Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 25, 1894 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1894
Page 8
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Special Prices on Blouse Waists and Shirt Waists. •••••••••^ Ladies Wrappers from 87c. 98c and $1.24. Come and see them. Golden Rule. THE SHOOTING TOURNAMENT. Sip and Tuck Between JLoganxport and Camdeu—Shooting OIT the '!'!« iteiulc* In a Slight Favor A largo crowd assembled at tbe Driving Park yesterday afternoon to witness tbe shooting tournament between the Gun Club of Camden and the .Logansport Gun Club. The Camden Club was represented by a picked nine of crack shooters who were pitted against the cream of the Loganaport Club. The main event was a twenty-five bird match, bin!a thrown itom five traps at knows angles, The contest began close and continued so, resulting, remarkably enough in a tie as follows: CAHDEN LOOAMgl'ORT. Jf. B. Beador 21 H Idebrand 16 A. t. Baldwin 15 H. B. Huyes 19 W. Snoeosrger - THE PROGRESS. SPRING CLOTHING! New spring styles. We have the largest and nicest line to select from and can convince you easily that our prices are much the lowest. STRfWV ttflTS. All the new and nobby styles are here, our showing in Straw Hats cannot be surpassed buy any other house. And at popular prices. A. C. BRYCE. ie do not Wager, Neither Do We Take a Bluff, A competitor wants to ^ager $25:00 that the =3hoes that he was selling Monday. April 23d, for $1 48, were $5 and $G shoes, aad were better than our $5 and goods. Wo have in our sbow window a few pairs of the ;-3o-ca!led $5 and $6 shoes that were bought at the store Monday, April 23d, acd were represented to be $5 and -•$(» shoes Look at them, Everybody compare the old. out •«offf:yle goods to out 1 New Spring Goods. We will be •glad to show- you what the $1.48 slues are. No wonder you aie not allowed to return them. They are odds acd e» da of a sample line and not regular stock. Now «e do not wish to cause Mr Good Man (as terms himself) to lose $25.00, as that is considerable the circumstances, nevertheless, we are willing to $25.00 to the Home of the Friendless if the goods have in our window, which were bought as per above -8ta:ement, are anything to compare to OUT $4 and f .goods in Style, Stcck or Finish; providing he will agree 4o*doiate $15.00 to the Home of the Friendless if they isa-eHof;. Same to be decided by competent judges. Respectfully, PILLING & WHITE, jf, B.—We do not wish to cast reflections as to the truth of our competitor's statement, but please re. member that $5 and f 6 buys very fine, late-style shoes. DAIIV JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING APRIL 25. Will Rgf 14 Jlonlnan 15 Wenvnr 20 C. W.Thomaa 14 L. .VllUntf. H Howe. V W. H. Huyes 18 MR PITS. PITO. 1 AM HEADQUARTERS FOR; All Kinds of Paints If you are going to use any Paints GOME 53K25 MB. I keep the largest and best stock of Paints d*nd Painter's Supplies in Indiana, I make a specialty ••vf this line ot goods and am ia a shape to sell you any- diking in the line for les? money than it is possible, for say competitors to do, I WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. B. F. KEESLING, SOS Fourth St. LOGANSPORT, IND. Patronize Felkor's Weal Side bakery. Teeth without plates, at Clark's, the Dentist. Call and soo iho nr^v carpets at the Trade Palace. Every sl.HT hat made to fit you perfectly, at Puttcrbon'p new hat store. Dr. Hollc way's otlico in the Progress block, corner 4tb nod Market streets. Early cabbage plants now ready for planting.—J. H. MoMlllen, Hates street, West Side. Perfect health is seldom found, for impure blood is no general. Hood's Sarsaparilla really does purify the blood and restores health. Friday, April 27, Dew-enter, "the Hatter." will place on sale a very larce invoice ot tho celebrated Foster kid gloves in all the newest colors at 89 cents. For rent, pood front room, down stairs, suitable for two, in pood location on Market street, five minutes walk from court house. Inquire X X Journal office. White, tuns, browns, pearls and black, all the desirable colors in Fo3. ter's celebrated kid gloves, at Dewon- ter'e, the Hatter, kid glove sale, Friday, April 27. at 89 cents, Sherman Waggoner, of Martin county, who deliberately murdered .hig young wife, some four months ago, and who tools his time leaving his old neighborhood, is still nt large. Recently the authorities began making- some stir for his arrest, but It is tho. supposition that he is hiding In Texas. The murdered woman was daughter of John W. Sipes of Springvlllo. Mies Gertrude Morse, of Hanover, who Is plaintiff in the suit for f 10,000 damages against 1'aul Brown Scarfl, of Burllneton, Ia.. is a daughter of F. L. Morse, a professor ot Hanover College. The defendant IB a member of the senior class. He belongs, to a prominent family and is quite wealthy. The parties were betrothed by letter two years ago with the full consent of Ih e parents ot the plaintiff. Last March the defendant notified Miss Morse that he had changed his mind. G. ArmlcK Jl M. Harrlnon is J. N. Snell 20 C. ward 9 f. McPntrfdge )4 J. J. Reader so 129 129 The tie was then shot olT in a ten bird match which resulted in Logans* port favor as follows: CAMDEH F. B. Render Tie Progress Cor. Market and 4th Sts., Logansport. A. L. Baldwin « W. SnoebfirgBr S (i. Aruileh S II. HurrlKOn 5 J. W. Snull U C. Gurd 3 3. ,1 Bonder 9 LOflAH SPOUT Hlldebrundt 8 K. B. Hayes 6 wiijuur u Monltmn 'J Weaver 8 C. W. ruomas 6 L. Pilling -i Howe * W. H. Hayes 8 THE ADVANCE OF MEDICAL AND | SURGICAL KNOWLEDGE. | The eminent Dr. NloolU 3enn said recently that there had jVg been more real progrees made during the last ten years In medl- iU cine and surgery than In any other branch of human knowledge. >jg TWa Is particularly shown by the great use that i» now made of jj3 ELECTHICITY" ia the curo °' disease. By it the treatment of Sj diseases peculiar to women has been revolutionized. It Is now em- ployod by all specialists In these ailments and gives results that »re not equalled by any other methoc known. It Is our main re- lUnce In many other diseases such as Nasal Catarrh, Rheumatism', Neuralgia ana aa a nerve tonlo It is unequalled. But the apparatus U expensive and much skill Is required In Its use. These can. only be acquired by the well equipped specialist, but it la one of the means by whloh he makea hie work so certain, positive and satisfactory. We avoid tho useless and often lnjurlou» drugging of the The LOGANSPORT MEDICAL & SURGICAL INSTITUTE Ia the only plaoe nearer than tho large cities where these advan- tagea can be obtained. You are invited to call and Investigate. CosalUtlon tree. • DRS, CHRISTOPHER & LONGENECKER, 417 MARKBT ST. Every Stiff Hat FITTED TO YOUR HEAD PERFECTLY. A STIFF HAT WILL BE FITTED TO YOUR HEAD AS EASY AS A SOFT Tho other hours of the tournament were passed in free for alia, the following scores being made: Fifteen angles—Ray, 12; Longwell, 10; Hlldebrandt, 10; C. W. Thomas, 18; Eavart. 5; T. B. Reader, 8; 'Dr. Thomas, 4; Monyhan, 8; J. J. Reader, 10; J. D. Ferguson. 4; W. H. Hayes, 10; Hosteler, 7; Gard, 4; Baldwin, 5; Howe, 5: Snooberger, 8; Weaver, 10; Snell, 10; Harrison, 7; R, B. Hayes, 14. Five doubles—W. H. Hayes, 8; A. L. Monihan, 3; Hildobrandt, 5; J. J. Reader, 4; C. W- Thomas, 7; Enyart, S, Dr. Thomas, 6; W. Snoeberger. 5; A. M, Baldwin. 8; Longwell, 6; Ray, 5; Ferguson, 3; Harrison. 5; R. B. Hayes, 5; Howe, 1; Snell, S;Gard, 6. Ten bird match—Snccberger,7;G. W. Thomas, 8; Monihan, 4; Harrison, 6; Enyart, 4; Longwell, 9; Ray 9; W. H. Hayes, 6; B.Hoatetter, 6; Dr. Thomas, 2; T. B Reader, 6; J. J. Reader. 6; B. B. Hayes, 7. THE STATE COJiVESTION. Iut«re»t at tbe Capitol Over Today>• Event Waxes Warm—Owen lu tbe Lead. In all tbe history of Indiana State conventions there has never been the Interest manifested that Is notics- ble at Indianapolis over the event of today. With the multitude of candidates and each with his warm supporters, there is a crowd assembled at tbe capltol tbat is remarkable. In and about the Dennison House yesterday there were throngs of politicians gathered which made ingress and egress almost impossible. For the head of the ticket the con« test is waxing warm. A telegram received last evening stated that W. D. Owen was in the lead. The vote will bo received today at the Journal office as cast and bulletined. The contest is likely to be long drawn out. The Indianapolis News Jest evening says: Every one who has been watching the contest is certain now that neither a candidate for Secretary of State nor a candidate for Auditor will be nominated until several ballots have been taken. Some of the delegates say tbat they wauld not bo surpflsed to see the convention ballot all day on these two offices. With so many candidates each with a determined following, no one oxpacts that any candidate can win short of five or six ballots. Concerning the "old ticket" and the "anti-old ticket" factions tho News DR NOTT RUPTURE CURE CO, INDIANAPOLIS. BRANCH OFFICE LOGANSPORT, IND.. ST. ELMO BUILDING PERRY WALTMAN, M. D., Medical Director. Rupture permanently cured or DO pay. Examination Free. "There may be others who advertise the cure of Rupture without accomplishing what they claim, but whatever the Dr. Mott Rupture Cure Company assert can be relied upon."—American Tribune, March 23, 1893. ONTO BATTLE! We of today never tire of the tales of glory in which our fathers figure— tales thirty years old at that We wish that we had been there ourselves. With saye: "Some of. the politicians thought today that before tomorrow morning the fight might merge Into one between the "old ticket" and tho '-anti- old ticket" crowd. The "old ticket" men who are seeking nomination this time are: Aaron Jones, of South Bund, tor Secretary of State; John W. Coons of Indianapolis, for auditor of State; F. S. Scho.'z, of Evansvllle, for Treasurer of State; John W. Lovett of An. deason for Attorney General; John Worrel of Clayton, for State Stalls. tiolan, and James H. Henry of Warsaw, for Superintendent of Public Instruction. The 1m- preislon Is tbat the strongest men In the antl-"0ld ticket" combination are William D. Owen, of Logansport, for Secretary of State; Webster Richey, of Muncto, for Auditor of State; Leonard Wild, of Nobleevllle, for Treasurer; William A. Ketoham, of Indianapolis, for Attorney General ; Wm. R. McClelland, of Danville, for Clerk of the Supreme Court; M. N. Elrod, of Hartsvllle, for State Geologist; S. J Thompson, of Sbelbyvllle, for State Statistician: D. M, Geetlng, of Washington, for Superintendent of Public Instruction. You are hereby ordered to meet at the hall this evening at 7 p. M. In fatigue uniform. QEO, P. CHASE, Capt. Comd'sv The Memorial War Book We can be with them in spirit and feeling and help fight the battles of Union and Freedom. ;) The Memorial War Book is A s'raur OF THE GREAT BATTLES OF THE CIVIL WAR ON LAIJD AND SEA. COMPILED HISTORICAL RECORDS, NARRATIVES OF MES WHO FOUGHT AND FROM PERSONAL OB, SERVATION. BT MAJ. GEORGE F. WILLIAMS AND IS ILLUSTRATED BY NEARLY MAGNIFICENT 2 AAA MA ,UUU ILLUSTRATIONS MAPS, PLANS, DIAGRAMS, ETC. It frill be completed In about thirty weekly parts, each part of 24 quarto page, and containing from 40 to 60 Illustrations, printed on the flnwt ooatftl paper and,no expense will be-apared to make It the mart tump. tuou» atuf valuable work oa the war of the Bebelllon. The Journal has secured the exclusive distribution of thii splendid W»r book in thl, olty and now offers it to Journal readers for ;thre« coupon Md 10 centa for each part

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