Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on May 23, 1979 · Page 64
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 64

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 23, 1979
Page 64
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DETROIT FREE PRESSWEDNESDAY WAY 23. 1979 10D U.S. Government Report: Box or menthol: Channel 7 tries a little radio hyping SOMETIMES what we don't see on TV tells us more about the medium than what's on. Saturday night, WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) did not run a scheduled 'Sonya Friedman "Studio D" show centering on a tape of an alleged associate of the Oakland County child killer. While the reasons seem le- gitimate for the last minute I cancellation, they highlight a . ; problem inherent whenever one company owns more than ' one broadcast outlet in a city. The company in this case Is ABC, which owns and operates not only Channel 7, the dominant TV station in De-' troit, but also radio stations WXYZ-AM and WRIF-FM. WHILE THE TV station enjoys almost runaway rat- I ings and lots of prestige, nei-t, ther radio station is doing t; nearly as well. WXYZ-AM Chris Stochis V f tv column showed some gains In the last ratings book after switching to a news-talk format; WRIF-FM has shown some decrease in its album rock audience for almost a year. Both are In dogfights with competitors and have turned to theTV station for promotional help. The current wave of competition started when Channel 4, in April, aired a series of reports on local radio personalities. They did not cover WXYZ-AM's morning team, Tom Bell and Tom Hopkins. Instead, they opted for bigger , fish like Dick Purtan. Channel 7 news, knowing a good thing wheir it airs, did an abbrevi-ated look at morning radio men the two biggest being Purtan and J.P. McCarthy. It, like Channel 4, ignored WXYZ's two men. WXYZ-AM'S general manager Chuck Fritz, feeling left out, did eventually get his promotion on Channel 7 by circumventing the news department. He sent Hopkins and Bell over as guests on Channel 7's "Kelly & Company" in late April. That show is governed by Channel 7's programming department. The two personalities were there for no reason other than promotion, and some "Kelly" staffers said so. A few weeks later, Chan-' nel 7 again extended corporate favors to its poorer cous- Dr. Sonya Friedman's show on the Oakland child killings was cut by TV after it was on radio. ins by covering a promotional event staged by WRIF's morning disc Jockey Michael Collins. The stunt had Collins burying his car on WXYZ grounds. Channel 7 was the only TV daytime programs I 6:00 1 a Classroom ' OTVColleg "Nature of Conflict Between Slates." , 6:15 i 89 TechnologySociety "A Model from the Third World." (Pt. 1) . i 6:20 ; Q TownCountry '' , 6:30 O Life Long Learning O Nashville on the Road ; Susan Raye, Wendy Hoi- : . combe. ! O Action Newi 6:45 EJ A.M. Weather I 6:50 ffi Newt: Local . 7:00 , ', Q Good Morning, ' Detroit , Demonstrating an emotional ' ., survival kit, how to survive de-' pression; former Olympic gold 3 medal skater Carol Heiss. O Today Show Report on Canadian elections; i ' tulips; whatever happened to the Little Rascals; Phil Donahue and one woman's story. (Local news at 7:25 and 8:25 j a.m.) ! O Good Morning, America , Nettie Dickerson discusses a multi-million dollar commuter air service; singer Barry Mani-j ' low; pizza tycoon Rose To-f tino; champion speed skaters f! . Eric and Beth Heiden, (Local news at 7:25 and 8:25 a.m.) Bug Bunny 69 Growing Years i "The Child's Mind." (Pt. 2) 7:30 03 Woody Woodpecker 63 Over Easy I : (R) Charlton Hestori. 8:00 O Captain Kangaroo BD Tom and Jerry ffi MacNellLehrer 8:30 CD Battle of the Planets 69 Llllas Yogs 8:45 Q Today from Quebec 9:00 1 O Phil Donahue Rosalynn Carter. O Movie "You'll Like My Mother," '72, Patty Duke Astin, Rosemary Murphy, Richard Thomas. Sian Barbara Allen. Pregnant widow comes to visit her mother-in-law whom she has never met and walks Into a nightmare. Q Kelly & Company Beauty expert Beverly Sas-soori shows how to shape-up for summer. CD Don't Eat the Daisies 9:10 ED News: Dllorlo 9:15 69 Educational 9:30 ED 700 Club Maxell Whyte, author of "The Kiss of Satan" and "A Manual on Exorcism"; David Hansen followed Faustus and sold his soul to Satan; Ron Samuelson is musical guest. CD Family Affair (B Jubilee Time 9:45 O Friendly Giant 10:00 Q All In the Family O Ontario Schools 60 Detroit Today Selma Ettenberg, who runs a camp for overweight children. 69 Sesame Street 10:30 OWHEWI O All-Star Secrets O Edge ot Night Q Mr. Dressup 6D Not for Women Only Sarah Short, nutritionist and' professor at Syracuse University; Dr. James Price, specialist in family medicine. Bible Study 11:00 O Price Is Right O New High Rollers a Lsvernt A Shirley O Sesame Street ED Movie "Stella," '50 (B) Ann Sheridan, Victor Mature. When Uncle Joe is accidentally killed in a fall during a family picnic, two screwballs bury the body. 60 Romper Room 69 Electric Co. m PTL Club 11:30 O Wheel of Fortune Q Family Feud 60 Fllntstone & Friends 69 Mister Rogers 12:00 Q News: Payne And Feldman O News: Wlttman O $20,000 Pyramid Daryl Anderson, Anita Gillette. O Movie "Jim Thorpe, All American," '51 (B) Burt Lancaster, Phyllis Thaxter. Life of one of the world's most popular athletes. 60 Popeye 69 Educational till 2 pm 12:20 63 News: Dllorlo 12:30 . B Search for Tomorrow O Midday Beauty expert Nona Agullar tells how to make your skin beautiful with natural ingredi ents. O Ryan's Hope ED Mister Ed 69 The Lucy Show Harvey Korman hires Lucy and Viv to be cooks for his summer camp. 1:00 B Young and Restless Q Days of Our Llvee O All My Children 80 Green Acres 60 Movie Bill Kennedy "Doomsday Flight," '66, Jack Lord, Van Johnson, Edmond O'Brien, Katherine Crawford. Suspense drama of a hidden bomb aboard a New York bound jet liner. Story by Rod Serlmg. This Is the Day 1:25 Q News: Local 1:30 O As the World Turns ED Room 222 05 Filth for Mlraeles 2:00 O The Doctors O One Life to Live O Insight Gary Sherman, spokesman for Cubic Zirconia tewelry; ac tress Ann B. Davis. CO Nanny & Professor 69 Growing Years 2:30 O Guiding Light O Another World O Thirty from Ottawa 60 Leave It to Boever 69 Home Interiors "Pulling It All Together." GQ Hal Roach Theatre 2:55 60 News: Makupson 3:00 Q General Hospltsl O Bob McLean 65 Popeye 60 Casper 69 Mister Rogers Felix the Cat 3:30 OM'A'S'H 63 Wacky Races 60 Woody Woodpscker 69 Sesame Street GD New Zoo Revue 4:00 O Mike Douglas Show Co-host Carroll O'Connor: Laurence Olivier, singer Dee Dee Bridgewater, Impressionist Fred Travalena, Nancy O'Connor (Carroll's wife), Dr. Terri McGinnis, violence in schools. o ADV. DINAH! ALL WEEK SALUTES HITMAKERS! Q Dinah Peaches and Herb, Jan and Dean, Ren Woods. O Movie "The Last of Sheila," (PI. 1) '73, Richard Benjamin, James Coburn, James Mason. O Sherlock Holmes GO M. MouseD. Dawg 60 Tom and Jerry GQ Rocky i Friends 4:30 O Science Megazlno 60 Fllntstonea 69 Studio See GB Mission Magic 5:00 O Six Million Dollar Man 63 F-Troop 60 Gllllgan's Island 69 Over Easy G3 The Scene 5:30 O News: GloverPayne O News: CrlmWlttman O Newe: BondsLewis 69 Addams Family -60 Brady Bunch 69 Conflict nightima programs i: channels fl WJBK-TV QO WXON-TV (3 WDIV-TV 60 WKBD-TV B WXYZ-TV 69 WTVS-TV OCBET-TV GDWGPR-TV Compiled by Christine Sehmuekal ' 6:00 O News: GloverPayne o ADV. BUY BUY. BUY! ..WHY DO YOU DO IT? NEWS 4 DETROIT 20 50 56 62 7:30 PM Magazine Price is Right jpng Show M.T. Moore Petticoat Jet, Bob Newhart Para Mi Pueblo" Horse Racing 8:00 Rocky's People 8:30 Good Times Real People Eight Is Enough Twilight Zone 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Blind Ambition Special: Conclusion Movie: "Odd Couple" Barry Manilow Special Last of Wild Post Election Special Room 222 A Nice Show Like You 700 Club Watson Report Hi Doug Movie: "Can-Can" Fight Against Slavery Youth for Truth G. Performances; Balanchine Originals: Georgia O'Keefs PTL Club Q News: CrlmBlunt , Where have all the O farmers gone? Suzanne ADV Geha feports tonight - ' on6PM Action News O News: LeGoHKelly ONewsday ; fffl Get Smart : ; ' 60 Emergency 69 TechnologySociety GD News: HudsonBurke ' 6:30 O CBS News: Cronklte O NBC News: Chancellor . GOGomerPyle 69 Patterns of Rebirth GS Rifleman 7:00 O Newlywed Game O Bowling for Dollars O ABC Newe "The Elderly. Out of .the Shadows." (Pt 3) q odd Couple Q3 Green Acres ' 1 63 Sanford & Son ' 6) MacNellLehrer G3 This Is the Day 7:26 : O Dally Lottery 7;30 OPM Magazine Designer Calvin Klein; Vietnam vet- eran Don Sherman discusses his life getting a passport; dressage. , ,'0 Price Is Right O Gong Show ', l Relation, solt rock' family combo from i , biHTimgnam, Mien. ; ;U Mary Tyler Moore ' S3 Petticoat Junction . "Kate tangles with Selma Plout when i ' Selma tries to lure Steve into marriage 1 1 with her daughter j! " 3 Bob Newhart I ' 'Frruly's parents' surprise visit . makes i , , Bob terribly uncomfortable , 29 Para Ml Pueblo ! vfj Horse Racing' ... 1 1 .8:00 ' a Rockv's People cciltl I A behind-the-scenes look at the mak I I rg of "Rocky 11" o ADV. Real People You Are The Star In Funny New 'Series. Fascinating! . O Real People 66-year-old Disco Harry; world's largest pizza parlor; home of the' last cavalry troop in the U.S.; former NASA official who hopes to market a one-man rocket ship; "cramathon," car stuffing contest. 0 ADV. GRADUATION TRIAL & TRAUMA8 IS ENOUGH O Eight Is Enough Graduation day arrives at the Brad-fords' and it's hardly what they expected. O Last of the Wild "The Wasteland." Strange exotic'iun-gie animals struggle against drought. 63 Twilight Zone 63 Movie : "Can-Can," '60. Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Maurice Chevalier, Juliet Prowse. Dance hall owner is constantly being raided for performing the Can-Can and has to use her own . resources when elderly judge- is replaced by a younger serious one. 69 The Fight Against Slavery "A Matter of Insurance ." The dramatic change in the public's opinion of slave trade as a result of a major atrocity. In 1779, a slave captain murdered more than 130 Africans by throwing them overboard. The case is brought to court, not as a murder charge but as an insurance Claim. GQ Youth for Truth 8:30 ' ; . O Good Times lnun Florida's concern for one of her young school bus passengers puts her on a collision course with the child's mother (Part one of two-part episode.) . O Post Election scit A look at the election results and what Canada has in store for it as a result . (Runs to 9:30 p.m.) ' " :'. 83 Room 222 ' 9:00 - 0 Blind Ambition sci'il . ' (Conclusion) pramatic love story of the Deans (Kartm Sheen, Theresa Russell), withjan inside look, from their points of view, at events surrounding his time as counsel to President Nixon. (Runs to 11 p.m.) O Movie "The Odd Couple," '68, Jack Lem-mon, Walter Matthau, Herb Edelman. Neil Simon's comedy about two grumpy ex-marrieds with contrary personalities, who set up housekeeping in New York. o ADV. Barry Manilow Special with John Denverl ', By PolaroidDr Pepper O Barry Manilow mm Singers Barry Manilow and John Denver. lADV, Is Satan Setting Your World On Fire? Watch The 700 Club TV Show. GD 700 Club 69 Great Performances: Dance In America (R) "Choreography by Balanchine." (Pt. 1) This encore presentation of- ' fers three of the master choreographer's classic ballets: "Tzigan," "Divertimento No. 15," and "The Four Temperaments." tS PTL Club 9:30 Q A Nice Show Like You 10:00 O VegaS (R) Dan sets out to discover who ' wants to stop the comeback efforts of a -famous female singer plagued by problems with booze and pills. Ronee Blakely, Joseph Campanella. 69 The Originate (R) Artist Georgia O'Keete, age 90, at her home in New Mexico. ' 10:30 Q Watson Report GO Hi Doug 10:55 69 News: MacGregor 11:00 -' O News: GloverGallagher O News: Crlm , Q News: BondsLewis O News: Nat'LLocal Q3 McHale's Navy 60 Make Me Laugh ? Dirty Dan of Sha Na Na. 69 Dick Cavott (R) Katharine Hepburn. (Pt. 3) GD Public Defender 11:30 O Carol Burnett O Tonight Show Musician Clark Terry, Joan Rivers. O Wednesday Features (R) "Police Woman." Pepper goes undercover as a model when gang- -sters threaten the garment Industry. Harold J. Stone, Rick Lenz. "Mannix." Manrtix is called to testify In a murder case against a man he once sent to jail. .. 63 Movie "The Accursed," '58 (B) Donald Wolfit, Robert Bray, Jane Griffith. British underground unit learns that their wartime leader has been killed by one . of them. Before the night Is over, two others are murdered, (Dead tired?) 69 Gong Show 69 Captioned ABC News G3 Faith for Miracles 11:45 OMovit "Rogues of Sherwood Forest," '50, John Derek, Diana Lynn, Alan Hale. 12:00 O CBS Double Feature - (R) "Switch." A bank president has been turned into a jiuman time bomb by a pair of extortionists. (R) "Hawaii Five-O." Postcards from a psychopath taunting Steve McGar-rett to remember crime victims of the past precede a series ot re-enacted murders. 69 Movie "Journey into Fear," '42 (B) Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten. Turkish secret police officer tries to smuggle Ameri-. can armaments expert into his country, under eyes of Axis agents. 1:00 O Tomorrow Show Hugh Hefner. . ' 09 All Night Movies "Black Limelight," '39 (B) Raymond Massey, Joan Marion. Psychological thriller. "Dreaming," '45 (B) Bud Flanagan, Ches Allen. Slapstick. "The Third Man," '50 (B) Joseph Cotten, Orson Welles. 1:45 O Action News 2:00 O Marcus Welby O Classroom station to cover it and buried the stunt about as deep as you can bury a story, by throwing it in "Newsreel" on the Saturday news. The Detroit News also covered the story. THOUGHTS on promoting ABC's two radio stations fall into two camps at Channel 7. The news department, responsible for news shows and documentaries, has managed to avoid promotional encroachments almost entirely. But the programming department, which produces "Kelly & Company" and other general information shows, cur rently overseen by Bob Woodruff, has a different philosophy. , Woodruff, when asked about the decision to trot the two WXYZ radio morning men over to ."Kelly & Company," said, "I think we (the TV station) should be the No. 1 supporter of their new Concept with Sonya (Friedman) and talk ... In terms of how it came about, I'm sure Chuck Fritz and Jeanne (Findlater, Channel 7's general manager) talked about it." WHEN A RADIO station and TV station are this cozy, however, the potential for the situation backfiring is real and the two can end up fighting each othef. Witness what 1 happened with Sonya Friedman's tape of a man believed to be connected with the Oakland County child killer is any indication. She first played the tape on her WXYZ radio talk show a week ago. She was scheduled to do a show about it last Saturday on her Channel 7 TV show, "Studio D." Woodruff says the Saturday show was canceled because "there wasn't really much news there. We would have been beating a dead horse." But "Studio D" isn't really a news show. And, some at the station say the decision to pull It was because WXYZ radio management released the tape to all the media. Channels 2, 4 and .7 as well as both daily newspapers did stories on it. The radio station, in effect, nipped the hand that fed it, WXYZ-TV. And the radio station did get some publicity all the way around. It's certain that promotion, mixed with either news or programming efforts, can make for complicated, questionable situations. It's also certain that Channel 7 has an outstanding reputation in news. It acts as if it's under no obligation to shill for its corporate cousin. Last week, Channel 7 programming wasn't sure it had a story or a show. Programming might look to news more often for instruction on how to get a story and stay out of trouble. tv today: f.lanilow "The 3rd Barry Manl-low Special," at 9 p.m. on Channel 7, has Barry paired with another middle-of-the-roader, John Denver, and they sing Denver, Manilow and a string of Everly Brothers hits. "Blind Ambition" concludes at 9 p.m. on Channel 2 with the chaos of the final months of the Watergate scandal and the downfall of the Nixon White House. Martin Sheen, Rip Torn star. There's "Rocky's Peo-pie" at 8 p.m. on Channel 2 and "Real People" at 8 p.m. on Channel 4. "Rocky" is a short sneak preview of the new movie "Rocky II" with Sylvester Stallone and Talia Shire. "Real People" includes a 66-year-old disco dancer, a former NASA official selling a one-man rocketship, among other oddities. Movies 0 "The Odd Couple," the 1968 movie with Jack Lem-mon as fussy Felix and Walter Matthau as unorganized Oscar, is at 9 p.m. on Channel 4. Neil Simon's comedy is funny, but this rerun covers a good NBC drama. "A Cry for Justice," which can be seen on Toledo's Channel 13, is a two-hour "Police Story" with Dennis Weaver as a cop looking into the case of two men convicted in a cop-shooting. Robert Culp is his flashy partner. A pair of dandy thrillers star Orson Welles. "Journey Intd Fear," at midnight on Channel 50, is about an arms expert being chased by Axis agents. Joseph Cotten, Dolores Del Rio co-star. The other is at the end of Channel 62's "All-Night Movies" at about 4 a.m. "The Third Man," with Cotten and Welles, creates goose bumps to the tune of "The Third Man Theme." ! Bettelou Peterson 17 Carlton ksstart I Kent hiiii nave Carlton Box. ..less than 0.5 mg. "tar" and 0.05 mg. nicotine. 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