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Detroit, Michigan
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DETROIT FREE PRESS Wednesday, Aug. 23, '67 1 fi ilson Fights off HHl to Bea" I wins AL Tightens Up A3IERICAN LEAGUE (Not includins 2nd MinneMta-DETROIT, New Yorfc-ChiciM cmcs) Pet. GB Chicago 68 52 567 Boston 69 54 .561 Minnesota 67 53 .558 1 TIGERS 67 55 .549 2 California 63 61 .508 7 He finished the game but was given ice pack treatments immediately and: sent to the hospital for X-rays. No serious damage was anticipated. WILSON GAVE UP back-to-back blasts by Cesar Tovar and Oliva in the fourth.

Ted Uhlaender rocked him for another one in the following But Earl was the master from there on. He gave up just two singles the rest of the way to coast home behind 10-hit support. Mathews, who added two singles to his homer, led the way. Dick McAuliffe sent the Tigers off with his 20th homer, BY GEORGE CANTOR, The Twins won the long distance contest. But the Tigers were better at closing the 90-foot distance between third base and the plate.

Earl Wilson shrugged off three Minnesota homers to pitch the Tigers to a 7-3 victory in the opener of Tuesday's twi-night double header at Tiger Stadium. It was his 17th victory, tops in the major leagues. The second game went into extra innings tied l-i. The three homers were monumental shots, too. Tony Oliva made the upper deck bleachers with his.

But the Tigers scored by ai most every method but shooting runner out of a can non to keep the plate vibrating. They drove out Dean Chance with a long ball assault of their own in the early innings. They used a hit batsman, a walk and the sacrifice route to dent Jim Ollom. DETROIT SCORED in two different innings against Jim Roland 'without ever, getting the ball out of the infield. Then Ed "Mathews wound it up with his first American League homer off Ron.

Kline. "I faced him before in the other league," he said, as if no further explanation really was The only blot on the evening came in the ninth inning when Oliva's smash through the box hit Wilson on the outside of the left knee. J- It Ch ISOX In Now 1st CHICAGOr-MPl-T-Wayne Causey drove in three runs with a two-run shot off Chance in the: first. Mac was only the second batter Chance faced so the effect was a little unsettling. McAuliffe later became the first Tiger to be ejected from a game this season when he bandied words with plate Umpire John Rice on a called strike.

Wilson chimed in with a mm a double and triple to lead the Chicago White Sox to a 3-2 victory over the New York Yankees. Tuesday in the first game. of a twi-night doubleheader, The victory, coupled De Mel Farr Looks Like the Goods troit's 1 7-3- victory Min FIRST' GAME NEW YORK CHICAGO ab bi ab bi nesota in the opener of a- twin sent the White Sox into first second inning double to knock in another Tiger run. nlovo in im.r!Mn I.Mm,.!ys. r.

I Williams u. i resn it 4121 Berry tt WHEN MATHEWS and Al pending the outcome of the mghtcap. Ivhitaker rf 4 6 1 0 Colavito rf CSmith 3b 4 1 3 0 Agee cf Kaline rammed successive Cnieago ana the Twins iTillman 30 10 Hansen ss 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 3 12 0 4 0 10 4 0 0 0 3 2 2 0 3 0 3 3 10 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 atartoil th nio-ht In ti- fni- te.nnMV ss 3 0 0 1 tausey 2b 1 0 0 0 MNrtnev singles in the third, Minner sota's top winner left the game. 2 0 0 0 Burgess ph 1 0 0 0 Martin 0 0 0 0 Wocd biDDs pn the lead. Barber White ph -Causey, a hitter, wiped out a 1-0 Yankee lead in the sec- But the Twins' blitzkrieg 10 0 0 HID LocKer McMahon 0 0 0 0 approach shrunk the Tiger lead rapidly.

The Twins ond inning when he doubled Ron Total 35 2 10 2 Total 30 3 8 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 I lit III l( 'A moved to within one run at Hansen home and then erased one point, but Detroit's slap a 2-1 Yankee advantage With a E-Causey. DP-NewYork Chicago two-run triple with two out loby A jb- and run attack opened up the gap ajain on Roland. me uiira. hk iresn IP ER BB SO An infield single, a walk, 7 3 3 4 THE UNSPOKEN QUESTION around the tree-shaded lanes of Cranbrook is were the Lions that 'good or was San Diego that bad? The Lions have been disenchanting for so long that it's hard to believe they were as good as they looked last Sunday on the west coast. This is a team that has dealt in so many negative factors that it is difficult to assess the kind of positive performance they gave against the Chargers.

To be sure, the Lions put on their smoothest offensive show in years. You can't move the ball much better than they moved it in the first half. It reminded you of some of the great Packer teams and some of the Baltimore teams under John- Unitas. But while the Lions moved with ease, the coaches know that the Chargers were one of the weakest defensive teams the Lions have encountered in a long time. For some unexplained reason, Sid Gillman's team played static defenses against the Lions and it was a simple matter for the Lions to solve these defenses.

We should get a better idea of the 1967 Lions in Saturday night's exhibition game against the Colts in Tiger Stadium. VICTORY Barber Womack THE was the 2 10 0 1 7 2 2 2 3 2-3 3 0 0 0 11- i an error by Tovar on a force play and a wild pitch brought over a run in the fifth. luuiLii sixaigm lur uie oua anu LocKer their seventh in the last ntae (2) Barb T2V games. Three walks and an infield New York went ahead in the. ti second inning when Charlie out did the same thing in the sixth.

Smith doubled with one out, I Free Press Photo by ED HAUN took third on a wild pitch and Mrs. Werner Wins InWDGA The long ball. Who needs it? The victory was the first scored when the Sox infield failed to get a double play on John Kennedy's grounder. Umpire John Rice, Mayo Smith, Dick McAuliffe: Slight disagreement Big HR for Mathews for Wilson against the Twins after three beatings in a row. His ninth complete game of the year tied him with Denny McLain in that department on the Detroit staff.

Hansen singled to open the Chicago second, advanced on a wild pitch and scored on Causey's double. Mrs. T. M. Werner, who is making a habit of.

winning, did it again Tuesday in the Women's District Golf Asso- In the second game, Mickey The Colts do three basic things on defense: They blitz and blitz and blitz. They can strangle an offense Turn to Page 2-C, Column 1 before it ever gets a chance to operate. It can make rom iresn gave the Yankees ciation. a 2-1 lead in the third with hiS She shot a 4i.3979 at Flint 11th homer, but the Sox came Goif and Country Club to easily right back with two in the bot- put down second plafce Cathy 0tJheJtaniI? SinSleS Hendrickson of Atlas Valley by for a dull game as in that Monday night sleepwalker on TV but this is the way Don Shula wants it and FIRST GAME Hansen and; five shots. Mrs.

Paul Keller Jr. MINNESOTA DETROIT AB BI AB BI icic vvaiu euiu Causey's triple. of Oakland Hills, was low net It put the cap on a bubbly 7-3 victory for the Tigers. "This is a comfortable place to hit," he said. "It's got to help your confidence to know you don't have to hit it a mile to get it out.

"I didn't do the job at Houston and I think the ball park there was 'partially responsible. The fences were so far away it was almost impossible to hit one out." Mathews is the seventh home run hitter of all time. He knows he is closing in on Mel Ott, who cracked 511 in his career, but Mathews said that while he's proud of his achievements, he never sets any personal goals for himself. "I FIGURE whatever I do will be broken anyway," he said. "Baseball is getting better all the time and there'll be somebody to come Turn to Page 2-C, Column 1 Verslls ss 4 LGreen If 2 1 1 Tovir 2b 4 1 1 1 WHorton If 1 1 1 1 Klin 0 0 0I Stanley ef 0 0 I Olivi rf 1 2 1 MAIffe 2b 4 1 1 2 Killbrw 3b 4 0 Trwski 2b 1 0 0 0 Allison If 3 0 0 0 Mthws 3b 4 2 3 1 Jabs Pay Off with 84-6-78.

First Fliaht: low gross, Mrs. Willi.m Anderson, Lakeland, 84; low net, Mrs. Morton Wohlman, Tarn O'Shanter, Don is a bright boy. Wins Favor of Teammates BUT NO MATTER how the Lions fare against the Colts, the training season already may be considered a success in one respect. Mel Farr looks like the goods.

The glamour boy from UCLA has stepped right into NEW YORK (UPI) Heavy, Reese lb 4 0 Kinne 3 Nixon 3 0 Cash lb 5 0 0 1 Uhlndr cf 3 1 2 1 Nrthrp cf 0 0 weight Joe King Roman of Pu Second Fliqht: low aross, Mrf. Rot Third Fliaht: low amis. M. Rat Lehni Laker nd, 90. erto Rico jabbed his Way to a Chance 1 0 0 Freehan 2 2 0 0 Ollom 0 Ovler ss 4 2 Third Flignt: low gross, Mr.

Say Harn. Flint. 91. low net. Mrs.

ruil Harn, Flint, ti. low net, Mrsl BY JOE FALLS Balding, gray, sad-eyed Eddie Mathews sat quietly in front of his locker between games on Tuesday night's doubleheader. He didn't look like 23 years old. "I feel like I'm 23 again," he said, managing a small smile. "It's good to get that first one.

Now I can go on from here and play ball." In his distinguished National League career, Mathews hit 503 home runs But none of these meant anything to the Tigers. All they cared about was No. 504. v. -MATHEWS ATTENDED to their concern and his by walloping an upper decker homer off Ron Kline of the Twins in the eighth inning of the opener.

unanimous eight-round decision; van Kaat pn 1 0 wnson 3 1 Roland 0 Cirew 2b 1 0 0 a starting position and while he has been befuddled by over Jay J. Johnson of NewVloV.iqf.yf.'oVos, Mrs. i. r. York Carmichasl, Indianwood.

102; low net. I Mrs. Ben Raqland, Pine Lake, 105-24-79. Totals 32 3 I 3 Totals 34 7 10 his blocking assignments, especially pass blocking, he has handled his running Minnesota 000 210 000 1 DETROIT 211 111 Six 7 KHIcbrew, Tovar. DP Minnesota 1.

LOB Minnesota 3, DETROIT 11. 2B Wilson. HR-Tovir (4), Oliva (14), Uh laender (5), MCAUiltfl MIIMWI (1). SF-W. Harton.

IP ER BB SO Chance (L, lt-) .2 5 3 2 4 Ollom 1 1 1 1 1 1 Roland 3 3 1 Klin 11110 1 WIISM (W, 17-) 3 I 4 HBP Bv Ollom (Freehan). WP Roland 2. Tim 2:42. and passing plays with precision-like perfection. More important, he has won over his teammates.

When Farr came to camp, he figured he'd be in for a tough time in trying to gain the acceptance of the veterans. He was, after all, the typical All-American the hot-shot rookie from the Golden West, a young kid who had asked for a million dollars, the No. 1 draft choice. "I figured they'd really give me a hard time," Mvers Cut 49 Lions Left Mel Farr 'But it BY JACK SAYLOK And then there were 49. Joe Schmidt beat the NFL to the punch by nearly a Farr said after lunch at Cranbrook Tuesday hasn't worked that way at all.

week Tuesday, trimming his roster to the 49-player limit "I mean I've had to get up and sing my school song after dinner and I haven't exactly liked that because I don't know my school song. I've had to make one which isn't due until Aug. 28. up you know, 'UCLA, fight, fight "But other than that the guys have really been fair. Amos Marsh, John Gordy all the guys theyive tried 3 it sf I I I i i "A I I' 1 to help me.

Waivers were' asked' on three Including quarterback Tom thus apparently ending' the former Northwestern star's three-year bid to make the Lions. Also checking travel schedules out' of Cranbrook were Jim Gatzke, 'an' end from California and South Carolina tackle Cleveland Robinson. i Wally injured "They want to have a good team around here and if anyone can help them, they're all, for But frankly, I had no idea I'd be playing this much already." Farr has gone almost all the way in his two games with the Lions He electrified the crowd in Tiger Stadium by scoring the first touchdown against Buffalo. He has gained 94 yards running nd 94 yards passing. Other Backs Ilustle Like Mad in the San Diego game, was placed on the injury list.

He underwent surgery at Ford Hospital for torn ligaments in his right- knee and is lost for the season. The next cut-down target is to 43 players by Sept. 4, plus PELL MEL HAS PUT some pressure on the other backs and they're all hustling like mad to keep. up Torn flyers with him. 'The Lions have Farr listed as a fullback but their play patterns have been such that they're using him.

as Mr. Levi's Sta-Presf-slacks" for the mature traditionalist. $10. Ex-Tiger a second halfback. Ihe odd thing is that he was supposed to be a quarterback and supposed to play for Duffy Daugherty Landis Now With Bosox at Michigan State and wouldn't that have been a lYtroltr oi CrVi in Vi Pnoa TJnwI rrrt-rv a furs VAQra flCrrk? Farr was a quarterback in his high school days in Beaumont, Tex.

He was buddies with Bubba Smith BOSTON (UPI) The and Gene Washington and the three of them were sup Red Sox Tuesday signed 33-year-old outfielder Jim Landis posed to go to MSU. Farr backed out at the request of his parents. They one more when Gail Cogdill is ready to return from the injury list. THE FINAL CUT to 40 is due Sept. 11.

Myers was the Lions' fourth draft choice in 1965. He stayed with the team as No. 3 quarterback, while Karl Sweetan was farmed, out to Pontiac, their positions were reversed a year ago. Myers was then recalled for back-up duty when Milt Plum was injured, but he saw little service and his lone pass of the season was intercepted. Schmidt cautioned that he was yet undecided whether he" will carry three quarterbacks but the day's deve'opments gave a lift to rookie Tim Jones.

"I'm tickled to death," said the 6-foot-2 redhead. "Nobody says much and you never know how it's going. "I felt good when I got in for a couple minutes Sunday at San The 205 pounder from Weber 1 State directed the as a free agent and had Turn ready and eligible to play in the twinight doubleheader with the wanted him to go to school in Los Angeles where the Farrs had some relatives. His marks may have had something to do with it, too. In fact, he was a fraction These slacks are precuffd, ready to wear.

What's don't have to be pressed. No matter how you wash them by hand or machine; no matter how, you dry them spin them or tumble these Levi's are ready to wear as soon as they're dry! And they keep their pressed good looks through washing after washing. The wrinkles haven't got' a chance they're out before they're in. The sharp creases stay put, the seams stay flat and the traditional lines remain. Styled with plain front, belt loops, cuffs, Ban-Rolj waistband and fully cut.

In Dacron polyester rayon. Bronze, navy, charcoal, black. 32 to 42 at $10. Hudson's Men's Sportswear, Downtown, 2nd Floor; Northland, Eastland, Westland, Pontiac. Washington Senators Landis, a right handed batter, of a point shy of qualifying for UCLA was picked up after bemg re leased by the Detroit Tigers Because of some hassling over his Farr arAi1 mil- af Santa "Mnia Timirti rniioo-e Ho rpnnrtnrl and took over the roster's va ii.

i-rii a cancy left when outfielder Tony turn nfDDlo lofo in hio nanr onlinnl tha nnaph folr IIP f1 I Conigliaro was placed on the missed too much practice to handle the intricate duties disabled list Monday. of qtiarterbacking. So he made him a halfback. Farr was asked. "After all, it is the glamour position Landis has played most of his major league career with the Chicago White Sox.

He spent four seasons in the minors before joing the White Sox in 1957 and played for the Chicago American League entry through 1964. Farr smiled and said: "You got it wrong, man. Half back is the glamour position." Any arguments? Turn to Page 2-C, Column 8.

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