The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1965
Page 5
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PARENTHOOD IS ON THE WHOLE, a very desirable situation. Miny people devote the best years of their lives to it. But parenthood is governed by some pretty old natural laws and the only way to improve the situation at this late date would be to repeal some of them. - o THE FIRST REVISION IN the natural laws of parenthood, I'd like to suggest is that all first children should be born last. It should be about the last of seven or eight for it takes that many offspring before parents get to know anything at all about children. If parents had the first one last they wouldn't have to do all that fussing and worrying that they do about the first one now for they would have discovered that the kid will grow up in spite of anything they do to him. And mothers wouldn't be so downhearted because the second and third sibling didn't react exactly like the first one because they wouldn't yet have the first one. - o THERE SHOULD BE A LAW THAT ALL babies come equipped with naturally shod feet. If they were born with nice little leather shoes on them, think of the trouble it would save. The little shoes could grow right along with the little feet and Papa wouldn't have to shell out for new footgear for the whole family every six weeks or so. I suppose if my plan gets adopted, girls of the Junior Miss age will get mad at me. About the time they want to wear high heels for dress up they'd think the nice little flats they were born with were too babyish. Mother Nature did a good job of solving much the same problem in the teeth department. So, along about twelve years old, why couldn't the natural baby shoes, like the natural baby teeth, fall out and s new and more adult set grow in? .:'r; . . 0 . THOSE INHERITED GENES THAT are part of every person could stand a little improvement. You know, don't you, how they are responsible for putting your husband's great-aunt Agatha's nose on your poor Innocent little Herkimer? I think it would be a fine thing if we could inherit every last teensie weensie gene from complete strangers! That way, when Sister balks at eating her spinach, your husband couldn't pop off about how she gets her stubborness from her mother's people. When Junior spends every last cent of his allowance on bubble gum there wouldn't be all those remarks about your Uncle Sylvester who never did learn the value of a dollar. On the other hand, you wouldn't have a leg to stand on when you tell ytfur kid's-teacher that junior takes after his Father's side when he flunks fourth grade history. But then, even under my revised natural laws for parents plan you can't have everything. - o IF I HAD MY WAY, EACH and every father would come equipped with deep, automatically filling pockets^ When the children need new sweaters, all we'd have to do is mention it to Pop and he'd whip out the cash and tell us to keep the change. We wouldn't have to choose between having Sister's teeth straightened and a new living room carpet. We could have both! Many fathers are already of the opinion that their family thinks money grows on trees. When I get things working the way I think they should work, this will be the honest to gosh truth. ;. *S.*0'-" IF I HAD MY WAY, EACH and every mother would come equipped with an inexhaustible supply of patience. Patience is a virtue in either sex, but mothers need it most, because we are around the" youngsters more. We kind of expect fathers to blow;.their tops once in a while and we get to depending on it to clear the atdmosphere. When Mamma gets mad and screams a bit, the kids Just go off in the other direction and scream even: louder. Under my new patience-for-mothers plan, Mamma would be practically angelic. The kids could drag all the neighbor small-fry home with them, the bathtub could overflow, the dog could get mud on the slip covers, Junior could beat up on his siblings and Mamma would Just stand there and smile sweetly. THE MOST IMPORTANT NATURAL law "I'd like* to revise is the one that Is giving me the most trouble, now that the most hectic years of parenthood at our house are over. It's the unalterable one that the kids do grow up. You spend all those years trying to teach them to be independent, it sinks in and they up and leave youl I'd like to figure out a way for kids to be sweet, sensible, adult and self-supporting and still' have them as near, dear, and dependant upon me as they were when they were little. And : without the runny noses and squabbles too! But any way you look at it, I'll have to admit that no matter how many mistakes parents make, the kids have a way of turning out much better than the parents deserve. If that's a natural law, I'm not about to propose any revisions. : - o DURING THE WEEK OF MARCH 14 through 20, people having birthdays include Jerry Cowan, Dale Miller, Lois Furst, Mark Montag, Patty bauutt, dean Beuscnoter, Margaret Utt, Kitty : Hardgrove, Orville Kinden, Alan Holt, Gary Rusk, Bobby Sigsbee, Harold Gilmore, Barbara Detrick, Ann Renee Taylor, Trudy Parrish, .Tricia Parrish, Phyllis Moulton, Lizzie Post, Kathy Diekmann, Walt Hagen and Sidney Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. John Levy, and Mr, and Mrs. Eugene Schattschnieder, have wedding anniversaries. . - o - * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE COMES from Lois Thompson, .former Algonan, now of Cottonwood, Ariz. It's for Sweet Salad Dessert. 2 pkg. orange-pinapple Jello 31/2:cups hot water to dissolve 1, number 2 can fruit cocktail 1 small can pineapple 3 bananas, sliced 1/2 pkg, small marshmallows. 1T cornstarcli 1/4 cup sugar 1 pkg. Dream Whip Dissolve the Jello in water. Drain cocktail and pineapple Juice, add ftornstaren and; sugar and cook until thick. Cool. Add fruit to Jello when it is partially cool. Add marshmallows. Set to chill Jflrmly, Prepare Dream Whip and add to thickened Juice, over top and serve. Makes 8 to 10 servings. GRACE O.E.S. At Burt Will Install Platform Bate BUK'i" - Members of Chapter. ;0. E. S, Tuesday oigut renewed the obligation taken wbia initiated, into toe Order. M»mt»rf voted to twUd & platform baft for tteJigUted insignia. Harlw Blanchard and Meunet Trunktill were appointed ta of the project, Hostesses at Tuesdays meeting were Mr. and Mrs, Dean Andrews and Mr. & Mrs. Ted Hoover, Jr. -0" Mr. and Mrs. Q, A. BJust- rora spent last week at Iowa City where the former had minor surgery on his hand, -o- Mr. aud Mrs, Frank Becker received word from her parents, the Ray McWhorters, saying they were now enjoying a vacation in Hawaii. -o- Mrs. LorenaRoark entertained at dinner Sunday honoring the 17th birthday anniversary of Jane Barslou. Guests besides Jane were John and Helen Schwletert, Jean Wood and Dilman Schwietert. -o- Ruth Hodgson arrived home Saturday after several weeks of sight-seeing and visiting friends in California, -o- Mrs. Dean Andrews spent Wednesday at Ruthven where she was guest speaker at the W.S.C.S. meeting. -o- Rev. and Mrs. Merlin Davles attended final rites for Mrs. Gladys Belongue at Sioux City Monday. She was Rev. Davies Aunt. -o- B. E. Miller is a patient at University Hospital, Iowa City, where he underwent surgery Monday. Mrs. Miller is in Iowa City with her husband. A house cat has been known to reach the age of 27 years. Municipal Utilities UTILITIES PROCEEDINGS A postponed meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Algona Municipal Utilities was held at the Algona Hotel, Algona, Iowa, Mar. 3, 1965, at 11:30 o'clock A. M. Present were: Buchanan, Harmes, Bay, T. James Palmer, Supt., and Ira Kohl, Sec. The minutes of the meeting of Feb. 16, 1965, were read and approved. Motion by Bay, seconded by Harmes, that the Vouchers Payable be approved and authorized paid as audited. Roll call, voting "Aye", Buchanan, Harmes, and Bay. Voting "Nay", None. Motion carried. LIGHT FUND Algona Greenhouse, Mlsc $ 15.00 W. W. Sullivan, P. M. Supp 179.10 Pay Roll, Pay Ro^L , .y-2,319.54 Milton O.Bilyeu,Labor...188.84 Mervln Hentges, Labor . . 154.07 Wilbur B. Bruner, Labor. .131.99 Brian Rlke, Labor ..... 123.03 John Wood, Labor 112.50 Iowa State Bank, Tax .... 373.70 Soc. Sec. Fund, Soc. Sec. Tax 282.27 Ricklef s Ins., Ins 63.23 North Cent. Pub. Ser. Co., Gas 2,627.06 Diesel Service Co., Fuel Oil 2,484.59 Sunray DX Oil Co., Diesel Fuel 2,484.29 Mobil Oil Co., Fuel Oil... 921.58 The Cooper-Bessemer Corp.» Supplies 71.38 W. S. Nott Co., Repairs 225.20 Schneider Elec. & Eqpt. Co., Supplies 341.70 Cowan's, Supplies 3.79 Graybar Elec. Co., Supplies 4.24 Sleg-Fort Dodge Co., Supplies . 2.10 Coast to Coast, Supp. .... 2.59 Greenberg Auto, Supp. . . . 14.68 Midwest Supply Co., Supp.. 91.56 Terry-Durln Co., Supp. ... 56.70 Crescent Elec. Supp., Supplies 24.01 Elec. Materials Co., Supplies 132.16 Iowa Elec. Supply Co., Supplies 45.08 Northland Elec. Supply, Supplies 161.34 Taylor Motor Co., Ser 3.32 Glenn's D-X Service, Gas 74.82 Bohannon Ins. Service, Ins 120.00 Blossom Ins. Agency, Ins 146.19 Hutzell's, Supp 7.34 Latta's Systems, Supp. . . . 56.27 Upper Des Molnes Pub. Co., Pub 70.25 Advance Pub. Co., Pub.... 140.11 The Algona Reminder, Pub 40.04 KLGA Radio, Advertisement 44.85 N. W. Bell Tele. Co., Ser. ..77.22 T. James Palmer, Exp. . . 32.65 Ira Kohl, Exp 26.00 Petty Cash, Misc 41.01 WATER FUND Pay Roll, Pay Roll 416.69 Walter D. Peterson, Labor 161.14 Maurice Krebsbach, Labor 123.33 Iowa State Bank, Tax .... 54.90 Soc. Sec. Fund, Tax .... 41.68 McKesson & Robbins, Supp 57.60 Hach Chemical Co.,Supp.. .34.61 C. L. Carroll Co., Ecjpt 2,560.00 Cook's Welders, Supp 41.00 Badger Meter Mfg. Co., Supp 14.62 United Bldg. Centers, Ser 11.03 Benson's Welding, Ser. ... 4.39 Glenn's D-X, Gas 22.76 City of Algona, Ins 8.83 Koch Brothers, Supp 22.41 Petty Cash, Misc 14.69 DEPOSIT FUND Algona Municipal Utilities, For Karmen L. Wallace .. .10.t>0 Algona Municipal Utilities, For John E. Madsen .... 5.00 . ...The salary of Paul Newsome, Ass't Chief Engineer at the Power Plant, was set at $475.00 per month and the salary of Milo JS.OUUSCM, Mechanic, was set at $454.00 per month. The operating statement for the year 1964 was presented, reviewed, and placed on file with the Secretary. Next meeting date was set for Mar. 16, 1965, at 12:01 P.M. /s/ Ira Kohl Secretary /s/ Allen K. Buchanan President of the Baard Council Minute* COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council met March 10, 1965, with Mayor Finn and the following council members present: Muckey, Andreasen,Elbert, Cook, Baldus & Pelrce. Minutes of last meeting were approved. Authorized the Mayor to enter into agreement with Robert Deal for the City of Aigona to purchase gravel from Mr. Deal's farm south of town. Resol. was adopted to accept the bid of LuVerne Fire Apparatus Co. of LuVerne, Minn, for (Ire truck body and equipment. The bid was the low bid of $9,950.00. Resol. was adopted to accept the low bid of Taylor Motor Co. for a new Ford Police car. Resol. adopting and approving the execution of the assurance of nondlscrlmlnation In federally assisted programs of the federal aviation agency to accompany a request for payment of federal funds was adopted. This Is pertaining to the airport project which federal matching funds was used. Appointment of Mrs. Cliff Sk- ogstrom and Steve Ostrum to Playground Commission were approved. Moved and seconded that the meeting adj. D. A. Smith, City Clerk GENERAL Finn, Salary 112.50 Smith, Salary 220.24 Sands, Salary 118.78 la. State Bank, Whold. 43.90 Rlcklefs-Geelan, Insurance 14.12 Advance, Publishing 100.91 Algona Reminder, Vouchers 21.35 W. Finn, Court Costs 65.00 Hutzell's, Supplies 4.50 Kossuth Co. Treas. Fees 174.00 Mason Cy. B. P., Supplies 50.00 Upper Des Molnes, Publishing 36.85 STREET Burtis, Salary 186.42 Frambach, Salary 183.74 Helmers, Salary 177.43 Lashbrook, Salary 206.05 . Pergande, Salary 236.62 Ppew, Salary • 203.25 . gibbon, Salary 169.03 , J. Eller, Labor 21.78 D, Skilling, Labor 19.75 E. Skilling, Labor 44.97 la. State Bank, Whold 166.20 Ricklef s -Geelan, Insurance 39.80 Algona Tree Service, Tree Cutting 30.00 Barclay Co., Supplies 7.59 Cook's Welders, Cal. Chloride 213.00 Chemco Co. Supplies . 41.75 what's a (use lor? It's irritating to have a fuse "blow," putting your lights out. But the fuse blows to protect you! When one of your home's wiring circuits becomes overloaded—because you're putting too many electrical tasks on one circuit- a metal link in the fuse melts. Result: electricity is cut off from that wiring circuit... before the wiring itself heats up and causes damage. When fuses blow (or circuit breakers trip), it's a sign your home's wiring system needs a checkup. In new homes or old, modern electrical living calls for modern electrical wiring! Algona Municipal Utilities Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 2.69 Ind. Towel Service, Towels , 2.50 KLGA Radio, Advertising 15.00 N. Central, Nat. Gas 175.10 Sun ray DX, Supplies 31.60 ROAD USE TAX Algona Impl., Supplies 1.44 Algona Machine, Repairs 28.70 Arnold Motors, Repairs 43.81 Cowan Corp., Services 13.10 Funk Plbg., Labor 4.85 Greenberg, Repairs 3.37 Klmball Co., Supplies 35.83 Kossuth Motors, Repairs 4.85 K 4 W Service, Gasoline 288.65 Lalng's Plbg., Service 2.75 Sleg Co., Bulbs 3.12 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary 298.24 Bulten, Salary 196.97 Gerdes, Salary 164.07 Hutchison, Salary 205.64 Jorgenson, Salary 219.32 Rasmussen, Salary 184.54 Volgt, Salary 180.91 la. State Bank, Whold. 159.70 Trust & Agency, Pension 17.80 Thunder?, March 18, 1965 Algeria, (la.) Upper D«* Moines— 5 Rlcklefs-Geelan, Insurance 89.22 Arnold Motors, Supplies 13.35 Co4st-to-Coast, Mdse 9.97 Electronic Spec., Battery 2.45 Greenbergs, Supplies 62.06 K * W Service, Gasoline 202.35 Perclval Motors, Repairs 5.92 Sleg Co., Repairs 8.25 Upper Des Molnes, Reports 50.00 Hilton's, Gas & Oil 7.93 Cook's Welders, Supplies 8.10 Utt Elec., Service 10.10 Fire Dept., Services 292.00 'Kossuth Motors, Cab & Chassis for Fire Truck 4,763.74 SANITATION Kossuth Co. Treas., Taxes 33.60 Wallace & Holland, Eng. Services 900.00 Lalng's Plbg., Service 2.75 N. Central, Nat. Gas 22.05 SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary 147.76 Lemkee, Salary 201.81 Mrs. Randall, Interest 33.75 la. state Bk., Interest 148.00 Kossuth Co. Treas., Taxes 22.77 Sec. state Bk., Interest 112.50 Central Nat'l., Interest 50.00 Central Nat'l., Interest 576.00 la. State Bk., Whold 24.20 Rlcklefs-Geelan. Insurance 14.12 Frederick Hdwe., Shovel 1.78 Funk Plbg., Supplies 2.86 Pacific Flush Tank, Supplies 12.00 RECREATION Bolcirldge, Salary 97.02 la. State Bank. Whold 3.60 Sharp's, Trophies 40.00 Frederick Hdwe., Supplies 5.36 PARKING METER Groen, Salary 273.08 Nauholz, Salary 51.26 Kossuth Co. Treas., Taxes 276.06 la. State Bk., Whold 43.60 Trust & Agency, Pension 3.37 Rlcklefs-Geelan, Insurance 14.12 Cowan Corp., Service 8.13 Norton's, Wheels 13.75 Utt Electric, Repairs 14.10 TRUST & AGENCY B. Egll, Pension 75.00 STRONG CHURCHES... Make Strong Communities "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that in due time he may exalt you." —1 Peter 5:6 Every man has need for a certain amount of pride; it motivates him; it urges him to do his best, to look his best at all times. Every man has need for a certain measure of humility. It restrains him when too much pride prompts him to do something that is wrong or foolish. Every man should be humble in recognition of the might, power, and the goodness of God. Too much pride tends to make us forgetful and unappreciative. We turn to God only when we feel some great need, forgetting that it is impolite to take favors when we have offered nothing in return. Read your BIBLE daily and GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY These Special Weekly Church Messages brought to you by the following PUBLIC-SPIRITED BUSINESSES: HUTZELL CITIES SERVICE Floyd Hutzell, Service Station Roy R. Hutzell, Bulk Plant - 295-2362 ESSER DRY CLEANERS FREE Pick-up and Delivery Phone 295-2827 - Algona, Iowa ZENDER'S Clothing for Men and Boys POST MOVING and STORAGE Local & Long Distance Phone 295-2275 - Algona, Iowa PIONEER HI-BRED CORN CO, Herb Hedlund, Production Manager Perry Collins, Experimental Mgr. METRONICS, INC. O. B. Harmes "Super Speed" Tools FARMERS SERVICE CENTER, Inc. Merton Ross, Mgr. COLONIAL MOTEL Junction 18 & 169 ERNIE WILLIAMS John Deere Farm Equipment Highway 18 East - Tel. 295-3561 ALGONA VAULT SERVICE Algona, Iowa JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT Oliver — Massey-Ferguson CMC Trucks — Firestone Tires — Algona KOSSUTH MUTUAL INS. ASSN. Your Friend — Before and After the Fire ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Your Friendly IH Dealer - 295-3501 IH Tractors — Trucks — Farm Equipment KLEIN'S FARM SUPPLY Wayne Feeds — We Buy Eggs and Poultry 216 West State Street, 295-5206 BENNIE B. WIBBEN, Bldg. Contractor 122 S. Heckarl St. - Algona, Iowa SHUTS BROWNBILT SHOE STORE "The Shoe Store That Takes Care of Your Feet" Algona Tel. 295-5371 Iowa VAN'S CAFE Junction 18 & 169

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