Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 17, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 17, 1946
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Sohir|ay f August ertoiia Phone 1W Batwnn 0 •. m, ftfcd 4 ft. fit. Social Calendar Saturday, August 17 The wedding of Miss Josephine Sahll of New York City and Robert B..Moore, Jr., son of Rev. and Mrs. Robert B. Moore, will be solemnized on Saturday afternoon, August 17 at 5 o'clock nt the First Methodist Church, father of the p,room officiating. The public is cordially invited. No cards. Sahll-Moore Rehearsal Dinner Friday Evening Rev. and Mrs. Robert B. Moore nncl Miss Martha Sue Moore enter- lamed the members of the Sahli- Mooie wedding party with a clin- - at Hotel Barlow on Friday HOPI, ARKANSAS^ , Saturday, August 17, 1946 w Chick Young unite excitement of the Scrap I'd almost for HIS PISTOL T AAAKES LITTLE HOLES, 6UT IHEr GO DEEP. NOW DROP THAT ( IT NEEDS Jt S MORE J ( SUGAR T GOOD. 1 MIA, I SEE THE VOU SEEV\ TO HAVE glf HH WAS THE BIGGEST LUNATIC V ;' - . BEGINNING TWINS HAVE PICKED UP OUT IF , THAT TH'ONE! QUlTEAFOLlOWINGMMINfi IN TH' WHOLE- ASYLUWn'I BET! 10 FEEL NW VSOME NEW FRIENDS! / APERHFvTHY \5 \ HINN / THftT'S MN V THE VOIJUGER. SET, PftWi DIP SElF (\SIMN, AFTER GETTING INTO N\V OWN CLOTHES -<A IN HIS OFFICE M O » E -S T M AID E .N S Side Glances By Galbraith SUN - MON - TUES HSLPf 4 s *" rivirr AG-AIM • r ~Z~SLigTEH^ A1V LEG-'' 1 "TME. FlSt) ARE TUKOwiKG- ) ~~. iTtAT £ >?.HIM BACK AT us.'/ VEOACING/ THE BLOOP TZA/L Of- Tf-IS SHARKS OR NO SHARKS, I'M ONLY /AY BlETMPAV SUIT/...GI,VU\E VOLie £ ^S^i^fli.^AW'.'ja \Jtb,il£rr4 ZS* h^> ^™* P COPB. 1M« BY ftU SBlVlCE; INC. T. M. R6C. U. S. PAT. OFF "You don't seem at all interested in your job, Gladys! I'd be tickled to death if I could dash off downtown and spend the day doing exciting office runny Business By Hershberger CLAUDETTEx COLBERT PEC AM DEUIGHT; BOY/ STRAW// WHIP/ W WELLES] r. r. o R c E B11EN15 TOMORROW /s FOREVER . t m? 9 9 TUB CHEAT DHAMA OF Otm TIME with s I-UCILE WATSON IUCIIAKD LONG 'NATALIE WOOD v Jovce MncKcnz WHATS WROf^?, CHUM ? MEBP SOME HELPS r SO IF YOU'RE GVW2T, ^ WELL. AV? STONE, WITH ALL THAT CRC-MAs / CAN I HELP IT IP SOME OP W INSIST ON Li\IN<3 'WAV OuT IN TH' DID VOJ ENJOV A \ UPROAR? TSK,1S<! COOO RT-ST NOUS?) NEVeKTHELESS. I'M FlR-ST NIGHT IN/ QUITE READV TO />\00? ^B£GIM PROSPECTING KR TVtiT RARE ? MINERAL, so- VOJLL SIT TIGHT UNTIL i GET BACK; VCD AINT SO hSALTHV AT THE- MOMENT—AN THAT 6OE-3 I-OR YOU TOO.OOaA.' UMmt! THAT'LL BB ALL RIGHT, IF sou CAM FIND FCOZV.' ^" ~ ~ - • l[ t -',*-••,.*:* 'N CPU. 1*46 IY Htt SHVICI, IMC T. M. US. U. S. tAT, "t tlujik.iCs_his J]rst.car,l" .<;. Directed by IRVING PICHEL . pitnmrcED BY DAVID LEWIS (S'ovrl, LiulitV Home Jouriinl Story by Cwcn Driilow Screen ii I ay by I.rnnre CnfTi-r • Mueic by Mnx Sleiner A.. IN'I'I.'IIN,' ATIMN A I I>ir"l'l lit !• Thimble Theater UNFORTUNATE'/ OKAY// COUGH F -BOTTLE// CUDL NE W SUN - MON - TUES Owl Our Way By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople YEAH/ FOREST CHANGED/ I BET WITCH f EVEK) THE HAZEL PUT P BIRDS AND A HEX ./THE FLOWERS CM IT//(ARE BIGGER/ AAH-THEY'RE LALJGHIM' AT MB CUZ I THOUGHT I WAS K.ILLIKJ 1 A IKJFLATIOW THING/ YOU SHOUJJP FEEL CHEAPER 1 STICK VOU WAS. KILLIM' IT WHH CRAWLIM' AWAV / MICHELANGELO HPNE PAINTED A BETTER SI6rt FOR. OUR SALE.'-**-AMD MOW. It-i LIEU OF MOT A F6LLBR TIINEW BARGAINS 2 ^ CO/HS OA/S, COME AIL! FOLLOWING R/XTM6R HftVE QUEEN ISABELLAS BUFFALO BILL'S LASSO CLEOPATRA'S EARNINGS COMW. LITTLE M0R.e HAMDV, SUCH AS. ot^ce CZAR IVANi , OK A SPUR O9ED BY PAUL. 'S FIDDLE (SOMEWHAT 60LDTOOW SLi&Hn y wa/Zfj -5 CARE FUL,ReT>'THERE BE A /AAP OF L057 9ARRSL-' ( LOOK-' PAPER (2E1AEOY BASEBALL OOU8LEDAV CAHD SCO&SOF OTHER FR/ceiess CURIOS.' KEAP n. y \ v-^*' ~ ^SKST; niSSALICEA l^fc^T ^ X ?ick Harry HAYMES • JAMES i^l'tfP/i 1 ."iiflWMLv/i,/iU/ AVli Reginald GARDINEg RUhgrd CAINES IH TECHNICOLOR! THAT Cflse. A YMEEK FROM SATURDAY* HO P E S T A ft, "HOP E, A R K A N S A S I evening. The table was centered with a Crystal bowl of palm chrysanthemums in pastel colors and the places wefe marked with bridal place cards tied with orange blossoms. The list .Included;. Miss Josephine Sahll, Mr. Robert B. Moore, ,Tr , Mr. and Mrs-Nicholas-Bozan, Mr. and Mrs. Dolphus Whltlen, Jr., Mr, and Mrs. James Hanna Ward. Mr, Withers Moore. Mr. Harold Stephens, Mr. Foy .Hnmmons, Jr., the host and -hostesses. Jimmy Gehllhg Celebrates twelfth Birthday Friday Jimmy: Gehling celebrated hi: twelfth -.birthday anniversary will a hayride on Friday evening. Following, the ride delightful re freshments were served lo Ih following; . MiijS Thresa Marion Rose of Amity, . Miss Barbar; Smith, Miss Beth Bridget's, Mis Barbara Bright,'Miss Jackie Hicks Miss Charlotte Ann Hobbs, -an Sidney McMath, Ned While, Menr; Ijile, Billy Bob Herndon, ,11 mm', Dan Baber, Jirrtmy and Billy Geh ling.^' .Coming, and Going Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bales hav returned'lo their-home in Highlan Park, Illinois', after -a two week y'aea'libh Visil with Mr. Bales' pa bills, Mr. and' Mrs. Ross Bale and. olher-relatives*here. Pre-Schooi Revival at Tabernacle A special Pre-School Revival will egin Monday night at Ihe Hope Tabernacle, and promises Rev. Bracy I. Greer lo be one of Ihe best of Ihe year. Rev. Bracy I. Grcer of Houston, Mr.'.and Mrs. E. E. Moses and daughters, ,Miss Annabelle Moses .arid Miss Qarolyn Jean Moses and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Southward have relumed from a -delightful motor trip- through Oklahoma, Texas. New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California. 'Reverend and Mrs. R. B. Moore have as guests, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. McAlister of Little Rock and Mrs. F. E.' Slebler and son of Miami, Florida. • Miss Betty Collins has returned from, a -vacation visit in Winfield. Louisiana. She was accompanied home by her cousin, Miss Margaret Ann Alford. Texas has been secured as the evangelist. Rev. Grccr has been, succemiu ;is a pastor, evangelist and sarup meeting speaker. Though only i young minister, ho is forceful anc dynamic in his 1 delivery. Rev. Greer has traveled widely in evangelistic work. The inspirational music of Ihe Tabernacle choir under'Ihe direc lion of Rev. Aaron Wilson, musica director of the church, and specia music by Mel Hargis will serve a an appropriate intrpduclion lo thi gospel messages which Rev. Gree will be bringing each evening. Th services will begin at 7:45 nighllj and will conlinue Monday throng! Sunday or longer. The Tabernacl invites all members and friend lo attend Ihesc special reviva to Include Navy~~Bbndy By JOSEPH L. MYLER Honolulu, Aug. 17 — (UP', — Vice Admiral W. H. P. Blandy sn d today an atomic war would :'ind the. U. S. Navy guarding the DCL-PII frontiers. "Unless some plan which Is at once practical and at Uie saint- time acceptable to all natio"; is devised for .outlawing Ihe nlwiic bomb." Blandy said, "thcro will be atomic warfare, and T bel'.ove it will include naval warfare. "As n result of Opera lions'Cross- roads, (he Uniled States xviii l.v ' elter prepared for such warfare lan ariy other nation on e- n '-*t'i.' Blandy said that even if giant uided missiles are built capable f spanning oceans and con'inc'ils jnd exploding atomic warhomJs >ver cities, the United Slates Mill require a strong navy io de- end itself at sea. „ Blandy (old a civic audience '"si light Ihtil the Bikini tests were lecessary — dcsoite a' Itlo.ocl nf criticism —. to" learn how this country's naval vessels would . react' to "other nations' boml-r." The tests showed that radical changes in ship design may be necessary, but even so "no dei'cnse wi" be comnloie." he declared. "Hence I believe thai if there is atomic warfare in the' future," Blandv' addpd, "the navy will not be exempt from it." He said thai long-range,' guided atomic •-missiles may Indeed become an aclualily, ibul lie doubled that "they will eliminate all other kinds of warfare." "The s^ins. weapons and -tn-ii^s nf sea fighting may change radically and we, should always take-the lead in such changes," -he; declared. "But I can visualise traffic on Ihe sea for a long lime yet, even in War, and therefore T can see fighting on Ihc sea." Huekobee Cemetery Working Set for August 21 nuekaboc Cemetery at Evenirig Shade Church will be cleaned of grass on Wednesday, August 21. All interested persons are asked to come and help and taring tools And. dinners. Does 1'our Back . Gel Tired? A SPENCER will relieve back* fatigue—give you restful posture. MRS. RUTH DOZIER 216 S. Hervey Phone 942-J About 3 000,000 "hapless'hay fever sufferers throughout the country are starting their annual-agpny of sneezes which in most cases will last until frost comes this fall. Major villain in the plot MB. the °my Pollen spore of the common 'ragweed, pictured at-left above. Only half a thousand h of an me,, ; , t« diameter, they are borne'by the-mllllohs-On summer breezes to the sensitive noses of their victims., | military decisions 'Will- be made by the chiefs..at' staff;" When his flagship, the U. S. S: Ml. McKmley,. arrived here yesterday, Blandy ordered Bikini mull The Bikini tests provided 'a 1 n bandoned as the main base of great mass of secret technical j Operation Crossroads and 'shifted ''<•'"'•'• on which futures plans will ! hpndquarlei . s lo Kwajalein. 240 used, he revealed, adding nial mi , cs n wav. because of deadly ra- data be based, these plans one man s "will not be drawn by | 0 ,. 0 .,,, t j v j 1v still soaking Ihe lagoon but by many, and' final! and beachcs . . Mr. Albert Willis has returned lo his home in San Francisct>, California afler a visit with his father, Mr. J. F.. Willis on Hope Route 3; o News of the Churches GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST N, Ferguson -Street D. O. Silvey, Pastor Sunday School. Bro. Grady Hairston, superintendent —10 a.m. Preaching —11 -a.m. B.T.C.—6:45 p.m. All groups are to assemble in the auditorium for the service by the Training Course. All are urged to be present for this part of the service. ^Preaching —7:30 p.m. Auxiliary, Monday —2:30 p.m. Teachers Meeting, Wednesday — 7:30 p.m. Prayer Services, Wednesday — 8 p.m. By R. Louise Emery SERVICE, INC XIV "Robert, forgive me!" I pleaded. The words were inadequate. So was anything that I might try to do to recompense him for the long deception 1 had practiced. "Why don't you take Corinna away?' 'I asked at last. "You don't want Cecily lo know?' HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 'North -Main and Avenue D H. Paul Holdridge, Pastor This, Sunday is "Speed the Light" Sunday at the Tabernacle when a special offering will be given through the Sunday School lo .assist in the purchasing of vehicles necessary for speeding the light •to••our various mission fields. Rev. Philip Crouch, returned missionaries from Egypt will be with us for both morning and even' g. Revival services will begin on Monday night. Rev. Bracy Greer of Houston, Texas will be the ev-angelist. Mel Hargis, outstanding : musician will be rendering special musical numbers each night of the revival. Revival services will begin at 7:45 p.m. daily. You are invited. Sunday School —9:30 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship—10:I?0, Jlev. Philip ,'CrQUoh . will be speak- in Christ's Ambassador Services •6:30- p'.tn. Evangelistic Service —7:30 p.m. Mrs. Hazel Crouch will be speak- ng. Monday through Saturday —Re vival Services, 7:45 p.m. FIRST METHODIST Pine At Second Robert B. Moore, Pastor Organ Music— (Mrs. Dolphus Whilten Jr.)-- 9:30 a.m. Church School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —^10:50, sermon by Pastor, Youth Fellowship —0:30 p.m. Evening Worship —7:30, sermon by Pastor. EMMET METHODIST C. D, Meux, Pastor The pastor will preach at Emmet at 11 a,m. Sunday, but there will be no evening preaching services, as we will dismiss in favor of the meeting that is beginning at Ihe Emmet Baptist Church. The pastor will preach at Harmony Church at 2:30 p.m. A revival meeting will begin at Holly Grove Monday al 7:30 p.m., in which the Rev. W. C. Onslea;', pastor of the Bingen Melhodisl Church, will do Ihe preaching. FIRST CHRISTIAN Main at West Ave "B" Wm. P, Hardegree, Minister Sunday School—9:45 a.m., classes for all ages. Lloyd Coop, Supt. Morning Worship, Communion and Sermon —10:50. Christian Youth Fellowship Meet ing, 6:15 p.m.— Mr. and Mrs R. L. Ponder, Sponsors. Evening Worship, Communion and "The Report from the Con vention" —7:45. I lacked back down the interminable, disconsolate years. "I've always wanted her to know. It's her righl — and mine. She belongs lo me. Bui Corinna —" I fell Ihe .oars slinging my eyelids. 'Corinia has never been anything bill Kind to any one — she hasn'l done anylhing lo deserve such disillusionment. Take her away, Roberl, so that she'll never guess." Robert put oul n strong hand and lifted mine from Ihe door-knob. "Bui Corinna has already guessed," he lold me. "Months ago." It was as if he had struck me. The breath went rasping oul of my lungs. I walked over to the desk and sat down. "What-does she think of me?" I whispered. "Do you want il in Corinna's own words?" "Please." I tautened to meel a- nothcr blow. "She said..,.' 'Robert's voice was lower than its wonl, not quite as steady, "She said, 'Daddy, now I see why mother has always made things so wonderful for m e at home. She didn't want me to lake the beating that she's had to lake all lliese years.' " 1 raised my head unbelieving."Is lhal all?' ' "That's the substance of it." "But didn't she — hate me?' ' "Why should she?" I laughed al the irony of lhal. "You should know Ihe answer.How did you feel when you finally realized what you'd married? A sil- y fool who couldn't keep out of rouble in the first place and then ouldn't accepl Ihe consequences of er weakness? Robert, how did you and there was nothing I could do to help you. Did Thorne know whose child Cecily was?" "No.Delia was afraid to tell him. Thorne. might have made her give Cecily back lo me." "You knew he'd do that for you. And so you couldn't ask — when he needed her for his very life —" "Oh; Robert, let's not talk about it again. II only makes me realize more desperalely bow-.much of Cecily I gave up. Will she ' despise me,do you,think,when she knows?" Only diving crews are lo remain al the scene of Ihe Iwo blasts, he said, to continue their work : amon<? sunken ships. He reported that' efforts lo raise three submarines so far have been unsuccessful. DOROTHY DIX WANTED White Oak Logs Forked Leaf White % 6ak and Cow Oak Clear, and-Clean Overcup Logs For ..prices and more - -detail Apply to: . >* < HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas "I can't tell,' 'Robert said, "I only remember that she came lo you for help the night you hurt her. 1 think Cecily will learn many lessons 1'rom Val thai will hold her back from judging you harshly." "And Delia?" This was an effort. How unfair have 'I been to Delia? She's spent so much on Cecily •— besides the love she's given her—" Robert said, "Delia still has Thorne. Doesn't she owe you some-, thing lor that? Suppose she has vote •spenl money on Cecily? She's never had lo sacrifice even a small luxury to do il. The who.'e situation is loo complex lor any one lo decide what is fair." "I hope," I mused, "she'll be generous enough to try to love Val. I'm afraid she'll never get over her conlempl for his 'background.' " Delia herself answered thai for me Iwo days laler. She called to lell me that Cecily had telephoned her long distance. Val's formula had been tried by the Army and was going to revolutionize attack strategy, they said. Val might not gel rich but the war would be over sooner because of him. "Delia," 1 said, after I had expressed Ihc gladness I felt. "You and Thorne actually seem to bo proud of him!" "Well, for heaven's sake!" Delia retorted impatiently, "He's our's, Loacin Vets. Continued from Page One lot ing. The Lotran county Central Committee, meeting yesterday, -took no art ion on a reouest by Lelt Whi- takcr of Fort Smith, unsuccessful nandidate for Congress in the 4th district, lo disqualify votes cast in 12 south Logan precincts. After the rnmmittoe failed to take action, Whittakcr said he was considering court action to invalidate the South L/igan ballots. In M'Fsissipni county three veterans, defeated Tuesday in county races,-announced that they will contest the election, .charging that many Negroes voted without noil tax rcceints and that irregularities and fraud occurred in some precincts .A recount of 22 boxes started' yesterday, but was halted after 12 boxes were counted without appreciable change in the totals. =p wh" "'ip-- t1 <o are Jack Finly l,,te fr,.- •• v -""'!t; Bradley, candidate for county iudge and 11. K. Fisher, cancnaaie for renresentalivc. At Walnut Ridee. W.M .Thompson, Batesville attorney defeated for the Democratic nomination for iudr'e of the thn'd judicial district by Judge S. M. Bone of Batesville, said ho would contpsl the vote in Lawrence county. His request for n recount met with no response from the county central commit- FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and Ferguson Streets T. F. Ford, Pastor "The church that is different.' Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —11 o'clock. P.Y.P.A. Class —6:45 p.m. Junior P.Y.P.A.— 6:45 p.m. Evangelistic Service —7:45 p.m Choir Practice, Wednesday —7:4 p.m. Ladies Prayer and Bible Sludy— Thursday —2:30 p.m. Praise and Worship, Friday — 7:45 p.m. You are always welcome to a of these services. o The flag of the United Stale was fixed excepl for the dispos tion of the white stars in 1818. eel?" "Well," Robert confessed, "that A lad asks how he can tell what sort of a wife a girl will make. Well, son, you can'l even tell what, she is going to look like after she combs Ihe rice out of her hair after the wedding and puts on a bungalow apron. Naturally a girl puts her best fool forward when she is husband-hunting and no bridegroom can know, with certainly, whether he is winning a prize package or getting stung.- Still, there is no sense in buying a pig in a poke in marriage and the wise guy should do some preliminary sleuthing before he pops the question. About the besl way*T.o find oul what sorl of wife a'girl will make is lo lake a good, hard, anpraising look al her mother, for, 99 times out of 100, Angelina is gey ing to 'be Mama's double. If Mother has gotten fat and slouchy by Ihe. lime she is 40, you have a snapshot of how Angelina is going to look when she -takes off her hunting clothes and bids farewell to her waistline. If Mother jusl slaps any kind of a pickup meal on a table and doesn'l think il worth-while to. give .her • fanilly good food, don't trust yom- digestion to Angelina. If Mother* spats with Father and treats him without respect, pass up Angelina. Your Dish But if Mother is spick and span and up on her toes, if she is a good cook and manager and if she makes .a pet of papa, Angelina is your dioh. Also, observe Angelina's position in Ihe family. If she runs Ihe household and everybody in i is afraid of her, it is a dead sure tip on how she will henpeck hci lee. In Poinsclt county, the Democratic committee. meelinK al Har- risburc. granted the petition for a recount to Pete Blnnton, World War II velcran of Marked Tree. Blanlon THE END LINIMRESSED Los Angeles, Aug 17 —C-P) vas so long ago that I hardly re- nember. But —" "So long ago?" I gasped. He pulled mo to my feet and in- o Ihe solace of his arms. "Mavis, let's not make a great thing of liis. I've always known — even be- ore we were married. I could nol lave loved you as I did and been 0 blind as nol to see.' ' "But you never even hinted —" "Did you want me to know?" "No," I sobbed. "Mental privacy was your right, "•erhaps I should have intruded on t—1 don't know. I couldn't. Neither could Corinna, although she spoke to me about il. Bui things ire different now — it's going to clear to Cecily one of these days." I asked. "Robert, haven't you ever condemned me for cheating you all 'hose years? I've held you jack from better jobs—more money and prestige —" I must have forgotten whom i liad married, but Robert is always himself. "Why, I've never thought 1 was cheated," he said. "Why on earth should I? I've enjoyed every minute of the playground work.I've senl kids like Carl out as ambassadors at large for their race. I've got Viil to show as one of my ac- complishments.The youngsters like me and that's all the prestige I ever needed." "Robert," I choked, "I don'l think any woman in Ihe world ever had as much as I've had!" Hauled inio court on a charge of driving through a red traffic light. Inventor Robert B. Walcley displayed a traffic signal device in which a glowing neon tube would indicate seconds remaining before the light changed. "A very givxl idea," mused the court, "Five dollars please. Next case." Caught Heirens We kissed. Only lovers who have been married a long time can kiss like that — with such passionale tenderness and the knowledge that there have been already so many blessed moments taken from life's allotment that those from the last meed arc even more greatly to be treasured. 1 said, my lips close to his warm cheek, "Robert—I wits such a fool not to know thai what I had before wasn't love. Do you mind terribly that there was some one before you? Traffic Patrolman Abner T. Cunningham, Jr., 36, is credited with capturing William Hcirens, No. 1 suspect in Chicago's Suzanne Degnan kidnap-murder and several other killings. Cunningham smashed three flower pots on Heirens' head Yes," Roberl acknowledged, "II after efforts of fellow officers do .1 mind because you were hurt] had, failed t<3 subdue the youth., rtefpa1"d for roun'v Herbert Gassaway, incumbent, by one vote. The counl WPS 2.2B4 lo 2,263. In Independence county a complete recheck of the August 13 vote has been ordered, following a request by HotT'v Ti'"'-"'- uiv>- f•'••>. shed 17 votes behind Manco Flynn, World War II veteran, in tne ace lor sheriff. Other Independence county de'elopmenls: Following on the heels of several G-I mass meetings in Batesville, in affidavit for a warrant was filed 'estorday apainst Berl Stephens, ;ecretary of the county Demo'crat- c committee. He was charged vith 'soliciting a bribe or a gifl from i candidate for circuit clerk." The vets already have caused arrcs's if County Treasurer Ernest Stroucl, .Democratic Committee Chairnian lake Engles, Commitleeman Will ptlinger and 16 election officials in four townships. The veterans plan mother gathering next Friday light. In the Third Chancery District D. A. ' Bradham's majority ever Y. W. Etheridge of Hamburg was cut to 99 votes when the Ashley county committee discovered an error of 16 votes in a recount yesterday. Etheridge had re.iuested recounts in the other counties cf the district — Bradley, Chieot, Drew and Desha. In Drew county Walter Massey, Jr., defeated for Sheriff by L. W. Bell by 17 votes, has asked a ic- count. In Washington county. Paul C. Davis of Sumnt-r, defeated fir representative by Lee Seamstei'--a)so i has asked that the ballots 'pe recounted. n SEAFARING San Diopo, Calif.. Aug. 14 —(!?}— Baby Mary Acierto, born aboard the navy " transport Gen. . M. Randall ;<f sea Aim. ?., got a nice starl in life with $869 contributed uy the ship's crew in a "tarpaulin muster." The baby was born while the mother, now in navy hospital here, "•as onroute from the Philippines to join her husband, navy velcran .-Utrt'du Aciero, in Chicago. OVERHEATED New York. Aug. 17 — (IP]— Fren- netic 52nd street — home of swing and "hot jazz" — got extra warm tlii-; morning. Firemen were called to extinguish a blaze in the building housing the old Onyx club. There were no casualties. Cast a wary eye on Angelina's clothes. If she dresses beyond her means, it 'is a sure sign that never fails that she will keep her husband's nose to the- grindstone paying for sweet lillle $40 hats and darling little numbers that ha\'e been marked down from $100 to $99.48. Cut out the love talk long enough to gel a line on Angelina's conversational ability. You can'l spend 40 or 50 years asking her if she is sure she loves you and if she would die of grief if anything un- loward happened to you. You would gel mighty fed up with a wife who never read a book or had an original idea and who never even knew what was going on in the world. Boring wives send more husbands philandering other one thing. Take notice of what sort of sport Angelina is. If she is one of the sort who whines and complains over everything that goes wrong and who blames you for the state of the weather and iiol having gotten the besl seals at a show, flee from her for your life. Marricc him, shoulder to shoulder and Uesp him cheered up by her faith in him. , ; Don'l be fooled into thinking thai it is cute in Angelina to always be asking "pretty please" for things as if she were a darling litlle child who didn't know any better: She is a seasoned lillle gold-digger vho is playing you for .a sucker, f you fall for il. you will deserve vhat you gel. She will make one of. the wives who always live.be- 'ond their husbands' incomes and vho drive them into bankruptcy and often send them to the ,, pen- lenliary for stealing lo get Ihe money to pay for mink coats and ewelry. • Ycu can't know just what'sort of a wife Angelina will make, son but you can make a mighty good guess if you take nole of her lillle ways. (Released by Ihe Boll Syndicale, Inc.) ' o Clubs Bakftp • •:- •' The 'Baker Home Demonstration Club met at the 'ioifie of Mrs. Dalton Garrett on Friday August 9 for their yearly picnic'-at 8:30 p.m.. Approximately YJ people al- lended Ihe picnic. Each brought a picnic basket, and we had a. delicious picnic supper. Many games were played, and a group of girls and boys sang and one of the boys played his . guitar. A garr.e was played by guessing pieces of money with their toes, which Cubby Robinson won the prize. The next meeting '.vill be at Mrs. Chester Prince September 12 at :30 p.m. Everyone had a delightful time. The picnic was over at 11 p.m. life is bound to have n lot of tips and downs in it, and what a man wants in a wife is a woman who will stand by him and fight will PUBLIC NOTICE 16th Street from the High School to the Springhill Road IS NOT A PART OF THE CITY DUMP. We have the names and car 'license numbers of several people who have thrown out garbage, cans, rubbish along this street. From this 'date on al!" will be reported to the police and health authorities. Also we reserve the right to return this garbage to .the owners ; front lawns or driveway. PROPERTY OWNERS MARTIN AT THE CHECKERED "Eat With Buck" FRIED CHICKEN & CREAM GRAVY BAKED CHICKEN & DRESSING MARSHMALLOW POTATOES STEWED SWEET CORN CREAMED ENGLISH PEAS & CARROTS WOP SALAD HOT ROLLS BUTTER APPLE PIE & ICE CREAM COFFEE ICE TEA MILK 75e RED CAFE PHONE 250 \ p i f 1

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