The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 11, 1965 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 11, 1965
Page 5
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lAMOND'S PROUDLY ANNOUNCE The NEW Wash 'N Wear Slacks ...THAT NEED NO IRONING ...EVER! • Combination Dacron and Cotton, blended To Give Maximum Wear With Least Amount Of Care • Black or Loden, Sizes 28 to 36's $ 5.95 I I: U,LJ -.& If INSTALL A LINDSAY WATER CONDITIONER FOR YOUR FAMILY'S SAKE Lindsay soli water lias the 1 habit of being gentle lo skin . . . especially baby's. It contains none of the- harsh mineral found in hard water. It explodes detergents into suds . . . cleans and brightens clothing with far less soap and detergents. Keeps water using appliances free from scale build-up that causes damaging clog and breakdowns. So, for soft water—Lindsay soft water—call us today. We'll be glad to test your home water supply—determine just how serious your hard water problem is— and suggest a practical, sensible, "tailor- made" solution. ...AND YOU'LL LOVE LINDSAY TOO! Lindsay is the only water conditioner that has been tested and approved by Consumers Institute, Washington, D.C. HOWARD MILLER and DON DIAL AUTHORIZED LINDSAY DfALftS r LINDSAY Lindsay Soft Water Co. 520 South Phllllpt Stroof Algona, Iowa Pretty as well as practical, these lovely fashions cater to her femininity and comply with her preference for easy-care elegance. Find slips and /' sleepwear for all in variety here. Algona C.D.A. Valentine Party Slated Feb. 14 Catholic Daughters will meet Feb. 11 at St. Cecelia hall. Dinner will be served at 6:30 p. m, Immediately after dinner, a film will be shown, Chairladies are Mrs. Gladys Thill and Mrs. Marcella Carman. Program chalrladies are Mrs. Mae Platt and Mrs. Mary E. Lucey, They will be assisted by Mrs. Nancy Ballard, Evelyn Canham, Frances Dodds, Rita Frankl, Cordulla Goodman, Marguerite Hayes, Verna Kaln, Alice Ladendorf, Dolores Marking, Jeanne Montag, Geraldine Schumacher, Virginia Sterba, Letha Van Allen, Joyce Woods, Anita Lallier, Marion Ferris, Clara Walker, Eileen Muller, Delores Hilbert and Helen Klooster. The Valentine Party will be held Feb. 14. Husbands of the members will be guests. Pot- Luck dinner will be served at 6. Chairladies are Mrs. Beverly Buscher and Mrs. Margaret Arend. Program chairladies are Mrs. Agnes Mishak and Mrs. Gertrude Schilmoeller, assisted by Mrs. Ruth Carman, Elizabeth Degen, Nina Gisch, Grace Holland, Loretta Kramer, Ardyth Thomason, Luella Arndorfer, Eileen Lampright, Mary Schmitt, Imelda Heinen, Rita Forbes, Shirley Nichols, Denise Cook, Shirley Lickteig, Lenora Hlltz, Wilma Haupert, and Genevieve Goecke. thuriday, Ftb. 11, 196S Algeria (la.) Upp«r D«i M«ln«i-l SHEAKLEYS Book Exchange Held, LuVerne, On Wednesday LU VERNE - A book exchange was held Feb. 10 at the library. The J. J. Club put the books on the shelves. -o- 500 Club was held recently at the home of Nora Gronbach. Honors went to Alvina Eager, high; Tillie Stoddard, low. The American Cancer Society met at the Algona Country Club, Friday, 29th. It was an all - day meeting with a noon luncheon. Florence Stewart is one of the board members of the .American Cancer Society. Violet Goetsch visited'in Pocahontas, with her aunt, Mrs. L. J. Elbort who just returned from a 3 weeks stay in the hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hough and' Lezlie of Minneapolis were recent guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Cox. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Hough and Jolene from Plover and Jack Haufworth of Havelock. Grover Renz entered the veterans hospital in Des Moines, recently, for tests and examination. Bill and Fred Goetsch went to Rochester for several days, where. Fred is going through the clinic. An MYF Midwinter Institute was held recently in Humboldt. Attending from here were Linda and Doug Nelson, Nancy Brink, John Wickett, Darrell Trauger, Dawn Lindebak, Rita Patterson, Zelda Wetzel and Delores Eggleston. The Sunday night card club met at the Leroy Webers. High prizes went to Mrs. Jim Hefty for women; Joe Henderson for men; and Nine bid to Marly s Stille. "You will never stub your toe standing still. The faster you go, the more chance there is of stubbing your toe, but the more chance you have of getting somewhere." - Charles F. Kettering. ORACI "NOBODY TELLS THE TRUTH about marriage • everybody lies about ^vhat goes on at home", said marriage counselor Lee Stiener on a television program I saw recently, Mrs, Stiener went on to say that romantic marriage is an illusion and there is no such thing as a perfect marriage so no matter how high a young couple's hopes, thilr marital life is going to end up pretty much like their parents I - o WELL, I WAS JUST A little sorry 1 tuned in that program. Here, I was all set to write a real hearts-and-flowers column for Valentine's Day, but if there isn't any romance in marriage, and married is the only way I've lived for more than half of my life, you can see I was licked before I even started. But 1 will grant that Mrs. Stiener's premise about everybody lying about what goes on at home is at least partly right in my case. You don't think I tell all the grim details about our house in this column, do you ? Then, too, some of the good things about our life and love are too precious to brag about I - o - I SAID I WAS GOING TO GET flowery with a Valentine column and I'm still going to do so in spite of Mrs. Stiener. It's Just that love and marriage are kind of like a rose bush. You can look at a rose bush and know blamed well that the thing has both blossoms and thorns. If you so choose you can go and on about how the thorns prick your finger and completely ignore how sweet the blossoms smell. On the other hand, you can concentrate on the velvety petals and the lovely shape of the blooms and forget the thorns. - o - SO IT IS WITH MARRIAGE. You can learn to appreciate the romance in it so much that you forget the grubbier details; or you can carp on the faults of your relationship so much that you ignore the beautiful part. But it should be remembered about both rose bushes and marriage: neither have blossoms on them all of the time and it takes a lot of cultivating and a little fertilizer to successfully produce either of them. - o - PERHAPS I AM AN INCURABLE optimist, but I swear there can be romance in life, even though you are married. Why, just last week my husband came home bringing me gardenias and when he presented me with them, he made quite a romantic speech. Of course, the gardenias were on a bush which he proceeded to plant in the front flower bed and the speech had mostly to do with horticulture, but I thought it was romantic. After all, only six or seven times previously had any guy brought me gardenias and they were always for a dance and turned brown about the time they started playing "Goodnight, Ladies". Now I can cut a fresh gardenia and wear it every time I go out even though it's only to the super-market I - o - ANOTHER THING I FIND ROMANTIC about, our marriage is Pay Day. This occasion is fully as thrilling as Valentine's Day and it comes twice ;«, month instead of Just once >a year. Besides that, even though I've made several errors in subtracting the check balance, it can't jhelp but swell, and that's about as inspiring a sight as I hope to 'see, nowadays. Then, too, on Pay Day Father is apt to throw all caution to the winds and live dangerously. He frequently pops for a steak and cooks it himself on the barbecue. Good Iowa sirloin and few dishes for me to wash I How romantic can you get ? - o - SHUCKS, WE ARE SO romantic at our house we even have poetry at the breakfast table. When Father finishes his first cup of coffee, he gestures with the cup and recites, soulfully, "Hey Bud! More mud." As I gracefully pour the beverage, I declaim, "Here, Pop. Your slop I" - o - BUT THE TIME WE GET MOST romantic is in the evening when we are all alone. The lights are low, the music soft and we sit close together and talk of many things - our hopes, dreams and desires. If you're going to dissect this romantic arrangement, I'll have to admit that both the low lights and the music are coming from the TV set; the reason I sit so close to Father is because I have to scratch his back; my hopes are mostly that I'll get the ironing done tomorrow and Father's dreams are of going fishing. But desire is always there, and I can tell by the look in Father's eyes when he is going to mention it. He gets carried away at such moments and calls me pet names. "Honey", he'll say, "I want you - to open up a can of sardines and slice off some cheese. I'm hungry." - o - ROMANCE IN MARRIAGE may be an illusion, but if it's all the same to Mrs. Stiener, I think I'll keep my illusions. After all if you take the romance out of marriage what have you got left ? Just a bunch of dirty dishes and a floor that needs scrubbing I -0- DURING THE WEEK OF FEB. 7 through 13 people having birthdays include Michael Rooney, Bill Smith, Jim Finn, Chloe Sheakley, Jim Logan, Craig Taylor, Cindy Cowan, Dr. H. W. Erickson, Al Boekelman, Helen Lukes, Marilyn Yungeberg, Pat Voyles, James Cassel, Charlette Nash, Steve Sheakley, Shannon Lynch, Ray Langfitt, John Chrischilles, John Claude, Zelda McGuire, Abraham Lincoln, Dick Post, Dave Rassmusson, R. M. Thoreson, Jimmie Muckey, L. S. Bohannon, Mabel Stillman, Mary Michele Cassel, Wayne Clegg. Wedding anniversaries are the Rex Voyles, Chuck McCabes, Arnold Gertis, M. J. Mowers and Jack Chrischilles. And the Merlon Bakers, Louis Lynks and Marvin Calhouns were romantic enough to choose Valentine's Day for weddings. - o - THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Orange Coffee Cake. It's Bernice Cook's recipe and I've made it twice recently when I took my turns at serving at church circle and club. 2 cups flour 1/2 tsp. salt 3 tsp. baking powder 1/3 cup sugar 1 tbsp. grated orange rind 1/4 cup shortening 1/4 cup milk 1/2 cup orange juice 1 egg, beaten. Sift dry ingredients; add rind. Cut in shortening until coarse crumbs. Combine remaining ingredients all at once and stir until all are moistened. Pour into 9-inch square pan. Sprinkle with: 1/2 cup sugar 2 tbsp. grated orange peel 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 tbsp. butter Bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve hot. GRACE sweets to the sweet! quality confections, sure to please! DON'T WAIT - GET YOUR WHITMAN'S VALENTINE BOXED CANDY NOW 1 THUENTE PHARMACY "ARE CO-OPERATIVES GOOD FOR IOWA COMMUNITIES?" "I'm mostly concerned about the physical iiiP of the peoplepf my community, of course. But commilgfeies, like people, are$|$hg things. And the physical health of / communities depelas on the strength of Ijeir economic heartbeat* w-ops help keep that heartbeat strong, steady and sure, because Ihey help retajj^ore com* munity wealth in the community." Patronize your Co-operative FARMERS ELEVATOR CO., Swea City -..- Rvmell Parker, Mgr, FENTON CO-OP ELEVATOR Curtis Lura, Mgr. IRVINGTON CO-OP ELEVATOR E. F. Immerfall, Mgr. LONE ROCK CO-OP EXCHANGE >. Lorenz Geitzenauer, Mgr, BURT CO-OP ELEVATOR J. L. Miller, Mgr, HOBARTON CO-OP ELEVATOR, Algona Dale Cole, Mgr. WHITTEMORI CO-OP ELEVATOR Larry Twedt, Mgr, FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR, Bode R. L. Matheton, Mgr. LEDYARD CO-OP ELEVATOR Bernard Reilly, Mgr, OTTOSEN CO-OP ELEVATOR Alfred Schultz, Mgr. WEST BEND ELEVATOR CO, R, W, Jurgens, Mgr. TITONKA CO-OP ELEVATOR Jo«k Stotf, Mgr.

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