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Statesville Record and Landmark from Statesville, North Carolina • 1

Statesville, North Carolina
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WEATHER Partly cloudy and continued hot with scattered thundershowers late this after noon and tonight Wednesday scattered showers and thunder storms anj not as hot Local tem peratures yesterday High 93 low 66 4 Published in the Heart of the Dairying end Industrial Region of Piedmont North Carolina Statesville Record Landmark VOL 83 STATESVILLE TUESDAY JULY 23 1957 Single Copy 5c NO 174 Stockton Issue KASPER CASE TO JURY Radio Station Cleared believe the clearance Bill Would Cut a do State Songs Affected Reaction To Dropping Of oster Lyrics Grows the pictured the new the our this has Taylor women defend convict consider the vs Integra lawful order over a proposed extension if a rezoning re Dooley is linked a sort of can hap when we MY DEAR In fact burdens hallmarks of gust is the goal And it takes some angling Yet some people wonder just what it xs that school officials all summer long Judge Stresses Violation Order authority to tow vehicles from alley ways and other no parking areas when such vehicles are con sidered obstructions to the move ment of traffic SAETY COUNCIL above apparently didn't bypass on Monroe Street The truck owned by HALLMARK TIME Churches are being robbed in Charlotte Banks are being rob bed east and west And the gov ernment is being robbed in Wash ington Thus things are getting tough all over Any day now we expect to see the press of events force President Eisenhower to give up the back nine And when he does he is going to be terribly perplexed at the problems which have developed beyond! the greens and fairways al the Burning Tree In North Carolina for example practically every town beginning with the first letter of the alpha bet has had a bank robbery in recent months Ayden Angier and Asheville and Zebulon is a long way off In the bank robberies we think we can understand the reason if not the pattern We have had it too good for too long Too much of our apparent prosperity is on paper and the payments aire slow ly catching up That means that hundreds and hundreds of people are faced with the necessity of lowering their standaid of living But too many of them are wholly inexperienced in the manly art of doing with out and are completely at a loss what to do when they discover they have developed Cadillac ap petites on pinto beans income So they are willing to rob a bank to keep up appearances In a way thait is what has hap pened in Washington too Our government which can afford to send trumpet players abroad on weekly salaries higher than we pay the President of the United States cannot even pay its own debts without permitting itself to be held up on interest rates Right now Secretary of the Treasury George Humphrey is advertising 4 per cent govern ment securities for sale to meet almost $25 billion in maturing ob ligations some of which now bear as little as IVz per cent interest Now who holds these govern ment securities which will be re deemed at such an" increased in terest rate? guessed it Only about nine billion is in the hands of the people The other $15 billion is owned by the bank ers and brokers This illustrates than anything we can say who bene fits by the policy so long advocated by Secretary Humphrey It is the people who own and manage money They will be better off by 50 per cent when Secretary Humphrey re tires than (they were When he took office for that is exactly how much more it is now cost ing the government to finance its debt That' also shows in left handed way what pen Down Tn Iredell begin to talk about refinancing instead of paying our debts We A monthly meeting of Statesville Safety Council will be hexa at 8 Thursday in the council room at City Hall President Clark will presiden at the meeting Ail members are urged to attend Certification must be cleared with the State Department at Raleigh An interview must be arranged salary discussed Everything seems to be lined up and ready for a signature on the contract Then' comes the tclcphuie call or the curt note: decid ed to go to lorida they pay Afler weeks of and more letters than the staff cares to think the prospect has vanished Competition is keen between states and keen between sys tems within North Carolina of those that pay supplements and those that Even with the recent raise in this state there is sill a wide enough salary gap between pay here arid in some surrounding areas to prove attrac tive to teachers with family re sponsibilities To have a teacher in every He said such songs as Down Upon the Swanee Riv and "My Old Kentucky the state songs of lor ida and Kentucky were being tampered with He called on all congressmen to fight it But Negro Rep Charles Diggs changes sorship "In line with the progress of our country the networks are avoiding the use of expressions which lend to he said He called remarks cal of some of the extreme racist speeches made from time to time on the floor of Congress" The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said it objects to any term that denotes a racial would include darky nig ger or it said Earl Brown chairman of the Stephen oster Memorial Coinmis too have forgotten how to make do and While we quite resorted to robbing banks appear to be ready to rob next generation by shifting obligattons onto it tendency to shift become one of the our time sion in lorida called last week for an investigation by the ed eral Communications Commission At the time NBC and CBS of ficials confirmed that words like and even black had been dropped from songs An ABC official said ABC dropped the words from popular but not tradi tional songs MBS said it has no policy hut singers drop the words on their own accord Attorney Battley stormed out of City Council meeting here last night after he and council came to odds Stocktori Street Battley asked quest by with the proposed extension Council gave no definite answer and the feud was on Before it was over Battley had accused both council and Planning and Zoning Boardof in their approach to the touchy Stockton Street question It all grew out of a request by Dooley that some 380 feet of his property fronting Davie Avenue be rezoned from residential to business property While request and the Stockton extension arc separate matters they are Linked insofar as Dooley has offered the city a bargin price for street right of way if his property is rezoned The street would run from Brookdale Drive to the Davie Ave nue Sullivan Road intersection across the east side of tract for which rezoning request has been made home fronts on Sher wood Lane If the street goes through it will he directly behind his property Mayor Garner Bagnal told Battley that funds have not been set up for the project if approved and denied that council had con sddered it since'over a year ago He said today however that would be the greatest mistake in the world if we acquire the right of way now when we have the opportunity to do The feud last night drew argu ment from City Manager Herman Dickerson and Councilman rank Goforth It had reached a peak when Battley stormed out of the room got to get out of here be fore I lose my he said Battley had just told council he aware that the city em ployed a traffic engineer to con duct surveys for proposed street projects ought to have known shouted Councilman Go forlh been paying his salary for two After exit council ta bled the Stockton Street discussion and called for public hearing on request It was expected to be held month from now Other action by council includ ed: 1 Adoption of a resolution au thorizing public notice for street assessments for improvements made on North Race Street 2 Adoption of an ordinance as sessing for street improvements made on Winston Avenue under the 1955 56 street paving program 3 Adoption of a revised dog or dinance giving the city authority to impound dogs wandering on streets after 7:30 pm 4 Adoption of an ordinance es tablishing parking" restric tions on the following local streets: East side of Green between Broad and ront South side of Alexan der between Oakand Mulberry: east side of Mulberry between West End Avenue and Oakhurst Road east side of Kelly between West End Avenue and Webb and north side of ront between Salis bury Road and Cowles Street 5 Settlement with Mrs Bonner Knox as to payment of principal interest and penalties on the Col A Sharpe property Meeting Street in lieu of foreclosure pro ceedings by the city 6 Approved sewer extensions for Valley Stream Road and Buf falo Shoals Road 7 Accepted petitions calling for street improvements and for a distance of 243 feet on Turner Street and some 200 feet on Quincy Street 8 Voted to inwall at cost a fire hydrant at Bylo urniture Company on Salisbury Road if that is agreeable to company of ficials there Crafts fairs for all the city play grounds have been scheduled at 1 tomorrow Judging will take place at Grace Park Recreation Center and at Garfield Center and the exhibits will be open to the public at 3 Exhibits will include such artic les as woven baskets stick baskets Indian bead bracelets plaster fig urines lanyards and bracelets knd potholders that have been made during the summer in the Recre lion summer pro gram i Department Store Is so sponsoring the fair at Grace Park where Lionel Kelland of Belk's will award prizes Judges at the Garfield Center event will be Carolyn Morrison a ml Gladys Torrence (D Mich) said a question of cen but a of good ALIMENTARY WATSON Newspaper report ers are not al above the pun as a form of humor While looking over a picture of the pupils at Eupeptic Springs the other day one of the Record Landmark reporters was heard to ask whether it was a high school or simply an school To those of four readers who have not been trained in the ele ments of Greek as was our re porter it might not be amiss to explain that is trans lated literally as diges When Dr John oard changed the name of the springs from Powder Springs to Eupep tic Springs that was his idea LOST AND OUND Charlie Anderson Negro employe of the City Sanitation Department had a problem this morning which he brought to Court He had found a billfold and license on his way to work and wanted a judicial directive on what to do with the lost property He was told to turn it over to Statesville police were Coyte Newton ri Wyatt troute 1 Statesville will find his essential equipment I thanks to solicitude GRAHAM Thefe must have been as many people packed in Yankee Stadium for Billy Graham's service Satux day night as live in Charlotte said Miss Lillie who was in the Southeastern Crusade group which went to New York by train to attend the Graham services riday and Saturday The crowd in Yankee stadium was the larg est she ever saw and the most orderly wondered how we were ever going to get out of there but people marched out in a very orderly An impressive' part of the ser vice was the music by a choir of 4000 singers from New York church choirs Their singing of the Hallelujah chorus from the was outstanding Miss Norket said The Southeastern group dir ected by Rev Shockley ew of Columbia included people from Columbia Atlanta and oth er cities in South Carolina and Georgia and from Charlotte Asheville Statesville and Salis bury in this state They went toNew York Thursday night at tended the Graham services in Madison Square Garden riday (Continued on page 2) Brings lare Up Before Council CC Approval Given 2 Years 2 Crafts airs Set Tomorrow SQUEEZE PLAY The driver of the truck warning on a bridge under construction on Superior Stone Company Raleigh got stuck underneath the steel beams enroute to Kannapolis about 9:45 am today A crane worked for 30 minutes before raising the beams and freeing the truck (ry Photo) Long Gas War Coming To End A two month long holiday for price conscious motorists is ending today Led by Gulf Oil Company which posted 329 cent prices here late this morning and restored pre war prices throughout the Carolinas most other dealers were on the verge of following suit Most Statesville dealers contact ed this morning on the heels of action indicated they will take down the low price cards this afternoon or tonight The long war saw prices drop from 329 cents to 179 and 189 cents a gallon Two big companies Gulf was not identified as either recently tried to break the war with a re turn to normal prices Both bad to retreat Traffic Signs Are Reversed Workmen were busy today chang ing traffic signs at the intersection of Alexander and North Race streets in a move which Director of Public Safety Ivey said would greatly aid traffic on North Race Street Until now North Race Street al though heavily traveled was a stop street at Alexander The change will make Alexander Street the stop street Ivey said this was being done today He said it was being chang ed because the widening of North Race had made it a much more heavily traveled street Optimists Hear Wilson Travelog Mrs Wilson last night told the Optimist Club of a recent trip which she and her husband and her son Jimmy Wilson and ielding Scarborough recently made through the western part of the United States and Canada at the regular meeting of the Opti mists last night She showed color slides of the trip from Atlanta across the south ern route to the west coast and on i 'to Canada She was introduced by Lawrence Blanton who was in charge of the program No business was transacted at the meeting presided over by Tom Hutchins A WASHINGTON (UP) Con gressmen fought unmelodiously to day over whether TV and radio networks have done right by drop ping words like and from the century old songs of Stephen oster NBC said it uses in stead of CBS said it uses a in folkses how my heart grows Rcjx Robert Sikes (D la) charged the network changes were disgraceful ccn Principal Issue KNOXVILLE Tenn (UP) A jury of white mountaineers took the case of 10 Clinton residents and John Kasper at 10: 20 am to day warned not to issue of segregation tion but whether a had been violated In a 54 minute charge District Judge Robert told the 10 men and two they could convict all 11 ants or acquit all But to any one of the 10 Clintonians they must convict Kasper also as the of a conspiracy to prevent integration of Clinton High School Bv the same token Kasper could not be convicted alone said the balding little judge scarcely pausing for breath as he went up and down the legal issues in the case first local enforcement test of the Supreme 1954 ruling against public school segregation The jury was excused briefly while Judge Taylor listened to sev eral objections to his charge The defense objected chiefly because he had referred to the of the Rev Paul Turner in escorting reluctant Negroes back to the school last December When the jury came back Judge Taylor said the standpoint of integration what Reverend Turner did was a well intentioned contribution the standpoint of segre gation it might not be considered a well intentioned contribution Taylor said his intention a question of fact for the jury to beating after the Dec 4 incident was one of the charged to eight of the 10 defendants as a product of their alleged conspiracy with Kasper Judge Taylor emphasized that the jury should consider his in junction not to interfere with Clin ton integration a valid order integration is right or wrong is an issue to be debated in the public in the press and he said Swiss Stirred By Swan Song ATLANTA (UP) An angry Swiss consul charged today that the city of Atlanta let a swan sent here as a gift from Lucerne Switzerland die of and neglect" Michael Hack said he discov ered the death of one of a of swans sent to Atlanta Mayor Wil liam Hartsfield by Lucerne Mayor Dr Paul Kopp Hack said tne swans were put in a small pond in Grant Park crowded with ducks and geese and added think it died of plain starvation and fo Parks Commissioner George Simons confirmed the swan died but said he did not know why place was filty littered with paper cups and other Hack said ducks fought for food like rats ashamed of the city of Atlanta It cost nearly $1000 to send the swans by airplane to Atlanta and full instructions on feeding and care accompanied By RUTH CROWELL LEAER Hiring a teacher involves almost as much work as getting a routine order through Army channels Letters have gone out literally by the hundredo during the part two months from Iredell County Schools office in an attempt to fill the vacancies in the system And as letters go out other letters come announcing resig nations of teachers lured away from Iredell by higher pay in other states Supt Helton and his chief letter writers Misses Mary alls and Betty Waugh keep their fin gers crossed daily until the morn ing mail is read If the status quo is preserved for that day they count themselves lucky and con tinue the letter writing campaign With about five weeks left be fore the bells toll for the resump tion of classroom activity the classroom before the end of Au county system currently needs a total of 13 six for high school and seven for elementary positions That is if the morning mail changed the picture As an example of the negotiating necessary to fill the principalship at Central School consider the let ter writing involved in this A to tal of 49 persons were considered for the job Twenty were screened Sixteen took positrons that carried a higher salary while negotiations were underway our were chosen for final and one was hired This is the routine involved Let ters are written to college place ment bureaus to the Stata De partment of Public Instruction and to former teachers and pesons on the inactive file in an effot to get names of prospective teachers Letters are written to the pros pects If interested more letters are written to at least five persons they give as references Night Parking Downtown Statesville will become virtual between 1 a and 6 a if city council adopts an ordinance proposed here last night The ordinance which passed first reading after its introductionn would give local police authority to tow vehicles from areas mark ed for no parking It also would give them towing powers in cases where parked ve hicles are considered an obstruc tion to the orderly movement of traffic Safety Director Ivey said vehicles can now be parked on Broad arid Center Streets one block from the Square 24 hours a day But the new ordinance would pro hibit parking between 1 and 6 a It was pointed out last night that restrictions there would allow or derly early morning street sweep ing operations and curb other existing in the down town area Oily Manager Herman Djckerson said downtown Statesville now serv es as a meeting place for who sometimes congre gate there to plan early morning races The restrictions bwtwcen 1 and 6 a would help solve that problem and could potentially prevent a future break in at the downtown store he said Violators of the if their cars were towed 'would pay a $5 towing fee in addition to illegal parking citations authorized by other city ordinances The following storage fees also would be charged: 50 cents up to five hours $1 per day $3 per week and $5 per month or any per iod in excess of nine days The ordinance will give police the After iling The way has been cleared for building second radio station and construction is expect ed to begin immediately The ederal Communications Commission yesterday affirmed a grant to Iredell Broadcasting Com pany for construction of WDBM The grant was for a daytime sta tion on 550 kilocycles and 500 watts This affirmation automatically meant dismissal of a protest by station WSIC which has held up the new station for more than two years Clay Cline of Newport Tenn who has been named managex of WDBM said in an interview here June 14 that the station hoped to begin broadcasting by August 1 However at that time Cline said the CC had promised to rule on the application by July 1 A local source said today that Cline would come to Statesville to supervise construc tion of the station have wait ed anxiously for this green light from the CC and I hope no further delay in construction will be forth the source said Garrett Allen general manager of WSIC would not comment jOn the recent grant He noted CC has had our protest for two and one half years and only yes terday attirmed the grant He did not relate what further action if any WSIC would take However he did say be calling you in a few Harold Parks of Parks Realty Company who handles rentals at the Stlmpson Wagner Building South Centex Street said he had not heard from Cline or Walter Duke owner of the new station since the grant was affirmed rented five rooms four months ago and we are holding a fifth room for Parks said He added that officials of WDBM had indicated that they would need still mote room in Statesville Cline said the station had two transmitter lo cations in mind One is on East Broad Street Extension the other near Statesville Municipal Airport Cline said the station would em ploy approximately nine persons to begin with He added that he hoped to select the radio staff from this immediate area The station will have United Press wire serv ices Some equipment for the radio tower has been hexe for more than six weeks It is being stored in the Cooper Building Cline said the tower was ready to be erected but before the first brick could be laid the CC grant had to be af firmed WRITER'S Miss Mary alls secretary in the Iredell County School office is shown checking application blanks from prospective teachers before she turns to the typewriter to write letters for stack of envr lopes on her desk Miss alls and Miss Betty Waugh have spent the major portion of the summer under the direction of Supt Helton writing to prospective teachers in an attempt to fill va cancies in the system With 13 positions still open the mail campaign is increasing in tempo (ry Photo) Hiring County School Personnel Difficult flAi a Si 1 1 4 'sfoj' 'xAjA 'v Wk Xs 'S "S' foiSsV "A I jL I I Ixl LM' nil i'X XllX '2X5 aA a I I 9 I MMR a 1 MW AMSlRffiL fTT Tmu MJlir 'riiiiiiu fwc JI WW? a' I V'fTy'A jgk Xz VH.

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