The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 18, 1965 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1965
Page 7
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THIS MONTH WE CELEBRATE THE anniversary of the birth of George Washington, Father of Our Country and great proponent of telling the truth. However, if you are planning to celebrate George's birthday on February 22, you are already too latel Washington was born February 11, 1732, when England and its colonies used the Julian calendar. When England adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752, Washington's birthday fell on February 22. So even Washington's traditional birthdate turns out to be something less than the truth. - o - WHAT IS MORE, although Washington has always been called the Father of His Country, he never was a real father in the sense the one at your house and mine are, for he and his wife, Martha, had no children. She was a widow with two small youngsters when he married her and people who claim to be descended from the Washingtons have to trace their lineage through them. - o - THE STORY ABOUT GEORGE'S telling the truth about chopping down the cherry tree has been pretty much established as a legend although it does serve to illustrate the fact that the boy had all the sterling virtues. But I know one thing, if George had been my kid and he'd chopped down one of our fruit trees, I'd turn him over my knee and give him a good walloping with the blunt side of his little red hatchet whether or not he told the truth about chopping 1 - o - BUT LET'S NOT GET TOO critical of Washington for he was a gentlemen In the finest sense of the word. He was born to the landowner class at a time when that was considered practically the only aristocracy. Yet the principles he insisted upon in setting up our government were designed to give the ordinary person far more of a break than in any previous nation. - o - WASHINGTON STARTED HIS GENTLEMANLY habits at an early age. An old copy book, gnawed on one edge by rats, has been found. It contains over 100 rules of good behavior which HOW FAR ARE YOU FROM A FRIEND? Just a reach away, by telephone. Whether you just want to enjoy a leisurely afternoon chat, or need help in the middle of the night—your phone is always there, ready to put you in touch with friends. NORTHWESTERN BELL in Iowa OXYGEN EQUIPPED RADIO CONTROLLED AMBULANCE SERVICE Families living throughout this area may call any Blake Funeral Home with complete confidence. High quality service and moderate prices are provided at each. FUNERAL HOMES HOMES AT TITONKA WV«NS CORWITH WESLEY (ttNWICK Phpne TUrner 2-3322 lu Verne George put down painstakingly when he was hut a young lad. Some of them, and the capitalization belongs to George, are as follows: "EVERY action done in Company, ought to be with some Sign of Respect, to those that are present." "KEEP your Nails clean and Short, also your Hand and Teeth Clean, yet without shewing any great Concern for them." And, "IF you Soak bread in the Sauce let it be no more than you put in your Mouth at a time and blow not your brothe at Table but Stay till Cools of it Self." - o - WASHINGTON WAS THE ONLY president who never lived in the White House. His heart was ever at his beloved plantation, Mount Vernon, so after he had launched his country he did not seek a third term but gratefully retired there. Mount Vernon, of course, has long since been restored so that by visiting it, it's quite easy to imagine what the life of a Virginia gentleman of Washington's day was like. From all the evidence it was a real home with always some young people living there - his nieces or nephews, his wife's children and later grandchildren. Thanks to the Mount Vernon Ladies Association, organized in 1858, much of the original furniture has been collected and the mansion and other buildings restored and kept in good condition. Mount Vernon today, probably presents a more magnificent appearance than it ever did in Washington's time. But it is a wonderful monument to the glories of our country's past. - o - AND AS FOR ALL THIS GUFF about whether or not the stories about Washington really happened, we can remember that the best of fiction always illustrates a great truth. Since time began, philosophers have been searching for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. Of these three, by far the most difficult to pin down is the True. THIS HAS BEEN ALGONA WEEK at our house. I enjoyed a phone visit with Esther Smith and Willy Taylor who with Dave and Mitch were touring Florida. They'd just been with Fred and Vivian Kent at Sebring and we were sorry they couldn't stop here. Les and Arlene Kenyon have also been in town. My directions to Arlene on taking the shortcut home from the super market got us thoroughly lost but it was a nice day for a ride. At present we are looking forward to a visit from Helen and Curly Pratt due to arrive today. - o - ARLENE AND I WERE INTERESTED in the picture of the Bryant grade school band of long ago. We identified most of them. - o - PEOPLE HAVING BIRTHDAYS during the week of Feb. 14 through 20 include Wally Hill, Suzanne McGinnis, Florence Furst, Dickie Farrell, Bill Kraft, Mid Waller, Marguerite Dalziel, Dr. Joseph Rooney, Phyllis Jensen, Jean Rooney, Irene Nitchals, Danny Levy, Pete Frankl, Jack McGuire, Reva Plott, Clayton Pittman, Connie Diekmann, Vernon Burns, Tom Waller, Pat Elbe*t, Phil Taylor, Kyle Keith and Dr. Robert Horton. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Heiderscheidt and Mr. and Mrs. Norm Christian have wedding anniversaries. - o - WE HAVE TO HAVE A CHERRY dessert for George Washington's birthday so this one is this week's recipe: 1/4 Ib. graham crackers 1/4 Ib. butter 1/4 tsp. butter flavoring (optional) 1 - 8 oz. pkg. cream cheese 1 cup powdered sugar 1 pkg. powdered whipped topping 1 can cherry pie mix Melt butter and stir in butter flavoring if used. Crush graham crackers and mix with melted butter and press into buttered 8-inch square pan. Soften cream cheese to room temperature. Beat i.with,, pgjvde red ^ugaj.., Pjrepare whipped, topping according to 'package "dfrectibnsV ' F.pld cream cheese mixture into whipped topping land spread over graham cracker crust. Spoon cherry pie mix over cheese mixture. Refrigerate until serving time. GRACE Ottosen Couple On Trip To West Coast OTTOSEN - Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Movick left for Hemet, Cal., where they will visit Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Pedersen for a few weeks. Mrs. Clara Lander of ,;Tjjjy?Miccompanied them. Mr. 'Movick, Mrs. Lander and Mrs. Pedersen are brother and sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Movick will also visit some of her relatives. -o- March 18 is the date set for the twenty-first annual spring Ottosen Day Sale. Nancy Telford, daughter of the Dean Telfords, celebrated her sixth birthday Wednesday. Tami Worby and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Telford were afternoon guests. The Ladies Rural Club enjoyed an anniversary ham supper at the school Saturday night. Mrs. Oliver Kinseth was surprised on her birthday Monday. Afternoon guests were Mrs. Percy Watnem, Mrs. Earl Olson, Mrs. Roy Enockson, Mrs. Alfred Schultz and Mrs. Loren Daniel. The ladies brought along a lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kinseth attended the Humboldt County Rural Letter Carriers Association and Auxiliary meeting Tuesday night at Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Smith were hosts. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Olson were Sunday visitors at the Earl Osborn home at Cylinder, Mr, and Mrs. Allan Watnem entertained their card club Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kampen had high scores and also travel. Mrs, James Banwart had low score for women and Randy Watnem low score for men. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Watnem and family of Humboldt and Mr. and Mrs. Allan Watnem and family were Saturday night visitors at the Percy Watnems, to help Mrs. Watnem celebrate her Monday birthday. Sunday night, the Percy Watnems were supper guests at the Paul Watnem home at Klemme in honor of the occasion. Debra, Janel, Christine and Steven Frohling, Debra, Tim and Todd Schultz, who are the youth Mr. ;u-c| Mi?. Do,aid f.>,'.:.• r were Sunday dinner guests at the Roy Telfnrd home. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Frohling and family were Friday night visitors at the Jay McCollough home at Eagle Grove. Mr. arid Mrs. E. A. Helland of Fenton were Sunday callers at the Ralph Richards home. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacobson and family, ajid Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Johnson and sons, were Sunday dinner guests at the John Larson home at Swea City. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Tolteberg and Dallas were Sunday visitors at the Mike Hinz home at Lu Verne. Mr, and Mrs. Louis Jacobson and family and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zinnel were Sunday guests at the Richard Krause home at LuVerne. Mr. ajid Mrs. Clyde Gingerich and family of West Bend were Sunday dinner guests at the Allan Wehrspann home. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hutchin- s;>!i ^i: .. .v'lis if H'mi'-^Iii; '.''C'J'f Saturday callers at the Donald Usher homo. Thursday, feb. 18, 1965 Algona (la.) Upper D«t Moln«»~ BELLEVILLE, ILL. - Stephen A. Doughan, above, son of Vincent T. Doughan of Wesley, Iowa, has been promoted to airman first class in the U. S. Air Force at Scott AFB, 111, Airman Doughan is an administrative specialist in a communications unit. He is a graduate of Corwith - Wesley High School. His wife, Patricia, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Youngwirth of Wesley. Wed 30 Years, Swea Couple Are Honored SWEA-EAGLE - Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Papenfuhs entertained in honor of the 30th anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Herb Papen- fuhs at supper Friday evening. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Herb Papenfulis, Mary and Roger, Ernie Wheeler, Mr. ami Mrs. tirl Frerichs and Rhonda, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gram and Chan of Esthervilie, and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gram of Welcome, Minn. - o - Eagle Homemakers met Feb. 9 at the home of Mrs. Walter Gorac?J<o\vsld. Mernliers made plans for a style show which will be presented at the March meeting by Mrs. Virgil Cummins. Mrs. Mancil Hurlburt and Mrs. Jim Koons will be hostesses for the next meeting. Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Holcomb will return this week after two weeks at Baltimore, Maryland, with their son and family, the Martin Holcombs. Sunday they and the Thad Johnsons, the Harry Slyces and the Martin Holcombs planned to be together. Mr. and Mrs. Orville Thoreson entertained Sunday at dinner for the 10th birthday of their daughter, Heidi. Guests included the Walter Goraczkow- skis, Harvey C. Larsens, and their families, the Cecil Thore- sons and Paul, Pastor and Mrs. Berigston and family, the Lloyd Thoresons and Vivian, Mrs. Otto Larsen and Melba Kittelson. Sunday dinner guests at the Mervin Johnsons for the birthdays of Lisa and Lewis were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Godfredson and the William Sto-.'.s, all of Humboldt, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kraritx, and family. Th<birthday nf Harold Kraut/, -'.as also observed. ANNIVERSARIES Mr. and Mrs. Alvin observed their 70th weddms; Anniversary Feb. 7th with a op<>n house in Ogden whf-i^ th<;y havf spent most of their livus. WIRING Connected or Corrected UTT Phont 295-2223 Eiicnuc "JIM UTT" at the Presbyterian church were in charge of the entire service Sunday, except for the pastoral prayer. Mrs. Bertha Jacobson went to -her home Monday after recuperating at the Allan Wehrspann home since her hospitalization. Mrs. Earl Olson attended a birthday party for her aunt, Mrs. Molly Berge at Bode, Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Shiflett and family of Humboldt, and Mr. and Mrs. Merel Ludwig and family of Rutland were Sunday visitors at the Fred Kampens. Mr. and Mrs. Clem Ludwig and sons were Sunday visitors at the Dean Andrews home at Burt. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Speich of Hampton and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Speich and family of Algona, were Sunday dinner and supper guests at the Antone Speichs. Mrs. Selma Nelson returned home Saturday, after spending a week and a half at the home of her daughter, the Howard Him- rods at Humboldt. Davis Paints ONE DAY ONLY! WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY SPECIALS OPEN MONDAY NITE 'TIL 9 PORCH-FLOOR ENAMEL Top-quality Enamel—U»e injide or outside on any walking surface. Ideal for outdoor furniture, work benches, pipes, etc. Use on wood, metal, linoleum or concrete. All popular colors, Regular $2.13 Quart \J %^ Quirt WALLPAPER Papers suitable for every room in your house. Not just short lots or odds and ends, but the latest papers we carry in ttock are included in this sale. Ruby Reminiscence HURRICANE LAMP and ROOM DEODORIZER Nostalgic of th* pr*-tl*ctrlc lamp •ra. Rich ruby rtd glan ban and shad* with gold-Ilk* metal fittings and burner, A real ornamental antlqu* k*ros*n* lamp you con also us* as room d*odorli*r — |uit fill with liquid deodorant. Rtgular $1.25 value. 69* 9 Inehei high New! Improved! One Coat Vinyl WALL PAINT DENSI-TIZED Less Drip Less Spatter Here's the finest Latex Wall Paint you can buy— Density of ingredients in One-Coat Da-Tex Wall Paint provides heavier body — Not like ordinary wall paints. Result is creamy smooth material that clings to your brush or roller. Choice White or Colors One Coat Does the Job Gal. $6.22 Milk-white Glass BATTER BOWL Genuine Dura-White HEAT PROOF bowl - just right size (3'/j pints) for mixing one box any cake, pancake, or waffle mix. Complete with handle and easy pouring spout. A real bargain. LATEX "22" WALL PAINT Beautiful glare-free finish. Use on any interior painted or unpointed surface of platter, wallboard, brick, wallpaper. Choice of latest colors. e Drlei In Less Than One Hour e No Laps, Streaks or Brush Marks e Apply with Brush or Roller e Wash Toolf, Hands with Soap and Water Gallon SAITER'S DAVIS PAINT STORE GRUMBACHER ARTISTS SUPPLIES CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING ALftOKIA FOR REALLY "GEORGE" VALUES, SHOP FOSTER'S MONDAY, FEB. 22 9 A.M. - 9 P.M. 22 CHAIRS ROCKERS, SWIVEL, LOUNGE ONLY * TABLE LAMPS SPECIAL GROUP BUY ONE AT REGULAR PRICE - BUY SECOND ONE FOR ONLY 4 Of ALGONA, IOWA

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