Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 21, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 21, 1946
Page 4
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Wo rid". Up to 15 ., •10 to 20 21 to 25 . to 30 to 35 .. to 40 .. to 45 . to 50 .. Rales H.OPI STAR,'HO PR, A ft * A M fi A S Bv Chick Young IP THE IIEATCR AIH'V UXJR5, BOiO, IT BELONG TO THt- GUY MO TAGGED YOU y could see my pistol glinting irt t.ne moonlight. It must have dropped from my holster when I scrambled up the tree. THATS A STRANGE Jj 1 l|j FEELING TO HAVE -' ' t WAS JLJt'l *x'imi FOOLING. DEAR. '"' IT COST *J COME SE£ 1 MY NEW V HAT/ _/ »'fl .r I? ? ± YOUR BONES TURN TO JELL.V LIKE THAT , .. SCf?APS AND iT, WAKH rARFI'UUY.' A TRCL- CIIMh'NG SKi'fW IS A SI«ILS. WE MUJ! nor u-T HIM JI.IP limOUGH HOERS" AGAIN/ wow NICK.' : RESCUED JEFFERSON;. FRO\\ I E.UT- PQ.SV* HtAW! LfvMD OP THE STAMPING / LET WE V!k\!|= \ I Hfv.n OTIIKM IHINfcSi ID uu 7 OH OF COURSE! ROCKS'! BY TOBV ORION..,,. / lT,HEftSE:'! I'l.\ \ •THRU AClEPT IN TOWERINS I AFRWPIHi MESA WALLS, A TRML WORN 6V \ TlfAe FOR WU U? 7 CENTURIES OP WOCCftSWEP FEET\ FtMISHtt CUWSS TO THE PUEBLO NaOV—! V "^~-.— , MAIDENS Side Glances By Galbroiih .'""$$*> ^ '_» *A-izi?» i • A, ; *-V J; "I'm kite and I can't think of a single excuse, von'd believe!" v 1 *©*!?—V—iti... '/'~-^sT--; ^"^fef%^?5 C'OPR. 1346 BY KEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. urr. 1 fo l appreciate a i<:it» once in a while, bill falling uslccp when I. Lrv out my at'ter-iliniier spin-cli isn't funny—can't ilicv ever lie serious? 1 '- <%mmgm WHO'S COINS To ) L , \«M%. Funny Business By Hershberger * STARTING TODAY AT NOON THE IOOO 7H CUSTOMER FOUNTAIN RIVAL ACROSS Trie 5TSEET. LARP HAS ASKTSD BUCK WHEAT ADVICE OM MERCHANJDISIMG- AT OUR SODA MAKE EVERY WEEK "BE KIND TO FOUNTAIN WILL RECEIVE $ 10 . IM MERCHANDISE / . A SIGN IM : i THE FRONF ! WINDOW ---- WHAT WOULD ) ID ITLL BE DUCK SOUPWE'VE" ALREADY HAD i<2> CUSTOMERS SIMCE MOON, LOU YIK5? I /COUNTTHEM ! I AMD--- AMP --- MEAN, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE? •• 7, ••/ ovssvivrno THESE LUGS/ .Vi'-'- AGAINST !S£.V_ OPPO^lTiCN —//• \ r^v-A'/, COPR. 19*6 BY Nfc'A SERVICE. INC. ; T. V'hcc. u. S.>AT. OFF. HI "Don't hit him in the 'teeth—he hasn't paid I'or them vet!' Thimbie Theater P?« 1 iSlM W-vyuV.''' ( POPEYE?? -••-•- - i;'i!;.;; ! ; ;|P,' JIT* \ :r ^-^.fi-™' v -r : ' l "" ! " : ': .',.'Wi T >•-'>: ' ^'.--.. —-fc- •;; Out Our Way By J. R, Williams Our Boarding House .With Major Hooplo HANSOU, MIS5/ STEP PACK, ^ i M - . •- -\ v wi i / r •- Ut^/- W IF •- h) ^-—VTT^j&^l* -•-/A : - -**** .tfM£SW SOME "Sillily AH, MY FRIENJP, \". ': MILLIOMAIRES. GET V! '( You FORGET THAT V, " PAM6S O' NOSTALGIA M HE WAS A KIKJ& !M PER THEIR BOYHCOP \ft HIS OWN R!Ci-HT / I'!'. \ AM' OLD LOVES AM'THAT, V THEM--MOW HE'3 \ ^ \ -BUT THIS IS TH' FIRST /A A KlMto IM HIS \ MD.MEHT TJIAT NELUE BAIKEP AT-JDMPJW6 ACROSS THBRAVDJE A MAMMOTH HCSSE-Hif OP OUR • i ^ SOM, AMD LET. >. -^ EMD OF THE HERE \,Me T?7 VOOR ELDERS 1 .^1 UP TO / i, ^ ' '~.^Wr-*?*w\) fj; «,_r;^f l ,^A- ^f Moice /'•• •' ( TRe OLD NiOSEG OL'O MOKICAhi CUR& TIME I'VE SEEM A KITCHIM DO IT.' ( f »;s:M« i PALTRY 50 j ^^:-:^8 ' • x x '^,1* ^ffi^V Ws*» ^- fV v ^&^^>X^ f ^'^- . ——-rt-_ \NV* jS5=5r5.-l*^*. - . ~&^ (^ '-'^ / A'i^if t'.'Pw —>wx-\»-*- C /-4 f >- v '- ; (^ ^-&w^£ ^^MS^^tl^'J THET 5E£.^\ t) ©E " SOME/ rW&Ell'S SORT O'FAP£f?. J IW 5nOWl:^3 ERE KORPEK'S E IS.' ALICE ATfZVPT TO VP.CIi>rl£.ft. A.vJ-"7" NVOJESTO HML- ,...,-- HlNPSIC'HT CO M. i m@!!mMm!mi!*£m&8^M%^^ H 0. P E STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of One Three Six One ffi———- . «•••. iiiifc oix unni Day Days Days Month .411 .90 1.50 .00 1.20 2.00 .75 1.50 2.50 .90 1.80 3.00 1.05 2.10 11.50 t.20 2.40 4.00 1.35 2.70 4.50 1.50 3.00 5.00 are for Continuous 4.50 6.00 7.60 9.06 10.50 12.00 13 50 15.00 Insertions O.ily All Want Ads Cash In Advance Not Taken Over the Phone Lost BROWN BILLFOLD, HAND LACCHI, contains bank book, U. S Coast Guard identification card. Other idontiricatons, pictures and money. 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By way of farewell, he proposed :".our .lesirictive amendments to the Wagner Act. None of these suggestions is new and Ihe four of them to'- gether couldn't begin to reconcile this evil monument to a lime-serving old Tammany retainer with the constitution of the United Stales and the principles of equal justice under law. Heilly would deprive ihe board of its present power to prosecute and render final judgment in union cases in which it first appears as the complaining party. 11 may be hard for many Americans lo real- i/o that this is actually the present law of their country but that is the case, nevertheless. That is what Senator Robert F. Wagner, of New York, and an ex-judge he, at that, knowingly fought for when he was steering his Ilitlerian monstrosity through the Senate and bowing with clownish solemnity to the left, which hailed him! with knowing du- rision, as a champion of Jabor. It will be even more difficult to believe that, moreover, ihe decisions of this hot-eyed kangaroo court arc final and not reviewable except when a loaded supremo court, at ils own, erratic and motivated pleasure decides to visit the dungeons and watch the rats munch the narlyrs. The original board included Edwin S. Smith, of whom the Dies Committee reported that ho had been "deeply involved in the Communist movement in this country of many ' years." When his term expired," the. committee reported officially to Congress, "the president failed to send his renewal of appointment to the Senalo" because "Smith had made too bald a record as a Communist to nave [he slightest chance of eonlirmation. After leaving, ho became' first an organizer, for the CIO and then executive director of 1he National Council of. American-Soviet friendship." This organization was described as a Communist front. The original secretary of the board, Nathan Witt, was cited in many connections by the Dies Committee and a report to Con- .yross by the Smith Commitiee, appointed to investigate the board, contained accusations of incompetence, and bias. (le resigned and reappeared briefly in New York several monlhs ago as adviser to a group of long.shoremen of the American Federation of Labor who had been seduced by Communist conspiratis to. strike against their own union. The strike failed when it was revealed to the more .intelligent rebels that uhey were being used to establish a beach-head on Die New York waterfront for the combination of west coast Communist stevedores and Communist Atlantic seafaring unions. Such, in part, was the original Labor 'Relations Board knowingly selected by Franklin D. .Roosevelt in lOlifi to persecute and badger American citizens, both employers and workers, to solicit complaints and piovoko trouble, to prosecute, convict and pass senipnce, and to promote the CIO and xhe Communist treason. There never has been, even down to now, a pretense that this was an impartial board nor a Denial of the obvious fact that defendants were presumed to be guilty, and couldn't be found innocent even though they proved they were. The defendants always are oycrs. There is no provision •if HwA I ftOtatm, If.- New York, Aug. 2 1—(/ro— The big reason for having •' « Hew York team in the new basketball association of America, explains couch Neil Cohalan, i:; that about twice as many people as the Garden can liold want to see each college cloubleheader. . . we'll give them college har.l>cl- ball by professional teams, have young payers, play fast brctnc and all that," !*ays Neil. . . In some other cities it'll be just iho reverse; college games will move into the big arenas on the heels of the pros. . . Cleveland, long a oi-o c'ane stronghold, has scheduled UTI college, bills this winter with some of the best eastern schools appearing .A! Sutphin's arena has hooked-! athlete up with Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Peoria, 111., in booking the tours. The rfrferee looked at his angry face and replied: "Son, it's Christin as lime. Let's call it all square." And the fines never were reported. . . Sports Before Your Eyes Tookie Gilbert, son of the Nashville Vnls 1 manager, Larry, will (.-liter Loyola of the south next fall iiioiead of accepting one of several good pro baseball offers. Loyola didn't have a baseball team last spring . . .All football reports from nois. idwest say.Jook out for Illi- No Names, lease One of. the best stories coming out of the pro basketball conclave dealt with hockey. . . It. seems a certain minor league player was having a bad night with the referees and was drawing a fine every time he opened his mouth. When he had been charged $75 for sassing officials, the athlete skated over i.o the rcf and said: "Now. you so-and-so, make it $100." . . End of the Line Elmore Morgenthaler, the tallest in captivity, has left New Mexico mines, where he scored nearly GOO points last basketball season, and has turned up at Boston College. . . Outfielder Jim Dcs- ling, who recently joined up with the Milwaukee Brewers and started performing like a big league prospect, talked himself out of AAA and into Class "C" baseball last spring. Just out of the army. Jim asked to be sent down until he could gel " his bearings. He batted his way up again with a .377 average at Eau Claire, Wise., in the northern league. cmp] in \V REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-H Time to Pack Away Your Winter Clothes Phone 76 We Pick Up and Deliver Put them in Moth Proof Bags • Plenty of Parking Space Cleaners HALL'S Hatters HUGH B. HA^L, Owner 208 N. Ferguson Phone 76 WANTED SALESLADIES Permanent Position Experience Necessary Apply at Chos. A. Haynes Co. Second cjnd Mg.in .Valuer's law that an ompYoyer nay ever bring charges against a union. As a remedy in this particular, Keilly oflers the restrained propo- YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere One day service* ;n town — Bargains In Secondhand Furniture ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone 152 411 S. Hotel C NOTICE 16th Street from the High School to the Springhill Road IS NOT A PART OF THE CITY DUMP. We have ihe names and car license numbers of several people who have thrown out garbage, cans, rubbish along this street. From this date on all v/ill be reported to the police and health authorities. Also we reserve the right to return this garbage to the owners front lawns or driveway. PROPiRTY OWN1RS Cards Closing in on Leadinq Hope's Softball Learn split two games in tournament play yl Little R.ock last night Losing to a capital city team and defeating England. The Hope boys proved easy for Worthen Bankers in the first eon- test dropping it 10-1). The locals | seemed tired .and nervous alter ii long trip and frequent errors proved costly. Ferguson wasn't up to par and this coupled wilh a strange field attributed lo the defeal. Worthen has perhaps the strong ost learn in the slate and boas'; two hurlers that make the ball smoke. The team is old and experienced having played as a .yroup for at least five year. They Were picked as Ihe learn lo teal from Ihe start. With one game already gone l'io Hone boys settled down to easily •denial a strong England, Ark. aggregation 12 lo 2, eliminaling them from the lournamc-nl. Hope still lias a chance to be in the title playoff providing they remain undefeated. II is generally con- ceeded that Worthen is the learn lo beal for Ihe crown. Saturday afternoon, the locals play Russelville and if they wjn play Springdalc Saturday night. j;A win over Springdale would put Uic.tn in the finals which will be playftd off Sunday. sal that the powers to prosecute, to try and to punish its own opponents be lifted and transferred to the Department of Labor. Inasmuch as this department, also exists only to serve the unions, including the foulest rackets and traitorous conspiracies, viie reform here would be imaginary and in the normal course, the Labor Department's team o :f prosecutors and judges would be composed of the same stealthy, malignant bigots whose ferocities were exposed by the Smith committee. In the conversion of the OPA xo something ostensibly else, in recent days, it has been seen again that, in the New .Deal klux, Jie personnel do not change but only change jobs. In that instance it was argued that it would have been sin lo waste the experience and competence of the xealots of the OPA. The same would be .said to justify the transfer of labor board torciuemadao to the Department of Labor to continue their old, familiar program. Reilly agrees, after : : ivo years, that the status of foremen, as to whether they may be unior.ized or not, should be "clarified." T'uit is handsome of him. to be though it suggests ihat he himself has never read the law which he Aic'od by cool weather and n meeting yesterday of officials and coaches of District 7, attention K> rapidly turning to football in Hope. Tonight iit ihe hieh school rji prospective players .will mecl wit'i Co.-mhcs Dildy and Tollctt at 7 o'cliijk to discuss and make arrangements for the coming season. The first of a 12 game schedule is slightly more than two weeks away. Handicapped bv Iho -absence of ropresenlalives from two towns Disli id 7 officials sol UD rules and icgulalions and completed sche- ulcs yesterday al Hope High School. The group discussed Ihe AAA dis- Irist setup wilh J. M. Burnett, executive secretary of the organization. Main topic was the proposed district and state playoff. i According lo plans Ihe lille play- I cffs will only extend state fool- ball two weeks beyond the regular season and this applies only to participating teams. This district is composed of Howard, Sevier, Lillle River. Miller, Hempstead, Lafay- cl!.e, Nevada, Columbia, Ouachila,' Calhouu and Union counties. Original members of Ihe state football conference are automatically in District No. 1 and the non-conference members are in District 7. Under this setup each town has a chance to cop the stale litle without dispute. Hope's schedule calls for six home games, four of them conference: Sept. 13, DeQueen, here. Sept. 20, Smackover, there. Sept. 27, ElDorado, here. Oct. 4, Joncsboro, there. Oct. 11, Nashville, there. Oct. 18, Texarkana, here. Oct. 25, Camden, here. Nov. 1, Hot Springs, there. Nov. 8, Benton, there. Nov. IS, Gurdon, here. Nov. 22, Fordyce, there. Nov. 28, Pine Bluff, here. By WALT BYER3 New York, Aug. 21 — (UP) — The wobbly Brooklyn Dodgers were catching it from both ends today as tne Cardinals roared down the home ..stretch in traditional stylo and the I'irales picked up thpir heels in the cellar. It was a now version of the squeeze play, with the Dodgers' National League lead squeezed to one-half game. The roaring Redbirds. who have won 14 of their last 10 games, captured their fourth in a row last night as Howie Polka blazed hij southpaw r.lnnts past the Boston Braves, yielding only three hits j"or a •) to 1 victory and St. iunris' 141h in 19 games with the bean- towners. Manager Eddie Dyer led with his ace in an attempt to keep the Cardinals coming and ihe New Orleans lefty responded brilliantly, striking out five and missing a shutout by one hit — ex-Cardinal Ray Sanders' sixth homer o i the season in the third inning. Pallet, shooting for the 20-game circle, breezed to his ISlh triumph as Harry Walker's triple. Stan IVIti- sitil's double and Enos Slaughter's single gave him the one-run margin he .needed in the :"purth. The new anti-union Pirates made almost as notable a gain, wallop- ing'Ihe Dodgers to move within a half a game of the seventh-place Phils who dropped i\ dpuble'neadcr to the Cubs. After rejecting the American Baseball Guild au their bargaining agent by a IS to 3 score, the Pirates sauntered onto Forbes Field and... riddled four Dodger pitchers' for 10 hits and a 10 to 0 victory, their seventh in their last nine games. Manager Leo Durochcr, in an attempt to start off the vital we.si- ern swing on a winning fool led with his slop-gap ace, Vic Lombard!. But the Bucs chased the ln- lie lefty to cover in the :'irst 'nninp' wilh four runs as Jim Russell and Nick Strinccvich combined 10 give the 31,106 fans a real show. Russell singled with the base^ loaded in the big first and again with them loaded in the seventh for two more runs while Strincc- vich muffled the Dodger attack with four Jiits for his eighth victory. It was a bad jiight ior American I.paftno pilchin;'; arc.-;. Feller an K't-winjiiKi-r, however. Hobby Feller proved to W">;hihg- lon fans that he could throw a ba.M-ball !)!!.(! miles per .hour in a pre-gaine test, but the unbelieving 'i>(.':iuiurs l'4j)|>(.*i! him lor i'.ix hit:; and a 5 lo •! victory over the Indian:;, The Philadchihia ^(hlf/tics turned on southpaw Hal Nrsvhouaer, rapping him for .seven hits, a 2 to 0 victory aim tneir fourth in 19 games with Detroit. .Bob Savage hold the Tiger:; 10 three hits 10 give Newhouser his sixth defeat compared with 21 victories. ,Ioe DiMaggio muffed Bob Kciv neciy's long nnc: drive with two out and the bases loaded in the. sixth '(i climax a bail iitghl for the Yankees and the hWite Sox routed the 'uc\v foiitt.-iK. .-I 10 :•'.. boutnpaw Ed Lopal limited the Yanks lo eight nu.s — including DiMaggio's 2ulh homer — for hij ninth iriumph. At Boston. Ted Williams "walloped his 33rd homer and Chet Laabs his 14th as the Red Sox and Biowns split a -.lo'jbleneader. Jim Bagby's seven-hit hurling gave the Red Sox the opener, 5 to 1. while rookie righthander .. Ellis Kinder stopped the, Bosqx in the nightcap, 5 to -1, i'or his first victory of the campaign although he needed help from Tom Fcrric.k in the ninth inning. Hank Borowy finished his fifth game in 19 starts to beat the Phillies, 5 to 2. in the first game and his Cub teammates easily took ihe second with a 14-bit attack for a at) to 2 victory at Chicago. The Cubs victories cost more than they were worth, however, Baseball Scores By The AnsociateJ Prass AMERICAN LEAGUE Boston 5-1: St. LotiiT 1-S. ' Chicago 9; Nnw York 2. Philadelphia 2; Dctrp.lt 0. Washington . r i: Cleveland A, .NATIONAL LEAfiJS Chicago fi-lfl; Philadelphia 2-2. , St. Louis •}; BoKton 1. Pittsburgh 10; Brooklyn 0. ' New York 4; Cincihtftiti 3. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION „> Chattanoora fi; Allnftta 2. New Orleans 12; Little Rock 4; .Birmingham 3; Naehvillc 2. Mobile Ci; Memphis S. when Second Baseman Don John son was sidelined with :\ broken bono in his hand when hit by sa pitched ball in the second game.j' In Cincinnati, Goody Rosen's homer in the ninth inning matched a run by the Reds in the last half to give the. New ,'i'ork Giant a 4 to 3 victory'. ' ' ' . FOR SALE 1 3 /4 to,n White Truck Shop Eqnipment is no better than the man that uses it. For Your Repair Work, see Highway 67 Phone 57 TEN ROGERS ARE NOT ENQUGM to relieve dry itchy scalp, but you can got real relief with Moroline Hair Tonic. Hclp3 reinovoloosedantlmfi'fiaked. HA!R TOJ1IC LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. --30-Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLSA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural . Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE o PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smat\ • ANDERSON BROS, e Pirates Reject has been adminislei'iivji. law plainly holds that By J. ROBERT SHUBERT Pittsburgh, Aug. 21 — (UP1 — Robert Murph.v, . soundly defeated in his first" attempt to unionize a major league team, angrily declared today that "this f'™h< 'IMS iusl hc-aun" and indicated that his fledgling American For that 1 ' :|St ' n:i| l liuilrl soon would have •iloriMiK'n " 10 support of nationally powerful stand" outsfde the act because- ,hey Ul " ( "' unions Boston labor leader, sold officer of the the re- i-ppreseiil the emoloyer's 'iiteresls. It was the board itself that fl-nit- ed this plan language and created a doubt, iiot in tne text, but in its own devious mind. The other two recommendations presented with such virtuous elal are not worth the paper on which to discuss them .being .rival and more like diversions Jian sincere admissions of I'ault. The trouble is with ihe Wagner Act itself, whole and entire. Conceived in mischief and '.iedi- cated to the destruction >>!' \he principles of justice, it .iiuido V'li- lical proteges of unions without defining unions or prescribing even a minimum of decency in their character and administration. Purporting to guarantee In workers the right lo bargain collectively through agents i>f 'their own choice, it has authori/.ed unions, employers and Ihe board xo select thoje bargaining agents f'.ir millions of unwilling cili'/.u'n.s. It hi~'"n an accomplice in the robbing and persecution of lho.se millions, not daring to deny in so -many words ihe right of .he >ndivUlual American to drive his own bargain. Wagner achieved ihat dehumanizing purpose against millions by stealth and rapped ;hem in the closed .'.hop and ; is \-aria-- tions. And Jie established a courl which has entertained complaints and even solicited complaints from one side but will not receive charges against it:; own clients. In all these cieven year.; this ageing survivor of Tammany at its Worst, with his seeming juicy humanity and courageous virtue, ha.s never ventured to discuss ihe harmful effects of his wicked law. Wouldn't you think a guy that old, who has been flicked in the face by an angel's wing, would have the conscience to turn square after all this time and admit he did his countrymen dirt? The and A. B. G., refused to condemn Piltsbitrph Pirates players for jecting the guiid as their bargaining aiiciit yesterday by :\ 15 10 3 vote. 1-1 u charged they were coerced by the unfair labor practices ot the big league owners. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press U;:; Anju-ltfs -- Billy Smith, luf! 1-2. Lo.s Angeles, outpointed Bobby Zander. 172, LMS Angeles, 12. Haleni. Mass. — - Tony Costa, 121!, Wouii.socket. R. J., outpointed Bobby Kiu'Jisn, 12G. Fall River, 10. Brooklyn (MacArthur Stadium) — Hilly Graham, 139, New York, outpointed Vic Costa, 147, New York, «. 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