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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, August 13, 1946
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Our Doily , Bread Sliced Thin by Th* Hltoi Alex. H. WMhburn—— 'The Mikado' Might Have Saved a War * An (/I 1 ) dispatch from Tokyo yes- jj.lp.rday reported that Ihc Gilbert •\ftrt Sullivan lighl opera "The Mi /Kado" opened for Ihe flrsl lime on (.Japanese soil. Aiicostor-wfn-sMpping Japanese always had banned "The Mikado feeling thai il exposed the sup poscdly divine origin of Jap cmp crors to too critical shafts of hum or. The Anglo-Saxon countries think differently about their rulers. They think rulers .arc no better than th really important inslllulipns of a nation — all must stand continuous examination, criticism, and sometimes ridicule. And If they survive they must be good. They have survived, so we know they re Some years ago in New York I saw the musical show "Of Thee I Sing", which was one long whimsical jeer at the high olilcc _ of American vice-president—The Forgotten Man. But Americans take that with a laugh. • Had the Japanese been permitted lo examine and laugh, as the old. rv-rmany used to, its inslllulions i.tfd rulers, perhaps Iherc never would have been a war. Incidentally, the men who wrote "The Mikado" and made tho world, laugh— Gilbert and Sullivan — seldom were on speaking terms. Saving the world is a pretty strenuous business. By JAMES THRASHER United Christian Action Publication of Charles Darwin's <S?\rolutionary writings on evolution wais followed by years of bitter contention between science and religion. I The famous Scopes "evolution trial" in Dayton, Tcnn., took place only 21 years ago.) It seemed to many that these two forces werrc irreconcilable, and that the enlightened world would be forced to make 1 its choice between fundamentalist theology and a faithless matorial- ism. • ••- : But lime passed and tempers cooled. Scientists who were devout Christians and liberal members of ffle clergy pleaded their cases with sincerity, and were finally listened to with respect. The ideal that science and religion were compal iblc and complementary took root Today one of the top best sellers is a book called "Peace "of Mind, which sets forth a persuasive argument for the power of.'fpsychiatry and religious belief, working hand in hand, to bring comfort and cure. So perhaps a similar'reconcilia- tion can bo brought about between the anlagonislic forces of religion Hid international politics. Certainly H should be. And there arc signs from the'World Council of Churphes in London that'-an effort may be made to do so. II is encouraging to sec John Foslcr Dulles among Ihe leaders in this effort. Mr. Dulles is both an active Presbyterian layman and an experience dnnd acknowledged authority on foreign affairs. For most of his mature life he has boon in- WEATHER FORECAtT Arkansas: Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Wednesday. Scattered thundershowers in north portion this afternoon and tonight and northeast portion Wednesday. 47TH YEAR: VOL. 47—NO. 257' Star of Hoofl. 1699: Press. 1927. Consolidated January 18. 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, AUGUST 13, 1946 (API—Means Associated Prea (NEA1—Meons Newspaper Enterorls* Ass'n. PRICE 5c COPY Giant Hangar at Hope Municipal Airport Now Crowded With Civilian Flying Craft with interna can say, after IX long and potentially disenchant- career, that "the mornl and. timately connected tional politics. And so when he to lieakf cjst in Hope Sunday The-Arkansas Private Flyer's Association, a group of some 12 to 14 planes carrying 25 persons - ing , . spiritual forces of the world, inadequate as they arc, I rili^h Battle Hysterical Jew Refugees By ELIAV SIMON Haifa, Aug. 13. —(UP)—British . „—„ — . - . .forces, fighting with smoke bombs journey lo Hope Sunday and have a g a j ns t hysterical Jews armed breakfast here. . .with bottle's, cans and sticks, to- Thc association at a meeting l asl day herded hundreds of Jewish night in Little Rock selected new \ r ct\> gees into barbwire pens on officers and picked Hope for the transport ships for shipment to de- nfivf "V»»**>alrf *i c* " Clio PlanCS Will 1 i i: _~: —.„ :« /"iim»iir> will , still have power enough to secure a ]ust and lasting peace," one may safely judg- put it down as considered mcnl and nol rhetoric. Another encouraging sign irom next .."breakfast" site. Planes will toniu » n _,.., start arriving here about 9:30 a.m. p_.,.»Hio« and local cilizcns are asked lo Casualties <rar ta ri .-sas-.. *~ »sv?S »™?* = in Cyprus, were numerous, killed and 10 —Star photo® The.former military airport of the;Southwestern Proving Ground, acquired My 'the City of Hope eariyjthis Summer as a municipal field —largest in. the state—brlwUeswith-actiyity under the' management*^ of B. L. Rettig, who operates'it'under lease. .' The above picture shows the> : eastern" entrance of;the huge brick and steel hangar, crowded with' small cibilian plane*. Note the-:vast system of steel trusses supporting the hangar, roof, giving'a vast area of pillar-free floor space. • Trend Indicates Lighter Vote at Hope Polls A check of the polls al 1 p.m. today indicated Hope voters were lagging behind as compared to bal- lols cast up to the same time in the runoff primary two weeks ago. Approximately 844 persons had voted today compared to 916 on July 30; 891119 72 voles shorl. Howver, all indicalions pointed to as icavy a vote as bast last election. Everyone is invited to the Star's regular election parly at which •eturns, local and slate, are flashed to the screen as they come in. An added attraction tonight will so the pantomine arlist, Peter ?aul, currently playing at Ihe New thealcr. He will give a 10-minute : performance at ' 9:30 . p.m. Sound- equipment will be furnished by the Cobb-Tooley Radio Company, and Ihe heavy screen will be furn-- ished^y.lhe Rialto and New theaters. ' ' • " v " ' !0 . i . The vote by wards at L.p.m.: 1 Ward -1 ;,v. 130 Ward 1-A • :.... '330 Ward 2 i. 1ST , Ward 3 , 105- Ward 4 .,- .- HO Box 5 ., :. 156 Box 6 ... .' ' ••• 51 / Wife Gives Up Honor to Save Husband By JOHN R. HIGGINS , . Chicago, Aug. 13 — (UP)—Mrs. Doris Murray. 36, waited at home alone today, hoping the testimony she gave,to free her husband of a murder charge would bring forgiveness for thei-illicit romance which, prompted., the; slaying. A- jury of. <eight -women and four men-last, might :.acquitted Donald Murray.v".41i-,of ; the ^murder of his best friend. The;. verdict was, reached after; ;43 minutes of delib r -v • eratipn.':.:. S ' ^ :-, :>'/'•"; They voted unanimously > for ac-. quittal after comely Mrs. Murray- 1 ' •sacrificed her honor to save her. husband by-testifying, about an eight-hour ;tryitrflast;:May 27 in &hotel rboniiAvilK^Murray's closest friend, Mar .John .Fletcher of tha , One men Ed -Limey, elected ; h v the the London meeting is tho sentiment which favors .ioint action by the Protestant and Roman Catholic Churches in the interest of this just and lasting peace. Muluual distrust and differences »>/ creed, along with an unclcai policy regarding the church's proper participation in worldly affairs have served to divide and weaken the strength of these two great bodies and in a measure to inhibit their individual actions. There arc great difficulties in the way of a united Christian action, of course. But there is also great need of such action which religious lenders are beginning to recognize. It has been said repeatedly thav man must make great moral nnd ethical strides if he is to overtake Tiis scientific .accomplishments and .survive their destructive possibilities The statement has become trilc' and tiresome. Yet only now arc there signs that its fulfillment is being given concerted thought. The dangers of secrecy, selfish ness and cynicism in high political places may at last mobilize the various Christian churches for uni led action. The power of a com inon voice and purpose behind such action would be difficult to over estimate. of o Thousands of Jews, ordered confined to the ^r homes ; under the . today after proprietor, Mrs. Margaret Colvin K d f had been on bond HdrforiHouse Proprietor MakesfEtond Indianapolis, Aug. 12 —(£•)— An n,a Liinzey, nuwiy UH.-UIKU «".>-,- - • . rinl .., ro ..::j rflr iio voice .-f Indianapolis nursing home, called president of the association. The the ^undeiground radwvowe .^1 .. HoUse rf Hon . 01 .., by proaocu . organialion is composed of state ^rael. l ''^ to 1,01rce tnen wa» -n L Snel . wood Blue, .was operating fliers owning planes. Usually on I lo Ulc i jult cm.u_iu oavi. int. u^mau)—. 4 —,^_ „«_„ n .. nn ,.; n fn,. i\/i>.e weekends Ihe group "gcts-to- refugees gether" and flys lo some city for 1 ""-' breakfast. The group uses planes of- all types. o— Swedes Ask Expanation of Rockets '.Stockholm. Aug. 13 —(UIM—An- other "mystery rocket' 'reportedly" 1 zoomed over southern Sweden last light and anxious cilizcns urged | he government to determine im- nedialcly what country is respon-1 sible for filling Swedish skies with Novelist, Dies-Toddy- Accused Again byMolotoy By R. H; SHACKFORD Paris, Aug. 13 — (UP)— Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov of Russia indirectly accused the United States .'and'Great''Britain today of seeking a monopolistic position- in '• '!••'. V '> *•*•*••_• • Enlistments the Mediterranean : at the expense of.France and Italy. Mololov spoke before Ihc peace conference, following Ihrough ^»_»». •.§•-. .^- j-»A t in U; S; Army in Hempsteqd Dorsey William Edwards," of-Fulton, Arkansas, arid Ray W. Byers of ,Washington, Arkansas' : have been enlisted into the :new Regular Army according;to.Sgt. R. G. Hyle of 'Hope's 'Army Recruiting Sta- J_JUI1UU11, J\US« *" ' " ' Wells, .distinguished British , 1st, scientist and social critic, died Answering Premier Alcide de today a little more than a month Gaspcri . s p i ea for a more consid- 80 '- 4 V t ' J ,f w ** _ _*_ -»/r_i_i. i... :..*-„„««« tion. Dorsey ... Guernsey High School prior to enlistment into the Regular . .. ,. = . , i Army. He enlisted in the Regular Ihe parliamentary victory scored Army' unassigned -and will be as- lale yesterday by Andrei Vishmsky s j gne d to his specific oulfil on corn- over Secretary of State James F. P i e ti 0 n of his basic training. Byrnes in an angry squabble over Ray w Byers was a former the right of .the Soviets lo be heard mcmber of , tne 4H Club and also at once on the Italian case. ' - - - „..„..._, ,.Answering Premier Alcide Mrs. Mjjrjay.vhearcl the news of downtowh ;0ffice7&where she opefi'"- ales a secretarial, service. V "I can't'believe; it's true," she exclaimed. "It's; too good to be true.' Then she went to.her suburban Wheaton, 111., home, to await a telephone call :or a visit from her husband. Murray, heavy-set deputy sheriff •and salesman';.- remained pokerfaced as the verdict was announced. He turned pale, but recovered rapidly then solemnly shook hands with the jurors and thanked them for setting him free, jammed the he would return to his wife, he said: 'I dont know. That will take time." It was over Murray's protesl that attended Guernsey High J^be- I Retold horror,- of how her hus- B t tn , ut id he W o U ld rallying call of the Clandeslinc seek an injunction lo prevent.Mrs. I radio which, instructed them to Colvin from operalmg lho_ home, "gel out of your houses and into and, it. unsuccessful, would arrest the streels " hcr cvery day on charges of oper- !L j ^ t ^ (,, 0 aling a nursing home without a h- Thcy swarmed down toward the ° harbor from their village half way cc " • r , . . ,,„,.„,„, „,:,!, fi , n up Mount Carmcl which overlooks Mrs. Colvin 15..charged with fail- ' crate peace, Molotov by inference charged thai Ihe Americans and been 3 r iti sn were trying to impose for- hc years old. • W.ells, whose health had —., „ ._ ebbing for several months died at e ign economic enslavement on 4:15 p. m. (11:15 a. m. EOT) at 1 - • ^SneS'V^Ul ai^? l™*^™^ his London: residence. j Molotov did not identify by name He had suffered for many years the United Stales and Great -Brit- .„ He.nad suuciea 101 t ^ ^ \- m But he> rc f crr ed repeatedly t to J wcrc one lime resident of Hope, irf hi« vitality. He I "certain great powers" and IhcT and now have moved lo Los An- )f foreign capilal in geles, California, cnlisled into Ihe lo his specific oulfit on . completion of his basic training, genl husband, a Both boys were sworn in on the mersed in his work, a bit 7th of AugusriB46, at Camp Jos-1 a bit grave. She described him as >h T.- Robinson. Terrell Ray Franks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Franks, who who who | Port Haifa. As they atlemptcd lo „,., , the port, Ihcy mcl a strong British maynem. military cordon. The British order-1 Police and Lhe Jews to turn back. When crowd ure to have a license, as well as ..... 10 woman and womdn ana approach assault and battery and malicious dqpuly prosecutors who wenl to the house on Indianapolis' near north side Saturday to serve the warrants on Mrs. Colvin. said they found, patients, many • of r™ Rriiish militarv immediate- them elderly mental cases, chained declared ihepor regioH^B clos- to beds behind locked doors. cclaied the poit legion 10 , r- It might indeed be the "last, bos hope of earth" for bringing a jus and durable peace to the world o the unleashed atom. Klan Said°Using Organizations to Aid Group New York, A ug. 12 -(/?)— The Ku Klux Klan is operating in maity slates through front organizations *4Ui-h as veterans and women s 'croups, Daniel Duke, assistant attorney general of Georgia and special prosecutor in Georgia's legal proceedings to revoke the Klan s national cnarter, declared today at a nross conference. Duke said he came to New York recently "specifically to look into he question of direct ties between the German-American bund and officers of the Ku Klux Klan immediately prior lo World War II. The Georgia prosecutor dcclaied he found plwlographs and litcr- f/stuiT establishing the links between pundists and klansmen. Duke said the Klan today ••claims to be out of existence as an entity, yet in Georgia tn ', y *' se using the same meeting plates, Ac-galia, grips^ and charters." Out of $4,000,000,000 spent .annually on sports in the United Stales, anglers spend about one- i'owth. .he man-made meteors. A spokesman for the Swedish defense slaff said people throughout the nation apparently had been "seized by a real ghosl-bpmb psychosis" and thai preliminary in- vesligations had proved useless. The newspaper Dagcns Nyheler said Ihc latesl missile was observed moving across southern Sweden from the northwesl lasl night. one was allowed I Police began a room-by room or leave search of large house when they The'outbreak came as two Brit- went there Saturday. transports with barbwire Their attention centered on deck hoisted anchor and second story room, where Blue cull fni- Pvnrm: win said they found a /4-ycarolcl gir "-'Jews wfwhad been chained }y the ankle/ and wrists thnir snualirl rof-l'ii spread eagle fashion on a heavj 'in'hand-o-hmid pitched oak table. Also in Ihc room were m nand-to-nand pucnca| roi|r ^^ paUe|1 , s c . h ained lo a man with a bad stomach, didn't want to dance, who care much for music and 'took her for granted." Mrs. Murray said she had felt only haired toward her husband • amc one of Ihc most famous speech as reflecting a desire of Hope's Army Recruiting Station, itirarv men of his age. He also certain Italian factions to continue was one ol the most prolific, He Italy's imperialistic policy rather I Waa UllC Ul Ult- * IIV " J '. I .' „„,, iv,r,« pl^ n »f«4l-,n,t flin ^otl was one o e m , turned Su more than 70 novels and than strengthen the democratic ^storical wo?ks which have been forces trying to build a new Italy. I ir±V«&Tt5'every major Ian- He accused de Gasperi of losing translated into every major guage of Ihe world. sight of the Italians national inter„„, and denounced him for ex- I pressing willingness to prolong Ihe cupalion of his country. Molotov | Jews fought back I their beds, the officer said. He with" their "fists against troops and I added that marines which ordered them to Ihe besl known of Wells' cst his "Outline of History "'"'••' It was published in 1920, and mediately became a best around the .world. ^^ ^,^1-. T^Y. is" reached imitation were "Mr, charged the premier with , _ sees it through," "Tony capitalize on a difference of opln and "KiPPs" ion on Trieste to upset the Big TiiVbold imagination of Wells Four compromise by which the Ad-1 the last scientific knowledge cpn-|riatic port was to be international • _c i..i_ u «l>i*^nf'_ii<\r 7nH chairman, declared Red Hot State Campaigns End Today Little Rock, Aug. 13 — — Arkansas Democrats voted today for stale, district and county offices i« of the summer's four to deslroy him for breaking up her | romance. But she concluded her testimony (with a statement of her love for Murray'. , , , Blinking away her tears, she I said: 'I love him. I've always loved I him." , Q . Mussolini's Body Recovered From Certosa Convent the door I from the outside. was latched the "Shaped like a gianl torpedo and. ino emitting a blinding light from Us' ml "° l foremost part, il moved soundlessly : wilh greal speed ;md al a high allilude," Ihe newspaper said. Similar "cigar-shaped" missiles were sighled Sunday over ccnlrjl Conlinued on Page Two o Scores suffered lUUa IUO OUICII1.HH- .-«.«". -a- > jured up visions _ot >nterplBnela,y Milan. affairs and marvels to come, rhay set down for a generation were which at the turn of the century marveled over his "The Time Ma- battle was fought over the little Henrietta Szold aboard which several hundred Jews had made their way to | Metal Household Furniture Hiked by OPA Washington, Aug. 13 — (UPl — _ OPA yesterday boosted the retail and "Nazis" kicked, punched, bit price of metal household furniture and hurled botlles at the soldiers parly of marines was mel by a barrage of bottles, cans and sticks. The marines replied with a shower of smoke bombs. The Jews tossed the bombs back at the marines. Finally with the aid of infanlrymcn the Jews of the Henrictla Szold were removed. Young Jews shouting "fascisls ,H "M!.»ic" kicked, punched, bit price June Per cent. Manufacturers in Ihe pre-dawn harbor battle. got a seven per Some marines were wounded by on to the consumers, along with an additional two per cent. The two per cent previously was ab sorbed by resellers from an car lior seven per cent rise manufacturers. Such absorption by middlemen is banned by the revised OPA law. The new manufacturers in crease. OPA said, increased wages coBls since 1941. In another seclion OPA exempt' ed from price controls tapioc adex cent incraase. This will be passed pieces of wood and boltles thrown " : ' u Tn their faces. Ashore, police armed with slaves clashed with Jewish demonstrators near the port and the central police granted I slalion. Two persons were wounded and Iwo arrested. The first troopship sailed on tho 16-hour trip to Cyprus as soon as its load of DOO Jewish men and was based on I women were herded aboard into and materials | barbed wire cages in tba hold. Five hundred Jews fought againsl infantrymen who transferred them al 4 a. m. from their old trine and all vegetable adhesives ship Yagour to the troopship Em_._'.. j_ a .T.^.,.-. ,ta.ni t*!i-iAc? * -a r»ii-»_ i pjrp jRivul in tlic sturt 01 "Ope 1*9* tion Cyprus" ordered by Ihe Bril.-Continued on Pa^je Two from corn declrines, lapio cs, wheat, rye, rice, sage, arrow raot 'or potatoes. Drummer Was Off Beat, He Had Plans of His Own Ardmore, Okla,. Aug. 13 — — There was gospel singing in the Carter county jail and all the boys were there and taking part. Jailer L. Sloan, himself a music lover, settled back lo enjoy the old time hymns, Above the strains of two guitars, a mandolin, an accord- ian and the voices of Ihe singers, Sloan heard someone apparently keeping time with the music with an extra heavy foot. "The guy's off beat," Sloan mused during several numbers, then roused himself and went to investigate. Search disclosed one of the boys had removed a section of a window frame, extracted a heavy iron sash weight and was methodically hammering out bricks — in ragged four- four time. Since 1900 Ihe population marveled over his chine,' "The Invisible Man "The Man in the Moon." and . Wells rivaled George Bcrnaid Shaw as a conversationalist. HIS last barrage upon phlegmatic British opinion took the form of a caus- c atlack upon Ihc monarchy. Jt •as published July 6 in the week- y "Socialist Leader." . Wells' atlempt to forecast ms ife span was wide of the marK. ie predicted ha would die at Ji. Puerto Rico has increased 12 percent, as compared with 84 per cent in the United States. Byrnes, as — , that the general debate on the Hal Aug. i3 - (UP)- The Benilo Mussolini, un- I'oVicerned in I earthed from its pauper's grave some way/with forme,>seVvicem,n, |here^ AprUJ^ Fasc^fanal. llldt lllU gVJltim MViUtin- w«i vnv. »-«» i isuilit: vvwjr YY*V*I -."»»..•*.* ~~*> r j . «., ae lan treaty — the crux of his fight which enlivened what political ob-ics, was ,,,iili VUhlnolfv vostovriMV — was corv;oro hari fnrprasl. as the dull- we U611 with Vishlnsky yesterday closed. Blantengucta Lorenzo *"|a^Sfffssy* r ni—HF 1 &ss ° f Taezax, At Balesvillc lasl night the World ed^rlv today. the war Two Veterans Better Govern-1 Officials apparently got then Ethiopian delegate, spoke as the War Two Veterans Better Govern- u " lc » ls AP? d lS."4 afab o ut " from first viclim of Fascisl aggression. me nl Committee heard its leaders to, me body s .™* el * a »°£l lAi j/ > ™. Ho warned the conference that tc n O f plans for obtaining warrants Antonio Pa^zi, a 20-j_car old ias Ethiopia would consider any return f or an unspecified number of Indc-1 cist, who confessed last week_ that of the East African Ilaly as "an acl of immorality." Premier Conslanlin Tsaldans of Greece served notice that his gov colonies to I pendcncc "counly residents for al. Ihe and four others stoic Vne international loged "election return irregular!- from its ties" in the July 30 preferential Police said they )lin g * body in Milan until Also on the eve of 'the primary, I were • «j ' ccel ° the instructions government Greece serve noce a s gov- so on e eve o e pri, T wa f b'rouchVto crnment would ask for large rep- nomination, at which is equwalciU officials an Rome. II wdb bio^ghtw ...... 4: — <•..„.„ ri.,1,, 4., „!„, ,(;„,,• nolice headciuaitcrs in a i enuui v.v-u Hughes Leaves Hospital Without Permission Hollywood, Aug. , 13. -~lUP> — Millionaire Aviator Howard Hughes, critically than a month ago injured . more an airplane o mail a fiivsiivii v>e^< *• • —-- T j accident, was convalescing today at a friend's home aflcr leaving the hospital without consulting his ^llond'anls at good Samaritan hospital said they did not know Hughes' whereabouts. They said he had arranged to leave without consulting them or his doctor. The doctor said the wealthy movie producer and airplane manufacturer was doing very well, but still would have to spend most -* the nest several weeks w b.e4. arations from Italy. After the Russians, Ethiopians and Greeks had spoken on Italy, Byrnes surprised Ihe conference by announcing lhat since no one else had asked to speak the general de- bale on Itidy was closed. In a spe-ech answering Italian Premier Alcide dc Gasperi, Molotov said Italy had a strong responsibility for hcr role in the Axu bid for power. Nevertheless, he said, the new Italian republic could nol be relegated to the role of a second-rale stale in Europe. Nor should she be deprived of hcr po- silion as a Mediterranean power. Molotov condemned the presciv Italian government for its allegec failure To oulrool the remains of fascism. Mololov's speech opened a plenary debate on Ihe Ilalian Ireaty of which was by Byrnes, authorized as current yesterday chairman, alter a long wrangle with the Rus- Continued on Page Two o election: 1. Four unsuccessful candidates, hr'oe of them former servicemen, tiled suits al Hot Springs seeking ,o have invalidated July 30 ballols n three of the city's largest wqrds and in Ihe absentee box. The suils charged Inal 4,000 poll lax receipls were issued illegally. 2. Dr. W. H. Abinglon of Beebe, a slate legislator continuously race against a veteran for Ihc since 1922 resigned from a run-off House of Representatives. The stale races are for attorney general, associate .iuslice of the supreme courl, and treasurer. The polls remain open from 8 a. in. (CST) lo 6:30 p. m. Dr. Abinglon, opposed by a vcS ey-an group in While county, ascribed as his mam reason for withdrawing that he couldn't "get along with Governor Ben) Laney." Previously veteran activity m Continued on Page Two police headquarters trunk covered with two waterproof sacks. Atlached to the makeshift coffin was a note signed "Marco, which said the body had j be_en buried twice since humation in Milan. ihe firsl ex"Marco," was idenlified as Domenico self-proclaimed founder Lcccisi, of Ihe Hemo'cTatic'Fascist party, who was arrested several weeks ago. The Milan police chief said ho believed the body had been mdd -n 'or a long time in the Angehaum convent at Milan headed by father Enrico ucca, who was arrested yesterday. Father Lambcrto, director of the Certosa convent, said be received the body Monday for "temporary custody." He said the corpse was delivered to him by lather Albei- to Parini, of the Angelicum convent. Ice cream was invented in Italy in the 14th Century.

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