Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on August 19, 1968 · Page 16
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 16

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, August 19, 1968
Page 16
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Monday, Aug. 19, '68 DETROIT FREE PRESS WHISTLING IN THE DARK 8:30 a.m. Q Red Skelton, Ann Rutherford Radio detective is petrified when imprisoned in haunted house. 90 minutes. "LADY IN THE DARK" 12:30 p.m. Q . Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland Woman fashion magazine editor has mental problems she solves in song. (1944) 2 hours. "THE SECRET OF CONVICT LAKE" 12:30 p.m. Glenn Ford, Gene Tierney 6:00 Q Classroom 6:10 Q TV Chapel; Farm; News 6:30 Q Understanding Our World :15 (11) Meditation (C) O Ed. Allen (Q (11) Summer Semester (C) 7:00 Q Woodrow (Q O Today News 0 O Morning Show (Q (10) (13 Today te mi NiWl (CI 7:05 lit News (Bxitn (C) 7:30 (4) Summer Semester (C) (11) Comedy Carnival (C) 8:00 0 CapL Kangaroo (O tj Riverbank Tales (6) (11) Capt. Kangaroo (C) 8:30 Q Movie Rita Bell (Q "Whistling in the Dark," 41, Red Skelton, Ann Ruth- erford. Radio detective is petrified when imprisoned in haunted house. (90 mins.) Q Time for Adventure (12) To Be Announced ? 9:00 0 Merv Griffin Show (Q Guests Carol Lawrence and Rob- art Aniilot! CranM Thnmac. Glynis Johns and Elliot Arnold. (90 mins.) O Steve Allen Var. (O Shelley Berman and Helen Reddy visit, (40 mins.) Q Bozo's Big Top (C) (4) Merv Griffin (10) Your Community (11) Mr. T.'s Show (C) (24) Cartoons (4) (13) It's Happenins (C) O P.D.Q. Game (Q 9:30 (6) Virginia Graham (10) What's New (11) Man About Town (C) (13) Treasure Isle (C) (24) Romper Room 10:00 Q Snap Judgment (Q Q Virginia Graham -' 0 Hawkeye Western Channels 0 WJBK-TV Q CKLW-TV gj) WKBD-TV WTVS EJ WWJ-TV 0 WXYZ-TV (5) Bay City (1 LansinQ (11) Toledo (12) Flint (10) Jackson (13) Toledo (24) Toledo (C) is for color 6:00 0 News LeGoff (C) O News T. Russell (C) 0 News Hour (C) 0 Dennis the Menace Flintstones (C) CP Misterogers Neighborhood ) (10) (13) News (11) News Final (C) (24) Movie: "Secret of the Blue Room." 6:15 Q Editorial (O Q Weather Eliot (C) 6:20 0 Weather Hodak (C) O Sports Ackerman (C) 6:25 0 Sports Van Patrick (Q 6:30 0 News Cronkite (C) Q News Huntley-Brinkley (C) Q Gilligan's Island (O Q!) McHale's Navy Q3 What's New Inform. () News (Cronkite) (C) (10) (11) News (Huntley-Brinkley) (C) (13) Twilight Zona 7:00 0 Truth or Conseq. (C) O News Report (O 0 News Reynolds (C) 0 Movie "Outpost in Morocco," '49, George Raft, Marie Windsor. French captain tries to save his men from Arabs. One Raft picture is like another. (2 hrs.) Cfl) My Favorite Martian Q3 Creative Person () Honey West (Drama) (10) Summer Show (11) News (C) (13) Twilight Zona 7:30 0 Gunsmoke (C) Q Monkees Comedy (C) Davy poses as a girl so the Monkees can enter a rock 'n roll contest. Deana Mar-' tin guest-stars. (R) 0 Cowboy in Africa (C) The Game Ranch is quarantined and a native leader threatens to burn it down. (R) (60 mins.) gj) I Love Lucy Comedy S3 Innovations (6) Gunsmoke (C) (11) Gunsmoke (C) Radio Log WWJ-tSS WKNR-1310 CBE-1550 CKLW-800 WXYZ-1270 WJBK-150C WJR-760 WCAR-1130 WCHB-1440 WTAK-1090 WJLB-1400 OTHER AREA STATIONS WQTE-S60 CHYR-710 WBRB-1430 CKWW-SSO WEXU-1340 WPON-1440 MORNING A.M. WJR News CKLW-C Morgan WW J News WTAK News WCAR-Bill OelTell WXYZ-Mar HW WKNR-J. Wi'son WJLB-K. Bell WtHB-B Williamf WJBK M. Avery CBE-.?irA.M.- WTAK-W. Pierce 1:15 A.M. WJR- Bud Guesl 8:30 A.M. WJR-Music Ha .. WWJ M. Carlson v CBE-Sports A.M. WJR Ne CKLW-M. Rlch'ds WWJ News WTAK I radio WCAR-W.PhTlllps WKNR-R.Shorw'd y:U a.m. WJR lack Harris WWJ Ask N'ghbor CBE Gerussl :45 A M. WJR-Wmn Wld. It A.M. WJR-News WTAK P. Winter ;. WXYZ J. Randall WjLB-P. Beall WCHB Henderson IS"1...,..., 4- :Sa&s3S'.Js. GINGER ROGERS, who will star in "Lady in the Dark" on Channel Q at 12:30 p.m. Todays Television Programs (41 Copper Kettle (Women) (10) Land of Play (11) Virginia Graham (13) Dream House (C) (24) Snap Judgment (C) 10:30 Q Beverly Hillbillies ) Concentration (C) O Dick Cavett Var. (Q Q Friendly Giant Qi) Jack LaLanne Exer. c (6) (11) Beverly Hillbillies (10) Davey and Goliath (13) Concentration (C) (24) Dick Cavett (Variety) (C) 10:45 Q Chez Helene French 10:45 (10) Poindexter Tales 11:00 Q Andy of Mayberry Q Personality (Q Mr. Dressup Children Kimba, White Lion (Q () (11) Andy of Mayberry (10) World of Brother Buzz (13) Personality (C) k or ine rreea 11:30 Q Dick Van Dyke Q Hollywood Squares (C) Littje Rascals Comedy m nil Dick van Dyke - V) Black Journal Hollywood Squares (C) 12:00 (71 Xnnn Rpnnrt (C" ' O News (C) 0 Bewitched Comedy Q Luncheon Data 16) News (11) Mid-Day Report (C) (13) Bewitched (Comedy) ? (24) Jeopardy (C) 12:15 (4) Circadia 12:30 0 Search For Tomorrow (O Q Eye Guess Game (Q 0 Treasure Isle Game(C) 0 Movie B. Kennedy' "Lady in the Dark," '44, Ginger Rogers, Ray Mil-land. Writer sings blues away. (2 hrs.) Tonights Television Programs (13) Cowboy In Africa (CI (24) Flipper (C) 8:00 O The Champions Drama Champions investigate an English lord and his witchcraft - practicing wife suspected of trying to upset the market on uranium. Terrence Alexander, lord; Adrienne Corrie as his wife, wife. gi) Hazel Comedy (C) 03 On Hearing Music (10) (24) The Champions (Drama) 8:30 0 Lucy Show (C) George Burns guests as - himself lamenting that a comedienne addled enough to be a satisfactory partner for his unique brand of humor is hard to find. (R) 0 Rat Patrol (O The Germans use Sgt. Troy's brother as bait to lure the Rats into mine field. (R) Q!) Honeymooners 03 NET Journal (6) (11) Lucy Show (C) (13) Rat Patrol (C) 9:00 0 Andy Griffith (C) Howard's mother remarries and moves away, so Howard remodels their home into a bachelor pad and tries to throw a swinging party. (R) O Medicine Today (C) 0 Felony Squad (C) Murder suspect drugs and marries the only witness to slaying of her agent. Roddy MacDowall guests as the mad music publisher Ollie Otis. (R) 0 12 O'Clock High 0j) Perry Maso'n Drama () (11) Andy Griffith (C) (10) (24) Comedy Playhouse (C) (13) Felony Squad (C) 9:30 0 NFL Football (Q . The Chicago Bears versus the Green Bay Packers at Milwaukee. (2 hrs. 30 mins.) 0 Peyton Place (C) Rodney experiences sensa- tion in his hand: Rev. Win- ter neglects his congrega- 11:20 Q Sports Ackerman (C) tion; Jill refuses advice q News Morrison from Dr. Rossi. 1120 Movie nnTamAHair , "Mcxican Spitfire , Sees a 161 ill) Family Affair (Ci ru 'An i tr i (12) (13) Peyton Place (C) Ghost, 40, Lupe Velez. 10:00 Q I Spy (Q Green Bay Packers at Mil-American intelligence 11:30 Q Tonight Show (C) WJBK-C. Patrick CBE-New 1:15 P.M. WJR-A.Godfrey WWJ Marty CBE Holiday Best 1:30 P.M. WJLB E. Durham I P.M. WJR News WWJ News, Emph WTAK Talk Det. WXYZ D. Purtan " CBE Between Us CB6 Appolntm't 10:10 A.M. WJR-Karl Haas 10:30 A.M. WJLB Martha Jean 11 AM. WJR News 11:10 A.M. WJR Kaleidoscope 11:44 A.M. CBE Stories AFTERNOON 12 NOON 2:10 P.M. WJR Music Hall 2:15 P.M. WWJ-Marry 2:30 PM. CBE Mstirwe 1 P.M. WJR News CKLW-M. Rivers WWJ-Marty WTAK P. Winter WCAR Ron Rose WKNR S. Conrad WJLB W. Allen WJBK H. O'Nell 3:15 P.M. WJR-Music Hall :M PJM. WCHB-News Beat WJR-Newi CKLW-J. Edwards WWJ News WTAK J. Scott WCAR R. Miller WKNR Henderson CBE BBC News 12:15 JVM. WJR-Focu WWJ Emphasis -CBE Farm. Home 12:30 PM, WWJ Marty CBE Farm Rpt. 1 P.M. WJR News AfWJ News: Em ph. WCHB F.Goree Escaped convicts take over a town populated by women only. Based on a true story. (1951) 2 hours. BACK TO GOD'S COUNTRY" 4:30 p.m. Q Rock Hudson, Marcia Henderson Curwood story of sea captain and wife captured by fur trader who wants to force the wife into marriage. (1954) 90 minutes. "OUTPOST IN MOROCCO" 7 p.m. Q George Raft, Marie Windsor French captain tries to save his men from Arabs. (1949) 2 hours. gi) Movie 'The Secret of Convict Lake," '51, Glenn Ford, Gene Tierney. Escaped convict take over town. Based on true story. (2 hurs.) (6) (11) Search for Tomorrow (C) (10) Sportsmanlike Driving -(13) Mike Douglas (C) . (24) Eye Guess (C) 12:45 0 Guiding Light (C) (6) (11) Guiding Light (Serial) 1:00 0 Love of Life (C) O Match Game (C) 0 Dream House Game (C) () (U) Love of Life (C) (10) All Things Considered (24) Ifs Happening (C) 1:25 O Carol Duvall (C) 1:30 0 As World Turns (C) O Make a Deal (O 0 It's Happening Var. (C) (6) (11) As World Turns (C) (10) What's New (24) Make a Deal (Game) (C) 1:40 3 Science Is Discovery 1:55 Q Children's Doctor (C) 2:00 0 Love Is a Many Splen-dored Thing (C) O Days of Our Lives (C) 0 Newlywed Game (C) (6) Love Is Splendored Thing (C) uoi (24) uavs or Lives it) (10) (2 (11) Ti (13) N truth or Conseauences Newlywed Game (C) 2:30 0 House Party (C) O The Doctors (Q 0 Dating Game (C) 23 Danny Thomas Com (6) (11) House Party (C) (10) (24) The Doctors (C) 41 (12) Divorce Court . (13) Dating Game (C) 3:00 0 Divorce Court (C) Q Another World (Q 0 General Hospital (C) Roddy McDowall agents are joined by scatterbrained female agent Ar-lene Golonka in Acapulco. (R) (60 mins.) O Big Valley (O Jarrod risks his life trying to save a client. The escaped, convicted murderer takes refuge in a crowded school. (R) (60 mins.) . 0 Music In Miniature Les Crane Disc. (Q Contemn. Am. Com-Composers () (11) NFL Football (C) (10) (24) I Spy (C) (13) Big Valley (C) 10:30 0 Singalong Jubilee Folk Guitar 11:00 O News Riley Q News Riley 0 News Bonds, Morris, Diles, Allred (C) Q National News . QD Alfred Hitchcock Mystery . . (10) News (13) News, Weather, Sports (24) Movie: "Mystery of the White Room," '3, Bruce Cabot. 11.IF nr ii v.. . reamer r.noi C B E Com posers 3:45 P.M. WCHB-J. Butler 4:40 P.M. WXYZ-Dial Diles e r.M. WJR News WCHB J. Butler WJR-L. Thomas wwj cnet Huntley 7 P Ml WJR-Fanfare CKLW T. Shannon WWJ-M. Carlson WCAR R. Stewart WXYZ-News WKNR B. Harper WJLB-Pollsh Var. WJBK-T. Dean CBE-Songs 7:15 PJM. WJR-Tiger Best WXYZ-Sjorts 7:25 P.M. WJR-Baseball (Det.-Cleve.) 7:30 P.M WXYZ-D.Lockhart CBE Sonos 7:45 P.M. WCHB R. Dee WWJ-New Emp. WXYZ-Datellne WCHB-W. Brisst CBE Flanders WWJ-Spoftf1, CBE Music 4:15 P.M. WJR-Music Hall S P.M. WJR News WWJ Newstlme Let- Kounaup S:1S P M WJR Music Hall EVENING) P.M. WJR News CKLW-T.Shannon wwj News WTAK-J. Scott WXYZ-Newb. spts WCAR-News CBE News 4:15 PM. WJR Sports wwj opts. wea. WXYZ-News :M PJM. WJR-Buslnes WXYZ-Sports WXYZ A Drier CBE-RPM t tit if ft . ' JS ' "ANGEL WITH A TRUMPET" 11:30 p.m. Q Eileen Herlie, Basil Sydney Story of two generations of Viennese musical family. (1950) . "SEA FIGHTERS" 11:30 p.m. gj) Joe Shishido, Hideaki NitanI Japanese film about pirates in the China Sea. (1964) "SHERLOCK HOLMES FACES DEATH" 12:45 a.m. Q Basil Rathbone Discovery of a crypt helps solve murders. (1943) 0 Route 66 Drama m To Tell Truth (Q ' (6) (11) Tell the Truth (Came) So IS! f?l Another World (CI General Hospital (C) 3:30 0 Edge of Night (Q O You Don't Say (C) 0 One Life to Live Serial (C) CapL Detroit (C) (6) (11) Edge of Night (C) , (10) (24) You Don't Say (C) (13) Gilligan's Island 4:00 0 Secret Storm (C) Q Woody Woodbury (Q Bill Leyden, Margaret Whllng, Ed Begley visit. (90 mins.) 0 Dark Shadows Serial (C) Q Swingin' Time (C) (6) (11) Secret Storm (Serial) (C) (10) (24) maicn umi (11) Secret Storm (C) (13) Dark Shadows (Serial) (C) 4:30 0 Mike Douglas (C) Peter Lawford co-hosts with quests Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Rocky Grailano end Caroline Bird. (90 mins.) O Movie (Q "Back to God's Country Rock Hudson, Marcia Hen derson QJT) Three Stooges Comedy () Danny Thomas (Comedy) (10) Mike Douglas (C) (13) Merv Griffin (C) (24) Dennis the Menace 5:00 0 Bozo's Big Top (Q QD Little Rascals (4) Al E. Khatt and Mayer (24) The Beeper Show 5:30 Q George Pierrot (C) 0 Thunderbirds gQ Superman (C) () Flintstones (C) (12) News Jennings (C) 5:45 Q Friendly Giant Child. A profile of British media mogul Lord Thomson with Marshall McLuhan will be featured on N.E.T. Journal, at 8:30 p.m. Murder suspect drugs and marries the only witness to slaying of her agent on Felony Squad on 0 at 9 p.m. Roddy McDowall guests as the mad music pub lisher. At 9:30 p.m. on 0 the Chicago Bears will meet the Green Bay Packers at Mil- .waukee in an exhibition game of the National Football League. 0 Joey Bishop Show (O Guests Tommy Leonetti and Alejandro Rey. (90 mins.) 0 Movie "Angel With a Trumpet," 50, Eileen Herlie, Basil Sydney. Story of two gener ations of Viennese musical family. If you like roman tic tales. ) Movie "Sea Fighters," '64. Joe Shishido, Hideaki Nitani. Japanese film about pirates on China sea. (6) Movie; "Mexican Spitfire Sees m unnif -4ur Ltipe veiez. .. , (13) Joey Bishop (C) 12:00 ) News, Wea., Spts. (C) (11) News (C) 12:30 (11) Tonight Show (C) (24) News (50) Movie: "Sea Fighters." Joe Shishido. 12:15 0 News, (Q weather, sports 12:30 (g) Movie "Kiss Them For Me," '57. Cary wram, auiy rarKer. Antics of Navy men on leave in San Fran- ... not so tunny. 12:45 0 Movie Sherlock Holmes Faces Death," '43, Basil Rath- oone. Discovery of crypt helps solve murders. For Baker Street regulars. 1:00 CI Beat the Champ O News 0 Window on the World Q P.D.Q. Game (C) 2:45 0 Capture (C) 3:15 0 Highway Patrol U P u CBE-5 NIshta CBE-Country Mus. CKLW-S.Re'gen WWJ News. Emph 10:10 PJM. WWJ-Wld. News WJLB Remote DJ WJLB German hr. CBE Country Mao. t-H PM V.DC eesr ideas 10- PM WWJ-Sportsllna WWJ-SportslInt 11 P.M. WJR News WWJ Nw :M PJM. WJBK-Ch. FlBht WJBK-Tom Dean la v M WKNR A- Rnxrh wjrL,Mm- WJLB-Greek Hr. CBE Nat News WWJ-Sportsllr 10:05 P.M. WJR-Scores 11:30 P.M. WjR Music 10:15 P.M. WWJ Overnight FM STATIONS WHPR WSHJ CKWW WOAK WDTR WPHS WUOM WCAR aa.l CKLW M S WHFI S8.7 WLDM 89.3 WJR t0. WWJ 1.! WMZK n.t 4.7 5.5 4.3 7.1 7. n.T .$ WXYZ 101.1 WD6T ioi. y WBRB 102.7 WMUZ WOMC 103.5 104.1 WQRS 105.1 I.J WBFO 2.1 WABX WCHD WWWW 104.7 I WJBK W.1 WKNR 100.3 WCPR 107.5' A 'MEMORABLE' PERFORMANCE ONCE Deanna Lund in 'Land of Giants BY DAN LEWIS Free Press-Bell McClure HOLLYWOOD "It was a case of survival," explained Deanna Lund, an exceptionally pretty young lady, divorcee, mother of two, possessor ol a gorgeous figure and rising young ac tress. It was either show business or go back to the family. Her parents weren't too crazy about the idea of her becom ing an actress. But Deanna bad other ideas. Through many tough periods, run-down apartments. occasional all-night jobs and tome opportunistic moves, he fought her way up. Now, she's on tha verge, of star dom, as only a television aeries can offer It. The aeries la "Land of the Giants," on ABC-TV. Mlsa Lund Is m blond beauty. It seems to me It was more red the last time I saw her when she was filming a scene with Frank Sinatra in Tony Rome," but I didn't dare ask. Now she lives in a big, beautiful home she shares with another young actress in the exclusive Bel Air section. It la t little pretentious when you really think about it," Miss Lund confided. SHE TRAVELS along Hollywood's inner circle ("My boy friend's a well- known producer," she said, without identifying him). She made Tony Rome with Sinatra because she wanted a plane ticket from California to Florida so she could visit her parents. It proved a turn ing point in her career. She ge t the role and the trip with her kids back to her native state. In Tony Rome she played a stripper in a memorable scene, to say the least, in which Bhe was hav ing a lover's quarrel with a lesbian. Sinatra, a private eye who comes to question her about a shooting, stands in a bedroom doorway while Miss Lund strips to bra and panties. Luckily for me, I Just hap pened to be in Florida at the time, doing features on that picture, and was on the set that memorable morning. Sinatra came on the set, took one look at Miss Lund's cur- vaclous and scantily-clad figure and observed: "There ought to be a law against working under these condi tions so early in the day." Law or not, Miss Land's figure attracted a lot of attention, especially at 20th The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States is pleased to announce the appointment of GARRY D, KINDER, CLU as Agency Manager in Detroit Garry D. Kinder, CLU, has assumed the position of Manager of one of Equitable three agencies in Detroit. He succeeds his brother, Jack C. Kinder, CLU, who has been named Divisional Agency Vice President in Chicago of the North Central sales region. In his new position in Detroit, Mr. Kinder assumes leadership of the agency that ranks first in manpower development among Equitable's 145 agencies throughout the country. Garry joined Equitable in 1954. As a District Manager from 1958 to 1964 in Bloomington, Illinois, he earned a 1963 National Builders Trophy for ranking first among Equitable's more than 700 districts in sales and managerial excellence. Mr. Kinder became manager of Equitable's Akron Agency in 1964, leading it from 94th place to a position among the top 15 agencies. He is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University and a Chartered Life Underwriter. Mr. Kinder is an elder in the Presbyterian Church and is active in the United Fund and Goodwill Industries. He, his wife, Barbara, and their two children reside in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan. Agency headquarters remain at: Suite 1500, 1001 Woodward Avenue Detroit, Michigan 48226 Phone: WO 3-8400 New opportunities to join Equitable! Equitable is growing in Detroit. And so are the opportunities for men and women who seek a challenging and rewarding future with a company of distinction The Equitable. Over 100 years old. More than 56 billions of insurance in force. Call Mr. Kinder today and find out about Equitable's outstanding career opportunities. Century-Fox, which picked op Its option. The studio is keeping her busy. In Land of the Giants she plays a passenger aboard a commercial airliner which has been sucked into another planet where only hostile giants live. The series is about the plane's crew and passengers struggling for survival in constant hide and seek with the strange inhabitants of the planet. Gary Conway is starred as leader of the frightened earth people. DEANNA'S FATHER, Arthur Lund, was an attorney, and one-time member of the Illinois state legislature, who moved the family from Chicago, where she was born, to Daytona Beach when she was eight years old. Lund ran for Congress as a Republican and lost in the mid-1950s. She had studied drama at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, but married her high-school sweetheart and didn't finish school. The marriage ended four years later andMiss Lund moved to Miami with her two young children. She worked as a secretary during the day and attended modeling school at night, then returned to Daytona Beach to start a modeling school of ber own. ' "But I left and went back to Miami," she recalled, "because my husband wanted a reconciliation and I didn't want it." Her kids were one and three years old at the time, and Deanna moved into an old apartment in a run-down building and took a job renting cars at the Miami airport at night. One night, her folks, returning from a European trip, ran into her at the airport. She took them to her apartment and they were horrified. "They also weren't crazy about my being alone with the children In Miami, so they sent Grandma down to live with me," she remembered. DANA GOT into commercials in Miami, then became the weather girl at a local channel. That led to small parts in four locally-shot films. Then came a big decision: to go to California or New York to further the career. "New York gave me visions of pandemonium, so I picked California," she said. She had met a Hollywood agent on one of the films in Florida, and he sent her a plane tick- 5 The EQUITABLE II WO LOVELY DEANNA LUND, who will star in ABCs "Land of the Giants." et and paid for a week In a Hollywood Hotel while she got settled. It wasn't too difficult for a girt with Miss Land's physical endowments to get movie and television bit parts. "I have a list of credits a mile long," she observed, "but it means nothing." Tony Rome made the dif-derence. The idea of playing a stripper didn't exactly overjoy Deanna, but it was a means to get back to Florida. Her family's reaction after seeing the picture varied: PAID ADVERTISEMENT r: i TV 'J 4 Tonight Monday, August 19 WJBK-TV Channel 2 8:30 p.m. N. M. A, tr WtJSm life Assurance Society of iiiiii i mi ! iMin'in" am II ' naiiaiillM ni. ! 1.1111111 . Home office: 1285 Avenue of the Americas, New xrk, N.TC lOOlt An Equal Opportunity Employer, MjF mm "My grandmother thought it was my mother In the part. One of my sisters was upset because I wore her panties, which had been a Christmas gift to her, and my other sister was upset because I did not get Frank's autograph for her. My mother? She thought I was too heavy." Now she's in her first television series and she likes the idea of steady work. "I like to keep busy, working and going to the same place every day. I don't like running around to agents." m It Bid lUf. Mast Ale, tsjwra TnutQ i the United States I,

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