Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on September 24, 1971 · Page 31
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 31

Detroit, Michigan
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Friday, September 24, 1971
Page 31
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Questions . . . And Nixon's Answers Here are some of the key questions asked President Nixon during Thursday night's Economic Club of Detroit dinner at JCoboHall: . ' QUESTION: Mr. President, this is the first question: It has been reported that you will announce the administration position 'on Phase Two of wage-price controls by mid-October. It does not seem appropriate to inquire into the nature of those controls -at this time but this question is concerned with longer-term (considerations. What Is the policy of your administration as to the ultimate elimination of controls and return to the sort of free-market economy we had prior to Aug. 15 and when do you think this may be accomplished? THE PRESIDENT: First, with regard to Phase Two, it will be announced well before 30 days before the elapsing of the 90-day freeze. Second, as I have indicated, it will be effective. It will cover the whole economy. It will have to concentrate primarily on those areas of the economy, major industries, for example, where there is the greatest possibility of inflationary tendencies having effect on the balance of the economy but all of the .economy will be covered. .'. As far as the duration of Phase Two is concerned, we are not going to set a limit on it because we believe that its duration should depend upon how effectively it deals with the problem. However, our commitment is to return to the free market forces as the most effective way to move this economy forward. But until we can deal with the problem of inflation, deal with the problem of wages and prices as they force up the cost of living or all Americans and deal with it effectively, we believe that it is necessary to have controls with teeth, backed up by the government. In that respect, while it is going to also be necessary to have voluntary co-operation from management, from labor, and support from the American people, which we presently have in fvery great volume, it is also essential that there be government sanctions to hack it up and there will be. r' But having said all these things, our major commitment in the long run is to return this economy as soon as we have cooled 'the fires of inflation, to return it to those strong free forces that have brought us so far in the period that we have been a free -economy. QUESTION: Mr. President, this is a three-part question. You might call it a typically Detroit question. Do you think the automobile contribution is still a major part of the pollution problem and are the further required emission standards really worth the cost to the consumer, and what cost analysis is being made to automotive safety and emission standards, and why are such cost studies not made prior to the issue of regulations? - - THE PRESIDENT: I quit beating my wife last week, too. Mr. Boyd, the question is not only pertinent to Detroit, it is pertinent to the whole country because when we look at the -automobile industry we realize that it provides one out of six jobs in this country. It also provides an enormous driving force for an economy as we are moving upward at this time: Now, with regard to the emission standards, I understand " PRESIDENT Nixon: "We all want clean air and clean water." Mr. Ruckelshaus, working with industry in the Detroit area, will have an announcement in the next few days with regard to a new engine that in preliminary tests meets the very strict standards of the Clean Air Act. Whether that is an indication that we will be able to go further along that line remains to be seen because the 50,000-mile test has not yet been passed. On the second point, it is vitally important that in this whole area of the environment, whether it is in the area of water pollution, air pollution, or any other area, more attention must be given to the cost factor as well as to the factor that we are , all interested in: Cleaning up our air and cleaning up our water. I believe that as far as this administration is concerned as a result of the direction I have given to the Environmental Protection Agency, that we are bringing more balance into that program. Let us understand one thing: We all want clean air and clean water. Sometimes I have heard people say: "Wouldn't it be great if we could go back to the way America was at the beginning? Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have all of this industrialization that pollutes our air and water?" The answer is: Not at all. I have been in countries that have no industrialization. I have been in countries that have very few automobiles, and let me say that I would rather live in the United Stated of America. I think we have to realize that when the Congress, or the administration carries out the will of the Congress, sets certain standards to clean up the air or clean up the water, we must weigh against that how many jobs is that going to cost, and if it is gain gto cost a disproportionate number of jobs, what good it is going to accomplish. We have to evaluate our decision. I have talked generally to your question because it seems to me that it is important not to be more precise than that, since some of these matters as you know will be the subject of directives in the future. I simply want you to know, however, that in weighing these matters and balancing these things very much in my mind and In the minds of those carrying out the policy of this administration, we are commuted to cleaning up the air and cleaning up the water. But we are also committed to a strong economy and we are not going to allow the environmental issue to be used sometimes falsely and sometimes in a demagogic way basically to destroy the industrial system that made this the great country that it is. QUESTION: Mr. President, we are all terribly concerned about the deterioration of cities and the tendency for our policies or lack of policy to turn the cities over to the lower-income people In our society. Do you see any moves that we can make thai would make it more economically attractive for developers to rebuild our cities and revitalize our cities instead of continuing the westward-ho philosophy of moving on and using up our raw land Indiscriminately in suburban squalor? THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Hastings, the problem here is one that simply cannot be solved by Washington. That is something which I am glad to note the people of Detroit recognize. You have your New Detroit Committee which, of course, has been very effective in dealing with some of the problems which are not only Detroit's problems, hut the problems of cities generally. You have the Detroit Renaissance Committee which is working on the problem of rebuilding the downtown area. . Now, in this particular case I think what is perhaps indispen-sible to a new approach to the problem of cities is that kind of civic . responsibility on the part of the cities involved. No city can be saved by Washington. A city can only be saved by the residents of that city, if they determine to do it. tiff CHALK UP CALLS AND RESULTS WHEN YOU PLACE A FREE PRESS WANT AD CALL m ffft- HtL States Funtral Directors Funerals Today i Beniamin, Alice a. Vasu-Lynch Bnrtolotti. Fanni L. Harri? BreinaK, waner peimet-normm Czaoran. Joseph Oerscha, Josephine Duncan. Margaret M, Hoemke. Alma Kelemen. Sieve Lambert, Antoinette Maxwell, John J. Militello. Antonio Mulrenan, Mary E. Pulte, Joseph P. Reed, Ernest 0. Schubach, Alice M. Stuart, Jack D. Szciubialka, Tadeusi Thabit, Kameley Thomas, Joseph Tsonakas, Theodore Whitely Everett Yeaqer, Fred T. Yeaqer, Lillian Zieman, Ann B. Sobocinski wood Vasu-Lynch A. H. Peters Howe-Peterson Northrop Verhevden Bamasco VanLerberine sommers Schulti ichmaliriedt Neely Anthony Wvsocki L. A. Turowski Steuerol Kourmada Scott Neely Buehler Buehler Martenson Death Notices It's The Smock! A.H.Peters Funeral Home 12057 Gratiot 2070S Mack, G. P. Woods LA4-77M TU 4-5500 Printed Pattern SCHMALZRIEDT SONS 16625 Grand River VB 5-3100 VASU-LYNCH N. Wood, bt. 13-14 Milt LI '-OSO MULRENAN MARY E. (net Howlev). Beloved wife of the late Michael; dear mnihr of Mlchae J.. .Mrs. Anne Connally, Mrs. Helen Houser and C . iiimiuarf hu iv ftr-anfl- children and ten great-grandchil-. 1330 Warren u VV J-"09 dren; dear sister of Mrs. Rose Oe-I ESTABLISHED 71 YEARS v ne. Mrs. LM Qumn. James riowievi L, -rLwJ- i ana Mrs. Mark Carroll, both of hCIS. VerneyClen, IrtC. A. J. VAN LERBERGHE SliQO. Ireland and Mictiael Howlev of bnoiana. l-unerai rrum me nrinwi VanLerberqhe Funeral Home, 13340 E. warren cor. Lakeview, Fridav morning at 9:30 and St. John Berch-mans Church at 10. Rosary thurs-oay evening at I. Member Ladies' Sodality. NICHOLOFF HELEN BAB AS. Suddenly, September 22, 1971, in McAllen, Texas. Beloved mother of Dr. Paul A. Babas, Mrs. Joseph R. (Lillian) Olah, Mrs. John (Patricia) Wittbold Jr. Also survived by 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Sister of Edward A. and Steven A. Weiser and Sister Elsa Laszlo IHM of San-turce, Puerto Rico. Funeral at Voi an Funeral Home (Dearborn Chapel), 23701 Ford Road, Satur day at II a.m. In state Friday from 6 to p.m. ALLENBY LORETTA, Sept. 23, of 18141 West-hamoton. Southfield. Dear mother of the late Lorraine A. Ames; dear oranrimother of Timomv and Loretta Ames; dear sister of Mrs. Valerie Aiienoy; aunt ot Mrs. Harvena oeg-orie. Services Saturday 1 p.m. at Ross B. Northrop & Son Funeral Home. 22401 Grand River (Redford. BLOETSCHER OTTO C. September 27, 1971. Husband of Hie late Mary; dear father of Mrs. Evelyn Speier, Mrs. Dolores Cleaver, Carl Bloetscher and Mrs. Geraldine Bradley; brother of Jonn Bloetscher; also survived by ten orandchildren and six great-grand children. Funeral service at the Chapel of McFarland Funeral Home, 5401 Schaefer, Dearborn, Saturday at 1 p.m. . BRIDGER ' DONALD F., Sept 23. Dear fattier of Denise and Donald Bridger; son of Edna Bridoer. Services at Ted C. Sullivan Funeral Home, 14230 W. McNichols Rd., Saturday at 12 noon. CAMPBELL MARY B. (net Ryan) Sept. 21. Beloved wife ot James; dear sister of Josephine, Eileen, Theresa, Kathleen, Noreen and Dennis. Funeral from Hamilton-Hoffman Funeral Home, 20740 Grand River, Saturday 9:15 a.m. and to St. Mary's of Red-ford Church 10 a.m. Scripture reading Friday 8 p.m. Interment Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. CARLSON MARTHA E. Beloved wife ot William A.; dear mother of Mrs. John (Carolyn) Collins, and Mrs: Jonn (Martha) Steinert; also four Grand children; sister of Mrs. Victor (Alpha) Jensen, Mrs. Ar. W. (Rose) Petsinger, Mrs. Robert (Olga) Hei-merdinger, and William A. Crombie. Funeral Saturday 9:30 a.m. at A. H. n I Uahia Mark i-cicis rwwa. rw...., c.-iiArttnnrv Ave. at Vernier Rd. (8 Miiei, orqsse anutlMKUCIV OTTMAN FLMFR. dear brother of Georoe of Indianapolis, Mrs. Selma Wilhite of Evansville, Mrs. Vera Andersen, and Mrs. Marguerite Gerard of Ev jtncville. Funeral Saturday 9 a.m. from the Sprott Funeral Home, 19740 Van Dyke at Outer Drive, St. Jude Church ar v:ju. u.s.k. rertrea. ko-sary Fridav I p.m. POLLOCK Thomas C. Beloved husband of Olga; dear father of Elmer; father-in-law of Betty. Funeral Saturday, 1 p.m. at A. H. Peters Funeral Home, 12057 Gratiot Ave. PORTEOUS MARY W Sept. 23. Dear mother of William, Mrs. Angus (Evelyn Mc-Lauchian, and James; sister of Samuel Christie and Mrs. Elizabeth Buxton; six grandchildren also survive. Funeral from Harper-Muingan pu Established over 60 years U300 MACK AT OUTER DRIVE TU 1 1500 Legal Notices 15 NOTICE is hereby oiven that an order oaieo seotemoer a, ivi nas oeen issued bv the undersioned authoriz ing the name of the oil screw NITA, Official Number 286360. owned by Peter E. Westberg. of which Detroit, Michiqan is the home port to be cnanoed to DULMtss iv. Louis P. Garza, Documentation Officer. By direction of Officer in charge, U.S. Coast Guard. Marine Inspection. Bids and Proposals 16 NOTICE OF SALE OF RELOCATABLE BUILDINGS BY GAYLORD COMMUNITY SCHOOLS , Sealed bids for the sale of eight relocatable buildings will be received bv the Board of Education of Gavlord Community Schools at the Off ice ot the Board of Education at 310 East Fourth Street, in the City of Gay-lord. Michiaan. on t he 4th day of Oct., 1971, until 4:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. The bids will be publicly opened and read at the Board Meetinq to be held at 0:00 P.m., on the 4th dav of Oct.. 1971. The hiiilriina are located at 615 South Elm Street, behind the Middle Schnnl and mav be examined by ar. rangement with the superiniena-ent's office located at 310 East Fourth Street, Gaylord, Michigan, Telephone No. 732-2315. The serial mimhr nf airi buildinos are: MU7A135 MU66197 MU66185 MU7A234 MU7A138 MU7A136 MUAIJJ MU7A233 CONDITIONS OF BID: J Bid forms are available at the Board of Education Office, 310 East Fourth Street, Gaylord, Michigan. Bids shall bt submitted on single build- neral Home (7 Mile Memorial tk. Board reserves the rlaht to relect Chaoe , 19530 W. 7 Mile, Saturday nv nr n hirf 11 a.m. Memorials may be sent to U certified check or cash deposit In the the Miohiqan Heart Fund. ROSBERG EMIU, Septemder 27. Husband of Aqnes A.; father of Slid Emil Ral-strom: five brothers and two sisters in Sweden; grandfather of Curt and i David. Funeral at the Verheydeni Funeral Home, 16300 Mack at Outer Dr., Saturday at 11. l Mm m i I j. U 1 f : . Personals ii " ' FNEED people who would "like todo Friday. Sept. 24. '"1 something really nice tor tne eio-riv and-or shut-ins. For info, send self- addressed, stamped envelooe to SOL, P.O. Box 157, Rockwood, Mich 48173. Nothing to buy or sell. r iv ess 7-C Help Wanted, Male 40 I WILL not be responsible lor debts made anyone oiner man myseiT. Freddie Holt. 13725 Dexter, Detroit. Christmas Trees 25 Trl-Stale Tree Co. f 935 Brown Road , i Jonesville, Mich. 49250. I 517-849-4067. 1 50 and up. Lawns, Gardens, Landscaping, Sod, Patio Supplies 26 13' PARADOME for sale, pood condi- tion. year old. 886-7175. I Transportation 32 AAA AUTO DR I VE AWAY i Calif. Florida. Layton, Utah. Ariz.! St. Louis, Mo. Pittsburqh. I 13116 GRAND RIVER 491-7800: AAA CARS WAITING ' SEATTLE-BOSTON-OREGON 1 18018 WOODWARD TO 5-5701 ACE TRANSPORT-TEXAS Calif., Utah, Florida, Seattle 3169 Woodward 833-1700 ACCOUNTANT CPA 3 to 5 years ex- . perienct in auditinq for Grand Rao-ids CPA firm. Seno resume. Replies ' will be treated confidentially , ; Box073 FreePress 48231. APPLICATIONS' , ' BEING TAKEN MACHINE TOOL LEADS ( BENCH HANDS i AND FIXTURE BUILDERS , Long program, Davs and nights. Va ' Con Industries, 1200' Globe, Livontf . ' Assistant Bookkeeper.? i For all male office. for EasttHoV J manufacturing company. Should- be able to type. Give education, exoen-t ence, references, also ' salary d-4 sired. Reply Box No. 4079, Fftt, Press 48231. ' j ADJUSTER "TRAINEE-, j Co. will pay fee for coll. grT 4", train in Lansing. $7800 Co. tar ' an1 l.nantM Dh AAr I M nn ' 352-3000 CHOATE &'CHOATE IVj. j I ( DRIVEAWAY SERVICE 9970 GRAND RIVER . 931-0620 Industrial Services 34', WANTED polishing and buffing 8nd , 1" Glenclal welding, Bebco Manufacturing Com pany 483-8811, 483-ByJO Trade & Technical Schools 36 Automotive Prototype; Hammerform Men Only C'ass A men with at least 5 yrv t experience on automotive prototype ( parts. j i MILFORD FAB. CO. I 777-1400 1 Train for Too Pay Opportunities in RADIO BROADCASTING Approved for Veteran Training BUDGET Tuition Plan Day and Evening Classes Now Forming Placement Service CALL MR. DAVIS 962-5660 ELECTRONIC INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY an educational service of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation 7473 Woodward Ave., Detroit AUTO PARTS : COUNTER-MAN, EXPERIENCED For Mlchign's No 1 Ponliac dea. er. Too pay plan and benefits including, vacation. Excellent working condi-, tions. . SEE WES WEIRTEL AT JIM CAUSLEY PONTIAC 1 17677 MACK AUTO PORTER : For large volume, used car noera-" tion. Must be experienced (V willing to work. Top pay & benefits for tht, right man. , SEE CURT KNAPP, AT ' JIM CAUSLEY PONTIAC ' 17677 MACK ' 9000 S-8 -10 M-12-U L 16-18 RUPRICH RICHARD P., Sent. 22. Age 32. Hus band of Kathleen (net McManus); father of Jeffrey. Brian and Lynn; son of Mr. and Mrs, Peter Ru-prich; brother of Kenneth and Gary. Funeral from the Vertieyden Funeral Home. 16300 Mack at Outer Drive, Saturday at 9:30 and to St. Matthew's Church at 10. Prayers Hriday evening at 8:30. Pointe Woods. Memorial contributions to the Michigan Heart Asso-f-iaiinn u,miiH h Annreriated. Fam ily will receive friends Friday 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 P.m. i CARTON 1 JULIUS L., Sept. 23, age 49. Son of Mrs. Leona Osbourn; brother of Mrs-. Celena Henderson. Funeral from the Verhevden Funeral Mi.-n, 16300 Mack at Outer Drive. Monday at 9:30. and to St. Rose Church at 10. Prayers Sunday evening at 7. CENDROWSKI HARRY J., suddenly, Sept. 22, age 56. Beloved husband of Virginia; dear father of Mrs. Stephen (Margaret) Sarzynski, Thomas (Mar-lene) and Harry Jr.: dear brother oi Joseph Sanders, Phil and Walter; four grandchildren. Funeral Saturday 9:30 a.m., Orllkowski Funeral Home, 2721 Holbrook, to St. Ladis-laus Church, 10 a.m. Interment Mt.. Olivet. CLEYMAN PHILOMENA amount of 10 percent of tht bid must accompany each bid as a guarantee of good toitn on tne part ot tne oio-der to be forfeited if such bid be accepted and the bidder fails to com-olv with the conditions of purchase and removal contained in this notice. No Interest shall be allowed on the ! of the unsuccessful bidders will be 'OR davtime life with this promptly returned to each bidder' ... ,i:j representative or py registereo man. sweeu, uchuhj uu.y o,.... pBh5Jl!ilLmHSU .hhlSrtJru !smock. Haye it in alllengrths expense within thirty calendar days j with or Without Cap, from the date of notification of sue- Mnmori! win oe "" Educational 35 SWEETEN your slumber. rescful hin Notification made by first-class mail to party and addresses set forth in the bio, i and the date of notification shall be , Nnrn, u:ceo.i S:, SlR.iri). Printed Pattern 9000 : GO AIRLINE Train for positions os Restrva-tionitts. Ticket Agtnts, Ground Hottest!, Ramp Agtnts, ttc. Study at home followed by resident training. National placement attisfanct. UNIVERSAL AIRLINES PERSONNEL SCHOOLS Dept. 1115 ' 1901 N.W. 7th 1 Miami Flojia'a 33125 For Immediate Information WRITE Sutie a-S, 595 Forrttt Avtnut "Plymouth. Mich. 41 170 PHONE: (313) 455-008 1 BARBER Stylist Journeyman. Will' train for unioue system and exJ panded facilities. Top drawer show and earnings. 565-7775. The Conti-( nental Salon for Men, Dearborn, j BARBER, ambitious Full time, good' pay TU 4-8959, Tues.-Sat. . BARBER Younq, full time. 120 S. ! Main, Romeo. 752-7373. . BARBER Full time. 25562. Flvr I Mile Rd. East of Beech, Redford' Twp. i BARBER Stylist. . 19737 W. 7 Mi. $150 guarantee.' the date of mailing of such notice at the Post Office, Gaylord, Mich- M ( 12-1 4 ) ; ARTHUR f. Beloved father of Arthur and Mrs. Gilbert (Suzanne) Slurza; brother df Edward, George, and Mrs. Michael (Eleanor) Schmidt; also survived by three grandchildren. Funeral from Lambert Funeral Home, 15443 Greenfield, Saturday 11 a.m., and St. Mary's of Redford Cfiurch at 11:30 a.m. SCHWARTZ THERESA. Wife of the late Flgvd; dear sister of Mrs. Katherme Fronda, Mrs. Eva Bogantz, Mrs. Anna Bollinger, Louis Pasheilich and Mrs. Sophia Schmidt. Funeral Saturday 11 a.m. at A. H. Peters Fu neral Home, 20705 Mack Ave. at yer-! nier Rd. (8 Mile), Grosse Pointe i Woods. Interment Woodlawn. loan The Board of Education will disconnect all service utilities to such buildings without expense to the bidder. The foregoing notice is given bv order of the Board of Education Gavlord Community Schools, Gaylord, Michl- ga"' MATTIE LEE TOWNSEND Secretary, Board of Education L(lfi-18); rlium, yards dress length 35-inch. Me-; 3 Send 75c (coin) to Mar-i ion Martin, DFP, Pattern Dept., 232 W. 18th St., New; York, N.Y. 10011. Print plainly NAME. ADDRESS, ZONE, PATTERN NUM BER, and add 25c lor air PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING PAPER FOR THE U.S. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE ccai cn ponpnAi c uuill h r. ceived untn io:oo a.m.; prevailing mail and special nanannp-. Washington, D.C., time, October 7. 1971, in the United States Govern- , , T . , ment Printing Office, Washington, complete insiani iiiil D.C., for furnishing the.paper for the, Rnnk mnre thnn 100 cifs. r- Ar nt nn an hinrlmn Jinfl I .... n 4- a f k - - i iUfii .iittie rv i ii a n !$1.00. STRANALY ZLXXTja- t.'.hA,nrnin; TrS'pSB!' willV-opened in the ?"JiT!LWli,:mJ-i!h.n;l presence of and the award of con- oub c printing and binding ana blank paper ordered for the Govern- Ss rfnrme,,rrofe3Srnon'?f?,iBooll $1.00. "16 Jiffy Rugs", beginning November 1, 1971, deliver-; Book 50c. 1 ies to be F.O.B. Government Print- - ing Office Warehouse, or warehouse j siding, Washington, u.L. An Excellent Career INSURANCE ADJUSTER Adjuster! and investigator! are needed te handla the great in-craate in claims. Gaea salary, company car, and expentet utually furnished. Train for this wide open field. INSURANCE ADJUSTERS SCHOOL Dept. 1115 1901 N.W. 7th Strut Miami, Florida, 33125 OR For immediate infermation WRITE Suite 6-8, S95 Avenue Plymouth, Mich 48170 RHONE: (313)455-0981 Beloved wife df the late Philp; dear mother ot Mrs. Henry (Leona vanHoneoexe, co- ward and Richard; dear sister of STUART Edwara, auousi. unanes. ion. Joseph and Peter VanOppens; survived bv 1 arandchildren and seven areat-grandchildren. Funeral from the Arthur J. VanLtrberghe Funtral Home, 13340 E. Warren corner Lake-view. Saturday morning at 9:15. and Our Lady of Sorrows Church at 10. Rosary Friday evening at 8. law of Elizabeth; loving grandfather of Gerald, Gary and Sherrie. Funeral Saturday, 9 a.m. from Gi- lewskl Funeral Home, 3509 E. Davison, to St. Augustine Church at 9:30 a.m. Buria( Mt. Olivet. Rosary Fri day 8 p.m. Greetings 19 CONGRATULATIONS i Patrick has an Irish friend his name is Dick; JACK 0., September 71, 1971. Beloved husband of Karherine; father of Mrs. Stanley Summers, Jerry N., Timothy M. and Kathy; brother of Mrs. Sam Hull, also survived by ten tracts made by the Joint Committee on Printing to the lowest and best bidders for the interest of the Government whose bids are in conform- uy Wlin ine requuemenis ui ineuru- , . ... , . . . posal. Discounts offered for prompt joann sgirm-imia ir mm .s payment will not be considered in ...S?01!1"'.,.... , making awards under this proposal. When thev wnessed their weddinq on The committee reserves the right to Nove"r Rf,5li.: ,r:.hio reiect any or all bids, or to accept No one thought their friendship would any bid or any part and reiect the other part if, in its opinion, such ac tion would be in the interest of the Government. grandchildren.' Services from Blank proposals containing the Instruc- COREY MABEL D Sept. 73. Beloved! mother of Mrs. Dorothy A. Mclntyre and Chester F.; mother-in-law of Josephine; leaves nine grandchildren; sister of Florence Reedy, Mary Williams, Jean Norris, and Helen Bar-zvk. Member of SS. Peter S. Paul Altar Society. Funeral services Saturday 1:30 o m. from the Saiewski Funeral Home, 19111 W. Warren, to SS. Peter & Paul Church at 2 p.m. Interment St. Hedwie Cemetery. Rosary Friday 7:45 p.m. DeCLAIRE KATHER1NE M Sept. 22, 1971. Dear mother of Mrs. Frank Lenn (Katherine, Mrs. Maurice Sinnot (Mary Louise, and the late Gertrude DeClaire; sister of Mrs. Frank Murray (Mary; also nine arandchildren. Funeral from Vasu-Lynch Funeral Home, 4375 N, Woodward (btw. 13-14 Mi. Rds., Saturday 9:45 a.m., and Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Church. Birmingham, 10 a m. Rosary Friday 8 p.m. DEMBICKI ALICE M., wife of the late Victor J.: dear steomother of Mrs. Daniel (Henrietta) Medburv and Harry emhirki: a so survived bv f ve arandchildren and two great-grand children. Funeral saturaay i p.m. from the A. H. Peters Funeral Home, 20705 Mack Ave. at Vernier Rd. i8 Mile) Grosse Pointe Woods. DOLAN EDWARD M. September 71. Dear foster-father of David Lawreyice Dolan; dear brother of John, James, Joseoh and Mrs. Margaret Flesch. Funeral from the Ted C. Sullivan Funeral Home, i30 w. McN cno s Rd., Salurday morning at 10:30 and Gesu Church at 11. ENO GERTRUDE JEWETT, a9e 9, of Shallowbrook, Lyme, Connecticut, Seol. 22, 1971, Daughter of Caroline Wood and Frederick L. Jewett; survived bv a son, Chaun-cey Hart Eno III; a sister, Mrs. James Thach, and a brother, Charles Wood Jewett. Private funeral. f FREIWALD OSCAR J.. Sept. 72. In Lakeland,; Fla., formerly of Detroit. Survived bv wife, Beulah; brother, Elmer A. ! and Harold H.; children, Oscar J.' Frances Mary Hoyl, and Eric W.; 11 1 aranrirhilriren. five nreat-orandchil- dren. Services 10 a.m. Saturday at Lakeland. . Harvey A. Neely Funeral Home, 16540 Meyers Rd., Friday at 1 p.m. Burial Roselawn Park Cemetery, TISON PRIMO. Seoiamber 21. Beloved hut band of Louise. Dear father of Joseph end Mrs. Roma Mazurowski; oranoramer or six from the Harry Home (Plymouth Rd. Chapel), 25450 Plymouth Rd., Saturday 9:30 a.m. and to Our Lady of Grace Church at 10. Rosary 8 p.m. Friday. Interment Holy Sepulchre. TODD i KONCZAL VIRGINIA M. (nee Mahoney). September 22. Wife of Anthony P.; mother of James R. Metzger; steomother of Pierre; dauahter of William B. Mahonev; sister of Mrs. Mariorie A. Hollinaer and Mrs. Barbara E. Young. Funeral from the Verheyden Funeral Home, 16300 Mack at Outer Drive, Saturday at 9 and to St. Alovsius Church at 10. Prayers Fridav evening at 7:30. LEVITT BENJAMIN L., Sept. 77, of 30500 Southfield. Brother-in law of Mrs. Isaac Levitt (Katie; soar uncle of Dr. Irving Levitt and Mrs. Morris Berris (Louise). Services 10 o'clock Friday morning at the lr Kaufman Chapel, 18325 W. 9 Mile Rd. Family at the res. of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Berris, 77066 Aberdeen, Southfield. MARCHANT MOLLIS, Sept. 73, 1971. Beloved wile of William; dear mother of; Mrs. Lucille Johnson of Florida, Marie Short of North Carolina, Martin, Konald and John Radford; 13 grandchildren; also one sister and one brother. Funeral Saturday 11 a.m. from the Gordon C. Crabb Funeral Home, Gratiot at Outer Drive. MURRAY CLARENCE A., Sept. 21. Beloved husband of Anne B., dear father of Mrs. Gerald McGuire (Jean) of Vancouver, B.C., Rev. John Murray C.S.B. of Rochester, New York, William and Thomas Murray, and the lale Sr. Mary Cecilia O.P. (Barbara); eight grandchildren; brother of Rev. William Murray C.S.B. , Mrs. Josephine Coughlin, Mrs. Helen O'Rourke, Clem, Frank and Harold Murray of Canada. Funeral from Ted C. Sullivan Funeral Home, 14230 W. McNichols and St. Scholastic Church at II. Rd., Saturday morning at 10:30, Contributions to the Monastery of the Blessed Sacrament, 13 Mile Rd. and Middlebelt. Farmlngton, would be appreciated. MASZTAKOWSKI ANTHONY A., September 27. Dear brother of Milton B. Masters and wife, Lillian; dear uncle ot Miss Michele Masters, Mrs. Christine Abratowskl. Fred Masters and Bernard Maszlakowski. Funeral Monday from the John J. Skuony Funeral Home, 11405 Conant, time of services later. ' MAXWELL JOHN J., September 22, age 29. Husband of Peggy; son of Mrs. Robert Moriartv and John A. Maxwell. Funeral at the Verhevden Funeral Home. U.100 Mack at Outer Drjvt, Fridav at 11. THEODORE J., Sept. 23. Beloved husband of Sophie; dear father of Mrs. Kathleen J. Itchue. Mrs. Nancy M. Fisher, Mrs. Marcella C. O'Toole. Mrs. Sharleen A. Janiga, and Theodore J. Jr ; brother of George R.; grandfather of eiqht grandchildren. Services Monday 8:30 a.m. from the Hunter-Callender Funeral Home, 13903 Terrv . corner Schoolcraft, and 9 a.m. from Mother of Our Savior Church, Greenfield at Tyler. Scripture service Salurday p.m. Family will receive friends after 12 noon Saturday. VanCAUWENBERG PROSPER H., suddenly. Beloved husband of Gloria; dear father of Mrs. Gary (Sandra) Gathen, Judith and David; grandfather of Gary Jr., and Kaylie Gathen; son of Alois VanCauwenberg. Funeral Monday at U a.m. at A. H. Peters Funeral Homo, 20705 Mack Avt. at Vernier Rd (8 Mile), Grosse Pointe Woods. In state Friday, 6 p.m. VOGAN ROY E. Sept. 22 Husband of Bessie (Helen Social. Funeral from the Verheyden Funeral Home, 16300 Mack at Outer Drive, Monday at 9:30, and to St. Ambrose Church at 10. Prayers Sunday evening at 7:30. WALAS JOHN, suddenly. Services Saturday a.m., Balmas-Piorkowski Funeral Home, 6051 E. 7 Mile at Dwytr. Call 892-01 1 1 for services, WHITELY EVERETT. Suddenly, Septmber 20, 1971. Age 72. Beloved husband of Irene; also survived by two brothers, Erie of St. Catherine's, Ontario and Elmer of Toronto, Ontario. Ser-vices Friday 11 a.m. from the Harvey A. Neelv Funeral Home. 16S40 Meyers Rd. Interment White Chapel Mausoleum. Memorials may be sent to Westminister UP Church. WINIARZ CAlLISTUS, REV., O.F.M. Conv. Sept. 23, Rockford, III., durinq retreat. Former pastor of Our Lady Queen of Angels and St. Hedwig Church in Detroit.- Funeral Monday, Sept. 27, 10:30 a.m. Mass at Corpus Chrlsti Church, Buffalo, N. Y. Interment St. Stanislaus Cemetery, Buffalo, N. Y. WING LEWIS 0. (Jack) Sept. 77. Husband of Fav; father of Mrs. Charles Mitchell, Gary and Douglas; brother of James R. and Mrs. John Hemming; five grandchildren. Funeral services. Spiller-Spltler Funeral Home, 834 N. Main St., Royal Oak, p.m. Saturday. WOZNIAK CZESLAWA I., Sept. 22. Dear wife of the late Valerian; mother of Thomas and Charles Wozniak. Funeral from Ted C. Sullivan Funeral Home, 14230 W. McNichols Rd., Saturday morning at 8:30 and Divine Child Church at 9:30. Rosary service Friday 7:30 p.m. ZIEMAN ANNA B, September 21 of Detroit. Beloved wife of the late Arthur G.; dear mother of Arthur O. and Mrs. Eleanor R. Wlrrh; also leaves one sister, seven grandchildren and two great-grandsons. Funeral Services From J. 0- Martenson and Son Funeral Home, 1725 Lawndale, Friday, ii a.m. tions. schedule, and specifications may bt obtained by addressing A. N. Spence, Public Printer, Washington, D.C. 20401. Contracts will be entered into fori supplying the quantities reauired,: whether more or less than the esti-1 mates, as provided in paragraph 40' nf the Instructions. ! Funeral services' The approximate estimated ouantities J. Will Funeral for paper in tht schedule comprise: . vio.uuu pounas macnine-iinisn door peper; 20,000 pounds machine finish I book end paper; 1,020,000 pounds heat-set web offset machine finish : book paper; 50,000 pounds english- finish book paper; 7,260,000 pounds web offset book paper; 9,895,000 pounds offset book paper; 2,)io,uou pounds opacified offset book paper, ! - 90,000 pounds antique book paper; 135,000 pounds coated book paper;. 385,000 pounds lithocoafed book paper; 220,000 pounds mimeograph paper; 75,000 pounds duplicator ! paper; 6,960,000 pounds writing paper; 1,975,000 pounds map paper; 520,000 pounds chart paper; 35,000 pounds manifold Paper; 125,000 pounds mimeograph bond paper: 1,020,000 pounds bond paper; 20,000 pounds translucent bond paper; 4,000 pounds parchment deed paper ; 724,000 pounds ledger paper; 125,000 pounds litho-coated cover paper; 715,000 vellum-finish cover paper; 132,000 pounds kraft paper; 10,000 , pounds blotting Daper; 4,000 pounds oiled manila tympan paper; 20,000 j pounds masking paper; 20,000, pounds manila tag board; 10,000 pounds lute lag board; 70,000 pounds! tan board; 1,300,000 pounds postal . card paper; 200,000 pounds news-, board; 5.440,000 sheets index paoer;; 10,000 sheets cloth-lined cover; paper; 265,000 sheets gummed paper; 65,000 sheets railroad board; 15.000 sheets pressboard; 96,000; sheets boon cover board. By direction of the Joint Committee on Printing A.N. SPENCE Public Printer Washington, D.C. September 21, 1971 lact : But love stepped in and 5 weeks from j this day i In a chaoel their "I Do's" they wllh sav. i THE MURPHYS ! CONGRATULATIONS JEANNIE! On becomina Vice-President of Holy Redeemer's Class of '72. Your Dumb Brother An Exciting Career MOTEL MANAGEMENT Train for high paying jebi at Managers, Exexutiv Hauls Wtptm, Front Detlt, ore. Study at homo followed by practical training at school-owned motel in Miami BeachorlaiVegm Free National Placement Ser vice. UNIVERSAL MOTEL SCHOOL Dept. 11 IS 190) N.W. 7th Street Miami, Florida, 33175 OR For Immediate Information WRITE Suite ft-t, S9S Forfeit Avenue Plymouth, Mich. 48 170 PHONE: (313) 455-0981 ! BIO-CHEMIST I DEGREE, BS, MS, heavy Irv chemistry, newly created position., I Fee paid by employer. , ; ARROW PERSONNEL 12865 Guardian Bldg. 962-331 1 BODY SHOP MANAGER ! Needed at once. Good shop anrf I working conditions. Many benefits. Must be good. Ask for Harry Jacobs OAKLAND CHRYSLERPLYM. ' 1 959 Oakland Ave. 335-943 COLLEGE STUDENT to assist part : time in lighting showroom sales j work. Nr. Oakland Mall. Must he available some davs noon throuah 5 p.m. Call 771-2211 for appt. COLLEGE INCOMPLETE? 95 positions for men with 2 years. United Personnel 869-9400 ! COLLEGE grad any maior. $650 start. ! Call 255-2555, 9-9 PERMANENT STAFF, 18234 W. 7 Mile I PERMANENT STAFF COMPANY 1 CO. WANTS EX Gl ! H.S. grad, 23 to teach manage- 1 ment. Start to $130 wk. Call Mr. i Rons. ! 352-3000 CHOATE & CHOATE agy. . "Chemist" $10,000 New modern lab, large growth co. inorganic chem. exp. and a chem. degree. Free. Ph. Mr. Ron. 352-3000 CHOATE & CHOATE agy. "CASUALTY ADJ."- " Fee paid man with 1-2 vrs. exp.-to work for maior agency. Good opening. Call F. Marsh today. 352-3000 CHOATE & CHOATE agy . DAIRY STORE clerks, full or part time, over 25. North, NW S. NF. Bricklev Dairy Farms. 1757 Mc-Nichols, TW 1 -7373 " DETROIT RED WINGS 5 people to work on special promotion. Salary plus bonus, 9 to 5 Mon. flay through Friday. Also need 2 people to deliver tickets, Must have car. Apply in person only. Alumni Room. Olympia Stadium. NO PHONE CALLS. - Congratulations! . Chris and Pat D. On Your New Home DEAR JUDI HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY BILL First blow the candles out . . . Then eat the luscious cake. . . 'Cause here's a Happy Wish . . . For every bite you take! Bet vou thought it v ould come and go . . and I didn't know. to: you - from: me hapy"rirthday DEBBIE DENISE and DARLENE Hanoiness is wishing vou HAPPY BIRTHDAY POS I TIVE SMILE GIRL Train To Ba a HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR learn to operate Bulldeiers, Draglines, Cranes, Scrapers, loaders, Tranchers, etc., at our modern facility. A high-paid career is open ta ambitious mn' UNIVERSAl HEAVY CONSTRUCTION SCHOOIS Dept. 1115 1901 N.W. 7th Street Miami, Florida. 33125 OR 1 Far Immediate Information WRITE Suit 0-1, S9S Farrait Avenue Plymouth, Mich. 41170 HONE (313) 455-0981 DIE CAST-DIE MAKER Modern die cast plant located In suburbs of Grand Rapids is seeking qualified journeyman with at least 10 years experience building die casl dies. Only A-l gualified die cast-die makers need apply. Good working conditions, excellent wages and fringe benefits. Send complete resume or apply: Joe Farrah, Person, nel Manager Nelson Metal Products Div. Midland-Ross Corp., 2950 Prarie St. S.W., Grandville, Mich. 49418. Phone 616-538-5660. An egual OPPor-tunity employer ' DIE DESIGNERS ' IMMEDIATELY Call 542-985 Farm Product HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY TO A SPECIAL NEPHEW JOHN F. L. LOVE FROM AUNT SUSIE HARRY HARTMAN Happy Birthday I One Day Early From the Retail Gang Help Wanted, Male 40 DISTRIBUTOR OPPOR. Earn $15,000 plus first vear. Excellent earninas to start, minimal investment. Phone Fuller Brush Co., 371-7755 or 268-4567. DRIVE In Theatre Mansger, excellent working conditions, fringe benefits. Submit resume Box 4033, Free Press 48231. ELECTRICIANS and journeymen, FHA work. Pearl Electric Co. 25S-5037. ELECTRIC MOTOR REPAIRMAN " All around man for small DC armatures. Must be able to take data. ARMATURES, INC. . 24356 Sherwood, Centerline Help Wanted, Male 40 It Cemeteries 7 2 BURIAL plots In Cadillac Memorial Gardens East-leaving city, selling at more than $200 discount. Also included 2 vaults and companionate marker for $990. Call before 9 a.m or after y p.m. 962-4517. WHITE CHAPEL To settle estate. Choice graves. Must sell. 771-6707. WHITE CHAPEL 3 sections, 6 graves each, can sellers attorney, mi-zim WHITE Chapel-single, Memorial sec tion. COIleCI, I-Q4-J9M. Funeral Directors 10 JEROME A. DeSANTIS 2670 Chalmers, corner Charlevoix VA 2-5036 EPPENS-VANDEWEGHE 6150 Cadieux at Harper TU 1-7700 WM. R, HAMILTON CO. DETROIT 3975 Cast Ave. W1-I712 BIRMINGHAM 820 Made Ave. 644-6000 IRA KAUFMAN CHAPEL 1M25W.MII EL7-32H APPLES Picked or Pick your own Sweet Cider and Doughnuts "See Them Made on Weekends" WIARD'S ORCHARDS 5565 Merrltt 482-7744 (4 Miles South ot Tpsnanti) HAPPINESS IS HAVING DENIS HOME IN NAVY BLUES JAY H. Birthday wishes from your friends In Advertising. DROUILLARD ORCHARD Pick your own apples $3 bushel. Fresh cider. 1235 Erie Rd Erie. Mich. Mon.-Sat. 9-7, Sun. 12-6. GRAPES Any amount, also taking orders now fo' ready made lulce for wine. John Dusa, Deerfield, Mich. 447-3173, 47-3662. TOMATOES IRRIGATED LARGE LATE VARIETY 20 acres. Pick your own $2.00 per bushel. Large selection of fancy Peaches, Bartlett pears, Apfles & Stanley Prunes. CLYDE SMITH . SONS, 8000 Newburofi Rd., Westland bet. Plymouth & Ford, 425 1434. $2 Mln. ONLY 50 PER UNE I CALL 222-6300 Greetings 19 ALLIE, happy 1st month anniversary; please lers iry naraer. i love vou ou bushels full. MAMA ANN AND JACK TODAY'S THE DAY ! (AND YOU'VE ONLY GOT SIXTY YEARS TO GO) PKAN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MAN ' OF THE DAY! J. H. FROM: THE GAL WHO LUVS THE RED CAR! . ATTENTION EASTERN HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1951 REUNION 20TH OCTOBER 3RD Gourmet House, St. Clair Shores For information call 466-488S BIRTHDAY GREETINGS DEBBIE Chris, Dan. Tim. Dave. "J" Paint Spray Man Arc and CO, Welders Metal Repairmen Metal Finishers MUST It EXPERIENCED Apply Employment Office 965 Clairpointe Jefferson Assembly Plant CHRYSLER CORPORATION An Equal Opportunity Employer A lil' bird told me, Today's YOUR DAY. Special wishes to vou and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAYI Will vou need env help to blow out the candles? LIZ AND CARLO Happy 1st Anniversary We wish vou years of happiness and love, bestowed upon vou from Our Lord Above. LILLY AND MIKE MARGUERITE: JOHN KEATS wrote A thing of beauty is a loy torye." . . . that's how I feel, each morning, when I look up at those 20 foot bas-relief sculptures downtown. Meet vou downtown for lunch and we'll discuss our trip to London. Arthur MORE THAN E.S.P. (But you already knew that) PAUL Hope you have a cool Birthday, LOVE, LINDA SALESMAN SALARY : Interstate Motor Freight has opening in Ypsilanti lor nan with transportation experience or sales back-, ground. Car allowance and expenses are offered in, addition to salary along with incentive program, Excellent potential for advancement. ' PLEASE PHONE 313-485-0300 FOR APPOINTMENT INTERVIEW, We or an equal opportunity employer, YOU ARE THE GREATEST HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM Carole, Mary Pat, Michael, Peggy, Diann, Marci, Dave and Bob. Lost and Found 20 HAVE YOU LOST OR FOUND SOMETHING? A FRIENDLY FREE PRESS AD MAY HELP. Call Miss Day 222-6635 :: UND: Doberman Plnscher, red and tan male. 341-8054. LOST:Male Neutered 13 vr. old pet Persian Cat, escaped from Betty's Pet Shop in Houghton Lk. Sept. 18. While, blk. brn. & orange. Yellow eyes, pink nose and feet. Answers to "Ollie". $200 Reward. Cat belongs to sick person. Call 517-389-7174 or return to 9344 Superior St., St. Helen, Mich. LOST brown and gold stripe cat, vie. of 9 Mile and Kelly 9-20-71, 773-9146, after 6:15 p.m. LOST miniature Collie, male. Reward. Call 368-3572. MONDAY lady's Omega silver watch, lost nr. Federal's-Graliot. Reward, Windsor 519-948-6456 or 948-0431. Personals 22 I WILL not be responsible for debts made by anyone other than myself, James M. Obezil, 4772 Chobin, Dearborn BLOOD DONORS NEEDED RH NEG.$10-$12 RH POS. $7.00 ttU)WKTILM Mima 2471 GRAND RIVER - WO iW i MANUFACTURING: mt Industrial Engineers ' Manufacturing Engineers ; Advanced Manufacturing Engineers Manufacturing System Specialist Process Control Engineers Material Handling Engineer Quality Control Engineer Quality Control Manager Manager Industrial Relations Due. to organiiation, expansion and corporate growth a learU ing manufacturer of durable goods, based on Welt Central Ohio, has immediate openings. Excellent opportunities with growing corporation. Salary com'-' mensurate with experience. ; Interviews will be held in Detroit in about 10 days. Reply in confidence including resume, salary history, requirement! and time of day best suitable to you for an interview; Box M-802, Free Press 48231

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