The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1965 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1965
Page 8
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»-A»itf»t (to.) Uwr DM Melntt Thurtdoy, r«b. 35, 1965 I have received the new 1 1/4, 4, 5 and 8-cent stamped envelopes from Ote Philatelic Agency. They are most pleasing in design and color. The triangular 8 cent air, however, ought to be redesigned. It has a single figure of value In the lower right corner. This gives the design an off balance quality. Since the envelope has the usual bl-color border, the value figure actually Is not needed as postal regulations provide that such envelopes can be used only for airmail and the 8 cent is the only value available in envelope form. The other alternative would be smaller figures In each corner and some modification in the lettering. In case you are curious, the 1 1/4 cent is used for authorized non-profit mailings. In combination with the regular 1 1/4 cent stamp, covers can be made with the proper first class rate. I hope the current trend continues to use envelopes and post cards for commemorative and patriotic purposes. This will Increase interest In this long neglected collecting field. What we need now Is an airmail post card and paid reply combination for overseas mail. -o- Canada for some years overprinted regular stamps for official use. The letter G was used from 1950 until the recent decision to cease the special overprint. Now a new variety has been discovered which was used near the end of the printings. The popular name is the "flying G" due to the narrowing which gives up an, upfllng. Only three denominations ware involved, the 10, 20 and 50 cent. While the 10 and 50 are readily available from dealer stocks, the 20 apparently had an excessively small printing and was not frequently distributed during the closing sales of the agency. This little item is now being advertised at $8 . are quite rar«, a in the other tW values command a respectable premium. Many of these were used In normal business so a used set is available at $1. Real value results when the discovery is made after the material is obsolete, so supply is dependent on normal stocks. Since the G's had been around for quite some time, dealers had not maintained large stocks nor were these the type of items that collectors would hoard. In the stamp field, the commonplace regulars which nobody thinks to save are often the mint rarities of the future. -o- This applies to the first regular issue series of the United Nations. These values are in the process of being replaced and many dealers found themselves short of the obsoletes. Prices oo many have more than doubled a few days after they were no longer available at the UN. UN stamps are good for postage only on mall from the New York headquarters. Special stamps are available for the World- Court in the Netherlands and for those agencies with headquarters in Switzerland. France has also authorized special issues for the Council of Europe group. The field of international postage is big and is growing. -o- Steady advances continue for Canadian silver dollars. The 1965 issue will have a different portrait of the queen, a more mature one, thus adding a new type. Type collecting in the most basic sense would now consist of 10 varieties. This includes the 5 commemoratives and two George VI to show the elimination of the Emperor of India title. A complete type set would include the varieties with one water mark in front of the canoe and no water line plus the two 1953 edge varieties. In uncirculated, to say nothing of prooflike, this would be a very expensive package, but the Canadian dollar in extra or very fine is still a most pleasing coin and certainly would make the budget happier. The first dollar minted in 1935 to commemorate the 25 years of George V is available in very fine at $9-$10 while the uncir- culated price tag is around $35. The continued advance in the top grade brings the other grades right along as more collectors •'i: the cheaper substitute. Per- haps a slepper in the group is the 1938 available for around $12 in very fine, but with a mintage of less than 91,000. Type collectors do not need this particular date, usually taking the 1937 instead, hence the relatively low price. Compare this price and mintage with many of the so called U. S. varieties of the past 30 years. With three rulers and several variations in obverse design, Canadian silver dollars form an interesting and desirable field. Algono Girl To Home I c Maet CEDAR FALLS * Eight State College of Iowa Home Economics students will attend the 1965 Wisconsin, Iow&, Illinois and Minnesota (W1EM) Home Economics Conference in Chicago, Feb.19-20. The students will hear speakers, participate In discussion groups, attend a style show sponsored by an international air line, and elect and Install officers for the four-state area. Students attending include Margaret Keith, Algona. an art major at Briar Cliff and active In many organizations. WINTER TROUT Robert tings of Manchester caught five trout at Backbone Park for a total of 18 pounds. Each averaged more than three Good W*it«y Student A total of 48 students attained the Dean's List during the first semester at Briar Cliff College. Ruth Nelson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nelson, Rt. 1, Wesley, attained a grade- point average of 3,63, and was one of the 48. Ruth Ann .is NEW SEAMLESS ILL-ALUMINUM CAN SEALS IN HAMM'S FRESHNESS i IKS Tht«. Him* I 12 OUNCES LIGHTWEIGHT r-CHILLING •t 5vn F fvflCfMV, WwWIJWWl WWfSrWI DISTRIBUTING CO Phone ALOONA GERALD GIRRES FARM AUCTION at farm located 2 1 /* milei «att of Bod«, on Hwy. 222, or Vi mil* wttt of Jet. of 169 - 222 SATURDAY, MARCH 6 SALE STARTS 12:30 P.M. — MACHINERY — 1946 M FARMALL - With Power-Pak, Ovtrdrive, and two way Hydraulic system. H FARMALL TRACTOR. 1958 NO. 65 COMBINE - CASE, with Hydraulic and lever lift, and weed cleaner. 1961 JOHN DEERE RUNNING GEAR - 953 Htavy Duty Running Gear with steel flare box and three way endgate with J. D. five ton hoist. STEEL BOX with running gear; 455 INT. 4 row GUI- TIVATOR; 1961 STAN-HOIST LOADER w/snow scoop, manure bucket, dirt plate and 2 way hydraulic; No. 37 13 ft. WHEEL TANDEM DISC; 1961 12 ft. J. D. SPRINGTOOTH; FOUR SECTION DRAG; No. 60 INT. 3-14 In. PLOW; 1961 NEW IDEA SPREADER; 52 ft. STAN-HOIST ELEVATOR, wide-type with PTO & spouts; 1958 NEW IDEA 7 ft. TRAILER TYPE MOWER with 3 tickles. Hydraulic Cylinder, 2 way; New Idea Stde Rake; Auger with Motor (12 ft.); Heat Houser for M Farmall; Pride of the Farm 100 bu, Hog Feeder, new In 1962; Star 60 bu. Hog Feeder, new In 1961; Pride of the Farm 10 bu. Hog Feeder, new In 1963; Star 5 bu. Hog Feeder; Walk-In Hog Feeder; Hog Waterer; Hog Pans, Troughs & Heat Lamps; 4 — 8 ft. x 8 ft. Hog Pens; 2 — Feed Bunks; Cattle Oiler with Stand; 3 — Gas Burners for water heaters; Electric Fencer, Posts and Wire; 12 x 14 Brooder House; Chicken Feeders and Waterers. 30 PUREBRED HAMPSHIRE GILTS - Open, Vaccinated and tested. GOOD CLEAN STRAW IN BARN. Also, a few small Items. TERMS: Cash. No property removed until settled for. Not responsible for accidents. GERALD GIRRES, owner H Andersen A Kiev*, aucts. Bode State Bank, clerk ^ i f^tS5*^f?¥* > >t'/-. t ';•' '.;'•**" .^''iK'^'' I will sefl the foflowin* deacribed propertjr^* my farm located i^ miles south and 3/4 mile west of Whittomore; or 5 mile* north on Hlway 44 and 1 A mite east of West Bend, Iowa, on $&y Saturday, Feb. 27 Sale starts at 10 o'clock •harp. No small items so be there on time. 1951 M International Tractor 1 season on new Fire Crater pistons FARM MACHINERY IHC No. 444 4-row planter, on rubber; with fert 'IHC No. 455 4-row cultivator, rubber gmuge wheels, mounts on M ; IHC No. 238 2-row cultivator . Case 4-section rotary hoe—new. Used11 season. IHC No. 8 3-14" plow . Stubble turner for 3-14 plow '...-_ IHC 14 ft disc Kovar 4-section drag with steel evewer IHC 4-wheel spreader on rubber IHC endgate seeder IHC 4-wheel trailer on rubber, with ated flare box, new wood floor ; 'V.... ' > Rubber tired running gear with flare box ~ : . Steel wheel running gear with straight box Grain auger scoop with 1/3, h.p. motor 300 gal gas tank with stoel stand , PORTABLE BUILDING 9x18 ft. portable bid*., new skids and 2^ floor MISCELLANEOUS 200—7 ftx4 in. cfeosoted fence posts 30-~& f tx6 in. creoftoted fence posts .Several rolls 39 in. woven wire New hydraulic cylinder with 7 ft hose Complete socket wrench aet (7/16 to 1-1/8)— very good .Complete set of end wrenches in case—very (pod 6 steel rates, 3—14 ft., 3 —16 ft 12 individual hog troughs- t Some $ ft drop cords and heating lamps Good picnic table and other miscellaneous items CONSIGNED by neighbors- Single row Minneapolis com picker 2-wheel trailer 4«row Willpower rotary hoe 1949 Chevrolet 1/2 T. Pickup *•»-— •—-*•« HAY & STRAW 200 bales Red Clover hay in bam 300 bales straw in barn ANTIQUE Cutter sleigh with rumble seat TERMS: Cash or make arranfenienU with derk before sale. No property to be removed until settled forf Not responsible for acddenta, should any occur. Owner Quinn and Farmers State Sink, WWttwoore, Clerk t^^^^l^^^^fe^^lt^^^^^^Mj^^WlBJBjMBJR^MRpVHRpPVII^^^^B^^^^^^V^RBR^B^^^I^^^^ •• ~ » •" MACHINERY AUCTION Starts At 9:30 AM 72 TRACTORS WILL BE SOLD ATAPPWXIMATELY130.P.M 1 — Farmall F806. Gas, TA> FH, PS, 200 hrs. 1 — Farmall F806 Gas, TA, Reg. D., PS, 5 hrs . 1 — Farmall F706 Diesel, Loaded, 20 hrs. 5 — F560 Diesel 1 — F460 Gas 3 — F650 Gas 2 — 1460 Gag Utility, loaded 1 — Farmall 504 Gas 4 — F450 Gas 2 — F450 LP Gas 1 — F450 Diesel 1 — Farmall 350 Gas 5 — F400 Gas l_F400LPGas 1 — 1300 Utility Gas, loaded 1 — 1300 Utility Gas 1 — F300 Gas 3 — Super MTA Gas 1 — Super M Gas 1 — Super M «Gas, live pump 1 — Super M Diesel jive pump 1 — Suoer H Gas, 4 —H Farmalls, One with 9 speeds 3 — FarmaJ! M Diesels 1 — VAC Case 1 — Oliver 70 1 __ Oliver 1900, Loaded 1 — Super 88 Oliver Diesel 1 — Case 841 Gas, Loaded 4 — M Farmall Gas 1 — M Farmall Gas with overdrive 1 — John Deere 50 with live PTO 1 — John Deere Gas G 1 — MOLINE Z 4 —Massey Harris 33 Diesel 2"— Farmall B 1—330 IH Utility with backhoe 1 — 1958, AC D 14 I — IH 1300 U. wit hloader and backhoe 1 — Case 210 U with loader 1 —Caterpillar D 4 with loader 1 — Caterpillar D 2 with dozer MARCH 2 COMBINES ; IH 303 with 13 ft. feelers, cab, used 30J) acres^ IH 503, 13 ft. plant hume reel,feelers, cab IH 403, 13 ft. plat, cab, feelers, hume reel IH 151, 12 ft. Hume reel IH 101, cab., 13 ft. plat., reel IH 101, 12 ft. plat. IH 101, 10 ft. plat. IH 91, 10 ft. head IH 91, 10 ft. head IH 91, 8H ft, head IH 125 12 ft. Case 800 SP, 14 ft. head, cab., hume reel Case SP 9 Massey Harris No. 50 Clipper Massev H. Clipper 3 — IH 64 2 Engine, live PTO Gas-? 75 with PTO Case 65 with PTO 5 — Case A-6 Engine AC 60 PTO A-6 Case with PTO Farmcrest SP 10 ft. IH 151 ,14 ft. with Hume Reel, PS CORN HEADS— 2 — IH 22 fit 101 or 303 IH 430 - 4 ro wfit 503 1 — IH 23 fit 151 or 403 2 — IH25 fit 91 or 93 Case F34 fit 800 Truoka Available for Prompt D«liT«7> Of Your Purohaa* Term* Available- Nothing RenoYtd Until S«ttUd For CORN PLANTERS IH 650 six row with fert. att. IH 650 six row IH 450 A with fert, att. IH 450 A with Liquid att. 494 John Deee with fert. 495 John Deere with fert. 2 — IH 450 with fert att. IH 444 with fert. IH 444 4 row 3 — IH 440 4row Case 4 row pull with fert. ; Moline 4 row mounted IH C220 mtd. CULTIVATORS .-; 3 - 461 4-row IH: 1 - John Deere 4-row 2 years old; 3 - M448 IH Cult; 2 - IH 438 4- row; IH 463 4-row, rear mtd.; 2 - IH 455 4-row; 1 - M 420 4-row; 1 - C 2S4 2-row; Case 4-row front mtd. fti. 830; John Deere 4-row; IH 2-row for B; 2 - AC. 4-row frOnt mtd.; IH 665 6-row front mtd. HAY TOOLS IH 46 Baler PTO: IH 4-bar rake; Moline Tractor Mower; Case Trailer Mower; IH 25 V Mower; IH Hose Mower. .PLOWS t- -v .„ 2 - IH No. 70, 4-16; 2 - IH No. 311 semi-mount 3-16; IH , 412, 4-16 semi-mount; IH 311, ' semf-mount 3-14; IH 4F 43, | 4-176 mounted; Case 3-16 pull; AC 3-16 mounted; J. D. 2-14 pull. iitm ^ ; DISC HARROWS" IH 37 "ft 14 ft.; IH 37 13 ft.j"IH 18 ft. wide type; IH 15 ft.; IH 46 - 14 ft. (new); J. Deere 15 ft. GRINDERS AND MIXERS Artsway Grinder Mixer; Gehl 15-inch with Auger & Drop Feed; Case with Auger & Feeder; 2 Knoedler Burr Mills; 3 - Ward Hammer Mills; John Deere Corn Sheller. CORN PICKERS IH 2M HD with automatic 1 yr. old; IH 2MH D with bank and blower 1 yr. old; IH 2MH D with bank and blower, 2 yrs. old; 2 IH 2M E 2 row mounter; 2 IH 2M H 2 row mounted; 3 IH 2 PR 2 row pull; Minn. Moline Univ. Harvester with shelter head; 2 - New Idea A pull; 2 - New'Idea 6 pull; Massey Harris Self -p 4 cylinder; John Deere No. 200; John Deere 1 row; Ford 2 row mounted; Case 2 row mounted; No. 10 IH Corn Sheller attachment. TRUCKS 1962 - B152 International V-8; 1962 - B152 IH V-8, single; 2 1959 Chev. Dump Truck No. 60; 1952 Ford 14 ft. Box & Hoist; 1951 Ford 1/2 Ton Pickup; 1950 Ford 1/2 Ton Pickup; 1947Dorge 1/2 Ton Pickup; 1958 VCO 225 Truck - Tractor; V549 -Tractor Equipped; 1957 IHC A100 Pickup 6 cyl.; 1955 R122 IHC plck- 6 cyl.} 1951 Ford 1/2 Ton" 8 MISCELLANEOUS Midwest Husky Running Gear; 1-46 ft. Meyer Elev. Cpt. with PTO; 2 - Stan Hoist Running Gears; Cherokee Back fill Blade; Twin Draullc Loader; Woods Stalk Cutter; Hleder 6 x 10 Box; IH No. 5 Endgate Seeder with grass attach. MISCELLANEOUS John Deere 48 ft. Elevator; Farmers Friend 44 ft, Elevator; Hleder Auger Box; John Beam S. P. Sprayer; Platform Trailer; IH 2-wheeled Tilt Trailer; Schultz 4-row Rotary Hoe; Owatonna Tractor Seeder; 2-6 section Drag; Noble 5 sectionDrag. FIELD HARVESTER & BLOWER IH NoT 50 with •{. row "corn head; IH No. 50 with hay and 2 row corn; New Holland Blower with pipe; IH No. 15 with corn head; Gehl 2 row head for chopper windxowers; Moline 14 ft. pull; Moline 8 ft. pull; Massey Harris 10 ft.; IHNo. 120 10 ft. PALO ALTO COUNTY IMPLEMENT CO. EMMETSBURG, IOWA

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