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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 17, 1946
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Vlii*Wi*l*«W^^ ,*! Six HOPE S TAR, H 0 f t, ARKANSAS Friday, Augusl>J$, 'Do You Love Me/ Technicolor Hii ai New Theater Sunday as one of the most appeal- domestic dramas in screen an- "Tomori&w Is Forever," I'opcns Sunday at the Rlalto, and "Stars the distinguished trio of Claudette Colbert, Orson Welles .and George Brent, for International-Pictures. The production, based tlpon Owen Brlstow's novel which 'tan in The Ladies' Home Journal, IS built upon a suspenseful emotional situation. As Elizabeth MacDonald, who lost a husband in the first World 'War and cannot face the thought of losing'her son Drew -in the second conflict, Mtss -Colbert 'has a role of exceptional intensity. Welles plays the husband, 'who, .reported missing ,in action, ; prefers to let -Elizabeth think him dead. goes, on living-abroad under an alias rather than return, crippled nnd disfig- 'Ured, to the woman he loves.,, ., Elizabeth marries again and Drew grows up thinking Larry Hamilton (Brent) head of a big chemical, firm, is his father. Twen- 'ty years from the time of his dis- i appearance MacDonald returns and .i 1 becomes an employe of Hamilton and a visitor at his home. He betrays great interest in his former Wife and in Drew, but remains unidentified behind a plastic surgery change of features. " When "Drew determines to so to Canada and join the RCAF, Elizabeth growfe hysterical: The mysterious Kessler takes a hand in the highly-charged domestic atmos- , phere and in a memorable climax i-esolves the problem of the boy's career and the wife's marital complication as well. ' With its prqvocativeness of theme and the eminence of its cast,' "Tomorrow Is Forever" is said to be one of the really outstanding pictures of the year. Not the least Of its attractions is its introduction of a sensational young actor •Richard Long, 17-year-old Hollywood Hieh School lad who plays the part of Drew, and who seems to be headed for a notable screen career* Lucile Watson, as Brent's kindly aunt; Natalie Wood, as Welles' «dooted daughter and Sonny Howe la's' Elizabeth's younger son, have ftther important supporting roles in the David-Lewis production for KKO- Radio release. "Tomorrow Is Forever" was directed _by Irving Pichel. Lenorc Coffee*wrote the screenplay from Gweh Bristow's novel and Ladies Home Journal story. Begins Sunday at New Maureen O'Hara has a difficult time deciding between the singing of Dick Haymes and the trumpet playing of Harry James in "Do You Love Me?" Marked Decline in Polio Spread in Arkansas Little Rock, Aug. 15 . — Iff) — Spread of Infantile Paralysis in Arkansas, showed a marked decline last week following a record number of new .cases ihe previous 'week, the Arkansas Health Depart• ment reported today. Nineteen new cases were reported last week, bringing the t.otaL.to 138, compared to year s a 32- week total of 22 cases last year. Thirty new cases had been report- 1 cd, during the week ending Aug. 3. Again Pulaski county led in the China, Britain Have Troubles in Hongkong By VICTOR KENDRI'CK Hongkong,. Aug. 15 — (UP) — This is Ihe happy hunting ground of Chinese secret agents, gendarmes, strong-arm men, propagandists, agitators and political malcontents. They operate against a back ground of official Brilish silence and grow bolder day by day. The roar of the British lion loday is only a lazy yawn. In Ihis far- flung outpost of empire, home base of the British Pacific flecl, the proslralc lion nol only is being walked on bul is having his face pushed inlo Ihc mud every now and Ihen. Chinese Iroops. who firsl entered the colony by virture of being at tached lo unils moving from the inlerior lo Manchuria via Hong kong, indirectly have been the cause of much of the ill-feeling bj Ihcir ignorance of — or conlcmp for ;— Ihe colony's laws. Although municipal law' forbid it, these troops.carry side arms— and use them. The Brilish Commandos, guard ians of the port together with ar Indian brigade, are hostile to th Chinese and the result is a staggering number of "incidenls" whenever the 'two come within shooting distance of each other. The new territories, the mainland portion of the colony, is a virtual armed camp and shooting incidents are common. In recent weeks there occurred a full-scale machinegun battle, the Big U.S.Ship Significantly in Near East By JOHN M. HI.GHTOWER A.P. Diplomatic Reporter Washington, Aug. 15 —(/PI— The mighty new aircraft carrier Frankin D. Roosevelt is duo at Lisbon omorrow. Dound for a Mediterranean training cruise that coincides vilh developing lension in Ihe Near Last American diplomatic officials reportedly arc taking a serious view Russian demands on Turkey for a direcl parl in Ihe conlrol and defense of the Dardonollcs. While it seems certain that the United Slalcs will back Turkey in rojccl- ing Ihc Russian demand, il is an open question how far this country will go in that respect Thus Ihc' appearance of Ihc aircraft carrier and possibly other American naval unils in the Mcdi- lorranoan a few days aflcr the arrival in Portugal appears likely to bo widely interpreted as an American show of force even though all official slalemcnls insisl that the only purpose is a Iraining cruis.2. Naval plans call for the big carrier lo be joined at Lisbon by tho cruisers Houston and Little Rock and possibly one or more destroyers, all from Adm. Henry K. Hewitt's naval forces in northern European waters. In fact, the two cruisers and four destroyers comprise Hewitl's lolal force there at the moment. Already in the Mediterranean under Vice Adm. Bernhard H. Bieri are the cruisers Fargo and Huntington and Iwo deslroycrs. Musical Will Open Here for 3-Day Play Hailed as the one in a lifetime, love-time musical romance, "Do You Love Me," 20th Century Fox's brilliant Technicolor hit starring Dick Haymes, ' Maureen O'Hara and Harry James opens Sunday at the New Theater. The song -and-thrill-packed story of a girl who said "Yes" once too often presents Maureen O'Hara as a shy, bespectacled and conservative music school dean who comes to town in search of a guesl con- duclor bul becomes "titivated" Instead. One Ihing leads lo another when Harry James falls in love with her and Dick Haynies takes the words—and music—right out of his trumpet. With the appearance of Roeinald Gardiner as an ingenious Cupid and Richard Gaincs as her staid but stubborn fiance, the fast-moving story develops into the screen's wackiest four-sided Irian- glc. Four new song hits including "I Didn't Mean A Word I Said," "Do You Love Me", "Moonlight Propaganda" and 'As If I Didn't Have Enough On My Mind" are introduced by Dick Haymes and Harry James and his Music Makers. The film was directed by Gregory Ratoff and produced by George Jessel. Tomorrow Is Forever' Opens at Rialto Sunday for 3 Days Truman Offers Suggestions on Palestine ' Washington, Aug. 15 — (UP) — The White House said today that President Truman had made "certain suggestions" to the British government for solution of the Palestine problem, but thai they did nol oonstilulc a formal plan. Press Secrelary Charles G. Ross lold reporters Mr. Truman had sent to the British government through Stale Department channels "certain suggestions to be Ihrown inlo the discussions of Ihc Paleslinc problem which he Ihoughl would be helpful." "He has not proposed a formal )lan," Ross said. .Ross criticized "uninformed statements and gossips" which he said were not contribuling to the solution of an "explosive situa- lion." His remarks followed shorlly published reporls from London thai the president had asked certain changes' in British-opposed plans for federation of Palestine. Nisei Veteran Has Trouble WithTexans Houston, Tex.. Aug. 13. —(UP)— Ex-Sgt George Olsuka, Nisei IL 'number of new cases with six last , ff 'week. Four new cases were report- Js , ed in Hot Spring County. Craig: -head and Dallas counties each had two new cases, while one case was reported in each of Arkansas, Crittenden, Faulkner, Greene and Monroe counties. , New cases of other diseases reported during the first 32 weeks of this year compared with the corresponding period of 1945 include: . Cancer, 124 and 132: Chickenpox, .694iand 1,169; Diptheria, 171 and .138; Gonorrhea, 4,146 and 2,720; Malaria, 749 and 937: Meningitis. 6 9and 87: Scarlet Fever, 217 and 469;* Syphilis, 3,012 and 3,446; Tuberculoses, Pulmonary 614 and 619: Tuberculosis, Not Pulmonary, 33 and" 47:'Tularemia, 103 and 69: ,Typhus, 22 and nine. More than 100,000 new products have appeared on ''market since 1900. the American kidnaping of two commandoes, two riots resulting from adverse decisions on football matches and-an assault on a Chinese deteclive. These were just the more spectacular instances. The prestige of empire is taking some of its beating from those same Chinese who before the war were laborers, domestic servants or clerks. Now they are riding the crest of their ultra-nationalism. But the startling fact is not the awakened scene of Chinese nationalism. It is rather what the British are doing about it, which is'nothing. There is a continuing and ever- increasing undercurrent of unrest which now and then blows the top off to reveal the ugly, seething mass underneath, then, like a .volcano, it subsides. The scene is set againsl a background of -skyrocketing living costs, increasing crime, flourishing black NGUJ Sunday • Monday • Tuesday Bieri's vessels recently have been used more or less for police duties in connection with maintaining order at Triesle, involved in the peace conference cbntroversj between Italy and Yugoslavia. Presumably when Ihe carrier F.D.R. and whatever vessels ac company her move into the Modi tcrranean thev will pass under Ihc Brilish supreme command Ihoro for joint training exorcises involv ing fleet units of both nations. Bi eri's forces already operate undo Brilish command. Behind tho surface developments — and even about tho.se Navy u'ld State Department officials have been reluctant to speak — lies a political situalion lhat has top officials hero deeply concerned kr.t it break into an open crisis considerably more serious lhan the one several months ago over Iran. These fears seem to rise out of privately expressed beliefs lhal (1) Russia is evidenlly delcrmincd to establish herself some way in the Dardanelles Strait, between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and (2> may use all sorts of agila- lion and demonslrations of force in seeking her objective. The Brilish already have lol il be known lhat Ihey would back Ihe Turks in rojccling Ihc Russian demand. And while it. is nol expected thai Iho Stale Department wil send a rojeclion nole lo Moscow all officials willing lo lalk privately agree that Turkey will have United Slalcs diplomatic support. o Gl Political Fights in State Continue Clarksville, Aug. 15. — — The polilical weighl of war veterans, already Ihrown inlo a fighl againsl so-called "machine polilics" in olher seclions of Arkansas, may bo foil in Johnson Counlv at Ihe November general eleclion. Johnson counly veterans arc reported to be considering a full slate of candidates lo run againsl democratic nominees in November. The movcmonl is said lo be an REGINALD GARDINER Riphard GAINES Stanley PRAGER 8. S. FULLY Republicans Plan to Enter State Candidates Lilllc Rock,'Aug. 15 —(/I')— The Pulaski county Republican com- milloc will meet here tonighl lo discuss selection of a popular congressional candidate and conccn- Iralion of statewide Republican ac- livily on his campaign. The Republicans, thus far unsuccessful in efforts to make Arkanas a two-party state, arc "said ready to start another drive wilh Ihe federal office as their firsl wedge. "Wo will use to every advantage in Arkansas the national trend to turn to the Republican party," Pratt C. Remmel, Litllc Rock, commillec chairman, said. o • — Murray Seeking Way to Increase Wages for CIO By HAROLD W, WARD Washinglon, Aug. 15 —(/!')—CIO Presidcnl Philip Murray declared loday lhal "labor canql conlinuc lo participate in a stabilization program in which wages arc rolled back while at the same time increases in Ihc cost of living become a daily occurrence." "A stabilizalion program which moans curbs on wage increases and soaring price increases," ho who earned four battle stars in Europe, observed .VJ day quiclly today wondering if he could find a welcome for his family anywhere in Texas. Olsuka was with the <H2nd infantry rcgimcnl in Europe, nnd outfit lhal foughl beside Texas' 3(ith division. Ho wrote a letter to the Houston Press today explaining his Iroubles. "I have a complaint lo make," his Idler said. "A few. weeks aj;r: your editorial praised the '!42nci infantry rcgimcnl :"or a wonderfu' cymbal record. You know it was composed mostly or Japanese-1 Americans. • | "Well I am a Nisei. I was in lhat oulfit from the beginning and through every batlle till the end. j "Now I am back with my :"amily and in looking for a farm I located oho near Tomball. I had everything arranged and was aboul to move in when I was told to keep away or there would bo Iroublc. "II isn't Ihe land-owner's opinion. II is Ihe neighbors around there. They don't want us around. "What I would like to know, is this our answer for rescuing the 'Losl Ballalion' of your proud 36lh Division in the Vogcs mountains of France? "Is that your answer China Reds Reject Peace Proposal Nanking, Aug. 15 —W)— Chinese communists, rejecting Chiang Kai- Shek's peace program, loday slopped up Ihcir assaults in the North and turned their verbal fire upon General Marshall, U. S. peace envoy. (The Communisls' Ycnan radio, recorded in San Francisco by Ihc Associated Press, reported Ihc "liberation of the railway lown of Lanfeng, 30 miles casl ot Kaifeng, and railway towns and stations to the cast of Lanfeng up lo Hich- uang, 40 miles wcsl of Hsuchow.' These gains, Ycnan said, pul aboul a 70-mile slrctch of Ihc Lunghai railway under Communist control.; Government dispatches reported thai aulhoritics in Changchun, Ihc Manchurian capital, and in Tient- sin were taking special precautions against riots aflcr receiving intelligence reports thai the Com- munisl underground was planning large scale disturbances. The Communists' emancipation daily, published al Ihcir Ycnan headquarters, declared flatly that Marshall was "not above blame for the failure to cease hostilities in China.' Past Communist criticism of U.S. Comment Froni the Capitol of Arkansas By BOB BROWN United Press Staff Correspondent Litllc Rock, Aug.l!) — (UP) — Only five men in Arkansas are going Ihroufih Ihe process of being induclcd inlo Ihe army Ihis month — five Arkansas dcnlists. Brig. Gen. E. L. Compere, slate selective service director, says lhal Ihc -armed services have had Iroutalo keeping dcnlists in view of the more lucrative civilian trade wailing al home . .so Ihis monlh Ihc draft headquarters levied at 1,500 dcnlists. "We searched our records, the director says, "and found seven rionlisls who had no children and vho have nol boon in service. Two of them had boon rejected ircviously tor physical reasons. This loaves five." ' • • Will they bo drafted? Compere says probably not. "They'll decide to volunlccr and accept commissions," ho says. if they don't Ihen they'll receive 'Greetings from the President." Legal circles around the capital arc watching with intcrcsl Ihc advcnl of a new publication in the stale — a quarterly bulletin to be published this year by the University of Arkansas Law School, Hailing it as a sign lhal the law school "has reached maturity,' the attorneys believe it will answer a long-felt need in the slalc. The school in Ihc past has published law bulletins, but this is the first time lhal Ihc magazine has been placed on a regular publication schedule under direction of the law sludonls. Patterned aflcr Ihc Harvard Law Review and olher legal publications, it will conlain legal ar- members of Ihc bench and bar ot liclcs by .students, professors and ho slato. The firsl issue will be oul early Ihis fall. Arkansas swine experts sounded MocArthurWill ' Not Retire Says * Associates Tokyo, Aug. 15 —(UP>—'A spokesman for Gen. Douglas MHC- Arthur flatly denied today that the supreme commander had applied for retirement from the U. S. Army. The spokesman said there was "absolutely nothing" to Washington dispatches quoting' 11 War Department source that MucArthur applied for retirement Aug. 15 but j| decided to uphold the application ^ "until the Japanese situation is in better control.' MacArlhur was 66 last Jan. 24, two years past the retirement age. And could relic any time he wanted to, Persons close to MacArlhur say he is In good health and carrying out his duties with his customary vigor. Ho is said to be eager to continue in his job as long as he Is needed. AP TUPIU Chicano, AUK. 16 — — Mrs. Louis Knakc, 22, caught on to the game of bowling, under her husband's tutelage, so well that soon she was beating him. He didn't like that, Mrs. Knakc told Judge Charles A. Williams, and walked out on her. She was granted a divorce on grounds of desertion. oft this week with a strident the first atom bomb test. "I know darn well hogs can swim,' the county agent declared, "because they have to make their way lo the high points ot land every time it comes a hard rain.' But any idea that the hogs arc actually the much-talkcd-of razorbacks brought an atomic explosion in itself, Marshall C. Heck, assistant extension animal husbandman of Ihe University of Arkansas, .says clearly -and plainly: 'Razorback hogs in Arkansas arc extinct. We had to go to hpuis- iina to gel one for a recent animal show.' Could the Wonder Slate enter a hoc in Iho Washington swim-fost? "You bet,' Atkinson agreed. 'When do you want him? We'll have lo run him down, and that'll take u bit. of doing.' 'or the terrific casualties we suffered to rescue those men ol Ihe 36lh? : "Is lhal your answer lo my buddies who will never come back and who forlunalely won'l feel Ihe sling of prejudices?" In his Idler Olsuka enclosed a piclurc of u placquc the lirst bal- talion of Ihc 141sl regiment of Iho 36lh division gave the '142nd rcgi- me'nl for rescuing Ihc Tcxans. If lhal is Texas' answer the piclurc is yours," he wrote. "1 don't want it.' answer to Ihc recent challenge of the Washington (slate) Athletic Club. "We've gol the fastest swimming pig in the world," rang out the call. "They can compete favorably with hogs anywhere.' The statement came from County Agent T. E. Atkins of Brad- Icy County — the country where hogs run wild in the swampy land at the forks of the Ouachila and Saline Rivers. "Our hogs arc lean and lanky, almost like the razorback of old,' Atkinson said. 'And il only stands to reason thai a lean hog can swim faster than one of those fal Iowa or Missouri corn calcrs.' The hogs Wilkinson has in mind arc owned bv Ihc Harrod Brothers of Eagle Lake, the largest swine producers in the counly. The controversy arose aflcr Ihc Athletic Club on the coast decided lo hold a pig swimming tourn- ment. The contest is to decide whether Pig Number 311- actually did swim in Bikini Lagoon after RIALTO NOW and SATURDAY HIS GUNS SPfAK A PNG OF DEATH; outgrowth of the democratic marics, in which nominees pn- for major county offices were named ivilhout opposition. Tho last remaining opposition in he primaries was removed when John Willcy withdrew from the •ace against Sheriff R. L. (Busteri Thompson, and the veterans al- egcd that the counly Dcmocralic Central Commillcc Defused lo counl "wrilc-in" voles casl for _,loyd Yarbrough, a veleran, in ,he race. o- Sunday Features 1:00 - 3:03 5:06 - 7:09 9:12 lONTRACT AWARDED Liltle Rock. Aug. 15 -(If)— for deconlaminalion and burning of 73 powder-impregnalcd Duildings at the Arkansas Ordnance Plant, Jacksonville,' has been awarded to Schutt Conslruc- tion Company, Inc., Genoa, Wis., Col. Gerald alloway, dislricl U.S. engineer, anounccd today. said, "is nol a slabilizalion pro gram but a fraud." Ho said existing slandards of Iho Nalional Wage Slabilizalion Board must be revised in the light of higher living costs. o Kidnappers Plead Quilty, to Face Grand Jury Litllc Rock, Aug. 15 — —Jack Rheuark, 22, and Hubert Jones, 21, bom of Sapulpa, Okla., pleaded guilly in municipal court here today lo charges ot kidnaping and robbing Slale Policeman Add Schug. They were bound over lo Ihc Pulaski counly grand jury under bond of 10,000 each. The Iwo arc charged wilh ab- ducling Palrolman Schug near Wrightsville Aug. 9 and leaving him handcuffed to his palrol car aflcr laking his cartridge bell, 87, 500 rounds of ammunition and a spare tire. Neither Rheuark nor ones testified at Ihc preliminary hearing. Slate Police Lt Alan Tomplclun lold Municipal Judge Harper Harb Ihc two men were wanted for jail break at Hoxey, Kan. He added that Rheuark had confessed to nine automobile Ihefts and Jones to seven. Templeton said a dclainer for the pair had been asked by Kansas au- tnoritic-s. ,._ Sunday • Monday • Tuesday [be love'story that will live ; f with you today -tomorrow -and forever! Sunday Features 1:00 - 3:01 - 5:02 7:03 - 9:04 INURNMIONAl PICJURtS presents. 2 BIG HITS MUSIC; ACTION!} • v> ' _..... _ fl , Orson market operations, smuggling, piracy and gambling. Tho vaunted "British law and order" is fast losing Ihe respect of Ihose traders and businessmen who sought to escape Chinese restrictions. The demonstrations and cries of "return Hongko" have been stopped by the Chinese. Bul like the volcano that smoulders for years until it suddenly bursts forth with destruction, Hongkong is u seething masu. Truman Plans 18-Day Yachting Trip Soon Washington, Aug. 15 —(/Pi—President Truman will leave Washing- Ion tomorrow for an 18-day yachting vacation in New England waters. » White House Press Secretary Charles G. Ross disclosed plann for the cruise, aboard Iho presidential yacht U. S. S. Williamsburg. II will carry Ihe presient into the Narragansett Bay area and up the easl tuatl uf Maine. Cliiudclle Colbert Welles .George TOMORROW <* E W NOW and SATURDAY romance ,h Lucile WATSON • Richard LONG ~> Natalie WOOD C n:ic •> Directed by IRVING PICHEL • Produced by David Lewis (H 111 ii mi ml Joyce NKcn No\cl ind Luel.ts Home Journal Scoiy by Cwtn Brislow • An INTERNATIONAL PICTURE Scr«npV> by Ltnoie Coffet • Music fcy Mu Sicmtr, , Released by RKO R«dio Pictures, Inc.; COMES FLYING HOME '! FAYt MARLOWE DICK CRANE MARTHA STEWART HENRY MORGAN CHARLES RUSSELL HITS "CHEROKEE FLASH" Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn My Country First , $. Berlin I/I') dispaloh yesterday ciViUed Gen. Joseph T. McNarncy, commander of American occupation lorccs there, as saying thai Ihc ullimnle objective ot the Gorman Communist party is "to destroy the capitalist system and establish « Socialist stale wilh a classless .society." This, then, is Ihc goiil toward which Russia is working — wilh her support ot the German Com- unisls. Bul not u goal calculalcd lo inspire confidence of Ihc Germans or hope of Ihc rest of Ihc wprlcl for an enduring peace. 'iLovc of country comes ahead of any "ism" — and If the Russians arc foolish enough to think this rule doesn't apply lo Germany then we ate wiser than Ihc Rods. Furlhcrmorc, Ihc world has nol forgollcn Ihe ugly fact thai if Ihc Russian policy fails this lime in Gcimimy il :will bo Ihc second case in our gcncralion where Russian mislakes in Germany have brought on a world war. When tho Weimar republic was staggering toward its death in the latp 20's and early 30's did the Mos- ci"/w-directed Gorman Communists help save il? No. Whal Ihc Com- munisls did was what they always do ... Hope Star WEATHER FORECAtT 4 Arkansas: Fair this afternoon, tonight and Sunday. 47TH YEAR: VOL. 47—NO. 261 Star of Hone. 1899: Press. 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 1946 (AP)—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Means NcwsDaoer Enterorls* Ass'n. PRICE 5c COPY 9-12 Inches of Rain Causes Illinois Floods By The Associated Press A spell of dry weather was 'ore- casl today for Illinois communities drenched bv heavy rains which caused flash floods with heavy properly damage and loss of four lives. The Illinois lowlands across the Mississippi river from St. Louis suffered most Properly damage ran inlo millions of dollars when nine to 12 inches of rain fell in 48 hours ended yoslerday. A flood-weakened levee burst aboul 75 miles Louis aflcr a northwest Thursday of St. night play for utlcr collapse, hoping Ihen lo lake over Ihemsclvcs. In Ihe case of Ihc Weimar republic il was Communist strategy to refuse help lo Ihc moderate Socialists and throw their support instead to a Fascist they knew could not possibly win. Thai Fas- eisl's name was Adolf Hitler. . lie did win. He was elected head of the new German stale wilh Ihc aid of Iho Communists' voles. ucrmans will have no confidence in Russian policy which is no brighler loday lhan il was yesterday when it supported Us mortal enemy and gol a lol of Irusling German Reds executed the mo- mcnl Hitler took office. The world will have no confidence, cither. What the world is looking for is not bloody debate ovcd economic "isms" and another war — but peace: jusl Peace. * * -K y3Y JAMES THRASHER Fighting Another Killer The courageous fight which the late President Roosevelt made a- gainsl infanlile paralysis, and tire eminent career which he achieved in spile of his affliction, served to focus public attention and public action on that disease to a re- storm, sending thousands of tons of sand and water into Ihc lilllc town of Pearl, 111 .No lives were lost among the COO residents bul 250 were made homeless. "I don'l sec how they all gol oul alive," Piked Counly Sheriff Sieve Hoover said. "The people wore looking for trouble and made their way lo high spols before the levee burst, bul some persons were taken lo safely by small boals." The broad 10-fool high levee. 24 feel al Ihe base, gave way Peace Group Invites Austria Over Russian Opposition, to Appear Before Conference By WILLIAM B. KING Paris, Aug. 17 —(/I')— The Euro- lean peace conference voted 15 to i today, over Russian opposition, o invilc Austria lo present her views on Ihc pending treaty with [tal- and then adopted unanimous- y a Sovicl proposal lo invilc Iran .o be heard as well. / The Uniled Slalcs joined Britain in favor of permitting Austria to appear — in Ihc words of Ihc proposal — "lo explain ils point of view on Ihc Ircaly with Italy on the same terms as Albania, Mexico, Cuba and Egypt." Soviet Dclcgalc Andrei Y. Vis- ninsky Iwicc look Ihc floor lo cr- prcss his opposition. He contended it was clear lhal Ihc object was lo bring up Auslria's "claim to the South Tyrol, a claim which was rcjcclcd by Ihe council of foreign minislers." He said there were "many reasons," against the invi lalion. While Russia, Ihc Ukraine, Po- markablc degree. And though the prevention of Ihc disease is still an unsolved myslcry, Ihc relief available lo its sufferers is infinitely grcalcr lhan Jl was a decade ago. The campaign againsl infanlllc V'/valysis has also called allcnlion in an inverse way lo Ihc compara- livc lack-of-public intercifl-in'Oth- er, equally serious, and much more prevalent diseases. Among these is rheumatic fever, which recently begun al Johns Hopkins is Ihc object of intensive research University. Rheumatic fever is our dead- liesl killer of children. II takes more young lives lhan all olher children's diseases combined — 20 limes more lhan are killed by »po- 1', myclilis. II strikes 90 per cent of hJ. viclims bclwccn Ihc ages of 5 and 7. under Ihc pressure of flood walcrs in Iwo creeks, tributaries of the nearby Illinois river. More lhan 25 homes were dc> molishcd and anolhcr 25 damaged, Hoover said. Sand from Ihc hill sides piled up as high as to'.'.r fee' in Ihc lown, blanketing aulomo biles. Across from SI. Louis, more lhan 1,000 persons were lefl homeless, moslly in Easl St. Louis and Belleville. 111. Coast guard and private boals rescued '100 persons marooned in Ihc Washinglon Park dis- Iricl of Easl St. Louis. Absenteeism among flood-slrand- od workers slowed industry, and Belleville newspapers did not publish. Passengers from St. Louis arrived last night at Evansville. Ind., almost 24 hours late after a Louisville and Nashville railroad train was stranded by high walcr at Ml. Vernon. 111. Downlown St. Louis escaped flooding but some west residential slrccls under waler, and two youlhs apparently drowned when they were swept into a storm sewer by surging waters. A 13-year old Negro girl drowned in her flooded home at Elsberry, Mo. Another dealh allribulcd lo Ihe storm was at Centralia, 111., where a man was electroculed by a liv.c wire. land, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia lined up with Russia against Ihc invitation when it came lo Ihc vote. Slalc Department Counsellor Benjamin V. Cohen had expressed the United Stales' hope lhal "Ihe lion lo Iran. "The Iranian government .has three limes communicated ils'de- sire lo take parl in Ihis conference," Vishinsky said. "The So- vicl delegation thinks the request is entirely justified and well founded.' ' The Soviet delegate proposed that Iran be invited on Ihc same fooling as olher Uniled Nalions members, which hitherto have not taken part in the conference. This would give the proposed delegation an opportunity to express ils views bul nol lo voic. Dr. Quo Tai-Chi, of the Chu^sc delegation, supported Ihc Russian proposal lo invile Iran, "a country which has contributed lo viclory." The Uniled Slates also joined in Ihe general approval wilh the dec- larralion of Benjamin V. Cohen lhal his delegation "takns pleasure in supporling Ihc proposal." The proposal was unanimously adoplcd. "In the Moscow declaration,' ohen 'said, "we did regard Aus tria as a viclim of Nazi aggres sion. I don't ihink we can dclibcr ale here just how far Austria die conlributc lo her own liberation. 1 ' conference .will lei Auslria be be heard." He observed "il would be He argued that Austria could no take less time lo hear Ihc views of Auslria lhan lo dcbalc her righl to be heard." The conference unlil Monday. accorded less opportunity tc hoard lhan olher ex-enem> slates. France's approval of Ihc invila lion was voiced by French dole lalcr recessed gate Maurice Couve DC Murvillc who declared "il would be impos There were no abscnlions as the siblc not to invite Auslria." The weather more rain was bureau in sight said for no the Nol loo rheum a lie much fever. known aboul is thought to be "sot off" by an infection, prob ably streptococcic. II usually goes through three stages. The first may cxhibil the symptoms of a common cold. The second, some weeks laler, may be marked by fcvnr and swollen and painful joints and muscles. In Ihc third stage, involvement of the heail is evident The medical profession is cou- ffflntcd with a number of problems in its effort, lo combat rheumatic fover. There is an i mined- iale need to improve and increase its early rccugnillon, for il is diff- icull of diagnosis. There is im- incdiale need of a much longer period of rest, and supervised care for patients. And, of course, there i.s the ultimate need to minimize its damaging effects and, hopefully, lo find and nullify ils cause. A splendid but little-known pioneering job has boon clone by the P. Francis Sanalorium for Car- r.r.ic Children outside Now York Cily, al Roslyn, Long Island. This is apparently the only hospital in Ihc counlry which has dcvolcd itself lo clinical research of Ihc flooded areas, bul repprlc.d trleat^Slorms last night in several slalos farther north. High winds accompanied storms which hit Omaha, DCS Moincs, La Crossc, Wis., and Rochcslcr, Minn More than Iwo inches of rain fel al Rochester. Dos Mpines streets were flooded and wind velocity reached 58 miles an hour. While Kansas continued to swcl tcr under such temperatures as 105 at Phillipsburg. residents of Iho Canadian province of Albcrla dis carded summer clolhes for warm or apparel. Half an inch of sno\\ ~ " ' " mar- was ire a rest of Iho conference lined up >chind the proposal which Soviet Delegate Andrei Y. Vishinsky said would result in bringing up Aus- ria's claim to tho South Tyrol. Immediately after approval of tho invitation lo Auslria the Sovicl dclcgalc placed a motion before the conference for a similar invila- Strike Slows Movement of Vital Supplies By ROY J. FORREST Delroil, Aug. 17 —(UP)— The movement of vital supplies of iron ore, grain and oil on Ihe Great Lakes was slowing to a halt today, in Ihe Ihird day of a slrike by National Maritime Union (CIO) seamen demanding a 40-hour work week. However, Joseph Curran, president of the striking "CIO" 1 National Maritime Union, said that negotiations would be resumed next week wilh Iwo of Ihe 17 companies operating ,ships of the great lakes. Curran revealed lhal lalks would bo resumed with Bethlehem Transportation Corppration and wilh Slandard Oil Companv of Indiana lo sock a scltlcmenl of Ihe slrike which has cul movcmcnl of vilal iron ore, grain and oil supplies on the lakes. Tho NMU chief said thai ho would leave Detroit tomorrow or lalks wilh Bclhlchcm in Now York In opening Ihc day's scssiot Chairman Wang Shih-Chich o China informed the conforcnc that the expected declarations fvjm the governments of Mexico, Cuba, Egypt and Albania could nol bo heard loday because some ot Ihc dclcgalions had nol arrived in Paris. \ Fair, Hot Is Prediction in Arkansas By The Associated Press While neighboring Missouri re ported excessive rainfall and flash floods, dry Arkansas conlinucd tc swellcr toda yaflcr producing the two highest lempcralures in Ihe nation yesterday. Forl Smilh, with 104 degrees was the holiest spot in the counlry while Searcy was close behind. No relief was. in. sighl over lh< weekend. The forccasl issued bj Ihc U. S. Wcalher Bureau al Lit lie Rook was "fair and conlinucc hot" through Sunday. Local Group Eligible for OPA Awards The following arc eligible fo OPA ccrlificale of awards for con- nlolinn nf 100 hnnry <;prvino* J I- School Deals Studied in Surplus Probe By ALEX SINGLETON Washington, Aug. 17 — — A •louse committee's investigation of ;ovcrnmcnl surplus goods disposal iranchcd oul loday lo touch on destruction of army equipment and ;ifls of real estate to new-born educational institutions.. Meanwhile, Ihe Surplus Porpcrty -.ommilleo suspended temporarily Is inquiry into the activities ol war brokers in the nation's capital if lor ciling Benjamin Franklin Ticlds, pudgy Washinglon promo- ,er, for contempt. The committee held he had failed .o come up with his records on a wire purchasing transaclion. Those were Ihe devclopmcnls: 1. Robcrl Whittet, director of Ihe War Assets Administration's institutional division, acknowledged lhal Ihe newly-formed American Inslilulc for Foreign Trade had acquired .without financial outlay, government-owned land buildings worth $407,000 at Glcndalc, Ariz. 2. Chairman Slaughter (D-Mo) announced thai Ihc committee would hold public hearings beginning Monday in Atlanla on "Ihe army's dcslruclion of radio and electronic equipment." 3. A declaration by Joseph F. Jerusalem Right in Middle of One of the World's Most Explosive Zones By DeWITT MACKENZIE A Foreign, Affairs Analyst If you will lake a pair of compasses and, using Jerusalem as a center of your map of the Middle East, draw a semi-circle Wilh ils lop lo Ihc north and ils radii representing aboul a thousand miles, you will.have enclosed one of the globe's mosl explosive zones. There is no area more dangerous lo peace, unless perhaps the Paris "peace" conference, which threatens to talk itself inlo a free- for-all. Our arc will enclose a mulli- cralcr volcano — 'our craters, to be cxacl. These arc: (1) the Palestine crisis: 2) the fierce territorial disputes between British- backed Greece and Soviet spoil' sored Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, (3) the Russo-Turkish dis- Ihe Dardanelles of the world's mill most Carroll, director of the compliance enforcement division of WAA, thai the huge government holdings of surplus property were attracting "numerous speculators and profiteers." A former FBI agent, he said his division was drafting a black lisl of such "individuals" jusl as fasl as Ihey can be dcleclcd. Slaughter said the committee decided to dig into disposition of surplus property to educational in- slilulion after hearing how two high ranking- army officers, with the blessing of the government, transformed an idea into a campus for educaling sludenls in foreign trade. .Records placed before the com- rnillec by WAA showed that the American Inslilule for Foreign Trade: Was incorporated April 8, 1946, by Lt. Gen. Barlon K. Younl, nf Washinglon, D .C., and LI. Col. Finlcy Pclcr Dunne, Jr., of Wcs- ton, Mass., as president and secretary-treasurer, respectively. Filed application the next day to purcahse Thundcrbird Auxiliary. Field No. 1, at Glendale, Ariz.; al ils appraised valuation "less discount" • Acquired the propertv free on July 8 —a 100 percent discouni — under a clause in the Surplus Property Act which permits the administrator to grant discounts lo non-profil, non-taxable, educational 'instilulions "on account of benefits which may accrue to the pule over larily one slralcgic waterways), and (4) Ihc Anglo-Russian tension revolving aboul Ihe interests of these Iwo grcal powers in oil-rich Iran (Persia). In every one of Ihesc crises, excepting lhal in Ihc Holy Land Russia and England ' are al Sword's points. The same is true indirectly as regards Palestine for the whole Moslem world is in volved in this dispute and the So vict union is heavily affected. Obviously, therefore, every one of these four situalions •" a threw to Russo-Brilish relations. Am when you've said that, you involvi the rest of the globe. Washington is watching all thcsi imbroglios intently. Palestine is an open keg o powder with lightning playing a around. The country is tense ove Brilain's deporlalion ol illcga Jewish'immigrants to the island o Cyprus. The outlawed Irgun Zva Lcumi has called on the Jews to general revolt. Eighteen youn Jews have been sentenced lo deal for bombing Ihe Raifa railroa shops — and took their sentence singing. Four Jewish women als ore given life terms. The question of immigration of ewish refugees from Europe is, f course, one of the burning is- ues of Ihc moment. Thus it was ig news when the White House cstcrday made il known thai resident Truman is considering sking Congress for special Icgis- dlion lo permil entry of European cfugoes. including Jews, inlo the Jnited Slalcs The president hopes arrange -icnts can be made for various ounlrics, including Ihc Uniled latos, lo admit manv of these eoplc as permanent residents, deanlime London is slruggling vilh a plan to establish Jewish nd Arab 'slates in Palestine. The Dardanelles issue is HII in- ernalional headache . Russia demanding lhal-control of these traits between the Black Sea and he Mediterranean be nlaced in he hands of the so-called Black Sea powers — Turkey, Russia. Bulgaria and Romania — letting Russia share jointly with Turkey n the defense. Under the Mon- Ircux convention ot 1936 Turkey was granted the right to close the Dardanelles to other nationaliucs f she was al war or threatened jy war. Unless there has been a change ,n Ihc policy previously staled by Secretary of Stale Byrnes. Wash- inglon holds that the Dardanelles should be open at all times to the transit ot warships of Black Sea powers. However, America is said to oppose Soviet demands Tor participation in military control of Ihc slrails. So naturally do Britain and Turkey. The Iranian situalion is acule but unchanged. British troops arc at Basra, Iraq, on the doorstep of Iran, ready lo defend Brilish na- lionals and inlcresls in southern Iran if necessary. Russia "denies the report that she has massed soldiers on Iran's northern frontier. If cither Britain or Russia should fire a shot in Iran, il mighl be one heard round the world. Calcutta Police Struggle to Restore Order By DONALD HUTU Calcutta, Aug. 17 —(/P)—A pitched battle was raging tonight between crowds of Moslems and Hindus in Central Calcutta after another day of riol marked by arson, looting and stabbing incidents. Casualties, in the two day disorders were estimated at 250 killed and 1,500 injured, Rculers reported. British and Indian troops, reinforced by armored cars, struggled to clear the slreets. The situation, was reported improved in the north part of the city. .' Sir Frederick Burrows, governor of Bengal, lold Calcuttans' in' a< radio broadcast tonight " it was discreditable that, on the eve oft self-government, the largest city in India should become a victim of m.ob rule.' He said •• political leaders of .all parties were unanimous in condemning what he described as the licentious destruction of life and property. Orders' were issued prohibiting lie assembly of five' or more persons and barring the carrying o* dangerous weapons . as reports came in from northeastern sec- Lions of the cily telling of new disturbances today. Yesterday's clashes began when the Moslem League observed a "direct action > day" protesting against British independence plans ior India. Tne bloody - clashes continued into the night, despite a curfew. Bus and train service remained suspended today and some isolated cases of looting', were''re- ported during the night and this morning. Some estimates placed .the losses fell in Calgary, where the cury dropped to Frost feared in the Edmonlon whore bumper crops arc ripon- ing. 2 Candidates for House Speaker Litllc Rock, Aug. 17 representatives have disease »md to providing tho pr< Inngr-d bed-rest which is vitally necessary if Iho patient is lo survive into an adult life of roslriel- is the best ho ed aclivily, which can hope for. Now lhat John Hopkins has added ils facilities lo Ihosc already engaged in Iho figlil against Ihis •VHosprcad and deadly affliction, jjis lo be hoped lhal, when and if a" concerted national campaign is organized, Ihe public will respond wilh Ihe same will and gcncras- ily lhal has aided medical science sc'i nolably in its bailie .uguinsl another childhood scourge. Logan Vets Join Political Uprisings By United Press Veterans in another locality, Logan cvjunly, today joined Iho_ overgrowing parade of uprisings in Arkansas ;is numerous Democratic corninillocy settled down to recount the vote cast in lusl Tuesday s run- —I/I') — Two a nnounccd they will bo candidates for Ihc House spcakcrship in Ihe 1047 Ar dansas General Assembly and four olhors have been mentioned as possible candidates. Roy Rialcs of Mcna (Polk county i and Claude Coffcll of Dccalui Bcnton counly have announced they will sock the spcakcrship. Others mcnlioncd as possibilitio arc Hcartsill Ragim of Forl Smith (Sebastian counly I: Borl C Pouncoy Jr., Hughes St. Francis county: J. R. Campbell, Hoi Springs (Garland county), ant Carroll Hollingsworth of Warrcr Bradley counly. The governor's desires usually have much lo do wilh the dolcrmi nation of the house speakcrship but Governor Laney has dcclinor lo commit himself on the subject While the speaker is selected of ficially al Ihc firsl session of Ih logislalurc, ho ordinarily is chose' previously by pledges acquircc rom members. Here and There in Arkansas Lillle Rock, Aug. 17 — (Vl'j- Th Pulaski Counly Republican con millec has rc-cleclcd Prat 1 . C Rommel. Lilllc Rock, duiirma and W. H. Laubach secretary. id thai members of Ihc union cgolialing committee would con- or with slandard in Chicago on Inkers' demands for a 40-hour vcek. "Their atliludc is slowly chang- ig," Curran said. "Bolh oompan- cs have come down from 53 hours o 48 and arc readv lo talk." The NMU and Ihc ship owners isagrcod on Ihc number of ships ow tied up, but both sides agreed no number was growing. The union said thai 105 ships iincl ,000 seamen wore idle in purls of lie five lakes. Tho Lake Carriers' AssociaUqn if ship owners at Cleveland said inly 20 bulk freighters of 316 LCA ihips wore strike-bound. However, hoy had no figures available on >1 non-associalion ships. A United Press survey of ports nclicalod thai 50 ships were tied ip, 14 ships al Delroil, one al Port -Iuiv>n, Mich., two al Muskegon, Wich., five at Ashlabula, O., Ihrco Cleveland, 14 al Chicago, throe it Toledo, five at Dululh, five at Vlanlioc and^ Superior, Wis., one ;it Two Harbors. Minn., and Ihrce lit Erie and Buffalo. Joseph Curran, NUM president predicted thai all 100 ships of American registry on the inland waterway would be lied up within a week if the owners did nol agree lo a reduction in Hie 5(i-lu>ur week. No new moves toward negotiation f the strike wore reported since Curran yesterday notified tho ship owners thai he was ready to resume peace lalks any lime and any place. Officials of five shipping companies hero have charged the NMU with violating contracts and Jones, A. A. Albritlon, Lyman Armstrong, R. W. Davis, R. O. Crainc, R. E. Cooper, C. C. Lewis, F. G. Ward, Dorscy McRac, Jr., Mrs. W. Y. Foster, Rommel Young, Miss Beryl Henry, George W. Robinson, Mrs. A. H. Christian, Mrs. Mary Spates and Mrs. P.aul Dud ncy. D. Boyd Cutler, Former Highway Engineer, Dies United Stales." Slaughlcr and Rep. Rizley (R- Okla) bolh expressed doubl lhal Congress ever had intended to approve' the free transfer of property and building to new instilulions under Ihc act "This may be a perfectly ! ogiti- malc cnlcrpriso," said Slaughlcr, "bul il is worth looking inlo." Whillct said Iho deal provided for return of the land and property to the govcrnmcnl if Ihe "inslilulc failed to remain in existence for al loasl Ion years or lo carry oul Ihc purposes for which it was incorporated. Ho said there wore -175 cases now pending for transfer of surplus property to educational in- stilulions, Slaughter, although expressing belief lhal mosl of them were established or had slalc sponsorship, declared Iho committee would want lo investigate. o • Jew Refugee Riots Under Control By ELIAV SIMON Jerusalem, Aug. 17. —(UP) Thirteen Hundred Jewish refugees were transferred today to wire- caged transports in Haifa harbor for shipment to CyprUs after their short lived passive resistance collapsed in the face of British troop movements. For some hours Haifa and its harbor bristled like the scene of preparations for a battle as the Jews aboard two dirty tubs defied the Brilish and Indian troop reinforcements jogged through the cily Little Change in Official Vote Count Official. tabulations of election returns tiy a !th;e i .Hcmpstead -Demo-. in full war kit Ten thousand Jews gathered in D. Boycl Culler, of Tyler, Texas, civil engineer for the Ar kansas Highway Department, died yesterday at Pino Bluff. He was well known in Hope having been district engineer for the highway department here several years. Ho is .survived by his wife, two brothers, Charles Culler ot Curtis, and D. D. Culler of Beaumont HOME WHERE BED IS Los Angeles, Aug. 17 — (/I 1 ) — Twenty-three girls and four boys, members ot a bicycle caravan from Norlhficld, Mass., rode into town lookin" for a place lo put up for Ihc night, bul found youth hotels and other accommodations filled. Undaunted, they travelled over tho Union slalion hero, un- Texas. Funeral services and burial i rolled sleeping bags and slcpl on will bo held in Tyler, Texas. I Ihc lawn. Eva Braun Always Had Dirty Neck Says Tailor Who Wishes He Had Never Seen Her the slrcels of Haifa in response to a brazenly broadcast, summons for a mass demonstration. Told to await further orders ,thoy dispersed, chanting the Jewish anihcm Halikva. The Jews jammed aboard Ihc refugee vessels Kalrial Yaffc and Ihc Twenty-three huddled deep in the ships and ignored the orders of British officers who went ashore lo direcl their transfer to the transports waiting lo lake them lo in- torment in Cyprus. The Indian reinforcements ahd pushed out lo Ihe ships, ready for aclion, and Ihc refugees gave up. They were searched for arms, pul through disinfectant processes, and passed without argument into cages below Ihc docks of Ihc transports. Each got a blanket and a mug of walcr as ho wcnl in. The transports prepared lo gel under way as quickly as possible lo minimize Ihc chances of any outbreak in the jittery cily. The call to Ihc dumonslra'ion in Ihc streets of Haifa on behalf of the refugees in Iho harbor bore the label of Hagana, one of Iho lliroc Jewish underground forces. The Voice of Israel radio said: "We are nol strong enough to fight with arms against the mighl of the British army with ils tanks and the Brilish Navy which now lias five cruisers around Haifa. "Bul we cannot return happily lo our homes al a moment when brelheren and sislcrs arc bo cratic Central Committee resulted in litllc change. There were only •a few voles difference in several races and Ihey favored the winners. The count: Ascbciate Justice: E. H. Patterson 2060 E. D. McHancy 1980 Attorney General: Guy Williams Sam Rorcx State Treasurer: J. V. Clayton Ernest Dow Circuit Judge: Dexter Bush Lylo Brown County Judge; Frank Rider Fred A. Luck 1884 2394 3014 983 2090 2356 2039 2395 County Treasurer: Syvcll A. Burke Mrs. Isabclle McCorklc .. 3186 1105 denounced slrike as an organizing drive. They further charged lhal NMU seamen had lefl "many" loaded lankcrs al clocks without lire protection in violation ol safety regulations. Union officials said that one reason the strike was spreading slowly was because seamen were waiting to got as close as possible By TOM REDY (For Hal Boyle) Taubenbcrg, Germany, Aug. 17 — If Eva Braun had washed her neck more oflon and vakcn shorlcr slridcs, she might have bcsn a lady—to her lailor. But she didn'l. Adolf Hitler ap- parenlly didn't, mind, but Otto Jal- nian Poniiller did. lie disliked The county Republican convcn-1 |] K .j,- home ports before leavin off primary. In Logan county, sumo 100 %ct, •• ol ul Paris yesterday arc t-ro'clcd Willis Page of Magazine as their chairman. . Guv Pc-lt.v uf Pans said the veterans planned to mod again Thursday night to plan for stationing rcpresunlativcs at all county voting places in the November general election. Also, spokesmen indicalcd that an independent slate of candidates might be selected for Ihe November bal- CoiiUiiued uu Pase Tui-ee lion was hold here yesterday v.'ilh Wallace Townscnd, G.O.P. N:i- lional commillecman from Ai kan- sas, outlining Ihc na'.jjnal slralugy of the party this year. Faycltevillc, Aug. 17 —t/h —No discrepancies wore discovered in a recount of votes cast Tuesday in the race for stale rcprcsenuivlvc. posilion N/J. 1, the Waching'on County Democratic Com in |i lev has announced. The di:fealcd candidate. Paul Davis of Summers, requested the rcchcck. Lee Se:n i- Rock, Aug. 17 —(.1';— A transmission line from voles. Lillle 94-mile Norfork Dam 1o Ozark Beach, Mo., via Harrison and Bull Shoals will be constructed by the Arkansas Power and Light Company al an eslimaled cosl of $1,200,000. The project was authorized by the slale public iiwvke cuaunist.iyn. ship, thus saving Ihe cosl of Irans- porlalion home. A NMU bulletin to its locals reported that 2,500 organized and 1,500 unorganized seamen had left their ships. The union claims a total membership of 5,000 members. WIVES DON'T RATE Chicago. Aug. 17 — (.•?)— Sweethearts rale higher than wives at the slate police station in suburban Blue Island. Lt. C'iU'l Rclli issued an order limiting personal culls of iiis force as follows: T.o new girl friends, one minute; to sweethearts, two minutes; lo fiancees, Iwo and one-half minulos, to wives, one-half minute. Eva's habits, and there was noth ing he could do about it Otto, at 45, now lives hero alop 2,000-fool mountain an hour s Jrivc southward from Munich, liiite satisfied t.-j be forgotlcn as he lailor for Hillcr's mistress, the voman dor fuehrer married in the There never has been a muliiij on a U. S, iiuvul vstsel. ast days of the (.•rumbling Reich. Nazi Olio good enough tailor lo .ot along without such a reputation, and in present-day Germany such repulalion wouldn'l help anyway. Ho know Eva Braun way back anolhcr in Munich. "She was pretty, with a nice figure," Pouatter said in an interview, "but she was what you woulc call a pretly fcliopgirl, nothing unusual. You never would lun around to look al her twice." Eva never knew what was gooc and what wasn't Olio said. As foi style, Ponaltor is like 'iiosl tailors He imposes his own ideas unli you let him know about yours. Then he brightens like a pitcher who has hit a home run. Otto kept wailing for Eva to express jusl one t>ulid llumg.il ybuul tylc, but she never did. "She didn'l have any idea," he aid disguslcdly. Eva was sent to Otto by an artist SS or Gestapo men always vcre with her when she came to lis shop. She never said "Heil Hil- cr" like everyone else jusl "good norning' 'or something like that Apparently she was Ihc only person in Germany Ihosc days who iould open a conversation withoul iciling Hitler. Before that Olio had heard aboul Eva. She worked as an ap- prcnlicc for a Munich pholograph- or, Hcinrich Hoffman, who was Hitler's personal photographer for years. <!<• Holfman remembers Eva us a worker en his staff, too, just as Otto remembers her. "1 never could impress on her that she should make a good appearance,' 'says Hoffman. "Her nock was never quite clean." In lime, Hoffman inlroduced Eva lo Hitler. The fuehrer was intrigued. They stayed together lo ing deported. Be nexl few hours, orders." o ready for Ihe Awail further Representative Post No. 1: A. C. Anderson 1810 Glen Walker 2531 County Surveyor: Gordon Prcscott 2988 Joe Jackson 1038 o 99 Degrees Here Yesterday; No Relief* in Sight Tho weatherman gave no hope for relief from sweltering heat in this section today. With the tern- peralure climbing to 99 dagreer; yesterday all indications pointed to another hot weekend. Experiment station roccfrds 99 degrees the hol- tcsl of Ihe year. from looting yesterday-,i.£at more than $3,600,000. • •" Some sources said .it would be a week before order was completely restored. British troops, kept in. a standby status last night, . were .being used today in a limited extent, but responsibility for maintaining law and order still rested with the harassed police. • The Iroops, wearing steel hel- mels, were well armed. They moved about the streets m jeeps covered with wire mesh to protect themselves against missiles hurled by the mobs. The police resorted *.o firing . in some instances to break up H,indu- , Moslem fighting: They opened fire on College street, where the burning of a Moslem Mostjue caused*' bitter "f ighlinf. Indians armed • themselves with heavy sticks and clubs, despite the police order. Sikhs, who monopolize the taxi cab business in Cal-' cutla, cruised in troupr in their cabs. Some civilian cars took Europeans to their offices .ind were not molested. One European was seem walking to work with a gun slung over his shoulder. A police officer, w'.io had been on duty aboul 30 hours without rcsl, said the authorities were having difficulty removing the bpdies of victims-of the cUshes .because Ihe continued rioting kept patrols on the move. "The besl we can do is move the bodies lo the side of t'ie street," he said. . Ambulances and P>ed .Cross trucks manned by Indians fpun'd difficulty, since the intense feeling exempted no one from possible attack. No authoritative source was. able to say whether Hindus or Moslems had suffered' greater casualties. Few offices and business estab- lishmenls were able to open today as Ihc Indian employes failed to report for work. The police commissioner's announcement prohibiting assemblies and the carrying of weapons said the move was "for the immediate putting an end to the disturbance of public tranquility in Ihe cily and suburbs of Calcutta." 'Strip Tease' Bandits Strike in Two States the end. Ponatlcr wishes thai he never had seen her, professionally. Germans on short rations in bombed out cities don't like to think about Hitler or anyone tied up with him. Scarcely a day goes by without something reminding Otto lhal he never should have hitched his Cardinal Scout Found Murdered in Hotel Room Dallas, Aug 17 —</Pj—The bloody, nude body of a man idcnlifi'jcl 1-y cards found in his clothes nearby as Lcs Wilson ,a baseball Seoul for (ho Si .Louis Cardinals, wau found in a fourth floor room of a hotel hero this morning. Doleclive Chief Will Fritz said ho had been dead only two or lliroc hours. Frilz said there was evidence lhal a fighl had ocjurred earlier. The body, stripped of all clothing, was found in a silling posilion, slumped againsl a wall wrh cue arm draped over a chair. ALL EVEN Unionlown, Pa., Aug. 17 — (/Pi- Paul and Martin Dvorchak, broiii- ers, nj.aiTied Frances and Julia Nypaver, sislcrs, on Ihc same day ion years ago. waeon to Eva's star. You can have her, Olio. and Hitler On Mrs. baby. Aug. 7, 1937. eacli of the Dvorchaks gave birth lo A baby was born to each of them again yesterday at Uniontown hospital. The national flag of Denmark is said to be the oldest national en- uigu in the world. Raleigh, N. C., Aug. 17 —(U)— Police were alerted loday for throe youthful bandits who'd "lake the shirt off your back", also your pants. They said tho "strip lease" robbers, between 18 and 23 years of ago, wore ranging Virginia and North Carolina highways, preying on hitchhikers. They pick them up. rob Ihem, and leayc them on the highway, practically in the altogether. The trio struck three times al unidentified hitch-hikers yesterday . The firsl was spoiled near Mechanicsvillc, Va.. in a stale of near dishabille. Ho said they look his clothes, a suit and $3. A second youth received the strip-down treatment near Carson, Va. they took his clothing, money, and valise, and lefl him in his foundation garments. Victim number three gave his "all" at 9 p. m. last night near Rosvillc. N. C. partially- clad, he was lefl on the highway between there and Raleigh. In each case Ihe car and Ihc bandits were described the same. North Carolina patrolmen spoiled tho car near Raleigh luti night bul il eluded them. Mrs. Roosevelt Not Seriously Hurt in Wreck New York, Aug. 16 — — Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, involved in an automobile accident Wednesday afternoon near Ypnkers, wrote today in her syndicated column in Ihe New York Herald-Tribune: "I myself am quite well, though for some time I shall look as though I had been in a lootball game without having taken any training." "My eyes are black and blue. In fact I am black and blue pretty much all over," the former first lady said. "If I tied a bandana around my head, I Ihink I would resemble some of Ihe pirates p{ Penzance." She said two front teeth, cracked n a fall at Utica "a great many years ago" were broken in the accident "Now I shall have Iwo lovely porcelain ones, which will look far seller lhan Ihe ralhcr protruding large Icelh which mosl of the Roosevclts have," she wrote. '1 have never had a motor accident before and had no idea that the sun. logcther with the fact that I had no one silling by lo talk to inc, could have such a bad effect in making me so drowsy," Mrs. Roosevelt said. "1 can only be thankful to a kind providence if no one was seriously hurt." o SUPER HEAT WAVE Topeka. Kas.. Aug. 17 — (fP> — The heat waves which bake the plains of Kansas may come to the atleiition of fire insurance under- wrilcrs. Yesterday the thermometer read 105 and Miss Ccora Lanham is ready to testify it's dangerous. As she stood waiting for a bus her purse bursl into flames. The sun's rays had passed through a gluyt handle uu the V a S' lj

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