Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 29, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1896
Page 3
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MUNYON'S Will Not PerformMiracles But It Will Cure, t\r VI, O K. MILES' BESTOKATI VE NEEVINE cures norvoua prostration. Jfot miraculously, but sciontlQcally, by first lomorln^ the perms of disease, arid then supplying healthy ncr.'o iood, Increasing the appetite, helping digestion and strengthening tho entire system. Desperate cases require proionwd treatment as shoivn by that ot 'Mrs. M. B. Reed, of Delta, Iowa, who writes: "As tho reaukof a llglitnltisstroko, tho physicians said I had alight stroke of paralysis, my limbs -would all draw up. I would Viavo throbbings in my c'ncst that seemed uncnriurablo. For three months I i:ou Id not sloop and for three weeks did not C ' OSC my CyU3 ' * prayed for sleep, and lolttbatif rciief did not come I would bo dead ol- insane. I tooic Dr. Miles' Restorative Scrvino and tho second night slept two tours and from this time on my health improved; siowiy at first, but steadily and surely. I tool; In all -10 bottles, and I cannot o-xprcss how grateful I am, for I am now perfectly well, and have taken no medicine lor over four months." Dr. Miles' It'crvlno Issoldby druggists on guarantee that first bcttlo benefits or money refunded. Book on heart and nerves free. Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Itid. All Brr.!ra, Nickel Plated and Bum E • T- *ro3cne Oil. The Constant Demand For Greater Speed—riaximum Reached, } A beautiful, tliorouehly marto »nd ^ Bcely nnisi'=:l Bicycle Lamp, jolt »nd ( ) cyclone iiro:>i'. 84nt tor.uy p.-»r' v o*tnocoi!ltr7(CTpreMpr<iplUd) _ onr«:iil-,S i.'f ft 1 '':-.'.'?..•''"• i.M:i.vl<« ytm.iiin b i •fyourliiculi.i'a'.i'iurttmtli-lcMiiiaKlllni- i: FU:.: a ~-"-t r.;r:. co., 24'' C;r.!ro S'.., ;iCH York. .TATS NATIONAL BANK I.OGANSFOKT. IND.D • $200,000 J. F. Johnson, President. 3 W Ullery. Vice President. H. J. Hoitbrink, Cashier. DIRECTORS. J. F. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. EJllott. W. H. Snider. Buy and sell Government boiifls. Loan money on personal security and collaterals, issue special oortlilcates of deposits bearlmr r per cent. Interest when lott one year; 2 per cent, por annum when deposited six months. . Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this ban* for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgages and other valuables, rented at from %a to J15 per year. D. E, DELZELL, : : : DENTIST : : : 416 MARKET STREET. * over BruKgeinan's Store. L.G.PATTERSON • Has opened a Flro and Accident Insurance office at WO Broadway, up stairs, and goUclta a share of the public patronage. None but First Class Companies Represented. DR. s. HOnCEOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. 0\vr Taylors Jeneliy store- Residonco 013 North Street. FRIDAY, MAY 29, 1S9C. A FINE TRAIN COHING General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. The demand Tor faster trains is becoming more general with each year. Still .there is no train run fast enough to suit some oC the business men. and probably-there will never be such a train, certainly not so lonpr as steam is the power used to haul trains. Take one oHthe time schedule? of ten years ii^'o and compare It with those of the present day on our besl. roads, and one would be sun>r!sed. It Is but a few years ago that ei.a-ht hours was the winning time between Indianapolis and Chic.igo; now It Ls practically five,houvs, aiul the run from Cincinnati to Chicago is now iur.de as quickly as formerly from Indianapolis to Chicago. For years'the running time of the Yandalia from Indianapolis to St. Louis was ren hours: now it :.s a .little over seven hours, and the fast freights are making the passenger time sclicilnle of ton year;! ago bot.woeu India inipo 1 .!* and St. Louis. l'.i-t svuun Indianapolis and C'li: citmati the lime of the besl v.ralas for years was four hours: now the run is made by some trains In two hours and Corry-live minutes, and the accommnda- tion trains, which make from twenty lo twenty-live stops, make tho run in less than four hours. In the present tservice between Indianapolis and New York there are a half do/en trains which .make the run in twenty-two hours, and the Pennsylvania has one train thiit dots a half hour Defter, and n.ny of us can remember when thU'ty ro thirty-two hours was ecwSrdercd fast rinu... About the only way now to shor;- en time between Indianapolis and any of tlie points named will be to rcduci 1 the minilior of t'.io stops. This problem of faster time is continually presenting Itself, but it is evident that tli.o maximum speed with trains, of a!l classes, both freight'and passenger, has been readied, unless tho time comes when electricity succeed; for lumling passen polls .lounial. steam ns a power rer trains.—Indiana- A MACH1XK TRAIN. Monday, .Tune 1st. the Aultinau Machine company of Canton, Ohio, will start a train of thirty cars for the West, loaded with agricultural machinery. 'Phis train will only run during daylight and will pass through Ibis city .Tune 4th, at S a. -m. All who wish to see a One train are invited to be at the depot or along the track of.the Panhandle at that time. RAILROAD NOTES. Tho machine shop will be closed until Monday. The repair track men will rest until Monday. \\'. E. r.itterso-n caught a fox squirrel in the lumber yard yesterday, John Shatcr of the car shops is at South Bend visiting his brother. Ed Newcorab. an ex-Panhandle conductor, now of Peru, is iu the city. Supt. Darlington and Engineer Loree of Richmond, wore lu tho city yesterday. Six conductors on suburban trains oiT the Tllinois Central have been let out D. M, Vanlcc broke a finger ou his left hand yesterday jumping from a car. Supt. Miller went through the city yesterday on a special to'Chicago from Columbus. Thirty years ago yesterday the Panhandle shops were moved from Richmond to this city. Switch engine '130 was given a_trial yesterday before sending her to Chicago where she will do switching. Tho game of bnsc ball between the Chicago round house men and the round house men of this cily is declared off. C E. Williams of the Erie railroad was garnishccd lately by a Justice of the Pence to recover a marriage fee due him. Subscribe for The'Journal. * Mandolin for sale. Inquire 300 North street. / : George Harrison aracubn Landreth's seeds only. / Hammocks at your o*n price at Gco. Harrison's. / C. H. Stevews's ga*ry at 414 Market street Is now OJMHJ: Competent workmen. W'ork guaranteed. All are Invited to call and consult tho noted eye, ear, nose and throat scientist '. at the Murdock hotel Mondny, June 1st 'until June 7th. Lyman P.' Walter, M. D., the noted eye, car, nose and throat scientist from Chicago, will be at tbe Murdock hotel from June 1st until June "th. Londretn Seed Company of Philadelphia, have been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrison !• their agent In Cass county. EVERY WOMAN JShluia read our advertlsemnt on eeo rh.<mdpfige.-D< B. Singer*,* Oo.^ ; <>'*', ' V* •' 'I .Vyf <' L CJh.r'J^ tho Creator for man's substance, it red blooil quickly and is fattening :iud uonrisliiuK; The muddy complexion aisappwirs , nnd iu \ta plnca comes the clear skin of hcnlth wiih rich blood coursing back of It. Many peoplu ;iro sick and do not know that it is tho insidious poison of coffee that prostrates! stomach and liver and causes it. They lansrh ut first, but a trial of a week -without coffco and using the food-dvlnk Pos- tuin, makes one wake up to a g-roat his live -fact. 'J'lio children can sip from papa's or mamma's coltec cup, it it liappons to contain rostmu and tlielr little bodies will RI-OW round and fat under the nourishment oi' the pure grains, but it •s a hcantless prooocdiiiK to I'et'd the ti'iulor bodies ou coffee, as every one knows .the puny, sickly looks of coffee drinkiiiff children. Let people adopt healtlifnl food and ill-ink and "throw physic to the doss." ••.lust as Rood" as Tost urn Cereal are words used to defraud the public. 31Vn:hants supplied by .T. V. Klliott & Son. LIKE HYPNOTISM. Habits That Appear Almost Hypnotic The tenacity with which some habib stick to people, or people stick to tlit habits, is very remarkable, particular Jj- the >tobaceo and coffee habit. I-eople act almost as if they were iu reality under a hypnotic spell. . Thej promise -themselves and ffiends time and asaiu that they will leave off when -they find health -forsaking them but they make one'excuse or anothoi and .keep on the dreary way as If guid eel by, an uosoen spirit oC evil. Physicians realize the uselessness o. treating a patient for any of the mull:! Ludc of nervous diseases so loug as th poisonous alkaloids of tobacco and cof fee are being taken into the system 'even in minute doses. It is a simple'•matter to break the coC fee spell If the. food-drink,. Post urn, th health coffee made by the Postum Cei oal Co., lini., of .Battle Creek, Midi., I used In its place. This is a fac-siniil of flne Mocha; coffee In. looks \vhei brewed and changes to the rich golden biovm of old Java when creain Is added >Belng 'made tEPUBLTCAN COUNTY CONVENTIONS. Tho Republicans of Cass county are equestcd to meet in tlich 1 resjiecLlve o\vnsliips and wircls MONDAY, JUKE 1, 1S9G. The townships will meet at 7 o'clock . m. and the-clty wards at S o'clock p. \. in the following places. Adams township—Twelve Mile school ouse. Bethlehem township—Melea. Eoone township—Royal Center. Clay township—Shady Nook school louse. Clinton township—Clymers Station. Deer Crack township—Center school louse. Harrison township—lucerne. Jefferson township—Galloway school louse. Jackson township—Lincoln. Miami township—Miller's • school to use. Noble township—Center school house, Tlpton township—Walton. x Wa.sliinffton township—Canter school louse. irst Ward—Westside engine bouse. Second Ward—Now court room. Third Ward- -Council Chamber. Fourth Ward—North street engine louse. Fifth tVnrd—Fifteenth street engine louse. For the purpose of selecting delegates o the county convention and the Joint •cpresoutativo convention of Cass and Miami counties: Tho basis of representation to the county convention will be one delegate for every ten votes cast for W. D. Owen n 1S9-1 and the basis o'f representation n.tue joint representative convention s one delegate for every 100 voles cast for W. D. Owen in 1S9-1 which will give the following number of delegates to the various townships and wards. No. Del to No. Del to County Con, •Vdams township 13 Bethlehem 20 Booue " { ;iay 13 Clinton ..-15 Deer Crock 15 '-larrlson .13 Tackson 21 TcTCorson 13 DOCIQKYO U RSE LF jVLunycm's Improved Homoeopathic Remedies net almost instantly, speedily curing the most, obstinate cases. Mun- you's Rheumatism Cure cures Rheumatism in a few days. Munyou's Dyspepsia Cure cures all forms of stomach troubles. JMmiyoirs Headache Cure stops headache in 5 minute.?. Nervous diseases promptly cured. Kidney troubles, Piles, Neuralgia, Asthma, nnd aM Female Complaints quickly cured. Mir.iyou's Vitalism- imparvs new vigor to weak men. Price $1. Personal letters to Prof. Munyoa, 1505 Arch •.sl.i.-ewi, Philadelphia, ra., answered with Tree medical advice for any disease. A separate Cure for Each Disease. At all druggist.*. 2i>c a boti.lt>, Joint Rep, Con, 1 o 1 1 13 Miami Noble ..... Xipton ------- .-.-. Washington .First \Vai-a Second Ward ........ 30 Third Ward ......... 23 Fourth Ward ........ 3-1 Fifth Ward .......... 03 1 1 o 21 10 39 4. 3 2 -4 0 THE DREAD ARHY WORM. Pest at Work in the Rye in Carroll County. The fanners living in the southern portion of the comity and in norih Car- full, report that tl:o army worm is completely destroying the crowing crop of rye. The principal sufferers from the blighting insect's ravages, are Isaac Wi'lllams, and John Dowiiham, both of Washington township, Carroll county. Other farmers complain of the worm's visit. The~wonn is a" curiosity in most farmers, and numbers of them have visited the affected fields, to view and examine the. destroyer. It starts at tin- root and goes to the top of the stalk, eating all the leaves and grain, leaving the bare stalk standing. It is said th: worms will not travel from field to field, but when once hatched in a lieh^of grain, the fate of the crop is scaled. The eggs are laid, in many oases, months ahead, l.mt there is nothing to prevent the loss of ,t crop after they hatch out. t Total ' 387 39 The delegates to tbe county . conven- .ion will meet at the rink Saturday June Ctb, 1SOG at 12:30 p. m. for the purpose of. nominating candidates for county offices to be voted for Nov. 3, 1SOG as follows: One Prosecuting attorney for the 20th Judicial district. One Representative. One Clerk. One .Treasurer. One Sheriff. One Coroner. Oue Surveyor. One Assessor. Two commissioners, one* each from tbe first and third districts. And such, other officers as are required law to be elected at the November election, 1S9C. ~ The delegates to the Joint Representative convention of Cass and Miami counties will meet at the new court room In Logansport, Thursday, Junq 11, ISOC.at 1 o'clock p.'m. for the purpose of nominating a candidate lor Joint Representative for tbe aforesaid counties. •• • . .' • J. Z. POWELL, Chairman.. CHARLES RINGLEBEN, Sec'y. BEWARE OF OINTMENTS 'FOB ' CATARRH THAT CONTAIN MERCUUl". (is mercury will surely 'i<">rrr>y the sense of smell and completely derange the whole system when entering ii through the mucous surfaces. Such articles 'should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians as the damage they will do is ton fold to the'good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by -F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system: Tu buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be sure you get the genuine.. It is tak- Internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio free. Sold bottle. Commencing- 5aturday May i6th. And continuing for two weeks, we some rare bargains, in our Clothing have marked medium weight, and summer suiting at COST . . . to close out certain, lines. We are offering most excellent values that were never before offered at the price, and to all who ore looking for will place on sale. Department. We SNAPS Come and sec us, we will convince you that no place in the city will be allowed to undersell us. No mntteer what thev say. We arc Overstocked And must move our goods, and have made a price that will do it. Our patrons are iuivised t.o take advantage of this sale, before it Is too late. Cample Hats. Do not forget that our Hat S:Uo of sample bats, at 50 cents on the dollar still continues. Splendid bargains are yet to bo picked up in this li n<>. Don't miss the oppor. t unity. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 .MARKET STREET. J. J>. KEltO-UtfOS. A. P.JENKB = INVENTORS Patents. Patents. Patents. " H'tve you a new idea? Then prole et yourself by having it patented. Pm*- ."ils applied for on mechanical devices, including motors, mechanical powem, •Irenes ivipurmaking, bookbinding, paper manufactures, air and gas engine* injectors and ejectors,-steam rumps, bo Slcr valves, elevators, locks and latch**, s-ifes coopering, srouo-\vorki:ig. wheel wright machines, wood-sawing, and wood hUha machines, laundry de vices, mceisnring Instruments, wheels and driers. All-kinds of dvawiu gs made to order. BYRON B. GORDON Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logansport. met«l wind- by druggists, price TGc. per WHEN NATURE Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should remem- bei to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best nnd most simple and geut<e remedy Is the Syrup of Figs, manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company. PROF. HIRSCH3ERG , the well-known Eye 'Specialist of New York, wishes to inform his many friends and patrons of Logansport and vicinity that he, or one of his staff, will be at the store of his agent, D. A. Hauk. and adjust His celebrated spectacles and oye glasses, to all in need of them Mny 25 to 30 inclusive. Consultation Ive.r ' THE DELPHI BATHS. The Delphian Baths,' ot Delphi. Indiana in cases ol Rheumatism. LnGrippc, and Nervous, Blood and Stomach Dis ; ordors, never fail. HE\0(}UARTER5 FOR PAINTS. ^in.iir. oue mau lu ten doesn't buy his Paints of me. I AM AFTER THAT MAN -vbuut one mau in ten doesn't know that tl- other nine of his fellow mm- wls'liitve come to the conclusion that ic i, always safest to buy their PaJnt. ol me. I AH AFTER THAT HAN About one mau lu ten doesn't know that his neighbors are savins monej •« ovi'ry .leal because they buy their Taints of'me. I AM AFTER THAT MAN „,*-** About one man in ten doesn't know that I keep the largest and best fto<* of Paints and Faint Supplies in Indiana. I Ail AFTER THAT nAN •Vbout one man in ten doesn't know that I make a speciality of Paints to*. Hicreliv sell them for less money than It 's possible for my competitors to dg, I AM AFTER THAT HAN About one man in ten doesn't know that 1 buy my Pa.nts In carloadI lott thereby getting rock bottom prices and give my customers the benefits ther^ T AM AFTERITHAT HAN ibout nine men ol every ten do know I am Headquarters for in tbe Paint line and by purchasing my supplies iu large qnantitlw dealing and if you are tbe tenth man you are the fellow I am after. , om . t ,,ao. Come and see me. 1 wilVsave you money.^ ^ ' SOD Fourth Street, Logansport, IB*- by A dose that'Is always''seasonable Is i dose of Simmons Llrer Regulator,, the "King of Liver'Medicines." It kecpsi the liyer' active; the ;bowels regular; prevQTitsv. Biliousness and .'promotes digestion. In fact helps keep you well. "I have watched Its effects In families •where I have-practiced,*and find It admirable, botlf alterative and. tonic Injjts OPKKA HOUSE CLUB ROOM. We .have opened up a first-class club room where all devotees of pool can spend a pleasant time. Tobacco, cisai-s and confections. Soft drinks of fill' kinds. . . . PABA.SOT, SALE CONTINUED. Owing to the success of the sale yesterday we will continue this week. $3 Dresden silk parasols only ?1.00: ?3.70 white silk parasol, OSc; 300 fine twilled silk gloria umbrellas, congo handles, only ifl.lS.—Trade Pnlacc. XIXETEENTH COMMENCEMENT. The nineteenth aunnal commencement of St. Joseph's parochial school will be held Thnrsd.iy and Friday, .Tune ISth and 19th, at 7:30 p. m. of cac)l day. at the hall of St. Joseph. JL. THE ST.-LOUIS'CYCLONE Dnstroyed hundreds of houses. }Vo will Insure'your property against cyclones at a very small cost—FIsk & Hefllcy. All live invited to call nnd consult tho. noted eye, ear, nose anil throfit'scioniist at the Murdoch'hotel Monday, Jane 1st until June 7tb. Do not fail to vlblt the largest hosiery nnd underwear department in tUe State, ,. . "' i.^ L r i _«• «' _ > V \<< -, "r, ,'v *f V-,. Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the First of each month, ten day's grace. All billsi payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street.. Special— Low rates on heatera during the months of May, June, July, August and September. • 0 01*1 1 NO Proffewor. Hirschbarg, the world-renowned eye New York, or one of his staff, will be in LogauBport from «5tb to May 30th inclusive, at the Store of his Agent. D A HAUK. Consulf^on and Examination of the eyes free of charge. Arebuilt in. the Largest and Best i uipped Factory in the World. Riders - CL1NE BROS;, Agts

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