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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 23

Detroit, Michigan
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Friday, July 10, 1981
Page 23
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television cable pay tu DETROIT FREE PRESSFRIDAY, JULY 10, 1981 1 1B The TV ratings game rules what vou watch "On numerous occasions, the statement is made, 'It lost Its audience,' as the reason for a TV series to be terminated. Who does the rating? What cross-section of viewers is asked? When are they asked? Perhaps I am one of the oddballs who always seem to be pulling for the underdog. Many, or most, of the shows I have enjoyed have been canceled over the years and replaced by sex-oriented shows not fit for family viewing." R.J.D. It's complicated, but here are the ratings basics: Two major services, A.C. Nielsen Co. and Arbitron, measure TV audience sizes. Nielsen's figures are used most often by stations, networks and ad agencies to make programming and advertising decisions. Nielsen uses a meter attached to TV sets to record the shows watched, plus diaries filled out by the "Nielsen families" as a backup viewing record. Meters are attached to a central computer, which generates the figures that indicate the total number of viewers. The 1,500 Nielsen households are the result of a random sampling of the total U.S. population picked according to location, income and education. All of it is based on Census Bureau figures. The 1,500 number often gets howls about how so few could possibly represent more than 220 million Americans. A Nielsen executive once responded, "Those who feel that a small sample can't be an accurate indication of the whole should insist the doctor take all their blood next time they have a blood test." Nielsen doesn't claim complete accuracy or take responsibility for how its findings are used. As long as TV sponsors are interested in reaching the largest audience, shows that don't attract lots of viewers, or that lose their audience, don't survive. "I still can't forgive ABC for canceling 'Breaking Away.' It was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time, but the - " 4? Bcttclou Peterson tetters network never gave it a chance. It didn't depend on violence or hot love scenes to attract viewers. It was a simple drama about human relationships. But, I guess TV Isn't interested in that kind of show." J.D.W., Plymouth If there's an audience out there for that kind of show, TV's very interested. But "Breaking Away" didn't attract a big audience. Those who did catch it were loyal and protested mightily when it was dropped. ABC decided to test that loyalty by repeating the series as a fill-in on Mondays during the baseball strike. As one ABC spokesman said when the dismal ratings came in, "Where are all those people who yelled at us for dropping the show?" In fairness, it has to be noted that the substitution has been at the last moment. ABC schedules Monday Night Baseball in case the strike ends and drops in "Breaking Away" too late to make most weekly listings. "Tom Selleck, of 'Magnum, P.I.,' wears a Detroit Tiger cap all the time in the show and I know he isn't from Detroit. Why does he do it? Where is he really from?"- M. DeB., St. Clair Shores He's really from Detroit, born here Jan. 29, 1945. But he was only four when his family moved to Los Angeles, where he grew up. Still, it seems once a Tigers' fan, no matter how young, always a Tigers' fan. Another former Detroiter, George C. Scott, is loyal to the Tigers. A few years ago, ABC decided one way to boost the baseball ratings was to ask celebrities to be commentators. Scott came to Detroit to do a Tiger game. Mil best bets One more time How often is a hit movie found In the cut ting room? When director Richard Lester was trimming his 1974 tongue-in-cheek ver sion of Dumas classic swashbuckling taie, "The Three Musketeers," he had so much good footage left over, he figured he'd put It Into a sequel Instead of the wastebasket. The result, 1975's "The Four Musketeers," at 8 p.m. Saturday on 0, is rousing good fun, full of Intrigue and heroics. The cast Oliver Reed, Richard Chamberlain, Frank Finlay, Michael York, Raquel Welch, Faye Dunaway, Simon Ward, Charlton Heston,, unnsopner Lee ana beraiaine unapnn enjoyed themselves and their performances show it. F""" ."1 York peopleDetroit music man DETROIT BLACK JOURNAL, 05, 9:30 p.m., Friday (repeated 2:30 p.m., Sunday): Jerry (The Iceman) Butler, Detroit musician and record producer talks to Gene Elzy bout hit own career and ha some thoughts for young people dreaming of making It big In show business. BILL MOYERS' JOURNAL, 60, 5 p.m., Sunday: Carroll O'Connor talks about himself and his politics both completely different than his famous Archie Bunker character. reality Helping mother CBS REPORTS: WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT MOTHER?, 0, 10 p.m., Saturday: The problems of America's aging haven't changed since this Emmy-wlnnlng documentary was telecast last August. In fact, the troubles of the Social Security system make Its message more urgent. New Ideas are needed for care of the aged. Mar-lene Sanders reports. U.S. CHRONICLE, S3, 10:30 p.m., Friday: "Abscam and the Philadelphia Story" looks at political corruption with the focus on Philadelphia where 100 public officials have been convicted In the last 10 years. Jim Lehrer narrates. QGAStockman interviewed ISSUES AND ANSWERS, 0, noon, Sunday: David Stockman, former Michigan congressman, now Reagan' director of the Office of Management and Budget, I Interviewed. GOOD MORNING, AMERICA, 0, 7 a.m., Friday: Free Press columnist Shirley Eder with the latest Hollywood gossip. Compiled by BETTELOU PETERSON For sports listings, see Page 4D. Channels 7:00 d O $ Q CE O CD as Today Separated at birth, triplets are in terviewed one year after they were re-united. O CE (B (B 6D S3 CD Good Morning America Actor George Hamilton; fathers who deliver their own babies; Jon Provost and June Lockhart of "Lassie"; Detroit Free Press show biz columnist Shirley Eder. 8:00 0 Morning Magazine Featured: Bill Austin of the Detroit Zoo. (E US) Northern Michigan Morning Featured: the Cherry industry, Traverse City; Caberfae Dinner Theater presents "Sleuth"; Gary Garrison on theater make up. 8:30 83 Movie "The Siege at Red River" Van Johnson, Joanne Dru. (1954) 9:00 CD (7J Donahue "Sex Education: Pro and Con" O Movie "Killer Force" (1975) PeterFonda, TellySavalas. O 3M O Donahue Guest: Loni Anderson. 6:00 OCf)Q(3)(00(B-MQ (BOOCS (EKDOD ODfflfB (Q) W News CD Newlywed Game CD-A QS IS) Dick Cavett (Q-M 03 W (9 Studio See 8D The Partridge Family QD GD ABC News , QB Get 8mart 3D Journey to Adventure (JS Hodge Podge Lodge BD Kung Fu Biography 6:30 OOO 3M () HE (D CHQS CBS News (DQCDOtD (Q! NBC News . (B-AtJJSB-M CDS) Over Easy "Lifelong Marriage" Guests: Linus and Ava Pauling, Dr. Paul Kingsley, Clara and Tobe Brown. (R) CE(D(Bffi ABC News O My Three Sons (Tentative) 89 Twilight Zone Q3 Bewitched CD) Ruff House IS Lowell Thomas D All In the Family ED Dick Cavett 7:00 OOO P.M. Magazine ( Cooking on a Shoestring O Match Game QD News O 03 (B CD Joker's Wild CD O C5)-M CD M.A.S.H CD Charlie's Angels CE-A CHfD-MttD S3 39 MacNellLehrer Report O ABC News O 09 NBC News CD 03 $50,000 Pyramid O Dave Allen (Tentative) CE (TJHee Haw CK CD Face the Music (H Happy Days Again 83 Candid Camera 03 To Tell the Truth W Julia Child and Company (B Oft the Record (Family Feud 23 Hogan's Heroes CD World of Animals 7:30 CD (Big City Comedy (Return) Guest: Margaret Tru-deau. (R) O 09 Cffi Tic Tac Dough GD O E P.M. Magazine O 03 Bullssye CDQDCD M.A.8.H O The Muppets CB-A Power Game GD-M Mork and Mlndy v . r 9:30 O Accent Featured: Fontana Ensemble of Shelbyvllle perform and preview their second season. 0 Sonya Dr. Norman Shely tells how to live to be 150 years old; attorney Henry Baskln will discuss the bizarre cases found In today's courts. 10:00 01 Charlie Rose Guest: Susan Strasberg. 10:30 E Health Field "The Future of Health Care" 11:00 O Hour Magazine Gary Collins and Dr. William Rader examine the trauma of still births; Pat Mitchell goes on the job with some women welders; a visit with actor Roger Moore. 12:00 QD-M Special "World Gathering: The Final Day" 63 Mlks Douglas Cohost: Craig Claiborne. Guests: Captain & Tennille, Dr. Ralph Oliva, Suzle Murphy, Larry Muller, Ralph Nader, Dr. Michael Jacobson, Chris Herbert, Dr. Elizabeth Whelan. 1:00 OD-M National Geographic "Etosha: Place of Dry Water" 0 Detroit CD S.S. Marie (i) S.S. Marie O Windsor 0 Kalamazoo Cadillac GD Escanaba 03 Jackson ft O Detroit E. Lansing C) Cheboygan (TJ S.S. Marie 5) S.S.Marie 03 Toledo 0 Bay City CO) Alpena O Lansing B Flint 4 -A Alpena 09 Gr. Rapids ff)-M Marquette O Toledo Q Detroit ffi-M Marquette if) Traverse City & Mt. Pleasant O Gr. Rapid 03 Bay City W Detroit B)E. Lansing 83 Toledo QJ Saginaw Flint 83 Traverse City Toledo Ann Arbor Allendale CD Battle Creek Sarnla 03 Detroit 60 Detroit Compiled by Christine Schmuckal p Symbol (or programs closed captioned for the hearing impaired. (35 Los Angeles Philharmonic At the Hollywood Bowl Zubln Mehta makes his last televised appearance as conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Virtuoso violinist llzhak Pererlman Is featured as soloist. 32 Alan Thlcke Guests: Steve Baker, Susan Jacks, Rick Podell, Jamie Farr. (R) QD Movie "Intermezzo" (1939) Ingrid Bergman, Leslie Howard. 2:00 CD Alan Thlcke Guests: Steve Baker, Susan Jacks, Rick Podell, Jamie Farr. (R) O Movie "Bachelor Flat" (1962) Terry-Thomas, Tuesday Weld. IS) Over Easy Guest: Geraldine Fitzgerald. (R) (31 Dick Cavett Guest: record producer John Hammond. (Part 1 ol 2) (R) 4:00 0 Movie "Harry-O" (1973) David Janssen a Movie "Don't Be Alraid of the Dark' (1973) Kim Darby, Jim Hutton. 03 John Davidson Guests: Anne Murray, Seals and Crofts, Harry Anderson, the Bero- sml Orangutans. , 09 Movie "Terror in the Wax Museum' (1973) Ray Milland 4:30 0 Merv Griffin "Salute to 'High Risk'" Guests: James Brolin, Lindsay Wagner, James Coburn, Cleavon Little, Stewart Raffill. CD Movie "Inspector Clouseau" (1968) Alan ArKin, Hank unlay. CS CE Merv Griffin Guests: Don Rickles, Franco Co-lumbo, Skip Cunningham. CD) Mike Douglas Cohost: Don Rickles. Guests: Elliott Gould, Dr. Leonore Tieter, Sumo wrestlers. CO Movie "Reaching tcr the Moon" (1931) Douglas Fairbanks Sr. 5X0 CD S3 Movie "The Glory Guys" (Part 2) (1965) Tom Tryon, Harve Presnell. For complete daytime listings, consult The TV Book in Sunday's Free Press. CBS NBC ABC 8:00 8:30 Incredible Hulk Harper Valley Benson Sanford Big Girl Now 9:00 9:30 The Dukes Of Hazzard 10:00 10:30 Dallas NBC Movie: "Mrs. R's Daughter" ABC Movie: "Robin And Marian" O Teletone News O 89 Family Feud (D S3 Let's Make a Deal Q The Doctors (Tentative) Q) Match Game 0TJ Cross-Wits 09-M Off the Record 03 Day by Day 83 Green Acres (2) The Lawmakers 03 Benny Hill W 25 MacNell Lehrer (39 Dick Cavett 6D Allstalr Cooke's America 8:00 ooo cg-m en asm m Incredible Hulk David unknowingly moves into an apartment where a fortune In gold isniaoen. (H) CD 32 CFL Football Toronto Argonauts at Montreal Alouettes GD O CD Q CD O 03 (B) Harper Valley PTA Stella chains herself to the Harper Valley tree to protest the conversion of the town park Into a parking lot. (R) CD O Titans Patrick Watson "Interviews" the legendary Egyptian queen Nefertiti (played by Marilyn Lightstone). (Tentative) CB-A (TJ03-M 03 W O S5 Washington Week Q CE ff) (B 83 S3 CD Benson The governor assigns Benson to be a substitute father for a michievous 10-year-old boy. (R) QD Solid Gold 8:30 CD CD 0 C7J O (D CE) Sanfcrd Fred is assigned to watch over a juvenile housebreaker. O Movie "True Grit" (1969) John Wayne, Glen Campbell. A marshal and a Texas Ranger help a young girl who is seeking revenge upon those who caused the death of her father. CD Q Front Page Challenge (Tentative) 3A (Hi(D-M(D(2))CSCEe) Wall Street Week "The Medical Technology Boom" Guest: John Cannon, president, Medical Technology Fund, Inc. O D 03 QD (0 S3 CD I'm a Big Girl Now Diana tells Becl;y and Neal the story ol Becky's birth, which took place in a Chinese restaurant. (R) 9:00 OOO CB-M CS dffifj) CO) 85 Dukes of Hazzard Bo and Luke are accused of steal ing a million dollars from an ar mored truck. (R) (I) ODD CO Movie "Mrs. R's Daughter" (1979) Cloris Leachman, Season Hubley. . The mother of a rape victim embarks on a traumatic and frustrating battle to bring her daughter s rapist to trial. (H) CD CD Entertainer of the Year Awards Mike Douglas hosts a star-studded extravaganza from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Performers appear ing include Rodney Dangerfield, oarol durnett, Ann Miller, Dollv Par ton, the Oak Ridge Boys and many otners. CD O Hollywood Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Va lentino are profiled on and off cam era with featured discussions by those who knew f hem. (Tentative) S A CBC 32 The Tenement Originally broadcast In February 19b, Jay MCMullen s film portrait focuses on nine black families living in tne (Jaklana section ot Chicago; an update is included. O (S) (B CD S3 83 CD Movie "Robin and Marian" (1976) Sean Connery, Audrey Hepburn. An older Robin Hood returns to Sher wood Forest to rekindle his ro mance with Maid Marian and lace a final challenge from the Sheriff of Nottingham. OThe Girl, the Gold Watch And Everything A wistful young man discovers that the gold watch he has inherited from his uncle has magical qualifies. GD-M 03 Market to Market Off the Record The Forsyte Saga "Decisions" Irene's aflair with Bo-sinney becomes common knowledge. Soames' frustration with his wife explodes in her bedroom. SD Jacques Cousteau S3 Off the Record 9:30 0D-M Media Meet 03 Off the Record U S. Chronicle "ABSCAM and the Philadelphia Story" Jim Lehrer reports on Philadelphia's history of political corruption and its role in the ABSCAM scandal. E) Detroit Black Journal 'Jerry Butler - Record Producer" i 10:00 OOCSOCB-Mffl OBCO CID 03 Dallas J.R. diverts his attention away from Mitch's sister just long enough to come up with a scheme to make Bobby look bad In front of Jock. (Parti) (Rl CB-A Firing Line "The Debate on American Security" Guests: Richard Barnet, James Chace, Paul Nitze. O Dr. Bundolo (Tentative) 0D-M 03 Free to Choose IS) Movie "HotelSahara" (1951) Yvonnede Carlo, Peter Ustinov. A-hotel owner and his girlfriend find themselves loyal to whoever Is occupying the town at the time during World War II. US The Lawmakers Q) News 10:30 25 U.S. Chronicle SD Honeymooners 11:00 O CS O CD O (D O O CB-M QCEOQCSCSDODCOCn) (BCD 23 89 News CB-A OD-M 03 (3) 98 Dick Cavett Guest: record producer John Hammond. (Part 2 of 2) (R) ( S3 Fernwood 2Nlght C American Perspective: Another View CD M.A.S.H SD Prisoner: Cell Block H flj Jack Benny 11:27 GD Emergency 11:30 O Maude O O CB-M CD QB 03 03) The Night Stalker A sorcerer Is suspected of murdering several wealthy women. (03)0(200302) The Best of Carson Guests: Robert Blake. Carol Neb-lett, Sharon Gless. (R) CB-A 0D-MCQ Captioned ABC News O 03 83 CD ABC News Nlghtllne (li S3 Don Klrshner's Rock Concert fJD 69 Benny Hill Dick Cavett Guest: record producer John Hammond. (Part 2 of 2) (R) S3 Solid Gold (p MacNell Lehrer Report S3 Austin City Limits 11:50 CS Movie "The Steagle" (1971) Richard Benjamin, Cloris Leachman. 12:00 O Rookies O 09 (B 83 CD Fridays Guests: The Split Enz. (R) Dick Cavett Guest: record producer John Hammond. (Part 2 of 2) (R) Movie "The Blob" (1958) Steve McQueen, Aneta Corseaut SD Night Gallery 12:30 (DOQDOCDOCD SCTV Network 90 83 Movie "Murder in Mind" (1975) Richard Johnson, Zena Walker. SD Movie "Gentleman Jim" (1942) Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith. S3 News 12:40 O O CB-M IS CS) 03 CO) Movie "Hitler's Gold" (1975) TellySavalas, Robert Culp. 1:00 O Marcus Welby, M.D. S3 Live from Richmond 1:10 O Movie "Pretty Poison" (1968) Anthony Perkins, Tuesday Weld. Q3 Star Trek fJD ABC News Nlghtllne 63 Don Klrshner's Rock Concert CD Solid Gold 1:30 O Movie "A Man Called Adam" (1966) Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford. 1:40 (B News 2:00 O Adam-12 CD (JJ News O America's Top Ten S3 Movie "Pumping Iron" (1977) Documentary. Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2:10 03 News 2:30 O News O Rock Concert 2:40 (D News 3:30 S3 Sketches In Jazz 4:00 O Movie "Winter Comes Early" (1971) Derek Sanderson, Trudy Young. S3 Dick Cavett Guest: record producer John Hammond. (Part 2 of 2) jP) 0NIVI J7A ESPfi CBN NICK US NY9 SHOW CINE MOVCl Movies, sports Movies, sports WTBS, Atlanta Sports, entertainment Christian Broadcasting Public affairs, Congress Nickelodeon (kids) Sports, kids WGN, Chicago WOR, New York Showtime Clnemax Movie Channel It us M0VC, USA Update Joker's Wild Movie Heturn from Witch Mountain' lia bene Davis 6:05 1 17A Father Knows Best 1:30 NV9 CINE Hogan's Heroes Calliope Tic Tac Dough Movie Young in Heart" 9:00 CBN I American Catholic NY9 1 Jna Franklin Dll Movie 'Dead Man's Float" 9:05 Ql Family Affair 1:30 9C Bewitched CBN Westbrook Hospital Espn C-Span CINE Movie "The Douglas Fairbanks Jr. 6:35 LH That Girl 7:00 (1938) ESPN CBN NICK NY9 IT Trocadero Bleu Citron" MOVCl Movie "Return from Witch (1977) Bette Davis 9:35 1 17A I Dream of Jeannie 10:00 Hollywood Squares Sports Center 700 Club House of Mountain" Andy Griffith Sports Center Good News Studio See Bullseye Movie "The Shining" (1980) Nicholson, Shelley Duvall. 7:05 LH All In the Family 7:30 BO Movie "A Southern Yankee" Skelton, Artene Dahl. Jack (1948) Red 9C ESPN CBN CSPNl Representatives I NY9 Romper Room 10:05 11771 Movie "Mozambique" (1965) Steve Cochran, Hildegarde Kneff. 10:30 9C $50,000 Pyramid show) The New Maid 11:00 9C I Hour Magazine ESPNl Horseshow Jumping 'Grand Slam" (Part 2) NY9 Straight Talk show Movie 'Of Human Bondage" (1934) Bette Davis, Leslie Howard. fciNEl Movie "The Fourth Wish" the anguished lather ol a leukemia-stricken boy aitempts to enrich his son's last days 11:30 The Lesson Movie CBN MOJCJ "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" (1971) Gene Wilder 12:00 jQ Donahue cbn RossBagley NY9 News 9C ESPN NY9 John 12:05 - 17A Freeman Reports 12:30 Ml Let's Make a Deal 1:00 Prisoner: Cell Block H Tennis Movie "Never a Dull Moment" (1952) Irene Dunne, Fred MacMurray. IshowI Movie "Urban Cowboy" (1980) Travolta, Debra Winger. fciNEl Movie "The Young in Heart" (1938) Douglas Fairbanks Jr. pTl Movie "The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu" (1980) Peter Sellers, Sid Caesar. 1:05 Lm Movie "Twenty-Four Hours to Kill" (1965) Mickey Rooney, Walter Slezak. 1:30 flcl Movie "A Southern Yankee" (1948) Red Skelton, Arlene Dahl. A Visit With Suzanne Dusty's Treehouse Movie "Xanadu" (1980) Olivia Newton- CBN Another Life nick Clever Jack usa Sports Probe El Face the Music 7:35 Zi Get Smart 8:00 I HBO I Remember When: Wheels, Wings and Whistles fONTV) Movie "Every Which Way But Loose" (1978) Clint Eastwood M CFL Football Montreal vs. Toronto cbn m Touch USA, Billiards , M. Baseball New York at Philadelphia (Game may be pre-empted due to players strike.) fsHQwl Movie "Blazing Saddles" (1974) Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder. fciNEl Movie "Blume in Love" (1973) George begai, busan Anspacn. MOVCl Movie "Xanadu" (1980) Olivia Newton- John, Gene Kelly. 8:05 LH3 Up Close 8:30 LNiCKj What Will They Think of Next? LM Karate 8:35 QZil Baseball Atlanta at Houston (Game may be pre-empted aue to players strike.) 9:00 Ml Movie "Alien" .(1979) Tom Skerritt CBN 700 Club nick Paris Revisited with CBN NICK MOVCl John, Gene Kelly. 2:00 Christopher Closeup Vegetable Soup CBN NICK 2:30 Olivia De Havilland 9:14 ffjiCKl Paris Revisited with Olivia De Havilland 9:30 Movie "Home Movies" (1980) Keith Gordon, Kirk Douglas. 10:00 lONTtfl Movie "The Outlaw Josey Wales" (1976) Clint fcastwood, Sondra Locke. fsHQwl what's Up Amerlcal fcln Movie "Divine Nymph" Laura Antonelli movcJ Movie "The Stunt Man" (1980) Peter O'Toole, Steve Railsback. 10:05 DzDNews 10:30 News This Week on Wall Street Sports Legends New York Report CBN NICK CINE Faith 20 First Row Features Film Feature 3:00 CBN NY9 CINE 700 Club Bonanza Movie 'Tiocadero Bleu Citron" 3:05 1 17A Funtlme 3:30 McHale's Navy. Studio See Movie 11:00 ("hboI Movie "The Electric Horseman" (1979) Robert Redford, Jane Fonda. espn Sports Center cbn Come on Along nick Paris Revisited with 9C nick SHOW Peter "Dead Man's Float" MOVCl Movie "The Stunt Man" (1980) O'Toole, Steve Railsback. 3:35 l7Al The Fllntstones 4:00 Scooby Doo What Will They Think of Olivia de Havilland rOsAl Movie "Charley One-Eye" (1973) Richard Hounatree, Hoy minnes. Mannlx Bizarre III Movie "The Night Porter" (1974) Dirk Bogarde, Charlotte Rampling. 11:05 QzjQ Night Gallery 11:30 NY9 SHOWl IT 9C NICK Next? fNWl Movie The Redhead from Wyoming" 9C The Odd Couple espn Tennis cbn Another Life show Movie 'Caddyshack" (1980) Bill Murray cifc Movie "The First Nudie Musical" (1975) Cindy Williams, Bruce Kimmel. (1952) Maureen O'Hara, Alex Nicol. 9C CBN NICK CINE 4:05 IT7A1 The Addams Family 4:30 Yogi Bear and Friends Something Special Llvewlre Movie The Fourth Wish" the anguished father of a leukemia-stricken boy aitempts to enrich his son's last days 4:35 QZA Hazel 5:00 My Three Sons Stuff C-Span Call-in The New Maid 9C CBN CSPN SHOWl Clint 5:05 LJZA Ozzle and Harriet :30 OH Movie 'Rio Bravo (1959) John Wayne Dick Van Dyke Ross Bagley Video Comics Stanley Slegel Movie 'Urban Cowboy" (1980) Travolta, Debra Winger. 9C CBN NICK NY9 SHUWl John i:35 17A Beverly Hillbillies oo 9C ESPN NICK Chico and the Man Golf Highlights First Row Features QZil Movie "The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" (1965) Terrence Morgan 12:00 nc Movie "Kiss Me Deadly" (1955) Ralph Meeker, Albert Dekker. Ross Bagley Movie "September Affair" (1950) Joan Fontaine, Joseph Cotten. 12:15 0NTV Movie "Bronco Billy" (1980) Eastwood, Sondra Locke. 12:30 movcI Movie "Just Tell Me What You Want" (1980) All MacGraw, Alan King. 12:50 p7Al Baseball Atlanta at Houston (Game may be pre-empted due to players' strike, alternate programming is "Fort Yuma".) 1:00 HB0 Remember When: Wheels, Wings and Whistles CBN Warren Roberts Presents USA I Bobby Jones Gospel Show pT Movie "Home Movies" (1980) Keith Gordon. Kirk Douglas. 1:30 I lA ) Showtime at the Apollo (show Movie "Crazy Mama" (1975) Cloris Leachman, Ann Sothern. fcifC Movie "Medium Cool" (1969) Robert Fjprster, Verna Bloom. ADVERTISED ITEM POLICY ioth ot rftos mdvwtltmd Itmmt I required to b rowdily ovolleblo for $olo In ooth Krogor torm, OMiopt ptcJffcfty nofsxf In thl od. It wo do run out of on odvortltod Itom, wo will offer you yovr tholto of o comporob'o Itom, when ovallablo, rotlottlng tho omo tovlng or o rolnthotk whkh will ontltlo you to pvrcfiot the odvertlted Itom ot tho advert lod prlto within 30 doys. Pricti t Items Good Monday, July 6 thru Sunday, July 12, 1981 In Wiynt, Oakland t Macomb Counties. Copyright 1981. Tho Krogr Co.; No Sales To Dealers. Mil' ) Fresh ML BEEF HAMBURGER L Lb y U.S. Gov't Graded Choice CHUCK ROAST 548 ii i i ii s,dAs i 1 Lb 1 1 Rossi OnW j y Granulated v ((ROGER i SUGAR 5-Lb I Ba9 Vtmt j Toll Or C0CA-C0U 8 $f97 I H-titer I I Pius ii I B,'s LI Depos,t I i Creamy, Fresh KROGER COTTAGE CHKSE Kroger GmM MEDIUM EGGS U.S. No. 1 Large, Sweet NORTHWESTERN BING CHERRIES Lug

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