The Black Hills Pioneer from Spearfish, South Dakota on May 24, 2012 · Page 10
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The Black Hills Pioneer from Spearfish, South Dakota · Page 10

Spearfish, South Dakota
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 2012
Page 10
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Thursday , May 24, 2012 Page 10 BLACK HILLS PIONEER Garfield by Jim Davis Frank and Er nest by Bob Thaves Er nie by Bud Grace The Bor n Loser by Art & Chip Sansom Baby Blues by Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman Aunt is left home alone due to poor holiday plans !"#$ #&&'( )* sister 0$1th3 and 7 s8ent most holi< da*s dining o1t together after o1r families grew 18 and left home@ $1th died last *ear and her da1ghter 0Lara3 began inCiting me for holida*s 0so 7 wo1ldnDt be alone@3 7 haCe tried to declineF b1t she 8er< sists@ She insists that 7 sho1ld be with her instead of with friendsF altho1gh her 8lans are alwa*s tentatiCe and often change at the last min1te@ Last Christmas she inCited me to a comm1nit* holida* dinner at 2 8@m@ with her friends@ #t the last min1te she called to sa* weDd be dining at her ho1se in the eCening insteadF which meant 7 s8ent the entire da* alone doing nothing@ Jhe dinner was grim beca1se the* were arg1ing@ #t "asterF Lara called sa*< ing 8lans were 018 in the air@3 #t noon on "aster da*F she called to sa* her h1sbandDs sister was Cisiting and the* 8lanned to hike in the state 8ark and haCe a 8icnic L something that 7 8h*sicall* cannot do@ She said the* 8lanned to haCe dinner for me 0sometime soon@3 SoF once againF 7 s8ent the holida* alone@ Sho1ld 7 call Lara and tell her eMactl* how 7 feelF or N1st write a scri8t for the neMt time she callsO L P#! 7J 7Q JP" SRSJPW"SJ !"#$ P#! 7J( 7f *o1Dd 8re< fer to s8end the holida*s with friends instead of being reminded of sad memories and feeling obligatedF *o1 sho1ld decline LaraDs f1t1re inCitations@ 7f *o1r niece 8res< s1res *o1F eM8lain that *o1 haCe alread* made 8lans with friends@ #ltho1gh her heart ma* be in the right 8laceF from *o1r descri8tion of *o1r nieceDs social skillsF the* leaCe m1ch to be desired@ !o not allow her to make *o1 feel g1ilt* and change *o1r mind@ 'o1r feelings are Calid@ !"#$ #&&'( 7 am a UV< *ear<old single male with a Nob 7 enNo*@ Last W1neF a co1sin who is close to m* age mar< ried for the second time@ Pe married a girl 20 *ears *o1nger whom he had known less than siM months@ #ltho1gh 7 was 1nable to attend the weddingF 7 sent them a nice card with a gener< o1s cash gift@ 7 neCer receiCed a thank<*o1 note for it and altho1gh 7 was offendedF 7 oCerlooked their r1deness@ SiM weeks laterF m* co1sinDs new bride called m* 8lace of em8lo*ment and left an 0emergenc*3 message to 8hone her@ YShe left a second one with a neighbor of mine@Z [er* worried and not knowing what to eM8ectF 7 called her immediatel*@ Jhe 0emergenc*3 t1rned o1t to be a re\1est for a loan of ]V00@ 7 was angr* b1t tried not to show it@ #fter thinking abo1t itF 7 agreed to the loanF altho1gh m* co1sinDs wife had hinted that 7 sho1ld giCe them a larger amo1nt@ We agreed on a re8a*ment 8lan@ 7 had misgiCings abo1t hel8< ing themF b1t somehow m* a1nt L m* co1sinDs mother L became inColCed@ She ke8t insisting 7 lend them the mone*@ YJhe* were liCing with her at the time@Z 7t has been more than eight months and the* haCe made no effort to 8a* me back@ Jo make matters worseF the* aCoid me@ )* a1nt acts as tho1gh itDs all right for them to treat me this wa*@ 7 am angr*F h1rt and feel m* tr1st has been betra*ed@ What do *o1 think 7 sho1ld do nowO L SS"! 7Q )7SSRS$7 !"#$ SS"!( 7 think *o1 sho1ld write off the loan and thank *o1r l1ck* stars that *o1 werenDt conned into giC< ing this deadbeat co18le more mone*@ 7f *o1 are asked for more L which isnDt o1t of the realm of 8ossibilit* L *o1 can now sa*F 0QoF beca1se *o1 didnDt re8a* the first loan 7 gaCe *o1@3 Jhink abo1t it@ 'o1 ma* haCe got< ten off chea8@ !ear #bb* is written b* #bigail [an &1renF also known as Weanne ^hilli8sF and was fo1nded b* her motherF ^a1line ^hilli8s@ Write !ear #bb* at www@!ear#bb*@com or ^@R@ &oM _`UU0F Los #ngelesF C# `00_`@ aor an eMcellent g1ide to becoming a better conCersa< tionalist and a more sociable 8ersonF order 0Pow to &e ^o81lar@3 Send *o1r name and mailing addressF 8l1s check or mone* order for ]b YS@S@ f1ndsZ to( !ear #bb*F ^o81larit* &ookletF ^@R@ &oM UUbF )o1nt )orrisF 7L _c0VU< 0UUb@ YShi88ing and handling are incl1ded in the 8rice@Z For Better or For W orse by L y nn Johnston

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