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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, August 16, 1946
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^ , , f v-*.«. . #t»tw^'*WW*#Wi^^to ij&afiWjw-fc -wrrtiM^BuWSUto «^s*5t£i^ HOPE STAR, HOP t, ARKANSAS Hlthy Racing Publisher Dies * taiAge of 65 ^Chicago, Aug. 14 — — James p.lr'Ragen, 65, wealthy racing news ;-publisher who recently declared that Al Capons still controlled Chicago, gambling and vice, died at a. m. (CDT) today in Michael Reese hospital of shutgun wounds inflicted by assassins June 24. Ragen had told State's Attorney William J. Tuohy he had prepared and filed away affidavits of evidence involving a syndicate con- MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD CITY BAKERY trolled b. "the Capone family." and that the evidence would be delivered to federal authorities in the event of his death. Ragen, who boldly defied efforts of a gang of hoodlums to muscle into his business, had offered $25,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the gunmen who had fired upon him from a Camouflaged truck. A previous attempt on his life was made last April 29. Then he eluded two gunmen in an auto chase on the far South Side, where ic lived with his wife and six sons md daughters. o > PROOF Dallas. Aug. 14 — — Mail car- lor L .F. Wilson complained lhal he had been bitten by a duck at a •esidence here and said the bite raised a welt on his leg. A skeptical newspaper reporters went with Wilson to the home. There was the cluck,- standing guard on the front porch. The reporter approached —and the angry duck chased him out of thc yard. Then thc duck bit Wilson again. Chiang Warns Rebellion Must Stop W Npnking, Aug. 14 (UP) — Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek warned Chinese Communists today the rebellion must be put down" and invited them lo join his Kuomin- lang covcrnmcnt in peaceful cf forts to build a Democratic anc unified nallon. Chiang promised lo end Ihe period of "political tutelage, re ferrcd to recently by Mme. Sun Yal-Sen, and to establish a con stitutional government withoug dc lay in spite of all obstacles, ' At Peiping, U. S. Ambassao John Leighton Stuart said Chiana' remarks did not remove the dif ficulties pointed oul in the join statement he issued with Gen George C.- Marshall last Saturday The two American envoys lcrm-ec China's civil conflicl "impossible of settlement, despite the facl lhal to Hearings Matter of Form Charged Against Board Washington, Aug. 14 —(UP) — Tom Under, Georgia commissioner of agriculture, told the Price Dcconlrol Board today that he had heard reports it already had made up its mind about restoring price controls and was holding hearings iust as a matter of ;"orm. Under, speaking also for five other southern commissioners of agriculture, appeared lo protest restoring controls to cottonseed. He said it was "widely rumored" thai the board had already made its decision lo restore controls or major commodities exempted con ditionally by Congress in lhe new price conlrol act. Lindcr said thc reports were lha the board would "carry oul thi president's wishes." Daniel W. Bell, board member lold Linden- the board is "an im partial body" and will nol b "pressured" by anybody. Gcdtgc H. Mead, another boan ,B '.. !,]„,! .1 When natives of Belem, Brazil, build a house, they place a small boa constrictor between the ceiling and the roof lo catch mice. FAVORITE LAXATIVE OF MILLIONS FOM0TEAM bolh sides appeared anxious achieve peace. "I don'l believe the United States will give up the role as mediator," Stuart said. "We do feel, however, there is nolhing we can do al present. It's up lo lhe lhe two parties now.' ' Stuart said there were no indications that General Marshall would return to thc United Stales in lhe near future. memlSe'r. added thai he rcsentec the implications of Lindcr's re marks! in Pope Condemns Terrorism in Palestine Vatican City, Aug. 14 —. 'ope Plus deplored terrorism •'aleslino in an address to an Arab lelcgation delivered Aug. 3 and nade public today in the Vatican icwspaper L'OsEcrvalorc Romano "We condemn all recourse to brce and violence, wherever i comes from, even as we con dcmncd repeatedly in the past the persecutions which n fanatical ami Scmitism unleashed against the Hebrew people," thc pope said. The five man delegation hac been sent to present the ArrVj cas before the Vatican and had told lhe pope lhal the Jews were im porting "fighting men" into Pales tine its spokesman told a new conference: after lhe papal cncc. Thc pope said that a peace it Palestine founded on "truth and justice" presupposed lhat "the rights of others. MORE FUN THIS WAY Wcsl Plains, Mo., Aug. 10 —Vfl— rank Max nas' iosi some of '"-is aith in human nature, ' , He offered an unpicked crop of aud certain peaches lo friends and neighbors mid nvnn offered to help .them pic* the fruit. That night the trees were picked clean by persons unknown. • THE GREATEST BAKINGJMp ER IMPROVEMENT IN $Q YEARS! acquired positions and tradition, especially in th'j religious ::ield, ould be respected. PEACHES Extra Fancy Quality El- bertas. Fine for Canning or Eating. A real VALUE at Kroger's LOW Price. 17lb.lug $1.59 POTATOES ... . TO Ibs. 39c Kroger Selected Red Triumphs. FRESH PEARS•-.-'•. . ib. 15c Mountain Bartletts. Juicy. TURNIPS .... . bch. 12ic Fresh Green Tops, Value. HONEYDEWS .... ib. 10p Vine Ripened, Sweet Juice. Red Grapes Carrots California Red Malagas Fresh, Large Crisp Bunches 25c 15c G . ^» I Pascal or 101 riSp Lelery Golden Heart Bch I <£ 2 FRYING CHICKENS Kroger Selected Grade A, Dressed and Drawn. Value Grade A *}Q Chuck Lb.'^VC Veal Roast Bologna County Health Unit $3 per house for DDT house spraying in 1947. If you have lived for the past two years in any one of 1,165 houses in a rural malarious scclion of Hempslead County you have had y.-our houses sprayed with lhat "mighty weapon of insect destruc- lion", DDT. This spraying was done by lhe malaria conlrol section of' the State Board of Health lo kill lhe malaria-carrying mosquito. This house spraying service was entirely free last summer while this summer thc larger towns arc paying a small portion of the cost. Thc remaining cost is paid with federal funds made available to thc State Health Deparlmenl by lhe U. S. Public Health Service for malaria control work. These funds have been cut to tly extent that residents in all couii ties where the work will be done ncxl year are being asked lo pay $3 for each house sprayed. This $3 will nol be paid for service of unknown qualily. Thc work being done Ihis year and lhat done lasl year have shown just what next year's house sprayinj^program will be. Thc $3 will pay for the best grade of DDT used in a concentration strong enough to be effective for over four months. It will be expertly appplicd by trained and experienced sprayers. Thc work of the past two years has also demonstrated what benefits can be brought for that S3. Most importanl of them all, DDT house spraying kills many other insecls—all types of mosquitoes, flies, roaches, bedbugs, moths, ants, fleas and most all other household insect nests which come in conlacl wilh it. During thc past two years this DDT house spraying service has been given free by thc health department. With the heavy cul in cdcral appropriation this service s still being offered in counties in vhich residents contribulc $3 per louse fee. _,_: 0 Scyenty-jeight percent of Ar_ :nlinaf sS populalion is of Euro;can extraction. : Camera Films Cigarettes Blended Tea Spotlight For All Cameras Popular Brands Krogers. For Fine Iced Tea Priced From Ctn. 23c $1.83 Kroger's Hot Dated Coffee Box Lb. 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In pursuit ot her territorial (lucsl Kussia has nol hesitated lo accuse even lhc molivcs and good faith ot whoever blocks her m ogress, liyrncs was willing to concede the fact that mere arc points ot honest dispute between Britain and ttic United Stales, on lhc one hand, and Russia on lhc other. Bul then Russia had lo go ai'M tell the world lhal lhe only true version of Democracy is thai held by her Eastern salcllilcs who have embraced all oul thc Soviet Hope Star WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas: Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Saturday, 47TH YEAR: VOL. 47—NO. 260 Star of HODO. 1699: Prf»• '927 Consolidated Jonuorv 18. 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, ER1&AY, AUGUST 16, 1946 )—Means Associated Press , (NEA)—Means Newsoaoer Enterorlsa Ass'n. PRICE 5c COPY 'This finally drew from Byrnes the angry rebuke that a less pa_- Ucnt man would have delivered long auo. There is disagreement, said Byrnes, bul that is no reason why Kussia should vilhty America simply to win a gainful point. State Political Revolt Spreads to Blytheville By United Press War veterans' rcvoll gains long cslablishcd office holders ii the slate apparently is spreading today with Mississippi county join ing Jolvnson, Yell, Independence Hot Spring and Garland in th news. At Blytheville three World Wa II veterans — candidates wh were defeated in Tuesday's pr maj-y — h-.vc urged all inlercstc voters to be present this mort ing when the county Democrat committee makes the official cpu ly of votes cast. The commitlc meets in Osccola. There are reports thai Ihc Ihre are planning lo conlcst the r sulls bxil they have refused commcnl until after today's moo »^IsrSH^sES^' ^ — - ir\ rtnciorn nowers into the pence I lo do, „,.«;«*•!/•»« Vvirl met and lhe New. Zen-1 He sa,d the commission h.id.mct ing Sucn procedure makes a mocucry <}•'- tnc whole Paris peace comer- e«^ic where thc final trcalics ol W*ld War 11 arc supposed to be Russia took lhc rebuke — and nol tl , „ without blinking, cither. For_back-| judgc b y 488,voles:__andH. F..^ i ,.,(i. Thc three are Jack tin) Robinson, dcfcalcd by Blylhevi chief of police William Bcrrym for sheriff by 288 votes; Gene Bradley, dcfcalcd bv_ Rol Green, incumbent, for cov Rolanc coun l^UllaUlluuiuv* *«•••*"-• • • —• — | „.._ •• i I ^^^ R^TLSeiegotTCouses More U. S. Studying Trmnon May As£ Congress to Trouble at Parley, Arouses New Zealand Representative By WILLIAM B Aug. 16 NO • 1 'conference," Mason cried. .--^ ^The llus- do somounne.Got a P.^c" KING -(IP)- onfcrcnce oiuciunci: luuoj "••" """. ----- . „ m. EST) S: »™u,h,.'' Jordan , oh.™™, He' begged lhc, temporary chair- loulcd in exasperation at lo take malleVs into, his hands ......" .;,.••', ,, okv said Vishingsky mama al war with lhe former enemy | should Complaints on Prices of Meat Washinglon, Aug. 16. —(/P)—The Justice Department disclosed today lhal it is studying complaints of price fixing and artificial shortages in meat. , An official fully acquainted with lhc sludy said thai since OPA price conlrols on meat lapsed July 1 the dcparlmcnl has received numerous reports of various illegal Irade ladies from many scclions of the country. , . T i „„ Some of the complaints have come from within thc meat in- duslry ilsclf, this official told a reporter, emphasizing that many meal handlers have no part in tne prunorledly illicit operations. The denartmenl's invesligalion Permit Entry of Jews and Other Refugees Into U.S. Washington, Aug. 16 —Iff)—President Truman announced today ne is considering asking congress for special legislation to permit entry of European refugees, including Jews, into the United Stales. A White House stalcment said the Uniled Slates government has aot prescnled any plan of its own for Ihe solulion of the problem of Paleslinc," although the president has been exchanging views with Prime Minister Attlee of Britain on the question. . The statement said it was clear no sctUcmenl oi the Palestine problem could be worked out tha would be "fully satisfacolry all parlies concerned. It added lhal a spirit of concih ation must be used if the problem o alleviate the situation of the isplaced Jews in Europe. It is also evident that the solu he Palestine problem can be chicved which will be fully satis actory to all of the parlies con ccrned and lhat if this problem s to be solved in a manner which will bring peace and prosperity t Palesline, il musl be approacnc n a spirit of conciliation . Ills also evident thai Ihc soli lion of Ihe Palestine question wi not in itself solve the broade problem of Ihe hundreds of tnou sands of displaced persons Europe. The .presidcnl has bee giving this problem his special a tention and hopes lhat arrang menls can be cnlered mlo whi will make ilpossible for vario 3 lOllS wiw-.----ct ~ ~ ' , t • for lhc five peace treaties vote of France thus would-be eliminated from thc commission on Ro-1 mania. Vishinsky took'the floor again to lat lhc question of France s 0 , U v..- be sellled before the election of a chairman "in order nol lo aggravale the misunderslancl- The departmenl' is being made to determine to wou , . inc up Byrnes were not only ben. ori beaten for representative Connally Democratic leader, bul M js s Alone Word of Osccola, V^Wlllim »^>_ . . „ j ,,t 4 nn «__„.! ^m .tn4m- Paid for by SyvcllA.Burke QUALITY OF PRODUCT IS ESSENTIAL TO CONTINUING SUCCESS YEAR YEAR Tobacco Sen Vandenbcrg, leader ol tne Republican opposition. Ihis mcani a united America— a point you can be sure was not overlooked as the Russians debated whether to turn next lu more violent policies or conciliation. •f. * -K *by JAMES THRASHER Our Nationalized Mines H sometimes seems lhat public over labor crises, is cumbcnl, vy 422 volcs. In Johnson counly veterans have called a mass meeting for- Wednesday night to take action against wnat Ihey call "lhc John; son counly polilical machine. Lloyd E. Yarbrough. former air corps lieutenant and a German war prisoner, has already said he will be a candidate on an independent slate for sheriff in the November general clcclion and Iho Uniled Slates and France Presumably lhc Russians m ^f" 1 ^ 1 vvou d be an •,,,„„,! in rniso the same ciues- piootems.. u_wuuiu ««- blasl, Visn- never help lo solve ID UCl»»& I»*MW** -— -- , whether anti - trust prosecutions should be undertaken. In addition to reports of artificially created shortages and price- Fixing agreements, the official said other complaints being reviewed include: . 1 Attempts-to coerce retail meat . « r _ *.i»:«*rY 'Mir,.! n mir- is to be solved "in a manner which will bring peace and prosperity to Palestine." The text of Mr. Truman s slate- "TlUiough Ihe president has been exchanging views with Mr. Atllee on the subject, this government has not presented any plan ot its own for Ihc solutiion of the prob- len of Palestine. It is the sincere hope of tne . planned to raise Ihe same ^ues- piobiems. u we ]iad Sons in Ihe commissions tor• Italy. lysUBngcpioc o ,. gani7 , aUo n gone ahead Bulgaria and Hungary vis J Ind Ihis "ueslion' had come up dealers into making "tic-i n put- president, however, lhal as a re chases." Some dealers have said £ ult o£ the proposed conveisa cnaseb. . . ------ 0 .. u ., .m.ismi Uliaouo. ww.».^ — ------ - . they are being forced lo by unwanted products in order to fresh meat. ' get • •VrilpmClH OVCr lilUOr Uliauo >» JNUVUlnuv;i t,,...^.... -.-_-.-.exceeded only by public indiffci- lhe meeting is expected o nomi- cncc to Ihc outcome, once the cri- na tc other candidates. The Gl s c ouco, . ast. Who outside the coal say they will probably oppose the C11CC scs arc IKIM-. *>i»' vjv.v.'.v.~ — — , ^n.^ ....... ..— , - - business for instance, cares or county judge, assessor and even remembers that the govern; 1 " mcnl is slill running .^S^^I^^HJ^i,"" Dmitri Manuilsky, lh(J B rilish govern mcnl and Jewish and Arab reprc scnlalives a fair solulion of th problem of Palestine can be foun ar,H immoriiato stCDS Call be X3KC and immediate steps can Death Sentence oil 8 Jews Brings Near Riot By ELIAV SIMON Jerusalem, Aug. 16 —(UPV Elghteen young Jews were seri- enced to death by a British mih- arv court al Haifa today and then battled policemen and troops just outside the courtroom for 10 min- U Four girls of the 22 Jews tried . for blowing up railroad workshops at Haifa in June were given me sentences. The sentencing of the convicted extremists established a new and touchy factor in the troubled situation which had all Palestine on edge. , The Jewish defendants at Haifa, both youlhs and girls, loudly chanled Jewish "anthems'while me sentences were being read, drown-r ing out- parts of the verdict. As Ihe prisoners wore taken- from Ihe court, one girl snouted f U«1« '. noiriv^rr. ' "IVlPV. . fl fP TTVIS* 'they are T"hc "° condemned youths for help, crying treating me." responded with a-surge at the cor-" don of policemen and troops, and ilcctor ••- - i government could not accept Soviet view on "-= Bailor. I mallei. In thc thc minutes was Romanian Vishinsky said he would ignore c me "lhc harsh words" of Ihc lom- olhcr pcramcntal dclcgalc from New Ihc /uu«i muni. .» - -.,.--- , coa } Also thc veterans arc expected mines, with no immediate end ot t demand a count of "write-in the job in sight? We venture to volcs {ol . Yarbrough in last Tucs- say lhat number isn't large. day's run-off primary, which tnc As things stand now Vice Adm. collnty Dcmocralic committee '>n Morccll is lhc nominal boss of led in cga i because of parly ihe soft coal industry —though , cs> Howevc r, Attorney Gen Guy some might give thai title to John E Williams toid Dr. J. M. Kolb, L Lewis. The mine operators arc cna | rrnan of the committee, ycs- suporvisintt production as govern- tc ,. day tnat the write-in volcs are mcnt employes. And Mr. Lewis j j and snou id be counted, himself is off v< catiomng some- | t j. cs timalcd lhal some one whore in thc Nort> west lhlrd o £ n, c voters in Clarksvil.c Admiral More-el :;ecms to be do- ., scratc i ic d" the name of bhcrif ing a good job in i sclup not much R L (Buslcl . , Thompson, anc different from whd". it has been. He - rolc in tnc name o £ Yarbrougl has thc same general complement Tucsday . This action came aftc of bosses and wprkers. Payments M JTni . ead gju editor of In to Mr. Lewis's health and welfare ' w Herald - Democrat a fund arc being banked. The boys £ lark ^ vi ,i c , charged thai Thomi :,*e setting oul 'the coal. What pto- \*~ "bought off" his earlier op Mis arc made go to the operators. sition an d called for, an" ind The, only rnmsu-kablc thing is £ d t upris j nB . lhat the industry has undergone P c | QC j d £p 0nde nce county U what might be called n « l >°. nali ^ sheriffs office has served a wa lion by default.__ McanwhHo the J Jak E lcs , chairman aiiuiu, but insisted "we shall vcr submit to angry words, lordon was so perturbed thai s voice broke as he cried the orcls "Ihis blasled old rot, '" owing Vishinsky's speech. operators are in'a legal fight with, -•- -^dependence ^ , — ll'c Rovernmcnt °ver whether Mr. £M ^ acolmm | Uoc . charging Lewis's mine supervisoiy union -wrongfully ccrlifymg Er should be certified a « ^{iJ ttl |^ " l ][ \ stroud as nominee r — ""' u'ow launder 1 terms of the govern- aT1 Also M ihc' 1 operators don'l seem anxious lo lake over unlil they county Dem ' ! hi Ernes ._ __ for" coun Yellowing the July The warrant was issued by M Dene H. Colcman •i,,. find oul what further rccom- fncndalions lhc Bureau ot Mines may make under its new safety code, and what they will cost. A news story the other day reminded readers thai bituminous mine managers "thus far have made no public move to gel back their miners." Bul il rrughl seem thai the ncxl move would be up to M lt wuT'b'e recalled thai he pro- .sentcd his generalized demands to the operators -and, after some hot and sharp words, walked out. He -*"n't been back. Later ho signed ' the government, pretty much iol 'Let's gel on .. ilh thc blasted was Nanadji Wadia of elected vice chairman, also by acclamation. The meeting concluded immediately after the election Thc commission foi * ml »" a ; in quincs, MIL- j u =^^ —.-- -.--unanimously elccled J. A. tsea^it-y ^ jd ^ agency is recciv- of-Australia as chairman a mem- ?™ c ?% J cry i argc number" of comber of thc Czechoslovak delegation m S * v . J . <? ..... -.,:„„* as vice chairman and a member of lhc British delegation as secretary. meat retailers. .. 3. Withholding of hides from the markel in an attcmpl to gel highei nrices. A civilian production ad- minislralion drive also is underway in Ihis field in an effort lo avert a threatened shutdown of the meat and hides dcpartmcnl Marshall Still No Clue in the Could Avert Chinese War By WALTER LOGAN Nanking, Aug. 10 — CUP) —A ounlries, including the Unit wslales, lo admil many of lhe >ersons as -permanenl residenls. The president on his part is con- emplating seeking the approval or Congress for special legislation authorizing the entry into the Uniled Slates of a fixed number of these persons, including Jews. (End Text) • . Ordinarily a request for sucn uull ul i^^.^^...^... —.— • •'—i.i, legislalion would-be held o.ff unlil f or 10 minules a lively skirmish after next Jan. 20, when a new wen l on outside, lhe • court._ Congress convenes. There had T hc battle was fought in. the been s-omc speculation before ihe courtyard of the Acre prison.wnere 79th Congress adiourned that Mr. the sentences were passed, finally Truman might summon it back lor the 18 youths were subdued and - • ! :l " on -led off to solitary confinement. All of the defendants sang anthems at the 'lop of thei rvoices while Col. M. E. Fell was reading lhe senlences. They were silent, only when lhe court asked if they had anything to say. One of the defendanls had lost an eye. One ot the girls had both arms in plaster casts. • , , The Haifa verdict closely followed a reliable report that 200 illegal Jewish immigrants penetrated the British blockade of Pal- T1 «^, L .r J o^c^o™r.i|s e :4'« t 2^5&S a special session, primarily domeslic problems. Violent Death of Negro The name o on . o, - . year-old Negro, today apparently among sympathetic residents of •J . . i t _ _i i_ it._ ««rt,trit-irt lici I 4Vin n/M It-l + T-VCIfl P . ' $150,000,000 Capitalists Are Yearly Price Hike Cost By MARVIN L. ARROW/SMITH on~"l~adios; many an- affidavil of R. W. Tucker, attorn for thc Independence coui World War II veterans better government committee. The ludgc nlso issued a warrant for Will Ollinger, Ashley township Democratic committccman, who is charged with "soliciting a bribe. County Treasurer Ernest Stroucl, charged with "breaking into a ballot box in the office nr vault ol the counly clerk and tampering pricc-r, ;1507000,QOO a; year" stoves, washers and other household item today — and ground oul still more bad news [or consumers. On ton of price boosls ranging from 3 to 12 percent on 20 groups of mainly home < essentials, the agcncy announced: 1 An immediate increase of one to two cents for draught anc bottled beer served in bars, ics tauranls and hotels. 2 New price ceilings for usec automobiles made this year or 11 1945. Object of Communists B'y RICHARD KASISCHKE Berlin, Aug. 16 - (IP)- Gen. Jo- Iscph T. McNv«9K> ..commander ot. S "occupation forces in Ocr- nany, said in his monthly report oday thc ultimate objective "t - , plaints of private price He declined to name these in- dU Meat S '.. and livestock products were among several 'terns which Congress, in reviving OPA last month, decreed should be left free of price control until at least August 20. Final say on restoring ceilings was left up to the new decontrol ! board which concluded foui days of public hearings on the subject yesterday. o- , .»;x: ; Ealestine had iea!;ed lor; the first thai Ihey were ; time since the. rigid new restric- •without clue" in the .slaying _^ of ons were^clampe^omtoe^oly ; sisted that lhe American peace on- kn °^P; ials said vo would be successful only if he . Off»«ais sa,a Tuma n n. Wang Ping-nan, speaking for the er enan government, said that the I A, Communists "do nol oppose Mar shall's medialion." thonallcy oil refiney work- Thomas a "lynching. 1 ,, - Tru- here but said that -did •i" While sidcwall lire ceiling 12 5 percent higher than maximun pr i CCS Hi^c? lh pric C s rC lor stationer ""in ffitlSSrOPA officials sai lhal ceiling increases for virtual all kinds of building materials wil bo announced soon, as rcquiie on his own terms. As far as the operators are .concerned, John L., though a oud yo- ca advocate ot collective bargaining has collected without bargaining And John L. doesn't seem par- licular about whom his contract is with, so long as il is lo his liking. Presumably, lhe operators will wind up making the first move After all, people with a lot ol money invested in a business usually prefer to run it. II s a lol nScor to be a coal company president than a government employe with aboul lhc same job-security as a Washington stenographer. Furthermore, when a surplus of coa s again attained, thc high-cos. 1 nines mav find those government- earned profits vanishing in a com- nnlilivc market. . , So that's aboul how things. l" 0 , lc today. This summing-up is simply • r -minder that one of lhe coun- Irv's biBSest and most, imporlan nduslr cs- has been quiel y but horoufihly backed into nalionaliza- '•'im ha nobody knows when the 11, si mne will revert to private wners p. and lhal lhc return of till mine's to private operation is decidedly p^blcmat'cal. Warner Studios Bar Writers for Time, Life LllV t,IJUIl t V t nj t »» w i«« „....., -u jjt; eiini'-'vtiiv.'-" — — ' , -i with the 'tally sheets and ccrlifi- by t i, c new price conlrol U calcs," has. been _scrve ^dwilh^a | Jn announelinB^thc^ increase EO.OCIS OPA Adminislrat Porter stressed that .the required by new pncn ards "laid down by Con- warrant and placed under 1.000 bond, udges and clerks in Vaughn, Marshall, Ashley and union iown- ships also have been served with warrants and all arc under $200 bond. Hearings for the men arc * lnl! £ t . i i._i^j r™.. '"Pi H-.P/-I n \r 1 « __ of ic German Communist party is to destroy the capitalisl system id establish a Socialist stale wiln classless society." McNarney attributed the same bjcclive to the Russian-sponsored ocialisl Unity parly, which was ormed in lhe Soviet occupation one by a merger of the Commu- lisls and Social Democrals. He idded lhat the Communist program "contains a threat to resort o revolutionary means if the cap- lalisl class forsakes lhe ground ot democracy." This official American assessment of what the Communists — " Explanation of "Albania Under UN Study ss^^^^^m^'^^ in his s atemcnlT President Tru- aid man not only asked tor an -"" '"' ' and,: informants in : position to enow said there 'was; 1 no doubt ol * ic accuracy of .the report. ' /* With the refugee: problem at. a"i rucial stage, a.spokesman for they . ^ T wish agency-said it-,was willing^ -,7^, o negotiate.ron tthe -^proposal for?, .>he iederationviof Palestine. The,- • -i.->. pokesman. emphasized, - howeverv-j,,^ H, hat the : willingness implied- no; -• lhe fighting-butrcalled for enees between the Kuomm.. SSc Communists on reorgam«,l.o-n He had been of lhe government and the aimy. vaiiey wuut. Wang re-emphasized tnal sucn a|of allcmpiing policy, if adopted, still could bring ••peace and unity. and I had been released,from^ail^er^ accused him into he releasec a forma N y ew CH V A o"k, E Au A g.-16--(^- Al- explanalory memorandum were membership in the - —--- . was under examination by the so-, curity council's membership com-1 millcc today amid indications that Greal Brilain and lhc Unilec; Stales may reject as.unsatisfac- tory the Albanian replies to questions they raised. . Thc memorandum drafted at the tent of what tne ^ommunibib — iuu '"^V Vu" ^mmitlpc bv and their salcllilcs" - want to request of jhe committee DJ ill boundaries and treating scheduled for Tucsday J He'was referring to a Provision Chairman Kngles said he has . t) ncw acl w hich requires OPA ..:«\.,(nr) nn Uiw and Treasurer ... ,,,.,„ r >r,^\r«- nrofll margin's Germany as an economic whole the Americans and British had agreed lo an economic merger of llieir zones in the wcsl. The American commander s csli- malc of the Communists v.-as in- udcd in thc "political activity ction ot his report, which also rvcyed thc program os the three wuii: in China's summer capital or Kuli g for important conferences with Generalissimo Chiang Kai- Maka^^lr^mag^wuS Ch a ian h g al since the gloomy American statement of Aug. 10 m wmcn Marshall and Ambassador .J. Leighton Stuart said China's inler- nal nconflicl appeared "impossible of settlement. Failure of American peace efforts virtually admitted in the -- • •• statement, might name who made . . Thursda night He said 'that a smashed which with a collection of white women's" pictures ' menls. executive violated no - . Stroud also has declared his -. The veterans held ing in Batesville lasl Yell counly, veterans drawing up an lo restore dealer profit margin lo the level of lasl March .U. The price boosls covered virlual- her principal parties in ,1 l|lUlJllV>J'-"-' v " JW * J w -- ii » a mass meet- . u ' cnlil . o n c id of so-called con- sl night. In '/ durable goods, except re- terans arc si 1 1 . gcralors ...Prices on those w I independent slate «» . , , )boul 2 .S percent boon. s to run against ULTn hig hcr ceilings on beei of GI candidates to run against the machine of Chancellor John - highcr ceilings on beei bars and rcslauranlb c Chambers in thc November gen- J t j increases granted a icu, oral election. Thc slate of candi- " , Iol . lakc .| 1om c beer. Pri dates will be announced al a mass • * j cclll for a glass and foi meeting August 23. ccs go up • ~~ - ... seven to 12-ouncc botHps. two cents on 32-ouncc bottles. OPA attributed these increase to a cut in boor production, a re cc.H boost in brewers. CPi ngi and an increase in freight Kites The ncw ceilings fixed : or use ,1045 and lf)4(5 automobiles, eftec ivc Aug. 21, arc generally close to maximum prices on new cars OPA said. Heretofore the .jcil n Missionaries to Speak at Tabernacle ro?uf.r G °£i^ b ^ on these used models was seller paid. have as home on .. . guests of the Tabernacle Sunday, hy. :?.. _. -11 i, ,, i K<-»4 h mnrmn f? t U oPA raised ^nufactur^s' co book If the Albanian replies arc finally deemed unsatisfactory . cilhci nation can blackball the Sovict-sup- porled Albanian bid, which is most vigorously opposed by ncighboimg acceptance-inVariy-; form. When lhe trial opened, the defendants -refused.-to recognize the urisdiction of the military court' and demanded-, that -they be accorded the treatment of prisoners of war.' They. chanted songs With such fervor that they had to be re- the historic acre fort. Correspondents, officials, and defendants were taken with- was still on the Negro's body wnc Atlaches al Haynes office sa found, had stopped at thai a 17-year-old, unidentified _ youth, arrested and released with Jones, reported that he and Jones were accosted by "some white men" behind" the.jail shortly after being freed. Greece. Gcr- II was considered likely lhal lhc Uniled Slates delegation would insist thai Albania firsl resume dip- lomalic and trcaly relations with cr to an all-out civil war. This was thc first, of a series of developments during the peak hortening which indicate Continued on Page Two Continued on Shanghai, Once Queen City of the Orient, Is Certainly Not What It Used to Be Jtempers in China.' The year-old peace negotiations appear beginning to wear Ihin. Four days after the An 10 " 0 "" statement. Chiang warned the Communists thai "armed rebclUon musl be put down. He invited Communists lo join his Kuomon- tang government »" . b " ldin £ lnad ••democratic and unified China, but was firm in asscrlmg taai a °"_\. .r.ui,i,, •-, staio" could nol state within a stale" exist. o _ Today Moving Day for United Nations at Low Cost icvcr will be again The tolerant minority say lhc[because and look they arc, refugees f,om director. ..— -, -Rcncral tone' of the which concerned the 20th Hollywood, Aug. rins of correspondents -*Jncl Life magazines from Wai Brolhrrs studio as a rcsull 01 frtlclc in last week's Time loday was attributed to "accumulative oninion" of studio officials. 1 \ lex Evclovc. Warners Publicity said he regarded the - " article, anni- o'f The sound picture, as • "I would hesitate to point lo any particular passage as oD- icct iuiitiblc." he suid. In Now York, Time, Inc., com- we arc sorry Warner - decided to ban our sludios we ITC They will speak al both mornniR ui'A raiscn Jl "". lu 'j" ,"„,,. .. and evening services. Their many ings on ^w^-P 1 ;'? 0 ^ i ton and JO -MM - Bar- wends will want to hear I hem. writing .paper $7 1*24 a ^o^ d »a enls of Time Some of their experiences will be| s;li d tins boost will bo pa.se i o .from Warner given and a general .report of work ' lo _ Ihe public, ihe agents did M sl/«H & ^ grs^iJBasrsi-ssK arc. Peddlers spread their wares ly. Brothers reporters from their shall continue: to review .hen Pictures mid to coyer the news from llicir sluUiys." „ , Eveovt said he had informed Time and Ufe j-eprcseiitaUves in Hollywood that it was the accumulative opinion" of studio executives thai Ihey will find nollv • .j f '••' ' •••* "•"» VUj4vii«r lol. wt nf l be"ma"de.""this"is"a very difficult field of labor, as Mohammcd- ianism has to be dealt with, but they have had a successful term of Application has already been made for passage lo return to then- mission post. Having spent some time in the states, resting -and taking further schooling which has qualified them to do a better work, Ihey feel it is time lo return. In a recent stale meeting the labcr- nacle gave liberally toward a Vouse boal and jeep which will jc used on the Nile river as . _ - .... ,1 4 K ,, i nni-\ f n i* 1 I'll H K eslimalc thc rclail increase. Winding up, for the . ">°" 10 " 1 ; OPA removed price c 01 ' 1 "^ «" rubber bands. and on 2 special type trailers, incliidng I V 1JU Ll t> 11^ I -Ji * — ,, transport trailers, oil well equipment trailers and boat tun- Li^J \V*.i4 **•"— , , . on the Warner lot. ionic, and thc jeep for transportation inland. . We urge all the members -and friends ol the Tabernacle to be with us for these missionary services. Fourteen industries unknown in the United Statcs_ in, 1B701, now employ percent ul all worlwra. Little Relief in Sight From Sweltering Heot Yesterday the temperatures reached !)7 degrees, just one dc- . .1 ..f 4li« t-n^l U011 « 111 C11. rackets also flourish. New York, Aug. 16 Today is moving day for the United Nations. Us r )0,000 pieces of furniture. files and olher equipment will be transferred from Hunter College to the renovated Sperry Gy™*™£f Co war plant al Lake Success, P " - the U. N.'s homo for probably thc next five years. Thc heavyweight moving job wil cost lhc world orgamzalion a total | of ij _ courtesy of James . O'Neill, a British-born New York- cr. and his. faith in the U. N. He said his moving concern, lhe Lin- c.oln Warehouse Corp.. wants only the token payment for a .lob which will require 10 moving vans and SOmen and normally would cos. No Action by Allies Rapped by Pu-Yi By RUSSELL BRINES Tkvo, Aug. 16 —(IP)— Henry Pu-Yi today defended his accept ancc of the puppel throne of Man churia by attacking Allied mactioi in lhc face of Japanese conquest Pu-Yi, a nervous little man jn i blue serge suit, was teslifymg a lhe Irial of Japan's war leaders- some of vvoom gave him order when he was lhc puppel emneroi Recounting t-ie 14-year old in- Irieue that led him to lhe ialse throne of his forefather's country, the last of thc Manchu emperors " U "Al C that : time (1932 and 1933) the Democratic nations were not trying to resist Japanese militarists. I alone as an 'individual would hardly be able to resisl them.. Animatedly, in contrast to his earlier calm, he said he accepted thc Manchurian crown through tarvcii n*w* ^,. .-»•••, **r •• ~ ——— - - . oul being lold in advance of their deslination. •- ' -- ... . . Some 1,400 refugeesywere in Haifa harbor a waiting•,. transfer to British transports, Empire ,v.,^ and Empire Heywood, were reported en roule back to Haifa from Cyprus for a second load or deportees. Earlier'this week they carried 1300 proteslirig Jews to detention camps on the rocky Mediterranean island. Two boatloads of refugees .have ntered Haifa harbor since the mmigration clarnpdown. The Kariel Yaffe,.with 615 men, women and children, arrived the .day of he firsl Cyprus transfer, Yesterday the 300-ton motor schooner lamed the Twenty-Three brought 800. British policy calls for transfer to Cyprus of all uncertified immigrants who arrived after Aug. 11. Cyprus '.dispatches disclosed that .'oar for his Hfo. He snapped upright from his habitual slump to address his re marks directly to lhe 11 justices Speaking brusquely, he empna sized his statement by waving a thin ivory tan and gesturing with long, graceful fingers. ihe -British' were having trouble with th'e: first refugee group taken there'.' Refugees disembarking from the ' Empire Rival and Em- • pire'Hey wood clashed with troops, shouting "we want to leave Cy-. phis." Twenty persons were reported admitted to military hos- )itals there. Haifa, still barricaded and heav- lv patroled. excitedly awaited the verdict by a British military court rying 22 youthful Jews, including bur young women, charged with sabotaging the Haifa railroad, shops in June. The court was meeting in secret locations "for security reasons. The verdict may be announced to- Defendanls refused to recpgnize lhe court's jurisdiction and disrupted court sessions so much by constant singing that they have repeatedly been removed to then- cells while the prosecution proceed- cd with its evidence. Yesterday the trial session was eld in the historic Acre fort. Cor thc police. . thc central district, aid. Refusal brings ties and violence. streets. 01 and a of which derived its name from $20 U S fo. B rec the ~ j- short of 1 IJlood Alley's slalls, overflowing the sidewalks. now have piled out into thc street. Thc proprietors i.ffrr a wide variety of goods: cosmetics, glassware, plastic bells, chocolate bars. cigarettes and mosquito nets. They du a thirwing degrees. New Hampshire once svas a part u£ M business. An importer who had brought in some winter raincoats to retail ul $au U. S. found lhat bulove he ly is a dangerous homemade concoction locallv known as ••nopgKew hootch," regardless of what the la ' If you become ill from the liquor or for any other reason, you are lucky to get oul for $20 U S. daily al any of the better hospitals, and thai is without medicines or any form ol extra servic-i. 000,000 lo slick up the sprawling Lake Success war plant as its semi-permanent home accepted O'Neill's offer with alacrity. Although loday is the malor noving day, all of thc U. N. h mountain of equipment will not be nstallod in thc new home until icxl Thursday, when most of tne 600 000 square feet of modern 01- icc space an dspccially-construct- ed conference rooms and council chambers wi'>bc rcadyjor use. PESTROYED Fort Smith. Aug. 16 — t/P'— Fir , e destroyed Mid-Continent An-"" c s $8000 radio transmitter Wednesday night. Special equipment was to arrive today for temporary use uiilil a permanent replacement can be ublaiiied. , Then abruptly, he returned In his impassive verbal shuffling through lhc dead years lo tell how one of the defendanls, Seishiro I'agaki. then an army colonel, firsl offered him the clay throne in his Japanese controlled refuge in Port Arthur .He said he first refused, then accepted it in thc face , of threats against his life. Pu-Yi said Itagaki himself as an aide to presentee - - lllc lalc Fie'lcf MaTshai Shigeru Honjo, thei commander in chief of Japan s Kwantung army. Honjo killed him self shortly after lhc U .S. occupa lion of Japan. Itagaki sal uprighl in lhc pnso ers' box and look copious notes A sardonic smile played acres thin lips beneath his mustache. At the end of lhe day's 3$vo Pu-Yi Icfl lhc courtroom as h had arrived — in Russian custod> As Chief Prosecutor James B Keenan conducled direcl examma lion, Pu-Yi sketched a picture o himself and a court limited lo h family and four advisors "held lhe palm of Japanese hands. There was no sign of royal bac Continued 011 Page T\vo •espondenls, officials and defend- ils were laken Ihere in special ulomobilos without beins told leir destination. Informed ob- crvers have predicted lhat vio- ence will follow any death sen- cnces passed by thc court. The de- endants, who were caught after battle with police, have demand- d treatment as prisoners of war. McClel!qn°Cites Nation's Dangerous Inflation Trend Hot Springs, Aug. 16 —IUP]— Inflationary trends iu this country were cited today as the nation s •naior problem by Jolm L. McUel- Ian U S senator from Arkansas. McClellan, vacationing hert after the recent strenuous congressional session, asserted tnal "io return lo a stable economy as Quickly as possible is. our most urgent need. The Quickest and surest way to stop inflation, seems to be to get full production of those nece*sarv thin*- that people need and ahould ha\ t, '• .sfli;..JLuli

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