Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 12, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1946
Page 4
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ABOUr/^ I EMMF COMPETITION/ ' -TfeyTHAT/ WHAT A 'SISSV BEACH \S* LAt>Y LIFE- .GUARDS-PHOOEY/ COP AND \COOLA, RETURNED " TO S>RBI&TORIC MOO 'WITH A GEOLOGIST, IN SEARCH OFA-RAREMlHEXAL, '•FIND...THEIR HOMELAND ,' BEING RAVAGED BY OH, THAT'5 NOT TOO DIFFICULT FOK A GEOLOGIST... ...THE STRAIGHT, TALL, Y VAAEAN THEY'KE \THAT DEPENDS UPON BODY AND LAR6E.WELL-1 GONNA EXTINCT AgiuiTV TO WITHSTAND 7"$g-; * , , --.— N-r..——t- , . 1*-^.— . *—'«—i i(-»/-i l~f\l !!•<— I IAACML-1 IT \i-J VVI In-""" 11 ' 1 ' * HP FORMED sKuu....jHiow.v^ us LIKE TWEV /IMPACT OF THHPINVASION,.. """" • - A.\AINTENAN£ E AND ' INTELLIGENT, THSZS I HAVE MV PEOPLE WILL DEAL SOU ^NEIGHBORING TKtSBS " MUCH MISERV IT dtA SUVICl. INfc T. H ««%. 5. >AT. OH ..,.. . • • ... - '--ne ••••.-•• .,., ,.._ _• woreJe^wasnU gojivg.^to^stnke out today!" sgim^^rq WMM^^'^" : ^^-- :- ; -•V',,c : : : . ; -,; x,.,: -.-.. . f.\- v ^ - : > • - ' ' •••-••- = .•• •• ••••.--•• . '- 'I'-niniDie I neater . ifr^STT 7 ^^ 1 ' i ^ T5<i IfiK J , SS^lt^ (sgAs"7.LL tWpe.&WN THATk- FEAR HER >* NO, 1 ANAKES HER BUST - ~ y CASE is < wi/v\py; > INDEED,'SIR^— ^—7 ,,.,_ e ,;fc Ov MOST LAUCASLE^ CjfR S OES -wssioN if r-s-z^ T LAFFIN // utOurWoy By J.R.Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople DRIKIK THIS CUP O' TEA, HERE, .- . NELLIE- rf") } 5W/1LLOW DEARIE, AKT I'LL READ ^i^^^'^^^-'^S. ^ •5=T : j=r.._ / HI IBC2V I \&f GOT, IT'LL HAVE-TO BE EKIUFF//f THAT'S ALLTHE MOWEY I'VE GOT/ IS IT ENOUGH TO HAVE MY R3RTUUE TOLD/' G\Lpeo THB ' LOVJ NOTE He . W*wnu Boar's. BOOMED'OUT ABOOT ^MENftGERie OM BuYlfAS AW OPTION 1 tHE PROWL _ .. SOME LAND < %TV4£S& VvlOODS, OOZIN6 WITH ATOAA \C AME'EE PRO- OltSOUNJDEP .. -__ OVJL fsMD ., SJV UKE OMe OF HIS ^1 OUR ONN R\SI< WHW KINDA i •{-, OVJN HOME-Mftoe. V-WLET'S TIP- n SHE'UL BE LOSIN' OLJT ON THE ARGUMENT/ •DO TOU RE.COSMI2E Hlrt, 6HERIFF ? J V HI/A '' HIS SOLP li'5 MUCJSEt PRO&AeLY SHOT HE WA9 WIM' •LITTLE' &EAVER IFOUfVD Wl\l HE A5KED rAE TO TAKE THIS SHOTS US) TO HIS •DAUGHTER ALICE".' "1 NOGOOP.WIl W01ICEP NUGGET ALWAYS. PACKET? IT VOW HI,V A SENTIIAEhiTAL E A GOOD VUCK. PIECE— OR Tr.COUt/D HOLVAO.UEtO HIS •5HOOTIMS FOR PAIR QF OflC KS tQfd. 1jM t* H» «C«V«I. UK ». M. MO. U, ». >A1. Off ^^^^^^^^^••I^^^^^^^^^^HB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HJ^^H^I^^H^^H^I MTif,* , t"- 1 '' jrv t ^ t '' ( i ( ' ,-v ;-. x **'',' l i "'^ , V'^ ^'*''"| • <• v ' '' '[ " r t ' i"t f , 7 ' '' J j '" '' ' ' f - ' l '"'in, 1 .-' $ * J*>*T"* ' i*™ ^.%'i -i 1 ' ^ 3 i/*#$n$ljjp "!_ ' ' ', ' '" i , ' ' • ', ' i ", • ' } ' t \\-5\fqr * , «i •,, , '" ' ' ' ' v • V^l| HOPE STAR, Hor-C, ARKANSAS • Page *f|vl; LASSJFJED Adi Mutt &« In Ottlce of On6 Three Six Ohc& Dnj; Dtyji Days Mdhth before Publication 2.00 2.60 '3.00 3.50 4.00 4.60 5.00 4.BO 6.00 7,50 ft.OO 10.50 12,00 '13.60 16.00 , «ic tor Continuous Insertions Only f-All Want' Ads Cash In Advatice 1-Not Taken Over the Phone * m i • ni ..•••*•• i i I, For Sale VBY CHICKS, IF WE . DON'T Have them we will order them "or you. Feeders Supply Co. 17-lrri RN, CORN CHOPS, WHEAT, en scratch, plenty growing and aying mash. Feeders Supply Co. 17-lm UCH LUMBER, 0 MILES EAST f Hope on Highway 4. Phone 450. B, Waddle, 0-Ot 0 FORD CONVERTIBLE oupe, with radio• and heater. ,/lotor in.A-1 condition. 'Good tires. See R. N. Putman,. 61.6 South Main St. or phone 404-W after 0 p.m. ' " 8-6t EW FIVE ROOM MODERN TILE house, plastered inside. Goo<3 terms. T. A, Belew, Phone 302-J. ; 9-31 'ON POISON FOR WEEVIL tjr worms. $10 per hundred welgfil packed In 50 pound bags. Monts S.Seed Storp. U-61 ^RECORD PLAYE.Il, TABLE SIZE 9-3t EW KNEE HOLE DESK, OCCAS ional chair. . All wool 9 x 12 rug! *8 foot Electrolux in perfect con ; • clilion. Phone 484 or 920 after '6 g.m. Mrs. Newt Bundy. , 9-3i 1941 FOUR DOOR GI PLYMOUTH .Good condition. Cheap. Mrs. Glen iHollis, Patmos road. Patmos, Rt ~, 1. 9-3 .TEXAS MINNOWS AT SOUTHERN ., Ice Co. F. W. Chnnce. 10-6 -FIVE ROLLS OF BEST GRADE • 34 inch hog wire. See Hope Mat ' • tress' Co. 10-3 motor, skill Saw blades, rrtcchan* ks tools > and, boxes, tarp&ullntf, Wck screws, v trench Jacfcs, ladders, ' restilratol-s, n few cat- pehter ahd finishers tools, chipping, harftmers, all Sizes , star drlll$, block and lines, i all types, Sojne used bMck ; sledge hammer, door Hinges, 1 desk, '2 painters extension.' boardn, large and small air hose, oil cans, small' .And large air hose, oil .cans. small and large rod. cutters and .benders, 1 small concrete mixer. ; South 12-Ot •y WMtbre*kT«gl Cobyrlflht, 1»4I •y King r««tuf«t Syndloit*. . C. D. Laliterbach, 510 ; •. Walnut. • .; \ :"' ... For Rent BEbROOMiWlTH PRIVATE BATH Phone 946, 10-31 TWO ROOM FURNISHED APART' rnent '.also' front East Aye. ,B. bedroom. 203 i 12-3t Mottresf Renovating FOH THE BEST IN :GUARAN teed .work ,call Cobb's. Matttress Co, at 712 Tw; .4th, We Call for and deliver. Phone 229-J. 21-lm Wanted to Rent The record revcnls no opposition to flagrant .rnckdtcerin'gj cipprcs- slon and oilier rascality i n the A. F. of L. then or since. Mis pros* ent C, I, O. is Infested 16 n dangerous degree by Commutjlsts jn tho group of maritime and longshore Unions: the lurnlture /tinkers', electricians', clothing* workers', furriers, mine, mill and smelter workers', cle'rlcal and social workers, transport workers! and nuto woktirs* unions and-thd'newspaper guild, The membership figures changed greatly since , the THREE^OR'FOUR ROOM UNFUR- _: nishediapartment or: furnished', or, 'unfurnished': house'.". Permanent residence, .References, Write' G; ,W,. -JVIpton,*;Stamps; .Ai'k: 1 "12-61 Real Estote for Sale TOR ' QUICK^SALE, MY .FARM,: grocery and filing station, 5 miles out:6n highway 19.frpm Prescott.. ' Thrivihg business,:.owner: leaving '] state for health. Roy '.Ward. Prescott, Ht;.5; . " ',:/•'• . ' 9-6t , •y Kind Features Syndicate Inc. ,New Vork).-Aujg. 11— A Franchls- c,afl pHest has sent me the July number of the American ecclesiastical '. review, published by the Catholic University of America Press*/ in Washington. • He called my attention to an article jjy..Reyi Joseph. F, Donnelly, 6f the • Martfprd Diocesan Labor Institute, New Haven, Conn., called "Junior Clergy and Organized Labor" in which he reports that he '''had a special .eagerness to learn what" a group' of young priests "thought', of Weslbrook Pegler." v 'l hoped,, of -course,". Father Donnelly wrote, "that I would find them sharing my attitude toward his writing. I know that there are many mlllipns who d.o not share my distate for the gentleman, the same millions,. perhaps, who.se only knowledge .of the labor movement comes from' • the unsavory cornet; of the' movement paraded, and re- paraded ' before the American people by Pegler .as the' whole picture pf ,lhe great- organization of the workers df America. So I' was not at: all unhappy to find that Mr. Pegler' ,' has .but few admirers among this group of the, clergy. A few thought ne was-hohest-and had done.-a , good job. 'Some thdught his and Notice PLAIN y AND FANCY SEWING. Reasonable - prices. 'Mrs. Esther . , exppse pf racketeers was; a strong and necessary 'medicine 'for .the labor movement. The ,vast .majority ranged;- from" mild lo : fierce eloquent; criticism." ' McLain, 224 -North Phone 1108-W. .Hamilton, C-8t !He 'then .qupttd eXcerpls from examinjitipn papers -in which several of these young priests wrote .that ;"Pegler is continually emphasizing- the' Weaknesses and corruptions .of .unionism without praising it fpr its good points." . ' ';His harping on the abuse within unions gives the impression that they are substanti.all'' corrupt. He does have a, nuisance value, how' have vvar progfam stoppe'd, taut the unions in Which Communljts art? dominant or strongly influential ipmbrace n majority of tlte total Strength of the C. I. O. .the discipline and methods of tne organisation os a whole are such' as lo degrade tho Individual to the status of subject under the , controlling •i'jjolltlcians and to impair his political freedom." Generally and alriiost universally they have -shown-that they will not abide by writle.n contracts and the high organization htts outht every proposal that it should issume this iundamenlal oblige ion In contract relations. And, repeatedly, during the Hitler-Stalin alliance, when the United States was desperately trying 1 to arm against war, unions of -Hie C. I. O. struck factories performing, vital work because at that time Blalln's policy was to keep the!''.- United States in a weak milifdjry'condi- ,ion. One of these strike's;", at Allis- 3halmersi > n Milwauke'e, was called by a vote which tt'as proved n court to be fraudulent and another, in an airplane factory at tnglewood, .Cal., was described by Franklin D. Roosevelt :as an "insurrection" promoted by an alien influence, . .meaning the Communists nevertheless, the most conspicuous of'the promoters were retained 'by the unions ..concerned. The 'young priests who believe that the good in unionism outweighs the bad are misinformed. In the American Federation of Labor, the bad unions contain ,a large majority of the total membership. Among the corrupt unions thus far exposed, and exposed only by individual initiative, t p wit, mine, are the operating engineers', the hod-carriers' and common laborers', the movie and theatrical union, the building service employees' union and the boilermak- Bhrtendprs' Union, which Includes" winters and others, has been a flngraht racket in Chicago and Miami and the Electrical Workers' union, tbc CarpeiHers' and others restrict membership, impose nigh chnrgcs and, in obtaining benefits for a few ,impos<? on many more Ihon those Jew: arid increase their costs of living. Ufllonisrrt here has sot exclusive groups of workers to pi eying on oho another and has narrowly limited oppottunlly, as the C. 1. O. often has pointed out in its propaganda, It has made an art of loafing and a virtue of cheat in Announcements . The Star Is authorized tft •hnoUnCe the fallowing at candidates subject to UM action of the Democrat!* primary elections this Sum. met: g. The A. F. of L. did absolutely nothing to eject nnd prosecute no* toriouH criminals in high position and even gnve aid and comfort to such scoundrels, to that extent impeding justice in the public p_roces ses. And the lieve that pe !• young i-fld.V in ctergy Who be- the A. F. of _,_,. _.. ____ ...... is over emphasized should know. tnal o George Scalise or a Joe Pay, though each is only one man,' controls and oppresses, many' •thousands of workers and restrains a multitude of inferior officers who might be honest. So, --es, I do say tha the bad outmeastires the good in our unionism, that our laws should protect the workers' human and economic rights in unions, arid that the leadership has been preoccupied with union politics, party politics and p'orsonal power lo the great neglect of the workers' interest and the larger public inlerest. For the, attenion of the young clergy who mFather '-Donnelly. discusses, I would emphasize the point that he is too adroit and takes advantage of ihem where he writes that in hounding Uoated fakers, thieves and Qommunists over these years, I have represented them .as "the workers of.Amr- ica." Ori the contray 1 have called them parasites preying o n the workers'. •'. : Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN DEXTER" BUSH Hempttead County For COUhty Clerk ROBERT C.'TURNER For County Treasurer MRS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD MCCORKLE SWELL A. BURKB For County Judge FRED A. LUCK FRANK RIDER For Representative . Post 1 GLEN WALKER ARTHUR C. ANDERSON For -Representative Post 2 TALBOT FEILD, JR. Heart Ailment •P6UR GALLON JERSEY COW, "t heifer calf 4 weeks old. W. E, ^'Brunei-, 1020 East Third St. 9-3t KEROSENE AUTOMATIC RlE- Tngerator. 9 ft. box. Perfect con- dilion. See S. M. Martin, Ross- 12-3t CONVEYORS, LEVEL', ing instrument, welding instru- .rnent, 1 new bench saw without WANTED STENOGRAPHER Bookkeeping experience or training will be helpful. PRESCOTT AUTO CO. Prescott, Ark. ADMIRAL • RADIOS • • Battery & Phonograph Combination Bob Elmore Auto Supply to Gurdon Man J. E. Allen. . aged 7.7, .a .resident of Gurdon,'. died of a heart attack late' yesterday near Hope. Mrs. iAllen 'said .they, were .put ding 'ah'd ^stopped 'near Mae';s ourt on. Highway 07, where Mr. ridin Court . , . Allen decided to, get .out of the auto and . get - some fresh air by walking through the woods. He apparently suffered , a 'heart attack .and was ' ighway ed to, ge e'yer. 1 ' "He sees the evils of , found Shortjy -'py his wife. ' . The: body -was ; removed to Arkadelphia .la'st night.; He is suf- vived by his widow. - — o- The cry, .of husbands who pay for permaneftts: long Uye Uie kink! What : you hear in a smpll town makes .'\\p :lor what you don't see. FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too SmalV • ANDERSON BROS. « BUTANE SYSTEMS -.-. Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing Phone 269 Heating Hope. Ark. • NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS ; CLYDE FRITZ ' PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY unionism arid that amongst the Worst .of the unions:". "On ' the whole unions seem to,be run honestly.". My .Franciscan friend, who does hot agree with .Father Donnelly, points out as evidence of a person: al'bips, that .he begins his article by, referring to a visit with Philip Murray, the president o f the C. I. O., and reporting that ]VIur- ray had said to him, "what the C.'I. O. ,is trying to do is basically in the social encyclicals .of the church." ' That ingratiating and self-serving statement by Mr. Murray, creates, at the start, an atmosphere of virtue around him and the C. I; O. .which as the villain of.the piece,, I will .undertake no dispel. Mr. Murray's organization was ere at e d by lawless violence, amounting to terrorism, insurrection and. Anarchy no less subver-. ^ive than that, of the Ku",'Klux Klan. Although he was for many years i^ii officer of the United Mine Workers and during much of that time a man of influence in the American Federation of Labor, the record reveals nothing but complacence on his-part under the dictatorship of'John L. Lewis, which he did not take occasion to deplore until-Lewis 'ejected him -in a quarrel over politics, power and money. ers', whose president arranged an incredibly bold and rapacious insurance : racket for his son, whose profits were skimmed off the top of the wages of thousands of war workers. : ' The teamsters' union.is bad in many other ways aside xrom its maintenance of a system ot brigandage-on- T highways! The Musicians' union is an absolute dictatorship, whose evils have been described here, before ,jn • detajlj The current troubles and weakness of the longshoremen arise from brutal cynicism and greed. Public Invited to Revival at Anthony Sawmill A revival meeting starts Monday, August 12, at Anthony . Sawmill Nevada County For Sheriff and Collector ''OTIS LANGSTON , with the Rev. Otis Denny, mis sionary .of the Hope Association preaching and the .Rev,. J. T. Har vill of Ouachita College leadin the singingr The public is invitee Funeral foi* 0. D. May,'79, Held Aug. 9 Funeral services for 0. D. ... May, 79, pioneer resident of 'Bod' caw who died Augitst.7, were held Friday, August B, at Corinth Church with the Rev. D, O, Silvey and the Rev, Noel O'Steen officiating. His survivors include his widow 1 , :wo sons, N. W. May of Prescoll, R. W. May of West Monroe, La., '4s invited. - 'dld' 3 daughter*., Miss Mope/MffS. Ruth Monroe, La,, Mrs. Guy Texarkana, >]1 grandchildren f i aft gieat grandchildreOv , /> y*- ' Revival Meeting in Progress at Shover Springs A revival meeting got i yesterday at Shover Sprl..__ _ tlst ChuFch with the Rev. fcaul; ers, pastor, delivering the sei-v Services, will be held twice' j at 10 d,m..dhd 7:45 p.m.-The pi VOTE FOR •-' SWELL A. BURKE for COUNTY TREASURER Tuesday, August 13 t For Transportation Call ".* Paid for by Syvell A.' JBurke,'^ " '. - ' 'c-fesi REMOVED Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS ond CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883n(W (Phone Collect), If No Answer Phone 315B-R Legal Notice COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING 1 • \ '. ' r M i' .. ' : •,; ' ' ' ' ' Gentry Printing Co. Phont 241 Hop*, Ark. :• IN THE HEMPSTEAD • CHANCERY COURT . LESLIE WILLIAMS....: "•.'••'" PLAINTIFF " VS. ...... ' • : ' .MINNIE WILLIAMS : DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The Defendant, Minnie Williams, is,hereby warned to appear in this ppurt within thirty days hereafter and answer the complaint of Leslie Williams, Plaintiff herein, WITNESS my'hand and sear as Clerk of this Court on this 5th day of,August, 194G. C. E. WEAVER, Clerk (SEAL) Aug. 5. 12. 19. 36 Doug f ITV Carl Bacon ^1 I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial .. Wirjng Wiring '",. Electrical Repairs , Phone 784 PIANOS ; Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago^; J.' : ~~. • Looks like new , •Souiii|f like new • New guarantee ; ; ', If you are interested in buying a piqhp,call or write One of our representatives wilhcall 'qn you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue ;. Temarkana, U, $. A. FOR TRANSPORTATION to the POLLS Tuesday, August 13th PHONE 734 or 798-W foy by^Prsnk Rider REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL-JONES FRANK' YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop NOTICE Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co. . 1123 County Ave. Texarkana; Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE !EM Manufacturers of•;.New,: Custom- Made Metal Venetian" Blinds FREE ESTIMATE,.PJCK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING is for DIVIDENDS ojvyour fire insurance! ' We can g!ve«you ;co,mplete , ..protection, and save you at least 20% on your insurance 1 cost. Your life insurance pays dividends, why not •,."•'. your fire insurance? Foster-Ellis 'MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Non-Assessable Legal ^Reserve 108 East 2nd . Phone 221: YOU ASKED FOR IT, MR. WILLIAMS... AN IMPARTIAL AND UNBIASED ESTIMATE OF THE CONDUCT AND ABILITY OF MR. SAM ROREX ,'*4| 't ? l ; Headline From Guy Wiftl ''liams' Ad of Gazette, 8;7 V | ELECTRIC SERVICE Day Phone 413 Night Phone 1015-J We Specialize in MOTOR REWINDING WARWICK'S Electric Service 114 E. Third St. Hope, Ark, Radio Trouble Call'273-W Whether your radio console or fits Into your pocket rr» Our trained radio repairmen will do ah expert Job 911 It. Free Pick-Ms and Service SMITH'S RADIO SERVICE 81SW,6th IOTICE LISTEN VOTERS!! Elect the man that knows how FRED A. LUCK Will ; get the job done. This ad signed and paid for by a taxpayer. W, A. Wray CASH in 10 Minutes! Borrpw money from us on your car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you wont the bett^we like jt. Ten minutes usually gets you the cash':" Ask for Mr. Mclorty, at Hope AwtQ Co, 1 ^"r ... WILL THIS DO! * Y ES, MR. WILLIAMS, I may have been top zealous in the prosecution, as t United States District Attorney, of the infamous Norman Baker for using the mails to defraud unfortunate people dying'from cancer. On account, of this over-zealousness, I incurred the criticism to which you hove made*" reference. I am not proud of criticism', but I trust that such criticism as I may receive shall be limited to over-zealousness in the interest of the decent ; citizenship of Arkansas, and I shall n6ver subject myself to criticism for pro- - tecting hoodlums and gamblers by rendering an official opinion as you did for Leo McLaughlin, holding that a Justice of the Peace at Hot Springs, at least one peace officer, not under the thumb of Leo; could hot issue'a'warrant authorizing the searching of a gambling dive. The Supreme Court of Arkansas overruled your opinion, Mr. Williams, stating that not only by authority of the common law, but by express provision of Sections No. 1 and No. 40 of the Constitution of Arkansas, a-Justice of the Peace has the power to issue search warrants. The Court further said: ....,,.•. .",:t,*.* "The operation of a 'bcokmaking' establishment- constitutes a felony and since Justices of the Peace have jurisdiction to cause a per- •; '' son accused of an felony to be arrested**** it follows that they have the power to issue a j search wairrant***.*•/' ^.iv"""'' .•'••''.. • Albright v. Karston, 206 Ark. 307 /,, Y OU MENTION ability, Mr. Williams, Was i$ Jack of ability which caused you to misconstrue the plain provisions of the Constitution or did you < deliberately ignore these provisions to protect the dignitary, Mayor Leo Mc-> Laughlin,. and js this the reason you are o favorite on his ticket in the coming election and does he expect further protection from you in the fight which the ""' Gl's candidates are waging against hinf . , . ' In the case you referred to, Mr. Willjams, I convicted Norrnqn Baker and he served four years in the Federal Penintentiary; and since you inVite a comparison of ability, may I refer the people t(> the case of State v. Baker, . decided as recently at March 11,1946, in whi$h your appegl or» behalf of , the State in the prosecution of a public official for failure to account for public funds was dismissed for failure on ypur part to comply with the rules of the Supreme Court by filing qn abstract of the testimony? If you did not deliberately fail to comply with the Supreme Court rules, then weren't you plainly negligent, Mr. Williams, or maybe it was just lack «f ability^— and maybe you are asking the people for e Third Term bec.»M5e during your first two terms, you have not hod tirrie to fpmUiflrize yourself with the numerous Supreme Court rules-—some fifteen in number! Sam Rorex for ATTORNEY OiNERAL • 7 Years U, §. Pisrrict Attorney 61 Pill of Right? • This ad paid for by Sam Rore$ 'a tl the VETERANS 1 4 Yegrs Prosecuting Attorney

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