Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 22, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 22, 1946
Page 4
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„ *fage Four *> J •" HOP I $;t A ft, N Oti, A Hik A N ;cny Manchuria Now es Prospect of Another 'ar Between Chinese :O ! :f - {'By ' I'AP Foreign News Analyst s ) '(Substituting for MacKenzie) t i A resumption of x'ull scale war- faf&appears imminent in Manchur- 'l unhappy cockpit o( the The Chinese Communists, ost 'of the country and ap-i ierrrtined to.jStayv^The Na- rail- tip,; regain d from; .„—on of invaders Sra Manchuria is flgHUng for f ; dustrialplant bUJit tip thej-ejby* the; , Japanese. .-. ,..,... ,. -1 Few parts of the world havc..seen . more of war and its resultant . misery for the civilian population • than Manchuria since the begin- hing of the century. There the Rus; pians ^fought the Japanese, Jap, anes'e fought Chinese, Chinese t fought one another in a series of t bivil wars of Which that now in ^progress promises to be the bit. terest. More years of misery for , the patient peasants who make up ? nearly all, its 38,000,000 population ' • Hope Star ttmt «f »<#• 1IW) ftttt 1»J7, C«n««IM«t«d Jma«ry It, Publl»h»d cvmy wMkday aftetnoon by ITAR FUBUSHIM CO. C.- I. Palm«f ( President AIM. H. W«*tiknrn, Secrctary-Tr«a;urer at tt* Star building 212-214 SoutH Wdlnut Str««t. . . Hop*. Ark. •Al«*. H..W«hk«ni. Editor & Publisher '+\ Paul Mi J«n*»( Managing Editor >• Qvorft vW<- HOTIMV Meeh, Supt. .' Jcu'M.-.pairlt, Advertising Manager * Imma G. Thcmaij Cashier Entered as seeend clots matter at the Post Office, at Hope. Arkansas, under th* Act of March 3. IS97. (AP)—Means' Associated Press. (NEA!—Means Newspaper Enterprise) Association. some " near ' 'miracle . Ihma's civil strife it is logical ••4hat Manchuria should be the main | .battlefield. The fortunes of Avar in i the lastidays'of Japan's imperialist f -^adventure opened it to the com| "munis*'armies, whoi came in from u- 1 ' tthe west while the Russians from ,pricle, > of Japan's war. 'iKwantung army.'WlV t —,— — .,_._ scoring,(their.. ,week Victory'Over the 'crumbling —;-i- .t r .. machine.,, the itner th'ey re- £iceived Russian aid or not—a point. '.'in dispute—the fact remains ''"that -jwhen the Red army was withdrawn s 'to Siberia circumstances were such -,that the Cormtuifiist remained in r ^possession, in stronger force ah Subscription Rate*! (Always Payable In Advance): By. city carrier per we«k 20c; per month 85c. Moil rotes—^in Hemp- steod. Nevada. Howard, Miller and LaFayettc counties, $4.50 per year; crsc- wherc $8.50. Member ef The Aisodeted Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to th« use for ^publication of all news dispatches credited to. It or not otherwise credited In this paper and als'o tne locai .lews published herein. '• NatlciUl' Afvertiilng Arkeiue* Dalllet. . Inc.; Memphis Term., . .iterick Building;. Chicago, 400 Norh Mich- ,.oan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison ,Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand 'olvU.; Oklahoma City. 314 Terminal Bldo.' New Orleans. 722 Union St. 'able that a .tact community of in- ;terest should-^' be established. Although Moscow in the year - old .Russian-Chinese treaty promised to ; give aid to China only through the •National- government—apparently disavowing the communists—other •parts ,of that agreement make it ments,' forjexamplc, : made .main trunk'railways of that ritpry^-the former Chinese eastern the ter- ';with better arms~and equipment' impossible- for them ,not to have '(than aaywhere les^Jri China., .i' i|close:dealings with the Communists -, Nowjas^rpjoflq.*., their, determi-.;—provided.'the latter can stick :in •nation^to rem'ain; .the. C,6mmunists .Manchuifia'.. The railway -agree- jhave ataiounoed fronutheir.present .•-•-... -capital in Yenan the establishment ,'o£ their own government of Man- 'chuna—"the provisional -supreme i-arid south Manchuria lines—a joint 'administration for Democratic ^enterprise.' With most of the mile\Manchuria," made up of 86 elected!age of;those lines in Communist delegates from all sections and "possession .the Russians must deal dedicated to founding "a peaceful, i with .the Communists if they are to prosperous Manchuria by uniting enjoy .their rights Of ownership and all." ' i exploitation.! And.it would be very ; * Every consideration dictates that! surprisirig 5 indeed', if such partner; the—Chinese—ComrBiinists-- should . ship .would, not become much more -the^last-te held-Manehuria extensive.and, close. ';/ , ar£d^t*re-to-Tnake;-i(fthc-foundation ~$rS?_ -with~ C^ommtinist- ! ''.Kussra< at tney mi'ght"hav€ : : 5— _-^~~.^.-i .^_ o j. : Sttlet_l:hance of_ remaining "c *>--*-•-— Orbit. It.is a fa'B; && jtttractive homeland than ,th"e .aircJ planes of Shensi, where they have fever-since the great migratibn-.-of 1 decaiis a^" ^-om Sputa China', or 'he serrn-ufc^a-, ol the inner Mongolian p-ovir-cc": into which they lave cxpinded .iince Japan's fall left c r-Viti-y .accum tnere. '''..--'.-. #k. Helations between the ChihSsse !ommunists ar.d MOSCL-W rerriaih i.-etty r. uch a mystery to .the > out- Ea :. the Communists inevit- Jired Kidneys jOften Bring 4 ^Sleepless Nights y®'Wl)en disorder of kidney function permits . ipoisonoua matter to remain in your blood, It ^nja>-rausenagsingbackachc.rheuinaticpali18. flrejotfiif, loss o£ pep and enei-By, getting lap, ^jitgnts. swelling, puffiness iihder the: eye»,''' ^ he,adacne^ and dizziness^ Frequent or scanty --Rnd"- Durnni j?" ridifie'* rpassages^with „ Ttiraes show's tnere'la'sbmethlns wrong wjth *your kidneys "or bladder.' -"-' - - •--'=-.,,. :_ Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan'i »Pflls, a stimulant diuretic, used succes»fully ^oy m^Uions^fpr^ox 61 ^ ^ "years. Doan's' glv*' , « happy reliel and wuTlfelp tte IS mlle»-6f £ kidney tub* flush out poisonous waste from , your blood; Get Doan's Pilb. «aid. , .;. A : "s'pokesman for the British de- e^atjof)' .acnifedVa report published in London, .that Foreign becrctary JErriest---.Bevin. expected to see Edvard KardeU. head of the Vugo- Slav .delegation and vice-premier, and warn him that; British-Yugoslav; relations - were deteriorating. Bovin "h^s no appointment to see. Mr. Ka'rd.elj and none'is expected," the" spokesman said. OthCr. British ' sources said they were . not .pleased with Yugoslav- British .relations, but they took the view that the ultimatum to Marshal Tito was strictly an Ameri- OZARK !KE Hope Star ,l UM**—.f f **f, VfM , »..,. .,.. Monday August 26 •• ••-. Goritinued-.frpm: Page One tloh . s.ivvcte; .biis^'oh i' Paris Arab League Keepj Eye on Palestine j_ ._ ._> ,; i».- ... .. . -~-. ' . , * ' .,:..* ,.»..!( •.'.... •. . * ' . « • . . Total ,ared et Arab Lftguf ; It 1,424,000 .square mllei, aboif tfn'same at block portion tl inSet U, S. map. lur population is onlr 37,461,000, h »K« corresponding U. S. orto |b( .population it 106,570,61 J. Arab League was organized in Cairo in 1945, with SOY- en independent states having preponderantly Arab populations. Aim ol the League is Arabian solidarity [ t | Oil Pipelines of Palestinian partition and admission of more Jews'may.' bc"decided Market Report POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Aug. 22 — (fl 1 )— .Butler, irm;,,rec;eipts 272,581; 92 score AA 70.5-71: others unchanged.. Eggs, steady: receipts 8,475; prices unchanged. • Live poultry, steady; receipts' 24 .rucks, no cars: FOB prices; roasters' 28-31; others unchanged, -o- LOUIS LIVESTOCK. ' ', ' National Stockyards, 111., Aug. 22 U}e, ultimatum would ,be, accepted^ than :We*dnnsday's best time, or or .rejected.' «••" -.->'• : r~' .«' ' -:-'-^ '•"•- .! 3:00itp.'-1:00 higher ihan yesterday's " lighter kinds and sows to 1.00 higher on average; -lou-ieu Ibs. 20.00-21.00; 130-150 Jbs. 19.50-20.00: 100-130 Ibs. 18.00-19.50; .Ah ; unofficial Yugoslav source ' C J DSQ ' said he did hot believe:.the Ameri- — can press- reaction ..to. .the shooting down,"61 •the .two American ,trans- pbrt plahes would have- been so strong Unequal publicity, had-been given •. tq: the. Yugoslav note: of several weeks .ago protesting again Allied planes making unauthorized flights over Yugoslav-territory. '<•'•' "That note was delivered. two weeks -before- the first plane "was shot 'dowhv'-i-Mie\jiiild:- • can matter. News of the American •ultimatum — ordering Marshal Tito's governmerit to give the United States satisfaction within -18 hours for acts described as warlike or face action by the United Nations Securily C.Q u n c i 1 — circulated quickly among neacc conference delegates during the early morning hpurs. Debate on reparations and territorial demands • against Italy by Albania, Egypt and Austria was on today's agenda for the 21-nation peace conference. Ajlied dipl<|- mats, however, were, concerned mainly with the-effect of what some observers considered the PUBLIC NOTICE i • 16th Street from the High School to the Springhill Rood IS NOT A PART OF THE CITY DUMP, ,We have the names 'and car license numbers of several people who have thrown out garbage, cans, rubbish.along this street. From this dote on all will be reported to the police and health authorities. Also v/e reserve the right to return this garbage to the owners front lawns or driveway. PROPERTY OWNiRS sows 18.00-19.00. • Cattle, 2,000; calves, 1,000; market generally 25 to 50 higher with masimum advance indicated in most instances ;one load choice steers 26.00 to major packers; two loads 17.75 medium also on western packer grasser's account; mostly odd lots medium heifers and rriixed yearlings around 14.00-' 17.00;. gopd cows 13.00-50; .common and medium beef cows -10.00-12.OCi; canners and cutters 8.00- 10.00; g6od beef bulls to 14.50; medivim and good sausage bulls 13.00-14.00; choice' vealers 19.00; kediurn .and good 13.50-17.55; nominal range slaughter stei-s 11,00 - 2650' slaughter'heifers 9.50-25.00; stocker and. feeder steers 10.50-17.00. •": Sheep, 1,200; spring lambs fully steady with yesterday's average; although top o u ower at 15.5.0 paid by butchers; packers' top 50 cents over yesterday's a tlS.OO; bulk top good and choice springers 15.5016.50; other mainly 14.00-15.00 with sprinkling unsorted lots 12.00-14.00; cull to common throwouts 10,0011.00; few 11.00-13.50 asked feeders; slaughler ewes steady, bulk 4.00-5.00; culls down to 3.00. NEW YORK STOCKS New York,'Aug. 2 2—(/P)—American telephone stock slumped more than 1 2points today and touched off one of the sharpest market sell-offs of the year with dealings the liveliest in the past month. Steels, motors, rails, rubbers, utilities and numerous industrials were cutdown 1 to 8 points in the second hour when the ticker tape sharpest blow yet to hopes for early and amicable settlements on treaties, coming, as it did, on the heels'of stubborn wrangling bc- Iwccn the western powers and Soviet Russia and her eastern European adherents. Byrnes has devoted the last two days to investigation of the Yugoslav situation. The aliYiospherc in the headquarters of the U. S. peace delegation at the Hotel Meurice was far different from that in Luxembourg palace, where the conference sessions arc being held. Uniformed generals, such as Maj. Gen .Ttalph Huebner, wartime c-ommandor of the famous U. 8. First Infantry Division, walked Byrnes door. in and out of Others wh.o have conferred wilh the American secretary of state are Edward Kardclj, Yugoslavia's vice premier, and Maj. Gen. H. R. Bull chief of staff of the U. S. Army of puccpation in Germany. Hucbncr is scheduled to replace Bullas Gen. Joseph T. McNarney's chief of staff soon. Byrnes also has been in long distance telephone communication with President Truman aboard the presidential yacht Williamsburg in the Atlantic and wilh Dean Acheson, acling sccrelary Washington. of state in Both telephone calls were made after Byrnes talked with Kardclj, who reportedly diKclairnod knowledge of the incidents of which the United States complains, but promised io inform njs governmenl and ask for a "fill in" from officials in Belgrade. 'Ino grey-haired Byrnes refused to see reporters or make any official statement, but it is known in Paris that he dictated the ultimatum Ior release in Washington. Ohio , .Northern Pacific, American, Ele'ctfic ower was' unafelc to keep, up with offerings and, for ^an interval, fcl Itwo minutes 'behind-actual floor trades. The pace then slovyed a'n<f ; extreme setbacks were 'substantially trimmed in moat bases- at : the close. A :tew, plus g'lsh"; appeared. Transfers ran to around 1,700,000 shares. .' ' • ., . -,". ; . .:• .. . ; , .Prominent onUhc slide were U.S. Steel; Bethlehem, -• Youn^stown Sheet, U. S. Rubber, I'iahtr Fc, Southern Pacific, . Baltimore & i'North Light, Montgomery Ward, Woqlworth, International Harvester, Kennecott, Uu Pont, Hiram Walker-, '.Allied Chemical, Eastman Kodak, .Johns' Manvillo and Standard Oil (NJ).: Douglas Aircraft.was. an' exception; gaining better than 3 : holms in the wake o£ a $5. dividend and intimations of another 'disbursement later. . . - ••!!" ' , Bonds aenerally slipped. NEW YORK: COTTON New York, A\lg, -.32---HXP)—Cotton futures were reactionary today in nervous trading, influenced partly by weakness, in securities and the .foreign situation. , ', Heavy commission •• house and Now Orleans liquidation.depressed values about $2.00 a bale durihg forenoon but the market subsequently recovered partially on some mill and .replacement buying. Mill buying was not aggressive because higher ceiling prices on goods were anticipated next 'month. - .liate afternoon .prices-, were 10 cents to $1.30 'a bale" lower-. Oct 35.50, pec 3p.55, and ; Mch -35.39 The '.cotton' market •'c'dnlinued to move' upward in late trading on mill buying and . short covering which met only limited- offerings The' October 1947 position which •was relatively firm throughout the day to show a gain of <10 cents a bale "on the day. Futures closed-. 00 cents a bale lower to -10 cents higher. Oct high 35.65 — low 35.31 — last 35.59 off 11 Dec high 33.7 5— low 35.38 — last 35.61-65 off 7-11 Mch high 35,62 — low 35.24 — last 35,46-47 off 13-J4 May high 35.29 — low 34.92 — last 24.10-13 off 15-18 Jly hig h34.70 — low 34.29 — last 34.58 off 12 Oct high 32.40 — low 32.1 0— last 32.30 up 8 Middling spot 36.44N, off 6. N-nominal. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago. Aug. 22 — (/Pj—Grain futures advanced today on a lower than anticipated corn crop forecast and slow movement nf grain to terminal markets despite bumper harvests. Corn, was up more than 3 emits a bushel at times, while oats scored gains extending to more than 2 Continued from Page' Oric;,- Hindu, Moslem Spreading •Xug. r 22:~ (/P)— Commu jtis, betwt-en Hindus am Moslems Y.T»:, which cost, aooroxi roajfly, 3ifXX),- lives in Calcutta last weekend •••*-, were reported spread- In* today ..through. Bengal, Bihar qnd Aisftm provinces, .with four Ptrspfig. dead arid-- u score injured. lil . tijkccA^fid Ranigaj, both in BfnfftliVqUbdf'ate police prccau- tlOfjs Wpre.'.t'akcn to prevent Air$«' outbreaks , of Violence which rtiu j.WOf-persoris'. in each town. Other clascs.were reported at Ban-' f"i..»n: : W«Bi^'pf!6Vlnce ( and Sylhet, «V Asisrft; >Troops and armed po- M«)wfcre, ; 6ft .duty in both those '- •• • • .v an'-d 'V Hindu leaders In New. Delhi- both, condemned the t>' 01 oay i C«leuttn 'rioting and respon- f'W?. ^sci-vers ''said • they did not think the : blttcr fighting would affect' current /efforts to form nn in- lerim : gpvcjrrihicnt, pending plans for : . makingv-irtdia rindependcnt. Be Directing f $ Action ' t | •' , l| S- 'M —(UP)— Official CiJroles believed today the cx- tem ; of^ij flotlye- .Russian support nj«y-?,«tcrmlne .whether Marshal Tito -will,', release t 'all imprisoned American- fliers by 9 p.m. CST lo- mdrrbwi .:or |defy' ,a white-hot Unit edSUte«! U i / cs ,'- on 'defiance, the Vrtttctf;.S(4t,& will take the matter ,N'|c ! cohlpan.viiig implica- 4p£wcW polities' .in eastern -nt ,? r 5 l hc '' Scc "Hty Council "United ^Nations. . 1 '*- hiis influenced her recent -actions, ..Js.. filing to say. But Uic best •..opihjon.i in 'official circlo- was '--- ' at the Tito to - •8 - 1 . 8 , thpught that Mn S -! , "°, 1 Dictating tactics. ] ' ' outlingin 8 Hie i Rn— • 'ar toward detcrmininK Wiitt..l«i.. £if.o yields io vhc Ame-i- ''-'..Jcts the matter e , Isccurity Council. -.'-*^ 0 m'eht even go (6 'Pri)Vi[l(;r;.Stfialin for advice. . : 22 — W)— PC,-. l bo "t|uets of flow- .yetc.d ,to .the .police, station J^cnt, weeks, Desk Sergeant CncQl learned senger plane ten; days .„„.,.-..,.,, state department 'said, it.'had been informed.that this plane was' shot down and "some:if riot 'All 1 7of-As: occupants killed. •-Dispatches! fron „..._. „.„ the wreckage of the -craft iSVas TOlinri ,nnlv ahntif 1 \im n^:i'«» :. jtfc-*. I" language perhaps without ntccc- denl in peacetime commlihleallonti from this country : lo anothef-iiiaHp'n. It stemmed from two • ".irtcldoh'ls termed "outrageous in i thoi v l>lli- maturn. , .'• '•'...".-' ...-•;?.>.. • One was thc'-action of Yu'eo'Sli'v fighters'AugustJl.Jh firing ttpcmWaiid forcing.dpwh an'. A'rn,cricg,n ( ^pla i i c i whose c,rcw and -passengers,,'<ihbn were imprisoned. -." ' . .;'. |.. ; ". mi f j . ,- ,--. ' ..'•.•• xr - -r".Tr: i." 7 -^ 1 -!-""** v *"" » v i*t:ii ti ihe second involved;.anothon'rUds- ACrfJRotary^. "patrolman ...it.'- p£ the bouquets . I •v.-i-r-v"),. -unfolding a. tnlo . -ii.-i f m- •inU~ivi;-''n 1 te •' - oyc ' '? dlT)i t'ed send- not, flll, .'ot-fts ""ill "O.Vycrs to.a young woman Dis P atch'e-s"ffom ,Bbigrade;- ; s i a i idl'bSciJ! ?: ' bCd ^ S ^> h W3 sent''thenV tic wreckage of th •found -only about two the Austrian- border , ... r. The United States- claimcdV'»th'at thq planes were forced' off.'-,'th'clr routes by. bad weather....:' Yugoslavia had " ''' "'• Crackdown on Building Is Prepared By FRANK ELEAZER Washington, AUK. 't'i •— 'UP) — A new govemiTienl crackdown on non-resiclentinl building \v;is under preparation toddy. 11 wtiiiiu cut sum-ply into wh.-it Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.. described ;ts "nn orgy of building which includes honky-tonks, nice tracks nnd swimming pools —but not homes." .'.'..;•! A spokesnian ...for ..HousiiUf-'.'.Ex-. paditcr Wilson W/'Wyatt. saW'an order covering Ihe slaslv'^yoiuff'bo issued'within ton days'; Ty'i.-"' -if 1 It is expected to 'crini' amjlncr One-third to onq'rhajf- fl-'oin'tht^tuies- enl reduced ,ra.t£- of; tiptanfttfsF'for commercial 'and- iiidtisjti-ia'l -.ton- struction, -; ; ',-, ,'H|,.' j-JM Wyatt reportedly'is 'ToVcfn'gMhc cut over objections of CivilKiM-'.t'ro- duction Administrator John D. Small, who has- insisted previous slashes have reduced non-housing construction UV "dangerous levels." Wyatt rcve'aled the ;u>w p'.nns io his veterans advisory council, of whiah Roosevelt is; n member. In addition the."extra slash on non-rcsldcnliiil buildinu. he outlined those steps — all" to bo taken before ihe end of August: 1. More materials will be put under priority — maybe 50 instead of the present 25. These should cover all the needs of a home builder. 2 .A bigger proportion of scarce building materials will he ordered set-aside: for holder:--, of veterans building priorities. jkmic ,-;el- asiclos, which now average 50 per cent, may mi} as .high .as :)0 per cent. , • ' •' -' ( . J .'». Enforcement will bo 'iit'Mertcd- to assure compliance with prioYi-. tics and sot-asides. <.Xh,ertv\ ((re- many loopholes In the'rcjjula'tidhs. "Non - residential conslriiclioiv cannot be permitted to continue diverting the present volume of materials from veterans' housing." Wyatt said. "Tough action is needed and .such acli.nn i.s justified at the present time." SMALL FAVOR Centralia, 111., Aug. '2'2 — 01') — The Centralic Senlincl's want acl colv.mn cnrriocl this plaint: ''Wanted immediately — unfur- iv:;!icd apartment or liousc: man ' -v and daughter, '•',. Will dispose - K, but prefer to keep child." Alaska's. 1045 fur crop totaled) • '•'.'.,;..,M pelts. Thursday, Augutf 22, Prices Skyrocket on Livestock Soles Today Thuridoy, August 22, 1946 H 0 * E STANHOPE, ARKANSAS Chicago, Aug. 22 —(/P)—All llyt' stock buying Interests leaped lllto the trade today with the.result mat prices skyroockotcd $1.00 on sHlfei .$1.00 to $3.00 on hogs, and 75 conyr to $1.75 on Spring lambs. Markedly sharper activity ooh- trastcd strongly with trade yeser- day when big packers stayed. out of the market and eastern buyers took most supplies, Traders attributed the overnight change in .tactics to an extension of a week more before the Oflce of Hribc . Administration would bring: livestock back under dcillng controls. • ' . •. . '• Advnl\ccd : ' prices in eattlc cnmo despite lower 'quality 'rccoltots ih.ad' yb's,tc'rday. The'rc -was'-nothing -rnl- In'g /strictly chocie • grade • todftV, but even so fed' s'teer.s and' yc"nf- lings toppbd at'$28:00 arid-the g^i- eraT'stoer market of $19.00 W $2150 reached ' the highest outside' price on recbi'd. . • • •' . . '•• < 'All lower' grade beer material, such as cows and bulls, also 1 Went 150 to 7.") cents higher, and best v.eiil- crs reached their highest price of the month at $19.00. Hogs matched their all-time price record of $24.50, set Aug. Lo • '*• Mount Kenya, standing on the equator, inAtrica, has IS glacicra. mil'es '-from (,;.',." -,!-? ' Taking,.sharp, -note,, of•' \'hfl' 'YiUtb- Slav explanations, the Unttbd States' termed them "wholly '•jri" il ~" J ' i '- torv tojlhe government .£h< ing to the'people 1 of • the':': : tfl»ited States." _..}.. ... •. -,; J -:'.,.,.;. ' "These outrageous ';actg i : r h"ave been perpetratedljy- a gove that professes to be a.Sio tion,",the,ultimatum,sard.'. Citing the. fact. thaUUi were unarmed, 'it. do.clir'(ScU.t,ihat their flight "in no, way ic'otisthGtad a threat to the goslavja;". Then; it added, /s'lfriifi- cantly; ... . :. ". , .. /.••.'i , . '! iOi J ' ' '".The use .of force, by. Yu^ciiavia under the circUiristanc:e"s",wairwith. out the slightgst justlfjcatjoh AS 3h- ternational law,, was •cle'ar.Jyijrtcoh- sisten ' ' ' ,, sistent 'with . relations twQ . ns .. 'pwQen friendly nations, and Was' a':. plain violation of. the obligations' resting upon Yugoslavia under the- charter of the United Nations not to''itisc force except in self defense",' • Moreover, the document put' in this indictment: .-'. L - ' "The deliberate firing without warning on the unarmed .passenger planes of a friendly nation >s, in the judgment of the United States, an offense against the jaw of nations and the principles of humanity." With' that array of charges laid down, the American note -formally put its demands. They were ihese: 1. "The government of tho United States demands that you immediately release the occupants of those planes now in your custody, and that you insure their safe passage beyond the borders of Yugoslavia, ; .-*,' - 0 - , - . ; Public Schools • Continued from Page One two first grade teachers in Paisley particularly strong. Cash corn was hr demand and prices gained 2 to 3 cents a bushel There was no sales of cash wheat as buyers were waHiiifi to sec if trading would be resumed in wheat futures, which would offer a means to hedge cash purchases. Corn finished 3 3-8—3 7-8 higher Januarv $1.34, oats were up 1 1-8 3-8, August 79 barley closed at 1-4, and" 1.3], up March 1 1-2. late sale of No. 2 yellow old crop corn was made in the cash market at $1.05, highest since August 6. NEW ORLEANS COTTON Now Orleans, Aug. 22 —OP)—Cotton futures closed steady 55 cents to 80 cents a bale lower Ocl high 35.52 — low 35.28 — close 35.44B off 11 Dec high 35.70 — low 35.37 — close 35.52-55 off 13 Mch high 35.56 — low 35.25 — close 35.39-42 off 16 May high 35.25 — low 34.9 6— close 35.07 off 16 Jly high 34.00 — low 34.26 — close 34.46-48 off 15 Spot cotton closed steady 00 cents a bale lower. Sales 507 -low middling 30.30; middling 35.55; good middling 35.95; receipts 571; stocks 257,940. ••- Railroad, west of., and including, Elm Street; and all second, third, and fourth grade ' pupils residing north of Missouri Pacific Railroad, and west of, and including, Nor\h Hazel Street: will report to Paisley. Bropkwcbd School —1st through 4th Grades/ . . '.,, All first grade <pupils ' residing flprth of Missouri Pacific Railroad and cast of North Hazel Street, and those residing south of Missouri Pacific Railroad and cast of South Hazel Street will report to Brookwood School, All second, third and fourth grade pupils residing north of Missouri Pacific Railroad and east >'pf North Hazel Street, and those residing south of Missouri Pacific;.Railroad and east of Main Sl'-»H wilJ report to Brookwood. Oglesby School— In addition to all fifth and «ixl-h yrade pupils in the district, those fourth grade pupils residing north of Missouri Pacific Railroad <jna cast of, and including, Hprvv Street will report to Oglesby School. This is a tentative division of the lines In an attempt to divide the teaching load in the three' elementary school. Oilier changes will probably have to be made iii the first week of school in order to make a balanced load in aUi schools. See or Call R^.V.-.-Herndorij Jr. Phone'5 or 56 Representative for ';; ; Liltlci j '" '•* '•" * • Shrevepprt '• ' OWNED URPLUS * >-.f-<n%« • •* YOU H0UU) KNOW '.Hji' Site Sale means that buyers ..'I't irait.-.cottfe. and sec, select, ••;': ' ord^r, pay tor, and make do- livery arrangements on the •'' -' premises,- right where the ' .. • s«niples are displayed. 2 A-sample of each Item offer• ed at this sale is on display L at Hohwer Relocation Center, " Rohwer, Arkansas, clearly price tagged. Competent personnel will be on hand to provide full information and assist buyer in expediting sale and delivery. 3 Terms; Cash or established • credit. All checks payable Io: TREASURER OF THE UNITED STATES. If credit is desired It should be arranged In advance through Credit Division, WAA, at Uje Regional Office In the territory In which the buy. ers.-h.ome office Is located. Purchases will • be greatly facilitated by bank letter of credit against which draft may be. made for exact amonut of purchase. 4 This sale has been organized t to give priority claimants .and especially Veterans of /World War II, ample opportunity to Inspect this ma. terial. Veterans of World War.II must present certificates! Federal agency representatives must present tvidence of authorily to purchase; representatives of •mall businesses must pro• »ent 'RFC notification of availability; slate and local governments and non-profit Institutions must present evidence of authority to purchase. ' 'Priority certificates must be obtained from thq Veteran's certifying unit serving the area In which the veteran • lives'or has his business. *• 111 "b *•" priority claimants '(») In the sequence listed. (b) Only to the category on the' day or days specified. (el On a "first come—first served" basis. f. All sales subject to minimum V« and maximum quantities as " stipulated at the site, and the fixed prices established . PV WAA. 7 -Right Is reserved to wilh. t draw all or any part of (he property included in this sale at any time prior to a contract of sale. All sales are lubject to sales terms and conditions of WAA. 8. f?. ca'alogues mailcd-de- v tailed lists at the showroom. VETERANS CERTIFICATION OFFICES IN THIS AREA ARE LOCATED AT: Assets Administration Certifying Office 109 Main Street Little Rock, Arkansas of McGehee Follow ihe "Site Sale" Signs from Ma-Geheo or Wlnchwt.r Io Rohwer WHEN YOU CAN BUY Aufiust H3 Sales to Federal Agencies' August 2ii fo 30 Sales to. Certified Vctcr.-i'n'i-World War TT |cp ember 3 Sulrs Ui RFC for Sintill (Justness I'V-" " September 1 to 5 Snlcs Io Slate and Uicnl Govcrnmerts bep pmbcr (i S:ilcs to Klifijble Non-Prof! ^Institutions September 0-10-11 Sales, to Non-Priority proups • Sales Hours: 8 A. M. to 5 P. M. No sales on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays •' WHAT YOU CAN BUY Kitcl.cn Equipment Hardware: Light and Heavy 100 Dutchei- nicnt blocks, 93 cook rannes, ;inr| 23 rcach-ln refrigerators, uscrl. 100 cook <;il3lcs, new and used. 8.981 utensil items. Bikina ovens, Ete.ini Ovens, Electric Tonst- used Elec ' rl ° lce Cream Maker, Cafeteria Equipment 8-10 moss hnll tnhles nnd hem-lies used. D0.8RS itcm-j including: chinaware, l-.nivcs, spoons, forks, suit and peppers, etc. New and used. Builders Hardware Small lols of planes: -SCT.C'WK. bulls,: C'hisels, brushes, screw-- drivers paints, and other items. New. ' Warehouse Aids 24 warohnusn | rude platforms on A-hecls. 240 wheelbarrows. 1 Ui'c'd. Tires. Approximately 100 niustly IKW rccai'jj, 2,435 space heaters, coal or wood 'W'tifli .used. 2,767 articles In- cludlna .buckets, garbage cans, cab- juels, Ota., .used. 15,000 ft. girden .V"'*'. "Mv^y-SO. toot lengths, used. •i50 baj;w...s.9f.et> dynamite plugs herosenei steel fenceposts truck tires, Now rcpa Snillt i W'TO^MP^ Cater'. pillar' trUclorsi 'LIMfffcd amount. Bedsteads 2-3DB\Voort b'e'cistciidsi'double deck can be used single. Uj»d. ' Shoes 285 navy, scrvire. obsolete. Newt Miscellaneous Il;inrl !i carls, new nnrl usrrt. concrete and vilrofied tile Dohnlra : lime— .•ipwo.xiirialciy 1UU sadis. Plow points, various sixes anrl <•- 2,000 |iolato buss. 2,500 onion bass, mesh; small Jariii |3io\Vi. :• nail quantities of poultry fountains and brooders Little l>ck Regional Office Little Rock, Arkansoi I.R-13A-N Wallace BuiSdii, Novice Who Wonted to Fly May Get Chance in Service ./.\Ynshlhfilon, Aug. 21 — (UP) — TJifl Army nnd Nnvy Union decided today thnt a boy who wants to fly badly enough to steal a pltinc nnd lake off in the dark without benefit of a single lesson oilfihl to have a chance. SiiVenlecn-ycar-old John Marsh Hopkins, a theater usher, had had his dreams of the "wide blucyon- dcr frustrated Tor seven years. Last Friday he decided he'd had enough, 'So he allegedly stole a StinSon cabin plane at 3 a. m. at ivismall local airport and ~ al- trroiiRh ho never had a fying lesson — managed to take off: H.,i8) In. the dark; (b) during a Jjght -rain; and (c) on one wheel. .jiBut the FBI caught up with him afleri'hc. crash-landed, and he has been doling his dreaming about flying behind bars since vhon. (,>• Tpday however, Capt. George II. jMaj.i,ics,i:Americanism director for the Army and Navy Union, said hls.,.organization will try to have yoltnfi Marsh paroled in its care so lie can be sent to a flying school •at the unions expense. " Maincs explained that any would- be flier who can take over a plane jjllfe''way Marsh did is a natural- inborn pilot and ought to have a chance to try his wings instead of being convicted as a'criminal. -•.Hopkins is being held under the •federal auto theft law, recently expanded to include airplanes. o • Russians Reject Mac Arthur's Council Plan , 'I*okyo, .Aug. 21 — CUP)—Gen. '.jJDouglas Mac/lrthm's plan for the Allied ConUJol (Council (o admit rep- reseiitntivcj8;clf''th'c/ll! powers which waged theiRaciific' \Var met with a flat rctusailjlddhy from the Russians. -SK^..-::Lt. Gcn.tKufcha Dci'cvyunko, the Russian njcriibor of the control council, appJfuontly considered the plan a tnpv&'.io curb Soviet influ cncc. '.•};(' Dcrcvyankp read a statement to the council'lsaying the proposal was "not within the purview ol the council and I cannot even dis- it. Unconventional Convention /Costumes' , t, l ' V , "' » i Phychiatrists Find Farm Hand Sane Chicago. Aug. 21 — (/P)— Three psychiatrists said today their examination of Robert Beatly, 21- year old Danville, 111., farmhand held in connection with the fatal "lover's lane" slabbing of his girl friend,, Indicated that he is sane. Dr. .Harry Hoffman, head of the Illinois netiro-psychiatric institute, said ho and his rassociatco had made both menial and physical examinations rind -that the youth appeared not to be suffering from any psychosis. Arkansas Guard Flying Units to Be Recognized Little Rock, Aug. 22. — (IP) — The first step toward acquiring recognition for four air national guard units to be based at Adams Field, Little Rock, will be taken today when a board of officers of ihe 10th air force will meet here to examine the units and their personnel. The units arc the first in the 10th air force area, which includes Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas to be examined for federal recognition. The examining board was op pointed by the secretary of war. Members were to leave Brooks Field, San Antonio, today by plane MacArtnur aiinounccd his plan Aug. 13- to invite powers "not in dividtially represented on the (four power) Allied council tor J» pan informally and unofficially U join the councils discussions anc contribute their views on mailers, which may be brought before th council; ' o Buenos Aires is Ihe largest city below the equator. L. 1 ! -Check your clothes" uns the ordci of the day When nudists from 47 states recently gathered; at Zoro Nature Park, Hoselawn, Ind., for the. first postwar'convention 61 the American faunbawnng. Association. Above, members are pictured hearing reiterated, the organizations creed, clpjlnng is a barrier to natural' living,", as meeting opened. liuavmu "cl,o$iin rv£*''" .' will- require several days, it was announced. • -Final action will be tcikcn by Ihc National Guard Bureau in Washington. o— Never stand under a tree . nor near a wire fence during a thunderstorm. PIN WORMS Now can be Beaten! The' iptBcriea of Pin-Worms have been known fpr centuries, nnd millions of victims, have Bought n wny to dcnl with thU rest tjial.livea inside the humnn body. Tqdpy, !thnnks to u itpcciul, medically rec- ORnir.ixl ilruc (gentian violet), a hiithly cf- ^cctiv^rrcntmcnt has been made, possible. This ttnig'.ls'Uic vltnl inKredient in P-W, the "Pin-Worm tablets developed in tho laboratories of Dr. D. Jiiynu & Son. The amslli.enBy-to-toke P-W tablets net in a special wny to'remove Pin-Worms, ^p don't Buffer in silence with the cmlmr- rnTami,' rectal itcli caused by this uely, Htubborn pest. Ask your druggist for a package of JAYNE'S P-W and follow tho Dimple directions carefully. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. P-W—the treatment for Pin-Worms, Lower Quality Meat Faces Consumers Omaha, Aug. 21 —(ill— Restoration ')i meal price controls means "consumers will have to Ic-arn to cat grass-fed cows beef and like il because no good and choice beef will be sold, President Harry L. Coffee o( Oinahns union stockyards company said today. Receipt were down sharply on the, Omaha market and Coffee said packers here undoubtedly will have to lay off many employe because "producers and feeders wont sell their cattle at ceiling prices. Most of what good meat will be sold will go to ovcrcciling prices, Coffee declared. "The decision to let OPA waste the taxpayers money in another futile attempt to force th al cot beef belosv the cost of production will soon backfire, he said in a statement, "there will be low price- tabs on the meat countcrsgSbul no mat. President Martin Hanson of the Omaha meat dealers association said "I think we wil tsce me greatest meat shortage the country has ever seen. It might svcn encourage a return Io rationing." U.of A.0neof Three Seeking: Hospital Unit Washington, Aug. 22 — (fl'i—-The' University of' Arkansas is one of several applicants f,p.r three "packaged" .hospitals which will be,disposed -of by the War Assets 'Administration, the agency said • today. ,. . • - ,-• The hospitals — complete limits packed in boxes ready for ship- nenl where needed to meet war- lime demands — are at Clcarfield. Utah. One is of 1.000-bcd size and the -other two have a capacity oi GOO beds each. The War Assets Administration put a freeze order on. the units to keep them from being' broken up and sold for the component parts. The freeze was lifted, last week bul with a provision that they must bo sold oul.v as units, not for re-sale but to be used, as hospitals to meet health needs. ''.', They will be adyertispcl fo'r sale with 'the usual priority -'provisions! If not taken by federal 'agencies! Three Charge|l With Murder ^! df Woman Beatty, who Sheriff William Way- f. 0 . 1 ;, LHUo. Rock. The ^examinations land of Vermilllon counvy said ad- "' " " milted ,the slaying.of Lois Nelson, 10 .larft.'Sunday night, was brought to ChiCfigo today for the examination:, ; ';.: ':' :••...-.-., Assistant State's Attorney John W, linger of Vermilion county, who accompanied .Wayland and Beatly to Chicago, said a first degree murder: warrant would be filed againsli the youth immediately upon! their return to Danville this afternoon, and that he would ask the death penalty for the crime. A coroner's jury in Danville found that, Miss Nelson, who had dated Bcatty occasionally since their high school days, had died of stab wounds inflicted by the youth. •Jus! 24 hours after he denied havirig a motive for the crime, which took place in a Kickapoo state park 'lovers lane Sunday night, Bcatty signed a statement that he ripped off the girls clothes and killed her 'after she tpld him "shoj'would have 1 no relations with any man unless she was marri'.'tl tojiini;;-,- ..'..,' '' BEGINNER'S LUCK Idaho Springs, Colo., Aug. 22 — /T')— Loan, bespectacled -Prof. R.. Norris Shrevc; Purdue Uhiversity chemist and atom scientist, on a visit to this old'gold-mining area, took a "panning 1 'trip. With, ^J. Price Briscoc, local mining opera- r. The professor got traces of. gold in his first attempt to pan the creek, then nearly missed-a couple of nuggets on his second, taut Briscoe hurriedly pointed them out. He had to, Briscoe confessed later. He had "salted" the stream from his own personal nugget collection. Approximately 80 per cent of the "blasting powder manufactured in the United Stales is used b.r 'He coal'mining industry. HIGH TIED! The doctor average family-'payS the $75 annually. VALUE ~ CHEAT QUALITY AND WANTITY. Morollno, Petroloiim Jollr.; ou set a Qunntily of theauall- tr.doctorn demind. Soolliljig for] minor bums—cuts, ecra BIG JAR ONLY IDC Men, Women Over 40 Don't Be Weak, Old Feel Peppy, Years Younger T»k« CVrtrM. Oontslna tonln oftnn norilod nfter 40 — tiy boOIca weak, old solely becniiso lacklna Iron. Special Introductory. sizo onlv 35cl Try Oatrfx Votaa Tnbleta to (<wl peppy, yoars younger; today. Aio culiuma vltarnlo lli, calcium, plioapuorua. At all drug stores everywhere—in Hope, at Cox and Gibson Drugs. veterans or by 'by -,., 9 s * , tl ^ ..... „ „. rJ 'bu.sj'ncsi through ' intervention ''of itlVe R.'F.O they will be available! 'W 1 . '.'ivi.stijU mentalities ol sla't'c c j\nd local 'gb.v crnmcnts' ' — the classification ."n'to which the University of "'Arkarisa FAST FORD SERVICE ••9 : • More good men have been added to our staff of ex- : pert Ford mechanics. • Genuine Ford parts are -,- - ••'• more plentiful. We have one of the best parts de': partments in the country. • Once more we are proud of our fast Ford service. • Huge plant. Wonderful equipment. Experienced .management. Every job < '•••' 'unconditionally guaran- .; teed right. • Keep your Ford fit. Get your money back when you sell or trade. Yoyr Ford Dealer For Over 28 Years HOPE AUTO CO falls. The university's application: ,hai been m - ! '' " ' Orm to U district offiGC^aifd will 'nav o be submitted -in written -form t 30 considered.. • ,, There already ar-cdonorc ' p',tKci'c j.» "' p Kospitals, 'ad cants' lhap . , ministration "'offlotals.^fifid, and! ; is probable .tha^.'M^Jp) 1 S. Public Health SQr.vicc. ? iy|Jl., belf^asktid \ 16: make •'••«! dctfcrVri'ihavton go( which^ bidder, in the .,s<rme., classification,! has the greatest '••rie'od.'5)Thc heallVi; service ha'S haa'teafti^'/Tiaking surveys of. local ••"hqgpjtal requirements. ''• ' ;' 'V i-.V/ . :. i The purchaser ' ; .'o'i,»a hospital will IIHVC to pay "shipping- charges,' which in themselves will involve considerable expense, since • 53 freight cars will bo required ' to move the packed 'iUOOO bed unit. - — o - -. — . - SMOKE DREAMS Hollywood, Calif., Aug. 22 — i/P) — It's publicity'thal counts in Hollywood, they say. and Miss Jacquc Loo, a singer" believes it. Winner of a radio contest yesterday, Miss Lee was told she could ,.4aeon,*Mo , Auij i 21 —(/I 1 ).....-.-.,,,.» faimeis wcic charged today \yith firhl dcgicc muidcr in the 'drowning fiVc years ' ago of a 73-year- old blind widow who, officers'say, had given one ot them her 58-acrc farm in exchange or a promise she> would be cared for the rest ol her life by him and his family. State Highway Patrol Ca'pl. Hi A.. Hanscn said Mark Edward Hunolt, 36, had confessed in a signed statement, that he and Stanley Brown, 24, went to' the arm home of. Mrs. Dora Bach loin near Clarence, Mo., the ifihl of Nov;. 17, 1938, "look her ill of bed and forcibly pushed her nlo Ihe well. Both were civtrgct: wilh first degree murder as was Slanley's-40- vcarsold father. Sam Brown, who •lansciT :said- Hunoll accused 'of giving-him $50 U>. help drown the woman. , •• . Hanscn disclosed that Mrs. 3achstein in an .indenture Jan. 27, 1D38, gave Staiilcy -Brown: her .farm with v.:'the ... understanding '.the Browns, her neighbors, were;, to;, lake care'of-her and that -she lalcr execulcd a bill of sale giving her other -{possessions t.o the youth for" ,"lovci aiid . affcclion", ! '•'•;- (•Her-bod" was found in• the->well' the morning", of-'Nov. 18, 1941:' M" '''Hansen 1 reported Hunalts con si'on followed'-.his arrcsl -Saturday,' on a druiikonencss 'charge, 1 Th£ ; Browns have -made no statement.. They -have been using •' Ihe 7 'farm and- other property, of Mrs. Bach stein,' whose 'death- long'has been .uiidcr' 1 investigation, Hanscn 'said. Livestock District Officicils^Mcct Here on Friday Officials' of'Disiric't Three slock Show .Association will ...... "at 8 'o'clock Friday' night."at ilir? Hcmpstcad county courthouse. All interested persons are urged to attend..- : Liyc- mcel The Mississippi river £orms entire eastern boundary of state of Arkansas. In. 1399, Henry IV of England founded a new military ordc called'The Order of the Bath. MR. TRUCK OPERATOR: If it's tires you need,• we have them. Plenty of rugged Goodyear Rayon Hi-Milers in every size from 6.00x20 6 ply through 10.00x20 12 P ly. Appliance Co. Ask to Set -.-••. STYLE NO. 1915 As Sketched ' Sauve open toe tie pn ; a jaunty platform, and the platform studded /.with nailheads.- • A smart shoe, >• < t,i ,it , y !•„' a lovely shoe, ori -a,*high, , ' , ' ' ' * ' ' J" ' i ! 'i ' ' high heel/ Gabardine or "• " ,> J sirnula^ted ' ( patent,' -'prjd 5 ' " , ' ' 1 * t "1 "* J "t. /'only- f r ,..i. REPHAN'S luivc wisli she wanted within reason. She said she .wanted 'her name inscirbcd in Illic' sky a mjlc hiffh. ' ! The radio sponsor'got hold of a skywriter and said he would do it. 22 — i Have Your 220 W. 2nd Street Phone 277 - 278 Prescriptions Filled at. CRESCENT'S Follow your doctor's' prescription exactly, os to amount and f]requen-i cy of dosage.:; Some times even a slight variation can lessen the patient's chances for rapid recovery. '• • Tfuman's^Yacht Arrives Safely in Bermuda By ERNEST B. VACCARO Hamiilon, Bermuda, Aug. (/P)— A vacationing Prscjdenl Tru- maii came today to 'Bermuda, famed holiday spot The presidential yachl Williamsburg ; docked about 9 a. m, EST (8 a. m. CST) al Ihe U. S. naval operating base, leased from Great Britain just prior to American entry inlo World War 2. , His visit to this British. crown colony is his second on Xprpign soil since becoming president, other was his trip to Potsdam,-* Germany last-August :Cor. ihe "Big Three." conference. . Tho president's yncht|..ancl navy shin "Weiss." in which was Ira.ilcd by newsmen, spoiled ric.,islands about'(i a, 111. The president expects io remain ere at least 26 hours. The primary purpose of..the call s to take on fuel, food a,nd waler D lasl tor the remainder of the ruise until the return to Washing- pn Labor .Uiiy, Sept. 2. CRESCENT Drug Store Changeling Phone 600 The little while hen ain't what she used to be, Henry Schneider, of Milwaukee, recently foundl out to his astonishment. His UH-ee-year-old White Leghorn turned into a rooster, quit laying, developed a comb and a lusty crow. Freak gland action caused the switch. Schneider's pictured above, with the change* ling chick. "' The Friendly Store' Budget Plan Available QUALITY OF PRODUCT IS ESSENTIAL TO -.,' CONTINUING ^SUCCESS Wood engraving by ]!. McCormick bose4 upou the original o For your own real deep-down smoking enjoymenf ..smoke that smoke off Fine Tobacco..

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