Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 25, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 25, 1894
Page 3
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MYSTERIES! The Nervous System the Seat of Life and Mind. Recent Wonderful Discoveries. No mystery has over compared with thatv* human life. It has been tho leofltni: subjret ""professional rmourch and study In all noes*. But Withstanding this fact M* that, tho NCfl-t of llfo Is Merited In tl»» up- pcrpnrtof toe Bplnul co i,i<t, near tho b.TPu of tlic brain, and so sensitive l» in 1.9 portion of tire nervous sv»- tnm th;ite\%>n tho prick offi ncuulo w 119 causa . S*> Recent discoveries hnvo demonstrated th:it all tbooreans of tuo body are undry elm ci)n- trol or thu nerve centers, located In or near tho base of tho bralii. unU that when thesis :UP deranged tho organs which thoy supply wTOi nervcTtulUare also deranged. \Vhon It Is jw- momborod that a gorloua Injury to tho spijKM cord will cause paralysis of the body >" irn » the Injured point, because the ncrvo fc- nrevcntcd by tho Injury from roachin; pnralyzod portion, It will bo understood . xlio doruneomont of the norvo cuntew wifl causo the derangement of tho varloua orsaTis •which thoy supply with norvo force. Two-thirds of chronic diseases aro duo to the Imporfoct action of tho norvo ccnters-fl* tho Base of tho bniln, not from a dorunm- Sent primarily orlBlnatliig in tho ™'f.("'te kflf Tho uroat mistake of physlelansjn treatlnK these diseases Is that tlioy treat $*> orKan rather than tho norvo centoia wliKai DR Fre.\NKLiN MILES, the celebrated snp- clallsfchus profoundly studied this subject for ovor 20 years, and bus made many Imnoriant discoveries In connection with It, chief a them bolng tho fncts contained In tho i.. statement? and thnt tbo ordinary m "^°?. treatment are wrong. All headache, " ness, dullness, confusion, preisuro,, -. mania, melancholy. Insanity, epilepsy Vltus dunco. etc., aro nervous dlsoiisrfs mutter how caused. Tho wonrlorrulsucct.-"-- Ur. Miles' Restorative Norvlno IsduotoUHj rant that It Is based on tha fnruirolnfrnrlncipio. DR. MILES' RESTORATIVE NEIIVINE Is sold by nil druggists on a positive Kuaraniee.or sent direct by DR. MILKB MEDICAL Co.- MK Ind., on receipt of prlco, $1 JX" bottlos for 15, express prepaid. .neither opiates nor dangerous drugs. Our Fried Ice Cream and Snow Ball Fritters are the talk of the town. The VENDOME is surely in it. Come and see the Metamorphosis. 320 Broadway. Meals 25 cents. Short order cookink .at all times at the *lunch counterl DAILY JOURNAL. WEDNESDAY MORNING APRIL 25. Try Felker'a Chicago bread. Full sets of teeth for $5, atClark'e, tho Dentist. A big stock of neglige shirts at Pat' teraon's new bat store. New carpets, mattings and linole- ums at lowest prices, at the Trade Palace. Mahlon Roderick, charged with forgery, will have a hearing in tho circuit court today. Members of the L. A. to O. R. C. will meet at 1:30 p.m. today. By order of—PRESIDENT. In tho divorce suit of Borneo vs. Grace MikeseU. the plaintiff was yes- ierday granted a divorce. Romember the King's Daughters' "chocolate" at the Episcopal Church Thursday evening, April 26. House for Sale Very Cheap—No. 308 Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DeLoog, No. 402 Market street. Wanted—A good girl at 1?11 High street. Keforences required. No other need apply. Good wages. The hearing of Ida and Sherman Mohler charged with robbing their uncle, Win. Welch at Anoka, is set for Friday. The divorce suit of Edna V3 John Derelt was hoard yesterday in tho circuit court and continued for more evidence. Acute and chronic catarrh; diseases of the throat and ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth street. Telephone 157. Just to think, genuine Foster kid gloves io tune, browns, pearls, black and white, at 89 cents, at Dowenter'a, the Hatter, Friday, April 27th. For Sale—At a very low price, an old style, best make rood organ in good condition and of superior tone and action. Inquire at this office. Mr. Daniel B. Grant an4 Mies Leula A. Cowell, both of Casa county were married last Sunday afternoon a the home of the bride's brother, bi Rev. W. G. Vessel*, of Royal Center Yeiterday afternoon »t the office on Fourth rtreet of Ju»tioe Henry M Eldion, that yeterw magistrate offiol atlng, MlM IT» Chlddeiter and Samuel Brmnt both 01 Lswltburg W«N united la •arrlag*. SUING FOH A BlCi FEE. A dispatch from Washington says: The caaee of Orpheus D. Ashley and others, trustees, plaintiffs in error, vs. Daniel J. Ryan, secretary of State of Ohio, is assigned for argument today be/ore A full bench of the supreme court. The controversy involves the alldlty of the Ohio statute fixing the ees to be charged by the secretary of State for official services. The plaint- Hi were charged with the duty of reorganizing the various lines of railway« in the Wabash system, purchased by them under the proceedings upon a general mortgage which covered all ts property and franchises in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana. Illinois and Missouri. Prior to June, 1889, they had become purchasers o( all such lines and h&d separately conveyed the railway properties in each of the States to a local corporation duly organized therein. On August 1st, 1885, jlalntlfTd tendered to Ryan an agree- nent of tho five corporations whereby the roads were united under the name of tho Wabash R&tlroad company, with an aggregate capital stock of j!52,000,000. Plaintiffs offered him ^700 as tho proper official fee for re- cordlng the same, but Mr. Ryan re- 'usud to accept, file or record the document unloas bo was first paid ^52,000, claiming that under tho act o( February 12. 1889, the fee demand able by the law for such services was one-tenth of one per cent, on tho cap- tal stock of $52,000,000. Tho case was taken to tho common pleas court of Franklin county, Mo. which hold the act was valid, which ruling was affirmed both in the circuit and n thu supreme court of Ohio. EAST BOUND BUSINEIS. In east bound shipments out of Chicago the Pan Handle led all tho inei last week. Business was not quite as heavy as tho week before but was heavier on the Pan Handle than on any other road. The total ship- meals amounted to 64,663 tone, against 82,938 for the preceding week, and 03,669 tons for the corresponding week last year. The roads carried tonnage as follows: Michigan Central, 7,539; Wabash, 8.779; Lake Shore, 8,339; Fort Wayne, 5,796; Pan Handle, 1 122; Baltimore & Ohio, 2,532; Grand Trunk, 6.010; Nickel-plate, IrSOS; Erie, 7,288; Big Four, 1,557. '•BOB" GiUHABI DEAD. Robert H. Graham, the well-known Pan Handle conductor, dirt at 1:20 yesterday afternoon of consumption at Burnetsvllle, the home of his parents. He had been ailing for somo- ,lme, and about eight months ago took a leave of absence since which nte he went down rapidly. He leaves a wife and one child. The funeral will be held this afternoon at Bur- nottsville. . A gang of carpenters are at work •epalrlng the Wabash turn table. Ell Fink has severed his connections with the Maurice meat market and resumed his former position, that of lonductor on the P»n Handle. The Pan Handle now gets a train load of stone every day at the Keu- coth stone quarries. Previous to this the road ran but three stone trains a week. Tho coal minors strike Is making itself felt on the railroads. Tho Pan Handle Is hauling but little coal and tho Vandalia is doing hardly any north bound business. Tho trainmen at tho division point of the Wabash linos, Andrews, Ind., announces that whl'o thoy deplore tho proposed reduction of wages on the aystom they will accept. A financier high In authority says that it Is not generally known that tho lateH. S Ivas had his eyes riveted for some time on the Pennsylvania system. He studied its finances, but soon gave up the Idea of controlling It, finding it waa to* colossal an undertaking. The abstract relative to the trans fer of forty-five acres of land in Lalayetto and right of way to the Monon Railway Company, whore Us now shops are to bo built, is completed, and will, after the approval of the legal representatives of tho Louisville, Now Albany & Chicago, be filed with with the County Recorder. HlrBved Sfollce, Strayed Irom my farm last Saturday evening, a two-yoar>old flllcy, iron gray, with while stripe above hock on near hind leg. Any information lead-« ing to her recovery left at this offloe will be liberally rewarded. WASH Kcire* For Male or Trade. Will trade or sell a flee (arm of 100 acres half mile 'rom Union City, valued at $6,000. Will trade for property In Logansport. Call on or address J T. Cookburn. room 8, Spry bulldinj? Quaker headaoha oapiuli give ra. lief In ten Derby or Fedora HATS Pearl with BlacK Band, Mocho, Tobacco, Black and Brown. $2 Hats for $1. $3 and $3.50 Hats for $1.98 OTTO KRAUS Walter and Clinrlle Bobbed. In its convention notes last evening the Indianapolis Nawg contains the 'ollowing which will bo read with regret by tho friends of the unfortun ate victims in this city: 'Thieves have been working the Donison H«use since the crowd gathered. Last night Walter K. Landis, Indianapolis correspondent of the Gin- lnnatl Commercial Gazette, and Charles B. LandU. his brother, oandl. date for Congress in' the TeDth die- riot, occupied a room in the hotel. (Vhen they got up this morning the ormer discovered that he had been robbed of *55, and the latter was $36 ihort." Llcenied 10 Wo*. Chaf, May and Laura Uowan. Jos. Mlnnoman and Elsie S. Knight. Wm. J. MoCarty and Sadie Carson. John R. Galloway and Ida E. Davis. Samuel Bryant and Iva Dbidester. Lewis Edward Brown and Sylvia C. Young. Daniel W. Rhoada and Laura N. ,usher. Death of an •ctogonsriaD. Soloman Eelsh died yesterday morning at 6 o'clock at his home lu Washington township, at the advanced age of eighty-three yeari, two months and two days. Funeral will be held from the Plank church at 2 ,clook this afternoon, Interment in the cemetery adjoining. Notice. The first payment on subscriptions of stock to the Citizens' Natural Gas Company of Logaosport, Ind., is now duo and should bo paid at the company's ottlce, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock are twenty-five dollars (*25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid ai follows: * ] S i April 20. 1894 * JimeiiU. 1KH Julj-SO.lHM..... SeuMin bur 21). 1894 October 2n, 1804 November 20, is(H J)'Cemb«r 20. 1SS4 ? $ Juiiuurr20,1S!K 1__ 1 IK) 2 m 3 (HI 3 00 ;', iio JOHN GKAY, President. C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. Notice. The veteran meat man, JoaophGoldy. has purchased the grocery store of Charles Green, No. 1302, Broadway, and will move his meat market now located at 419 Twelfth street, Into the building and conduct both there. Ho Invites all his old customers and many new ones to call on him at his new •lace of business. JOSEPH GOLDY. Price* of Ice. LOQANSPOKT. April21, ]894. On and after May 1. 1894, the price of Ice will be: Butchers, 25 cents per 100 pounds. Saloons, 80c. per 100 pounds. Private families, SOoperlOO pounds. C. JEANNERETT. JOHN BAKER. Card of Thank* The Sisters of St. Francis hospital wish to return their elnoero thanks to the B. P. O. E. tor tbe kind donation of ISO. as one-half of the net proceeds of their charity benefit entertainment Monday evening. ^ Notice to Chosen Friend*. All Chosen Friends in good standing are requested to be present this even- in(T to attend the reception, and banquet to be given In honor of George W. Funk, recently elected "—•• CmmoUlor of th« State. SUBTERFUGES OF SICK WOMEN. Idlotlu Kfforts Often Made to Deceive tho Doctor or Dlnobay HI* Order*. "Sly? There is nothing slyer on earth than a sick woman." It was a Washington physician who said this, and ho added: "I have to bb continually on th« lookout for tricks that my women patients play me. For example, yesterday I was taking the temperature of a young lady with a continuous fever. Sho held tho thermometer in her mouth five minutes, at tho conclusion of which sho withdrew the thermometer and handed it to mo, I was positively startled when I found that the instrument only registered 87 degrees Fahrenheit. "If that had been h«r actual temperature she would have been dead, but, on the contrary, she exhibited every other symptom of rapid convalescence. The fact was that just before I g-avo her tha thermometer she had taken a sip of water from a glass and had incidentally secreted a chunk of ice in her mouth. Naturally, that affected the record of the tube. Tho patient explained thftt she had become so disgusted with waiting for her temperature to come down to 'normal' that sue had thought a little artifice would be both appropriate and excusable. "liut that is nothing- compared to another recent experience of mine. A girl of about seventeen was recovering nicely from an attack of jaundice. In fact, she was getting- so much better that her sister insisted on resuming- her ordinary habit oi sleeping with her. I would have preferred not, but there was really no serious objection. One night, having- boeu detained, I got around rather late. It was after 10 p. m. I walked up-sta.irs to the sick room and found the sisters both iu bed, the well one apparently asleep. "Tho light burned rather dimly. I felt the pulse, which had been quite high in tho morning of the same day. To my surprise, it was full, regular and quite normal as to beats. 1 tried it a second time with the same results. Now, what do you suppose the trick was in that case. The two girJs had so arranged themselves in bed that the arm of the well sister was under the sick one, and projected in such a manner as to make it appear as if it belonged to the latter. 1 had been feel- Ing- the pulse of the wrong- young- lady. "There was a little girl in Georgetown about 12 years of age who was on the point of convalescence after typhoid fever. She had been on a liquid diet for weeks and her appeals for more satisfactory food was pitiful. She said that the 'slops' I prescribed for her made her sick. Well, one morn- ._j when I came to tho house and was walking upstairs to tho sick room I happened to meet the patient's Brand- mother, who stood aside to let me pass, and I noticed that she appeared to conceal something behind her back. I stopped short. ' 'Madam,' I said, 'let mo see what you are hiding.' "After brief demur she produced it It was a piece of bread. " 'You were going to give that bread to Nellie,' I said sternly. "'Yes,' shg confessed.. The poor child has been crying for it' 'I took tho bread from her without further remark and sought an immediate interview with her son, Nellie's father. . 'Mr. y ,' I said, *you must send your mother home to Baltimore at once. The next express starts at 8 p. m. She must take it" " 'But, doctor,' objected tbo father, much astonished, 'this is a severe demand on your part. I cannot understand the reason for it and I am very reluctant to comply." 'You must take your choice,' Ire- plied, 'between your mother's presence and your daughter's life. A moment ago I caught her in the act of trying to convey a slice of bread to tho patient. If sho had succeeded in doing BO unobserved Nellie would probably have been dead in forty-eight hours.' "The old lady went back to Baltimore that afternoon. As for Nellie, I met, her in tho street the other day aud noticed that roses bloomed in her cheeks."—Washington Star. A CITY OF BETTER DAYS. TJi« Full 111B OH In IJublln'a Industrial StOtUH. The blow which fell on Dublin nearly a century ago, aud which checked its material prosperity as effectually as the Spanish siege broke that of Leyden, did not operate to also blight its growth. It remains among tho first score of Europe's centers of population, and the county of which it is tho heart contains 50,000 more people than it did in 1841. There is only oue other county in Ireland which does not exhibit a loss in population of from 30 to 00 per cent, for the same period.^ This increase does not, unhappily, betoken a pain in resources and profitable activity. The average standard of wealth in Dublin has, I should think, declined considerably since 1841. Between that date and the year 1800 the fall was precipitous. The ledgers of the old banking house of Latouche preserve a curious detail of proof. Of the 104 peers in the Irish parliament, 8» kept their accounts with Latouche, and the personal expenditure of these in Dublin aggregated £624,000 in a ilnglo year. There were a hundred town houses of the nobility then, and thero were 300 members of the commons, who, from tho necessities of the case,were either wealthy men or tho salaried nominees of wealthy patrons. Th» mere presence of parliament must have meant tho annual circulation of at least two millions sterling In Dublin. It is possible to enumerate manufactories aud mills known *.o have existed in Dublin in 1800, employing some 10,000 artisans, of which all vestige had disappeared within thirty years thereafter, in 1825 tho number of resident p«en b_4dimlniab«4 to tw*lT», and to-d*r When Your Watch or Pianos NEEDS REPAIRS Do you let a. blacksmith or carpenter tinker •.vith it? No. Better let it alone than do that! How about your nerves— your very life prop? This delicate mechanism gets out of order, and w!n> shall repair it? Then; are fine mechanics who cannot repair *w:ti.dies; there are good physicians who cannot fix up the nerves. Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vilal- J7.tr is a s.-ife and positive cure for every form of nerve debility and nerve exhaustion if used faithfully according to directions, May Be It's Just What You Ne&feeei It is, if you suffer from Chronic Sleeplessness, Debility or Prostration ! •'.-.-'; These are warnings — it" neglected ma-: ;••.;•>* to Paralysis, Epilepsy, Apoplexy, or I- ->r h Our Vitalizer does not stupify — it • -.t -' builds up — cures ! ; ,].% nnalysi» ot-.-jls or 5 oiiTwisi:, .1 particle of morphine, opium,oaiu2i B I coeaiiie.orai.y harmful dnis in lliisremedjrctiedir j, ' - i . .-..;:.;.,'-;!, Alich. Free sample for convir.cingtrial of any drag- dreg- gisl, or ilirect from us on receipt of 5 cmtf cenlB- (str.mps) lor return postage. The doctor will ;;:vc free advice to any vnsy whc- ask it. AH are wtfjcome. One dollar .1 hof.Jc .".t druggists. Wlie'. -.^wci j;3*- For Sale by Sen Fisher, 311 Fourth St. 'LV is pra.clic:ii ly Jiono :it, :til. Thr toilers wiriil ;i\v;iy H.S \vull. not only the woolen. Kill; 'and cssvpi-t wpiivc-rs, iiiul those skilloi in the fabrication of other iiiifticlmvs, but the hot>tof bui'durs. soiix, stonecutters and arti.sf.ic stucco workers who had been employed in that splendid renaissance of public and private architecture which marked the Lifetime of Orattaa's parliament. — oriuiflitly Iluviow. Corn for F»I3 Feeding. In regard to preen corn for fall feeding, says an Indiana dairyman, our experience is that a. large variety of sweet corn is tho best. It produces most milk, is the most palatable to the cow. and gives the milk a better flavor lh»n any other food we have used; green elover and ensilage coroir.fr next in order for flavoring mil k. If green feed produces milk cheaper when wo can S et '*> tho closcr we come to it when we can't petit, the better we are off. Therefore, early-cat hay and ensilage made from ordinary field corn are the chief factors in producing miltt cheap in the winter. Tilt Valua of One Nail- One nail may prove of great ralue if used upon the fenco or building as soon as It 1» demanded. A board that has become loosened soon begins to clatter in tho wind, and if neglected long it disconnect* itself, falls off, and perhaps is split or carried away, and the necessary repair is increased a hundred fold in point of expense, and putting in its place another board makes an unsightly spot It will pay richly to use a nail as soon as it is demanded. — Farmer*' Voice. f 100 BciTKd, » 100. Tim reader of tills paper will b« pleased to learn that there l« at least one dreadwl dlseaoes tbst science IIM been able to cure in all Its Mages and tbat Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the Snly positive cure known to tbe medical fraternity. CaUirVh being a constlmtltnal dlswuw, requires a constltntlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Core Is Sken internally, acting directly on the blood and mucus surfaces of tbe system, thereby dustrof Ing the foundation of tlie disease, and giving the patient strentfb by building up the constitution^ and assisting nature tn doing Its work. The nroprt"- . lap-jjold by druggists. Stockholders MectlDC- Notice Is hereby given to tho stock- hold ors of the Citizens' Natural Gas Company, of Logansport, Ind., that thero will be a mooting of said stock. holders, at tho Council .Chamber of said city, on Monday, tbD 30th day of April, 1801, at 8 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of electing directors to fill vacancies tn the Board of Directors, and ouch other business as shall come before the stockholders. By order of tbe Board of Directors. JOHN GKAY, Pres't. C. W. GRAVES, Sec'y. Hoiue»ecfccr»' Kxcurnlon. On April 24ib and May 29th the Wabash Kailroad will sell bomeseek- ers excursion tickets at one regular faro for the round trip to many points in tho States of Missouri, Kansas and Texas, Tickets will be limited to thirty days from d»te of sale. For further particulars call on or write -'• G. NEWELL, Agt., Logansport. Vandalla Line Kicnr»lon» To South, Southeast and SouthwesJ will run on various dates from now until June 5, 1891, inclusive. One fare round trip. C*ll on or address any Vandalia line agent and uak for information contained in circular No. 327 of January 20, 1894. IHn't Tofceto Spit «r Smoke Tour Lift) Is tbe trntnfal, "WrtUmr title of a little book tbat teuTaU l aboat No-to-bao, tbe "O^ less, (lUAHAimntD tobacco bablt«ar». W.3B Address Tbe ' Co., Indian* Mineral Springs, Ind. _ Nerve force is drawn on by evert muscular or brain effort. Deposits to meeV theeo drafts are made by Dr. Whwfcr'B Norve VttallMf. Price $1, Of Ben Plih«r. Ki[to:i4 Colic Prevented. -triS. Persons who are subject to attaokatlsoiu of bilious csiiccan almost invarifthlyrlaWs' tell, by their feelings, when to expeckzpasfc an attack. If Chamberlain's Colte-Colia.' Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is takamtak** as soon as these symptoms appeaE^pe£X&. they can ward off the disease. Such SuoTt persons should always keep the rame-reaia** dy at hand, ready for immediateiiMte am- when needed. Two or three dosei *tsas «£ it at the right time will save them tbeo. much suffering. For sale by B. "!)?&. F., Keeeling, druggist. Kate* to Oriirornta WreatlF Beilni»*>l.«Kt«g via the Pcnunylvaitt* I>lB««j.t».e». The Midwinter Fair at San F»B-FrB»- clsco and the numerous other attnWMttriiO'- tiona in tbe Wonderlan-d beyond ih»£-tt» Rocky mountains can be enjoyedjibjfid fcfy persons of limitod means as the roundrouci trip rate has again been malerlmiljirl&liy reduced via Pennsylvania lines. Pa*. Fee. gengera can select any of the severafeveral routes from Chicago, and the retttiB-ettffi* limit la ample lor a satisfactory., ; i*y c®-. journ. For details apply toj. Cullough, ticket agent. Ind. _ Wlio Say* Rlienmailmii CMnmit,:fcfcK Aa Cured? My wife was confined to her bed;fdfsd tax over two months with a severe ot rheumatism. We could ing that would afford her any relj^trelisii and as a last resort Rave Iain's Pain Balm a trial, surprise she began to improve *ft«r aftar tho first application, and by uatagvitingrSr regular she was eeon able to gettduffot ay and attend to her housework.—E^-tt-B. HI Johnson, of C. J. Knutson & Co. Ke*» Kensington, Minn. 50 cent bottles.jittts far. sale by B. F. Keesling-, druggist. : : :i>.it. II Is Ciood. Tho more Chamberlain's CouglCcu$« Remedy is used the bolter it is Ukad.HIfiOfc 1 Wo know ol no other remedy th»% tht* always gives satisfaction. It is good gtrc*- when you first catch cold. It ie good gooi when your cough is seated and yOUB lungs are sore. It is good in any-I ot a cough. Wo have soL dozen of it and every bottle satisfaction.—Stodman & FrlcdOUMdisex druggists, Minnesota Lake, Minn.MiMi.' 5». cent bottles'for sale by B. F.," Druggist. Vandalia Line K On May 1, the usual variety-.i-ofey fi£ commutation tickets go on salo M(le \» Marmont—Lake Mixlnkuckeo. ;. Tickets all now on salo to CblcaWicas* via St, Joseph and Lake Michlganlugs*, For nay further information see. i.>o J. C. EDGKVOKTH, AganU.eec.tv Four"C '4 Nothing in the whole. hietocysCiry «K Medicine can compare with the; 8tW» cas*^ cess of "POUR C." It is the OBUCoonr--^ KNOWS specific for ,j! LA GRIPPJEP! It removes all its DRKABED . KVIX effects, imlucins restful, natumfctennrf-;« sleep. ONB DOSK will frequentlyfr*iyj«y "' move Pleurisy pains.' OXB DOSB be*3 ]»« time and a^ain relieved a child sttfe! M£- ferinR with CROUP. Four "CM h*JT .b«* cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pjn.ea-ic-ttsBs- uionia, and Ulcerated Tongilitis. -;t»i. I» composition it is DIFFERENUVS.TF, jr MORK POWKBFUI, and ACTTVB, JQ fMfe f?«*<M it is as DIFFERENT from any.otlu»rotb«*r- lung remedy ag molassea Is diftoreMtawai* froin vinegar. ' It is a BEYBdifEBA-: TION. BEST OF ALL YOU TAKKSMB •»:: RISK. The K9SBJTOB ot the COtttrMttMNi '•'! ig. Four "C" MUST GIVE -SATI»A.TSS- vl FACTION or laoney.wUl be refqaieiiliffnT: b7 BEN F!SHER£FL

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