The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 11, 1965 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 11, 1965
Page 7
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WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND tt DRJW t*KAH»OM Editor's Note: This column is written by Drew Pearson's associate, Jack Anderson.) WASHINGTON - President Johnson is trying desperatelv to hold a middle course in the Vietnam crisis. To those who seek negotiation, the President has complained bitterly that all their talk has demoralized South Vietnamese leaders and contributed to the coups that keep overthrowing government. In any case, he has told them, the communists have shown no sign that they would negotiate anything but the unconditional withdrawal of U. S. forces from South Vietnam. But to those who call for widening the war, the President has warned gravely of the folly of getting locked In mortal combat with 700,000,000 Chinese. What rankles the President is that Senators of his own party have taken the lead in calling for negotiation. In a phone call to Senate Republican Leader Everett Dirksen, the President thanked him for his support of the North Vietnam bombing and grumbled peevishly about getting "kicked around" by Democratic Senators. Dirksen didn't mention that his support was dictated as much by politics as patriotism. At a GOP policy meeting, Republican Senators had decided that their best strategy was to support the Increasing military pressure on North Vietnam. However, they figured that the pressure for negotiation would force the President to back down from his tough stand and thus leave the Republicans with a hot political Issue. They would be able to claim they had supported the President when he "stood up to the communists" but abandoned him after he "chickened out." Note: Republican Senators are also watching for an opportune time to start a clamor for publication of the secret correspondence between the late president Kennedy and ousted Soviet Premier Khrushchev. - o - —FLEET ALERTED— During a week of furious diplomatic activity over the Vietnam crisis, the armed forces have been warned to keep their guard up In the Far East. The Seventh Fleet is on the alert for a surprise pttark bv Ked China's 28 submarineo, which have the potential to attempt an underwater Pearl Harbor. The Air Force Is keeping a wary eye on the Red Chinese fighter-bomber force, which suddenly has taken to the air In recent weeks after being grounded for lack of fuel and parts. However, the alert In the Far East is purely precautionary. There has been no sign that the Chinese are preparing for an attack. - o - —REDS LEAD SPACE RACE— Space Specialist Charles Sheldon II has written an explosive private memo for the National Space Council, warning that the Russians still have a decisive lead in space exploration. He cites technical facts and cold statistics to drive home his warning. He also predicts flatly that the Soviets will dock two spacecraft in orbit and send aloft a manned space laboratory years ahead of the United States. Other space scientists have assured this column that the first American should be ready "feature for feature can't beat a EHL72 to land on the moon within five years, if our lunar probes continue to he as successful as they have l>een in the past. They are confident that the moonship they're designing will take mc?n to the moon and bring them tack safely. To put a man on the moon by the 1970 goal, however, will require eliminating two or three of the advance probes and speeding up the timetable. These same scientists don't deny, however, that the Russians continue to launch bigger and tetter spacecraft. They frankly are worried that the first man on the moon may plant the Hammer and sickle. - o - --PLOT REVEALED— FBI files contain Information that Malcolm X, the slain Black Nationalist leader, had been secretly conspiring against the West with African revolutionaries. He had offered to help them overthrow pro-Western governments in Africa. He had also planned to deliver an anti-American diatribe on the plight of U. S. Negroes at the coming Afro- Asian conference in Algiers. All this has made him such a hero to communist propagandists that they may attempt to make an International martyr of him. They have already started to give his assassination the biggest ballyhoo since the murder of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo. - o - —TRAFFIC SNARL PROBED-- A Sentate subcommittee has* started a quiet investigation of cost and confusion in the federal traffic safety program. By unofficial count, the federal government has eight separate agencies working on traffic safety. These include the Interdepartmental Highway Safety Board, the Federal Safety Council, and the President's Committee for Traffic Safety, whose function's often overlap. Last month, the Post Office Department granted General Motors $115,000 to find out what is causing personal injuries in 45,000 mail trucks, which General Motors sold to the Post Office in the first place. The Public Health Service is also putting up most of the money for Cornell University's auto injury research program, though the findings are turned over exclusively to the auto industry, which should be able to afford its own research. ...;, - 0 - —RED ARMS IN U. S. A.— "The Pleasure Seeker*" itartt Sunday at the Algona Theatre Cresco Chums Feb. r> Thursday, March 11. 1965 ii' 0«? -/>;../,».. .7 Pull the Gehl 72 Flail Chopper along side any other make. Feature for feature — round after round — the "72" proves its right to be the leader. Here's why: Unltized fan blades and knives give exclusive cut-and- throw action. Crops don't thresh around. They're in, cut. then blown to the farthest wagon corner. New Easy-Swing drawbar adjusts right from the tractor seat. No wrenches needed. Just pull the rope control to change chopper pulling positions for easy maneuvering in tight places. . Flails are reversible . . . give full 6-ft. cut. The 39 interchangeable flails are mounted in gangs and easy to switch. They're double-edged for double chopping life. Powered double chopping. After the crop is flail-cut, it's augered directly to the unitized fan and knives. Here forage is cut again against an adjustable shear bar. Lets you cut as fast and short as needed. These features — and many more —make the Gehl 72_ the best flail chopper you can buy. Make ue Prove rt with a Demonstration! JOE BRADLEY EQUIPMENT JttSQNA I The March meeting of the Cresco Chums was held Feb. 27 at the Marlln Meelhause home. Sheila Frideres presided. The meeting which was canceled was set for March 22. Mary Zaugg moved the meeting adjourn. Demonstrations given were "What makes a good closet" by Mary Besch, "Drawer Dividers" by Susan Smith, "Covering Storage Boxes" by Marilyn Roethler and "Lines" by Virginia Roethler. Lunch was served by Linda and /pith Mpelhause. Copper was used for plumbing as early as 3500 B. C. PARIS TRIP Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rath of Missouri Valley were among 140 Standard Oilers and their wives who excelled in a 1964 sales program and won a week's trip to Paris, France. They will travel from Kansas City March 21 on a non-stop jet flight and ••ofurn March 27 Mrs. Myrtle Paisley McClure was 101 years young on Feb. 21. Her family entertained at a dinner in Wlnterset. She has three children: Mrs. Rose Smith, Dexter, Mrs. Delia Smith, EarUiam and Will McClure, Wlnterset; 10 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren, and 16 great-great- "•randchildren JJJMJJJJJMJJIJJ.IJkU.kli MOVIE CLOCK keep water hot ELECTRICALLY! Ann-Margret Is an American entertainer Hvlng in Madrid, Pam- Tiffln is an American tourist, and Tony Franciosa U a Spanish nobleman In this scene from the 20th Century-Fox romantic- drama, "The Pleasure Seekers" in CinemaScope and De Luxe color, opening Sunday at the Algona Theatre. Filmed on location In Spain, the cast also includes arol Lynley, Gardner McKay and Andre Lawrence. The Soviet satellites have been shipping their surplus arms to Bulgaria, which has tried to dump them on the American market. The U. S. government, however, has refused to issue the necessary import licenses. One shipment, which the government stopped, would have flooded the country with a million Russian- made guns. Yet despite the official obstacles, Soviet weapons are showing up around the country., FBI agents seized four Red Army semi-automatic rifles, for example, from civil rights agitators in Mississippi. Several mail-order houses are openly offering the Nagant revolver, used by the Soviet Secret Police, for $49.95 apiece. This booming backdoor trade in communist arms is coming into this country by way of dummy corporations in Western Europe. Indeed, one of the biggest dealers in Soviet guns is reported to be an American citizen living in Europe. - o - —PARKING TICKETS-- The banishment of New York City policeman Thomas Gernon to Harlem for ticketing the Syrian ambassador's car almost had a parallel in the nation's capital. This column recently reported that Harlem's flamboyant Congressman Adam Clayton Powell was ticketed for abandoning his sports car at the busy entrance of the Washington National Airport. Instead of paying the fine, he demanded an apology from the officers who had the effrontery to ticket him. The two officers, Stanley Mathis and Oscar Clinean, never apologized. But their superiors tore up the ticket and humbly begged Powell's pardon. There were some sharp words during both Incidents. In New York, officer Gernon told the protesting ambassador that some diplomats give others a "lousy" name. In Washington, officer Mathis retorted to an angry outburst from the Congressman's- aide, Odell Clark, that Powell wasn't the kind of Congressman he could vote for. Gernon was hustled off to Harlem to walk a beat, as the world has now been told. In Washington, Mathis and Clingan were ordered to submit a written explanation of their conduct. Here, the similarity between the two incidents ends. Mathis also was called on the carpet and ordered to write a letter of apology to Powell. But the policeman, seeing no reason to apologize for doing his duty, refused to write the letter. Instead, he marched up Capitol Hill to see, not Powell, but Rep. James Kee, D-W. Va. Mathis also sought the help of Rep. G. Elliott Hagen, D-Ga. Seville Cathedral In Spain has 80 chapels. .There are 384 public parks in Sofia, Bulgaria. • THURSDAY thru SATURDAY "Station Six-Snhara" 7:30 Only; "Secret Invasion" 9:15 Only. SATURDAY MATINEE at 1:30- "Chartroose Caboose"; plus G color Cartoons. SUNDAY-"Pleasure Seekers" 1:30 - 3:30 - 5:35 - 7:40 9:45. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY "Pleasure Seekers", 7:15-9:20. for hot baths for every member of the family ENDS SAT. "STATION SIX - SAHARA" 'SECRET INVASION" ALGONA SUH. Thru WED. MARCH 14-17 ERE DO GOOD LITTLE GIRLS Go WHEN THEY t. WANT TO 1 PLUS COLOR CARTOON I COLOR HOlUM .„ GNEMASCOPE W for washing clothes in your automatic electric washer for washing dishes, too—wherever you need hot water, it's there when you have an automatic electric water heater. See your electric appliance dealer—and live better, electricallv 1 ALGONA MUNICIPAL UTILITIES Grand Opening Featuring . . . America's Finest --CAMPERS-March 19 and 20 STENZEL & MYERS CAMPERS North Iowa's Largest Dealer Swea City* Iowa Some tigers are fierce. Some tigers are ferocious. We build both. There's the incredible GTO with its extra helping of horsepower (360), or the way it comes (335). Or there's the LeMans with a 285-hp V-8, a 250-hp V-8, or a 140-hp six. Either way they're all tigers with bucket seats, carpeting and lois of Oh-you-kid! SEE THE III •'! BONNEVILLE. STAH CH I • . jR.'.i CA1A -.+ :i MA'iS.'iTOA'iD TEMPEST AT TOUR AUTHORIZED PONTIAC DEALER. SCHULTZ BROS., 1009 SOUTH PHILLIPS ALOONA, IOWA I • • • • • FARMERS ! RESERVE THE TIME & DATE! YOU'RE INVITED! CORN & SOYBEAN CLINIC FREE LUNCH AT NOON - 9:30 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. - THURSDAY, MARCH 18 - Y.F.W. HALL, ALGONA INFORMATIVE - ENTERTAINING - PRACTICAL — AND ALL FREE Watch This Newspaper fpr Complete future Details!

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