Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 12, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1946
Page 6
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r *?~j* j$ -xi ' ,*>' i^ i.Njv tv-\T/.*jr ^y"V"^ r£'*i v H? " &•"&? t'^*»**^^«* w ^'" ,*"'£"" •** •*•w*-«*»*jj«v««T*>jfcV5j.£*w i, t ,. r *™w-<-".^yi^yjK'^""*'^-'~' v— - «»-v>>»- t '^^^^^^W^i^^?S!^^^?C?B^SB^^H5B^^BI^S^BBBI^S!BlBS^^^^^^^^^^^^^!PiffffP|H ^^^^^'f^ 5 '- 1 -'';^ '/'••'•'r ; f ^f ;••.:••• "•-.'••'•s-- '.--.•;.• v- -;,-:,-•''•.•••^ ;;••."., '•• • - '.»..••.• H6M iTAMHOM. ARKANSAS Monday, AuaMi» U> 1MI vancesto i Tournament tearn _defeated- Hot" Springs 13<2 tfef d«jr»* adVafttlftr'ttJimf > to" the >£layoft which ""Starts , this ehd.; Hihe local lads will play Friday of Sunday of this |Origina1ly the. Hop& -team*, was ft forfeit which was re.* Vetsifid tater \»heft Hot springs pro- testfd the decision. Yesterday It was deflnlhtely settled. SeatllAi! league softbalt play will gtt .unset wnf tonight with Cobb- fo«fe*~pwyirtg~Hope Light Plant and Whte Kfds taking on Stewart's. '• Sficshd Half Standings? • * • , W. L. Pet CdtA-tooIei 4 0 1000 Hefnef4fcish 4 0 1000 H«phafts 5 1 834 L}oft Oil 3 3 500 MWfe Mkt 3 4 429 Wtoi Kids 1 3 250 HflfKs Light 1 3 250 • Stewart*- !-...,('.M. 1 4 200 , , .. ., ,,,.,.,,.,..,0 .-— Plaster of Parts, v was first de- Velebed In ancient Egypt. The Beting-Seal Seal herd is estimated at $100,000,000.- in value. ?- ^ , ., * . An Open Indorsement Of Judge Dexter Bush the undersigned, Ex U. S. Veterans, citizens of Hempstead County, hereby 'Mndorse JUDGE DEXTER BUSH for the ^office of Circuil Judge. He rs an ex-service ^ : Man, a member-in good standing of the Ifv'Arnerican Legion, and the only ex-service ff man running .for this office. There is at? I-jndescribable something connected with ^,"the trials and-hardships of ,army life that |f]credtes in the hearts of men a tenderness If'ffor all men w|)b were in the service of our ^country, that cannot be forgotten or overlooked. Therefore we are all out for yUPGE DEXTER BUSH. .-- 1 E. L. Vawter Roy Froim., **" Norf G. Parker L. R. Turner Jack Force Charles C. Parker ,?y. T. Ho/iea ,.f K!^M. Cooped' . ,' Austin W. Hendrix Xr- ' • Paid for By N. G. Parker ancl others Dr. Champloin to Instruct School in Colorado Dr. Marc-Id L. Magoith, Chairnlan of the Section of Osteapathie Tech- nic and Therapy of the Academy of Applied Osteopathy which Is affiliated with the Arnerlcan Osteopathic Association, has extended an invitation to Dr. Charles A Champlin of Hope, Arkansas, a Fellow of the Academy, to teach manpulative osteopathy for two within the next few months, 6r. i Champlln is a graduate of the Klrksvllle College of osteopathy and Stlfgery, Klrksville, Md.» and has pvacticecl In Hope, Arkansas, since his graduation lnl912, Bingen Methodists to Start Revival on August 19 Rev, William Onstead, pastor of the Bingen Methodist Church, Will have charge of a revival meetitig at Holly Grove beginning Mohday, tt *>.«.) i iL i-*i1* r •£ t v»» w nt ilUllJ VFl V VC Ui;KMllIlll£» *«un«i weeks at the College of his choice August 19, The public is invited. Thank You For Returning • t • _ . - • Me to the Legislature Without Opposition. Many of my friends have been and and are candidates for office. I have tried to show my appreciation to them, and to their supporters by refraining from taking an active part in any po- dee, other than my own. Short"! returning .'.from- military ser- Was 'appointed Deputy Prose, Attorney and have been and am how serving in that capacity. Eve r shall I be g ratef u I for the confidence- ancl trust you, the People of Hempstead County, have expressed by returning me to the legislature without opposition. TALBOT FEILD JR. •Paid Political Advertisement .Vt, JUDGE ^ W\7E DEXTER BUSH S RE-ELECT ED LUCK County Judge V,."*-. T' r "~ _••• .- • .-. w.-,\- •• • .-.-.. .• *0 • -.. We, the undersigned qualified voters of Wai laceburg ta#nsM|> strongly endorse FRED LUCK for COUNTY JUDGE because he has proven his ability as a road builder and as an efficient business manager for our county. We feel that it would be to the advantage of every citizen in Hempstead County to re-elect him. W. T. Yarberr'y A. H. Moore Dale Woodman J. C. Woocjson J. W. Hardy Earl Stone" J. H. Hardy Otis Hardy Hix Loe Mrs, HiX Loe W. T, Spears R, A, Brpwn Carl A. Bro'wn Mrs, Roy Foster Mrs. R. A.' Brown Roy Foster Jewell Parsons A. M. Phillips E. B. Cutley Rqy Phillips JQS/M: Walker H.C. Bonds Mrs. Gwy Loe Guy Loe Warren Nesbitt Mrs. Warren Nesbitt J E.Webb; CoyHgskgy Edgar,fcjwgrds. I. H. Beayshgnt M.SVWjJIis Julia Duckett R. L. Wardlow Myron W. Wardlow Mrs. R. L. Wardlow Chester Stephens Floyd Coopwood Jess Phillips H, E. Nalen Lendo Wilson H. G. Rys H. H. Nolen Arthur Wilson J.O.Phillips C. A. Phillips R. D. Phjllips Mrs.'C. Al Phillips O. L. Ward Robert W. Core J. H. Thomas——-—• Eugene Stephens" : T,L Phillips V - •: Carl Zgnriwglf ;i . Mrs. Carl Zumwalt H. M. Stephens Mrs. H. M. Stephens Mrs. Nuel Smith Nuel Smith Johngthah Smith Lola Smith S. E. Loe Mrs. S. E. Lqe Coy E. Zumwalt : Leola Atkins Aubrey Zumwalt O. B. Montgomery S. C. Carman Mout Harris Grace T, Harris Sue Huskey , Louis Huskey; H. J. Biggers M, A. Sewell S. A. Sewell Delbert Towler Floyd Wood e .Bill Bright Agnes Ward Ed Moss C. H Etta Willie-Wilson . James Gist Floy Gist Mary Wilson Clarence Heard M. H. Montgomery J. E, Ward Mrs. J. E. Wqrd J. ,U Carmqn Hurbert M. Stephens Harold R. Stephens H. H. Honeg M. S. Bonds Jess Wood Lon Wood Kenneth Wood P. L. Mouser Mrs. I. N. Irvin Auther Mouser W. L. LenU J. F. Brooks N. L. Brooks Mrs. O. L White Jack Cromer W. U. Wade Mrs. H. H. Honea H. F. Tate Elijah Stephens Lucy Stephens Clirje Stephens Phillip Ward R. C. Stephens R. W. McCracken Mrs. R. W. McCraken Mrs. P. C. Stephens C. C. Avery Martha Smith J. J. Bruce Mrs. J. J. Bruce W. C. Brown Mrs. C. C. Avery Martin RufielcJ Pgul Hgrris Paid for By Bank of Blevins Plain Stateiiieht as la Lyle Brown's Charges About Cases 5566,5567,5709- YES! Mr. Brown Dexter Bush believes in certainty of punishment AND HE ALSO BELIEVES IN CERTAINTY OF TRUTH! Lyle Brown knows that the cases to which he refers to by number 5566, 5567 and 5709 were tried in Miller County. Why did you not call theindmes:of the defendants Lyle and tell the people the whole'truth'about them, instead of trying to mislead the voters? The cases advertised by you happened in Miller County. Two of them before .you became prosecuting attorney. The people in Miller County know about them and have not complained. You, Lyle, have known about two of them for several years and if anything was wrong about them, why have you not made some complaint/You have been paid for the past three and one half years to look after the states business in this district, What has happened to so suddenly impress you with your duty to call this to the attention of the public? THE FACTS ABOUT SAID CASES. In one of said cases two of the best Drs. of Miller County testified that the defendant was suffering from an incurable stomach ailment and that imprisonment would mean death to him, and he was therefore sent to a hospital. In one of said cases a rnotion for a new trial was filed, and newly discovered evidence was presented which, in my opinion, entitled the defendant to a new trial which was granted, and neither your predecessor in.office or you have ever asked for a trial, and so far as I am advised there has been no criticism from the people of Miller County. ' In the other case the defendant was a young boy. The good people of Miller County informed the Court that the boy wanted to join the army. Our country was at war and I was informed that the army would accept the boy, so I released him so he could-join the army which he did. He rendered distinguished service-was cited for bravery- was seriously wounded in battle and is now in a hospital. These are the facts. Lyle, about the three cases that you make so much fuss about, and which facts are and were at all times known to you, but which you elect to keep from the people in an effort to .mislead them. But you can't get by with it-the district/is'too small-the people have found you out. You are the one, Lyle, that sehses'the danger-You have seen the hand writing on the''wall and you are desperate -the report is out that you have called in your wise men from the east those who fought you for years to interpret the writing, and they have read it to you, "THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WEIGHED IN; THE BALANCE AND FOUND WANTING" and that the people are saying, not what you thought, but "WE WANT A.MAN FOR CIRCUIT JUDGE WHO IS MATURE AND WHO IS LEARNED IN THE LAW AND EXPERIENCED." I'm deeply grateful for the support given me-reports from all over the district assures victory- and I shall put into the office all thp qbility.thatjmy training and experience can contribute, to the end that the law be enfqrced and human rights and liberty protected. . ; 'v^» ;H3 n",' .'.'.•' mffi^ ^^^f ^ ^B ^^^M ^M' ^F HBK^ ^BW^' ^BB^, ^^ ^^ This ad paid for by Dexter Bush

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