Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 25, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1894
Page 5
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CHANGED TO On account ot having the Fortsr Lacing Nooks, many Inferior Cloves are being sold M the "Foster "to psrlios who believe them to ba the Genuine rcc'.or quality, which Is a superior French Hen) Kid Glow, mad* with special care in MI- own manufactory at Grenoble. Franc-. To > enable purchasers to distinguish tho difference, we have changed our trade mirk, and thai) heroaflor stamp all of our bitt quality CDIITTM : Friday, April We will offer all the desirable colors. Foster Kid Gloves at 09 cents, db Oo. MANUFACTORIES. IT O It SA.I-.E BY The Hatter, OME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. PEOPLE'S PARTY CITY HBJOT, U. M. GORDON. Treaiunr, OEOROK p. SCHARFF, Cletk, CHABLES BUHBMESTEB, Water Works Trustee, ED. CLAK7. Councilman, lit Ward-MllO GIBSON 2d Ward-C. 1-. D1LLEY, 3d Ward^JOHN A. MTTHPHT, 4tb Ward-CHARCES 1. BELL, KB W»M-C. 8. GKE«N. DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. .STATE NATIONAL BANK , After fourteen ITOM of scientific »tndj of Nose w, LlT«r, and an Dlwwea of a Cbronlc Nature dopted nur pwwnt form of trpotmont, and • conducted a sncceiwlnl practice In tne above •i of cam*. I oordlallj Invite jou or jonr dm If afflurted with anr Chronic DUeane, to lit me and my method of treatment and Its II. OmceionH:10tol2a.ni.:ato4. 7 to S BWldence iitoltlje. All colte promptly at- 'UMAX DoWder DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY MORNING, APRIL 25. tbe To Win. Binz and wife—a son. Gold fillings $1, at Clark's. DentiBt. Silver fillings 50 cents, at Clark's, the Dentist. The new hat store of Patterson's, the Haberdasher, for correct ityles. Felker'e bread wagon passes your home dally. Use big bread, .pies, cakee, etc. GuyjDavidBOn baa purchased the fix • turei, of Fred Minneman's recently closed taloon, and will reopen the same. A plate fflftss lu J. F. Sebastian's window was yesterday broken by a blast in the Bower being put in on Fourth street. Have you had trouble in getting a. stiff hat to at your head? If so, come to Patterson's new hat store and have them fitted perfectly. First come flrst served Friday, April 27, we will sell without reserve all the newest shades in the celebrated Foster fid (flovos at 89 cents.—Dewenter, tbe Hatter. Yesterday at 11 o'clock at the reel- dance of Wm. Gregg on Fourth street, Rev. A. E. Ewers, of KookQeld, officiating, Miss Ida McCain and Mr. Frank Groninger, both ol Rockfield; were united in marriage. Tbey departed at noon for Indianapolis. Harry Case, the Pan Handle con ductor; and one time proprietor of the Id Windsor House which stood where he "Island View" now stands, yester- ay bought the latter botel and ree- aurant as to fixtures and "good will," rom Henry Brookmyer, Jr., and will ake possession tbo first of May. Monday evening at the residence of tfr. and Mrs. 8. B. Kerllo, on Cloott treet, West Side, Rev T. S. Freenan ffiolatiog, MUs Liura .Rowan was ailed in marriage to Mr, Charles day. son of Lewis B. May of the orth Side, and bookkeeper at Hllde- rtodt'D plumbing establishment. A CSBB -'of smallpox has developed Fort Wayne, tbe patient being. eorgUna Bond, six years old. daugh- r of Stephen D. Bond, and grand aughter of Division Superintendent orbam. of the New York, Chicago & t. Louis Railway. The child recent- 1 accompanied her mother to Cleve- aad, and le supposed to have oou. •acted the disease in that olty. The o-ham family reside In a fashionable oardlng house at Fort Wayne, the WABASH KNOCKED OUT. JBDGE CAPRON AWARDS JUDGE. MENT FOB PLAINTIFF IN THE EE1 RIVER RECEIVER- S1IIP CASE. A Murprlne All Around, Plo»«nt lor Clalntlir* and Otherwise tor Vofendanw—Jad|(0 Oaprou Settle" the IVa^ter In a Few Word* and tbe Expected liantt Ntruicgle U Over lu a Few Honrn—A Day »t Hochen- ter and. It* Heinlt. Yesterday wag the day sot for the hearing of the famous Wabaeh-Eol Hlver receivership case at Rochester. It was expected that the legal struggle would be warm and long drawn out and tho attorneys who started from here yesterday morning with their green bags well stocked with legal ammunition had little thought of being- home before Friday evening, Instead however, they returned laet evening quite jubilant, wearing the laurel wreath of victory on their brows. They claim a complete knock out for the enemy and bring tidings which will give general satisfaction in Lo. gansport and along the right of way of the much abuaed Eel River railroad. The local firms, interested In the proceedings besides Prosecutor Kistler, who brought the suit, are Dykeman, Wilson & Taber and Wlnfleld & Taber. There went to Rochester yesterday expecting a several day's Beige Prosecutor Klstler, Judge Dykemaa, Judge Wlnfleld, G. C. Tabor and W. A. Osmer. They met Harry Crawford and other distinguished attorneys ol the corporation In Judge Capron's court and achieved a victory upon the defendant's own admissions. This celebrated case baa been in court several times, hut on this last round tbe defendant comes up very groggy. It la the well remembered suit in quo warranto of the State ex rel. F M. Kietler, prosecutor, against the Wabseh-Eel River Railroad Company, to Bet aside the lease whereby the Wabash company operates the Eel River road, and incidentally to appoint a receiver to wind up the affairs of the Eel River division. The com,plaint, a most voluminous instrument, which not long since appeared in full in these columns, sets out at length many reasons why the lease should be set aaide; why the Wabash Company should be ousted and why a receiver should be appointed for the Eel River, Chief among those allegations were named mismanagement; failures to properly operate; failure to properly maintain the truck, repair shops, etc., etc. Upon the hearing of the complaint Judge McConnell appointed Dennis Uhl temporary receiver. The case wao taken to the Fulton coun> ty court on a change of venue and after several legal skirmishes was called before Judge • Capron in that court yesterday for final hearing. The defendant company, admitted the allegations of the complaint, admit, ting that it bad no right to operate the Eel River under iti lease, and .waived a jury trial, standing on He answers to the complaint. Thaae tho Judge overruled and awarded jdugment for plaintiff on the complaint. The terms of the judgment will be .drawn up later and delivered together with the appointment of a receiver on Mar 18. The Wabash will appeal to the Supreme Court _ Marion Chronicle: Nancy Ward, known to Marion residents as Nancy Nichols, died Friday night of con- gumption at her home in Chicago. Nanoy had many friends and relatives In Marlon,' and was a sister of Jerry and Sarah Nichols of this place. She left Marlon over a year ago and. went to Logansport to live. It was there she married Mr. Ward, and went to Chicago. She had been ill with consumption several months, and about.a month ago her sister Sarah was sent for, and she was with her up to tbe last. Her remains were brought to Marlon Saturday night, and funeral services were held yesterday afternoon from the A. M. E. church. OTTO KRAUS. LAST YEA ,$1500 NOW $7 50. MAN'S OPPORTUNITY! BUSINESS SUITS S7.50 Single Breasted Sacks, Double Breasted Sacks, Cutaway Frocks. All Wool Fabrics, Correct Styles and Ail Sizes. We are determined that Tree wool will not catch us napping. This Is Men's Clot'nmg Opportunity. Orders by mat), with c ash in advance only, carefully filled. Open Saturday evenings until 10 o'clock. None of These Goods Charged, Exchanged or Delivered. LAST YEAR, .$15.0O NOW $7.50.. OTTO KRAUS 'OF COURSE." SEVENTY.F1PTJ1 AJiMVEKSAM. Of tbe Fonnrtlnir of Odd Fellowship to be Ceiubrmed »>ii Tlturadav. The Odd Fellows o( Logan port will celebrata the seventy fifth anniversary of their order by a parade on the afternoon of Thursday, and an entertainment at the rink in the evening. Aa on previous occasions tbe public is cordially Invited to the exercises at the rink. No admission will be charged. Colonel C. L. Woll has been appointed marshal. The line of march Is aa follows: Form on Pearl, right resting on Market, east on Market to Thirteenth, west on Thir. teentb to North, south on North to Broadway, west on Broadway to Second, south .on Second to Market, eaet oa Market to Pearl; thence to hall. \ The exercises in tbo evening will commence promptly at S o'clock. Judge D. H. Chaee will preside. The following is the program: Prayer Rev. W. B. Wone« Oponliur Odp By Mombarg Rending Proclamation H. J. llcSheehy AdcJrea, Rev. T-S.Gatlirfe "A Single Llvtle Sons" Mia.es Alford and Bunkor, Jlassrs. Fousl und the grand lodge will be in session, and then make the affair one of imposing grandeur, Tco cxer cises will be given entirely by the lodges in Marion county, and all ex penses will be paid by the members of the order. The parade will consist of probably five divisions, 500 Canton members, 10,000 subordinate members and 1,000 members of the grand lodges, interspersed with fifteen beautiful floats and tableaux. In addition It will contain the tallest, shortest, oldest and youngest Odd Fellow in the State and the oldest Odd Fellow in the world. There will be in line, in addition, 200 each of tho noble grands, vice grands, secretaries and treasurers, each division preceded by an appropriate emblem. The day will be the grandest in the history of Indiana Odd Fellowship. YOUR NAME IK PRINT. Recitation Mrs. N. Kuhn Song MlssesMcKfe Kedtatlon—"The Sentence Suspended" Miis ter Wai kerBoskett Son*,... J. C. 8rldK« i , , , _, , Recitation "A Wayward Life" i former home in Kokomo. MisuSiulle Jongdon. lltmm of K Perional Ckmcttir Concerning Logannportera and Tlielr Friend* Miss Hannah Wilkinson, of Peru, is visiting in the city. Mrs. Walter J. Uhl is visiting her former home at Warsaw. Mrs. S. P. G-rafflln Is visiting at her geone there and OL returning will stoya awhile at Hot Springs. Mrs. Sbulte will visit her sieicr at Indianapo-1 f, during his absence Mrs. Frederick* Ltliiantba* sa& daughter Miss Casino, and daughter- in-law, Mrs. Adaline Lilllaotha). who., have been visiting the families of.Mr-. C. Schwerdman and Mr. Jofcn RZ. Schwerdman, departed last night 'os(heir homo at Charleston, S C. Tbey Extend Thanks. The managers of the Home for tht? Friendlees desire to publicly thank the. Elks for their donation of $30 aa half the proceeds of their entertainment, for charity. WHAT IS POLITENESS. Song Bert Walter Recitation MIssKoontz Song "Evalena 1 Miss L. Glpe Recitation Miss N. Netbeicutt SODJ? Bridge City Quartette Recitation ''TbeJlners" Miss Lizzie Frjc. Song "Mortgage the Farm" Misses Alford, Bunker and Kuki, Messrs Sdilelger and Point Benediction ROT. T. S. Freeman Odd Fellowship Celebration. Tomorrow will be a, notable day in the'annals of Odd Fellowship in the world, for on that day ihe million members of the order in North Amer. lea will celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the foundation of the society. The growth of the order founded by tne notable Englishman, Thomas Wlldey, in Baltimore on April 26, 1819, has no doubt far ex- Mrs. H. C. Gapen tt recovering from an attack of malarial (ever. • S. B. Dixon of Kentland is visiting tbe family of O.T. Merrifield on North street. Mrs. H. S. Touiley and daughter, Miss Gertrude returned yesterday from their western trip. Mrs. F. M. H&mmon. has just returned from Dorai, Wabash county, where she attended the funeral of her father. Rev. A. W. Ewere an d wife of Rockfield spent yesterday In the city the guests of A. M. Rankln and family on North street. The Misses Cushman, Miss Ella Allen and Miss Carrie Sevan de- The Evolution Of medical agents Is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to tho rear and bringing Into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that it IB manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale oy »H leading drug- grists. SUn of Kid Glov«», Dowenter, the Hatter, is going to try a special sale Friday, April 27, when he will offer the celebrated FOB- ter kid gloves at 89 cents in all colors. Regular price, $1.50. You can gave 25 per cent, by buying oarpeta and curtains, at the Trade Palace.. Have your hat fitted to your head. parted this morning for Indianapolis oeeded his-most sanguine hopes. The to at , end an Ea9tern Stap meellD(? Dr. and Mrs. Bell are preparing for an extensive Western trip, intending to start the flrst of May for the coast. The doctor will attend tho national conference of physicians at Francisco, Dr. J. B. Shultz departed yesterday I for Galveeton, Tex. He will attend the annual meeting of railway eur- nmates of which fled in .wild alarm. We do it perfectly at Patterson'* real estate now owned by tho order in this country now exceeds $20,000,000 In value, and there is scarcely a town or city in tbe country that does not point with pride to lt« Odd Tollows' building. During tbe past year the total revenues of the order in tbe United States and Canada equalled $9,609.130.18, and the relief extended was $8,850,456.84. To the gallantry of an Indl. ana man, Sohuyler Colfax, is due the Accomplishment of admitting women to the order, for it was be whose efforts organized the order of Rebekah. There are now in the country over two thousand lodges of Rebekah, and the ttembership exceeds 100,000. The order In Indiana is in the front rank, and has 42.060 members. The grand elre, grand master and grand patriarch of the order in North Atner ica have issued proclamations calling upon all lodges and grand lodges in the country to appropriately celebrate the diamond anniversary of tho found- ,iag of tbe order, and Indiana Odd .Fellows are making^.preparations to make the celebration one of the grand' eat events In the history of the capital. While the day will be celebrated by the lodges throughout the State, it, has been decided that tbe state celebration will be deferred until Ma/ 16, when i Cooitant ThoujrhtfnlnrNn for th* P!«mxur«* of Ol horn. To avail much politeness must be B* habit, not an occasional mood. Liko* full dress it realty shows to disadvantage if not worn with the air ot havingr been born in it. We must wear it at; home or we shall not find it fitting us. well in the house of our neighbor. I have a charming', friend who insists that/ politeness is but the hiphcst. order of selfishness—that the desire tcr* be thought well of by all good people,, nay by all people good or bad, is at. the bottom of it We need not accept, this theory; but, after all, it is worth, while to have everybody feel that wer wish to make our presence a comfort., and not an embarrassment. Mere elegance of manners, mere correctness in following conventional rules, mere accuracy of deportment »s, regards physical bearing, and mere fa-- cility in gliding through the intricacies of formal social pymnattics at*.doubtless important attainments; bat, politeness may not be reached by thezd- Yon must be constantly thoughtful of: what will please others—you must find your own happiness in making- each person happy that you meet. Ycur. must be a storage battery ot cheerful! • and engaging influences, an optimist,, a prophet of good, as well as a person, of easy and polished bearing. I har» met very courtly people who were exceedingly impolite; they forgot to overlook the discourtesy of others.—Angaline Bryce Martin, in Chautauquan. The young man came rushing into the bouse of his best girl as the rain, came pouring down. "Wow," exclaimed the small brother^ meeting him at the door, "sister don't. CDOV! what she's talking about." "Why, what did »be sfty?" "She said th' other day wheo you: was here that you didn't know enough •a come in out of the wet."—Detroit, SYee Press. For Fine Spring Suits in endless Variety, which for Fit, Durability, Style, Workmanship and Trimmings are positively unexcelled, call on CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market Street.

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