The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 25, 1965 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1965
Page 4
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(lo.) Upper D«» Moines Thursday, F*b. 25, 1965 February 2 - Sadly this I add another to my list of friends wtio have passed away Ada Maluep, whom 1 have known since I was a little girl. 1 knew her when she \vas Ada Peters and was employed at the Gardner Copies to look after the little ones, John and Gardner Jr. I was frequently in the Cowles homo to play <vith Bertha, a classmate. 1 lost track of her after the Cowles moved to Des Moines, then renewed my acquaintance when she came back to live and was then Mrs. Leonard Malueg. She was a cultured woman, a lover of good music and had she not chosen to lie a housewife and mother, 1 am sure could have gone a long way in music. She was a devoted Christian, always ready to do more than her share in any church project, a frequent caller at Good Samaritan and we will miss her greatly. I am plad she could spend her last days witli members of her family. Apologizes to the Monrovia Chamber of Commerce and Albert Hagp out there. I said it was 95 degrees - it was ONLY 90! With snow blowing and falling quite heavily, Mr. Nasby is taking several of the women who had distances to walk homo, and one came without snow boots. One of the girls who has tomorrow off, Jeanette Wichtendahl, Lotts Creek, braved the weather to go home. I hope she doesn't land in a ditch and hope her car behaves. I was glad the Ed Haggs got back from Decatur, 111., a day ahead of what they had intended. Yesterday's roads were good they said, but. today would change the picture. They had gone there to attend funeral services for an uncle of Velma's. * * * I have written to the Clarence Morse who was inquiring about the temperature here on his birthday, Feb. 2, 1887. 1 couldn't find anyone who knew the family. Mrs. Murtagh didn't remember either, and the only Morse I knew delivered me, I was told. He had an only son, Willie, who was in my class at school. Dr. Morse had an Beverly Urch, Former Algona Girl, To Wed Mr. and Mrs. Irving Leslie Urch, former Algonans, now of Greenville, South Carolina, announce the engagement of their daughter, Beverly Irene, alx>ve, to Mr. Floyd Hay Brown, son of Mrs. Jack Brown of Virginia Beach, Va., and the late Mr. Brown. Miss Urcli will graduate from Bob Jones University, Greenville, S. C., in June. Mr. Brown also attends the University. A June 4 wedding is being planned at Southside Baptist church in Greenville. Miss Urch's brother, Rev. Allxn-t E. Urch, will perform the ceremony. interesting history. He and his first wife were divorced, then he married a little short woman who dressed in knickers and blouse, as did Doc and they did a lot of motorcycling. After her death, he married Georgia Fisher and they went to California. They were divorced and he then married a Doxsee girl. The first Mrs. Morse married a Charley Coughenour and they had a son. All at once Charley dropped out of the picture and after years came back to California - it seems to me his son died; • At-any- rate, if I' am riot greatly mistaken, he arid Mrs. Coughenour were reunited. Well, so much for ancient history. * * __± As I said, I don't remember t'iis M'lsr f.imily, yet it sort «>f viiu-s a \*>\\ that he may l:.m> liffii :n.iM.u;fr of tho North I"'.v.i l,uni!" r Co., which took in tho half Murk \vlirrr tho Dairy ',uir'i-ii aii'l Food store is. 1 nrall a Mr. and Mrs. Alf- \Vhiff and a Mr. and Mrs. ninkc, \\M- men InMne managers. Mrs. \Vhitr> and Mrs. Henry Ma- S"ii -.vcif vni\ j-ufi'l fi lends and \v!ir'ii the Masons spout a \vin- tfi in Florida h"|iinr tlio climate- uoiild U- .:f UMiofjt to Mrs. Mason, -Alii, had artln ids, I am sun* it MS Mis. White M.IIO nrrod (linn to roino. I Udiovo Mr. \\hitr ',.,as d<-ad at that time. I oonld N 1 mistaken. I have rood < ,111so tor romom- U'liu,: the Burkes. fhev had children u'lio had an express \v,u:<iii. Manv are the times I have ualkod around it on the walk ON m\ V..IY to school, but it came in yen handy one night. I had a date with Horace King for after Ejnvurth League and "Shortie" Lowe was witli me at the meetim;. It was getting borosomr - I'd much rather be outside? that nice spring evening, so I convinced "Sliortie" it would Ixj a ;;ood idea to slip out quietly, go through the minister's study, then back of the pipe organ, onto the- pulpit platform, then down the side aisle to the great outdoors - and "Hump". I slipped on the steps leading to the aisle, landed on one knee and when I say it hurt, that is a great understatement. "Shortie" wont outside as I told her, and asked" "Hum])" to ('o to Burkes and borrow tho wagon to f;et me home. Can't you picture that romantic situation? Well, "Hump" was all sympathy and cooperation and called on me devotedly the week I was out of school. Miss Coate gave me a desk in one of the recitation rooms as it was hard to go up and down stairs to and from assembly room - and I fin- Dished out the year with only one trip up stairs to physics class, which I loathed. If it hadn't been my year for graduation, I think I'd have balked at going up, but I HAD to have that credit to graduate, and I couldn't let my class graduate without me. All of which proves the wages of - well, not SIN, but misdemeanor we'll call it and you can finish the sentence. * * * I had such a nice visit via phone the other night with Mabel Samson. She planned to spend a few,..months-in Florida with, her son, Vic and wife; but her doctor advised against it for the time being. The birthdays of Matt Lohring and Chris Jensen were ob- "The Lively Set" opening Sunday at the Algona Theatre Have I seen what...? "The Nelson's new Dodge Polara 500? You mean the white car that's parked in the middle of their driveway... "with the red all-vinyl interior, bucket seats, thick carpeting, padded dash and shiny center console 7 "No, I didn't notice. *• x If you haven't seen the Polara bOO . it's probably because there was a crowd around it Here's the line on Polara 500 2-door hardtop or convertible smooth-riding 121 in rtheelpase A'mcst 4,000 pounds of body beautiful. Potent 383 cu. in. V8 A!$o front bucket seats and lull carpeting Oi't;0't$ ncljde a floor mounted 4-speed suck shili 01 3-speed automatic tachomeiet. Sure Gup ditteienual. 426 cubic me'- V8 aiui mote. io:s mere 'BE Badge Polara CHRYSLER PERCIVAL MOTORS, Inc., 800 So. Phillips, Algona I'iMiirlii Tiflin. Jiimr. Hnrrrii (.i-nti r) nnil Uoup M.CIiit-,- nrr rnjoi- IIIM » mclil i-luli nr\ in llii« «rrnc from l'nm>r«jJ** "Tlir 1 ivrlv Sot' 1 ' rimiiiiiiir drum,. »illi n ruriri^ rnr hurkgroiincl. Thrv Mnr'in the color film Hiih Ji.niiir Summer* nnd Mnriltn Mnxwrll. ' served the first Tuesday in February. Those of Mrs. Bertha Callies and Mrs. Edna Shilts were honored the second Tuesday. * + + • Two of our residents are away temporarily - Cora Cooper at St. Ann and Clara Keith at Park hospital, Mason City. * * * came up with the name of the singer who was in a plane accident and killed a number of years ago. A contemporary of Jeanette McDonald. She was Grace Moore, whose parents lived in Denver and her father was a pastor there whom Jean Wadsworth knew. I faintly remember seeing her in a movie. Margaret Hofmaster finally isn't it odd how one remem- Fairy Kuhn wrote from Port Isabel,' Tex. "Guess it's time to drop a line. Wouldn't want to have you think I was tired of it here this soon. Been lovely weather till the last three or four days, so windy and cool. Is 61 now. Was 54 last night. Platts (Howard) took us over to Padre Island today. Going to Brownsville tomorrow." As I mentioned before, Melvin Henderson is now in the real estate business and closed his first deal Feb. 1. He says he has a nice office, likes his associates very much, and the two girls in the office are very .cooperative, good looking and efficient. I warned him about "lap sitting". But I think he can take care of himself! He's past the "dangerous age", I am sure. * * * Many who read this column will be glad to hear news of Mrs. Gilles. She had supper with me tonight, ate heartily, read the newspapers and was in a cheerful mood. She isn't the Mrs. Gilles of bygone years, but she is still sweet and we had a nice little visit. She has forgotten many old friends, but I am happy she remembers me and I am always glad when she comes down. bers little things? Leota Geigel and I remember our post office box numbers way back when it was located in the building just west of the Honsbruch drug store. Miss Dodds had a book and stationery business in the west half of the office. Leota's family, the George Hack- mans, was 122. Ours was 363. Little did we dream we'd have house delivery not too many years later. * * * A card from Alice Ditsworth sent from Bountiful, Utah, says, "This mountain overlooks Apache Junction. Mrs. Curtis (former Algonan) and I were out to see Mabel Livingston (also former Algonan). Southern Arizona is such a glamorous place to me. I had a nice visit with Florence (Patterson Howard) and Arba Dee (Long Taylor)." Dick (Alice's son) is associate professor at Arizona State MOVIE CLOCK GAINED or LOST WEIGHT ? THEN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR COMPLETE ALTERATION SERVICE. MODERN DRY CLEANERS and TAILORS Phone 295-5277 Algona Thursday thru Saturday "The Thin Red Line" - 8:05 "The Man From Galveston" 7:00 and 9:45. Saturday matinee - "The Man From Galveston" plus 6 color cartoons at 1:30 p.m. Sunday - "The Lively Set" 1:30-3:20-5:11-7:20-9:30. Monday thru Wednesday "The Lively Set" 7:15-9:45. ALGONA THURS, Thru SAT, FEB. 25 - 27 "FROM HERE To ETERNIirWAS JAMES JONES'I GREATEST... UNTIL! THIS ONE! ENDS SAT. • FEB. 27 - THE THIN RED LINE" - plus - "THE MAN FROM GALVESTON" \\ ROMANCE AND RACING ARE IN THEIR BLOODI... JAMES DARREN • PAMELATIFFIN • DOUG McCUIRE COLOR JOANIE SUMMERS r** JOANIE sings BOBBY DARIN'S LATEST HIT TUNESI KEIR JACK DULLEA'-S&WARDEN SHOWN AT 8:05 P. M THE GflLVESTON SHOWN AT 7:00 - 9:45 MARILYN MAMIL-CHARLES DRAKE-PE1ER MAi SUN. Thru WED.. ill!!!! PLUS - COLOR CARTOON "MOUSE TROUBLE" [jiiiji .ALSO ADDED SHORT - "RETURN TO THE WILD" ALGONA .•*j.j«T."7.^ , ,,1v SAT. MAT. 1:30 'THE MAN FROM GALVESTON" 6 Color Cartoons They're Interested They Own a Pa How often have you heard someone say, "Sure, he works hard at it. it's his own business". Well, farmers own their own business, too-their co-operatives. Farmers who patronize co-operatives are stockholders and as stockholders have a voice in the management of their business. That's why they attend and pay attention at their meetings. Most farmers realize that it is to their economic benefit to patronize their co-operatives. Furthermore, the entire community benefits because the cooperative is a locally owned, controlled and operated business. WATCH THE BOB HOPE SHOW," NBC-TV CHICK YOUK LOCAL L ST ING — LEDYARD CO-OP ELEVATOR Bernard Reilly, Mgr. OTTOSEN CO-OP ELEVATOR Alfred Schultz, Mgr. WEST BEND ELEVATOR CO. R. W. Jurgens, Mgr. TITONKA CO-OP ELEVATOR Jack Stott, Mgr. FARMERS ELEVATOR CO., Swea City .... Russel Parker, Mgr. FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR Curtis Lura, Mgr. IRVINGTON CO-OP ELEVATOR E. F. Immerfall, Mgr. LONE ROCK CO-OP EXCHANGE .... lorenz Geitzenauer, Mgr. BURT CO-OP ELEVATOR J. I. Miller, Mgr. HOBARTON CO-OP ELEVATOR, Algona Dale Cole, Mgr. WHITTEMORE CO-OP ELEVATOR Larry Twedt, Mgr. FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR, Bode R. I. Matheson, Mgr.

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