Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 24, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1894
Page 2
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PART 11 NOW READY. ANOTHER BIG In elegant Cloth or Leather Bindings. The Journal has made arrangements with Longwell & Cpmmings. the book binders, to bind all the Dream City Portfolios distributed to Journal subscribers or any others which may have been procured elsewhere. The covers are of tasty and elegant design in Embossed Cloth or Russia Leather and will be bound complete at prices varying from $1.20 to $2.35. Take your portfolios, as soon as complete to Longwell & Cummings, 5th and Market Sts., who will fill the order at once. MEETS PRAISE FROM ALL Every person who has taken advantage of our offer of MftRIB BURROUGHS f\RT PORTFOLIO OP STf\OB CELEBRITIES SSI •epresentatlons in regard 10 ite intrinsic • every promise been kept, but tbe IUJN. Thy demand for it has amounted to supply, acd although we knew that it to ar KBd ach part comprUes t*en,y handsome half-tore MHED IN TWO COLORS, theBe being tbe latest ac.d best aubject, with a well, written biographical sketch of each. J Don't fail to secure -he back numbers and '^" as thev arrive. Two parts issued each week. Part 1 of each parts P CUT THIS OUT. APRIL 44.1804 MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COBPON. Tbre» of then* coupon* end Inn oenti •ecuif>» the current nrnnbsr of 1 he M«ro- ormiwsr hook. II P"»e" t »< 1 »« A . t(le Portfolio Department of The Journal. COT THIS OUT. APItIl.i*4,1804. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Marie BnrrongH's Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOURNAL. A WARNING. )istrict Commissioners Issus a Proclamation to Coxeyites. At the President's Suggestion the Commonwealers Are Instructed as to Their Behavior. TUB COMMISHION'KIIS ACT. WASHINGTON, April S3.— Latu in the afternoon the district commissioners snuecl a manifesto which calls atten- ,ion to the fact that th« rlpht of p<iti- v ion does not extend to this lengths the Joxeyites appear to imagine. Those who meditate coining to the capital are varned that only hardxhip and priva- ,ion awaits thorn here, and arc in- 'ormert that no good can come of their >roposed pilgrimage. While the commissioners are in en- *ro sympathy with nil people out of employment they are in duty bound to five notice to those who are tempted inder any pretext to swell the number of unemployed persons already here; ,hat thero is neither work for them nor means for thuir maintenance in the Uis- irict; that the law does not permit the soliciting of alms in our streets, andfor- jids parades, assemblages or orations n the capitoi grounds, and the obstruc- ,ion of any public grounds, streets, lighways or avenues, and the ap- jroaches to public or private buildings. The commissioners give notice also to criminals and evil doers, who, under cover of a crowd of unemployed men u our streets, may como here for the purposes of crime and disorder, that all such will ho apprehended and summarily dealt with, and finally they rive notice to all who come here iffainst their advice and protest that .he laws in force in the District of Co- umbia are adequate for every emergency, aud will be rigidly enforced. This proclamation is issued by the commissioners at tbo suggestion of President Cleveland. On tbe March. NEOLA, la., April 23 —At 8:30 a, m. on Sunday Gen. Keliy s army of 1,800 commonwealers left Weuton on their march to Chicago. It ended the day's trarop at this place with a spectacular welcome. It was escorted over the winding clay rcyid by the farmers, many of whom came 25 miles, with brass bands. It was the strang-est spectacle Iowa ever iaw. Well in front of the long line of buttered humanity rolled the eighteen wagons of provisions, loaded heaping full, and as m;uiy more wagons were waiting in front of Neola city hall. They were the substantial evidences of the Iowa farmers' movement to feed and care for Kelly's army until the Mississippi river flows across the llo« of march. Welcomed nt .Noolu. This town was crowded with people as the hour approached for tho army to appear. The mayor and city officials and a committee of citizens, headed by the Neola band and all tho school children of the city, marched to the bridge over Mosquito creek meet Kelly's army. Tho children carried flags and on the clothing of each child was pinnca a silk badge upon which was printed: "Neola militia." This, said u conJinittueman, was Neola's answer to Gov. Jaeksou's order calling out tho state militia when Kelly entered Iowa. The Kellyites marched into the city singing "Marching Through Georgia," and then tho Neola band joined tho Underwood baud, and Kelly's army, with two brass bands, eighteen -wagons of provisions and 2,500 excited, cheering men, women and children escorting it, paraded in triumph through the streets to the camping grounds in the grove. There the addresses of welcome were made, the freedom of the city given to the army, and soon tho coffee was steaming and good, thick beefsteaks sent appetizing odors through the camp, Tho men wero boused in livery stables,, the city hall and vacant buildings. Mutiny In tho KnukH. NKOLA, la., April 23.—Kelly's industrial array awoke to find itself in a state of mutiny. The young general promptly rose to the occasion, and a colonel was stripped of his rank and company of fifty men dismissed from the service, Tho first trouble arose during the night when Col. Baker issued orders contrary to Kelly's, who had instructed that no men bo allowed to leave the camp, linker told the men that they could leave camp if they wished. A court-martial was called, the officers declared unanimously apamst Baker and he was promptly expelled, much to the satisfaction of the men. During breakfast a more serious trouble occurred. A man in company C, of Sacramento, quarreled with a comrade and drew a knife. llisoppon- ent promptly seized a club and, with a friend, began an energetic belaboring of the belligerent. Kelly appeared and ordered tho three men transferred to another company. To this company "C" objected, and when tho general ordered them into the ranks they refused to go. "Company '0' is disbanded," shouted Kelly. Loud denunciations of Kelly were heard, some of the men openly accusing their commander of appropriating funds donated to the -army to his own use. Col. Speud, in whose regiment company "0" belonged, made an appeal to the men, but Kelly was obdurate. The men were ordered to give up their baggage and leave. When the little scene was over, Col. Spead, who is extremely popular with the Sacramento division, began an address. After a brief consultation the meii declared their willingness to go and gave three rousing cheers for Speud, inarched up the bluff past the army, down, up along tho wagon road and started up the St. Paul railroad tracks for Avoca, where the army, was to spend the night tendencies to digestive troubles /-^ in children will nlv.'ciyu (fH yield to a mild dose £"') of 6 Beecfaanfs (Tiulclcss) Q »S cents a box f£ iooooooooo'i Kldlne In 1Vil»onH. The inarch of Kelly's men to Avoca, 8 miles away, was begun. Th« farmers of the surrounding country had provided about 100 wagons and the greater part of the men were carried. One or wo companies were compelled to g-o afoot, and deposed Col. Baker joined he ranks in one of these along the hna if march. Tuesday rooming tho Cass county arroers will carry the army to Atlantic, SO miles east of Avoca, and in relays of 15 to 20 miles a day, either on foot or in farmers' wagons, the Kellyitos will reach Des domes. Thia is as far as the line, of march is definitely known. Des Moines jeople have told Kelly that they would eed and house tho army when it ar- ived at the state capital, and held out strong hopes that from Des Moines tho irmy would go to Chicago by rail. BrKDClioa of the Commonweal. CHICAGO, April 23.— Dispatches say .hat tho combined industrial army of San Francisco and Oakland, numbering (60 men and four women, has begun ts march to Washington. The Grayson (Col.) army is at Evans, Col., trying to secure transportation to the cast Tho industrial array at Seattle, Wash. , now has 940 members, and ex- jects to start for Washington on Wednesday. New England's contingent, 100 strong, has left Dedham, Mass. At Terre Haute, Ind., the county board of health has vaccinated every member of Frve's band. Iroumohlen to Go to tho Capital. CHICAGO, April 33. —The ironmolders have decided that they will go to Washington, independent of the main body of commonwealers. They claim that they will have 20,000 men in their ranks. They say they are confident of reaching Washington by May 2. They have received, they say, from towns along their proposed lice of march promises of assistance in the way of food, shelter, transportation and recruits. The western contingent will be met at Haltimoro by marchers from the east. Kp.lly's army will receive in the neighborhood of 3UO recruits here. 9 IIIU lionird, $100. The reader of Oils paper will b» leini Unit tuere U nt l«ist one dreaded disease* that science has been able to euro in all Ite »taee» and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tne only Dosltivo cure known to the medical fraternity. War* b™ a constltutlcnal dUMM rwuUjj . constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is fnuoTi mtnrnnllv acttns directly on the blood ana S5S.SSl 7 or"h. Astern, thereby .lestrojlns tbe foundation of tbo disease, nnd giving the pa lent strength by building up the cons tutlon a id lUHlstlng nature in doing Its work. T h« PWPne- tors have so much faltli In 1m curative powers, that thwoflM Ono Hundred Dollars for any CBS* Snr ° l ° dold by drngglstn. Wanted B Chance. WifEers— How de do? Biffers— Congratulate me, old boy I'm the happiest man alive! I've got a wife who can run a whole house without tho least bit of help. I married a servant girl, Wiflersl(amonthlatcr) -Hello, what B the matter? Trouble with your wife? Differs (dolefully)— Y-e-s, sho has (riven me notice.— N. Y, Weekly. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightlyuscd. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life tnor c , with less expenditure, by more prompt y adapting the world's best products to the needs, of physical being, will nttest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presentmg in the form most acceptable and picas- ant to the taste, the ret resiling and truly beneficial properties of ft perfect laxative; effectually cleansing therein, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers anFpermanenti curing constipation. enmg them and it is pcnrcujr *— every objectionable substance. BVTUB of Fies is for sale by all arug- glSlKsLJIl bottles, but it Hi manufactured by the C^^ 1 **?* 5SJ5 Co. only, whose name is printed on every package also the name.Syrupof I-to and being well informed/you will not accept any substitute if offer** H Meeting. Notice id hereby Riven to tho etock- jolders of tho Citizens' Natural (Jus Company, of Lo^msport, Ind , that thero will bo a m'-cthic; of said stock, holders, at the Council ^Chamber of said ciiy, on MoLday, ibe 30th day of April, 1891, at 8 o'clock p. ra , for the purpose of electing directors to fin vacancies in the Board of Director, and such otber business us shull como bo/ore the stockholders. By order of the Board of Directors. JOHN GIIAY, Pros't. C. W. GRAVES, Sec'y. Notice. The first payment on subscriptions of stock to tho Citizens' Natural Gas Company of Logansport, Ind., is now dun and should be paid at the company's ofTlce, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock are twenty-five dollars (*25.00) each (two shares to a fire) to be paid as follows: prl!20,18SH Jay 21.1894 June 20, 1894 Tuly 20,1894 — Aut,Tist2o, ism.j".. 3ctober2l), 1894 3 Moveuiber20, law » January 20.189&....'."" : •• 4 Confederate V«t«r«n« to Meet. BIBMINGHAM, Ala., April 23. — The .urgent (fathering of ex-confederate soldiers held since the war will be the fourth annual rjunion of the United Confederate Veterans' association, which convenes in Birminffham on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Birmingham has prepared to receive and entertain from 40, OOU to 50,000 vi»- itors during the reunion, and there is now every indication that fully that number will bo here. There urc now 470 camps in tho association, with applications on filo for nearly 100 more. Doutli of M*icliliol HoI»n<J. KAKBAS CITY, Mo., April 23.— Michael Boland, one of tho celebrated triangle of the Clim-na-Gael, died at his home in this uity at 11:30 o'clock a. m. 1 (X) 1(10 200 S 00 Oil $25 CO JOHN GRAY, president. C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. Price* _, LOGANSPORT, April 21, 1894. On and after May 1. 1894, tbe price of ice will be: Butchers, 25 cents per 100 pounds. SalooDB, 30c. per 100 pounds. Private families, SOcperlOO pounds. C. JEANNEKETT. JOHN BAKEK. Frozen—Then on Fir*! Like tho application of Ice to tbe small of your back, la the sensation produced by the chUHhat precedes the fever ot malaria. Then comes the roastlDft stage, when every vein throbs and Is scorching as It with llciuld fire. Then you well nlKh dissolve In exhausting perslrailon that leaves you as llmpa* a wet dlhbrag. These alternating torments are not remediable permnn ently with quinine, which Is, moreover 8 most damaging cumulative poison, Hosteller's Stom- ncli Bitters drives out the foe und repels Its fcrther attacks. It if the leading medicinal safeguard against malaria all over tbe continents of North and South America, Guatemala, the Isthmus of Panama, Mexico and Arstralla. It regulates tbe liver, stomach, bowels and kidneys, enriches the blood, and promotes appetite, sleep and digestion, it Is not only a medicine, butau effective cordial welcome to the most delicate ate.rRbeumatlc tendency Is counteracted by It. , .. CttnilwrUln'ii Eje >nd Skin Ointment Is a certain cure for Chronic Sort Eyes. Granulated Eye Lida, Sore Nipples, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum and Scald Head, 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, TO DOE.SK OW3EB8. For putting a horee in a fine healthy oonditlon try Dr. Cady'u Condition Powders. They tone up the system, »id digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidnej disorders »nd destroy worms, giving oew life to an old overworked horse, 25 cents per package. For sale bj B. F. KeeBllng, dru(j(?lBt. The breath of a chronic catarrh patient la often so offensive that he beeomes an object of disgust. Ater B time ulceration sots In, the spongy bones are attacked, and frequently destroyed. A constant source of dig. comfort is tho dripping of the purulent secretions Into the throat, sometimes producing inverate bronchitis, which is usually the exciting cause of pulmonary disease. The brilliant results by its use for years past properly designate Ely's Cream Balm as by far tho best and only cure. Call upon your druggist for it. A Veteran of the fflexlenn W»r. OAK HABBOK, Ohio.—I met George O. Momony an old veteran of the Mexican War on the streets today who told ae that after reading ahout Simmons Liver Regulator he bought a bottle, and the first three doses gave him immediate relief.—Goo. Gosline. Your druggist sells it in powder or liquid. The powder to be taken or made into a tea. MutlTt Foundations Dheflrored. Chicago citizens in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a bi( feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are some lady residents who can wear show twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating IB spring. • -Lafeld Cabinet Port" is na- ture'iown blood purifier. Mild . vut mellow. Price, quartt, fl; P lntt -™ oeaU. For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druwiit, 326 Market street liojansport, Ind. Victor L. King- An Afflicted Boy Salt Rheum-Intense Pali* Eruptions Healed and Health Re- I stored by Hood's Sarsaparilla. ' I "Wo liave used Hood's Sareaparilla with great •uccesj In the case of our boy. Wlicn he w»» two years old, something resembling tctur or salt rheum camo out on his face. It was win. ful, and owiiiK to the intense itching, tbe HtUO- one could not refrain from scratching tbo nctn. His face became | An Awful Sight. I applied different salves but they did not do »nr good. I had previously lost faith In doctors, SO' 'I decided lie needed something for the blood, ,nd bavins noticed Hood's Sarsaparllla- highly recommended, I procured a supply. Its effects were quickly noticeable, tho broken flesh nealed Hood's !> P*Cures! over-and he became more healthy. He Is now seven years old and 1 have never noticed any nlgns of » return ot the trouble. He Is now strong and healthy as any boy ot his age.'', MKS. CBKISSIK C. H. KINO, Sandwich, Illinois. i Hood's PIUS euro iivcr '"*> constipation*. biltousnon, jaundice, sick headache, Indigestion. "• Great Trlnmpb. Instant relief experienced and permanent cure by the most speedy and greatest remedy in the world— Olto'B- Cure for lung and throat diseases Why will you continue to irritate your throat and- lungs with that terrible backing cough, when Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street, solo agent, will furnish. you a free sample bottle of this guarantee remedj ? Its success in simply wonder/ul, as your druggist will tell you. Otto's Cure is now sold in every town and village on this continent. • Samples free. Largo bottles 50 cents. California Fruit Laxative is nature's own true remedy. It combines the medicinal virtues of California fruit* and plants which are known to have » beneficial effect on the human eyetem. Although harmless to the most delicate constitution it is thorough an& effective, and will afford a peimanent- cure for habitual constipation and the many disorders arising from a weak or inactive condition of the kidneji, liver, stomach and bowels. For sale. by all drucgiats at 50 cente a rattle. For Over Flftj' Years Mrs. Winalow's Soothing Syrup has- been used for over fifty years by- millions of mothers for thoir children while teething, with perfect succesi. It soothes the child, softens the guuw. allays all pain, cures wind colic, ana Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. IV will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggets In every part of the world. Twenty-fiw cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for •Mrs. Wlnplow's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. Glad Xldl»«». The grand specific for tbe prevailing malady of the age, dyspepsia, liver complaint, rheumatism, costiveness, general debility, etc., is Bacon'* Celery King for the nerves. This- great herbal tonic stimulates the digestive organs, ragulates the liver an* restores tho system to vigorous healtt and energies. Samples free. Lar**. packages 60 cents. Sold only by Ben, Fisher, 811 Fourth street. »Bor»i Bo*j" Port If yoi; are reduced in vitality or- strength by illness or any other cause. we recommend tho use of this Old'. Port Wine, the very blood of the. grape. A grand tonic for nursing- motherB, and those reduced by wart- Ing disease. It creates strength; IB' proves tbe appetite; nature's own remedy, mud preferable to drug»r- guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of age. Young wine ordinarily sold Is not fit to use. Insist on. having this standard brand, it cost» no more. *1 la W* bottlei - Bo '" tied by Royal Wine Co., Chicago. For sale by Johnston Bros. Karl's Clover Root, the new Dloo* purifier, gives frertmeis and olearnet* to the complexion and cures constipation; «5c.. 50o. and «i SoM * F.Keetling

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