Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on September 17, 1985 · Page 8
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 8

Detroit, Michigan
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Tuesday, September 17, 1985
Page 8
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8A DETROIT FREE PRESSTUESDAY, SEPT. 17, 1985 Reports on Bailey cite 'bizarre' sex,. psychotic episodes - ville in June 1976 when he pleaded guilty but mentally ill to the May 1975 kidnapping of a 12-year-old Dearborn Heights boy. Bailey had forced the boy at knifepoint onto Bailey's bicycle and pedaled to a field in Livonia, where he allegedly fed the victim some unknown pills and fondled him. When the boy , resisted, according to court records, Bailey choked him, then left him for dead in the field. Juvenile Court waived its jurisdiction over Bailey's case. Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Theodore Bohn, who is now retired, sentenced Bailey to five years' probation and $825 in court costs. It could not be determined Monday whether there was a sentencing agreement with the prosecutor's office. Terms of the probation included these restrictions: That Bailey continue to seek treatment at Northville or elsewhere. That Bailey not be in the company of minor children except when accompanied by a parent or a guardian approved by the probation department. That he live at home. Bailey was released from Northville in 1978. In October 1982, the Wayne County probation department reported that Bailey had abided by all the restrictions and recommended that his probation be ended. He later moved to Florida, where he worked delivering tires for a company By JACK KRESNAK and BILLY BOWLES Free Press Staff Writers Ten years ago, 16-year-old Ronald Lloyd Bailey was described in Wayne County Probate Court as a pedophile with a history of "bizarre sexual practices" and a youth who had "impulses to sexually molest and physically harm young males." The 26-year-old Bailey, who was arraigned Monday on charges that he kidnapped and murdered 13-year-old Shawn Moore near Brighton, spent three years at Northville Regional Psychiatric Hospital undergoing treatment. Over the weekend, Bailey's father, Al Bailey of Livonia, said, "We thought we had him cured." But if what law enforcement officials say is true Ronald Bailey may never have learned to control those impulses. RONALD BAILEY WAS 16 in May 1975 when he was arrested for attempting to molest a younger boy. A Wayne County Juvenile Court judge found him responsible for the act and sent him to Hawthorn Center, a state psychiatric facility for emotionally disturbed children. According to court records, Bailey attempted to assault another young boy at Hawthorn, but fled the center after the attempt failed. He was later arrested and placed in the Wayne County Youth Home. While at the youth home, Bailey In the Ocala area. On July 30, 1982, a man later identified as Bailey tried to get a 15-year-old boy to take his clothes off behind the city auditorium in Ocala so the man could take pictures of him, according to Marion County Sheriff's Department records. The boy refused, and later spotted Bailey's truck. The boy picked out Bailey's picture for police. Bailey was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor in that incident and a similar one involving a 12-year-old boy on Aug. 4, 1982. Bailey was not arrested until Dec. 7, 1982. On Jan. 19, 1983, he pleaded guilty to one count and was placed on probation for one year. ON APRIL 18, 1983, Bailey, driving the tire company's truck, allegedly asked a 13-year-old boy for directions in the Ocala area and made arrangements to pick up the boy later. Police reports said Bailey served the boy several glasses of whisky until the boy passed out. The reports said the boy was taken to a trailer owned by a friend of Bailey's, where he drank more whisky. - The reports said the victim "later seemed to recall that while at (the trailer, Bailey) had put his hands into (the victim's) pants and was playing with his sex organs." Police traced Bailey through the tire company, but Bailey apparently had left Florida before he could be arrested. A warrant charging him with violating his probation has not been served. was interviewed by two psychiatrists, Dr. Cyril D. Jones and Dr. Ruth Day, who made recommendations to Probate Court Judge Frank Szymanski that Bailey be committed to Northville state hospital. Jones reported that the youth described a practice Bailey called "hyperventilation," which Bailey said he practiced on two younger boys by "squeezing" their chests until they lost consciousness. JONES DIAGNOSED Bailey as a "borderline personality with sexual arrestation disturbance . . . with severe impulse control." A borderline personality is a psychological disorder exhibited by anti-social behavior and brief episodes of psychotic behavior, as well as hurting oneself or others, a psychiatric social worker told a reporter. Dr. Day, who interviewed Bailey three times, reported to the court that Bailey confessed to having "injured a minor male in the neck in an attempted bizarre sexual act which he admits he knew was wrong and couldn't control. "He himself admits it could happen again. He couldn't control himself even though he knew he would be caught." Day was concerned that "because of the nature of the acting out with young boys he could invite beatings and other retribution. He himself expressed fear of this." Day told the court that Bailey's "family cannot handle him and he has a history of absconding from facilities Free Press Photo From left, Al Bailey, Ronald Bailey's father; defense attorneys Raymond Cassar and Charles Murphy, and prosecutor Frank DelVero walk to the Livingston County Jail for Ronald Bailey's arraignment Monday. when the impulse strikes him." She diagnosed Bailey as having a "severe impulse control defect, poor sexual judgment and immaturity with consequent criminal behavior toward minor male children." Bailey admitted that "he is sick and needs help and that this kind of wrongful act could happen again even though he wishes it not to," Day reported. Jones reported that "there appears to be no other appropriate recommendation" than to commit Bailey to Northville's young adult program, "which offers security against elopement (escape) and adequate controls." BAILEY WAS a patient at North BnsmsBsm.wt -ati" 'f!-ssiSiSii State offers tips on keeping kids safe ff tour GNU ' Ait to By JENNIFER HOLMES Free Press Staff Writer Parents should teach their children never to give directions to strangers, never to go into a public rest room alone, and never to let anyone touch them on any part of the body that a bathing suit covers. These are some of the safety tips in a new pamphlet issued by the state to Michigan's 530 school districts. The pamphlet was introduced Monday by state Attorney General Frank Kelley at a press conference in Sterling Heights. KELLEY SAID THE publication was timed to coincide with the start of school, and was not a response to the recent abduction and slaying of Shawn Moore, the 13-year-old boy from Green Oak Township, near Brighton, whose body was found Friday. The purpose of the pamphlet, Kelley said, is to help prevent the abduction of school children. Macomb County Prosecutor Carl Marlinga, Dr. Eugene Cain, assistant superintendent of the state Department of Education, and several local school officials also attended the press conference at Magahay Elementary School. Kelley said the pamphlet was designed to encourage "parents and children to sit down and discuss the matter together." THE PAMPHLETS will be mailed to all school districts in the state, Kelley said. Districts will disperse them to schools, children and parents. In addition to 20 safety tips to help prevent abduction, the pamplet instructs parents on what to do if a child is missing, and how to make up a "child finder kit" including items such as a recent photograph, fingerprints, a recording of the child's voice and a lock of the child's hair. Other tips in the brochure: Give children permission to say "no" to an adult. Be sure they realize that not every adult has authority over a child. Teach your child, if grabbed, to yell, bite, kick and draw attention to the situation. Teach children to tell you if someone has asked them to keep a secret from you. Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle. Make a mental note of the clothes your children wear, when they leave the house. jwW - - k vv - llt;.l M J rsrr-r- tJ " J UPI Photo Attorney General Frank Kelley Monday points out safety tips from a new pamphlet issued by the state to Michigan's 530 school districts. Bonds says he didn't call Moore family Bill Bonds, the WXYZ anchorman, says, contrary to a published report, he didn't call the home of kidnap victim Shawn Moore at the time police were there to tell the family that Shawn's body had been found. "It is a damn lie!" Bonds said Sunday. "I never called the Shawn Moore family. . . . Friday morning at 10:30, 1 ran down the address, the city and the phone number of Ronald Bailey." Bailey is the Livonia man accused in the kidnap-killing. Bonds said he called the Bailey home. A leader of the police task force assigned to the case said Saturday that Bonds had called Shawn's father, Bruce, while police were at the Moore home. "Thank God the man hung up on him," the leader was quoted as saying in a report published in some editions of Sunday's Free Press. Bonds said Sunday that when he called the Bailey house, the person who answered said something like, "Oh, God, it's Bill Bonds from Channel 7," then hung up. Mimmi Mathis, WXYZ's creative services director, said Saturday that Bonds had called the Moore home, not knowing that Shawn's body had been found. But on Sunday, she said: "Apparently I had been misinformed. I had thought the telephone call was to the Moore family, but it was to the Bailey family. ... I was either misinformed or I misunderstood." Jeanne May Sobbing suspect is arraigned in Moore lddnap-murder BAILEY, from Page 1A DeBurton denied reports that threats had been made against Bailey's life. DeBurton said Bailey is being held in isolation and is observed about every five minutes "to make sure nothing happens." Bailey has not attempted to harm himself, DeBurton said. Officials could not say when Bailey would be transferred to Ypsilanti. He will be held without bond at the Livingston County Jail until then, they said. BAILEY WAS DRESSED in green jail fatigues and black sandals when sheriff's deputies ushered him into the living-room-sized library about 11:20 a.m. before about 25 reporters, attor serious dilemma," and said it was "likely" that he would ask the court for a change of venue because of pre-trial publicity. Asked where he would like the trial moved, Murphy answered, "Brazil." Prosecutor DelVero said a judge would determine a change a venue. "My position would be that we will try to pick a jury in Livingston County and try the case in Livingston County." DELVERO SAID he had not received any lab reports linking Bailey's Jeep Renegade with Shawn Moore, a fact he said is a key element in the case. The inability to establish a time of death or a cause of death "won't be neys, police officers and court employes. As he entered, Bailey stared past his father, Al Bailey, who later stood next to his son and held his right arm around him throughout the five-minute proceeding. Ronald Bailey gazed at the floor and appeared not to talk during the arraignment. Charles Murphy, Bailey's other attorney, said Bailey is in good physical shape but was "visibly upset" during the hearing. Livingston County Prosecutor Frank DelVero said of Bailey, "I believe he's having an emotionally difficult time." Murphy said published reports linking Bailey to other crimes "presents a fatal" to the prosecution's case, DelVero said. Shawn Moore, who will be buried today in Brighton, was abducted while riding his bicycle near his Green Oak Township home on Aug. 31. The boy's nude body was found Friday in underbrush seven miles from Gladwin. Although DelVero said linking Bailey with other crimes is "purely speculative," investigators are re-examining the June 1984 unsolved kidnapping and murder of 14-year-old Kenneth Myers of Ferndale. Det. Ray Allen of the Wayne County Sheriff's Department said Monday that his department and Ferndale police "definitely are examining the pos sibilities of a connection" with the Myers case. The Myers boy had been missing for two days. "We have found enough similarities between the Moore and Myers case that warrant our pursuing this," Allen said. Police in four Oakland County communities said they are reviewing their files from the so-called "Oakland County child killings" in 1976 and 1977, although probate court records show that Bailey was a patient at Northville state hospital during that period. Free Press Staff Writer Jack Kres-nak contributed to this report. Feud may have sparked arson ARSON, from Page 3A night, but that his job at a Westland restaurant' detained him. "I was working late and told them to go on without me," Pukrop said. "Their dad drove them. It (going to the play fort) was just a once in a while thing." The fire occurred about 3:30 a.m. Friday. When fire fighters arrived at 3:38 a.m., the 8-by-22-foot wooden shack was engulfed in flames. Perry said it appeared that a flammable liquid had been poured throughout the structure and at the only exit. ACQUAINTANCES OF the Saavedras stopped by the fort before the fire was set, police said, and said when interviewed that the youths were "drinking and doing drugs." Pukrop said he had been in the fort before when youths either were "drinking beer or smoking pot." Services for the Saavedras will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the John N. Santeiu & Son Funeral Home, 1139 Inkster, Garden City. Visitation will be noon to 9 p.m. today. Burial will be in Cadillac Memorial Gardens West Cemetery, 34224 Ford, in Westland. Griffiths revs up campaign for '86 Designers of Cobo go for drama COBO HALL, from Page 3A proach with Cobo Hall, and make it follow the true function, you'll get a truly formidable building." Varner and Harrison say they particularly want to avoid blank walls that discourage pedestrians. That's why the Congress Street facade is likely to include a row of storefronts. OTHER FEATURES proposed: The east end will continue to be the main entrance. But instead of being a two-block terrazzo-floored hallway, it will be a three-block carpeted concourse. Ceiling heights will range from 12 to 57 feet. Now the ceiling is about 30 feet high. The concourse is to be filled with huge artworks and plants and lined by shops and restaurants. Trucks will continue to load and unload at the west end. But instead of seven truck bays, there will be 28, and instead of all the bays being directly behind one of the three exhibition halls, they will be behind five of the planned halls. Convention halls still will dominate the center of the building. But instead of 400,000 square feet of exhibition space, there will be 750,000. That will give Cobo the largest single-level exhibition area in the nation. Advocates predict the expansion will generate demand for as many as 2,500 new downtown hotel rooms. They say the completed expansion will create 20,000 jobs. The People Mover transit system is to travel through Cobo. At first, designers had GRIFFITHS, from Page 3A; political retirement out of fear of angering her supporters. Griffiths said plans to move from her farm in rural Romeo, in Macomb County, to downtown Detroit should not be read as a sign of imminent political retirement. "THAT DOESN'T remove the idea of me being lieutenant governor. What it does is make it easier for me to get here (Lansing)," she said. She called rumors that she will step down after next year "nonsense." An artist's rendering of the interior of the Cobo Hall expansion. Griffiths denied her increased public visibility is an attempt by her to solidify her standing in the Blanchard administration and counteract rumors that she is not up to the job. "No, no, no," she said. "When I got sick (last April), the governor demanded to see my schedule, so they showed it to him. And I had made 1 1 9 speeches and he had a fit. He said 'For heaven's sake, you're making all these speeches and nobody even hears about them.' So he insisted that we get some public relations." Phillip Jourdan, Blanchard's chief of staff, said the governor has no other plans for Griffiths other than having her remaining where she is. 1,1 SEMTA's insurance cost rises by 50 percent The only part of Cobo that won't change is the south side, which faces the river. Mayor Young still hopes to expand Cobo over the river some day; approval for such a proposal was denied last year by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Cobo expansion plan is not without its compromises. Varner said the architects had hoped to use marble for the facade instead of metal, but found it would be too expensive. Similarly, Harrison said, they had hoped to have marble floors but think they can't afford those, either. Carpeting will be used instead. "People who criticize architecture don't understand why buildings develop as they develop," Harrison said. "They think architects have a free hand, that Joe Louis Arena should look like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. They don't realize that architects usually face major budgetary constraints." hoped to have the People Mover visible in an exhibition hall. But convention planners protested, saying it would be too distracting to their delegates, so the track is to be concealed in a lighted tunnel above the ceiling. A People Mover station is to be built in the northeast corner of Cobo. LARNED STREET will be lowered about six feet for two and a half blocks, so drivers, who now drive by Cobo, will travel in a tunnel beneath it. It will be similar to the tunnel that now runs under Cobo and joins Jefferson Avenue to the Lodge FreewayThe Lamed tunnel will not be used by pedestrians except in emergencies, Harrison said. And unlike the marquee with large plastic letters that now announces Cobo's events, the new Cobo probably will advertise events on a programmable electric sign, Varner said. SEMTA, from Page 3A next June 1 nearly $500,000 more than SEMTA had budgeted for insurance, Beattie said. Most of the higher cost is to insure SEMTA's fleet of small buses. Premiums for the small buses have nearly tripled since last year. SEMTA's operating budget this year is $69.2 million. SEMTA's uncertain future also hampered negotiations for insurance coverage, Beattie said. SEMTA officials say they will have to end suburban bus service in March unless the authority gets a $6.5 million bailout from the Legislature. SEMTA also was forced this year to reduce its insurance coverage for the downtown Detroit People Mover. Acting SEMTA General Manager Albert Martin said Monday that the authority has cut the cost of running its bus lines without affecting their operations, by increasing riders and reducing administrative functions.

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