Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 22, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 22, 1894
Page 5
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STYLISH HATS. "THE KIDS" WIN, IF YOU "WANT TO MAKE A GOOD SELECTION COME NOW WHEN OUR STOCK IS FULL. SEE OUR NEW MOCHO STIFF, DEWENT THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. COME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; we make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Young, PEOPLE'S PARTY CITY TICKET Mayor, M. M. GORDON. Treasurer, REOROE P. SCHAHFT. Clerk, CHARLES BPHRMESTER, Waterworks Trustee, ED. CLARY. Councllmen, 1st Ward-MILO GIBSON M Ward-C. L. D1LLET, 3d Ward-JOHN A. MURPHY, 4tb Ward-CHARLKS T. BELL, 5th Ward-C, S. GEECN. DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK- Alter fourteen year* of lolentlllo »tady of None, Lnng, Liver, nnd all Diseases of u Chronic Niilnre I adopted iny prenent form of treatment, and late co nducted a saccfssfal practice In tneiibore claw of caiwii. I cordlnllj Invite juu or >oor ftlenUs, If anilcted with any Chronic Disease, 10 consult me and mj method of treatment and It* results. Ofilce hoars: 10 to 12 a. m.: 'i to t. 7 to 8 p.m. Residence at office. All culls promptly attended For the Daughter* of Hebekah. The encampment, subordinate ! lodges and Daughters of Robekah are / arranging for a groat two days' moot- Ing In Muncle May 2 and 3. The meeting is known as tho epoolat ichool of Instruction and Is authorized by the Grand Lodge, and arranged In detail! by the grand officers, and the program ia under their special supervision, The district is one of four In the State and Is composed of fifty or .more lodges In eastern and northern ''Indiana. It Is expected that from ..'1,200 to 1,500 people will attend the \ meeting. The official program was '/made public today. The folUowlng will be present and dellvpr addresses: Enoch G. Gogato grand representative; J. B. Cookrum, grand represen- tfttlTe; J. B. Kenner. past grind rep- renentatlve; M. A- Chtpman, deputy grand master; C. F. Northern, grand Burden; W. H Laedy. grand Instruo- tor. BrnBker'* [Carminative Balsam, the great itom- ftoh and bowel remedy, UitlU working Iwondert. For tale by all drug-gist*. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING, APRIL 22, Spring wrapd must go regard lees of former prices.—Trade Palace. Ladles 1 jackets and caps in all the latest styles, at the'New Fashion store. EOT. F. G. Coan the lecturer, cornea here from Peru, on his tour of the State. The best and cheapest line of umbrellas, can always be fouad at the Trade Palace. Wanted—Ten head of horses Immediately. See George Harrison, 45*4 Broadway. Thejmany friends of the Bee Hive will receive a hearty welcome at the now rooms, 409 and 411 Broadway. We can fit a stiff bat to your head as perfectly as if you had worn it for a year.— Patteraon, the Haberdasher. Only the very finest ladies shoes are usually made In AA lasts. These narrow widths are Included in Otto Kraus 1 sale Monday. Carpets will be sold at a much lower price than ever before known this coming week, at the New Fashion store. Considering the extraordinary character of the Otto Kraus sale announced for Monday, the rules governing ame must ba fixed. ^ I'll tell you what I think I'll do, make the shoe men hold another meeting and declare the boycott against Otto Kraus to be continued. One of the best features of the Elk lorformance was the work of John dcMillon which on account of the her good features was overlooked in ho Journal's write up. We will sell only one pair of shoes advertised to any one customer to. morrow, and then only If they are ;ttod to the foot in the store. This ule is imperative.—Otto Kraus. Kev. S. J, Zechlal will bepln his orvlces as pastor of the Evangelical huroh today, taking the place of Rev. 'ishor who resigned hie position last unday. Services today at usual. This evening at 8 o'clock Rev. F. ',. Coan will deliver a lecture at the First Presbyterian church on "Persia s typical of the World's Evangellza- Ion." This will bethesecond lecture f the missionary extension course uder the ausplcea of the local union f Christian Endeavor. The third In the course of sermons ow being delivered by Rev. W. H. H. Marsh will be given in the Baptist huroh this evening. His subject will e "The Future state of the unsaved." 'nil wilt be followed by one on Heaven, 11 and one on "Eternal udgment." which will conclude the erlei. LANDIS BETS CASS COtNTY ALMOST SOLIDLV. A Clean Sweep liitlicCItr and » Large ainjorlir in tbe Country— The vote an far aa Reportod-Great EnthuU- a*m and the Bent of Peelluu-A Htron* I>elreatlon to ilic stale Coi;- ventlou to Work [or Him. W. O. Owen. The republicans selected State and Congressional delegates In this county yesterday. Judge Johnston and C. B. Landie spent most of tho week in the county and ae a consequence considerable interest was aroused. Mr. Landis had the advantage in being a former Logansport boy, in living In an adjoining county and in having a host of enthusiastic young men enlisted In his causo. He was success ful throughout the city and generally 80 in the country and will hare 28 or 30 of the 35 delegates. Tne State delegation Is a strong one, composed largely of enthusiastic and efficient workers and the Journal predicts that they will be successful and that Hon. W. D. Owen will lead the ticket. The following delegates were selected as far aa heard from, No report has been received from Bethlehem, Adams or Harrison township. It Is likely that Johnston has the two from Bethlehem and Landis the one from Harrison, Adams in doubt. The Johnston men claim that they will h«~e 8 to 27 for Landis. FIRST WAHD. Chairman— John B. Barnes. Secretary — Fred Brlggs. Assistant— Mose Crockett. State convention— J. M, Elliott. Joseph G. Grace. Alternates — Lewis Ray, U, N. Watts. Congressional convention — Liodls ticket,. 87— Charles B. Longwell, William H. Legg, Jasper A. Downey, John Leonard. Johnston ticket, 46 — W. H. H. Carter, Lewis Ray, Absalom Miller, Moses Crockett. SECOND WARD. Chairman— W. T. Wilson. Secretary — Cbarles A. Smith. State convention — S. T. MoConnell and W. T. Wilson. Alternates— C. E. Taber and O. J. Stouffer. Congresslonnl convention — Landie ticket 77. Alex Hsrdy, Emil F. Keller, John Maxwell Johnston ticket, 45. Albert Wlllia s, Charles Sellers, Mahlon Conover. THIRD WARD. George Linton, Chairman, Weldon Web'ter, Secretary, and O. W. Tuttle assistant. Slate Convention, Weldon Webster. Congressional convention — Landis ticket. 61 votes Allen Lewis, William S. Parks; Johnston ticket 55 votes. Frank Hlght, B. M. Murray. FODRTH WARD. Chairman — George Funk. Secretary— John Jen kg. State convention— S. A. and J. S. Cialg. Alternates — Henry Murdook and Jehu Elliott. Congressional convention — Landis ticket, 81 votes, William D. Pratt, Charles R. Green, Joseph T. MoXary. Johnston ticket, 43 votes. J. M. Douglas. Q. A. Myers and J. L. Lin- vllle, Myers decllnlcg. FIFTH WARD. John G. Meok Chairman. O B. Dodd Secretary. State Convention— John B Skinner and George Alternates, John McJohnston.Scbuyler Powell and Willis Graham. Congressional Convention — Laedls ticket 113 votes. E, B. MoConnell, I. N. Crawford, L. L- Truman, W V. Hayes, Rudolph Berndt. Johnston ticket 59. W. M. Plckard. Frank Rlailngham, Thos. Austin, Will Hagenbuck, C. A. Brown. WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP. Chairman— E. March, Secretary — John Martin. State convention— Frank Justice and John Crockett. Alternates. George Graham, Harry Baughman, Will Hilton and John Putorbaugh were placed before the primary for delegates to the congressional convention. The ballot resultsd Graham 54, Baughman 47, Hilton 28 and Puterbaugh 37. Graham and Baughman, Landis delegates, elected. NOULE TOWNSHIP Newton C. McMlllen, Chairman. W. C. Goldaberry, secretary. State convention— H. Hough ton. Alternate, W. C. Thornton. Congressional Convention — S, J. Carney. Alternate, W. Moss. A vote on congressional preferences showed Landis, 2; Johnston, 7. CLINTON TOWNSHIP. Chairman, R R Read; secretary, J F. Porter. State convention— Samuel" Sailor. Alternate— N.T Martin. Congressional convention — Alpheus orter. Alternate— Frank Justice. Abraham Miller of Jefferson township made a speech. DEEBCEEKK TOWNSHIP. Congreisiotjal convention— Newton Miller and Hiram Kale. Instructed for Landl«. : , TIPTON TOWNSHIP. ' State convention— Daniel Coblentz. Congressional convention — Bl $25 00 for the HOME OF THE FRIENDLESS A short time ago a local appeared in this paper giving utterance to a typographical error, offering our $5 and $6 Shoes for $1.48 and which should have been $2.48. We overlooked the mistake but it seems that one of our competitors did not, but seeks to take a mean advantage by making it appear that we advertise falsely. Now we will wager $25.00 which the winner shall present to the Home of the Friendless, that the shoes in question are better than any Ladies' Shoes he bought this spring for stock to sell at $5 or $6, and furthermore I will sell these same Ladies' Shoes, that have been so extensively advertised, AS PER TYPOGRAPHICAL ERROR, FOR $1.48. Every pair must be fitted in the store and no exchange allowed. OTTO KRAUS. Of Course. A CARD You Can't Keep a Good Man Down. I am no crank or kicker nor do I want to pose before my friends as a martyr, but there is a little inside history of my recent trouble that interests the people. As it was the purpose of a certain class of merchants which resolved itself into a boycott and united effort to crush me out of business to satisfy a greed for larger profits. You can't keep a good mar> down. I don't use this expression but to show with me as in a sirit of conceit, that the people are against any united effort to gratify mere personal avarice. T will continue to sejl at same prices as under the Assignee, which I am. justified in doing under the very liberal settlement effected with my creditors. $5 Ladies' Shoes Monday for $1.48. Every pair must be fitted to the foot and no exchange allowed. OTTO KRAUS. Of Course Shafts and Walter Bishop. Alter, Dates—John Costenborder and Isaac Bumgardner. CLAY TOWNSHIP. State convention—Samuel Carr. Alternate—B. F, Campbell. Congressional convention—A. A. Cook. Alternate—John Geratd. .JACKSON TOWNSHIP. Congressional convention—Mahlon Bell and William Griffith. BOONE TOWNSHIP. Congressional Convention—W. D. Mlnthorn. JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP. Congressional Convention—Douglas Stuart. . Vaughn, ENDED EN A DEADLOCK. Meek, J, Cockburn. Flr»t DUtrlct Congre.iIOBal Conveu i lion Palled to Name a Choice. A special to the Indianapolis News from Evansvllle says, the Republican congressional convention of this (First) district adjourned in a dead, look, amid scenes of great confusion. The sessions covered two days. When the convention adjourned for the noon hour yesterday. Messrs Posoy and Hemenway still retained their respec. tlvo leads, with Mr. Twineham controlling sufficient votes 1o prevent a nomination. During the afternoon Mr, Twineham crawled up to fifty votet, and for over an hour it required the liTeliest filibustering on the part of his opponents to prevent a nomination. Eventually the name of Goodelt Morgan of Pike county, was sprung as a dark horse. This was on the seventy-fifth ballot. He received the entire vote of Pike county and thirteen from Posey, and it looked as if a tidal wave was pointed toward him. For several minutes there- was a scene of great excitement, which the chairman ended by declaring the convention adjourned subject to the call of the district committee. Throughout the sessions were remarkable for the tenacity with which the delegates stood by their respective candidates. At any time a nomination could have been made if either of the three loaders had consented to withdraw. A second convention will not be held until after the meeting of the State convention at Indianapolis. Wller A: WUe'8 New Mtore. Wiler & Wise were engaged last night in removing their immense stock to their new store room on Broadway. Their entire force was put to work and the yuung ladles cheerfully spent the nipht In arranging the goods in the new room. The new room is a model. The furniture is elegant and la surprising in that it was made by a Logansport firm whose ability in this direction has never before bad chance iiko this. Hagenbuck & Parker did the work and it surpasses the beat work of those who make work of this sort a specialty. The new store will ba open for business tomorrow. ., The Evolution Of medical agents is gradually role- gating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that it IB manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For Bale by all lending drug- Krfate. THE CHI KCIIEH EVANOXLICAL CHUBCH—ReV. S. J. Zelpl.'ll. PBS tor. Services today ill 10:30 a m and 7:80 pm preaching by the castor. Sabbath school a 8:30am. Y. P. S. C. E. at6iiopm. CnuiiCJi OP CHRIST (Scientist)—Services will be held In their new room* In the Magee block corner of Sixth and Broadway. Bible Clam ai 10 sio Sunday morning. All are cordially Invited to attend. TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHOHCH—Rev. Douglas t. Hobbs, Rector. 7am Bolj Communion. 9:30 a m, Sunday School; 10:30 a m. morning prayer and sermon. Subject, "TheSon of Nun." 7;S p. m. evening prayer and sermon. A welcome lor all. MARKKT STREET If. E. Cnuncn-Rev. W. R. Wones, Pastor. Preachment 10:45 a m. and 7:30 p.m. Subbatb School at 9:30 a m. Junior League at 2 39 p.m. EDWorth League at 6:30 p. m. Evening services at 7:»0 p m. Class meetingaat 11:46am and 6:30 p m. All are cordially invtWd. A. M. E. CHTKCH—Corner of Clcott and Market streets, L. W. Ratllfl, pastor. Services at 10:30 a.m. and 750 p.m. Sunday school atS p.m. C.8. Jones, Supt. The pastor will be asMsted In the services bf Rev. J. Fisher and Rev. L. Stokes ot Lafayette. Lovo feast at 6:30 a. m. UNIVKKSALIST CHURCH—ReV. T. S. Guthtle Pastor, Services today nt this church at 11 a,in. an* 7:30 p. m. by tne pastor. Sunday school at 10 a, m., Edward Cams, Supt Morning subject. "The Clirlsilan graces," In the evening the Lord's supper. All are cordially Invited to these services. FIKST PRRSDTTKKIAN CHDHCH—Bev. D. p. Putnam, pastor. Morning let-vices Hill o'clock. bj-«l>« pastor. Morning subject -My lost bible or God's providence over hid word." In the evening the local union tfthe Christian Endeavor will hold a special service. Sunday S.-hool at 9:30 A cordl.il welcome for all. CHKICTUK CironoH—Cornfr Ninth and Spear streets. Rev. T.8. Freeman, Pastor. Services at it o'clock am by the pastor. Union services »t nlKbt under the auspices of the local union a 1 ; First Presbyterian church Sunday School at 9:SU a m, G. N. Berry, Sapt. Union prayer meeting at 0:30 at tbe Broadway Presbyterian church. ENGLISH LDTHJIRAN CHURCH—Services at Ham by Rev. A. J. Klssell of Louisville, Ky. A full attendance Is desired. Sunday School at 0-30 8'in. Junior Endeavor at 2. At 6:30 will be preaching services after which the congregation will to to tbe mlsslonarj lecture. T. P. 8. C. E. will join union prayer meeting as announced. BROADWAY PBKSBTTBBIAN Cmmon—Rev. E. S Scott, Pastor. Preaching this raorninit n a. m. Dy tbe pastor. Sunday School at 9 ;tO. a m. A Union frayer services of all tbe Christian Tfndtavor societies will be held at 6:30 p m. In preparation for the 1 Missionary lecture nt the First Presbjtorlan church. All are cordially Invited to attend these services. BAPTIST CHUBCK—Rev, W. H, H. Marsh P;ustor. Services today at 1030 a, m. preaching by the pastor. Sunday School at 12. Meeting »l the B. Y. P. D. In the lecture room at f> SO. Leader, Earl M. Cook. Snbtect, "The water of life." Jno 4:14. Morning subject. "Building up ourselves In tho fulth." In the evening at 7:30 p. m., the subject will be, The future state of the unsound." BROADWAY M. E. CBUHOH-Rev. H. J. Norrls Pastor. Services at II a m and 7;30 p m preaching by the pastor. Sunday School st »:* r > a. m, Epworth League at C to conducted by Mrs. Kessier. Subject, "The Gladness of His Service." Thlrtbelngtbe first service of the year all members are earnestly requested to be present with u welcome for all. Morning theme, "The work committed to thechurch." [Those furnishing the church notices will please band In only the changes In the notices such as special services, subject, change of hour and chance of pulpits. Cut out this notice as far as It Is good and add the change. LITEST FROM THE MIDWAY Another I»ne of the Dream Clcr D»voted to View* From the midway PUlMDce. Fart 11 Dream City which 1» now ready will also be devoted to Midway Plaisance views—these having proven extremely popular in portfolio No. 9i The list has been carefully choMik with the special object of portrayine the varied types and nationalities- which during the exposition, lent life and color to the famous "Highway of Nations." Don't fall to secure this great number as it cornea right In llae> with number 9 and is the last number which will be devoted exclusively to Midway views- What does $1.48 buy ordinarily? extraordinarily, $0 and $6 shoes Monday only, at Otto Kraus' only when fitted to tb» foot in the store. Dr. Hollcway'aoliice in the Progress block, corner 4tb and Market streets. Idavlllo Observer: Mrs. Nancy Townsley died at tbe home of her granddaughter, Mre. Thomat F. Mahoney, Thursday morning the 12th inet., after an . HlneBB of two years duration, aged 73 years. She waft born Sept. 14th, 1820at Maditoo, In*., and was married in 1841 to Georga Paugh. There were three children born, Mary, Helen and Martha, who are all dead. Geerge Paugh died in 1867 and three years later ihe wae married to John B. Townsley of Id«. ville who died in 1892. She lei/res six grandchildren, Mrt. T. F. Maho» ney, Mrs. Lou Brown and Harry Duf/J May and Myrtle Hickman all of whom ive In Logangport. Since tbe death oi her late husband, Mr. Towniley. she made her home with her granddaughter, Mrs. F. M. Mahoney of Logansport at which place she. died. She came to White county la 1840 and was a resident of that county until two yean ago. Although her suffering at times was almost unbearable ber patience never left her and she bore all her suffering! like a true Christian which the always was and was loved and admired by all who knew her. Her remains were brought to Idavllle on Friday and after the funeral conducted at the M. E. church by Rev. Davis, were laid to rest in the Pipe Creek cemetery. The subject of tho lecture this evening is • 'Persia as Typical of th& World's Evangelization. Rev. Coan, is a retired missionary from Persia. and can handle this subject with adaptability. A pood carpet sweeper for $1.50, a& the New Fashion store. For Fine Spring Suits in endless Variety, which for Fit, Durability, Style, Workmanship and Trimmings are positively unexcelled, call on CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market Street.

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