Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 26, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1894
Page 5
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^^c-^ '•'''• •'•'•• •." • • ->' •' '''- • ' • " ' On account ol having tho Foster Lacing Hooks, many inferior Gloves are being sold as the " Foster" to parties who believe them to bo iho Genuine Foster quality, which is a superior French Real Kid Glove, nude with special care in our own manufactory at Grenoble, France. To > enable purchasers to distinguish the difference, we have changed our trade mirk, and shall hereafter stamp all ol our best quality Friday, April We will offer all the Sa***™*.^ ,--w .- -iOBXriW . -f«ftuiai..> B desirable colors. Foster Kid G'oves at 89 cents. The Hatter. MANUFACTURERS. S A.LK BY COME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Young, PEOPLE'S PAB1T CITY TICKET. Mayor, M. M, GORDON. Treasurer, WIORGE P. SCHAftfT, Clerk, CHARLES BUHBME3TEK, Water Works Trustee, ED. CLARY. Councllmen, 1st Ward-MILO GIBSON M Ward-C. L, DILLEY, 3d Ward-JOHN A, MURPHY, 4th Ward—CHARLES T. BELL, Oth Ward-C. 3. GREEN. •^ m*~—i^— Mablon Roderick on Trial. The case of Mahlon Roderick, lharged with forgery, occupied the Vttentlon of the court and jury jester- Hay, and waa given to the jury last Waning at 6 o'clock. A verdict la xpected to be returned this morning. Attention, D. Of HI All members of the Rebeokah Deare requested to meet this even- g at the I. 0. O. F. Hall at 7 o'clock grp. for the purpose of attending in body, the antertaloment given by |he Odd Felloit s at tho rink. EMMA. HAHLV, N. G. WISE, Seo'y. /. Sells Bros, adverslsing oar came in iterday, and trie town was billed oughly and In short order for the ^pearance of the show here on May This show company has intro- Aoed something new into the shew smeaa in the way of a reduction of At in the price of admission, now barging but 25 cents. They expect i make it up in increased sales and ave enlarged their seating capacity oordlngly. Nerre force IB drawn on by every lusoular or brain effort. Deposite to these drafts are made by Dr. Dealer's Nerve Vltalizer. Price $1, Bon Fisher. Brunk*«r'ft nfaatire Balsam, the groat stom- I bowelremedy, is still working For tale by all druggist?. DAILY JOURNAL OWEN NOMINATED. WILLIAM D. 0>VEX OF CASS HEADS THE REPL'liUCAS STATE TICKET. A in out Kutliii»l»tlc and Ilcmurkn ble State Convention—The L,artfoMt AiicndBiicc In tli» Hillary of ibe Party 111 Indiana-Owen /or Krcri- tnrv of Miner, Itnlly for Auditor, Ncholtz for Treasurer. Ken hum for Attorney (.eneral, limn lor Clerk of the tHn|>rewe court nud Other Nomination* Equally Popular. The Republican State convention which assembled at Indianapolis yesterday was the most remarkable In the history of the party. It was tho largest and thoroforo the most representative. It was presided over by "Dick" Thompson, eighty-three years of age, one of the stauachest and most loyal republicans in Indiana. It was addressed by an Ex-President, Benjamin Harrison, who is recognized as tho ablest statesman in the United States. It nominated William D. Owen of this county to lead the ticket and this provoked another round of enthusiastic applause. Tho convention assembled at 10 a. m. Richard W. Thompson, of Terre Haute, was made permanent chairman and Charles F. Wilson of the Lafayette Courier, permanent secretary. Ex- President Harrison followed tho address of tho permanent chairman In one of his remarkable speeches. Nominations were called for and the chair announced the candidates for Secretary of State and aeked for further nominations. None wore made and the balloting began with tho following candidates in the field; Aaron Jones, South Bend; W. D. Ovron, Logansport; J. E. Watson, Rushville; M.R. Sulzor, Madlaon; Jasper Packard New Albany. The balloting resulted as follows, 858 being necessary to a choice: 1st. Jones 362 4-5; Owen, 417 4-5; Watson, S91 4 5; Sulzer, 320 4-5; Packard, 211. 2d. Owen. 4C9 1-5; Jones, 387 1-5; Watson, 415 1-5; Sulzer, 287 1-5: Packard, 158 1*5. 3d. Jones, 869 1-5; Owen, 6701 5; Packard, 91 1-5; Sulzar, 200 1-5; Watson, 49-1 1-5. During the fourth ballot Jones and Packard withdrew and the result was as follows: Owen 886, Watson 689, Jones 69, Packard 60. '• OTTO KRAUS. MAN'S OPPORTUNITY! BUSINESS SUITS LAST YEA ',$1500 NOW $7.50. LAST YEAR, $15.00 NOW $7.50. Single Breasted Sacks, Double Breasted Sacks, Cutaway Frocks. All Wool Fabrics, Correct Styles and All Sizes. We are determined that free wool will not catch us napping. This Is Men's Clothing Opportunity. Orders by mail, with c ash in advance only, carefully filled. Open Saturday evenings 10 o'clock. until None of These Goods Charged, Exchanged or Delivered. OTTO KRAUS "OF COURSE." which was adopted, provided that "tho rules of the Fifty-tirst congress, as adopted and applied \>y Thomaa B. Reed and lately concurred in by the THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 26. An Incendiary BUio. The North street house had a narrow escape from destruction thle morning And UsJinmateB from death or Injury by flre which was happily discovered in time to avert a bad fire. About 1:3t fire waa discovered In the dining room of the boarding 1 house and an alarm was quickly given ai the engine house near by. Tho department turned out promptly and the flre was oxtlngnished before any great damage was done, $10 probably cor erlng the loss. The conditions of the blaze show a deliberate attempt on the part of some probably revengeful person, who had a fancied grievance to redress, to burn tho boarding house, all regardless of tho persons sleeping therein. It was discovered that coal oil had been poured in several places upon the carpet in the dining, room to which tire had been applied in three places. Timely discovery of the incipient flames alone prevented what might else have been a fatal blazo, as the frame structure would have burned rapidly had the fire gained considerable headway. Wm. Wagner, the proprietor of the house, is satisfied of the Incendiary origin of tho fire and a strong effort will be made to apprehend the fire bug. HON. W. D. OWEN. For Auditor of State, A. C. Bailey, of Lebanon, Boone county, was nominated on the third ballot. For Treasurer of State, F. J. Scholty, of Evansvillo, Vanderberg county, was nominated on the first ballot. For Attorney-General, Capt. W. A. Kotcham, of Indianapolis, was nominated on the third ballot. For Clerk of the Supreme Court, Capt. Alexander Hess, of Wabash, Wabash county, was nominated. D. 61, Geotlng of Madison, JeJIerson county, was nominated for Supt. of Public Instructions on first ballot at 12:30 this morning. S. J. Thompson of Shelbyville, was nominated for State Statistician at 1:30 this morning. Tho Evolution Of medical agents is gradually relegating tho old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get tho true remedy see that it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading drug- grists. ' Brown-Young. Yesterday at 11 o'clock at the residence of the bride's father, Samuel K. Young of Montgomery street, South Side, Rev. W. K. Wones officiating, Miss Sylvia C. Young was united in marriage to Mr. Lewis Edward Brown an esglneer on the Pan Handle. HlcC«rtr-Cnriton. Tuesday evening at the parsonage of St. Vincent de Paul parish, Tery Rev. M. E. Campion officiating, Mlei Sadie Carson was united in marriage to Mr. Wm. MoCarty, an employe at the Pan Handle shops. Kegalar Preen Hep or t. ISDIANAPOLIS, April 25. — Toralln- •on's hall roeohoed with resounding cheers when J. K. Uowdy at 10 a. m. called to order the state republican convention. The hall, which has a national reputation from the fact that many memorable conventions ho,vo been held under its roof, was appropriately decorated with party mottoes, und a band rendered patriotic musio while the delegates were assembling. It was the largest convention ever held in Indiana and 1,711! delegates tilled the lower floor of Tomlinson halL Tho gallery on the right was reserved for the laiies,and there were hundreds of them present. -The left galleries were occupied by the general public, and when the convention waa called to order there were 0,000 people present. Ovation for Thompson. When the venerable presiding officer, •x-Secretary of the Navy Richard W. Thompson, of .Terro Haute, came on the stage from tho rear, in company with Charles W. Fairbanks, the convention cheered him lustily. He was escorted to a seat next to Chairman Gowdy. The report of the committee on credentials and permanent oreanuwtjon, KICIIAltn W. THOMPSON'. present congress, should govern." Wh en Chairman Thompson aroso to address the convention ho received an ovation, and it was several minutes before he could proceed. Ex-Secretary Thompson, in his speech, said that his work was nearly douo—that ho is no lonper a boy. Ho urged tlio state republicans to work zealously for success in November, advocated a protective tariff and deplored the present condition of affairs, anj charged it to the misgovernrnent of the party now in power. Kx-Proildont JliirrUun Spflllkrt. Pandemonium followed the appearance of ex-Presiden t Harrison, who fol- j lowed Mr. Thompson. Hats and handkerchiefs were waved atid the audience arose to its feet amid cheers. ID his ppeeoh Gen. Harrison paid a tribute to Presiding Officer Thompson, lie said: "Mr. President, my venerable and honored friend: I congratulate you; I congratulate tho republicans or .Indiana that you are permitted tin thin hopeful day to preside over a gathering of tho republicans ot this great stale. You havo buttled for tho principles of tho party for many years: you have been tho able, dauntless champion of those b *reat principles which cullud the party into existence and which have won for it HO often and through a series of such brilliant years of administration tho confidence of the people. Great Republican Awilkeiilue. j "As you navo been faithful to Iho party In Iho houn of weaUnoHS and darkness wo arc glad that you are hero this morning when the country Is uwalumod to the fact that a restoration of republican principles In administration Is essential to the prosperity and happiness of the people. "To you, my trlcnds, I como this morning with an aciwiowled^tiient of my grateful obllga- tlons for tlieso undeserved and accumulated favors which jipu havo heaped upon mo. I will not undertake this morning, It would bo Inappropriate, any full discussion of republican principles. I v;lll nul stand Lotwruu you and the Important work winch you havo assembled to do, and which you are eager to bo about At Homo time during tlio campaign which so auspiciously opens to-day—if It bo the pleasure of my follow citizens—I shall hold my. Bolt at their service for a fuller discussion. 1 cannot allow, as I navo aafd before, that an ex-president has lost his citizenship. Nor can 1 admit that a calm and temperate discussion of great public question! Is undlgnttlod in any man. Wo have had, beginning with those years whnn, as a champion of whig principles, Col. Thompson spoke to us fellow citizens of Indiana down to the laai national campaign, a continuous debate upon tho Question of the tariff. The poo- pio havo now accepted one view of the question, and now turning, have adopted the other. The debate seemed to hnvo worn !Uelf out. Even your silvery eloquence, air, was hardly equal to stirring great lntere»t In tho question. Our people became so prosperous, SD rich: labor wan so universally employed at good wages that men ceased to appreciate tho danger and the disaster that waa involved In an abandonment of the protection principle!. No orator waa equal to the task of maintaining their Interest Taught by Experience. "What the orator and the pamphleteer could not do, a bitter experience that has intruded Itself Into every homo and Into many brought starvation has done and Is doing today. Our friends may endeavor to persuade the American people, that this period o( depression IB only one or tho» periodic panic* that they nay at Intervals, more or leu certain, ' -'- - " upon vii. Some mar endeavor W persuade you inni rue iuuueui.es tutu, 110.10 brouKht It about wore climatic or selsmitic. But i believe J do not yuuo H too strongly when I say that tho common mind—the close observation of those who are educated and In- etruoted by facts rather than given to refined theories—has settled upon the cause of this present disastrous depression. They find that cause in the attempt to wipe oul protective legislation and to substitute forlt th« doctrines or a revenue tariff. They II nd It in that uncertainty w-hluh has Intruded itself into every man's business enterprises, which baa paralyzed his energies and which has com- polled the wheels to stop while this great Issue was being concluded. The American workman it realizing to day lhat It Is not posslblt for him. to separate himself In Intereit from the manufacturer who employs him: that be cannot listen to the wild and vicious ap- pealy which have been made to him to strlUo at the men who give employment to labor without bringing the blow back in recoil upon himself and bis family. The times aro full of unrest, disaster and apprehension. I believe to-day that all tho tumult of this -wild sea would bo stilled as by tho voice of omnipotence If the great Industrial and commercial classes of this country could know to-day that there I would ho no attempt to strike down protection In American legislation." The reiport of the committee on credentials was then read and adopted. Tlie Platform. Tho committee on resolutions reported tho following platform, which was adopted. A syuopis is as follows: The platform reaffirms the platform and principles of the republican party; expresses prldo In tbo administration of ex-President Harrison and tho congressional legislation of that period, and contrasts tho prosperity then existing with tho panic now, The second resolution commends protection and reciprocity and condemns the hostile nttltudo of the democratic parly to thoso policies. The currency plank says: "We bo'.leve In a currency of gold, silver and paper. Interconvertible at a fixed standard of value," and declares In favor of increased tariff duties Tram countries which oppose blmotaUism. Liberal F0ailon> Favored. On pensions the platform declare* lor a lib- oral construction of all pension laws and condemns tho present pension policy, also in favor of the stale soldiers' home for Indigent sol- dlors. Thostrict enforcement of all immigration laws is declared for and then an amendment to exclude all tho orlmlna and vicious. The Clevoland-Gresham Hawaiian policy Is roundly denounced, Cleveland's alleged bargain and salo of patronage, ofllclnl brokerage, and attempts to usurp ihe prerogatives of congre»s aro condemned. As to stato matters the platform condemns the reckless and extravagant managomon t of the affairs of the state which has resulted In higher valuations, higher rates of taxation and multiplicity of offices. The benevolent, educational and correctional Institutions of Indiana vhould be placed under nonpartisan control The protection of lives and limbs of railway employes, by state and na tlon'il legislation, Is demanded, Tbo closing resolution Is a denunciation of the (jerry- mander. It-, I 1.3 and promp ballots. Some of tbo Cuss county crowd returned home last eight. The Journal attempted to interview thorn without success. They could not talk above a faint whisper. Some of them had evidently been jelling. C. B. Landls, Judge Johnston, Charley Harley, Eben Wolcott, Mordecai Chilcotte, M. D. DeMotte, M. L. Esslck, Judge Crump&cker, "Kit" Sills, Charles Planck, Charlie Griffin, John Spaogler, Judge Gould, Capt. Ward and other Tooth district citizens were on hand assisting the Tenth district candidate. Case County had a band of earnest fighters. Q. A. Myers, W. T. Wilson, J. Z. Powell. S. T. McContell, G. W, Funk, Fred Landis, "Bob" Van Winkle, Weldon Webster, Jehu Elliott, Mart Elliott. J.S. Craig, S A. Vaughn, John G. Meek, Ed McConnell, H. S. Murdock, W. D. Pratt, Geo- Cockburn, O. B. Sargent, D. C. Justice, D. W. Tomllnson, T. J. Brigge, George Webster, J. B. Skinner and several others from the city kept things a-movin'. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. CONVENTION NOTKS. The convention was notable in the attendance and the enthusiasm. Charlie Landig was robbed. Ho was asleep at tho time. He IB generally awako. •'Billy" Owen grasped the bands of not less than 5,000 people Monday aad Tuesday. Frederick Landls represented the Loganaport Journal at the press table Gold fillings (1, at Clark's, tho Dentist. Cut prices on wash (ilk at tho Golden Rule. To Mr. and Mrs. Fisher, of the West Side—a son. See our ready-made wrapper* for 89 cents.—Trade Palace. Sail nee, surrahs, plain and printed, out prices.—Schmitt ft Heffley. Don't forget Friday IB the day for the Foster kid glove sale at Dewenter's, tho Batter. See beautiful line of umbrellas and paraaole from 50 cents up, at the Trade Palace. You can get any desirable color in the Foster glove sale Friday, at Dewenter's, the Hatter, for 89 cents. The young son of L. L. Truman was yesterday bitten on the hand by a vicious bull dog belonging to J. J. Stoll, the East End grocer. Jesse Steel who died at the penileo^ ttary on Monday and whose remains were brought here for interment, wad juried yesterday morning. The Odd Fellows' diamond anniversary celebration at the rink this evening promises to be a very pleasant affair. The order will give a public parade this afternoon at 2 o'clock. For Fine Spring Soils in endless Variety, which for Fit, Durability, Style, Workmanship and Trimmings are positively unexcelled, call on I CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market Street.

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