The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 4, 1965 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1965
Page 10
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JMMftfttt, (to.) Ufkp*r DM Molne* Thurtday, March 4, 1965 Ben G.Studer Of Wesley Honored By Breed Ass'n Ben G. Studer, Wesley, prominent Iowa Shorthorn Breeder was honored by the Iowa Shorthorn Breeders Association at their recent annual banquet. He was presented a Placque for "Meritorious Service to Shorthorns." Shorthorns have been a part of the Studer farm since 1914. Pictured left to right are three of the eight receiving the awards with Mr. Studer at the right. t I I Holidays are never overlooked and the latest one to be observed was Valentines Day. Favors received were from Mrs. George Montag's Boy Scouts of West Bend, cups of mints fastened to paper lace dollies and a heart on each cup; corsages for each of the women, two white baby muns with red ribbon rosettes from the Business and Professional Women; assorted cookies fromtneTitonkaWomens Federated club; Intricate red and white heart baskets with chocolate marshm&llow hearts inside, the baskets made In a manner It was hard to figure out, and paper lace trimmed from Mrs. Jim Kolp's scout troop; cookies in little heart-trimmed white baskets from the Titonka Junior Auxiliary, and heart-shaped cookies made by Anita Haase. Thank you from all of us. * * * Father Milo Dailey of St. Thomas Episcopal church gave us our Sunday afternoon service, which I might call his Valentine to us. So our thanks to him too. * * * I had an interesting talk with Mrs. Don Prieskorn, who had been at Rochester with Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Prieskorn of Columbia, S.C. while their daughter Donna Lynn, 15, underwent heart surgery. It is amazing what can be done now and how rapidly the girl was recovering. She also told me of the many skin grafts her brother Joseph Kohl had undergone and her contributions. Mrs..Prieskorn was particularly interested in a small Eskimo child who had been brought from Alaska to Rochester for heart surgery. The child took a fancy to Mrs. Prieskorn- a mutual feeling, expressed by a charming smile. All who saw or heard Jerry Burke of the Welk music men and Nat King Cole were sorry at the death of these two fine musicians. Jerry will be greatly missed by L.W. after their 31 year association. Now conies a surprise. Jerry Burke and Mrs. Clarence Fraser were first cousins. Jerry's father was John Burke and Mrs. Eraser's, Timothy Burke. * * * A letter from Melvin Henderson,, says his son-in-law and daughter, Gayle and, Herbert., Kierulff s apartment is half In La Puente and half In West Covina, which gives you an Idea of how closely the towns run together in places. It is like the Sunset Limited in which mother and I were going from Pomona to Houston, Tex. For several miles, the porter said, one half of the track was in the U.S.A. and the other half In Mexico. * * * I think Oliver Carlson should give a talk on his recent trip through the south. Maybe he has and I have over-looked tfie mention of it, but his account to me was of great interest. Feb. 10 he attended the $25 per plate Republican dinner at Des Molnes at which Gov. George Romney of Michigan was to have been guest speaker. TheGovenor was taken sick with the flu and his wife took over in a very creditable manner. Friday, Mr. Carlson left for the south, going to Texas, Nashville, Tenn. Sunday, he was in Memphis, Tenn. and Louisberg, Miss., and from there visited points in south-east Arkansas and Sadelia, Mo. At Nashville when he asked for cream for his coffee, the white lad said "cream" in such a pronunciation Oliver couldn't understand him at first. NEW ICE FOUIES SHIPSTADS (^JOHNSON MARCH 30 Thru APRIL 18 MINNEAPOLIS ARENA PERFORMANCE TIMES Eves: Tues., Wed., Thur., Fri. 8:15 P.M. Sats.: 2:30 & 8:30 P.M. Suns.: 2:00 & 6:00 P. M. PRICES: Rinkside & BOX $3.75 Reserved Seats: $3.25 -$2.75 $2.00 V MAIL ORDERS OPEN Enclosed self-addressed Stamped TO: MINNEAPOLIS ARENA envelope tf&> PWONT AVE-, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. - 55408 Enriaced 1* Check D Money Order D Totaling f „ for tor watt at each let chetc* —P»t« and Time 2nd choice — Pate and Time NAME ADDRESS CITY AND ZONE - STATE While we are on the subject of travel, I'll mention that [Jr. and Mrs. M.G, Bourno arc on a three week vacation in Mexico City. "Chris" and his travels must have had some influence, but haven't I heard something lately about spending our money in the United States? Which would probably draw the answer, "I'll spend my money just where 1 darn please." Typically American! A very Interesting letter came from Connie Jergenson, Aurora, Colo. The main paragraph was "This is a banner year for us as we became grandparents Feb. 1st of a little girl, Lisa Kay Hall of San Gabriel, Calif." The mother is the former Janet Jergenson and her husband is Allen Hall. Her sister Becky, Mrs. Douglas Patty "has been running the show." Becky lives at Costa Mesa, Calif. It seems such a short time ago they were little tots living in our apartment. Connie added, "You mentioned in your Tidbits that many people are now making their own ice cream. Count us in. Harold has an electric freezer and considers himself quite an authority. Last summer he would drive to a ranch to buy cream by the quart, back to town to buy a bag of ice and oh what a big promotion, but the Ice cream Is good. Well, Harold is doing It the modern way. The other two are doing It the old crank-it-yourself way. Take your choicel Connie adds, "Roberta Schwendeman, daughter of Kay Isaacson, spent a weekend with them. She Is a student at Boulder." It was so good to have a girl around the house again. We expect Kent to fly In from San Diego in a few days. He graduates from "boot" Feb. 11. Connie sent me "Women's Day" magazine, the January issue which contained many pictures of .cjplls from various countries over many years. I am sure Frances Eason, a collector of dolls, will be Interested in seeing and reading the article. * * * Norman Plngel was visited Wednesday by Mrs. Ollle Johnson, Melvin and Ruth of Fort Dodge. Mrs. Johnson has a sister whose birthday is the same as hers, May I, and just two years difference in age and they married brothers. How's that for the unusual? * * * •'How-depressing, "Manyarchild • who ; watches television for hours will go down In history-not to mention arithmetic, English and geography." * * * Ask any mailman - "Old postmen never die - they just lose their Zip." * * * Thanks to the hostesses of my circle's WSCS meeting held Feb. 19, for the plate of delicious refreshments. It was carried in by Howard Seely, whose wife Hazel ws\s one of the group and accompanied him. We had a nice visit and of course mentioned Melvin Henderson who grew up as neighbor of the Seely family. We covered a lot of territory in the time they were here, from politics to old times, and some in-betweenlsh subjects I won't mention. I put them straight on my political leanings - we are ''Black Like Me" and "Young Lovers" twin program at the Algona theatre Sunday Ex-Resident Of Algona Passes At Clarinda A former Algona resident, Mrs. Eleanor White, died Feb. 18 at a Clarinda , la. hospital where she had been a patient for nearly five years. She was 53 years of age. She was born near Corwith, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Falwey, and attended the Algona schools. After leaving Algona she lived in Council Bluffs for some years. Survivors include eight sisters, one ofwhoniUvesatWhitta- more, Katherine Hennings, and one brother, Ralph Falwey of Reinbeck. Funeral services were held Feb. 22 with the pastor of the Valley View Baptist church officiating. Burial was in Cedar Lawn cemetery at Council Bluffs. FREAK ACCIDENT James Atkinson, Sheffield farmer, and his hired man, Henry Baschke of near Rockwell, were pinned down by a pile of frozen baled straw early this month. Atkinson suffered a broken leg and bruises and Baschke body bruises. Fortunate for Atkinson, Baschke was able to get out from under the heavy bales and with the farm tractor with loader lift the straw from the pinned man. James Whltmore (left), who has just darkened Ms sWn tn order to pass as a Negro, is given advice on how to act and speak by Richard Ward in "Black Like Me," the picture based on the true-life experiences of journalist John Howard Griffin, which opens at the Algona Theatre on Sunday. on the same side, so we couldn't work up a heated argument. * * * We are looking forward to the time when weather Is better for Mrs. Vaughan Rising to bring her "cherubs" here to sing for us. The group is made up first- to-third grade children who go to the Methodist church. * * * When Mrs. John J. Dutton took a letter from her mall box addressed to Mrs. John J. Dutton, Algona, Iowa, she wondered If she had "sat right down and written herself a letter," as the song goes. She hesitated opening It, but finally plucked up courage and the letter was from a Mrs. John J. Dutton, Sandusky, Ohio, asking about a recipe. Our Mrs. John answered the letter and it developed that the Sandusky Duttons also had sons Jack and George, the same as the Algona D's and the women had the same initials - M. Our Dutton Is Marie. Sandusky's is Marjorie and they have two daughters. The J stands for Joseph In each case, too. The Ohio Duttons stopped here en route home from a trip west and met Marie. They had only a brief visit. Freshly-baked cookies and coffee had to be omitted - but they have agreed to get together, agajn If the opportr unity ever arises. Theyexcharigfc Christmas greetings and keep in touch. Now Marie and I are wondering Who the Kossuth John Dutton is who attended the Iowa picnic In California. * * * . Mrs. James Walker told me she has a philadendrum that MOVIE ClOCK THURSDAY thru SATURDAY "Witchcraft" - 7:00 and 9:50; "Horror Of It All" - 8:30; Sat. mat. at 1:30 - "Tomboy and the Champ", plus 6 color cartoons. SUNDAY - "Black Like Me", 1:40 - 5:30 - 9:15; "Young Lovers", - 3:30 - 7:30. MONDAY - WEDNESDAY "Black Like Me" -7:30; "Young Lovers" - 9:30. ENDS SAT. "WITCHCRAFT" - plus "THE HORROR OF IT ALL" SMN. Thru WED. ALGONA 2 BIG FEATURES ON THE SAME PROGRAM I SHOWN SUNDAY AT 9:30 AND 7:30. MON. THRU WED. AT 9:30 P. M. ONIY IT'S ALL TRUE...-—-, EVERY LIVING MOMENT* i I CHANGED THE COLO RDF MY SKIN! ...NOW I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE BLACK!" measures 30 feet in length. It twines itself In and around things and she Is very proud of It. * * * Thank you so much, Mrs.Tracy M. Ward, Titonka, for your book. I appreciate it very much and will now whiz through the puzzles. Yes, I remember Delia Goetz, and I recall that your mother had some boarders who sang her praises to the skies. In addition to Clarence Pannkuk, Bill Daughan boarded with her too and I believe Jim Adams. Bill worked for the FJ3. Norton lumber company and Jim in the present Rusk Drug store. I will further identify you to readers as an aunt to Mrs. Sam Hagg. Thank you again. If you come to Algona, drop in at Good Samaritan and let's get acquainted. Algona Man's Brother Dies In Minnesota August F. Scheppmann of Okabena, Minn., brother of Henry Scheppmann, Algona, died of cancer Feb. 16, at the age of 82. He was a road building contractor and laid telephone cables in Iowa and adjoining states. Those who attended funeral services from Algona were Mr. & Mrs.r Henry -Scheppmann,- Mr< & Mrs.' Julius P. Studer and Mr. & Mrs. David Smith, Mrs. Edwin Gade of Whittemore, and Mrs. Ben Schmidt of Lone Rock. Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris, dates from 1604. PLANNING ? If you're planning to add a room « — or make repairs or improvements — you can get a low-cost Home Improvement Loan at Home Federal Savings. Home Federal Savings & Loan Ass'n , All AtMunta Fully lnwr*4 to 110,000 8iv« From Th« Tenth — fern From Tht Firil 4% Current Earnings SINCE 1917 ~ ALGONA, IOWA CHEVELLE by Chevrolet No other car of its size offers more 9 4 protective steel inner fenders 9 keyless locking doors 9 separate body and frame units 9 a battery-saving Delcotron generator 9 a four-position ignition switch 9 a Full Coil suspension system 9 curved side windows 9 a 9-step acrylic lacquer finish 9 flush-and-dry rocker panels 9 self-adjusting brakes 9 bonded brake linings ChcreUc Mnlibu Sport Coupe SHOWN SUNDAY AT 1:40-5:30-9.20. MQN. THRU WED- AT 7:3Q P. M No matter ho\v you look at it, this car makes a Jot of sense. If you're interested in value (and who isn't), the eleven features above give you a good idea why more intermediate-size car buyers are thinking Chevelle. If you're looking for a wide power choice, Chevelle starts out with a standard 120-hp Six, an ideal city performer. After that you may order from a variety of engines that turn it into an even greater highway performer. Room? Large door openings. Wide discover the difference curved side windows for extra shoulder room. Great front and rear leg room. Those four, five or six passengers have it made. And so do you. Chevelle may seat like a big car but it handles like a smaller car.. Comfort? Thick wall-to-wall carpeting in Malibu models. Foam-cushioned seats. Easy-to-read instrument panel. The whole interior looks like those in cars costing far more. Come on down to our showroom and take a drive soon. Chevelle begins to make even more sense after you've gone a couple of miles. Drive something really new -discover the difference at your Chevrolet dealer's CheiyU* Corwir* Corvette KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. ' PHONi 395-3554 AIGONA, IOWA 108 S. HAH

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