The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1965 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1965
Page 2
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, (le.) Upp*r DM Moln.t Merth 196S 1 1 I TEise so-called "craeystock- ingi* 1 - tbe girls are wearing now a&SOTnew-merely a repltltion of around 1908-10. \Vp didn't confine ourselves to black or beige. We had them in colors to match our dresses. We called them "lace" stockings and 1 had a pair of lavendar and a pair of green ones. Not only that, it was fashionable to have an embroidered hose. I had a pair of black ones with white designs up the front and a pair of green ones with pink roses. I wonder what Mrs. Leonard Maasflam's poor tulips and narcissus think about things now. They were just peeping through the ground and now - oh well, they'll probably go to sleep and come out again later. Florence Hagg, (Mrs. Albert) left March 3 for her home at Monrovia, Calif, and has probably had enough snow and cold to last her quite a while. She and Velma Hagg and Mrs. Emma Hagg were here one afternoon, Florence had a novelty made for her by a friend. A swan, the body_-was white Dove soap, a necif shaped of white pipe cleaner and 5 comb - I don't know what it was. She said they can be purchased at a dime store. She also-had a couple of dresses she was cross-stitching for granddaughters and some bedroom slippers she was knitting. Makes me feel quite lazy In comparison. But 1 still don't get an urge. * * * That tree limb that has been hanging by a mere thread for months and months finally gave up ami fell across the walk. I've been "worried that it mleht fall on a car parked under it, or worse yet, hit some one. * * * Ray and Pat Cook were at Clinton not long ago visiting the Geergfr Carmodys. Everything went fine till on the way home when they came to Waterloo and fog was so dense it made driving very slow and has^irdous. They were thankful when they salely reached their own driveway. A card from Hazel Lusby. who is In Corona Del Mar, Calif, with her daughter, Marguerite Dal- fclel, said in part "Had a wonderful trip - enjoyable all the way. Algona had the most snow of any place. Not as many flowers as sometimes, Init beautiful to see. Rain is predicted." She went with Twllla Bartholomew, Alice Wllkins and Ann Hanson. * * * 1 was sorry to read of the death of Clint McClellan. I had known him for years. He lived in our neighborhood and was a brother of my very good friend Ruth Raney. He used to hunt deer in Montana and on several occasions he sent steak to me via Ruth and husband Glen. The Clair Hoveys braved that very stormy Monday night a few weeks ago to go to the Duane Schells where they forgot the weather doing jig saw puzzles. I like them, too, If they aren't so large I have to stand up to do them. At one time, a number of them were brought here for the men to do, but their vision Is not good enough for them to do them. * * * Years ago, when the Clarence Macumbers lived across the street wist froni us and the Ed Haggs fived next house west, we became acquainted with Esther Strayer, who used to "baby sit" with the Macumbers son, David. In the meantime, she has married and lives at Pipestone, Minn. She mentioned her various activities, but to me the most Interesting paragraph was this "You probably heard of my good fortune last summer. I won a five-minute Pepsi-Cola shopping Connie's Column EANCY FACSIMILE . . . na-rne me a spjing project-perkier than this: a bjrdhouse painted to majjch the hom« whose lawn it will grace, and embellished with a tiny sign listing the •same address, numerals, plus 1/4. (For instance 99*4 Evans Road.) If Dad or Son is a handyman, building a bird dwelling is a snap. If not, buy one and change its colors. Such a happy, personal gift! STEP AHEAD If I say "Get your gas air conditioning now," you may call me a mad March hare! But bear with me a moment. This is the time when your contractor's least busy, so you'll get more time and lower prices. You'll avoid that -CiTst-sizzling-day rush, later on. And you'll have ."whole-house, automatic gas air conditioning to comfort you for years ahead! It's cleaner, less costly to operate, more convenient and so dependable. Call your local jfa9 company or beating- pooling contractor. He won't .think you're balmy! Just thrifty and wide. COMPANY BUTTER Who says you only find butter rolled into balls at fancy French restaurants these days? Make your own, .for your next "company" baked potatoes. Shape almost- chilled butter into small balls, and roll them in something fancy ... parsley, poppy seed, dill, chives or paprika. (Not serving potatoes? Then pile the butterballs into a pretty glass dish, and pass the hot rolls.) BAZAAR STAR Don't discard print cotton scraps! Turn them into "tabby towels" for your next bazaar. Cut two matching rectangles 10"x 4", then cut triangles off two corners at one end, to make an arrow. Turn inside out. Stitch % inch all around, leaving the flat end open. Turn to right- side, stuff one fringed end of a guest- size terry towel into the opening, and stitch. Now fold the tab over Button or snap the, arrow into place. The "tabby towel" travels over your belt or apron string, for instant hand-wiping as you cook! Folks snap them up at a gift fair. COMFORT IN CULTURE The exciting Tyrone Guthrie Theatre, home of repertory drama, chamber opera and cultural stage events at Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a masterpiece of airy, open contemporary design. But it's cozy in winter, cool in summer... thanks to America's most modern fuel! Natural gas cools and heat* this distinguished building, just as it cools and utuis so many modern structures— and for the same reasons. It's thrifty, practical, clean and dependable. Your local gas company, and its pipeline supplier. Northern Natural Gas Company bring the thrift, versatility and dependability of natural gas to you ... for contemporary living! c spree. In those five minutes I gathered up $228.93 worth of groceries! Boy, that was fun and very profitable. This happened while Jack was In the hospital having his second eye operation, so all those groceries came In handy. Speaking of his operations, both were very successful. He has perfect vision now with the help of some very thick glasses." It always seems good to hear music of one's youth. Someone's radio is playing "Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey Mine." » * * "Tidbits" saves me a lot of letter-writing and I clip them each week and send to different friends with whom 1 correspond, but my letters can be brief as I cover much of what I do. A letter from Maggie Pannkuk the other day said "Bless you - How I did enjoy your "Tidbits". It took me back 50 or 60 years. I've read and re-read them many times. Things have been rough for us this winter. Since 1 last wrote you, Clarence has been in the hospital here twice and once at Mankato. My broken ankle was so slow In healing. Clarence begins to look, and feels better. We are so glad to be In an apartment. I was sorry to hear of Ethel Corle's death. We went to country school together. We always sat together and shared our dinner bucket In the days of double seats. * * * Maggie sent some newspaper clippings of pictures of dresses, ooats, suits and hats from 1900 to 1950 and a few of the years In between. How well I remember them - some much more attractive than today's - and graceful lengths. How I do HATE those short, tight skirts. This Isn't the time for it but here's a good definition for hay fever - A sudden sneezure." --•# * * * I got some of my "Tidbits" material mixed up last week and to the paragraph on Nancy Muckey and Barbara Kuchenreuther, on another page I added "The girls have been to Knott's Berry Farm" and found it most interesting. And It seemed strange to be attending a drive-in theater in February. * * * I hope somehow Matt Lorang knows we miss him. The T. V. room doesn't seem the skme with him gone and not sitting there quietly listening to it, often with it tuned with Just the picture. And I miss his wave as he passed my door. *. * * Two lovely pictures have been given Good Samaritan in memory of residents who have been here. One by the Rhunke family for the late Otto Rhunke and one in memory of the late Martha Rammer. The Rhunke picture is of a team of white burses being driven across a shallow place in a stream and the background of trees is beautiful. My father would have liked it as he was a great horse lover. This picture has been hung on a long wall space on second floor. The Rammer picture is equally nice but of different nature an elderly couple, presumably man and wife, and It seems good to have the elderly pictured instead of the youthful. This picture has been hung over the piano in the reception room. * * * "How To Murder Your Wife" coming to the Algona theatre Sunday Unchallenged King of Comedy-Romance Jock Lemmon shares stellar honors with Italy's gorgeous Vlma Llsl In George Axelrod's hilarious spoof "How to Murder Your Wife," United Artists release In Technicolor opening Sunday at the Algona Theatre. Mr. Nasby has been busy getting the women employees to and from work. Some live at considerable distance and this snow has messed things up In general - from school to business. I can'.t remember school ever being cancelled In my day, no matter how great the storm, and those who lived in the country got forth as best they could bob sleds, sleighs or on horseback - topped with a cold lunch. I wonder If today's youth realize how pampered they are ? Am I "green" ? Of course not. I am moved to mention "old Dobbin" was more reliable than cars. * * * Reports from several mamas are that kids are proving difficult. Too cold to play outdoors and bored with indoors. I said, "Oh, throw 'em out in the'snow awhile and let them work off some of that steam." But I am not a mama and I'd hate to cope with croup or sore throats. Ole Johansons Feted At Swea, Wed 50 Years SWEA-CITY - Mr. and Mrs. Ole Johanson of Swea City were honored on their golden wedding anniversary MarchVatlmmanuel Lutheran church, Swea City. Open house was held from 2 to 5. Mabel Boyer and Ole Johanson were married at Estherville March 7, 1915. it was noiea the couple had gone to Armstrong In a sled to meet the train to go to Estherville. The minister did not have the papers ready and the train had to be held up for the return trip. When they arrived back at Armstrong, the snow had melted and the sled had to be nulled through mud 11 Attendants to the coupie were Belle Eraser, now Mrs. Scott Moore, and a brother of the groom, Dr. G. A. Johanson. Mrs. Moore was present Sunday, but Dr. Johanson, who lives In Calif. © Northern Natural Go* Company, Omaha, Ntbraika You name your game, ping-pong or checkers, cards or chess. Play it hard and it takes a Jot out of you. That's when you like most to settle down in a soft chair and enjoy your friends' talk and your beer's taste. Beer was made to relaot with. Made to refresh you, cool you, cheer your taste. So next time you're playing some sociable at-hcme game, take time out for the companionable taste of beer. UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. P.O. 60* 169. OSCiCKA. IOWA was not able to be here. Dale and Wendy Johanson, grandchildren of the honored couple, took the gifts, and another grandchild, Delores Johanson, registered the 100 guests, Another granddaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wegner, had charge of the gift table. Mrs. Betty Hammond served punch. Mrs. Jerry Wegner, granddaughter of the Johansons, was mistress of ceremonies. Pastor Bengston presented the honored couple with a large white Bible inscribed in gold with their name. This was followed by a solo by Marjorie Lee Tobln, accompanied by Mrs. John Nyman. Mrs. Harold Peterson gave two readings, followed by songs by Wendy and Dale Johanson, Randy and Corlne Johanson and Becky Johanson, accompanied by Debby Johanson. Next was a poem read by a grandson, Ronnie Glaus, after which Wendy sang, accompanied by hrr sister Delores. Mrs. Jerr> Wegner then read 50th. The observance was sponsored by children of the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Glaus of Portland, Oregon and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Johanson of Swea City. Mrs. Henry Kosloske presided at the coffee service. The cake, baked by Mrs. Leo Crowley, was adorned with yellow roses and wedding bells. Mrs. Verne R. Johanson and Mrs. Harold Peterson cut and served the cake. Mrs. Claude Johanson served as hostess. - o - Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Dawson and family were Sunday dinner guests at the home of his parents, the Walter Daw sons at Dunnell, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sanftner and family moved to their home in Swea City. They purchased the former William Smith house and have modernized it. Heyo Bosma of Lakota was a Saturday caller at the Raymond Picht home and Monday Alden Wllcox was a visitor. They were there to visit Mrs. Albert Bosma, Sr. who is staying at the Picht home for an extended visit. Mr. and Mrs. Elvln Swanson have returned after six weeks visiting In the south. They visited at Atlanta, Ga. and Raleigh, N.C.. toured Roanoke Island, then went to Florida to visit a cousin at Melbourne Beach and Miami. Mrs. Ed Godfredson underwent surgery Friday morning at Estherville Holy Family hospital. She expects to be discharged this week. Burt Hi Plans Stage Comedy April 2, 1965, at 8:00 P.M. by a group of students at Burt high school under the direction of Richard L. Hopkins, English and speech teacher. The technical director and stage manager is Robert Ortman, a student. The cast Includes Victoria Koestler, Jane Barslou, Merwyn runninsrham. .T«-^ Douglas Piack, Duane Peter, Clnd* Fairbanks, Clint Patterson, Diane HoppuS, John Fries, and Mark Maudslev. Advance tickets are now on sale. Adult tickets are selling for 65 cents and student tickets are selling for 40 cents. Carbon arc welding was invented in Be In Style! —OLD TROUSERS TAPERED & PLEATS REMOVED. —AIL LADIES AND MEN'S CLOTHING ALTERED AND REPAIRED. MODERN DRY CLEANERS and TAILORS Phon* 295*5277 • • • Algona "RACING FEVER" plus SAT "BLOOD ON THE ARROW" ' M.itinses Pri. and 3at. a SUM. Thru WED, MARCH 21 - 24 ALGONA For April 2 TAKE IT EASY, a three-act farce-comedy will be presented JACK LEMMON VIRNALISI FIENDISH SADISTIC BLOODCURDLING HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE | HIS Mil I Kit • BRING THE LITTLE WOMML.MMff 5HTf// DIELAUGHINGI WHITUN tw mwcto 11 OAIRE TREVOR EDDIE MAYEHOFF iTERRY-THOMAS GEORGE AXELROD PLUS COLOR CARTOON IECHNICOLOR' Klt SSSUNITEO ARTISTS Rivals! It has often been said that the only logical substitute for a new Cadillac is one that has seen previous service, Whatever you plan to invest in your next car, above all consider Cadillac. If you are like most people, you hope someday to own a new Cadillac motor car. For Cadillac's continuing greatness in design and engineering has made it one of the world's most desirable and sought-after possessions. But if a new Cadillac is not presently feasible, you should consider the pleasure and satisfaction that would be yours with a late model, previously-owned Cadillac. Your dealer currently offers an unusually wide selection of fine used Cadillacs at a cost in line with that of many new cars of far less stature and quality. These fine Cadillacs are all in superb condition, and many offer features not yet available on other makes. And from a standpoint of investment, remember that a Cadillac traditionally returns more of its cost at resale than any other car at or near its price. So visit your authorized Cadillac dealer, and let him show you a Cadillac—new or used—that will fit your budget. Your visit will be the wisest motoring move you have ever made. Why not make it this week? Standard of the World SEE THE SELECTION OF CADILLACS AT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DEALER SCHULTZ BROS, South Phillip* • Algona, Iowa

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