Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 24, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1894
Page 5
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i ; '' . •._"•_ '.-.]']'. ,''..,(_ •••'. '• ...' ,*«w-r..^, ••••'•'..•" ; ^-- ( ' y '''- '•' ' V :: ' STYLISH HATS. IF YOU "WANT TO MAKE A GOOD SELECTION COME NOW WHEN OUR STOCK iS FULL. SEE OUR NEW MOCHO STIFF. DEWENT THE HATTER AND FURNISHER, COME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $6O. Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. PEOPLE'S PARTY CITY TICKET. Mayor, M. M. GORDON. Treasurer, RIORGE P. SCHARJ?F, Cleric, CHARLES BUHBME3TEB. Water Works Trustee, ED. CLARY. Councilman, 1st Ward-MILO GIBSON M Ward-C. L. D1LLEY, 3d Waid-JOHN A, MURPHY, 4Ji Ward-CHABLES T. BELL, 5th WarU-C. 8, GRKBN. AND NOT THE TESTIMONIALS OF PURCHASABLE CHEMIST*. ir. H. o. K. or A. At the regular meeting of tbe Uniformed Rank C. K of A. on Sunday $*he following officers were elected: Chaplain— Very Rev. M E. Campion Captain— John R Fox. 1st Lieut.— Julius Llenneman. 2d Lieut.— W. Whltehead, Quartermaster— M. B. Corden. Rec. See,— Owen Follen. Fin. Sec.— Mark T. GlUmore. Treas — John Eokert. To Earnest Ludwl(( and wife EMI End, a daughter. of the DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING. APRIL 24. _^^^^^^^^^^M^^^M^H^H^^«"*M^^! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ • •—™ Horace Pi r or in tlie street* of Ualro One of the chief charms of the Dream City series of the World's Fair portfolios is the dlstlnotlvenesa with which each feature and detail of the pictured Uroam City Is brought out Thejplctures being marvelously well executed photographic reproductions of the myriad scenes presented In that most wondroui white city by the lake, each detail is necessarily brought out with all the vividness and accuracy of an original photograph. So distinct are the reproductions that In the ever moving throng around the white pal acea and along the Midway, faces and forms of people are readily recognizable and no doubt many have either recognized presentments of themselves or of their friends In the pictures presented In this series. In No. 11, the Interesting Midway number, the latest number received at the Journal's portfolio department, there Is boldly and Tlvldly portrayed one of Cass county's best known citizens who is seen leisuraly strolling aloig in the celebrated streets of Cairo. This 'is Mr. Horace Pryor, the well known Jefferson township farmer, Mr. Pryor was In the city yesterday and in glancing through this midway Dumber Instantly recognized that fair, full presentment of himself, ae did many others who examined the work. Do not miss a single number of this Dream City series lest you miss a presentment of yourself therein. H the faithful camera caught oneCass county person .1 may hnvo caught others. A MhoolinKTournament Today. For some time there has been talk of a contest between the Logansport Hun Club and tho gun club at Camden. Tho rivalry will bo settled today when .tho two clubs will meet In a tournament for supremacy. The Damdon club will arrive at 10:80 o'clock and the two clubs will go to ;ho Driving pack at 1 o'clock. The street cars will run to tho park all afternoon to accommodate tho crowds. There will be no admission charged at tho park gate. _ The Evolution Of medical agents is gradually rele-' gating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that it 10 manufactured by-the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale by all leading drug- grists. L, L. S»pp Is on the sick list. to TOUR SAME 1H PRINT. Ilenu of a Peraoual Character Con- Mrnfng Loffaucportera and THeir Friend* Mrs. 0. M. Surface Is quite ill. Miss Maggie Pelton la on the sick Hat. Mra. Chas. Deickman it, visiting at Huntlngton. Mrs. A, fiansen has returned from a visit at Detroit. Mra. Frank Goodwlne of Kokomo, is visiting In the city. Miss Cella Wller of Chicago epont Sunday ii the city. Bert Stuart was home from Wabash College over Sunday. Claud Buchanan ia back from a visit at Columbus, 0. Jas. Snyder is back from a visit at hla old home in Pennsylvania. J. W. Schneider and wife of Bur- nettsvllle, spent Sunday in tho city. Miss Etta Bopp is at Claypool, called there by the illness ol a relative. Miss Clara Ray of Park Falls, Wis., is the guest of her slater, Mrs. Dr. Allen. S. C. Myers Is back from a sojourn at the Delphian baths much improved in health. Mrs. Emma Martin of Rockfield, is visiting Mrs. Harry Troutman on Front street. • Mra. A. B. Copeland is able to get out after a severe attack ef neuralgli of the stomach. Mlse Oddle DeGroot returned yester day from an extended visit with rela lives at Eaton, 0. Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Hill de parted jeetsrday for their future home at Frultland, N. Y. Mrs. Wm. Bennett of Winamac, is the guest of her sister Mrs. Grant Hilton on East Market street. Mr. D. A. Elder went yesterday Champagne, 111., to attend the wed ding of his brother, P. A. Elder. S. W. McGuire, son of Mr. S. Mo Guire of this city, was elected oily clerk of Rossville, III., last week. Mrs. E, B. Gustln has returned to her home at Indianapolis after a visit with her daughter, Mrs. Alvin Denbo Mies Elsie Knight and Jos. Minne man will be united In marrlape at 9 o'clock this morning at St. Vincent de Paul church. / E. H. Grace has returned from Chicago for tho vacation, having completed the second year's .course In the Chicago college of dental surgery, Rev. and Mrs. Ratliff and son are at Crawfordiville in attendance at the annual meeting of the State Mite Missionary Society of which Mrs, Ratllff la president. Lieut. Col. C. L Woll and Capt. Geo. A. Schaeder of the U. R. K. P., went to Peru yesterday to officiate at the installation of the newly elected Offloers of the Peru division. Frank Bowney is back from Denver. Col. He says that the report that a rich old uncle over there had died and left him and his brother John a big fortune was a great mistake. The Rev. J. W. Elder, a prominent Cumberland Presbyterian minister of Mattoon, 111., will be In the city this week and will preaoh In the Cumberland Presbyterian church next Sunday morning and evening. Mrs. Joe Plttman and children from Richmond and Mrs. Prof. Hulbert, Miss Barry and Mr. Lock, sister and father of Mrs. Pittman are in the city to attend the funeral of Lee, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Webb Pittman. G W, Funk Weldon Webster, S. A. Vaughn, A. R. Shroyer, D. W. Tom* inson, Q. A. Myers, Fred Lindls, R. M. Van Winkle, 0. B. Sargent, J. T. McNary and W. S. Wright went to 'ndianapolls yeeterday to attend the State convention. Die* In the FeuIUiBllary. A telegram received by Sheriff Horn • >urg yesterday conveyed the intelligence that Jesse Steel, who was taken o the penitentiary a few weeks ago o serve a two years term lor larceny, died at the penitentiary yesterday of ung trouble. A week or more ago he lad a hemorrhage of the hinge. He radually grew woree and yesterday died. He is aeon of Hatlie Steel who shot and killed Mike Sboughnesfy last winter while tbe latter was trying to :etlnto her bouse on Rsvllroad street. The deceased was 28 years old and lad a wife and child living at North Manchester. His mother expressed a desire to have hie remains brought here for burial, and Sberiil Homburg secured by donation along the row a sum sufficient to bring the body herb and it will arrivea.t noon today. On April 24 tu and May 29 th the Wabash Railroad will sell homeseek- ers excursion tickets at one regular 'are for the round trip to many points ,n the States of Missouri, Kansas and Texas. Tickets will be limited to thirty day* from date of sale. For further particulars call on or wr j te o'. G, NE^VELL, Agt, Logansport. OTTO KRAUS. LAST YEA ', $15 00 NOW $7.50. MAN'S OPPORTUNITY! BUSINESS SUITS $7.50 Single Breasted Sacks, Double Breasted Sacks, Cutaway Frocks. All Wool Fabrics, Correct Styles and All Sizes. We are determined that free wool will not catch us sapping. This Is Men's Clothing Opportunity. Orders by mail, with c ash in advance only, carefully filled. Open Saturday evenings until 10 o'clock. None of These Goods Charged, Exchanged or Delivered. OTTO KRAUS. LAST YEAR, $15.60 NOW $7.50. 'OF COURSE.' A BIG JOB WELL DOSE. Tlie Hee Hlvo SiircstofnlJy Mov. • Into UK HandMome \iiv Quarter* and In Attain at Home. With the opening of trade In Lo gansport yeeterday morning Broad way pedestrians found a handsomely equipped and fully stocked dry gooda aUro, where at the close of trade Saturday had been a room barren of stock. This transform.Ulon had been effected between weokt at the elegant new Hanoy building: at 409 and 411 Broadway, where by the tireless energy of Messrs. Wller & Wise and their large corps of clerks, the stock of the Bee Hive had been moved from the old familiar Fourth street stand into the handsome new quarters provided for it. Tbli store Is one of the handsomest in the State. Large airy, well lighted and conveniently arranged. Its rich furnishings and broad aisles make a most attractive store room, admirably designed for displaying goods and meeting the wants of customers with the greateat possible facility. From the large and well arranged show windows In the front to the cozy office at tho rear every appointment shows excellent taste, good judgment and careful attention to actual needs, acquired in years of experience with ADDITIONAL LOCAL*. Fred Mlnneman has closed b s Broadway saloon. To Isaac Sauers and wlfo of tho South Side, a eon. We allow our customers to take shoes home on approval.—Pilling & White. Felker's bread wagon passes your house dally. Use his bread, piei, cakes, etc. The Tr&de Palace is making special prices this week on dress goods, silks, etc. Don't miss It. There were twelve applicants for graduation papers from the common schools at the examination at the High school last Saturday, J. P. Webster's trotter ••Richalieu" ran away on North street yesterday morning and cut its fore legs severely. The buggy was also wrecked. Saturday evening- at the office of Justice Geo. W. Fender, that magistrate officiating, Miss May Burris and Edson W. Barker, both this city, were united in marriage. Charles Klotz, the baker who recently purchased J. E. Medary'e West Side bakery, is reported missing and it is said that financial difficulties caused his disappearance. Margaret Twomey, the unfortunate girl who recently caused the authorities so much trouble and was finally placed in the hospital at Long Cliff, has been discharged cured. . Fifty more of tbe subscribers to the new gas company called at the Fourth non- ' 8treet office yesterday and paid the Thev I " rBt installment of their subscription 3 ' 'Trolling' '"- the local trade. Each department is placed with a view of the utmost convenience and the furniture Is ao dla posed that stock is easily and readily displayed. In this change from the old to tbe new Messrs. Wller & Wise are gratulated and complimented. , have set up an admirable store and In ; and so doing have done well. j The demand for part 11 of the *-• • Dream City yesterday amounted Tbe E1L» Mlnntrell. The second night of the Elk's minstrels, while naturally not attracting the enormous crowd which greeted the boys Friday night, met with a most complimentary reception and the program of thefir^t nieht was repeated with even better effect than upon the first preeentat'on. The new had worn off and tbe absence of the cus. to the greatest rush the Journal has yet had on these splendid and popular series of portfolios, It is another Mid way 'number. Don't miss it. All the back numbers on hand. ternary first night Motion gave an additional smoothness and daeh to the performance aiding much in maklne it a night of much entertainment. A considerable sum was netted for sweet charity. As announced tho net receipts ol tho second night's per- 'ormance will be dUidod between the j Home of ibo Friendlt&fl and St. Joseph's Hospital nod it is thought I these worthy charities will have a ileusant addition to their treaurers by reason of the benefit. Miauk on Their Director. The Elks Minstrels do not hesitate to accord to tholr musical director, ?ro(. J. E McMUlOD, much of the credit due to the admirable and fin- shed performance of the many musical numbers on tho bill rendered with such pleasing effect during tho two nights entertainment, His fkili com lined with his energy in organizing and directing the capible amateurs la certainly moat creditable. Notice—Juvenile Templar*. All Juvenile Templars are requested to meet ot tbe homo of Mrs. Dairy mple 717 High street this afternoon at 1 o'clock to attend the funeral of Lee Pittman. MRS. DALBYMPLE, S. J. T. Vnndalia Line JExcnralon* To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until June 5, 1894, inclusive. One fare round trip. C»ll on or address any Vandalia line agent and aek for Information contained in circular No S27 of January 20, 1894. Oflfio ilie Park. The street cars will run to the park all afternoon today on account of the shooting tournament. A New Way to P»y Old Debt*. Mr, Keech, of .North Manchester, now of Fort Wayne, distinguished himself atthelatter place the other day by chewing up a contract which bore his signature bopini: by so doing te escape the payment of debts due North Manchester parties. This sort of settlement doesn't go in law bow* ever, and while the gaelrie juice ot Mr. Keech is macerating tbe paper bearing his signature he ie not re • leased from performing hie part of the contract. The Fort Wayne Journal ot Friday contained the following account of Keech's new way of paying old debts: 1 'There is an old story about •> money lender who waa forced by s> goaded customer to eat tome note* which were due him and that the money shark ever afterwards hat his notes written on ginger snaps. However this may be, last night about eight o'clock a well known citizen of the south side consumed the bigger part of an organ contract and is now digesting the eame. ' -It seems that some years ago when Mr. J. E Keech lived in North Manchester, Ind., ho bought an organ. Tbe Instrument was to be paid for In installments, and for a lime Mr. Keech was not delinquent in his payments. About a yoar ago he moved to this city and the contract was renewed. Since that time 'he has not paid anything on the contract and the North Manchester parties sent the statement here for collection. ••Yesterday the contract -note WM presented to him by the collector. •'Mr. Keech took the oontract, and ripping off the bottom part of it when his signature was signed, calmly stuffed it in his mouth and ale it up. Officer Tremmell was called, and Mr. Keech and the part of the contract he had eaten were arrested and taken to the «tatlon. ••Later Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Ryan was seen, and as there wts no misdemeanor alleged against the man, ordered him released. The parties met in the prosecutor's office and the matter was satisfactorily rearranged and Mr, Keech was released ' from custody. Tbe mutilation of tbe contract did not make it Invalid, and the only charge that the man could have been held on was that of malic* ions trespass. ••The organ WKS seized and will be held until the claims of the North Manchester people are settled." ^ jFor Fine Spring Suits T in endless Variety, which for Fit, Durability, 1 'Style, Workmanship and Trimmings are positively unexcelled, call on CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market Street.

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