Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 12, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1946
Page 3
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:; v >r.~.\ - - - eing Sought by ^ ef His *MgM < Aug. and his 21-year'old white YOU -11110 MODE THAN FINGERS Mordliae helps to remove rfntidtu . MOROUNE HAIR TONIC heajed back to early toddy after a "* ' v.. v , 'deceptions tendered b N£grb evangelist's followers i Tarrytown, N.Y., and New Yor City. The Harlem reception dr eluded a dinner at which 16 vare He's of meat and lish, includln frlcflssed turtle, were served. Itt rece&t years Father Divln nas corrie to New York only 01 Sundays when legal papers eanho ahgel* has charged that sh< be served. One of his forme gave him $6,QOO and was tillable ti get back the money. ' , - i^ . The poorer the land becomes the faster it washes i\vay. , - ' • &$,&?, iRa ; «OM THE PIN OF AN EDITOR: by c T pa c Is ,?1, s - F f in »^n«, we Have teen" VW ° fl J he ? elf - Re 9 ulai} °n •Wort* ol tha beer mdusiry m th,s town for six years. During that ttme local beer waiters have- attended many, educational meetings conducted here by the United States Brewers Founda«on. We , know that the Foundation has conducted regular inspections of reta,| baer outlets here. Our law-enforcement officers say that tha fMBifafien cooperates prompHy. Compare cohdi- }wTnti«T" W ?< ? ndif!w ? s ,* haf «i»W here during the roaring u, , Committee is to that the sale of malf beverages in this state shall i^; ht .9 h ,'P/'n«pJes of social responsibility and law Dservance. • '• .i Al*x. C.S. Polnser, President H. Waihbum, Sscfetafyfreasufof ,. apt* Stdf-biilldlha 212-214 South Walnut Stf«*t, . Hope. Ark. Alex, H. Woihbufn. Editor & Publisher Pout H. Jones, Mahagln'g Ed.'tor George W. Hoimor, Meth. Supt. Jttt M. Davis, Advertising Manager Emmo G. Thomas, Cashier Entered as Second class matter af th Post Office at Hdpe. Arkartsos. undef th« Act of March 3, 1897. (AP>~-Means Associated Press, i(NEA)— Means News|jop*r Enterprise Association, i •* , Subscription Rntet: (Always Payable In Advance); By city carrier per week 20c per -month 85c. Moil ; rates-^-in Hemp iteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller one LaFayette counties, $4,50 per year; else" where $8.50. { ' Member of The Associated Prettt The >»oclated Press is exclusively entitled to he use for republlcotlon of all news dls- etches credited to It or not otherwise redited In this paper and also the local ews published herein, National Advertising Representative — rkontai Dallies. Inc.; "i, Memphis Term., t?r\ck' Bulldinn: Chir.dao; 400 Nofh Mich- toon Avenue; New York City. 292 Madison \ve.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 V\. Grand Ivd.; Oklahoma City, 3U Terminal Bldg.- Orisons. 722 Unlor. St UNITED STATES BR EWERS F0UNDAT I ON Co rn, mi ft e e HUGH 402 WHARTON STATE DIRECTOR PYRAMID BLDC., LITTLE ROCK LETS RE-ELECT JUDGEDEXTER By a BIG MAJORITY IN TUESDAYS ELECTION * r * r;\Be Sure and Vote For Transportation to the Polls Phone 2l&^or ! Paid for by Mrs. Jim Martindale Four Notions Invited to Peace Hearing Saris,tAug. 'J2 *- -The Paris peace, "»fco^ferenoe voted un- animou^iy today to.invite Albania, Mexico, Cuba and Egypt to appear \for hearings on the Italian treaty. The vote came after long dis- cussion'' on the technical question of which department of the 21-nation conference should draw up rules governing the hearings. The question of inviting the four nations to appear; drew no objection from the floor, but hours were spent in discussing whether the general secretariat or the general commission of • the conference should arrange details for the hearings. A group of six nations,, with Soviet Delegate A. Y. Vishinsky as their spokesman, opposed a British proposal to refer the problem to the general commission. ' This opposition was ..maintained .even when an alternative proposal was offered by .British delegate A. V. Alexander/that the matter, should go to the general commission only in the event of a disagreement in the general secretariat. Although the simple invitation was accorded a unanjmous vote, a roll call vote of 15 to 3, with three abstentions — Czechoslovakia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia —approved the proposal in its entirety. Russia, Poland and Byelo-Russia opposed it.i The : conference then . .quickly elected French Delegate Jacques Fouque Du . arc scretary-general dn IT-A 13 Americans Held Without Charges Frankfurt;; Alig: 1^ —, (UP) v- Thirteen Americana —including slsc civilians — imprisoned in a U. S Army stockade here for as long as two months are being held without charges and without the privilege of legal counsel, It was disclosed today. ' • • Capt. Earl Carroll, former prose' ciilor at the Lichfield brutality trials, said the disclosure bame after • he received a letter from Pfc. Daniel P. Waiezak, 22, of De, 'rolt, Mich. ' Investigation revealed that 53 persons had been detained in the nihtary prison for periods ranging from one week to 63, days — all without charges being brought against them. Walczak-was suspected of complicity in the murder of a 19-year- old German girl when 'he. was ailed on June 11. He wrote the etter'Which reached Captai nCar •ol after Walczak tried unsuccess ully to obtain a lawyer. T «i;ee of the prisoners — incliid- ng Walc?.ak — said they had been lapped and beaten by agents of he Army Criminal Investigation Division. Two of them said CID men intercepted and read prison- rs' letters from the United States Capt- Harold H. Chase, assistant o the European theater judge ad- ocate, said the delays were "un- ortunale." All men awaiting trial n the stockade, he said, would be FLUSH KiDNEY URINE Benefit wonderfully from famous doctor's discovery that relieve* backache, run-down feeling doe to excess acidity in the urine People every»(WM are finding anrazlnf relief from painful symptoms of bladder irritation caused by exc^i acidity in th* urine. ••. DR.. KILMER'S SWAMP ROOT tct» fast on the kidneys to ease discomfort by promoting the flow of urine. This pure herhaii medicine is especially welcome where bladder Irritation due to excess acidity,is responsible for "getting up at night.", A carefully blended combination of 16 herbs, roots, vegetables, balsam; Dr. Kilmer's contains nothing harsh, is ab~ toluttly non-habit forraiag. Just .good ingredients that many say have a marucloui tlfect. All druzzlsts sell Swamp Root. BROOM SWEEPS (LEAN GLEN WALKER " -•• ' 'For HHHMI 'REPRESENTATIVE, POST N01 '^?^ WAUKER is Young and Progressive. •• 6LEN WALKER is Mature, Sober and Responsible.; ; / , GUN WAIKER is especially.qualifjed by a:bgckgtqgnd *«" -- Qf Jegal gnd business training and experience." GI.EN WALKER is capable of giving yog a decisive!ypJce in the affairs of your state and local government. GLEN WALKER/ above all, will represent you — he will no* be dominated by any political action pressure group. Help to Elect GLEN WALKER YOUR REPRESENTATIVE I pai4 for if— Glen Walter I* ARKANSAS uii|.ifrii^i •_ ijni i ----i--- ^-i-.^ . _ r[ : District AAA Meeting Here August 20 Monday, Au$u*t 13, -** 30. '"•"': :I HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS »*!•**- O'tieaKwa> thd first witness ,ba- fore the powerful new'prlefe^de- control 'boafd. He said • it- Would "be a mistake to attempt to,*re- 5ont.ro) grains, iivestdck,''dairy products, cottonseed, soy beans and the pr.odlicts derived there- from." , "-. Conei>eSg Mowed these ' to rc>« main free from control* when it revived OPA. But all will return the by counsel after preferred against epresenled harges are hem. Chase, who formerly was a Unil- d States commissioner ut Sallna, vans., said many of the-, officers .Blending prisoners were "men without legal experience,' 'but that 'this is not the United Staes " The six civilians being held and e dates of their arrest were: Irving M. Ayers, 22, (2207 Green- vood St.) Harrisburg, Pa., 'une 1; John W. Lonsdon, 22, (Park- tone hotel )Detroit, Mich., June 3; Alvin F. Bockrader, 24; Bowing Green, O., June 14; Lawrence ' B > el )lf, n ' 40 ' ° 558 Jonquil Terace) Chicago, 111., June 23: Willam C. McKinley, 24, 2930 Exeter St. Bessemer, Ala., June 29; Henry E.Grewe. 43, (4389 Helen Ave.) Detroit, July 9. •:- "If'an American citizen at home were placed in confinement without counsel and kept 60 days the whole nation would rise in protest " Carroll said. "By virtue of what ogic can the same American citi- en be strmped of those safeguards o jealously guarded, at home vhen he is in a foreign land where y ,?, re of much greater import- Carroll, who resigned from the Lichfield prosecution staff t barging there was an effort to whitewash" certain officers, said Valczak's case "transcends any uestion of guilt or innocence." The fact that Walszak was held in ail for more than CO days without an opportunity to prepare his de- ense ."forever foreclosed the opportunity to get the full truth," Carroll said. A RECORD VICTORY • N £r w X ork - Au S- K> —OT— Aldo . MacCagle, 26, said he was one f seven men ordered;to bail out ay Colin Kelly during the mission n which his famous dive on the attleship Haruna took place. Mac -agle said he escaped" to Luzon ought until captured at Corre°i- dor. escaped,.from'. Santo Tomas orison, loughj; ;,\yith the -guerrillas nd finally got home for discharge Magistrate Ale'x Psicotta decjd- 1 yesterday that. Mac ' Ca'gle's ecord entitled him to a suspended entence 'for smoking in a subwav tation. , "'• ''. .'. '•- t the conference,a position he has een holding in a temporary apacity. '•'•' It was then decided that the con- erence's general secretariat nould consist of eight members our of \vhomiwould represent the inited States, Great Britain, ,Rus- la and France. .Debate on the invitations to Alania. Cuba, Egypt and Mecico •as opened this morning by H V Evatt, of Australia, who took the osition that "from a juridical oint of view it is essential that Albania should be heard." The pro- osal to invite Albania, presented y Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia vas bitterly..opposed last week by jreece. • Andrei Vishinsky of Russia op- osed the nomination of Australia s one of the other four members f the secretariat, asserting that Utsralia had shown herself "a emperamental member of our neeting" and that it would be etter to have "a calmtr nati n ' He proposed Ethiopia for mem- ership of the secretariat, and white Russia proposed Norway but both declined, and the conference finally agreed without a vote that the four additional members of the; secretariat should be Australia, Brazil, China and Yugoslavia -r- a slate nominated by Great Britain. The conference then adjourned until 4 p. m. (9 a. m. CST) The third conference week v.-as opened by Secretary of Stale James F. Byrnes, who assumed the chairmanship without fanfare or formality. "The contributions of the people of Albania, no matter how inter* esting, is beside the point,' 'Eva said, adding: "My delegation has always favored including Albania, providing proper rules are enforced." He placed' Albania with Mexico, Egypt and Cuba in the category of countries "who are to be invited to express their opinions, but did not present a strong enough military effort to be included" as full conference members. "I LOST 32 IBS,! WIAI SIZI M AGAIN" On(;elS91b«..Misafleyool(lsloat weight weekly with AYD8 Vita- mm Candy Hoducing FJan. Now ahe has a model's flgijre. Your experience may or may not be the same but try this easier reducing plan. Vay First Box Must Slaw ffesuits or money bao^. In clinical teals conducted by medajl doctors wore than 100 lost U to 15 m>.uud* No exercise. No laxatives. No drugs, fcai plenty. You don't out P.ut meals, potatoes, etc,, you jus't out them down. Staple when yo« *njoy delicious AYOS Vitamin *ea&. Ooly *2.?6 for 90 days' John P. Co? Drug Company f hone §16-617 --- -v.v.uwa t y, AllgUSt for the purpose of V ?r"V"r"u Curing ^e grid season', J. M. (Johnnie) Burnett, executive secielary of the AAA announced to- Other business of the district will be discussed and all interested persons are urged to attend. The program; 9 a:nv Registration 9:30. rt9:45: General Assembly welcome address, announcements and purpose of the meeting. 8:45—10:30: New setup Is plan- led by .the AAA, by Burnett. of , Rule changes. Burnett " le preparntlon by 5 ' 3 ' C ~~-° enei ' al dlscussio » of Mechanics. 7:JU— Questions and answers. - - : - o - : Controls on Form Products Hit by O'Neal Wa ident B .HAAINSON Aug. 12 ~<ff>)—I._ «.« O Neal of the Ameri- ~t~"j~\~'S" ^, urea u Federation testified today that any attempt to reinstate price controls over meat butter and oher major farm prod- ucs would bring "confusion and > U "J?* f >.• te?oi^' the judgment ? f JlR^o^atelyi WOO.'lOO -farm families" ohd'rdstdre Ihe' price ceilings that lapsed July, .1, the government,, must . nlso ; ^restore a tight, , fiys(ern ; ,ot , fpbd .fat!dniii|. ' V^'ii-Wc^tiJfe- Agoing, Ino ^another peHod p£«8.tM(jt- price control, -we must be realistic and also control wages," the farm leader said. : 'Aiiy tH.lempt fo • res'tdf e ' p-rlce controls over major farm tirbaricts with bumpot 1 production, he-eni- p hnsized, certainly would : "bdn? about all the . cohfusion and : black' markets that .existed prior to the l th6 old price control n Baptists to H<>ld Meeting August 25 i. i -?r Members old mid now of Zion Baptist. Church, (i miles oast of Nashville in Hempstead Counly, are planning a meeting Sunday, August 1^23 'awl everyone is invited, With its membership cut by'the SPG area, thf churcji has had, a hard ',llmd -and arc, (considering aband6rtlng the''cnufeh. This'meet is called e.speci4Hy to get advice from "old members. If enough 'aid O'Neal conceded that 1 some food prices had risen sharply but he sJml the large : crolxs this • year would bring a.levelling off. 5 • Repaired arid Sharpened, ' 30 Years Experience I speclali/p in Wppnlpi and ''• M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St.. IB forthcoming ahe plan wlW* be drbppecl, Otherwise I! 1 * 1 cTuirch Wjll disband. All tntprCJ-uJ persons rlre ijrged to attend. •cia I «fi J P, ana rertotia ••twMit I *< m, and 4 p. m, I i .i this gi-cftt tnedleWe 13 /dw6iM T w. rullovo ijaln,, nervous dlotte^ «5 fl/ weak, crtnkyj 'drugged out' feeling*. of such dixys—when due to feitwje funetionnl monthly disturbance*. ~ ;iol Colendar etdty, Ai/ouit 14 fett B, Graves Sunday School |6i First Methodist will be en- >6d with a picnic at Fair park esday cyenlrtg. at 1 o'clock. S will be^ Mrs. Lloyd Kin- rs. Ralph SWUii, Mrs, Buck |fs, and Mrs. .Robert Martin. Miss Robbie Joyce Pormby Horiorfie at Breakfast Miss Mary Louise Keith enter tuined with a delightful breakfast on Sunday morning at Hotel Barlow honoring her cousin. Miss Robbie Joyce Formby, bride-elect ol Mr, Holland Brown of Benlon. The honorco Was presented lovely gift of crystal tis a rernem "Complete service for your car'] MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION , Now Open 24 Hours Dally ' 3rd. & (.aural Phone 303 J Howard Lamb, Owner ; ? im rvsu< dott i«>*> •*> p LOOK AT YOUR CAR? HAVE IT Phone 422 Today Let, us wash your car In our AUTO LAUNDRY. We ; will pick It, up, wash It, grease It, and cle^n It in-, side and out. Done by experienced and .qualified' lubrication men. : Ask About Steam Cleaning • CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS HEPERNASH CO. OUR MOTTO IS ''SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" t, 314 E. 3rd.. .Byron Hefner Phone 442 Dr. JAMES W, BRANCH, M. D. Qhnounces the association of Dn ELBERT H. WILKES, M. D. General Medicine and Surgery Telephone 385 426 S. Main Hope, Arkansas guests were: Miss Dranee. Out-of-town „ Florlne Smith of Hot Sprlngs.Mrs. Robert Jewell Of Little Rock, Miss \iary Jane Ryan of Gurdon, and and Mrs. Liidie Brown ot Behloh, mother of Mr, Brown. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Royce Welsenberg- er spent Sunday in Shreveport visiting Miss Elsie Weisdnbcrgor who is a patient at Schumpert Mcmor ial Sanitorium, n Little Rock aha Mem* Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Churchwcll and Mr. Lyle Hot Springs Sunday to and tardily motored to visit Miss Lucille Ruggles. Allen Mrs. Burl Plckard left Sunday pun sa/ friends phis. ' ji > J , Mr. M. E, Oarantln of Beaumont, Texas, Is visiting Mrs. Garanflo and daughter, Laura Ahn, and his mother, Mrs.M. E. IfGaranflo, here. Mrs. Harold Bowen and chlldten, Johnny and Larry, left SjJhday for their home in Austin, Tekaiv' fiiter a visit'-,with her parents,' Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Matthews, and. her sister, Mrs. John Greene,, and Mr. Greene, here, - Communiques Joseph M. Bearden, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B, Bearden, has recently been prompted to the rank of Y 3C, according to a communique to his parents here. He Is stationed I at Bremerton, Wash., on the USS .Hancock. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hcrndon. spent Saturday eevning in Texarkana and were accompanied homo by their son, Billy Bob, Who has spent the past Week visiting Steve Powell in Tcxarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Keith, Shreveport, were the Sunday guests of Mrs. Bert Keith and Mrs. Louie Keith. Mi-, and Mrs, John L. Wilson have as guest Lillian Kent Rider of Burl- cson, Texas. '|'' ; ''•'• Mrs, E. G. Coop is in Humbolt, ,Tenn., visiting her sister..;.Mrsi Will Alley, and Mr. Alley and oth- ;cr relatives and friends. M Inr Births * Mr. and Mrs, Karl Vogel announ ce the arrival of a daughter, Kar la Elizabeth, born Wednesday. July 31, at McKean, Pa..Mrs. Vogel will be remembered as the former Miss Hdsa Spillcrs. DOROTHY DIX Anti-Date Complex Dear Miss Dix: The girls are3>——-—— Dear Miss Dix: The girls asking why so man Q.I.'s have an anti ny of .date ( us ex- complex. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Wingfleld announce the arrival of a sort; Frederick Ray, born Saturday, August 3, at the Elkhart Hospital, Elkhart, Kans.. Mrs. Wingfleld is the former Miss Edith Belle "Wilson. . ...r. and Mrs. S. H. Brinnt and Mr. 'and Mrs. N. T. Jewell left Sunday Ifor a vacation stay in Battle Creek, iMich.. Miss Laura Ann Garahflo has returned from an extended visit with relatives and friends in Bastrop, La.. WOIITI LAXATIVE MIUIOII FIIIITEUI ....— mm t>in nuttiin 1 Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Brice and little son, Terry Wayne, arrived Saturday from Kansas, Okla., for a visit with Mrs. Brlce's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Hatcher, and |otber relatives in Hope. : Mr. Bill Garanflo of liiltlc Rock is Visiting his mother, Mrs. M. E. Garanflo,' Sr.. ^Personal Mention ! Friends of Miss Elsid •' Wcisen- ibergcr will be pleased to know she is reported as improving at Schumpert Memorial Sanitoriurri in Shrev- port. She expects to be removed to her home here about September B B • rr m • i -..-•'... \''Guy Williams has worked in perfect harmony wifh Ihe Governor and other Stato Off.Vinlc " ' /-_ , ... •the'fact that Mr. Williams HAS the s-j. . r f ld f "ff an "^friendship of our present State Officeholders and . . ; of our U. S. Senators tjna Congressmen and we are sure you will ,ggree with us, there is no reason to moke a , thange."—-Helena World. Guy Williams is a good man. He is honest upright and stands for the solid things in life , . . —Daily Leader, Stuttgart. "Arkansas has made progress during his ten- Mjjire of office."—Gazette-News, Texarkana. :::::: G T WHY NOT SEW YOUR COMPLETE FALL WARDROBE 1093 with "There is no question as to the personal integrity of Guy .Williams, qnd there is no question as to his ability to perform the duties of Stato Attorney General . . . "—E! Dorado News-Times. ' Vi FABRICS AND BECAUSE CHARACTER AND QUALIFICATIONS ARE PARAMOUNT ITEMS IN SELECTING YOUR AT- I2£E E £J5!, NER ^ U ' TH °USANDS OF VETERANS OF BOTH WORLD WAR I AND WORLD WAR II HAVE REGISTERED THEIR SUPPORT OF GUY E'WILLIAMS. THEY ARE JOINING OTHER GOOD CITIZENRY IN DEMANDING GOOD GOVERNMENT. THE VETERANS WILL NOT FOLLOW THE DICTATES OF POLITICAL CLIQUES WHO EXPLOIT' THE VOTE OF VETERANS, RE-ELECT GUY E. ;:::;: * We are receiving lovely fall fabrics daily so come in today and make your selections. You'll want to make that fall wardrobe from our many lovely checked, striped and solid patterns. Tubular Wool Jersey In bright pastel shades. 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We came back old men before our time and the girls we used to date and have fun .with seem to us as silly.and flighty as our kid sisters. ••;••••' What we Want now are not bob- by-sockers, but women. Silly chatter and childish pranks bore us. What we want,. • in ; reality, is a girl of 20 who is 35 ;in mind, if for no other reason than for peace and quiet, I have been dating girls who might easily be mistaken for my mother, but with them. I feel at ease and find real companionship. Solving Problem EX-G. L FLASH! 2 More Days IN PERSON trail that once they their voices. could hear Answer: Of all the hundreds of letters that have come to this column from ex-G. I.'s and dateless girls discussing the unexpected problem of why the returned soldiers seemed to have lost their taste for the sweeties they left behind them , this particular lad seems to me to have come the nearest to solving it; It is because • under the cruel tutelage of war the boys have grown up. whereas the girls have stayed static. Susie and Sally and Mary Belle, in thousands upon thousands of cases, have lived their quiet home life, with nothing to break its dullness or stimulate to try to improve themselves in any way or to make themselves more Interesting, Their Joes liked them just as they were, so they stayed that way, with the same line of conversation, the same little tricks. But Joe didn't stay static. H§ earth. He saw cities and peoples that were hew to him and he got an education that put him out of the class of girls he left behind him. Above all, he saw death and knew danger add suffering and became emolionally mature. Tha 1 explains why not only so many boys find thc girls they Used to go with unattractive, but why so many °f'-.the <boyy husbands' ar<* equally disillusioned with their wives. ...But jUdging by this G.I/s letter the: Joes ( are making the mislakt that'.causes many a dbmestlc trag edy ; They are asking for the im possible. They want girls who looi 20, but who are 35 in mind and character. And there isnf any sue] an animal. The little bobby-sockcrs, who ar so fresh and pretty and good I look at, are silly and noisy an want to jump around and Uiel chatter is like the crackling o thorns under a pot, while the wo men of 35, .who have; acquire olse, wlado'mV Sympathy" fth4 ndcrstanding, no longer have loom of youth or afe a ie eyes. . , ,-, So there you are and <.. o way of changing nature Dear Dorothy 'Dix! f fcffi 'ea r-old Austrian boy whB jeen in this country ofdy Six but 1 have arrived at & Sad 'Cdfi elusion. It is that .the AmeHeT man is the most henpecked on the entire globe. Wnat-is; opinion on this -rtjj*^^ Answer: If you consider. tHaMot a man to Weal his wife i "'•" '"" derness and consideration —,.. ilm to make her a fearpmtter^ its life instead.of a slave to hi is an indication of his being hen;" pecked, undoubtedly the man heads' the list. No in arty"*< country dom that the American but that does? not mean ate"female HitleW, *e3fc> cases. ' - , As a rule, the American ... co-operative and a help to Mt hus»- band instead of a hindrance, Manr a man in this country owes ML fortune and his sudcess''to haviftg/fl a smart, ambitious wiic ( r WHo'fr- pushed his fortunes instead of be-f<| ing a millstone around his rtec"^ " You are wasting your sympat! on thc American husband. He;,L far more apt to marry an Amef-: ican girl than he is foreigner. '" them. They haven't thought worth-while to study : anything, By R. Louise Emery Copyright, 1946. NEA SERVICE. INC, PAUL Out. standing Artist of Sta^e-f\at3io 6tnd Television XIX Cecily lost some of her poise when we came in. "I didn't know mother had asked you," she said, and it was apparent that the surprise was not a pleasant one. Watching-her covertly I thought that she had certainly gone all out for superficial charm. She hung on Steve adoringly, she made moues and pretty gestures, she ) was as completely unlike herself as Delia was unlike Corinna. And she avoided all three of us, especially Corinna, after her first awkward greetings. Delia of course ,was too busy to pay any attention to us even if she had felt that we were important enough to warrant it. The sorority girls looked at Corinna curiously.no doubt wondering why she should be there.. At anv rate, before 10 minutes had passed Corinna made up her mind to have none of the party,and she went off to sulk by herself in a corner chair, scaring off the young mqn who would have likec to pay her attention. Mr. Ralston and Robert had be gun what was patently an absorb ing discussion of community, .af fairs; Cecily was-trying desperate ly to cover up for Delia who 1 was giving Mrs. Ralston a letting alone to repay her for years of like treat ment. I sat in a chair by the big fron window looking the scene over as if it were a play for which I hac paid more than I could afford fo admittance. . . M Poid by Assistant Attorney* Genera! jk? MWry, Carl , ferJ Williams, J!m Biinn/ We Give qnd Redeem Eagle Stamp? Geo.W. Robison &Co, HOP! "The Leading Department Store NASHVILLf Record 5 Kit )T Ol FUN i- MUJ.L ously running to the cake through ic rest of the evening. From beneath the false top of the ighest tier little heart-shaped lock- ts flashed on the, ends of the rib>ns. ... "Open them!" Cecily command- d merrily. We all complied. Inside their iames were inscribed — one ' on ach heart. "Cecily-Steve." It had :ome at last — the long, expected announcement of their engagement. The guests made a general noisy tampede for the affianced couple. and there was much kissing 'and land-shaking. I found myself with my eyes riveted to those two names in the locket and the letters igged crazily because of my ears and the trembling of my land. Delia had won. Cecily was 'irrevocably lost to me. I forgot Delia, and Corinna and Robert — everything but my own personal tragedy. I doubt if I made pretense of eating. No one except Robert and Corinna noticed, and certainly-no one cared. There was plenty of vivacity all arounc me, - . . I endured the entire evening be cause J hoped for just a momen; alone with Cecily : after the other guests had left.; (To Be .Continued) FOR TRANSPORTATION to the , ' V •*" P AI I f :-.-" ! i OILS '•-• *•% «fc Tuesday, August 13tH i * PHONE 700 or 738 .Paid for by Fred Luck Laughter... Song and Romance! New LATE SHOW ELECTION NITE RIALTO — NEW RIALTO NOW • TUESDAY Turner * Garfield — in •— "POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE" Features : 2:22-- 4:37 - 6:52 - 9:07 There were masses of tall 'yel low candles everywhere standinj deep in clustered crimson rose and fern. Places had been laid fo 24. at : the table in. the big 'dining room land on;:each; ; napkin yas' , rose' tied with'a white' satin' bow The bows were attached to stream ers which circled out. from th great frosted cake occupying th center of the table within a wreath of roses and gardenias. There were nine young couples present — the sorority girls and their beaux — and two older couples — t:ie Ralstons, Robert and me. No boy had been invited for Corinna. Thome, as usual, was not feeling up to sitting through a long and noisy dinner party and Corina's function was to roud out the numerical perfection of the cov s er plan. Corinna's glowering told everyone that she was well aware of thc I slight put upon her. She looked ] much as she had that day when ecily slapped her. I did not pay much attention to cr plight. I was too interested in /etching Cecily. Her curls were swept up high on cr head and held there with a landcau of gardenias. Diamonds :linlcd in the lobes of her small •ars. The coiffure accentuated thc iroud carriage of that head, the lim, straight shoulders, above the weethoarl neckline of thc fitted, rosl blue bodice. Candlelight Jound he small crystal flowers embroid 2rcd on the diaphanous swirling chiffon skirts and thc demure ace mitts. Cecily was thc ombod- rnent of all the patrician feminine races. I looked upon Delia's handiwork ind saw Cecily for once objective- y as if she were a premiere dan- scuse just before the curtain rings down. The smile was bitter upon ny lips. Cocktails were served. Thc three of us shook our heads when the .ray came around. Robert never did anything which thc boys he .aught might use as an excuse for deviltry of their own. We sat po- itely while the others chattered ov er their glasses. We nibbled ca- napes. It seemed to me that the house was full of caterers. Delia's maids lad walked out on her just before Lime for the guests to arrive, I learned. Delia had to pay through the nose. We found place cards which sealed the three Wynnes together in a tight bloc across from the older Ilalstons, thc cake like a wall between us. Steve's hands lingered intimately on Cecily's bare shoulder after he had seated her. She glanced up at him provocatively. My hands itched for her. i could see Val silting on a cot in some desplate barracki eating bis heart out in loneliness and disgrace while Cecily queened it here in luxury. Cecily said in her gay, careless voice, taking up the rose on her nankin, "There's something in the cake for each of you," and pulled on her streamer. The rest of us emulated her — all but Corinna, whos? streamer was left consulc? TO MY FRIENDS, THANKS A MILLION! Thanks a million for all that you have done and are doing for me. Scores of clean and upright people have sacrificed their time in behalf of this race and it has made me very happy. Very, very few of them have any axe to grind other than an interest in clean and honest government. As to last minute circulars and propaganda, there will be none if I can avoid it. It is not commensurate with the level on which we have conducted our race. I have refrained from answering accusations of a personal nature because they are without foundation arid such tactics are beneath the dignity of the office I seek. 4 Gratefully, LYIE BROWN For Core to Polls Call 286 or 749W This Ad.-paid tor by Lyle Brown

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