The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 21, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, MARCH 21,1949 BLYTHEVIT.I.K <AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE N1NB *E NATION TODAY It/antic Poet is War-Like Move jut U.S. and Her European Allies ry It is Only to Maintain Peace By JIDIM Murlow WASHINGTON, March ai. liVi— Pretty soon we'll be like a man hlng, through a slit in a tank, another man watching him, through • in a tank. J 't'iie details of the Atlantic Pact were aimouliCed lasl week. In an- ler month or so we'll be a member of It—it llie Senate Approves, and [ expected lo. i Pur partners will be Canada, [lain, France', Ik'lgium. Luxein- Jirg, and Ihe Netherlands. The |en have Invited Norway, Iceland, 1' and Italy to co;.ne in. too. I'he purpose? It's a straight-out |litary alliance, Tile pact says: Thai the signers of llie pact 11 by "means o( continuous and Active self-help and mutual aid maintain and develop their Illvldual and collective capacity 1 resist armed attack." Just Fr«p»mlnnt» |rii:it's the diplomatic way of say- they'll start arming si) they'll | ready In case Russia slrats push them around. . "... An armed attack nsiiinst • . . . shell he considered an at- ' |jk against thorn all; and . . . they •rce . . . each . . . will assist Ihe fily ... -so attacked by taking such action as it deeinS neces- inchidiirg the use ol armed |'ce. ..." |l'hat means they will go lo wai- tlist anyone who attacks one of pact signers. Although Russia |isn't mentioned in llie pact. Rus- is the only one with enough I'cngtli to tackle the seven allies, tin's getting ready "just in is going to cost money. The lutnan administration shortly Is fing to ask Congress for about $1,,000.000 to help our new allies armed. llf that goes through, and you add |at lo Whatever our allies can do themselves, 11 will make ft tidy n, lAnd. in the meantime, what will liissla and her allies be doing? Ap- Jiremly, they'll be turning Eastern lirope into an armed camp. I Russia Busy Spending, Too lOnly nine days ago Russia's top Vmmunists announced they were ling to spend $15.000,000.000 on telr armed forces this year, a jump I 20 per cent over last year. jBy coincidence, ninybe, that's lhat this country plans to speml li its own armed forces. Russid lade its announcement with full |iowledge that the Atlantic pact western military alliance, was Uing under way. Communists al- Jtly are protesting that tliis west- -j> alliance is just the first step Jiwnrrt attack on Russia. And one I. S. senator who doesn't like the |act, said: "I wonder how the United State. loutd feel if Russia made an alii luce svith Mexico, right ne.vt dool ]> us. nnd helped get it armed." But this government's official lervy the Atlantic pact has nny ag- Ircsslve Intentions at all..It's purc- J- defensive .they sav; Is It neces- •iry? They just point" (o tlic record ^ The conduct of Russia since the ar, the steady push of Coiumun- m. and Hie countries of Eastern urope gobbled up by Russia—al- lioiigh local Communists still rin Bicm, but under Russia's orders. I And our government officials point lut that unless we backed up ou •ricnds in Western Europe, they'c •e a pushover for Russia, too. Am lint would leave us just nbout alone the world. Sidewalk Reading 'Patron' of Hotel Is Removed to New Room—Jail SPRING VALLEY, N. Y., Marcl 21. <AP>— After two nnd a htil months of using vegetable soup to shaving. Robert Pnlloy, 49, cm switch back lo soap. His quarters nrc different toe jail Instead of a summer resort hole Police snld this Is what happened Early Insl January, Palloy climbec in a cellar window of ttie Bader Ho lei Rl liearby Clnrkstown where 1: formerly was employed. The hole was closed for the winter. Pnlloy nettled down, supped on ie stocks of canned goods, and loush there wits no heal, the am- e hotel supply of whisky made up ir that. He kept clcnn-shaven. ,inp. vegetable soup—strained. Seltzer water solved his tathing oblem. His hibernation lasted until Har' Bader, the hotel owner, found im sleeping peacefully In a Kanel roll In a compnrlmetn beneath ie hotel stairs. Barier said the hotel safe had ecu opened and J80 in cash taken, alloy denied having Anything to do ith that, but police said he ad- nttcd he was responsible for two nci a half cases of missing liquor. Ie wns held on a third degree burg- m-y charge. Dancer In Comlci AMBKIDGE. Pa. I U.P.I—Claud |3erry. 10. got excited while read Ine the Sunday funnies. He (ell of • he chair and injured his THOUSANDS SAY- THE REAL THING OR MISERABLE TORMENT OF •i ou'll welcome the BEAL relief you tet REALquick with C-2223.Famous because it's n proved medicine liraised by thousands who have known what it is to suffer muscle [iches due to exercise or exoosurc Jtoften called rheumatic pain), or lumbago. Often C-2223 heips yoi Teel better before even one bottle i rone. Purchase price ol fir*t bottl AMMOUSWOWH FOR BHfUMSIlC PJ1N Correct PIANO TUNING And Expert Repair Work Guaranteed Radio Service AM-FM Television Violin Repair Expert* Everything In Mu»!e BROOKS Music Store 107 R. Main. Tel. 811 Did Testament Manuscripts Found in Cave JERUSALEM. March Vfl, (API— Or. Oliver Sellers, director of the AmiTlcun School of Orlonlill tte- jfiirch here, sny* that nnrient .scrolls found in a cave npur the VJcud Sen apparently nre the oldest known of Dip old Icstnmcnl, Sellers tnld Hint escavnllon work around the uive "pructicnlly removes any doubt us in Ihe Ronulnp- ness of the munu.scilpls," Itc salt! IHitU-ry liuind in the same rave would Indicate the scrolls were placed there In the first or second century belore ClU'lsl. The Iciilhcr-boinul scrolls were discovered In August, 19*7. ayvlnu scholars called ilicin Ki Die intention of the Aiwrlciin school a year iigo. The (looumenlji contain u commentary on (lie book of Hntuik- tcnk. the com|)lrte text of the book of Isnlah and u manual o( discipline for a Judulc sect. In th« Probale Court for Die Chlcka»»li» District at Mi.ssl.s>lp|>l Comity, Arlunsa*. in the. Matter o[ Ihe Kslnle of Joe Polk, licensed. l.iiU Polk Hook Ins Administratrix NOnoU OP ADMINISTRATION Nolk-9 Is Hereby BWfl) Hint Idlers or Admlnlnli'ilht Were Kiniili'd to tula 1'olk liosklhs on the Ks- tntc of .loe polk, Deceased, on the and day 01 HVbrmiry, A, D. linn, All persons httvlnir UI'Di nfulnsl salil esliile Mo required to exhtbll the iiunid lo snld Administratrix properly iuilhen(li-ntc<t, within sl.\ mouths from the date ol the thst publication of this notice, which March Hlli, 194ft, 01- (hey shall ho barred for. vcr. Witness my hum! this lath duy <i( Alnivli. A. 1)., ISIil. Lnin Polk llosklns. Admlnl.ilrnlrlK i>( the K.stuu* of Jne t'olk, Uccni.seil. lloule NO. a. Uox 119, lllylhovllle, Arknnsiis. Altotneys for Aitmltilslinlilx: II. ti. Pinilovv ^, G. 12. Kwk. nonllu trom the date of this notice. WITNKBS my liiind "IKl seal tills Uh day of Murch. 1941!. Kllrabeth Ulylhe, Clerk. Hy Sti'lln Cllln, U. 0. II. U. Mntlhcws, Kxeculot, Box 493, Blytlievlllo, Arkancai. O. W. Biilhnm, Ally, for lX«!Ut9r, ruinrd Dulldlntr, niythevlllc, ArkansnE. . \ A ftornah slops Ip read pro-Rovorninenl pnstci? suiipoilinji the [}e Gasperl fedmlnlstraUon's elloris lo mahe llaly a signer of Ibc North Allarttle Part. The poster on tile Icl! draws a [Kn.illel bctu-ecii Nnzl and Cornmuulsl occtipnlion of small nation* II reminds readers of the aiBlhi'tilbbcnlrop oercrmcnl ol 1!)M. The other placard shows a Gennan lanii muter "11139" nnd a Suvlcl lank under "1!M!1." Tilings (ivow In Trxus FORT WORTH. Tex. (d.P.>—K. O. Pallon's a5-by-50-foot Harden provided tills siiiiiinei for his family of four mul also friends niul nelchbors. One plant hiul 08 toin- n(OPS on it. Actor Leaves Hospital PHILAOBU'lilA. March 21. i/l>>— .lo« E. Brawn will return within n few days to the cast ol Mnry's play, "Harvey." The 66-yeftr old comcoian wns re- 1 leased from the Philadelphia Naval j Hospital Fridny after undergoing i treatment for recurring mnlariu. I Brown contracted malaria while I ctitertRitilr.K servicemen in llie South Pacific, ' NOTICE OP PROllA'I'tt Ol' 1 Wll.l, N r ollcc Is- lici'cby ch'cn (hut the hut will nnd »f l.linln Ih-ndcrson wa.s in'obuled In ciMiimmi form by the probnto court for the Ohlckusawba District [o Mississippi County, Aiknnsii.s on llie 19th iluy of Murch, til'in, An niHH'iil (roiu such probnle cull be nffecled only by rllhiK n petition si line Ihr HiDinuls ol uppeiil within six Man and Two Children Killed in Home Blaze COLUMBUS. O., Mim-h at. i/lv- Two Lhlhlrcn imU a man died Saturday of suflocution In n living room lire caused by u clBal'el which iBlillet! a sofa. Coroner Robert KVUUS, who determined the CIUIHC of death, kten- tlflrd the victims as David W. Short, in, Diehard While, 3. mid his sister, nuth Ann White. 2, Come To ROCKAWAY BEACH This Spring . . OMM MAtCH 15th Mn.lem hoteli ami coUiiKiii. I.oculpd mi l.nk.i Tancvnimo in llio Missouri Oturlti (Enjov * myriuil ol wild flcwori, Oat Wood K«il Oilrt. beiiulllnl sc+niery. plui Rood fisluiif.. lmisubi>ck tilling. u»H- houliiig. liiHiyj, ,ccnic lours ll.rou.h Tl» Slii-plinril ol IJills COIIH Crv. Or. iusl come mid "Mt • tr**!!" with ui ' Writ,, I«r«t.rr. > 01 ••chawny t*acli G1i«mkar •¥ C»Mmar<* Veckaway •••clt, IMa, The Beautiful ON DISPLAY al Chrysler dealers everywhere. The new Silver ^tnn'versary Cliryslcr. Willi more room—grcalcr comlorl—greater ««fel) and performance. Completely new in its well-bred beatlly!'Advanced ag.lin in iis itifpircil engineering. Like every Chrysler for 25 years, our Silver Anniversary car is beautiful because it rcficcts llie common «cnse and ilie imagination of the engineering underneath. Your greater safely . . . your grealcr oomt'orl • • • yo»r greater satisfaction in your car's performance ... these come first ill llin Chrysler u-ay of l,uililin S Chrysler Stiilfirr! Will] I'rr.slnmalic Fluid Urivo raw. Ami once again, with, mnre lliau 50 imporlanl •|>an.inission . . . with S.ifcly-l.cvol.Riile . willi iniprovrmenls. >-ou nrc g<-ilin s ./(>.<( from Chrysler llm cucUiMvc Safcly-tlirn wheels llinl make it alrm,-t aiivanccs thai really count. in,po M iblc lo throw a lire . . . with more I run f,0 Tile full lieaniy of llie. Silver Anniversary Clirvjlcr ailvanccs in safely, coinforl, ciiiiveniein:e, ami |HT- goes far licyuml all lliat is excilin." lo the eye. Tail'orcil fnrniance—this is llie car you'll talk iihiinl fur years lo taste, willi ample hi-.iilr n — willi plenly of to come. We, conlially invilrt you lo sec, anil ritle. in slioulilcr room ami Irgrnoin — willi wider chair-hr.iplil it ... liy far the greatest value nn'i-re.l! sc.its. This is a car perfect in every detail right lo its jewel-like, ash I ray. There's mnre horsepower from jl(i.4IX YOU CKT TIIK C.OOI) 7(/fA(,S FIKST the forcrnunt !ii»li compression engine, ihe iniglily FROM t'.IIKYSl.'KR New Chrysler Announcing THE OPENING OF OUR NEW Furniture Department l-'nr mil bnt'Kiiins In Imlli nuw ami used fur- niliii'O, you'll waul in come i« Alonrt's. And yini ("in IKIV im tfiisy (crnis. So ilfxl lime you're linikiuK I'm- loiil vftlui 1 in t'limllurv, lie Kiirp lo slon »l Mittivi^'s tin l-;»Ht Miiin. Moore's Furniture 310 East Main Phone 2660 Soy it . . . . With Flowers v •^>^w-' r ^ The Flower Shop ^^J^ oucoc Hold »WK. I'hitni! .1 nil u»- 'ilin BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICI ^NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 us renew your foot\venr with our line Invisible Unit «nh<s. The hcrmi'llciilly sen led .sole Joint will kc'ip out inolsluro, fnrelKH Hitter. There will lie no shank tain lo dtsloil tlid shoo nwl uise dlscoinfoi-L. No nulls or Ulches. 'file shoes arc truly rr- fwed for lon(j unllajuc-lory wear irrc.' HflLTCRS QUOLITY SHOC SHOP r2i w M fl i N ST. RADIO REPAIR 1 and 'i-l)»j Service on Any Make or Moilcl Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 We t:ill For and Deliver Fred Callihan Klutlrinil Apliliance Co. Atilhiii i/.od MiHoidla Sales Service . 10« 8<). 1st. St. MOTIPP T0 MY FRIENDS III INV ^ ' lv -t- AND CUSTOMERS! Cull 510 or see me In Inerum llulldlng (Irnund Floor, re«» City Drug Hlure, \» steps of! Muln at l)ii|t,-d Insuranc* AECIICJ'. FRANK D. UNDERWOOD WE AIM TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWX — W'ITH CHH\SU:it-l'IA MOUTH SEW ICE THAT MATCHES CIIRYSI,EK-Pl,Y.\tOVTH li/Vfi/AWiW/^; T. I. SEAY MOTOR COMPANY. 121 E.MainSt UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Ol Oili- 1'iictH TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - (inlmrdiiic $12.95 HUDSON Clcnncr-Clothier-Tailor Service That's Our Motto! We spnre no ctlort In providing un KXTRA everyday prescription •serMcc, whteh inuiLiis extra convenience lo yon Feel tree to call on us :i[ nny tune Prompt delivery service Phone 507 WOODS DRUG STORE FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR AfoY EXCAVATION ^ree Estimates 8. vj* COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLOG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK.,

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