Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 21, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 21, 1946
Page 3
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If: I f'i J H) P E S T A R, H 0 t> i> A ft K A N S A 5 M, for the First Time the U.S. Gets in on Question of 'GbfifroL of Dardanelles By GLEN BABB .(Substituting for Mackenzie) .' AP, . Foreign Affairs Analyst All the noisy acrimony of the '-""' conference thus - far ,.,^_.',.d with trifles ared' wilh „ a "„ cJas'K :<jf 'wills . ., tba^Wfistern -Powers and aa. which .has been 'going on in the classic aV'Trrarmer- of diplomacy, behind, the closed doors of foreign otfi&ssj" The'", great powers are lacked- in',, a" test of- strength and trtfTves..Qvgr one of the oldest is""'^s * of world politics, the straits _,,.jMitU>a. »ox-i,to,'Use. the popular *harhe, the; Dardanelles. — Since this involves one of the **immtiiy • elements -of" world • riiast- 4 ery and strategy, since it touches ' rm one of th*> mmt cherished am.-. \ bitions , of the Russian state for J xnree and a half centuries and r since it may determine control of , the vital 'Middle East, there is a i grimness about this clash beyond * anything yet developed 'at P.aris. ' * The other powers Involved have 1 been pulling and hauling at' the' * straits "'question' at. le,a'st since the * beginning' of the nineteenth cen- , tury, some of; them longer. But . now'fOr~ the first'time the, United , States has declared itself in on * 'the game".'Nothing in the postwar i period has'sho'wn so significantly. * how far the 'United --States•• has * moved from the policies' : that- : guid- * ed its international 'conduct 'during * the period' between the first and , second world . wars" or 'Jc?'. definitely: , emphasized the conviction ol the „ American government that this > country 'can not. remain aloof from * any contest 'involving'- a shift in * world forces. ' * The issue is. this: Russia has ' served derriahas'-oh Turkey; the * guardian'of-"the straits '— besides t the Dardanelles- these "include' the , Bosporus and the sea of Marmora , — which neitner Turkey nor the » .western powers find .acceptable. » '- These " are,-; firt.that the Black « Sea powers alone take over con* trol of the straits ;and, second, that * .Russia and Turkey jointly assume, * their defense. -' '^ The Black Sea powers are Bul. garia, Romania, Russia and Tur. key. Since the first 'two are now t firmly in. the. Russian-,orbit and * seem destined to remain there. Turkey 'would; become nent minority • of • one' in any Dar- a perrna- • danelles. councils. 'And the ' second ' demand would mean that Russia • would move ' in alongside; Turkey in t military occupation f ofj the shores i of the straits'.' The junior partner , in such an ' '.arrangement would i have little^ chance "iovhold his own. . Acceptance of these terms would » mean fulfillment of. 'a dream which" • Russian. rulers; have: 'held since » Peter, The Great three : arid a half 1 centuries ago 'determined' to break ; through the b'ohdx of land and ice , that held,' Russia . away from ' un- i hindered; access.. to the seven seasj t Never perhaps in all 'history of the i glacier-like spread" of; Russian ter- CO.WP1.ETE LINE OF OFFfCb SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 ' Hope,'Arlc Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Prow 1927, Consolidated January IS. 1929. Published everv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretory-Treasurer at the Star building 212-214 South Walnut Street. Hope. Ark. Alex. H. Washburn. Editor & Publisher 'Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Nosmer, Mech. Supt. Jets M. Davis, Advertising Manager Emma G. Thomas, Cashier Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under tha Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)--Means Associated Press. 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Granc 3iva Oki'anoma City, 314 Tormlnil Bldo <Jew Orleans 722 Unior. ?t ritories toward the warm waters has any' of Peter's successors looked upon a prospect so invit- ,g as that spread before Stalin.. be Baltic now lies largely within the Russian sphere; through Yugoslavia the Adriatic is in effect accessible; Russian power is reestablished in Port Arthur and Dairen on the ice-free waters of the Orient; possesion of the Kuri- les widens Soviet access to the Pacific, and Soviet power is moving with great pressures tosvard the Mediterranean and the Persian gulf. The United France have States, Britain and ranged themselves ' behind Turkey is 'opposing the thrust' through the straits. They are not opposing all Russian desires, however. They are willing to alter the resisting regime fpr control of the straits, embodied in 'ihe Montreux convention of 1936, 'so as to considerably facilitate the movement of ; Russian and other warships arid merchantmen! between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. But they want to do this within' , the framework bf the United Nations and the Mpntreux convention. And 'the -United States for the first time is ready to share the ' responsibility, for 'a plan of peaceful control of the Dardanelles. 1 ' .'"' •'"'•'• The question worrying th? other capitals is how rnuch in earnest is the Kremlin in its demands, how! far is Stalin prepared to go in pressing them, whether' .this means •a showdown or -just the beginning of ARGAINING. The answer may mean more to the prospects of world peace than anything achieved at Paris. OPA to Return Continued from Page One tobacco, and petroleum. Congress said these products will remain control-free unless, the board decides otherwise. Market Report POULTRY AND PRODUCE .. Chicago, Aug. 21 — (£>) ~ Live Commodities covered last night j r.oultryt: hens steady, chickens were in a different category: They weak; receipts 22 trucks .one car; would have returned to controls automatically at midnight, had the board failed to act. In restoring meat controls, the board authorized OPA to put back into effect the same subsidies that were applied to meat on June 30. An Agriculture Department official said these subsidies — which totalled $684,000.000 in fiscal 1940 — should be sufficient to allow a roll-back 30 levels. of meat prior to June prices unchanged. Butter: B'irni; receipts 541,160; 93 score AA 70; 02 A 69: 90 B 07; 89 C 65; cars: 90 B 07: 09 C 05. Eggs, unsettled; receipts 9,855; market unchanged. 21 ST LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., Aug. (/P)—Hogs 1,000; very light run numbering fewer than -100 salable; barrows atid -gilts 180 - 270 Ibs practically all on eprice at 23.00. Although the farm parity ratio j or 50 to mostly 1.0 Ohigher than increased about six per cent dur ing the first 15 days after price controls expired, the spokesman noted that there was still a "com- t'orlable cushion" 'between livestock ceilings and parity levels on June ,10. That cushion probably can absorb any subsequent increases in the farms' cost of living. To ease the transition iatno a subsidy tree era beginning, by order of Congress, on April 1, the board decreed that the subsidy payments must be cut in half not later than Jan. 10. In addition to meat, soy beans and cotton seed, the board' returned price controls to flaxseed and by-product grain feeds. Tuesdays average ;bearish on few small lots of 300-350 Ibs for which best early bids around 20.00 ;some sows 1GO-170 Ibs 21.00-22.00; 130-150 Ibs 18.50-20.00: 100120 Ibs 17.0019.00; sows 17.00-19.00. Cattle 2.00: calves 80: one load good and choice steers.23,75; these steady; few medium heifers and mixed yearlings about steady from 13.00-16.50; cows about steady including aood up to 13.00; cofrnmi and medium beef cows, at 9.5011.75: canners and cutters 7.509.50: bulls unchanged; medium and eood sausage bulls around 12.5013.75: vealers 75. .lower: ' choice 18.50; medium and good 13.00-17.25: nominal' range slaughter"' steers It left free of control wheat, rye 111.00-20.50; slaughter heifers 9,50- irn, oats, feed oats, mixed i'eed 25.00; stacker 'and feeder'', steers oats, barley and grain sorghums, and any livestock or poultry feed made entirely from any one or more of the whole grains. Concerning said: "I • do not housewife. meat, Thompson have to tell any That the price of meat in the butcher shops of this counlrv is far higher, than it was on June 30. I am sure you will all agree that meat has increased unreasonably." Following is the board's report n: Grains — estimated supplies appear adequate to cover demands. Production of corn, oats, barley and sorghum grains should almost equal the previous record year. An all-time record wheat crop is in prospect. Though prices of food and feed grains rise sharply and to "unreasonable levels" in July, tney are dropping rapidly to more reasonable levels. Dairy products—continued short supplies are anticipated. But prices generally are up only about three cents per quart of milk Nearly two cents of this reflects 10.50-17.00. Sheeo 1200; only about 500 salable sheen and lambs; no" early sales or bids. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Aug. 21 —(/P)—Grains ex- nerienced substantial price declines today on fairly heavy selling coming from commission houses with eastern connections. At One time corn contracts were down more than 4 cents while oats lost as much as 2 cents. Traders sai d some selling ,to- oarently was created by the price de-control boards statement last night pointing to the large current and prospective teed grain supplies and a decrease in the number of U. S. Scores Continued from Page One Russian Communist domination over eastern Europe .The present former subsidies. So the real rise ; difficulties with Poland, Yugo'slav- '"" If it's' tires you need/ we have "of rugged Goodyear Ray;.on .Hi-Milers in every size from 6.00x20 6 ply through 10.00x20 Hamm Tire & Appliance Co. 215 S. Walnut Phone 21 Budget Plan Available was only a cent. This is not un- reasonaole — a condition laid down by Congress for the return of arice controls. As for butler, Thompson said the subsidy was about 15 cenls a pound, and added: "When you add lhal 15 cenls to the. prices you were paying under ceilings in June, I think you'll find the present prices are not far out of line, x x x "I am not saying, of course, that there were not several cities where distributors ('temporarily took advantage of the situation. And we are aware, too, of the fact that much butter was dumped on the marset in Ihe hope of cashing in while there price control." Cotlon seed, soy beans and their products — the principal products was no ia and other Soviet dominated .nations are regarded here as part of the general patlern of the struggle between the Soviet Union arid the western powers resulting 'from what American officials regard as Soviet agressiveness. •' • With regard to Turkey, Kussia bas a Ipnitirnale interest in' ' the grnin consuming animals. There was some sellln gby cash interests in com futures. Cash prices of wheat, corn and oats wore generally steady with yesterdays prices. The market was not affected by the de - control boards ruling keeping rn ax i mums' off grains. NEW YORK COTTON New York. Aug. 21 — i/PV— Cot- tori futures registered moderate; gains in slow trading today. Mill buying againsl texlilc orders along] with short covering and New Orleans demand met only limited offerings. Tin; government weekly weather report was generally :'av- orablo, excepl in Texas and Oklahoma. Lale afternoon prices were '10 cents to 1.5 Oa bale higher. Oct. 35.85, Dec. Itf.O.'-!. Mrh. :!:">.70. Futures closed 00 cents a bulo lower to GO cents higher. Oct high 35.95 — low .'15.70 — last 35.70 off 10 Doc high 30.07 — low 35.72 — last 35.72-81 off -1-13 Mch hllh 35.90 — Low 35.58 — last 35.60-0 4off 0-10 May high 35.C5 — low 35.25 — last 35.28 off 10 Jly high 35.1 0— low 34.70 - 34.70N off 18 Oct high 32.45 — low .12.21 32.3 3up 12 Middling spol 3G.52N off 10 N-nominal. lust last NEW YORK STOCKS New York,-Aug. 21 —(&) — Individual stocks made a fair amount of Legal Notice headway in todays market while many lendeVs continued to do/e in lower territory. From the start dealings were about as slow as in ihe preceding session. Quotations generally attained their best marks in Ihc forenoon. Gains of fractions to ;.i oint or more — a Tew "thin issues executed broader jumps — eventually were reduced or converted into losses considerable .irregularity prevailed near the close. Transfers ran to around 700,000 shares. NEW ORLEANS COJTON Now Orleans, Aug. 21 —(/P)—Cotton futures declined here today under long realizing, hedge selling and favorable weather reports. Closing prices were easy, lit) cenls. to . $1.. a .bale lowc^r. Oct high ,'!5.9tl -- low 35.5 5— close , 35.55 '. Dec high' 3G.01 — low 35.G5 — close 35.65-60 Mch high 35.90 — low 35,55 — close 35.55 . May high 35.59 — low 35.2:i — close 35.23-27 Jly high 34.90 — low 34.Gl — closi- :;4.(u Kpu! cotton closed steady, f>0 cents a bale lower. Sales U44. Middling 35.05. CRYING WOLF Chicago, Aug. 21 —(/P)— Sam Pecorado. Chicago Park district official, reports his 150 male life guard.; frequently are lured into the water by fake screams of help from men trying to attract one of the 51) women guards. Tho latter complain- xhat sometimes women bathers pull the same stunt for the male guards' benefit. The guards of both sex are getting sick of it, Pecorado said. HOLDING THE BAG Hays, Kas., Aug. 21 --(/P)—.Mrs. Van Hart man was mystified when she reached into her ice box for a sack of Ptf"s and pulled out a bag of silver roins and pennies. . Just then her fathi.'r, R, S, Maxwell, telephoned to ask anxiously if. she had carried home tho Lutheran church collection Ihe night before by mistake. . • • Hi- had concealed the money in the bag, and next morning found himself counting eggs inslead of cash. About one in ten ot the falls causing death or injury takes place in the kitchen. Hrall -'is the fourth largest country in the world. Yesterday's Stars By The Associated Press Howie Pollel. Cardinals — turned back Boston wilh vhroc hits, 4-1, as St. Louis edged in wth- in half game of Jeacl. Nick Strincc.vii-h, Pirates -blanked Dodgers wilh four hils, 100. Phil Cavarre.tla Cubs ~ Cavaiy rella collected seven hits in nine trips during doubleheador sweep over hils, 5-2, 10-2, Bob Savage, Athletics — bested Hal Newhouser in mound duel, holding Detroil to three hils in 2-0 victory. Mickey Heafner, Senators — handed Cleveland's Bobby l>'i|Uer third straight .setback, 5-4. w Dardanelles — an interest first recognized in a 1774 trealy with the Otloman empire which gave Ihe Russians certain rights 'in; the slralegic walerway. '. Ever since, Ih'e Russians have sought periodically' to increase Iheir Dardanelles privileges. Thus Iheir latest move to gain some form of military control is based on a century and a half of czarist "for-' eign policy. What Moscow proposed to An... . , .-- . ,kara was that Russia and Turkey are edible oils and protein :?ats, share in the defense of the straits, shortening, salad and cooking oils. II was this to which American Fnce rises in many cases have policy shapers emphatically ob- been "outrageous." Flaxseed and by-product feeds — prices ' have risen unreasonably, supplies are short, and regulation is in' the public interest. Prices for linseed meal are up as much as 57 per cent since June 30 . As the board completed its decision to restore meat ceilings, cattle were selling in Chicago at their highest levels since June 30. Some sales yesterday were as high as $27.90 per hundred pounds, compared to a June 30 ceiling of 18. ject, even though they are willing to grant Russia many 1 special priv ileees short of military control, Thev. contend that in this air age the Russians coujd not possibly hope to defend the strails by placing fortresses, on its shores. They note that the straits were closed in the last war-by German occupation of the Agean islands. Thus, in the American view, this leaves only one way" to defend the straits. That way is to occupy all of Turkey in addition to holding stra- io ¥14.8 . tegic Balkan position, And this ap went for a top price of [pears to be the American assurnp- Ihe former ceiling was lion of what the Russians actually have in mind in some~ form. As one high official put it, "the entire American poliey is based on the assumption that the Russians intend eilher to dominate or lo occupy Turkey," -o PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 38 SUBMITTED BY FIFTY-FIFTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF. ARKANSAS, a majority of all the members elected to each House agreeing thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to Ihe Constitution of the Stale of Arkansas, and upon being submilled to Ihe electors of Ihe Slale for approval or rejection at Iho next general 'election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at, such an election, adopt such amendment, the : same shall become a part of the Constitution of tho Stale of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That Amendment No. 3 'of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended to read as follows: The county courts of the Slate in their respective counties togelher with a majority of the justices of the peace of such county, in addition to the amount of county tax allowed to bo levied, shall have the power to levy not exceeding ten mills on the dollar on all taxable property . of their respective counties, which shall be known as the Bounty road- lax, and when collected shall be used in. the respective counties for the purpose of making and repairing public roads ; ahd bridges of the respective counties, and for no other purpose, and shall be collected in United Stales.'currency or "county warrants legally drawn on such road tax fund if a majority of the qualified clec- tprs of. such county shall have voted public road tax at the general election for State and county officers preceding such levy at such election. Filed in the office of Secretary of State on the 20th day of March, 1945. Witness my hand and seal of office- on this the 25th day of Feb ruary, 1946. C. G. HALL, Secretary of State . May. 8, 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19, 26, July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28, Sept. 4, 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2 9, 16, 23, 30. ourse Its a SUPREME COLD More Smart Women use Applied closer, to tfje scalp, your curls and waves will be longer- lasting, more lustrous and easy to set. The laboratory tested, crystal- clear Charm-Kurt waving solution is safe and easy to use on any type of natural hair. Satisfaction or money back. 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Tito added that "certain allied countries" did not observe professed principles of their care :for the independence of small nations "even in the case of an allied country such as Yugoslavia." "There can be no. question today of two fronts; western and eastern, western countries and eastern countries,' 'he said. "No, the question today is one o£ true. Democracy versus reaction." The foreign ministry admission- contained in a note dispatched last night to U. S. Ambassador Richard C. Patterson—brought from Patterson the bitter comment: "A year and a half ago they welcomed our planes and now they shoot them down." The Yugoslav note, which termed Monda"'s incident a "regrettable accident," made no reference to the U. S. transport plane downed Aug. 9 nor to the seven occupants of that plane now being held at Ljubljana. It said two members of the crew parachuted from the plane forced down Mpnday, but added : "There are signs that un fortunately victims fell in this, ac? cident." In London, the Yugoslav news agency Tanjug issued a translation Of a talk broadcast to Yugoslav workers by Premier Marshal Tito in which he said he had witnessed the downing of one of the planes. The text did not rnak,e clear which. An earlier translation, by Tanjug specifically said it was that of'Aug. 9, but the later text did not- carry any date and Belgrade dispatches said it was likely ne had seen the second plane attack, but not the first. fin the later text, Tito complained of "incessant new violations of our frontiers and territory" by "not only civilian planes but military planes x x x not single planes alone but even whole s,quadrorts." (He commented' that "when it happens, as it did happen, tha^ a plane is fprced to land, x x x, Statements are put out that the ' plane could have lost its way in ' the clouds, though tne sky wa,s, perfectly cleur." ' ' ' " 1 Stop... have a Coke BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY HOPE COCA-COLA 8 Q T T L. L N G Phone 392 Second Q.nd louislonq Sti f) ; ^y,_ August 2T, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOP E, A R K A N S A 5 Page Three P, eriona Phone 768 Betwwn 9 «. m. and 4 p. m. I 'hllllps-Huckabcc Carriage Announced Mrs. O. J. Phillips of Ihis city uilioimccs the marriage of her laughter, Mury Sue to Wlnfrccl r(|ifl:kftbcc, son (<f Mrs. Walter luckabcc nlso of this city. The rtarrlago was solemnized on Tues- flay, August 13 nt tho homo of the officiating minister, Reverend J. D. Copeland in 1'roscott, Arkansas." Tine single ring ceremony was ; The bride was attired in a pink linen dress with while accessories ttnd her flowers were pink and :jyhilo rosebuds. ! Both Ihc bridu and groom are graduates ot Hope High .School. Ihc groom has recently been discharged from the armed forces after serving three years, including One and one-half years overseas in the European theater, i After a short wedding trip to Hot Springs the couple will be at JJome at 1011 West Gth street here. iComing and Going •' Mr. .and Mrs. Campbell Bowman And daughter, Mary Ann "of Dallas. Texas were tho Monday guests of Mr, and Mrs. George T. Crews here. They were cnroutc to their Some in Dallas from a vacation to Natural Bridge in Rockbridgc county, Virginia. Births The Doctor Says: By WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M.D. Written for NEA Service General conlamination of the air by germs is impossible because of the sterilizing effect of the Mr. and Mrs. Clyde T. Mcsscr wind and of the sun's ultra-violet trip to Nigarn and Canada. Falls, New York to jj.J. L. Lewis Jr., left today ... Mturn to his home in Waldo after it r'yisit with relatives and friends ncrc. i-Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hairr juul son's. J. D., Rowland and Richard, Jr;, left Tuesday to return to their hotne in Clinton. North' Carolina after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Hairr here. Personal Mention •''• 'Public Relations Dcpt., Aug. 17 Mr. and Mrs. Chester McCaskill of' McCaskill were recent visitors announce the arrival ol a claugnier, Evelyn Kay born Tuesday, July 20 at Julia Chester Hospital. o Texarkana Mayor, Three Aldermen Quit Texarkana, Aug. 21 —(/P)—Mayor' W. N. Harkncss and three Texarkana, Texas, aldermen, principals in the expose of an alleged conspiracy to open Spruce street here, resigned at a special meeting of the city council last night. The aldermen have been indicted by the Bowie county grand jury on charges of accepting money for affirmative votes on the Snrucc street question. They are Albert McWilliams, Harry L. Everett, Jr., and Lee Tallcy. Mayor Hardkncss, who :'irst brought the charges into the open by attacking the aldermen and who asked for a grand jury investigation, had promised to resign if the aldermen also would quit. Resignations of all four officials had been recommended by the grand- jury. The resignations became effective today but the officials will remain in office until their successors arc selected in a special election Sept. 21. Trial of the aldermen is slated for early September. In resigning, the aldermen issued a statement that their action was not an "admission of guilt." They said they felt that "in our present state of mind we cannot give ihe city's affairs the attention they deserve." rays. Germs released by n sick person can, however, remain in the air in the immediate vicinity long enough to be transmitted to a hcnlthy individual. Disease viruses can be carried farther in the air than can disease DOROTHYCHX Entangling Alliances Dear Miss Dix: A sailor whom I like very much, but to whom,". am not engaged, has been discharged from the service and plans to attend school, which I approve of very much. He tells me he loves me and wants me to be his wife some day. 1 feel the same way about him, as he has all the characteristics I would desire in a husband, but I am not re.ady to settle down yet as I am only 20 (terms. Influenza virus has been years old. found to travel 25 to 30 feet in the Now here is my problem: Many air, and psittacosis virus (parrot fever) spreads distance. an even greater Now - Thursday t "MAYBE I'M NO IADY... but my diary few Fcaturer 2:45 - 4:56 7:07 - 9:18 Annual Revival at Baptist Church of Blcvins Victory Missionary Baptist Church of Blcvins will start its annual revival meeting, Sunday, August 25, and continue through Monday, September 2. The meeting will be in charge of the Ucv. Ab- ncr R. Rcddin and Elder Clyde Leslie. Two services will be held daily at 10:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. The public is invited. Youth Revival Continues at Hope Tabernacle ( Burgess MEREDITH Hurd HATFIEID Francis UDERER im»no imu VIIIIID i, nm —March of Times— "Wanted —More Homes" Now - Thursday Wanta Laugh? Then See Bert Gordon (Mad Russian) in — "HOW DO YOU DO" A court scene will be used in the Youth Revival Service at the Tabernacle tonight. There will be a judge, a jury, the witnesses and all, as the Evangelist Bracy Grccr speaks on "Tongues on Trial". Everyone interested in hearing thii subject scripturally discussed' Is urged to attend. It is without hesitancy that the pastor >ind congregation of the Gospel Tabernacle invite the entire populace of Hope to lake advantage of these unusual services. Kiwonis See Film on Army Strategy in the Pacific Yesterday at the Hope Kiwanis Club's regular meeting Sergeant Hilo of the AriTiy recruiting office in Hope City Hall pointed out advantages of enlisting in the service before October 1, date of expiration benefits allowed by the GI D'ill Disease agents arc apt to move away more rapidly in outdoor air than in indoor air, «nd some varieties disappear more readily than do others. Contact Spreads Disease Spread of the common contagious diseases results from intimate contact between sick and well Individuals. Tuberculosis is essentially a family disease because the contagion is spread from the sick to the well by way of the air, and not because of an inherent weakness in the family itself. The family of a tuberculosis person retains a tendency to develop the disease in later life, but this fact is due, in all probability, to the greater exposure the members experienced when the disease first entered their home. The number of germs in the ai' at any one time has no special significance, but the kind they arc is important. Germs do not grow or multiply in the air, but their spores arc resistant. For the most part, air bacteria are harrnlcss, with the exception of those in the immediate vicinity of the sick. Ordinary dust in Ihc air is not a factor in disease, although it can destroy property. Household dust is a cause of disease in susceptible persons who are allergic lo things about the house carried by the dust. In a factory, silica and asbestos may be inhaled by workers and sct.llc in thoir lungs, causing ill health. Carelessness Kills .Except for that caused by intimate exposure In homes 01 places of employment, the spread of disease in public results from the carelessness of those who have the infection in mild form and do not take to their beds or of carriers (that is, persons who harboi the virus or germ without harm to themselves, yet spread the dis ease). The spread of air-borne diseases indoors may be prevented by the use ot ultra-violet light in a smal area (over a surgical opcraling table, for example), or by the suspension of chemicals in the ai in droplet form. Ventilating engineers have dc vised systems by which chemical can be blown through the air o rooms where large numbers o persons congregate. They ar harmless, and, in ordinary amounts, they cannot be delectec Question: My six-year-old bo of the men I have gone with before meeting my sailor and to whom I have written friendly letters during the war, are being discharged and have asked me for dates. As yet I haven't gone out with any of thciYi yet I hate to refuse their invitations for I know they are lonely a.v.d want girl friends. But, on the other hand, if I go out with them, I am afraid of losing my boy friend. What should I do? PERPLEXED Dear Miss Dix: Faced with tho problem of the philandering husband, as so many women are, I didn't go off Ihc deep end and rush lo divorce couri. I sat down and thought the situation over. I loved my husband. I had a nice home and beautiful children. And I decided they were worth keeping. So I held my temper, didn't let him know that I knew of his in- alualion, got myself a new hair-do iol a lol of pretty clothes, and jcgan acting gay and amusing. I fed him on good cooking and made home such a pleasant place .hat he liked to slay in it. And Wise Decision Answer: I think you and your boy friends seem to be very wisely aking the advice that George Vashington gave to the nation— •icndship with all, entangling al anccs with none— and in this you low good, hard, common sense, c realizes that if he Is going to ontinuc his education and fit him- elf for any profession, it will take cars of study to do il before he an be in a position to get married nd support a family. So when e says he wants to marry you 'some day" il is a vague prospect or you. Also, being a sensible girl, you mist realize that in thai lime he has tuberculosis. Do you think th' disease can ever be cured, no jusl arrested? Answer: The body overcome tuberculous infection by filling i the destroyed portion of the lun with scar tissue -and lime salts. ; few germs usually remain alive i the middle of Ihc scar, but the seldom give any trouble unless th lung breaks down again. Perhap in some cases all the bacilli ar destroyed, but it is difficult to dc tcrminc whether or not this is so. o • Michigan's Grid Coach Succumbs of Rights. He presented film outlining the overall strategy of the Pacific campaign. Guests of the club were John Moll of Burlington, N. and Jack Ambrose i.l Hope. PEACE IS TOO Midcllctown, . Aug. 20 —(/Pi C. Army "brass" the huge Olm- slcad Airfield hero face ine grim reality of doing a lot ot walking in the next GO days. Tho reason? Loan of 13 staff cars to the United Nations lefl only four aulomobiles for uso of officers at this army air base. COAL'S GROWTH Coal has very definite states of development. First it is vegetation, next peat, then lignite, then bituminous coal, and later anthracite. Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hemstitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W.YANCEY meet many different people IhsU ended Ihe episode, But I slill keep up the technique and lever let him have a dull moment occausc I am taking no chances. A SUCCESSFUL WIFE Answer: Good for you. Sports manship and common sense would bring many a philandering husband back if wives would only use them. For, after all, a middle-aged man's feel begin to hurl him and when nighl comes he wauls lo rcsl Ihcm inslcad of treading the primrose path with a culie young enough lo be his daughter. The greatest mistake that wives with flirlalious husbands make is in downing Ihc'r husband wilh llieir Icars and deafening them* wilh their .approaches, which drives Witness Soys Japs Made Drug Addicts of Manchurians Tokyo, Aug. 20 —(/P) —Henry Pu- Yi. in a garrulous mood, testified ,oday that Japan made opium addicts ol Mancnurians to keep down revolt and was planning an invasion of boviel Kussia wmle he was puppcl ruler of Manchuria, bul later suffered a severe lapse ol memory under defense questioning . Pu-Yi fenced off every defense effort lo get him to admit that in the laic 1920s Ihere was any banditry under Chinese 'generals, tna Ihc Manchurians were oppressed or lhat warlords burdened then people with taxes. In two ana one-half hours o cross-examination, the defense drew nothing more explicit than Compromise Is Agreed on in Hot Spring Case Sacramento, Calif., Aug. 21 — VP)— Carl Morlensen, wanted in Hot Springs, Ark., on a charge of obtaining $5,000 under false pretenses, today agreed to a hearing in the governor's office to waive cxtradilion after 30 days if he is "I don't remember." But Pu-Yi brimmed over information earlier. Testifying with them away from home, when Ihe wife's play should be to at- tracl Ihcm back to it. Dear Dorothy Dix: Do you think a young man of 25 should marry a woman eleven years older than himself. He jusl gol oul of Ihe Army .and never bothered with for the proscculion that Japan made opium addicts of the Manchurian people, he declared the Nipponese Kwantung army promised it would suppress Ihe use of the narcotic but instead built up an opium business thai netted $200,000,000 profit yearly. "Japan even sold official permits for opium smoking," he said. o Negro Held for Poison Well to Moke Wife 'Sick' Holly Springs, Miss., Aug. 20 — (/PI— A Negro farmer dropping Negro families, Tucker said. Six members of the families died in June and more than 20 others be came violently ill. The sheriff said Woolen maintained his innocence until ycslcr day when he broke under question ing and said: "Didn't nobody taut the Lord sec me, 'cause I up to that well." The officer said bodies of the dead would be exhumed today for autopsies. unable in that time (o complete a financial settlement : and have the accusation withdrawn. -•. " The offer was accepted by,.Ern-' <5st Mnner, Arkansas state senate- and assistant prosecuting, attorney . at Hot Springs, who explained, ho was Willing to accept''the compromise only be'catlse he had been informed the exli-adition 'warrant possibly was technically deficient. o Sixty-five percent of. Caiidda's area is agriculturally worthless, coholism. <• vill nd that he will change hfinsel" nd you may not then be the girl if his dreams. On your part, you will also change and your taslc in men will girls a before he went away. She This great medicine Is /ampu» to relieve hot Hushes, weak, tired, lr- : rltable, nervous feelings—when au* to the, functional 'middle-age' perlol peculiar to women. All drugstores.: arsenic admitted in divorced woman and they have only known each other a well near here "just to make his wife sick" is being held in jail in connection with six ' " in the community, short time. ANXIOUS MOTHER Answer: Evidently your son is about to bo devoured by a laoy wolf, and the only way you can )c entirely different from what it I save him is to separate him from s now. For you to deny yourself her as soon as possible. Take him il companionship of men and «11 • on a trip where he will meet he good times they offer you on pretty girls in his own age class ho offchance that you will still j and he will forget all about her jc in love with this man at some! in a week's time .ime in an undated future will be I (Released by The Bell Syndicate, 'rtlltf T"\«-.ix'l rln tl ' t ._ _ , 'oily. Don't do ti. Inc.) recent deaths Sheriff Lawrence Tucker reported. Tucker said at least 1 20 other persons had become seriously ill since the wager was poisoned early in June and that 15 to 9g were still under treatment. The sheriff said 28-year-old J. B. Woolen had made a written statement that he dropped arsenic in the well 16 miles south of here early in June, hoping his estranged wife would get ill and allow nim to come to sec her. The well was.used by three large Devil's Copyright 1946 by NEA Service By ALICE M. LAVES1CK THE STORY: Miss Charlotte They into th» broughtj hospital after the fire. Unconscious and just as beautiful as she h;v! been that eventful summer 10 years bc- forc when Cousin Ellen, the Filz- geralds' housekeeper, asked my mother to let me come to Innisfail 'I, 17-ycarold never to lor- get lhat summer nor the Fitzgeralds. I had worshipped Miss Charlotte then and looking al her still face on the hospital pillow now, I found it hard to 1 believe that her mind had been -a blank for the 10 long years bctwe'eiS. Ill The thing that, impressed me at once on that first day at' Innis- to help her out. Cecelia Hart, was rcclion of the huge carved walnut . bed. There she lay, the lady of the house, frail and yellow- white, with sunken cheeks .and closed eyes set in great dark hollows. 1 stood silent, looking at her with my heart filled with pity. I was suddenly aware that her eyes had t opened and that they were jet black and piercing, and seemed to be glaring at me. .'In -a husky but authoritative voice, Holding more than a hint of brogue, she demanded to know who I was. And my pity changed a.^ on.ce to a feeling that was al- st fright. 'it's the girl Ellen brought to help her," said the nurse. "What did she say your name was? Oh, had been the means of bringing on an .attack of some kind. It was high time I was leaving. As n matter of fact, I shouldn't have gone into the room at all. But as I turned to go, she called me back, her moment of weakness seemingly over. I must speak to Ellen, she said, .about giving me plenty to eat and letting me get out in the sunshine every day. Then she closed her eyes again and even before I reached the door, she proceeded to discuss me with the nurse. "Plain, isn't sfoe?" she said, with that in her voice that allowed for no differing opinion. Plain she said I was. So I was plain. I closed <hp door hastily, my cheeks burning. i ' ' ' "You're no beauty, yourself,," I muttered grimly, and felt somewhat better. "" (T|j Be Continued) fail was the shining grandeur ofj yes, Cecelia,'Cecelia Hart, Ellen's the house and the richness of its' cousin ou know. Now lease Fielding H. Yost the house and the richness of its furnishings, though, naturally, I was totally ignorant of tho true value and beauty of the treasures in the Fitzgerald household. All I know was that there was a certain thrilling elegance about the placs as I glimpsed it from the kitchen doorway. Cousin Ellen allpwcd me very little • time for idle admiring thoughts, however. With swift efficiency, she was bustling about, tying her apron -and exclaiming at the lateness of the hour. She was way behind in her work, she said. Indeed, il was almost time for Herself to have her nourishment and I was lo take il up lo her before the nurse came down after ft. If there was one 21 — 2:00 - 3:54 - 5:48 - 7:42 9:36 Wanted! POLES TELEPHONE Dimensions 16 to 70 Week MARTIN RUFUS Ann Arbor, Mich., Aug. l UP i — An epoch in the development of iootball, and all college sports, died today with Fielding H. Yost, father of the University of Michigan's modern-day athletic prowess. "Hurry Up' 'Yost died quietly, in contrast to his way of life, at 3:30 p. m., yesterday in his home, just off the university campus. He is survived by his son .Fielding H. Yost, Jr., and widow, who was at his bedside. A tough old man, born in a tough West Virginia mining town, Yost was football's most famous personality at the turn of the century when his "point-a - minute" teams, clad in the maize and blue of Michigan, were invincible. Yost, who had been ailing from a heart condition for the past few years, retired from the university staff in 1941 after 40 years as cither head football coach or athletic director. He was 75 on April BO, a clay the stale of Michigan set aside as "Fielding Harris Yost" day in appreciation for what he had clone for sports at the state university and throughout the na- was more than an athletic thing Ellen hated nurses snooping ilchcn. She pul the glass on it was around those her of hoi milk cousin, you know. Now please drink this while it's hot, Mrs. Fitzgerald." The old lady waved the tray away impatiently. "Come here and let me look al you,' she ordered and I went over lo Ihe bed, slill a bil fearful. ,,JTrom a nest of lace-trimmed pillows, she looked me over with her bright dark eyes. "How old are you?" she asked tersely. "Sev-entcen," I said. hoping my voice was nol really quavering. "You don'l look it. And that's allogcther too young to be working, I thought Ellen's won't have it. I cousin was an a tray and told me to go up the front stairs with it. 'Her room's the first one you come to at the lop of the stairs." she said. "Go easy now, and don'l spill lhal." I wcnl up slowly, holding Hie lilllc tray as rigid as possible and sighing with relief when I reached the lop. It was then thai I first saw Charlotte Brent and in the delightful shock of her loveliness, I very nearly did spill the milk. She was coming along Ihe upper hall on her way downstairs and she stopped lo greet me, lo smile her charming smile and say, "You're Cecelia, aren't you? I hope you'll like us." That was all, and she continued her way downstairs; but I walked straight past Mrs. Fitzgerald's door and traveled Ihc lenglli of Ihc hall, tingling from head lo toe al having been spoken lo by such I exquisite was slill crcalurc. partly in a irunce lion. Yost director and tho coach who directed Michigan lo ils first national football distinction and moulded (lie maize and blue into a team whose name became synonomous wilh 1-jpsidcd scores and all-victo rious seasons. He was a vital part of the icvo lution in foolball thai saw Englis Rugby change lo American Rugby and then to football. He was always ahead of the field as teams were reduced from 15 to 11 men and Ihc body block and the forward pass were'introduced to combat Harvard's iamcd "Flying Wedge." President's Yqcht in Gulf, Heading for Bermuda By RAYMOND LAHR With President Truman at Sea, Aus,'. 21 —(UP)— President Tr 1 ^ mall's yacht. Ihc Williamsburg. pushed into the warm gulf stream today as Ihc vacationing president scl a cuursc toward the U.S. wartime naval base at Bermuda. The president's holiday course- its direction abruptly reversed yesterday — had the Williamsburg entering the gulf stream about 7 a.m. EST. at a point 380 miles off 1hc Virginia capes and 300 miles northwest of Bermuda, o Mining industry. is Bolivia's principal when 1 finally retraced my steps and knocked at Ihc door of tho sick room. It was opc-ncd by tho current nurse, looking decidedly cross. I later learned Dial her patient had jusl thrown a hot water bag at her for Ihe third time that day. Bui al the lime 1 only thought, how dreadful for a poor sick woman to have such a severe-looking nurse. j I glanced timidly in • the di- olrtor ijirl. You're thin and your color isn't good." I despised myself for caring what she said aboul my colorin Bui I was truly hurl. "What's become of Ivy?" shu "Oh, yes, I remember, sho uol married, fool that she was. Some stupid man with a bad liver and no job at all. She'll bo back, she'll bo back. So you'll stay till she comes but, mind you, nol a minute lonuor." She paused, breathing heavily, and the nurse, looking worried, implored her nol to talk and lo drink the milk, rapidly growing cold in the glass. "Let me alone, will you? And lake that glass away!" Tho sick woman's voice rose lo a shriek and thon she lay back, panting',- Hove Your Discharge Copied for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE Shipley Studio 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. FAST FORD SERVICE • More good men hove been added to our staff of expert Ford mechanics. • Genuine Ford parts are more plentiful. We have, one of the best parts departments in the country. • Once more we are proud of our fast Ford service. • Huge plant. Wonderful equipment. Experienced management. Every job unconditionally guaranteed right. ; • Keep your Ford fit. Get money back when your you sell or trade. Your Ford Dealer For Over 28 Years HOPE AUTO (0. 220 W. 2nd Street Phone 277-278 «: wilh her eyes closed. I was horrified, fearing Does Your Bach Gel Tired? A will relieve hack* fatigue—give you restful posture. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hcrvey Phone 942-J ,,. TOPS FOR QUALITY y, Long Island Ctiv, N, Yy Frqnchised Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Texarkana Ladies' Specialty Shop South Elm Street Phone 151 Hope, Ark. Summer Dress Clearance * Sensational Dress Values 5 VALUES UP TO $10.98 Reduced for Clearance $ 7 VALUES UP TO $14.98 Reduced for Clearance * Reduced for Clearance Reduced for Clearance 10 VALUES UP TO $22.59 STARTS THURSDAY MORNING A SUMMER DRESS EVENT That you will welcome, and want to attend. As we will have oodles of bargains in Cotton and Rayon Dresses. Sizes from 12 to 20 and 9 to 15. ALL SALES FINAL

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