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Statesville Record and Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina • 1

Statesville, North Carolina
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ANTIQUE CAR SHOW and LEAMARKET Antiques Coins Crafts 2 BIG DAYS SAT SUN OCT 23 24 Saturday 8 00 AM to 1200 PM Sunday 1:00 to 5:00 PM North Iredell High School 12 Miles North of Statesville NC Exit Mile Post 59 Off Interstate 77 ollow Signs! Open to the Public inest acilities Available Anywhere ree Parking! Spaces: $500 for Two Days Outside $4 00 for Two Days Under Roof (No Tables urnished) Admission $100 Children (Under 12) ree Sponsored By North Iredell High School All Members Are Urged To Attend STATESVILLE LODGE NO 27 AondAM Meeting Tonight 0t 7:30 O'clock Visiting Brethren Welcome Master: larry Johnson Secretory Grover lackey Published in the Heart of the Dairying and Industrial Region of Piedmont North Carolina Statesville Record Landmark Vol 102 Statesville Tuesday October 19 1976 No 251 Candidates See Close Election Charges ly On Work Plan to Hunt Attacks GOP Record ob Center or Senior Citizens Proposed Hearing Is Held On Community Development A at the council Hospital Board Holds Meeting Rate Hike Expected No Room Statesville which urban renewal the to both major candidates But as each managed in a separate way to point to the tightness ot the race for the White House Carter continued a brief 32 hour campaign swing today through lorida North Carolina and million over a five year period unds for the first year of the program have been approved and received from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and recently funds for the second year were approved The block grants may be used by municipalities at the discretion of the local government but projects must be approved by HUD and must be to assist low and middle Mrs Pat Crooks chairman of the Historical Properties Commission made a request to the council last night for establishing a joint com mission with the county and city of Statesville for the purpose of in ventorying the historical properties in Statesville She explained that the county had formed the commission about six months ago and that Mooresville had formed a joint commission and allocated funds for its share of the inventory She added that if Statesville did not soon form the joint organization and allocate funds in the amount of $4000 for the inventory that project would on the bottom of the in Raleigh The inventory which began in the southern part of the county Monday is being done through the Depart ment of Cultural Resources The results will be published in a catalogue form and according to Mrs Crooks will be of use to the city and county in land use plans and to realtors in stimulating growth in certain areas She said that the inventory in Statesville would take about two and one half months to complete Mayor Thomas anjoy recom mended to the council that the General Statutes authorizing local governments to set up these com missions should be studies prior to any action on the part of the council and action was deferred until this could be done A special meeting was scheduled for 7:30 pm Oct 25 for the purpose of studying proposed charter revisions Emergency Room fee from $750 to $10 According to Dr Nicholson it is almost unheard of for a hospital to go without a general rate increase for so long During this time Dr Nicholson said hospital employes have received two pay increases a retirement plan funded entirely by the hospital has been implemented additional patient care employes have been added and over $140000 in new equipment has been purchased are extremely pleased to be able to keep up with modern technology and techniques and also to pass the results of efficient management along to our patients by containing costs and maintaining reasonable stated Dr Nicholson Arnold Nunnery administrator in a prepared statement credited occupancy excellent collec tions a staff of conscientious and By DAVE RILEY Associated Press Writer President ord and Jimmy Carter have found one thing to agree on the election is just too close to call now It was a light campaign day for HOME OR A TREE? Joe Payne of 378 Westwood Drive has a 15 year old rubber tree which he would like to give to somebody who can provide it a home for the winter Mr Payne called yesterday to offer the plant to the Record Land mark but an examination proved it too large for our lobby The tree which has 100 to 125 leaves is about seven feet tall and almost as wide although it could be pruned con siderably With the nights getting colder and frost approaching Mr Payne would like to find a home for the tree It now stands on his lawn in a large planter income families and remove blighted areas or slum areas Dr Margaret Willhide of the Altrusa Club of Statesville spoke first after the hearing was opened She recommended to the council that consideration be given to establishment of a a type of care for senior citizens where they could spend the day participating in a variety of activities supervised by persons trained in those areas and in social and psychology to keep ac tive than they would if left at home or in a rest She cited an example in Concord where such a center is located in a church building There is a director of the facility and one aid for each eight elderly persons attending ederal funds and the Council on Aging provide operating funds Mrs Melanie McAlpine of the Iredell County Council on Aging spoke to the council on this matter also stressing the need for such a facility in this area She advised the council that a conference she at tended recently had set these facilities as a national priority in regards to the elderly Mrs Barbara Dearman chair man of the board of Social Sendees advised the council that such a facility once constructed could be doubled and used as a day care center for handicapped children The city staff will prepare ap plication for the third year funding drawing up projects to be financed with the money from ideas presented at public hearings and by citizens direct to the staff members our different rotating schedules were presented to the board and member Jack Duffy said the ad ministration was not giving the board a only a matter of which schedule to approve Duffy made a motion for the medical staff to meet with the board of trustees at noon Wednesday for further consideration of the matter The nurses said they have not been heard and have been ignored abused and placed in low rank by doctors at the local medical facility Dr Cherry said the doctors and nurses were like He added were never organized under the previous ad ministrator and you should have been There is where the fault lies We now need to get back to doing the job right and patient care is our main The nurses claimed the patients are getting good care regardless of the attitude of the doctors They complained they were not being offered promotions within the hospital for which they were qualified Another complaint was that committees have been formed to go outside the hospital and hire persons to fill positions which should first be offered to qualified people already a part of the nursing staff Dr Cherry remarked takes time We must have faith in each other 1 admit patients if you are not here and if I admit patients you are no longer needed At the opening of the discussion Chairman Grady Shoe told the nurses they would have absolutely no input from the floor and the matter would be settled between the trustees and the medical staff Stringent objection was voiced and the position was defended by board members George Stevens and Joe Knox Stevens said he objected to the nurses not knowing about the changes and Knox said deny them their say in this matter They have a right to speak as a member of the nursing staff attending this open Knox also charged the matter has (See 1 Page 10 A) competent department heads and employes and an excellent coopera tive medical staff for the hospital's ability to contain costs during these times of inflation in an industr" where the costs of supplies and equipment are constantly The rates are lower than most hospitals its size according to a survey conducted this month by the North Carolina Hospital Asso ciation The hospital charges $41 per day for a ward bed $46 per day for a semi private room in the original wing $51 per day for a private room in that wing and $51 and $56 per day for semi private and private rooms in the new wing will be cutting it close this year The hospital board and ad ministrator will be watching the financial situation closely and will make rate adjustments if budget projections of utilization prove Nunnery added HUNT VISITS ALEXANDER Jack Hunt Democratic candidate for Congress 10th District chatted following a dinner rally in Alexander County last night with his local cam paign manager Mrs Lucille Warren Hunt charged that his opponent Rep James Broyhill supports the interests of big business rather than those of area residents New York Earlier he declared at a news conference that the election is for and made an emotional appeal in a lorida speech against voter apathy The Democratic standard bearer outlined his ideas on health care to a Miami audience of about 2000 persons then visited a kosher bakery and addressed a senior rally He promised the American Public Health Association convention leadership to provide comprehensive nationwide ef fective health care and you can depend on Carter said he favors national health insurance which be universal and added that patients should have freedom to choose their physicians and urged greater emphasis on preventive medicine as simpler and cheaper than ord remaining in Washington until Thursday sent word through a group of Republican governors and senators who are his key party supporters that he views the race as dead now Major polls also show the race is tight But there was dsagreement bet ween the two candidates about remarks by the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Gen George Brown who was quoted in an in terview as saying Israel is a military burden and the United States does not have the stomach to stand up to the Soviets Carter said remarks are an example of failure by ord to take strong action against errant officials He compared un willingness to rebuke Brown to the Earl Butz affair two weeks ago Butz resigned as secretary of agriculture after it became known that he had made an obscene racial slur against blacks during an air plane flight after the GOP con vention Some congressmen senators and civil rights leaders wanted Butz fired but Butz quit and ord ex pressed sadness at accepting the resignation In a news conference Monday with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at his side Brown said he did not intend in the interview to imply that he disagreed with US policy on Israel He denied saying the United States does not have the stomach to stand up to the Soviet Union Rumsfeld said ord has no plans to reprimand the Air orce general but said this does not mean he en dorses the inelegant White House Press Secretary Ron Nessen said ord reviewed remarks and it clear to Secretary Rumsfeld that he does not agree with the poor choice (See 2 Page 10 A) By PAMELA SIMON TAYLORSVILLE working man voting Republican is like a chicken voting for Colonel Jack Hunt Democratic candidate for Congress 10th District told Alexander County Democrats at a dinner rally last night Hunt said Democrats traditionally safeguard the interests of the small businessman whereas Republicans promote the welfare of large cor porations As the Democratic candidate for Congress Hunt continued he identifies strongly both with the party and with people of the A dentist and farmer from Cleveland County Hunt resigned after three years in the General Assembly to oppose Rep James Broyhill a member of the family that controls Broyhill urniture Co Rep Broyhill was the only Republican to get the nod from Alexander County voters in the general election two years ago Hunt said he feels himself better qualified to serve in Congress despite years of ex perience because is wrong in and people who have spent time there tend to be infected with a malady that makes them more in terested in fringe benefits than in governing well Hunt charged that the three men guiding the fiscal policy (Economist Alan Greenspan Treasurer William Simon and Ar thur Burns chairman of the ederal Reserve Board) are the same people who were in charge during the Nixon administration and said all three are members of extremely There are no plans to raise room rates at Iredell Memorial Hospital during the current fiscal year which began this month This decision which was made at a recent board meeting was announced today by Dr Nicholson president of the hospital board The hospital depends entirely on its income from patient care to meet operating expenses The last general rate increase was in ebruary 1975 Intensive care rates were raised last October The hospital will raise the basic confined world of the Wall St Republicans such as these Hunt continued regard unemployment and inflation as mere statistics rather than problems that sorely afflict the average citizen Countering the argument that a Democratic Congress has been responsible for soaring unem ployment and inflation rates Hunt pointed out that neither problem existed during the 13 post war years in which the country had both a Democratic Congress and President Rep Broyhill Hunt charged aligns himself with a system that allows large corporations to avoid (See 3 Page 10 A) By EILEEN WILKINSON public hearing on third year funding for the city through the Community Development Act was held last night meeting Under the act has completed projects and housing projects is eligible for $1150000 each year for three years and a total of $46 WHY SAY ANYTHING? We are thinking about introducing a bill es tablishing a Department of Common Sense if the people of Iredell and Alexander return us to the General Assembly We were not absolutely sure such a department was needed until we read a Ned Cline interview in Sun Greensboro News with SBI Director Haywood Starling Mr Starling is quoted as saying that Attorney General Rufus Ed miston and his principal aide Charlie Smith had brought pressure on him to hire unqualified people have asked me to do and suggested to me that I do certain things that I could not Director Starling is quoted as saying not saying they asked us to hire people who are not qualified have had several people they wanted us to hire and I simply told them the people just measure Well if that's what happened and the way it happened if Director Starling stuck by his standards and still has his job what in the name of common sense made him feel he had to make such a public statement just two weeks before an election? We submit that anybody who is elected to public office will be ap proached by friends and supporters at one time or another for assistance in placing somebody in a job for which he is not qualified He cannot turn his back on these people and usually seeks to accom modate them by referring the ap plication to an appropriate agency with a letter requesting that it be given consideration if the person meets qualifications If Director Starling does not un derstand that much about politics then he had no business accepting a political appointment himself Besides in this day of criminal in dictments against BI agents who were no doubt closely screened how can anybody be sure who is best qualified for what? WE PROMISE YOU This is the season for campaign promises and one we want to make to the people Down In Iredell and over in Alexander We will not clutter up the country side with posters lining the high ways and byways with either our mug or our message Let those who will nail them to trees and utility poles and plant them on the highway right of ways or our part we will employ tradi tional means of seeking your support without trying to pollute either your mind or your environment WEATHER Increasing cloudiness with chance of rain over spreading state tonight and con tinuing Wednesday Local tempera tures for the 24 hour period ended at 6 am today: High 60 Low 28 frost recorded rw MSB Get $150 TAYLORSVILLE An employe of Jeans Things was choked until she lost consciousness early yesterday afternoon by two male assailants who then proceeded to rob the cash register at the store of about $150 According to a spokesman for the Alexander County Department two white males en tered the store located on NC 90 between Hiddenite and Taylorsville around 1 pm Monday Their victim Mrs Arthur Mit chell suffered contusions and was badly shaken by the incident the spokesman said Mrs Mitchell did not appear to be seriously hurt but was sent to the hospital tor servation The spokesman reported department expects arrest Mrs attackers within the next few days Sentence Appealed A prominent Statesville attorney charged with felonious possession of marijuana was given a six month active sentence this afternoon in Iredell County District Court Marvin Vernon Bondurant 43 of 271 Mulberry St entered a plea of no contest or nolo contendere to non felonious possession of marijuana Judge Robert Warren of Rowan County accepted plea warning him that it would have little effect on the final judgment in the case attorney filed notice of appeal immediately after hearing the sentence Bondurant a Statesville attorney for 15 years was arrested along with three of his children on Sept 1 after city police found 19 marijuana plants and over 11 ounces of marijuana at home The children William Joseph Bondurant 18 Thomas Seth Bon durant 20 and Leila Ruth Bon durant 16 were all charged with felonious possession of marijuana and with manufacturing marijuana also a felony charge The younger Bondurants waived preliminary hearing in District Court session The case will be heard later in Superior Court Detective Sgt SK Moore of the city police department testified he found marijuana in each of the bedrooms and in a locked safe in a first floor closet Bondurant testified he knew the marijuana plants were growing in the yard but had hoped his children would destroy them voluntarily ord Plans State Visit RALEIGH (AP) President ord will bring his reelection campaign to the NC State air in Raleigh Saturday President is coming to the fair this Saturday We have a ten tative time of 11:30 am but not the schedule may said Ted Heydinger director of the President ord Committee for North Carolina State Agriculture Commissioner Jim Graham whose department includes the fair confirmed plans for the trip but said he had tried to discourage it because of security problems The plans for the visit I underscored claims of Republicans that the race between ord and Democrat Jimmy Carter is now neck and neck in North Carolina By CLEAVE REAGAN Record Landmark Bureau MOORESVILLE Threats close several wings of Lowrance Hospital and admit patients only for emergencies failed to influence the hospital board of trustees and no action was taken Monday night on the proposal by the hospital ad ministration and medical staff to put the nurses on a rotating work schedule Several nurses in attendance reported Mrs Delia Patterson director of nurses had threatened to close the wings if the rotating work schedules were not approved by the board Hospital Administrator Jeff Pearson responded to the charge as a lie because I was in that meeting and the threat was never Dr WH Cherry represented the hospital medical staff and read from the minutes of a previous meeting a statement that the doctors would admit only emergency patients if the administration and board of trustees failed to support them in their request for rotating shifts Assailants EmUUinww a a' 7 9 i I.

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