The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 4, 1965 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1965
Page 2
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MfttrtM thurtdey, Nb. 4, W§ A GAL WHO REALLY HAS a good thing going for her is Heloise who writes the syndicated household hints column. Not only does she sell her column to newspapers from coast-to-coast and makes thousands of dollars from it, she also gets thousands of housewives to write her material for her and never pays them a cent I That's about as good a racket as a writer ever gets, and If you think I am jealous of her you are right. If 1 could think up something equally as sneaky, I'd be on easy street right now, - o - NOW 1 READ, ENJOY, AND USE many of Heloise 1 s hints, but of course it would never do to tell her that. After all, does Gimbels compliment Macys; does California acknowledge Florida's wonderful climate; and does that other Algona paper admit they read the UDM ? I even have a few household hints 1 could send Heloise, but since I can make more money on them by using them In my own column, that's precisely what 1 plan to do. Of course, Grace's hints aren't apt to make her reader's housekeeping go any smoother, but that's entirely beside the point. - o - HELOJSE'S READERS MAKE A big thing out of ways to use nylon net and I'll have to admit the stuff is practically a miracle fabric. Nylon net can be used for everything from pan scrubbers to Christmas decorations and party dresses and I'll be hard- put to find an equally effective material for Grace's hints. About as near as I can come to it Is worn-out, cotton-knit, men's underwear. There's lots of uses for that beside the obvious one of letting your husband wear it. Underwear rags are wonderful for wiping up spills, cleaning the sink and oven, emergency handkerchiefs, polishing windows, removing nail polish and dusting. Just keep your eyes on your husband's drawers, gals. The minute they begin to droop, grab them I - o - LOTS OF HOMEMAKERS, ESPECIALLY In Florida, have trouble with bugs in the cupboards. Unless you cover everything tightly, they get In the flour, the sugar and the cereal. I haven't yet entirely solved the problem, but I'm learning to cope with it, without throwing out perfectly good food. Just use lots of celery seed In your cooking ! That way, you just pick out the specks' that move; the others are either celery seed or bugs that are dead and thus won't do any harm, anyway. (Do you suppose this is the many people refuse to stay for dinner at our house ?) , - o - A LOT OF HELOISE'S FOLLOWERS seem to have solved Interior decorating problems with Ingenious maneuver ings with paint, decals and curtains over eyesores and they convert all sorts of junk Into useful and/or decorative conversation pieces. I never was any good at transforming old chamber pots Into ivy planters, but I think I know the best household hint for home decoration yet. It is if your furniture and accessories don't match, and if you can't stand your color scheme, throw the whole blamed mess out and start over with all new furnishings I - o - SO MUCH OF LIFE IN THIS day and age is devoted to status symbols. We have to keep up with the Joneses or at least give the impression that we are doing so. The trouble with this process is by the time you get almost even with them, the Joneses refinance 1 I do have one hint that can enhance your status and still not cost you money. You know how steak knives cut your melmac dinnerware, don't you ? Well, my hint is to use steak knives when you serve hamburger. That way your plates will be all cut up and people will think you have steak all the time I - o HELOISE'S FOLLOWERS HAVE all sorts of hints for efficient grocer)' shopping and so does Grace. Before you go to the store, collect all your "7$ off' and 100 extra trading stamp^qupons and put them in an envelope. Consult the ads For the specials, note them down and take an inventor)' of your staple needs. Make out your list with the items written in the same order they are found in the store. Place this list on the top of the debris in your purse. Grab your other purse, but don't discover this until you have the cart pushed half way down the canned-goods aisle in the super market. I do this all the time and it allows me to shop with wild abandon. Of course, when we get home I find we are still all out of toilet paper and laundry detergent and I've bought another box of Rice Krispies when I already had two boxes on the shelf, but I need a little excitement in my life. I love to live dangerously 1 - o - MY FAVORITE USER OF Heloise's nylon net is my seven- year old niece, Debby Pratt, who sent me some scrubbers made of it for Christmas. More recently Debby sent me a pot-holder and a very nicely written letter, both works of her own hands. Could be that Debby will grow up to have her own household hints column. Meanwhile she certainly knows how to please her auntie. - o - BIRTHDAYS DURING THE WEEK OF Jan. 31 through Feb. 6 include Clare Sheakley, Tom Phillips, Mark Will, Virgil Gunder, Jean Goodman, Rev. Frank Harcey, Steven Goodman, Susan Groen, Carol Kenyon, Mary Nash, Merle Pratt, Violet Benschoter, Danny Merryman, Michelle Christian, Joe Geelan, Edna Cruikshank, Barbara Percival, Jim Jorgenson, Veda Murtagh, John Goodman, Bahne Struecker, Carl Hutchins, Dorothy Zeigler, Elgin Allen, Bruce Bierstedt, Joseph Troutman, Mrs. Rex Taylor, Rodney Ricklefs, Gary Hagen, Vivian Nagel, Jim Martin, Dorothy Funk, Lori Christie and Geraldine Rowley. Couples having wedding anniversaries include the Al Willretts, Glen Grahams, Dick Tnoresons, Bill Conns, John Groens and Don Ferris. - o - IN CASE YOU DIDN'T GET around to celebrating Chinese New Year on Feb. 2, you can still get into the swing of things by serving CJUnese Pork Chops. This is Mrs. Leo Gardner's recipe: 4 to 6 pork chops 1 cup catsup 3/4 cup sweet pickle syrup 1/2 cup chopped onion i/4 cup chopped sweet pickle 2 tsp. dry mustard Brown pork chops in fry pan and cover with the combined remaining ingredients. Simmer for 30 to 40 minutes. GRACE Mrs. WiUard Mem, Lynn and David, were Thursday afternoon visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McFaJJ. Lyon in the National 0«ard returned to Fort Sill, Ok- iihoma, liter hiving a furlough over the holidays. KEYS MADE •t Coast-to-Coa$t Store* (Muln Sure) - ALGONA "Father Ooot«" coming to tht Algona Theatre en Sunday "FATHER GOOSE" ' Gary Grant prepares to show Leslie Ctron the art of catching fish barehanded near their South Pacific liland where they are marooned In Universal'! romantic adventure comedy in Tech* nlcolor, "Father Gooie." Trevor Howard co-stars. 10 Hostesses For Shower, Jan. 13, LuVerne LUVERNE - A miscellaneous shower was held for Mrs. Leota Ann Voss Liu Wednesday evening Jan. 13 at the Methodist church basement. The program was announced by Mrs. Doris Barber, a solo was sung by Gretchen Zentner, and a humorous reading by Mrs. Helen Usher. The bride was assisted in opening her gifts by Zelda Witzell and Phyllis Blumer. Lunch was served by the hostesses, Eunice Blake, Doris Barber, Faye Lichty,VioletGoetsch, Sara Sill, Mabel Shorey, Ella Deber, Dora Schlpull, Lucille Ramus and Lillian Brainerd. - o Mr. and Mrs. John Voss, Jr., helped their daughter and son- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Liu, move to Wichita, Kans., where he will be working on his master's degree at the University. Canasta Club met at the home of Faye Lichty. Honors went to Bernie Cox and Fern Neal. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Voss visited recently at the Delmar Voss home at Eagle Grove. Mrs. Owen Curry and children visited in Bode with her sisters, Mrs. Bill Wood and family and Mrs. Howard Curry and her mother, Laura Mitsven. Howard Curry recently went to Des Moines to attend a business meeting. He returned Tuesday. Mrs. Mary Ann Calkins and Mrs. Julia Pergande took Mrs. Pergande's mother, Mrs. Margaret Schwab home to Blue Earth, Minn. She has been visiting in LuVerne for the last few months. The Biddies and Kiddies Card Club was held at the home of Mary Ann Calkins. Prizes went to Ray Henderson, high, Marcia Arends, low, Marlys Stille, nine, and Leona Stahl, travel. Leona Stahl will have the next meeting. ENDS SAT JAN 6 " JOY HOUSE" ENU3 3MI., JAN. O'piuj/^o SUN. Thru. WED. JANUARY 7 -10 ALGONA •%• The story jl of the / Beachcomber and the Castaway // Schoolteacher who gave him some surprising lessons! ipsue C&RPN "^ **$*™ r *zsy* l\ father lj Goose 3f i. Howaro TfCHN/CQtQfL_ PLUS COLOR CARTOON program wherever they fit in the next fire years. Those participating in this event were - Mrs, Clifton Benschoter, Algona; Mrs. Joe E. Loebach, Irvington; Mrs. Raphael Montag, West Bend; Mrs. George Allen, Algona; Mrs. Bill Dodds, Algona; Mrs. Burdette Hoeppner, Lakota; Ray Bergurn, Seneca; Clair Reding, West Bend; John Scufffiam, Jr., Algona; Karl Killsholm, Algona; Frank Enisle, Algona and Lawrence Besch, Whlttemore. Recent guests at the Vernon Eggleston home for the 16th birthday of Delores were Mr. and Mrs. Allan Thu of Graettinger, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Adams of Esthervllle, Mr. and Mrs. Marlyn Gregerson of Rutland and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Davidson of Lu- Verne. Callers at the Albert Fish home were the Rev. Faye Garners, Mrs. Earl Wilhite and Jim, the Sanford Andersons, Renwick, the Darrell Fetts, Donald Fetts and Mrs. Forest Fett. Guests at the John Cox home were Mr. and Mrs. Joel Hough of Plover, la., Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Fredrlckson of Paton, la. and their son, J. L. Cox, who is home from the service in Camden, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Emerald Strand attended the funeral of the former's mother, Mrs. Carl Strand of Waseca, Minn., who passed away suddenly at the age of 54. The funeral was held Friday at the Grace Lutheran church. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nielson went to Des Moines to a Goodyear Spring Fair at the Veterans Auditorium. Mrs. Lorene Johnson and daughter, Maxine, visited the Clarence Nielsens. The Walther League had their social evening on Sunday, Jan. 19. They attended a show in Algona and returned to the LuVerne Lutheran church for lunch which was served by the Schnakenbejjgs and the Pergandes. * "* Mary Will, Des Moines, student nurse, spent a weekend with her parents, the Fred Wills, Conference On Future Cools Of 4-H Work Jerry Parsons, a State 4-H Leader, met with 12 Kossuth county 4-H leaders and interested adults, to obtain thoughts on "Where 4-H Should Be in 1970". This is in conjunction, with the Iowa five year 4-H program projection plan. Both Mr. Parsons and the Kossuth county Extension staff plan to incorporate the presented ideas into the state and local 4-H Jim St. John At Training School Jim St. John is attending State Farm's Course II Basic Training Program at their Regional Office in Lincoln, Nebraska, from Monday through Friday of this week. The school room sessions will be devoted to gaining more knowledge of the many phases of the insurance business and to developing sales skills. In addition to the classroom sessions there will be conferences with company officials and a tour of the West Central Regional office. iV.OVIt CLOCK Thursday thru Saturday "Joy House", 9:45 Only; "Rio Bravo" at 7:15 Only. Saturday matinee at 1:30. Sunday - "Father Goose", l:30-3:25-5:2(M:30-9:45. Monday thru Wednesday "Father Goose", 7:15-9:25. PROCLAMATION 1965 Children's Dental Health Week February 7-13 WHEREAS, many of the citizens and members of the Cental profession of this municipality are concerned with the prevention of dental disease; and * WHEREAS, early preventive measures and education of children and youth can aid in preventing a large part of the incidence of dental disease, especially tooth decay, and can help to ensure the good dental health of future generations of adults: NOW, THEREFORE, I, Wm. J. Finn, Mayor of the City of Algona, do hereby proclaim the week of February 7 through 13, 1965, as Children's Dental Health'Week in Algona, and urge that all citizens and all community organizations join in the observ- anee. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the City of Algbna to be affixed, this 27th day of January, 1965. WM. J. FINN MAYOR Buy 1st Tire at price listed below and get 2nd tire 1/2 off that price I DELUXE CHAMPION America's leading original equipment tire ON NEW 1964 CARS/ All Tires Mounted SIZE 6.OO-13 6.5O-13 7.OO-13 6.5O-14 7.OO-1 4 T.SO-14 • .7O-1B i s. 00-1 4 7.1 0-1 • • .BO-14 T.CO-1* • .OO-14 • .OO-1B 9.BO-14 •.BO-IB Jubelef* Blackwadt 1st Tire $23.65 25.15 26.65 26.70 27.70 29.30 32.15 35.30 39.30 40.65 2nd Tire $11.82 12.57 13.32 13.35 13.85 14.65 16.07 17.65 19.65 20.32 Tubelett Whitewalls 1st Tire $27.80 29.55 31.30 31.35 32.55 34.45 37.80 41.50 46.20 47.75 2nd Tire $13.90 14.77 15.65 15.67 16.27 17.22 18.90 20.75 23.10 23.87 All Prices PLUS TAX NO TRADE-IN NEEDED NATIONWIDE GUARANTEE No Limit on MILES... Mo Limit on MONTHS hoiiond by ofFintt»rt { \^ihn tad $tont tknn§t»nt] *t Unitti Sttttt... wtonnr /»« trtnl. 'FULL LIFETIME GUARANTEE against defects in workmanship and materials and most road hazard injuries for the life of the original tread. Replacements are pro-rated on tread wear and based on Firestone price current at time of adjustment. Tirt$fon* Choice of Champions THE GREATEST TIRE NAME IN RACING ArtArfonc L*ndSp««d Record 636.71 M.P.H. oo .J.Fovt [fompoij^ "600" Record 147.35 M.PJH. oo Ptmelli Jone* U.& Auto Club Stock Car Fimtooe Tint Fred Urenxen Stock Cw Racotd 170.68 M.P.H. oo Firoton* Tim 2nd FIRESTONE De Luxe Champion Joe Bradley Firestone Phone 295-2421, Algona South of Algona Hotel Your FIRESTONE Wholesale and retail Dealer, OR VIKING Oil CO., Algona KAJEWSKI'S CHAMPUN, Algona CHROME SERVICE, Algona UPPI'S D*, Iwrt WAGNER DOC, Algona ©LINN'S WC, Algona

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