Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 26, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1894
Page 3
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SBj$Sj^'«f?<;p?^ TTHE best in vestment; X in real estate is to keep buiiJ • ings \vcll painted. Paint j-.ro;t':t:5 the house aiul saves rv;xL!.-.". v •-".'sometimes \v.int to sen — "i '••.•".'• •• goo; 1 , house Iia3 remained "r,:-:..-l for v.-.-.-.t of jxiint. The i"-:'--- :"'-.--l be, though, "the bcs: '---••- c " none." Tkit :r.oaa3 S - 1 ID tricoy j l lire Yon •paints. ':';>!>'.-.-'i:." 1 . ly Pure Wiii:-' > lirand ; any ol '•.?*.-• "Anchor," "Eckstein," "Kentucky," FOR COLOR:;.—i-' Pure \Vhite \.v:\-\ 'I i These color.- iir.. 1 •• -1 ' : c.ln iH-intr si;fljcic:!t 1 ' . i 'Pure Wliiiu l.^'"l 'I 1 .'.' 1 ' no seust- rc.Tly-miM-., i of perfectly PITH <."'••; : ' tiiilStrU'lly I 1 "" 1 V,' 1 '.' A COO'l fn:my l: 1 . m saved prnpcrty-ov-tK-r^ and tsct hotli f:', -.. NATION M. I.: Oincimvi Seventh .:M,I l ; ri;v vo r::l' '''ic:''.- "&*:':. (/ur b'ried Ico Cream and Sno-.v B:v:l Fritters are the (.alk ••>•' Mie tovni. The YEN DOME is surely in it. Come and see the Metamorphosis. 320 Broadway. Meals 25 cents. Short order cookink at all times at the lunch counter! Nervous Arc you, cnn'tslccp, can't cut, tired, thirsty i 1 Blood poor ? Iff n touic you way I — Rootbeer. This sparkling, cxbiltiratiripr. nt:<l refreshing drink, while bcinK for more agreeable in bouquet nnd ihvor thr.n the finest wine or cUmnixigiic, is at thetsmc time unlike tlicui, being *rcc from alcohol. A temperance tirink il<r tc:npcrance pcoplo.dclicioiisr.-.-.iUvliolcsomcosivcll. Purifies tlic Moo'l, tickles llic pnlaLc. Package nuikcs fivo ^:;.lion-.-.. Ask your storekeeper iur it. Take no s.-j.v.^rnV.s. Semi a-oet!'.-' Co., ,I'M/;><.V'> tare t.'iriio KIN VN«'I 1JL. WALL STREET! r<» OI'KUATK Si:iTKSM.'|:|,I.Y IN' WAI.I, STRUT join our Cu-0|il-riitlvr It. K. Miw-k Sjnitll-utn. 1U3 •o.'njiinnri'i'iit inTanntiin ;i.<ll, HI KliMiiid wllli o-trii" >"'»! rur-PnispWusiiiiil Dally Murket Lpt:cr,"iii:ilV(llr.v. HhlK.st Reference. Our icc'ord up u> ilaii- PIT mil.' 83 I'" i'' 1 "'- '••ild tn ttinsnlwc^ivrs. us th" r-sulT »f opfratlons :from n-:em("'i-. IS'-">. t" Ai.rll Lit i. 1S!H, WK1MHN .t Hi., Rankers uiiil [Jro'tors, -ABruanway. New Yoik City. Traveling Alone ~On journeys is tedious — makes trips seetn long which are all too short with good company! How is it then that on one great journ- .•y so many choose to travel absolutely alone — turn their backs on the only companions that can make the way pleasant ? It's the journey of life, and the way i» long, tedious, and even dreaded, unleu We are hand in hand with those Two Friends Health and Strong Nerves t When they are ajong days are full of sunshine I Art they with you mating the journey taffy, or kave you driven them way by cartleiiness, worry, overwork, dissipation, or other causes f We want to tell you thai a prompt and faithf till vie of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve „ Vitallzer ' always brings tack Health and Strong Nenti— makes a reconciliation / Bxplnln your cnse (with stamp for reply) and the Iioctor will Kindly advise you. Free treatment for other diwane with Nervous Trouble! will be given to u»er» of the Vitallier If found ne«»i!ary We offer $500 to any chemist or other person who all flndhyunnly . a particle of opium, morphine, co- catno.or AHT harm- fuldruainthldrom- «ly which mern c*n depend upon M »U Of druKS'stn *t Ji.oo » bottle, or if not found with your local dealer write us. The J.W. Brant Co. M«k.r« ALBION. MICH. buh; oy Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING. APRIL 26. A CALL FROM KEWAJiNA. A Demand for Mie Socretarf of the St*t« lloard of Health Bud Vnrclne Point*—An OinlnonH Ife»»ai;e. The Indianapolis News laBt evening contains the following Item of Interest which conveys a startling gufpresUon of possible trouble up at Kewanna. The Sows says: The State Board of Health th!a morninjr bad a dispatch from Kowanna, Fulton county, which said: "Come or aeod a representative at once. Brlnp five hundred or a thousand vaccine points. I fear a terrible mistake has been made." The message was afg'ned by I)r. L. Rogers. Dr; Metoalf lott for Kowanntt on the next train The Board has no idea what the trouble may be, but thinks a mistake has been made In diagnosing a sraall-pox case, and that an outbreak of the Ulaease IB feared. Uoi*-Blirt'nii)ilii. Last night at 8:80 o'clock at the residence of the.oilicinting clergyman, UPV. T. S. Freeman, on High street,Mr. MorK':t Hoys anil Mica Lulu Buiparnan wore united In rmirriaije. Only a few relatives of tbo conlractlotr parties were proflcnt to witness tho ceremony. Mr. Boys is a popular youatf railroader, being a fireman on the Pan Handle. Miss Burgaman is a charm, ing liitly, well known in tho social circles of tho city. A host of admiring friends extend to this well desorv. Ing young couple hearty congratuIn-, tlons. AOIMTIOMA.L. JLOCAM3. Big aillr sale at tho Golden Rule. Full sutd of teeth for $5, nt Clark's, thti Dentist. Sue tho new lacos just opened at the Trai e Palace, Silver fillings 50 cents, at Clark's, the Dentist. Ex;ra values in. all Morlt> silks, at the Golden Rule. Morton Boys and Lulu Burgaman are licensed to wed. Laces and trimmings at the Trade Falnoo in great abundauce. Will you lay In a supply of Foster kid fcloyoa at 89 cents, Friday, at Dewenter's, tho Hatter? Romombor tho King's Daughters 1 •chocolate" at tbo Episcopal Church Thursday evening, April 26. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. 808 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DoLong, No. 402 Market stroet. Wanted—A good girl at mi High street. References required. No other need apply. Good wages. County Auditor Helvie and wife are rejoicing over tho advent into their home yesterday of a handsome boy baby. Acute and ohronle catarrh; diseases o? tho throat and ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 157. For Sale—At a very low price, an old stylo, best make reed organ in good condition and of superior tone and action. Inquire at this office. Mr. and Mrs. Webb Pitman deeire to express their sincere thanks to their kind neighbors and many friends for their aid in their late bereavement. The smalloox scare in ft fashionable boarding bouse at Ft. Wayne is at nn end. Tho child supposed to bo afflict., ed has a case of ordinary chlckon-pox. 1'rof. Morse, of Hanover'. College, authorizes iho statement that the broach of promise euit brought by his daughter Gortrudo against Paul SchnrIT will bo withdrawn. No charge was .involved save a single broach of promise. Tuesday evening in the office of Justice Henry M. Eidson, that veteran magistrate officiating. Miss Ida. R. Davis of the North Side was united in roan-jigs to John R Galloway. Galloway evidently bolioves that it Is not /ood for man to be alone. Ho was divorced from hie first wife on Friday last and took a new wife on Tuesday. While John Gunlon, a traveling salesman of Cincinnati, was in tho act of boarding a train at Westfiold his "grip" sloped from his band and rolled under a coach. Mr, Gunion crawled after it, but before he could get out the train started and he barely had time to clamber on a truck until It was in rapid motion. In tils perilous position he rode to Frankfort before another stop was made. Judge Everett of Lafayette, has placed on record hla ruling, in effect that an insolvent corporation can. not prefer Its creditors. Unless this ruling IB upset by the Supreme Court, all the creditors will share alike in the asaote of the O'Brien Wagon Com. pany. The works were placed in the bauds of a receiver last fall. The Indebtedness then aggregated $140,000, with $58,000 in assets. Shortly be- foro tho failure two mortgages were placed on record In favor of Lucy A. Kaull and Mortimer Levering, both calling for $78,000. and It was to set iheie aside that lust was brought. HOW THE STRIKE OCCURRED. An Associated Press dispatch from Seattle reads as folio we: R. W. Goodwin, of Kallabet, the organizer of the American Railway union, who has been organizing lodges of thas order along the lino of the Northern Pacific in this State, has arrived in this city. Ho, co-jolntly with James Hogan, of Butte. another organizer, ordered the strike on the Great Northern system, or rather they passed tho word along tho lints tb tt tho etrike hu.d been ordered by more than two~thlrds of the local unions on tbo syiilera, as he bays that is the only way a eirlko can be ordered according to the by-laws of the American Railway union. His reasons for tho strike, as told by Mr. Goodwin, are as follows: •On April 1C, General Superintendent Bryan ordered seventy-five wrecked cara and two engines nt the Great Falls shops to be taken to tho St Cloud shops to be repaired and dls.-, charged thirty-seven men at the Great Falls shops. As no advantage to the road was apparent in this course and the men protested against the action anrl a committee of the v.-orkingmon. after considerable argument, obtained from Bryan a revocation of tho order. That night he sent a cipher dispa'ch to the headquarters of the company stating who' he bud done, and saying that ho was rushing material into the smellers so as to enable thorn to stand a three weeks' selgo. He also suggested that the Northern Pacific be requested to handle tho Great North- errj'b perishable freight and to restock, and urged General Manager Case to send railroad men of all descriptions to Great Falls. Tho telegraph operator into whose hands the dispatch wae placed for transmission in a member of the American Railway union and he had a cipher code at hand. He assumed that the company waa contemplating a lockout and notified the local union of the message sent. That body at once proposed a Btriko, the question was submitted to all the unions of tho system by wire nnd OP the 13th at noon myself and Hogan ordered tho strike." NEW SLEEPING CAR SERVICE. The Vandalia, In connection with the Chicago & West Michigan, has arranged to put on a line of Pullman sleeping cars, with the taking effect of tho summer time table, between St. Louis and Bay View, Mich., running via. Terre Haute, Logansport and St. Joseph. The distance will be covered in twenty-two hours, tho car leaving St, Louis at 8:10 a. m. on train 20, and reaching Bay View early tbo next morning. John Corden of tho Pan Handle tamk shop is elck and oft duty. Pan Handle engineer Chas. Beam has reported for work after a several months sickness. Pan Handle engineer Henry Lipo ia detained in Chicago on account of the sickness of his wife. Jas. Coil and John McCann of the Pan Handle tanK shop went to Qr&tn crook ye&touday to attend tho funeral of a relative. The funeral of Conductor R. H. Graham has been postponed at d will occur at 10 o'clock thin morning at BurnettBvlllo. T K Sewall returned yesterday afternoon from Pittsburg where he bad bocn in tho interest of the Penn sylvania Relief Association. Sells Bro'e advertising car camo in from Lafayette over tho Wabash yes torday morning. The same road will transport it to Lafayettu today. J. J. Myers has been appointed flag- man of the stone run between here and the quarries. Wm. Smith has boon appointed switch tender in the lower yards. Jamna Laughlin, switchman at Peorla junction la anticipating an extended visit to Cleveland and while Bone will look after tho entate from Germany which he ia expecting. Tbo annual meeting of the Assooia- lion of Railway Surgeons will be held in Galvoston. Texas, May 8, 9, 10 and 11. A number Of surgeons in this section are arranging to attend the convention. Ground will be broken /or tbo Chicago and St. Louis electric railroad, it is said In a few days. Twenty miles of the road Is to be built. The company claims tt can run trains one hundred miles .per hour. Thomas Collins, a freight brakeman on the Wahanh. performed a heroic act yesterday, saving the life of a child at Wabash. Tho engine of Collin's train was backing In on a Biding, and a three-year-old eon of George P/ell ran on the track in front of the locomotive. Collins wai riding on the break beam, and *eelng the peril of the child,, held on with one hand and, reaching down with the other, lifted the youngster out of harm's way as the mother came screaming down to the track. The stockholders of the Pennsylvania system now number 27,665. At the present time 46 per cent, of it* stock Is held abroad whereas five years ago 50 per cent, was held in London and on the continent. The stock is now more widely scattered than at any time in its history. It is evident that tbo Vanderbllt and the Pennsylvania lines are to shorten the timo of trains between St. Louis and Now York, probably in each case retaining the present trains and putting on new ones. Thie will likely lead to » rate war, as the roada which cannot make such time with through trains will meet tho shorter time by reducing rates or demanding larger differentials. The official report shows that in 1893 there were killed on railways in Illinois twenty-three passengers, 246 employes and 533 other persons, or a total of 802 persons; injured, 399 pas- eengere, 2 664 omployon and 288 other persons, a total of 3,751. Tho number in each case greatly excneflod any former year, and tho large increase wus dus to the increase in business On account of the world's fair, A Ne»v Trial 101- Unrrowx. Tho Supreme- Court bus granted Ward Barrows a cow trial. Burrows is tbo young man now in the Northern prison serving a two years sentence for tho alleged larceny of a chsclc, which bo cashed in this city, for §50 for a student of Wabash College. Arthur Ptscr, who was his companion in all sons ol dissipation in and around Crawfordsviilo. A history of tho trouble appeared (n tho Journal recently, tho case having been argued orally In the Supreme Court tho pre- vioua day. Tbe opinion which was written by Judsre Dallev, was handnd do^n Tuesday, and reverdt-s the Mont> gomery Circuit's find ing and orders a new trial. It holds that tho fifth in« struction of tho judge of that court to the jury la this case waa altogether erroneous. This instruction was as follows: , 'A check drawn on a bank when the drawer has money on deposit as much or more than sufficient to pay tho chock is presumptively of gome value in tho hands of the person In whoso favor it is drawn." The Supreme Court says that it has long baen an established rule ot the courts that without proof ol the value of stolen property ibore cim bo no conviction for lar ceny; that it is essential to prove the value of the property alleged to have been stolon, lo order to determine tho grade o.' the offense and the penalty to be imposed, and that, ia tbe absence of any evidence upon the subject of such value, tbo court or jury could nOt indulge in presumptions to supply the omission. The goods need not be' proven to ho of the value charged in the indictment, but it must be shown that they are of some value. "In our opinion," continues tbe court, further along, "In tho giving of this Instruction tho court usurped tho functions of the jury and took away from them the question of value, which it was their province alone to determine In criminal cases the jury are tho exclusive judges of tho facts proven and ot all inferences to be drawn therefrom." The court held that on tbo trial of tho cause it becarnu a material question whether the chec't in controversy, payable to order out of tho possession of tho payed, and without bis indorsement thereon, was of any value. The erroneous instruction, In 'effect, told tbo jury to ignore the testimony of tho witnesses as to value, for the reason already indicated, tbnt a valuo was to bo presumed, $100 Rfffitrd, .*IOO. Tlio reader or this raper will be pleased to Iciini thiit Diflro is i:t lm.<t omi ilrwirttvl dls«;isf s tlwt sclenep lias been nbte to enrw In nil Its M.IROS nnd tliat ID Cutiirrh. HnllN Catarrh Cure Is Hie only posl'lve rare known to the medical trntcrnity. Ciitarrli biting :i constitutional iHsnns*. n»quir,«s a constitutional treatment, Hall's Catarrh Cute. Is token internally, nctlnK Ulrnecly on the blood anil mucus surfaces of th» systotn. thereby ui'stroilng the foundation of fliB'll-'Witss. « nd Kivlnif tlia patient strength by building up thn constitution and fisHl.stlnn natiiM In ilolnc Its work. Tlif proprietors have so much faith In us curative powers. ttmt thny offer Olio Unndrcd Dollars for any case that It fulls to cure. Send for nut of testimonials. Adirww, K. ,l.CHJ£NKYiCO.,Tolwlo.O. t^-ioiu by dniKglstn. Notice. The first payment on subscriptions of stock to tbo Citizens' Natural Gas Company of Logansport, Ind., is now duo and should be paid at the com. pany's office, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock arc twenty-five dollars (|25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid aa follows: 8 . 1894 ................ „ ..................... a 00 October 2:1, 1894 ........................................ 8 «« November 20, 1WH. .................................... •> «{ December 20, 1804 ........................................ * M January 20. 18» ......................................... -^JJO 12500 JOHN GRA.Y, President, C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. For Bale or Trade. Will trade or sell a fine farm of 100 acres half mile 'rom Union City, valiu ed at 16,000. Will trade for property in Loganeport. Call on or address J. T. Gookburn. room 8, Spry building , Obituary. Llllio Estn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob FoutV was born Aprli 6, 1887, and died April 22, 1884. aped 7 years and 1C days, Her remains were laid to rest in tbo Paint creek cemetery two miles east of Carndon, Carroll county. Tho child ever had a thought for pood. Her attendance at the Sabbath BChool was a constant pleasure and the weeks seemed long to her, intervening between Sunday and Sunday, that she might rejolc her Sabbath school olii She is gone from our sight, though not forever; gone where tno Sabbath has no end. Since she bus gone we find here initials, --L. K. F.," printed by her own liitlo hands on the torn per ano« pledge in our family bible. * To Iudlnuu|>ollK. Special excursion tickets to Indianapolis will bo eold from ticket Bta- tions on the Pennsylvania lines In Indiana at reduced round trip rates, as follows: May Cih and 7lh, era account Musical Festival; good returning until May 9ih, inclusive. May 13, M, 15 and 16, ncount He bokah Lodiie. I. O. 0. K., and Grnnd Lotlfjo. I. O. O. I''., of Indiana; valid to return npio :iuil including Ma.v IS. May 1 ! and 15, (Too.'i ro'.nrnint: until Mrty IS fnctiiiiivi. 1 . nucnunl May Musical I-Vstivftl. Kay 21 and '2'2 uwxir.t Grtind Lod fro F, & A. M., »f Indiiuis; frood to roturo uotii M:iv "•!, iiii'ii>ivo. M;iy 22 ami ecount IVoulc'n iroou to return flirty i..m:vi'i"ii unii! May ','.'":. tnrluMvi-.. For p:irt,i"iii^i - .. ii'.jii limrt o' train.-. uppiy '" Mi'-ri'r 1 ' f'nnn sylvan in. !iat- UcK'vl i-.t'Oiit I.l-i nt tr.insliM-5'ii n'jii (wtirte In Cm connlj i-.'C"rtaJ ItfFr.'Dk ',',. W!;i;wj]i;m abstracier ol tltU's, conveyancer nnil not.iry puhiic. Insurance nnd lo.-ui HI/™!, t':ii.-i to re:il estate rx-imlneii and defective tlt'i's pcrrec!":!. Honey to loan at low/it r.-ites. oilta- -1"; Koi.rt)) street direct!} opposIteCourt House et:'.i:incf , f osinsport, Icil Gen. w Rodirfcr :n Samuel Jlyncs lot id W. S. Hrmvu's rrtil ............................... if 1500 Ot A H. DoUilits- '.".lOlni H. Uiirniilt 27 ft of B I'jSnUM-c Ki;, .•!«• t.|. ............. . ..... Geo. \V. S. Si-ybo!*' ID A. H. Dooi: ;is« nnd ivll'w 4 UjxIOS fci-t of oullnt 7 J. Tlpt-m'Siiilm. 1st iidJ ...................... . J. Mcliodenins Ituslee 10 P.ilntsr West Ki'iiToinni'lA cut rii'tt i-wij sec I'D Washlneton tp .............................. ...... 103 «9 Jereiiil.-ilirfiilllwiin'o Johanna Murplif Int8 HnKenbnrk's ii'trt ..................... ... Tlniiiian I'lerc* to Mi'ry Ann Smith SXf. aWH.? lot l-'(ito. TlplonVSd lid'l ...... ,< I en hlnusle.v ct n! to W. H Ho!lonback lots SOand iO Aililnsnn's mid ............... TliosConro'to Jolin U. snilili nwiA ne 14 sec 18 Clinton tp ...................... jimiiistar-'ctimwr to Djrkeinnn A- Win- Uel'l «:lj nv.tj sec 12. Dwr Creek t-U... Levl Kent to 3. K. Kennedy lot 117 West. endatlrt .............................. - ........ Aiii:nsl!i«leltztoJol» Ha£prlot:aTC W|]IW»!<;es ......................................... Miiry Bo-ith, el, al. to Ljdia EldrlJfie w 22'ft)ot:tl o pelt) ............................. 1000 08 H. Wlpp«rninn l"O«en J. Murpby 6 In tiei,'i n-o2 WnslilnEton tp .................... 1200 00 ojes filed »g.reg;iU;ig ............... 117U4 26 1700 . . SoOO 00 900 C* S5IO 00 2oO 00 Ho!) 00 1SC9 »• 300 W Stockholder* Notice is hereby given to the stock holders ot the Citizens' Natural Gas Company, of Logansport, Ind., that there will be a meeting' of said stock, holders, at the Council Chamber of aaid city, on Mocday, the 30th day of April, 1891, at 8 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing directors to fill vacancies in the Board of Directors, and such other business as shall come boforo the stockholders. By order of tbe Board of LHrectors. JOHN GKAV, Pros't. C. W. GKA.VES, Sec'y. Nolle.*. The veteran meat man, Joseph Goldy hss purchased the procery store of Charles Green, No, 1302, Broadway, and will move his meat market now located at 419 Twelfth street, into Iho building nnd conduct both there. Ho invites all his old customers and many new ones to call on him at his new place of business. Josuni Gou)Y. Htrarert Hioilv.e. Strayed !rom my firm last Siturday overling-, a two-ye.'ir-old filley, i>on gruy, with while stripe above hock on near hind leg. Any Information leading; to her recovery left at this office will be liberally rewarded. WASH KUKS. A Card of Tlinnk* We wish to return oursincero thanks to the friends and neighbors for the kindness shown us iu onr bereavement Mu. AND MKS, JACOH FOUTS. Quaker tieadacho capsule give re- HeJ in ten minutes. Patient Sufiering O is no virtue it there C;: be a remedy e^ Beecham's Pills. (Ijistclcss) posTtivcly cure Indigestion. Biliousness Sick Headaohc. Why endure - o n t i n u eel Martyrdom. 'I K!' s Dei'by or Fedora Pearl wifli BiacK Band, Moclio, Tobacco, Black and Brown. $2 Hats Tor $1, $3and$3.50Hatsfor$1.98 OTTO KRAUS. Colic I'rovouti'd. Persons' who are suhjVci. to attacki of bilitiiis colic can Illinois invariably lull, by their f^oiiuff-. when 1,0 oxpec* an attack. If Clmmberlain's Colic. Cholora srd DisrrhoiK Remedy is taken as soon ne those symptoms appear, they cau wurti oil the disease. Such persocs shoula nlA'nys keep tho i-eme~ dy at haad, rtiiOy for immediate u(e when needed. Two or three doses Of it at the right, time will eave them much suffering. For salo by B. F. KeeslinR, druppist. Who Say» Ulicuuiuil»ni Cannot b« <:nr«lt My wife was confined to her bed for over IBO months with a severe attack of rheumatism. We could get hoth,« iug that would afford her any relief, and a i a last resort cave Chamber- Iain's Pain Balm a trial. To our (treat surprise she began to improve after the first application and by using it regular she was seon able to get up and attend to hor housework.—E. H. Johnson, of C. J. Knut~-on & Co. Kensington, Minn. 50 cent hollies lor salo by B. F. Keeping, druggist. Honicfiprlcr.rM 1 Kxcnrtilon. On April 2-Uti and May 29th the \Vabash Railroad will sell homeaeek- ers excursion tickets at one regular fare for the round trip to many points In tho States of Missouri, Kansas and Texas. Tickets will be limited to thirty days from d»te of sale. For further particulars call on or write <J. G. NEWELL, Ag-t., Loganaport. La Grippe Vanauished. U171 P'C hr-Ll o Is n. SUTIE SPECI- Kioto mis dreadoa I[|.M>;ISO. :is most ;inj' resWent of Arkansas City can tesllfy. Sanla Fe Railroad Boys Heard From. MB. 11. It. I'HW.l'S: DKAH -ijit.— I t.nKe Kreit pleasure In rivsomiiiiMnlini! your h'onr-u lor omglis and coliLi. H»viriA Klvi'n It ;i trial, 1 conw rooom- lUODd DO bett^f nu';lk:lfifl for niy frlf.nd?'. Very truly, L. w. KKNNTIDT, sutlou atggageman. A Santa Fe Engineer's Story I coninicied :i ba«i cold; was so hoars* I coulrt only speak above a whisper; tlio coogn w;is vory illstrfiislns; purclinsed a bottle ot your ^oiir-C; It curod almost from the Ktrtlt. I take crwit iileasuro In recoiummialnR It M mv IrlontLs -1- mjmenas. Enfi|neeri PU171 1'Q 4 C In «nM nn«« s gw^ f HliLl O t-v antoeto give perfect satlstxttlon or money always rotnrned by BEN FISHER. Executor's Sale of Real Estate. Notlcfl Is horoby Riven lh:it the undersigned, M executor of th<>lHt,t»l.l HIM! tcsrtameritof Maw S. Bouon, dccwised. By ordfrortlia ftus .Ireolt . Oouriti. Indiana, in ap . , C'lurt., 1» nn<l lor . , action imndlnRtueivlB, wbcreln floorRe w. tutij. executor 01 tin- lust will nnd iostiinimii of Mary 8, Button, (locwisixt, was plalnUlI and t>nioa U Hares etui, were defemmnts will on Uondv May T.' 1894, at thi> law oOlce of Msnee & rank In the city of LoRHnsport, Ca^s ooutity rndl8n», (Her for sale lit fTlvntn salo Hie foilowtot descrlbeit real estate situate In • ass county. Indl- "]2ot No IVi I" - T<) ' in Tlpton's fouith addition to the city ot Lowmsport, IndKna. etwi'tuw then*- Cr-m tlie west (id feut o£ the nortli 5U loet of Mht 10 Terni« of s?lo:-Sald real estate will notIN sold for lew than tlie nppralsed value tliereot Onu-tlilrd of the purchase money to be paid casb; onn tnlrd in nine ni"iit!is, ana one-third In ei<n- >en montlis ironi date of wile. Tte o 11101 to execute Ills notes secured by mortgage premises sold: nil wltUont relief ffom v and appraisement law. In owe sale Is not mid* onna!dday.t!ies,)<s tnereofwl'lbe contlnuedM the same pl(M» and on tpe«amet«rm» andcott- moon, from day to day <»««, "jj^ W- g^^ Executor o! the Iwt w«8na «MUm«M •«! M8qr a Button, deceased.

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