Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on May 9, 1971 · Page 47
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 47

Detroit, Michigan
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Sunday, May 9, 1971
Page 47
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RECORD REVIEWS LPULSS n Sunday, Mav 9. BY CHARLES H. GOREN 45 1171 The Chlcito Tribunt North-South vulnerable. North deals. NORTH AKQ5 V 2 A J S ; q j io 9 : ,' WEST EAST A J 4 A S3 2 VKQJ10 87VA954 8 4 2 10 9 A S 4 A K 5 3 A K SOUTH A 10 8 7 I S K Q 7 ( 5 7 6 ; The bidding: A'orth East t A Pass .2 A 4 V Pass Pass South 1 A 4 A West 2 V Pass Opening lead: King of hearts. In today's hand, the Issues rvjere not clear-cut to West and Ifc is doubtful if he would have Rap with Margaret Mead; (Tribute to Gabriel Fame J TODAY 10 .itir W t O M (109.1) Sunday Svm-Snon,: Debujsy - Leonard Bernstein nd -the New York Philharmonic Or- l Trn.rwLDM (1W.I) Intmlrirtlon: Muni-cal selections by the Mormon Tiber- I im! WCKAR(e.5) WUOM (ft. 7) Cleve- fend Orchestra: Prokotlev'i "Concerto ho. 1 for Piano and Orchestra In C." t m. WDIT (lOl.t) Detroit Opera Operas of Verdi. . i.m. WDET (101.) Music from Wayne: iuest artist. Fattier Jose Maneha uer-foi-mlno at the organ of Hie Community Arts Auditorium. t .m, WKAR (M.5) Los Anoelw Philharmonics Brahm' "Piano Concerto No. J"' MONDAY It men WLDM (lOf.l) Melody Lane: Apdrt Kostelaneti: "Shansri-La." 17:30 P.m. WQRS (H3.1) Cesoer Citron: Guests: Dr. Price M. Cobbs, co-author of "The Jesus Baa"; Dr. Alfred Globus, President, Guardian Chemical Corpora- I i"m'. WKAR (0.5) Dutch Concert Hall: Stravinsky's "The Firebird." t Vm. WDET OOJ.e) Afternoon Rao: Marsaret Mead, "The So-Called Stu- I p.m. WORS (103.1) From the Library of Collins George: Dances 1-10.'7, i fe m. WLDM (1 onnimi nunuor '.n riOt.l) Music by Candle light: Robert Maxwell and Orchestra: ia!a9uena." Truman at 87 IS HHH's Hero ! 4MEPENDENCE, Mo. (UPI) Former President Harry S Truman had surprise visit on his 87th birthday Saturday frotn Minnesota's Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, who called Truman his "hero" and "one of the great men of all time." Truman had planned to celebrate the day quietly at home when In walked a beaming Humphrey. Mrs. Truman, a few close friends and newsmen knew Hum-pjirfy was coming. But nobody told Truman, the nation's 33d president '. "I think to world of this man," Humphrey said after a 25-minute visit. "He's in my book as one of the great men of all lime. ! "He's my hero and I like to see my heroes when they're up and going. We chatted about some memories, some things of the pat and some things of tomorrow. The only politics we talked Isnit was the good and well being of the country." ASKED IF Truman gave him any advice, Humphrey said: ri"He always gives me good advice. He told me to tell the tf)utli, be loyal to your friends, work hard . . . It's the solid good (4d country advice, the best advice in the world." 3fiumphrey said he found Truman in good spirits, adding: 'k looked wonderful. He was sharp, pleasant, happy and Jok- pTfOther visitor Saturday was Postmaster General Winton M. KSuwni, who stayed only eight minutes. Blount then took part in ceremonies at the nearby Truman I Jbrafy dedicating America's first eight-cent commemorative postage stamp honoring Missouri's 150 years of statehood. Although Truman did not appear publicly Saturday, about 300 lifetime friends gathered in nearby Kansas City to celebrate his b'5tBday. Truman has not attended the annual affair since 1966. A Single Soviet Rocket Orbits Eight Satellites IMOSCOW (UPI) The Spvjet Union hurled eight unmanned Sputniks high into srth orbit bn a single rocket Friday in a record-equalling hetgun launch, Tass said Saturday. ; The Cosmos satellites soared far beyond the orbital tfack the Russians have been using In the Soyuz-Salute space station project and popped into orbit about 900 irjiJes up. There they Joined eight other Sputniks, also launched aboard one rocket in April 1?70, in what the Soviets describe only as "exploration of citer space." AS. USUAL Tass did not say exactly what mission was in University of Michigan Broadcasting Service WUOM Ann Arbor 91.7 MHz WVGR Grand Rapids 104.1 MHz Joins a New Live Network Service National Public Radio Mon.-Fri. 4-5:30 P.M. jbfc. Sin. Goren on Bridge come up with the right answer had he been left to his own de-vices in defending against South's four spade contract. East did not leave his partner to flounder, however, and he personally saw to it that the maximum pressure was exerted against the declarer. West opened the king of hearts, and East paused to reflect on the situation before playing to the first trick. On the basis of his partner's over-call to the two level it seemed reasonable to play the latter for a six card suit which would leave South with a singleton heart. The diamond suit did not appear to offer any hope to the defense, so that the conclusion was inescapable, that the only source of tricks was clubs. It' did not appear likely that West would shift to clubs on his own initiative even if East were to give him a discourag FM HIGHLIGHTS I p .m. WKAR (MS) World of Opera: Gounod's "Faust." 1:05 p.m. WUOM 11.7) Holland Festival of the Arts: The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra. f p.m. WLDM (lOf.l) The Living Trlei "Lllll Marlene TUESDAY 11:30 p.m. WORS (105.1) Casper Citron: Guest: Amos Elon, author of "The lira-ells - Founders and Sons." 1 p.m. WQRS (105.1) Afternoon Concert Hall: Mozart's "Overture to The Marriage of Figaro." 1 p.m. WUOM (1.T) Summer Concert Chopin's "Three Nocturnes, Op. 9." 1:05 p.m. WUOM (1.7)Los Anoeles Phil, harmonic Concerts: Mendelssohn's "Concerto for Violin and Orchestra." WEDNESDAY H noon WDET (101.9) Muslcale: Works of Johann Sebastian Bach. 12:30 p.m. WQRS (105.1) Casper Citron: Guest: Luigi Barcinl, author of "From Caesar to the Mafia.'' 1 p.m. WLDM (109.0) Leon Kelner, Piano and orchestra: "Twelfth Street Rag." 1 p.m. WUOM (91.7) Summer Concert: Commemorating the Birthday of Gabriel Faure. 1 p.m. WQRS (105.1) With Frances Le Clair: Mendelssohn's "Piano Trio In D, Oo. 4t, No. 1" 4 p.m. WLDM (1O9.0) Rooer Williams: "Romeo and Juliet Theme" I p.m. WLDM ( Maale Melodies: Werner Muller: "Perfldia." volved. Western intelligence theorized that the Cosmos craft include everything from orbiting bombs and spy satellites to weather watchers and communications stations. Western scientific sources In Moscow said the 16 high-flying Sputniks apparently would be too far out to function efficiently as orbital bombs and would be in a strange path for aerial spying. But military lessons could be drawn from the strength of the rocket used to lift the eight craft aloft probably a version of the SS9 intercontinental ballistic missile. "If it can carry eight Sputniks, it can carry eight something elses," one source said. ing signal on the first trick, for the dummy's suit looked somewhat imposing. East decided to extend a helping hand to his partner, therefore, by overtaking the king of hearts with his ace. At trick two East led the king of clubs to observe West's reaction. When the latter started a high-low by dropping the eight of clubs, East continued with the ace and then a third round of the suit." Declarer ruffed with the ten of spades, but West overruffed with the Jack to set the contract. Had South guessed to trump with the ace of spades, North's king and queen would have dropped the doubleton Jack permitting declarer's ten of spades to draw the last trump. However, declarer made the natural play on the hand, and the major credit on the deal goes to East for taking full charge of the defense. 1.0$ p.m. WUOM (91.7) Music of the Masters Opera Niaht: "Martha." THURSDAY 11:30 p.m. WORS (105.1) Casper Citron: Guests: Author-critic Gerald Svkes; poet Chad Walsh. I p.m. WUOM (91.7) Radio Smithsonian: "Ghandi." 4 p.m. WLDM (10M) M a n t o v a n I: ''Spanish Flea.1' 4 P.m. WLDM (lOl.t) Concert In tht evening: Works of Frani Schubert. 4 p.m. WLDM (109.8) Werner Muller and Orchestra: "Die Fledermaus O v t r-ture." :43 p.m. WORS (103.1) European Musle Festivals: Schwetzinoen Festival: Roessler's "Slnfonla In G." FRIDAY II p.m. WUOM (91.7) One Plus One: "Abortion: Good or Evil?" 11 noon WORS (103.1) Panorama of Italian Orwra: Tnor: Enrico Caruso. J p.m. WORS (105.1) News: Evening Concert: "Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Yeomen of the Guard." 10 p.m. WQRS (105.1) The Polk Show: Broadside Ballads, Old and New. 10 p ,m. WLDM (109.1) Starlight Serenade: Pete Fountain: "Green, Green Grass of Home." SATURDAY 4 p.m. WLDM (109.1) Fashions In Harmony: Werner Muller and Orchestra: "Moon Glow." T p.m. WKAR (90.5) Listener's Choice: Classics by Request. 7:30 p.m. WUOM (91.7) The Record Collector: Chopin's ''Impromptu In l-flat, Oo51." I p.m. WQRS (103.1) The Boston Pops Orchestra: Tchaikovsky's "Piano Con- certoNo. 1." t p .m. WLDM (109.1) Best of the Big Bands: Ted Heath. 10 p.m. WQRS (103.1) Blf Band Beat: Rare Recordinqs of The Glenn Miller Orchestra. Who do you think ivillivintheseTV Emmys? 'Outstanding comedy series: : All In The Family Arnien : Love, American Style Q (The Mary Tyler Moore Show iThe Odd Couple Outstanding dramatic series: The First Churchllls Ironside - NET Playhouse Marcus Welby.MTD.n The Senator Tht Bold OnesQ Outstanding variety or musical series: The Carol Burnett Show fjf The Flip Wilson Show , Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In Best single program-drama or comedy: The Andersonvllle Trial Hamletn The Price They're Tearing Down TimReilly's Barn kVanished-Partl&PartHD Leading actor dramatic series Raymond Burr IronsIdeQ Mike Connors Mannix (l Hal Holbrook Senator: Kocert voung Marcus TONIGHT TIMEX PRESENTS THE EMMY AWARDS WITH HOST JOHNNY CARSON 9:00 P.M. ANOTHER TIMEX SPECIAL Music's ' im-'"H Bob Talbert r WINGS Michel Colom-bler, A&M: While Jazz and rock are being married right and left, this is symphonic jazz union with French composer-arranger performing the ceremony and Herb Alpert as best man. Leading the couple down the aisle are former blues-rocker Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers and Brazil 66's ex-lead singer, Lani Hall. Some of the finest American studio musicians and leading Paris symphonic artists take beautifully t o Colombier's fluid direction. Best number -from the entire album is "All in AH," with Alpert's vocal reminiscent of his surprising hit, "This Guy's in Love With You." CCS Rak Records (Columbia): An exciting new group of English recording musicians, under John Cameron's conception, direction and leadership, cover new Jazz-rock territory in big brass-woodwind band with Alexis Korner and Pete Thorup providing understandable lyrics to old Stones and Led Zeppelin hits. CHASE Epic: Trumpeter Bill Chase, a Woody Herman alumnus, has gathered a sunday radio highlights PM S1ATIONI WHPR Oi l WHFI 947 WXYZ 101.1 101.9 103.7 103. 104.1 101.1 10S.9 WSHJ CKWW 88.3 WABX 67 WLDM 89.1 WWJ 90.1 WJR 91.3 WMZK 917 WBFG 91.3 WJBK 93.9 WKNR 99.5 WDET 95 5 WBRB WOAK WDTR 97.1 WMUZ 9S.3 WOMC 97.9 WQRS 9S.7 WCHD WPHS WUOM WCAR CKLW 3.1 WWWW 106.7 100.1 WOPR 107.S I.M a m wrxi f 1540 1 Public Affairs. J;05 p.m. wjr UK) sunoay nymns tor the early bird, a a.m. WJR (70) Musical Promenade. (1550) Morning Concert. 1:30 a.m. WJR (7t0) Renfro Valley Gathering, f a.m. WXYZ (1170) Johnny Randall with music and news till noon. WJR (7601-Newss Music; Weather. :30 a.m. WIID O090) "Eat Inc." WCAR (1130) Dan Looan with music. 9:40 a.m. WWJ (950) Detroit Close Uo; Wayne County Community College. :4I a.m. WQTE (500) The Truth Now Heals: Christian Science Series. 10a.m. WJR (70) News; Traffic) Music with Ted Strasser. WKNR (1310) Music and News with Ron Sherwood. wdee (isoo) Mik Scott with music til 4 P.m. 10:30 a.m. WIID (1090) Italian Music. 13:30 p.m. WJR (70) Sunday Supplement: HoM Dave White. t P.m. WCAR (1130) H. B. Phillips with music till 7 p.m. WDEE (1500) Tom Dean with music till 4 p.m. 1:15 p.m. WJR (70) Arthur Godfrey: Sinser June Vallie and Richard Haves. 1:30 p.m. WJR (70) Tiger Baseball: Detroit t Kansas City. 1:00 p.m. CKLW (SOO)-Jlm Jackson with solid qold weekend till 7 p.m. 4 p.m. WIID (1090) Lebanese Hour. WDEE (1500) Doug Smith with music till 10 p.m. 5 p.m. WIID (1090) Update. 4:15 p.m. WWJ (950) Block Builders: Newsman Jerry Blocker visits with block clubs and organizations within the city of Detroit. Leading actress dramatic series: Linda Crlstal-Hgh Chaprnl Susan Hampshire First Churchills Peggy Lipton Mod Squad Leading actor in a comedy series:' TedBessell-TnafGVn Bill Bixby Courtship of Eddie's Father Jack Klugman Odd Couple Carroll O'Connor All In TheFamilyQ .Tony Randall-Odd Couple Leading actress in a comedy series: .MaryTylerMoore . , w Mary Tyler Moore Show Jean Stapleton All In The Family , Mario Thomas That Girl Q Tieftod OnesQ Welby, M.D. U Finest group of jazz and rock musicians who play the most burning, moving music! since Blood, Sweat and Tears hit the scene. Organist Phil Porter is a driver par excellence, but it is Chase's leading the three other trumpets in superb ensembles that move this album all the way to the top. EARTH, WIND & FIRE Warner Bros.: I'm not sure of what to call this group. Afro-gospel-jazz-blues-rock? Must there be a label? This 10-piece, Chicago-based group could be a forerunner of musical styles sort of a black Blood, Sweat & Tears or Chicago. BS&T with soul, maybe. An important new group of the'70s. MARK - ALMOND Blue Thumb (Capitol): I all but went into shock at the recent Elton John concert when guitarist Jon Mark and reed-percussionist Johnny Almond got their opening-act group rolling. With keyboardist Tommy Eyre and bassist Rodger Sut- I ton, Mark and Almond put j down some of the finest ! smoothest, believable j a i e- rock I'd ever, heard. I dare you to listen to "The Ghetto" cut on this album and not be hooked for the life of the Mark-Almond group. THE JOHNNY OTIS SHOW LIVE AT MONTEREY! Epic: Johnny Otis, the first white musician who played black rhythm-and-blues, put on a "grease" show last year at Monterey that had 'em f A J IwO Eu 4:34 p.m. WWJ (950) Meet the Press: HUD Sec. George Romney. :35: p.m. WJR (70) Face the Nation: Lawrence F. O'Brien, chm Dem. Nflt'l. Committee. :07 p.m. WWJ (950) Second Sunday: in-depth study of the FBI and Its director J. Edgar Hoover. 11:05 p.m. WJR (70) Issues and Answers: Sen. John Stennls (D-Mlss.),. chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. 11:30 p.m. WJR (70)-Nlght Plight: Host John Bell. Shaw Festival Opens June 14 Canada's summer Shaw Festl-v a 1 at Niagara-on-the-Lake this year opens June 14 with "The Philanderer.", The festival, which will last through Sept. 5 in the Ontario city, will stage a North American 'premiere of Romain Wein-garten's "Summer Davs" on June 22. On July 26, "tonight at 8:30" by Noel Coward will be produced. The final production this summer is "War, Women and Other Trivia," episodes from Max Beerbohm and Shaw, opening on July 29. And that's just a sample of the stars and programs up for the year's top TV awards. See how they stack up against vour choices., CHANNEL 4 Honor Symphonic Jazz dancing In the aisles to the likes of Big Joe Turner's "I Got ajGal," Little Esther Phillips' "Cry Me a River," Ivory Joe Hunter's classic "Since I Met You Baby," and Johnny's own son, Shuggie Otis, the guitar-genius playing "Shuggie's Boogie." For nostalgia freaks and R & B cats. LIVE CATFISH Bob Hodge, Epic: Good old "new" Detroit r o c k and roll performed "live" in the Eastown Theatre with Big Bob Hodge shakin' 'em up and makin' 'em go crazy with the blues and old - fashioned '50s - cum-'70s rock. Harry Phillips' piano is extra funky throughout. SKY'S THE LIMIT - The Temptations, Gordy: You could say this was a Norman Whitfield and Barret Strong album, because the successful producer and writer of Motown gold actually get album-' cover picture credit an in BILLBOARD'S BESTSELLERS 'Never Can Say Goodbye' By the Jackson Five Top Singles l-JOY TO THB WORLD-Thret Doo Night, Dunhill. 1 NEVER CAN SAY OOODBYS . Jackson 5, Motown. 3 PUT YOUR HAND IN THI HAND. Ocean, Kama Sutra. 4 AM ... I SAID Nell Diamond, Uni, 5 IP Bread, Elektre. . WHAT'S GOING ON Marvin Gave, Tiimla. 7 STAY AWHILC-Bells, Polydor. BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER Arelha Franklin, Atlantic. 9 CHICK-A-BOOM Daddy Dswdrop, Sunflower. . 10 ME S YOU AND A DOO NAMED BOO Lobo, Big Tree. Top Albums 1 JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR Various Artists, Decca. 1JANIS JOPLIN Peart, Columbia. 3 CROSBY, STILLS, NASH ft YOUNG. 4 Way Street, Atlantic. 4 PARTRIDGE FAMILY Up ta Data, Bell. 5 THREE DOO NIGHT Golden Bis-quits, Dunhill. 4 LOVE STORY-Soundtrack, Para- "1-WOODSTOCK r-Soundtrack, Cotil lion. 11H ljaMCT AWNINGS " -y9 jlr Mitehht Mlar SHUTTIRI tviilaW. ir X""ZZi EXCLUSIVE ALL-NEW (f rVTj I -y ' SUN & FUN ROOM Pv Vl l LUt 9 1 JiB,'n',e,y th w0'd for ljjJJ design features not available on SjjTsiY . Large! S election ' I -y-'gi 'f ijSCt ye ' fmy jmmmt STATIONARY I 'tllj 'SeES'ri SCREEN ROOM ENCLOSURES porch Fsis? ijaa tmlsL AWNINGS J5& I HOME 1111 sfe-S J igh MAM WITH em PATIO STKUCTUM -far tht prin $TRUCTUl-for the prl qwfwl the tint ytmr quoted the Vint year NO ONE or NOBODY will do a BETTER JOB All Sun Control Aluminum siding and trim jobs are now applied by our SALARIED PROFESSIONALS controlled under our OT O f Q "IjsGL DoerFfimn ImWI new, ST2IE5?V k 43"J? etmpldtly TrfTPw! A "Pl". am fell till rie 3SHt JS. S""L tacit Boiift I 'Ml SllUllnttl."' illol'er I?lfeSri STORM WINDOWS and DOORS ROOFING WROUGHT IRON RAILINGS and DECORATIVE COLUMNS GUTTERS and DOWNSPOUTS fame 1Uit and FREE Estimates yYJrMtTtT? OPIN DAILY - PM. UN. 10-1 P.M. listSldt PontlM PR. 1-SI1Q IFL 59452 novation of note. All the material is written by Whitfield and Strong, bud sounds a great deal like everything else they've done. The Temptations give strong, slick readings to the songs, but nothing stands out besides No. 1 hit, "Just My Imagination." LOUIE ROBERTS Decca: Louie Roberts is a fresh, young Nashville talent whose boyish charm and appeal come across beautifully on this debut album. An excep-1 1 o n a 1 yodeler, as well as singer, Roberts' high tenor ranges from a Hawaiianish "Song of Kalua" to the memo- -rable hymn "How Great Thou Art." All Roberts, an Eddy Arnold protege, needs is a single hit and he may be on his way. PAUL ROBESON IN LIVE PERFORMANCE Columbia: This Columbia Master-works release features the great baritone Paul Robeson I-CAT. ITEVINS Tea for the Tiller-man, A&M. 9 GRAND PUNK RAILROAD Survival, Capitol. 10 S A NT AN A Abraxas, Columbia. Country Singles 1 HOW MUCH MORE CAN SHI STAND Conway Twltty, Decca. 11 WON'T MENTION IT AGAIN. Ray Price, Columbia. 1-A MAN IN BLACK Johnny Cash. Columbia. 4 EMPTY ARMS Sonny James, Capitol. 5 1 WANNA BE PREE-Loretta Lynn, Decca. WE SURE CAN LOVE EACH OTHER Tamrnv Wvnette. Epic. 7 TOUCHING HOME Jar rv Ltt Lewis, Mercury, I ALWAYS REMEMBER Bill Anderson, Decca. 9 DREAM BABY (How Lon Must I Dream) Glen Campbell, Caoitol, 10 SOMETIMES YOU JUST CAN'T WIN George Jones, Musicor. Jazz Albums l-TO BE CONTINUED Isaac Haves, Enterprise. 1-BITCHES BREW Miles Davis, Columbia. WWwffl tour Michigan's Largest Factory and Showroom. 1 Doemrlvir IBIrmtoihim-Souttfleldl '' Totedo I rMoT AV. S-SS9S I Royal Oak II. 7-2700 1 531-4605 1 347-1462 in live 1958 concerts at London's Royal Albert Hall and New York's A.M.E. Zion Church. No one has ever sung spirituals better than Paul Robeson. "Ezekiel Saw the Wheel" and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" are cases in point. LIVE IN EUROPE John May all, Decca: One of England's best blues bands, John Mayall's troops are featured here in some unevenly recorded but emotion-packed live performances throughout top nightspots in Europe. DONNY HATHAWAY Atco: Donny Hathaway may be one of those artists you hear in a fine debut album, then never hear from again. But I doubt it. This blues singer and keyboard artist in the Ray Charles vein, comes on heavy with strings and things. His "Put Your Hand in the Hand" is fine. 3 5UG A R Stanley Turrentine, CTI, 4 M E M P H I S TWO-STEP Herb 14) Mann, Embryo. 5 B.B. KINO LIVE AT COOK COUNTY JAIL-ABC. JACK JOHNSO N-Miles Davis-Soundtrack, Columbia 7 CHAPTER TWO Roberta Pksek. Atlantic. 8 THE ISAAC HAYES MOVEMENT. Enterprise. 9 MILES DAVIS AT FILLMORE Columbia. 10 LIVING BLACK-Charlas Earland, Prestige. Soul Singles 1 NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE. Jackson 5, Motown. 2 BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED W A-TER Aretha Franklin. Atlantic. 3 WE CAN WORK IT OUT StavK Wonder, Tamla. 4 (For God's Sake) GIVE MORE POWER TO THE PEOPLE Chi-Lites, Brunswick. 5 WANT ADS Honev Cone, Hot Wax. WHAT'S GOING ON Marvin Gaye, Tamla. 7don't knock my love Wilson Pickett, Atlantic. 8 1 DON'T BLAME YOU AT ALI . Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, Tamla. 9 BABY LET ME KISS YOU-Kina Floyd, Chimnevvllle. TURNS ME ON Edwin Starr, Gordv. 10 F U N K T MU5IC 5MO" NUFT Cell 444-1212 26400 W. 8 Mil Rd. VA MiletWest of TeleortpM rfunContToTIMIlTpia 1 mm J " '

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