Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 23, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 23, 1946
Page 4
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<.»# ^Jf! 'i^^ "*' ARKANSAS By Chick Young WHILE THEY RE IIIVCSTISAtllia I WONDER IF I'VE COT TIME TOR A $ QUIOi lOOK- r ~" 4AT TRUCK THERE GOES THE B05S.S SUN AGAIM, TWIUGHT/ I'M TEHIHG VOU, THINGS . ARE SCREWY.' K. Mulvanes clothesline pulled aut with the full weight of my 180 pounds. Just for good measure I gave it an extra yank. SORRY TO HOLD UP. THE MEETING, BUT rr< WAS VERY IMPORTANT ) 7 THAT'S ALL1 WANT TO KNOW CAN GO BACK TO YOUR WORK Sf™ ^y % OVSWOGD, THIS IS BLONDIE DO vou LOVE ME ? r- WHAT A3E WE WAITING FOR? . BUMSTEAD IS WANTED HE PHONE WftMTSTO SCOPUS SHORT VISIT WTH MJ OLD ClfvSS GOOD! I'M. IN / AMD WE SEEM W.U 3U5T THE WOOD ( OF LOS i>0 A, LITTLE V TO FOB K LONG INI \JW.ETO C0?v\t ! . M OWN couNTRy^/^rn;- -\ WELL, WE'RE THRU HERE AT U>$ LOCO... WE'D BETTER GET COIN 1 . MAIDENS By Galbraith Side Glances IMAGINE/ MAIU PE.LIVEK.Y OUT HtKE .' HE SccS US/ UE' GOMNA 6UZZ US / "I'm going to try a new approach on t,,c butcher — scaring him into giving me a steak!" tOPB. 1946 BY NEA SERVlCE.'HlC.'T. M.'REC. U. 3. PAT.'olPF.' "I doii't. thiink we .ought to have a long engagement,, dear i—if we" have inflation, my salai-y isn't going to look very big to your old man!" Bv Blosser By Hershberger MOW I2EMEMBER,, SIRLS, THE I.OOO TM CUSTOMER. GETS $|O I'M WHAT MUMBER I'VE NOTICED RUSTY WAT£HlMG OUP. STORE THROUGH BINOCULARS,.' WHAT CO YOU MAKE OF IT? HE'S PROBABLY STUDYING- MY . TECHNIQUE / BY fiADFREV.THEM RAPSCALLIONS MUST HAVE SHARP EVES TO HAVE SPOTTED M~! AWKIGHT, Vai FKIZZLE-FACED EU.VUHE-3 A^-KEP POS IT, WELUANVVVAV, I'LL KEEP T.MI5 TREE BETAE6N THEM AN' ME UNTIL "With (his lioinc you can walk around in circles when the mortgage worries you!".- Thimble Theater Sou MtflN To TrtftT PPsCT,! TH\W\< lU VO\TH CO\"?Al UUCU Wo tAPiTvtfc! Kt KftO TO TftKt SUCH H\<S Hftt^D-b 1 THftT To THE MYSTERIOUS* AAAP IS STILL. THERE KIN MOT <SO TO SLEEP foK ABOUT IT.'.' gi V ! ,O\i9..t».MV TBLOW r POMOUA? THAT'S A NICE NAME/ 50UUD5 LIKE SOMETHIWff THAT'S HIS MAJESTY'S SUMMER CASTLE/ HE'S OW VACATIOU By J. R* Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople Out Our Way LOOK/ THERE'S) KIWG CORMY'S CASTLE/ GEE, MISS/ I DON'T EVEN KUOW YOUR NAME/AS GOSH ALL HEMLOCK/ WHAT IP 1 GET LATE VAC»-\TIOM THIS V6AR, THE 60SS IS »,/ SO IMS TO 17 HAMS AAV YOKE ( ANOTHER. 't.V_, ^.x / TOO EARLY 'TO TO CUAUS LJMLESS COULD SAt)/ M.EKE O PROCEED WO \N»Tr\ WO MORE ASSETS &RASS- -A \f THAT POOR. PLE \ LABOe BOS BRUKIK SHUFFLES .UWT DE VILLBARt?lS 2 YAH COOPLE UFF YciU \ HE'S MOT COOM WIT / LEAR.IOIW ME--BJJ.IMK. \ THEIvATO DE SHOOFILS ) TALK OUR. UMD DE. t VHEEL8AR!2S.' THERE'S TOO MAK1Y FOR. ONJE GUY — «iV TH' TIME THEY L5ARM IT THEY'LL HAVE TO TEACH H!M.' SAS AhiD CREDIT ALL TWE \MAV BACK. V>JOULD g£ TOO GIGANTIC A PR03ECT/ ^ — ^^ LAWGUAGE-- THEY'RE LEARKI1M' HIM TO-iTALK CHRISTMAS COMPOSED SUT iSS AUCE-' RUN KC<?FER LEFT SE AFTE.R r.E VACATJOM \MltrlOOT YEARS TOO SOOM '^^^^^mss^mfSttSSK^m^^s^Mii^tmsM^iaiiaisas^s^^^k^^ fHtJey, August- ,1,5, t'946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page ttv« i A t* i+t f M F F*k lASSIFIEB Number of Words Dp to in 16 to 20 21 to 25 20 to 30 31 to 35 30 to 40 to -in 40 to 50 Rnles Ad* Must Be In Otfic* Day Before Publication One Three Six One©— -----Days Days Month .GO .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 arc .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3:00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 C.OO 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 — for 'Co'.itinaoua Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash In Advance Not Taken Over the Phone Lost DARK RED MULE, GRASS HAL- ler, leather strap around body, front feet shod. Plo-iso notify Olive Douglas, Hope, HI. 4. Reward. 21-31 Help Wanted For Sale STEEL WARDROBE TRUNK IN good condition. Phone 4GG-W or 954-W. 23-31 Real Estate for Sole Fair Enough By Weifbrook Pcgler Copyright, 1646 By King Feature* Syhdlcate. COLORED COUPLE MOTHER and daughter preferred as cook and nursemaid .in private homt? in Little Rock: splendid salary, private room with, bath on place: references .and health ' card re• quired: .permanent home for right parties: for information apply in person to Mr. RemmeJ Young, at Saonger, Rialto and New Office. 23-31 For Sale NEW FIVE ROOM HOUSE ON West 4th Street. All built in cabinets, garage. Phone 195-J. J7-GI LOTS, 7, li, 9 IN BLOCK 4, HOPE Heights. If interested see Sid McMath, First National Bank. 19-Gt FOSTER-ELLIS FIVE-ROOM HOUSE AT 217 WEST Seventh, lot 150x142. Owner leaving town. Posession in two weeks. FOUR-ROOM HOUSE ON FUL- ton road, newly painted. You'll be sorry if you miss this bargnin. FIVE-ROOM HOUSE, GOOD CON- dition, West 13th strcol. FOUR-ROOM HOUSE AT 807 FOS- ter Avenue, newly papered, price reduced. SlfcVEN-ROOM HOUSE ON EAST Division, 75x100 foot lot, landscaped. Price reduced. DUPLEX APARTMENT, RENT- ing Tor $60 per month, Rood condition. Price greatly reduced. . Must sell. THREE-UNIT APARTMENT, West Ave. G, bringing $90 404 JOHNSON GRASS HAY, 50c BALE delivered, 45c at press or will sell in block on meadow, You cut and bale your own. H. S. Alford, Rt. 3, Phone 9-F-4. 20-Gt ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR, 8 5t. box. Can be seen at G21 North Elm. Phone 812-J. 21-3t FOR SALE: MY HOME AT 1005 South Walnut St. Modern throughout. Possession within 2 weeks. See Cecil Dennis. 22-41 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ON OF- fice furniture. V. T. Levey, P. O Box 303, Pine Bluff, Ark. 22-3t 1941 TON FORD TRUCK. SEE C B. Russel, 901 West 3rd SI. Phone 1093. 21.3t 193!) FORD DELUXE SEDAN, motor recently overhauled Mood tires. See Mrs, Stuart Hami'lcn, (i miles out on Pntmos road. " .. 21-31 ONE TABLE TOP BLI-HOT~OIL range, .also one Coleman burner. Circulator heater. Both in per feet condition, Mrs. Gary Formby, Patmos, Ark. 22-41 1938 PLYMOUTH COUPE, NEW paint, leather upholstery, good tires. 400 North Hamilton. 23-11 ADMIRAL • RADIOS • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply month. Good condition. Three extra lots, garage, barn. Price slashed for quick sale. Good investment property. MODERN TWO-ROOM HOUSE and bath. Its small, but nice. Lot 00x210 feet. Owner leaving town. Possession within ,'!0 days. NUMEROUS FARM LISTINGS IN Hempslead and Nevada counties, ranging from 40 acres up. Several good stock farms. See Mr. Charley Baker .at our office for farm property. FOSTER-ELLIS 108 East Second Phone 221 21 -31 SIX ACRES LAND ON NO. 4 highway near city limits. Five room house. Electricity, Natural Kas available. Price $:if)0(). C. K. Cassidy, Phone 489 or 904, 23-31' BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY, GOOD grocery store in good location. Building Size 30 by 40 ft. Clean stock groceries. All fixtures included in price. $3,750. C. K. Cassidy, Phone '189 or 984. 23-31 SIX ROOM HOUSE AND BATH and. brick buildiny suitable I'or grocery and filling station. 224 It. frontage on Main St. 140 fl frontage on IGlh St. Near hi^h school. Price $8500. C. E. Cassidy Phone 489 or 984. 23-31 SIX ROOM HOUSE CORNER QV west 3rd and Washington. Nice location .for grocery store or rill- ing station. Price $n2HO. C. E. Cassidy. Phone 489 or 984. 23-3t New York, Aug. 22 — Perhaps you will remember that, last win- ler, when some of our statesmen in Washington we reaccusing one another of resorting to double-talk, 1 took amiable exception to their error and maintained that double- talk is a much more subtle and ar- liiitic confusion than the mere use of such words as "implementation," "activate" and "social im pacl 1 and traced it first to Hollywood and then to Boston. My research paused there with a strong suggestion that double-talk was of Irish origin, once known in Boston as "swerve" but I now venture a step further, thanks, in part, to Paul Hayes, of New York, who wrote to say that James Joyce, had COSH to him .whatever that means, had used this medium in "Finncgan's Wake," which is something I never read. "For example," Mr. Hayes wrote, "how's this: "'While that mooksius with pre- procession iluplicitly and diplussid- ly, was promulgating ipsofacls and sadcontras, this raskally grip- os. he had allbusl seceded in mori- ophysicking his illsobordunates. Rut, asawtulas he had caught his base semcnoyous sarchnakliers to conbuccinatc upon the silipses of his aspillouls and the aeheporconz i>rs of haggyown pneumax to syn erethetisi! with the broadchestivi- ousness of his swcctovular ducose Well, I said to myself, not how's this but what tho devil is this? "This is from "The Mookse and tin; Gripes'," Mr. Hayes wrote "The quotation is a fair example of the entire book." Mr. Hayes further alleged tha Dr. Douglas Hyde, whp recently retired from the presidency of .Eire, a celebrated folklorist ai linguist, many years ago issued •Ir luh i fansifra, Jr.- New York, Aug. 23 —i/Pi— AI- hough Ihe Montreal Royals arc bree/lrig toward the pennant with about a IG-game margin, the In- crnullonal League is haying a erriflc race. . . And that niakfs cents — two million of them. . . The International sets aside one cent fiom each paid admission .-.-jr it players' pool. Of this $7,000 is split among the Tirsl two clubs in the regular season and Vhc reel riUK.es up tlic plavoff pot. . . With an expected record attendance over 2,000,iii)0 this jfi about 13,000 at your, there'll stake in iht; ^layoffs and a • team that just squeezes into fourth has a :o take down most of that don't :hink the players on the ;:our clubs hat have a chance for the three mots behind Montreal don't know all about the figures. . '. Wonder what the American League race would be like with a similar setup? ;''• One-Minute Sports Page Clair Bee, Long Island U. coach, recf-ntly bought a fnfm at Eliza vi.ie. N. Y., with a house built in 177. Before starting in to reno vat I-- the house, Clair built a bas kptball court on the premises. . i ordham's only "home" football ame at tho polo grounds this fall will be the Oct. with St. Maiy'.s. 19 engagement Dots All, Brothers -Mlest count on the foreign en trv in ihe national men's singles tennis championship is 20 players I rum players from eleven nations. . . The Swedish Davis cuppers are due here for tne tournament but will only be spectators. . . What's this report from Pittsburgh that Bill iierman already has been hired to manage the Pirates? . . . Lou Viau, whose I'appy once played Tor the New Orleans Pelicans, likely will be the first three-letter man at Kings - oint. .10 captained the basebal and basketball teams and is stand- nut halfback. Cards Win to Tie for Loop By WALT DYERS Legal Notice small book, called, "Shi.lta," in which what he succeeded from Irish tinkers. "Members of. he thought, he set down in collecting those still Nomadic tribes are in New York," Mr. find may Hayes said, "and them and get an if you can entree you For ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Speciolire in MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark. LEGAL NOTICE Notice is hereby' given that the following described unclaimed Freight Shipment consigned to Hope Feed Co., Hope, Arkansas will be sold to the highest bidder beginning at 8 o'clock a. m. Saturday, September 14, 194G ai the Missouri Pacific Freight Depot in Hope, Arkansas. 3 cases Paint in metal cans 1 case Aluminum Paint in metal cans. Signed Missouri Pacific Freight Depot by Paul Raley Aug. 23, 30 be on the trail ol something interesting in word usahe, though it turns out in the end to 'be but the remains of a lost language." So. thankin' his worship, Mr. Hayes. I tried Shaun Nunan, the consul General of Eire, but he had nothing to offer, although he thousiht to doubt that Doctor Hydf had dignified such shenani- Kaiu with his scholarly attention and then I telephoned James Mat-Dei-motl. 1 did, and him the president and editor of the aelic- Amoiican, and asKed him could he toll me now? Mr. MacDermott's .opinion- ot Joyce is well on the sober side of :icuilution bul on the subiect of , Ir ' ! ; h , UnUcrs llc P'ade out that they New York, Aug. 23 — (UP) — More home run balls are iallin into the Sportsman's Park stands at SI. Louis these days than there are spectators, despite the fact that the Cardinals arc back tied with . Brooklyn for the National League ieacl artei a Jong, tough 29 days. Throwing their full southpaw power at the Phillies — while the Dodgers met lefthtindud trouble at Cincinnati — the rowdy Redbirds scrambled back to the top .yesterday by sweeping a clay-night doubleheader from Philadelphia, 7 io U, and 4 to 3. was hell-for-leather baseball, the Cardinal brand ,as Stan Mu- Shortage of SSI HousingDelays U. of A. Classes Little Change in Standing of Southern Loop By The Associated Press Atlanta's heavy bats .slammed M ills off two Chattanooga mounds- men last night for a (i to 2 deei- iinn behind E.nrl MeGowan for a wo-lo-one edfje in the current Southern Association scrips. McGowan gave up only four hits. The Memphis Chicks in second Dlace kept pace with the leading "rnflters by defeating Mobile, I! to NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY sial's 12th inning homer won the first game. A .five-hit, three-run sixth inning captured ihe nightcap and part of first place as Johnny Vanuemeer o:a/.ea his southpaw slants past the Dodgers ai Cincinnati for a three-hit, 2 io 0 snuloul. But only r, scant 1,570 spectators turned out i'or the first game in the afternoon. Night baseball, long owner Sam Breadon's salvation in St. Loo, Fayetteville, Aug. -23 — (fP)— J crilieal student housing shorlag' al the University of Arkansas ha forced postponement until Oct. 2 of the start of classes for male fieshmen. University President A. M Harding pointed to a prolongc delay in release of surplus arnx facilities as necessitating the posl ponement. Freshmen classes original! were slated to open Sept. 16 alon with all others. The action affects all male high school graduates who are entering college this fall for the first time Dr. Harding said. Classes for first-year women will begin al tne regular time. The university head said it was impossible to provide adequate housing and feeding facilities by Sept. i(i for all the students who have applied for admission for the fail semester. "But by postponing start of classes for new freshmen men we definitely will be able to look after all qualified Arkansas residents and former students who have applied I'or admission." Dr. Harding explained that students entering school Oct. 28 could complete only 12 hours of college wnrk during the first semester but could make up the deficit by taking extra work in the succeeding The Crax. are six and a half games in front. Nashville came :"rom behind in .he ninth to win .from Birmingham, ! to 2. A delayed double steal in which Block slipped across the ilate was the setting for the win- ling counter. A fast triple play in the eighth Kept the Vols', chances alive. . Fourth place New Orleans took loth ends of a doubleheader from the Little Rock Travelers, the circuit's cellar occupants. The Pels won the opener on six hits. •! to 3 and took the seven-inning second game 4 to 1. The almosphei'e of the Atlanta- Chattanooga gamp was enlivened kvhen city detectives arrested J3 bleacherites on charges of gambling. Tonight's games: Chattanooga at Atlanta Nashville at Birmingham Memphis at Mobile Little Rock at New Orleans. Yesierday's Siars By The Associated Press Stan Musial, Cards — Homered in 12th inning to give Cardinals 7-!i win over Philadelphia in first game of twin bill and collected throe hits and scored twice to lead Cards to 4-3 victory in nightcap. Johnny Vander Meer. Reds — Blaned the Brooklyn Dodgers, 2-0, on three hits for Cincinnati. Monlc Kennedy, Giants— Hurled New York to five-hit 1-0 ten inning victory over Pittsburgh. Sericulture is the raising of silkworms. Memphis Chicks Edge Nearer to Leading Crackers By The Asspcintcd Prc.ss Tho Memphis Chirks injt night moved nearer thn Atlanta Crackers, pace sellers in the Southern Association, but the Crackers still boasted a fairly safe Jead of i'ivft and a half games. Tin- Chicks shimmed l!i hits off three Mobile hnrlers to win, G to 3. while Atlanta fell before tho Chattanooga Lookouts, 11 to 4, splitting tho four-game series. Some consolation for the Crack- i ci's came with the announcement! trial the night's aiionciance ot',11.- 505 brought Atlanta's total to 336.430 and broke the 11-year-old -record of 330,795 established in 1935. Two unearened runs in '!hc ninth gave the Lookouts Ihe decision. Errors by Ted Cieslak were'respon- sible and they side - tracked Bill Ayers from his twenty-first victory of the campaign. The Nashville Vols walked away Crom the Birmingham Barons, IB to 5 .in a game of 14 Vol hits, six Baron bobbles, and nine passes to Nashville batters. In tho league's other affair, the New Orleans Pels defeated Little Rock, G to 5, on 13 hits. Jimmy Shea allowed the losers the same number of safeties. Tonight's games: Nashville at Atlanta L'.tlle Rock al Mobile Menphis s\t New Orleans Chattanooga at Birmingham (2) C-3, 'tra Baseball Scores Bv Th<> Assoriat»fl Prftss NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis 7-4' Philadelphia (day and night games), • New Yoilc 1: Pitishurgh 0;< innings, Boston 3: Chicago 2. Cincinnati 2; Brooklyn 0, AMERICAN LEAGUE , Chicago 4; Biston 1; (II innings) New York 4-8; St. Louis, 3-2. Philadelphia !! tCleveland G. Detroit-Washington (called by rail) in second inning).' SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION., .. -.iiaUanooga 0; Atlanta 1. New Orleans G: Little' Ttock 5; Mcrnpnis G; Mobile 3. Nashville l(3i "Birmingham 6. j • • SKIN Some Highly ,. .nervous., people suffer from a skin, diseas^ knoWn as dermographism. They can write on their skins with pointed in- slrumonls and Ihe letters rise .like white or red welts and• may^remain that way for several hour%. Docs Your Gel Tired? REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags t Plenty of Parking Space Cleaners HALL'S Hatters HUGH I. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 sort of tribe of wander- Lfyusios, who mov have a sort of Irish geechee for their own tun, sport and amusement, as the fellow says, and how do we know but for privacy or secrecy also -in communication between and among one another? -Some of them came to the United States, too, he said, and wandered about the South but they seem to be vanished now, for who ever hears of a tinker today, though as late as my own childhood, which wasn't yesterday, we did have tinkers in Minnesota and they were wandereers, too mending pots and pans and umbrellas. Irish, or not, or what, I cannot remember, but tinkers we had, that 1 know, and they came and went and we never knew them. Possibly, as Mr .Hayes suggests some of thorn still live in New York, in which case how do I know but that I will hear from them and push my studies to the true origin of double-talk. I went to the public library ind you would think it was a first ->di!iun of the Bible, so careful they ire of this treasure, and, for to start, I learned that Mr. Joyce not inly wrote swerve but used it so icavy-handedly that you have to ake a preparatory course through i book entitled "A Skeleton Key to Fmncgan's Wake" by Joseph -ampboll and Henry Morton Rob- nsun. I suppose, maybe, then, in years in come someone will do a .hing in the language of jive, like- y some reefer-smoking clarinetist, ind some Savant from the gents' room of a hlack-and-tan dim-a- danc'c dump will write us a skeleton key to that. ••Kach of the books of 'Finnegan's Wake' ha., its peculiar logic, they tell us in the skeleton kev "Bunk one, the book of the forgotten past, the prehistory of mankind, (ho infancy of the individual, the book of the dark energies o: the unconscious, is filled vith ob seuru. swelling figures, rich with germinating power, vigorously bub bling and rapidly breaking into Iresh figures, reproductive o themselves." Is that so, now ,1 said to myself so 1 looked in book one and i siarts, without eyen a capital, the ignoramus, and 1 bet he flunkec his Crammer, like this is starts: ••Rivorrun past Eve and Adam'., from servo 1 '— get that "swerve 1 now. because, remember, the fel place Cubs attracted Wrigley Field although put lyn for the first time since July 23. Each team has won 71 and lost 45 games. Stan Musial, the National League's leading slugger, smatshed six mis in nine in,.en at bat 10 boost his average to .374 and strengthen his lead in the hit de- pa unenl with 174. Cincinnati drew IG.S!)!) fans to waicn jonnny Vantienneer cut ilie .corners svith his .fast curves to hand the Dodgers their second shutout in three games on their final western tour. While the Cardinals drew only 0,158 fans for two games, the ihirci- 11,004 io , . ... they went down to defeat as Lefty Warren Spahn pitched and batted the Braves to a four-hit ,3 to 2 vic- ory and to within two and a half :ames of third. At Boston in the American League, -11-year-old Earl Caldwell von his llth game as a relief hurl- r, setting the stage for the vic- ory by dropping a sacrifice in ihe 1th inning to put Ihe White Sox' Case Michaelcs on second. Don Colloway drove him home with a ingle to give Chicago a 4 to 3 victory over the league-leading Red Sox, their first victory of the eason at Boston. The trailing Yankees moved to vithin 12 and a half games of the Red Sox by defeating the St. Louis Browns, 4 to 3, and.8 to 2, their econd doubleheaci^i- victory in as many days. Four unearned'runs in the fifth inning gave Floyd Bevens his 15tn victory of the season n the opener while Johnny .Lindell's seventh and eighth homers spearheaded '.he in the nightcap, although Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak was snapped at 14 games. The Athletics Von their third game in a row — their longer.! win- ling streak of the season — by coming from behind with three Wanted! TELEPHONE POLES All Dimensions 16 to 70 Feet Cash ivery Week RUFUS MARTIN PATMOS, ARK. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repalrt Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. off Snm Zoldak Yankee assault session. 'This action was taken with great reluctance and only after all other possible solutions to the problem had received careful. : and thorough consideration"' 'Dr. Harding said. The board of trustees approved the postponement by a telephoned vote. Man-" inconveniences will result Dr. Harding said, "but inconveniences resulting from this postponement will be exceedingly small in comparison to problems we would face with approximately 4,500 students on the campus in September without sufficient housing and sufficent feeding facilities to look after them." In making his announcement, Dr. Harding revealed that an estimated 200 students have asked for refunds of pre-registration ::ees be cause of the unavoidable delay ip completion of the student housing program and because students were unable to find accommodations off the campus. "We are requesting all those stu dents who have applied for a re fund of their pro-registration ices because of the housing shortage to reconsider their action,' ' President Harding said, adding that the university definitely would be able to accommodate all qualified Ar kansas residents and former slu dents of the university who have applied for admission . • " ' O'—- - • ~ — "' ' u Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Brooklyn (Ebbets Field> — Bernard Docuscn. 142 1-2, New Orleans, outpointed Henry Jordan, MB, Brooklyn, 10. Newark, N. J. — Charlie Fusari, 141 1-2, Irvinglon ,T. K. O. Freddie Archer, 144 1-4, Newark, 7. 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Hamilton i — 13G, Newark, N.J., 138, Mil- Berry was charged with the cie- Charley Smith, feat. . stopped Nun/.io Fcrraro, The Washington Senators' night waukee. 7. game with Detroit was called be- ] Chicago — Freddie Dawson, 137 cause of rain after two innings 1-2, Chicago, outoointed Gene 3ur- w.ona in the onlv oner game yci-ilon, K-sO, New York, 10. terday, Monte Kennedy of ' tin- ' WonnsnrkiM. H .1. — Able on- Giants bested Rip Sewell in a tight salve/., 172, Pawluckot, R.I., out- pucning uuel ai Pmsourgh when i pointed Jimmy Nelson, 171, Cran- nmch-hittp" Jack Graham's long ston, K. 1., 111. fly with Sid Jordon on third gave Fall River, Masj. — Jerry Bois- tne New Yorkers a lu-inmng, 1 lo U vert, 151, Lewiston, Me., Knocked victory. ol it Lucio Lima, 14G, Fall River 10. Waterville, Me. — Roger Wynot, 141), Nova Scotiu. outpointed Buddy YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — On« day servicfr in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEEP Phone 152 411 S. H awl low said tho Irish called it "swerve" in South Boston—••river- run past Eve and Adam's from swerve of shore to bend or ba\. bring us by a commodious vicus of recircukition back Io howth castle and environs," it says. And like this it says: "Net yet, though vcnisson after, had a kids- cad butened a bland old l^aac; nut yet though all's 'air in vanessy. were sosie sesthers wroth with twone—" and on and mi. Tnen he throws us a word that he made up to fool us: "Bababadal- gharaghtakamminarronnkonn—" That isn't even the .'irst sy'llaulc of the word and if he thought 1 was going to count the Idlers, he- was denenlhurunuk in ihe Kaggin. the humplyhillhead And veil. >ne. does, find this filled with obscure, swelling ligures, rich >vilh germinating power, vigorously bubbling and rapidly breaking? And how can yoii know it isn't dirty? And if this be true double-talk shouldn't we just shovel it buck into the rare book department and content ourselves to spemin the pos- nnet over a pftjschute uf bonded beeJmite .and a snack of grantlaub on rye •with a few friendly South Boston fight managers and a couple of old cops? Doug PITY Carl Bacon VrfS fl B Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — Houso Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs PIANOS Just Received —- A Large Shipment' FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS , "Direct From Chicago" • Looks like new • Sounds like new « • New guarantee If you are interested in buying. aApiano call or write | One of our representatiy.es will, call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. : "Texorkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkana, U. S. A. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main REED MOTOR CO. 103 East Division Si. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop LET US KEEP YOUR We have an adequate stock of parts for all makes of cars. 'MANBEE' Wheel Alignment System and Wheel balancer. Drum turning lathe and 'ALLEN' motor tune up test equipment. M I Come in for an estimate on any job. Shop Foreman . . .Eddie Craine Mechanics— Ernest Rogers Bill Elledge Cecil Godwin E. W. Downs Gerald Reyenga HEFNER NASH CO. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner . Phone 442 Sewing Machines guaranteed Reon all makes Call us. for pair work machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hemstitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W. YANCEY Singer Dlst. 513 S. Walnut Phone 578-W WANTED Forked Leaf White Oak and Cow Oak Clear and Clean Overcup Logs For prices and more detail Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas CASH ' n 10 Minutes! Borrow money from us on your car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the better we like it. Ten minutes usually gets you the cash. Ask for Mr. McLarty/ at Hope Auto Co.

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