray and pulled his pistol, ready for action, but someone else fortunately intervened. Such is life in the sports world, * * * A card from Chuck Behr, postmarked from Paris, France, that is ... a memo that down at Irvlngton there is a most unusual friendship, Margaret Hayes of the Irvington store has a parrott and a Siamese cat who have become real friends. They even eat dinner together, * * * Famous Last Line * Where's ray hip boots; I'U take this stuff to the city dump. Council Drops Idea To Buy Post Office Algona's city council, during a regular meeting at the city hall Wednesday night, decided to withdraw any intent for possible purchase of the present post office building. The city, along with at least one other local organization, had indicated an interest in the building when it is vacated. A recent appraisal of the property placed the value at $35,000 - and one reason for the council's action at the Wednesday meeting was the high cost of maintenance each year, estimated at $6,000. For the present, it is now assumed any possible change in the city's housing set-up will be right on the city hall property however, no change is anticipated in the near future. A letter of resignation was accepted from Dr. H, W. Erick-•«• son, member of the planning and zoning commission, and Ben Wibben, local contractor, was named to the post. Lloyd Robinson, George Sefrit and Clayton Percival were re-appointed to the commission. Beer permits were granted to the Moose lodge, VFW, Colony Inn and Tall Paul's and a resolution to vacate two blocks of alleys was read. Glen Rike and Ben Wibben made offers to purchase the property and the city clerk was authorized to publish a legal notice, which appears in today's issue of the UDM. Say Winter Road Damage To Cost County About $300,000 —- - — ._..... ___ M __^^^^__ : . iiirii ••iiii-TiMii •• it 5 Accidents, No Injuries, Past Weekend Tom Cogdall of the highway patrol investigated an accident Sunday evening at about 4:30 p.m., 1 mile west of Fenton on the blacktop. James Merrill, 17, Fenton, with several passengers in a 1957 Chevrolet, proceeding; west, made a U-turn on the highway and struck broadside by a 1957 Chevrolet driven by Marvin Pompe, 19 Whittemore, who was also proceeding west. Damages to the Merrill car were estimated at $200 and to the Pompe car at $250. Merrill was charged with making an improper turn. The Algona police department investigated three accidents Saturday. The first occurred at 4:20 p.m. on State street when Maureen Quinn, 40, Algona, driving a 1963 Pontiac, had stopped for a red light, Her car was struck by a 1959 Ford driven by August Vaudt, 50, Whittemore, who was backing out of a parking stall. The Quinn car had $20 damages, and there were no damages to the Vaudt car. At 5 p.m., Walter H. Klamp, 74, Algona, driving a 1953 Cadillac east on Oak street, stopped at a stop sign and pulled out onto the highway, He collided with a 1959 Chevrolet driven by William S. Duffy, 34, Wesley, who was proceeding north on Jones street, Damages to the Klamp car were estimated at $80 and to the Duffy vehicle at $15, Klamp was charged with failure to enter a highway safely, At 6 p.m., a one-car accident occured on North Jones street when Vincent Esser, Jr., 17, Algona, driving south and entering town, lost control on wet pavement, He slid for some distance sideways on the highway just south of the viaduct, hit the curbing and went into the east ditch. He escaped injury but was very shaken after the incident. He was charged with failure to have control pf his vehicle. An accident was investigated at 8;15 p.m. Friday when Jerald Lee Bradley, 17, Algona, driving a I960 Chevrolet north on Hartan, struck a parked 1965 Chevrolet owned by Francis Bunting, Algona. Damages to the Bunting car were estimated at $20 and to the Bradley car at $75, NO charges were made. Road Embargo For Present ? Whittemore mi A_. i^^~ — J _* *....*«... f\e*ftnv\t* nn ftr«V\Q*«rrr» r*f all nnilflfV ** Men Injured, Head-On Crash The county board of supervisors, meeting with County Engineer H. M. Smith, decided Friday to place a 10-ton embargo on all blacktop county roads in Kossuth. The same group met a day earlier and at that time decided to wait a few days before acting on an embargo. Friday's action indicates to everyone that if blacktops need an embargo - county gravel roads are also in bad shape. Thursday's meeting went like this: Members of the board in attendance were A. J. Kollasch, chairman, Garry McDonald, Lawrence Newbrough and John Rode. The men are shown in the above photo, left to right, McDonald, Newbrough, Smith, Rode and Kollasch. Smith told the board, "All counties around us are embargoed - but there has been very little embargoing in Kossuth for 15 years. We have a shortage of embargo signs - and this winter's snow will cost residents a minimum of $300,000 for road work, re-gravelling, etc." He was referring to impending damage to county roads due to the winter's storms. The board members were against an embargo - at least at the present - and agreed a decision to embargo could be made after a few days when a further study of conditions and weather would be possible. They agreed it was possible some roads might not need an embargo - even if others do. "There are ruts a foot deep in many roads now," said Kollasch, "and they can't get much deeper," Outside truckers are usually the ones who cheat on an embargo - local truckers are pretty fair about it usually. I'm more concerned about blacktop roads - they are real expensive to repair, and there could be costly bridge problems, too." Bridges normally cost about $15,000 to replace. The supervisors agreed there will be plenty of static if there is an embargo ordered and commended school bus drivers who don't hurt roads because they know, due to day-to-day travel, which ones can be used. It was estimated the county will have plenty of road problems for at least six more weeks and the supervisors stated it will get worse from now on. There is water running over roads in many places around the county now, All at the meeting agreed trucks can be blamed for most of the damage to area roads. Milk, fuel, feed and seed trucks have been having all sorts of problems with the roads to date - and it promises to get worse, An embargo on county roads would affect school buses, because the weight limit on vehicles would have to apply to all, In such a case, practically no truck or bus travel would be permitted- with severe fines backing up the embargo, It was suggested by McDonald that the roads be used until impassable, then set up barricades in areas where necessary. It would be one feasible method to escape an embargo of all county roads. The board also set 2p.m. April 21 as the time for a hearing and letting for about nine miles of blacktopping to be completed around the county this summer. There are no long mileages involved. (UDM Polaroid Photo) 43 Named To Lakota High Honor Roll The Lakota high school honor roll for the third quarter has been announced as follows: Linda Clayton, Marsha Krominga, Stanley Tjaden, Linda Wirtjes, Kathy Boyd, Lyle Mabus, Evelyn Wagner, Dave Smith, Bonnie Becker, Jeff Blome, Wayne Cordes, Earl Cushman, Sally Eichorn, Briant Ellsworth, Gary Geilenfeldt, Myra Heidecker, Betty King, Pat Koppen, Verna Maass, Linda Siemens, Gloria Radmaker, Bill Christ, Dale Coy. Linda Hoeppner, Margaret Powers, Pam Rusher, Dick Winkleman, Sue Yackle, Pat Boyd, Arliss Christ, Barbara Coy, Kathy Christ, Judy Johnson, Joe Ette Junkermeier, Sherman Sleper, Mary Sunde, Peggy Boyd, Bob Christ, Mark Dorenbush, Leslie Eichorn, Craig Koppen, Paul Krominga and Cecil Mabus. Two Whittemore men are hospitalized at St. Ann's as a result of a head-on two car crash Thursday evening. The accident occurred on a muddy gravel road two miles north and 1/2 mile west of Whittemore as the two cars approached each other on a slight knoll. Charles Bierstedt, 22, Whittemore, was driving west in a 1965 Chevrolet. Donald Kollasch, 36, also Whittemore, was headed east in a 1959 Ford. Bierstedt suffered a severe head laceration. A check with the doctor revealed that there was no concussion, and Bierstedt was listed in good condition. Kollasch suffered loss of teeth, a broken nose and fractured knee. Charges are pending by Charles Bird of the highway patrol who investigated the accident. Laundromat At Bancroft Is Burned Sunday The Bancroft and Burt fire departments were called to a laundromat In Bancroft at 5 p.m. Sunday. The fire was thought to be under control by 9 p.m. Estimate of damages and the cause of the fire have not yet been established. No Injuries were reported. There was considerable smoke damage. Stalled Car Destroyed In Mystery Fire A car owned by Eugene Larson of the Seneca area was destroyed by fire, believed of incendiary origin by persons unknown, sometime last Thursday night. Larson, who works at the Bart elevator, was driving home after work last Wednesday evening when the car stalled. Being unable to start it, he returned later with a pickup and hauled it from a blacktop to a gravel road where he left it as it still would not start. Thursday evening he tried unsuccessfully to start it again. During the night the car was evidently set fire by someone. Ted Jensen and Lyle England, who live in the area, reported to Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst, said they noticed a light by the car and later saw it burning. Sheriff Lindhorst called in Don Hutchinson, state fire marshal from Storm Lake, to investigate. Warm Sunday Begins A Deluge In Entire Area The possibility of the worst flood In Kossuth 1 s history became a near-reality during the night Sunday when the Des Moines river and creeks all over the area began crawling across highways and roads. While there had been some water over the roads earlier - the problem became severe during the wee hours Monday morning, after Sunday temperatures reached the 40's. The Des Moines river went over highway 18, east of the bridge north of Algona about 11 p. m. Sunday, according to Don Christensen, foreman of the State shop here. He stated Monday morning, water In that area might be the highest In history before it subsides. Early Monday, there were 21 spots in Kossuth where state highways were under water. You May See A Great Many Signs Like This Bancroft And Seneca 4-H'ers Top Displays In spite of the rainy weather, each of the 44 clubs of the 4-H was in Algona with a display. Many members attended all of the functions, including the tour of city hall. The winning display, for the second consecutive time, was shown by the Seneca Progressive Farmers, of which Rodney Jensen is president. The display was shown at the Coast-to-Coast Store. Top display of the girl's clubs was shown by the Blue and White club of Bancroft, who showed their display at Sheakley's. President of that club is Cathy Hatlestad, LuVerne Music Program Tonight On Tuesday evening, April 6, at 7:30, the LuVerne high school music department will present a pre-contest solo and ensemble concert. Vocal and instrumental solos and ensembles will be presented. This concert is given in preparation for the small groups contest which will be held on Saturday, April 10, at Gilmore City. LuVerne will send 23 solo and 7 ensemble entries. Women Voters Name Mrs. Finn New President At the annual dinner meeting at the Algona Hotel of the League of Women Voters, new officers were elected. They include Mrs. William J. Finn, president; Mrs. J. C. Everds, first vice- president; Mrs. James Andreasen, second vice-president; and Mrs. JamesChalstrom, third vice-president. Continuing as secretary is Mrs. John Fraser and as treasurer, Mrs. Vic Parsons, Membership chairman is Mrs. Elmer Walter, and finance and publicity chairman is Mrs. William Navoichick. Featured speaker of the evening was Salvador de Souza, foreign exchange student. The next meetings will take place April 13. One will be at the home of Barbara Haggard at 9:30 a.m. and the other at the home of Mrs, Richard Thoreson at 7:30 p.m. A group from Algona plans to attend the state conference at Waterloo April 7. They include Mrs. Finn, Mrs. Everds, Mrs. Walter, Mrs. Parsons, and Mrs. Jack Limbaugh. C.D.A, Meeting C. D. A. will have a meeting April 8 at St. Cecelia's hall. Dinner at 6:30, meeting at 8. Chairladies are Mrs. Dolores Bode and Mrs. Helen Lickteig, Program chairladles, Mrs. Susan Behr and Mrs. Mary Ilia Klsch, assisted by Mrs. Denise Cook, Odea! Eller, Anna Geishecker, Dora Haag, Emma Hilbert, Marie Mertz, Shirley Nichols, Ruth Robinson, Ruth Sigsbee, Marie Welp, Lorena Thilges, Ardyth Thomason, Sally Ludwig, Marie Ewen, Henrietta Tripp, Dorothy Mergen, Kathryn Bode and Maxine Rooney. Rites Held For Elmer Paulsen Of Swea City Elmer Paulsen, 54, who had been a resident of the Swea City area for years, died Tuesday morning at the State Hospital, Cherokee. Death was due to a liver ailment. Mr. Paulsen had been a resident of the hospital for the past 20 years. Mr. Paulsen was born Nov. 10, 1910, at Graettinger and moved with his parents to Swea City as a small child. He received his education in Swea City area schools. He never married. Survivors include three brothers, George, Lakota, Carl, Peoria, 111., and Herman, Moline, 111.; and a sister, Mrs. Eugene Stevens, Waukesha, Wis. Services were held at 10 a. m. Friday at Reese Chapel, Estherville, with Rev. Roy Hendrickson officiating. Burial was at Harrison township cemetery, Swea City. 16-Page Roto Section With today's Algona Upper Des Moines comes a 16 page rotogravure tabloid Farm and Home section. Eight pages of this are devoted to what the experts said at this winter's Corn & Soybean Clinic, of which Algona was one of 50 Clinic centers. Plan Prom Party Parents of junior students at Algona high are invited to a planning committee meeting to be held Wednesday evening, April 7, at 8:15 p.m. in the school auditorium. The meeting is to plan for the all-night "After The Prom" theatre party and dance. Hurt In Wreck Mr. and Mrs. Russell Rentz spent the weekend at Waterloo visiting Mr. and Mrs. Don Craft, former Algonans. They also visited with Douglas Craft, 17, who is a patient at Schoitz Memorial hospital following a car accident last week. He will have to be in the hospital another five weeks and would like to hear from some of his friends in Algona. Christensen stated water was over highway 169 at eight separate places between Algona and highway 9; four spots on highway 9; one on 169 south of Algona; three on highway 44; two on highway 18 west; and three on highway 18 east. The bridge on highway 18 north of Algona promises to be a real problem, and ice is the chief culprit. It is possible that area of highway 18 might have to be closed to all traffic - and before it is all over, the bridge might be a victim of ice. Use of dynamite to blast the ice loose has been ruled out - at least for the present, because the ice has no place to go. Steel posts, torches and flags have been set out by crews , everywhere water is across the state highways - and crews will stay on the job, putting them up when new areas develop. There is water 14 inches deep in Swea City, across highway 9, just a block from the business area, and water is also deep at the intersection of highways 169 and 9 near Lakota. Christensen said the high water has not yet reached the intersection of highway 169 and the West Bend blacktop road, south of Algona, but when it does, trouble is also expected there. Arrival of rain in the area during the weekend, with a .64 of an inch measured, didn't help matters any, and warmer weather shrunk snow banks and sent additional water into streams. County roads are under water many places, according to Charles Plathe, member of the board of supervisors. There are no reports yet of bridges out, but it is possible some will be washed away. Dynamite has been used in a couple of areas in an effort to move ice, to no avail. At LuVerne, the problem is serious, with water in many basements. Culverts are frozen shut and drain-off is impossible through normal channels, so the water is running across roads, including blacktops. Crews are installing signs, flags and putting up barricades where necessary and traffic in many areas is near a standstill. Some roads in the area have already been closed, and many others will be. A 10-ton embargo has been placed on all blacktop roads in the county. School buses from every district in the county are having trouble making rounds - and some aren't operating at all. It is probable others will be forced to stay in the barns, also. Kossuth flood, 1965, looks like a real bad one! And it's just starting. It was reported at 9:30 Monday a. m. by the State Highway department that water in downtown Swea City was 14 to 18 inches deep. \ The week'S weather: .:.:.x.:.:.:.:-:-:-x-:-:-:.:-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.:.:.: H L R Admits Local Theft April 1 35 30 April 2 34 30 April3 34 30 tr. April 4 48 32 .5 April 5 - 33 Lay Cornerstone Of New Church Cornerstone laying cermonies were held Sunday at the site of the Methodist church under construction here. The ceremony began at 1 p. m. The Rev. R. D. Kitterman of Spencer, district superintendent, and the Rev. Edward Maus, local pastor, officiated The former church was destroyed by fire April 2, 1964, A 40 year old Fairmont man, Kenneth E. Nutt, has confessed to theft of over $100 from the Moose Lodge clubroom here, last Dec. 8. He was arrested on a larceny charge at Fairmont, and admitted the local theft when questioned by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst of Kossuth County. If Nutt is prosecuted and convicted of larceny at Fairmont it is unlikely he will also be brought here for trial. Floods Close School Because of flooding waters, all Swea City school classes were cancelled for Monday, and the senior class play was postponed.

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