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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 17

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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TUESDAY EVENING 'AUGUST 21, 1923. 'A TAIT SHOP-WILL OPEN TOMORROW 7H0 90 EL mm OF HOMES IN CLYDE BEING OCCUPIED TAKEHUP UTS. J. 5 'is coming to FIRST III PLACE Erection of Carafe For IU- Ciiy City School Head Ynd Di-trict Attorney Dwcuii Project. IAN JOfE.

Ag. JWFUae for I ha proposed bond election for 70.00 bonds to bulls' two Daw a-room Junior high achooia bare ara tehig gone over at informal con John Tut TclU of Demand That Canard Expansion to Oakland. BAT rOIWT. Auc J51 The town of Ctyda. uiJt between Bay Point an Cor orfl to house em.

pleyaae of the re4fl C' Shipbuilding Compear during th-e war. Tomorrow. at 42 7 Twelfth fret, John op'ns his fiit More than tinned goods tinned goodness! coffee lmp )n Oaklan.l, Tb" G1FFEE SHOP fer ncn between City Superintend-ant of Schools Walter Bachrodt and Pletrlet Attorney. C. Coolldge.

As a' result of tha conference yesterday, at which tha dUtrlct at-torney discussed aome legal oe-peeta of tha matter. It wag rtated that tha election wil lprobably take place October 2 or SO. It waa also' said that. If tba bonda fan v. one building will be built on MD RESTAURANT.

tha tya lot at urani anu vino atreeta and tha other somewhere ceatlnuee to prove attract a for iwreoa.rat th eonnty. Farty. ulna ot (he JO fcouae ara eocu. Pied at $ra0t, a larger amount than were ueed during war tiruaa, Th twn- offara no tor fclljtl a 114 resident must own mactijne for traveling to work etd rticWnf nearby towna. W.

N. Sirirrtng-ham. In charge of th town, 1a planning th retloo of thirty addition) "gJvnld Ueel garage. Another peculiar feature of tba town is the fact that a Urge er-renUge of tba resident um trjcjty for cooking, othar fuel iD hard to ptoaJfl. Tha tte Iteilroad Commission, atara atuj-vay of local pwr nnaa, hae given tba local company, tb Coo Sy Lmhr company and tha General Chemical company at Njebela, enough wor to aee-p tbero l'Uy aeveral mODtb change In power Una construction mux tba change tieeeawy In order that tb Jtnea wijt conform with tba eonvanlaeion' paw rulings- on Fast Santa Clara street, near tba new San Jri hospital, 'Th tremendous strides thla City Oakland fhop 1 (he fnurtll in the Taft chain coffee hor Planing only a eir ago ith one Jnhn Tlt coffee shop, lorataij no Ellis afreet In an rranolar.

Talt has rapidly expanded, and now ha to shops in San Francisco, one In Los Angeles and on In OaklHnd. Prohibition la tha rause ot It all, according to Tit. Ha ssys: "Back In tip pre-prohihitlon days people wanted mre than good food when they went to a reutau-rant. Tbey wanted entertain-ment; tliey wanted inu.oic, ami they ia making In population ara only hair reeiizao," according 10 om-rdt. "Whan you consider that there were 6600 new home? a city In tteelf built within the city lirek during" the last year, that tha poatoffiee, the tejepnone company, tha power company and other agencies ara preparing for tra-mendounly locreaeed bgrdena.

you ft aa Idea of, how much new achooia ar needed by thla dty.w wanted to inee. An a result of I thla pcpular demand the eld 1 'Tail's- restaurant locnted on O'Farrell street In Sen Francisco becmo a popular place It'i eaty to serve the very finest foods. Simply ask for SW fruits, vegetable condiments and other good things to eat. The marked superiority of SW goods is due to the exacting SW standards of selection and preparation. To win the right to be packed under the label each food must be the most flavorful and choicest obtainable.

You choose wisely when you buy SW foods. Look for the SW label and buy where you see it. TwT4v aaHaMnaMaimMai at 427 12 th street at Broadway in the former Oakland Market. it opens tomoirrow WEDNESDAY morning August Serving the hest food obtainable, at the lowest Prices no dish over open 1 day and all night ilng of tha body for yaatarday waa HAY WARP, Aug. Jl.

Although accordingly -inaeiinuaiy auapanoeq. The present confualon that la attending tha departure of Mark with the Bubeenuent aelectlon a successor frortj list of fcan-diUta la given aa the primary reason. A apeclal eommlttee compoaed of A. w. Bim, E.

W. Burr and 6. Freeman conferred with the7 agraetag that th iuation wag 00a of community Importance aM an lua that -would have to ba oJve4 within tha near fufure. offlclala of tha Hayward Chamber of Commerce have temporarily euepend-ed the functioning of tha hotel committee, which wee to have begun, aetlvltlea 1rt bringing about additional hotel facllitjta in the community. Tha achluleJ nieat- for pleasure seekers.

I ohtalned the servlcea of the most famoue dancers, singers and specialty enter-tatnars. Troupes, acts, and Individ uaT art lata from all over tha world y-era Imported to 'Talt's'. Tha result of this continuously Htrlvlng to obtain the best in entertainment and food were entirely successful. 'Talt's' became Internationally famous. Throughout thla country and Europe the word was passed: 'When you go to Fan Francisco be sure to visit Talt's'! FKKK FOOD AXD SERVICE.

"But 'them daya ara gone Since the enactment of the eighteenth amendment people have ceased to go to a restaurant for pleasure. They refuse to pay the additional cost necessary to conduct such a restaurant as Talt's' of hy-gone days. "Food good food and eerrlee, are tha demanda of the publln today. Thla demand became apparent shortly after the enforcement of the Volstead'aet. Most of the high priced restaurants attempted to continue, on a modified program.

In the old fashion. They were gradually forced to recognize the necessity of change. "I believe that I am among the first of the restaurant men to see the now demand for a high class restaurant which served only the ht-t and most delicious foods at law prices and thla waa tha beginning of 'John Talt's Coffee "The naw John TaJt's Coffee Shop In Okland will be the largest and finest of my chain of shops. It will have a capacity chamber directore thla afternoon on the aeeretary question. 1 Home Decoration Is COWBOY LOSES THUMB TAMING FRISKY HORSE Subject for Study HAYWARD, Aug.

21. Continuing the project atudy in color chart and combinations, aa applies to home decoration and beautiflcation. members of the mil Si Townstnd and Livermore farm home department canters held a Joint' meeting at the home of Mrs. Clara Hansen, in the former community this afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon.

It la announced lay Mlaa Maryette Wilson, demonstra-tion the same study will occupy the meeting of of the Irvlngton center. Thurs- Aav afternoon a like subject Will ror 4U0 guests. in ere is also a banquet hall for private luncheons HAT WARD, Aug, I. Frit Moore, local "cowiioy." i nursing the stump of what waa twee thumb, and an lngrowu aver-aion for all colts. During tha past weeH end Moofe had sue-ceeded in roping a particularly obnoxiou and lively young horse, and fastened one end to an a4JacDt: pole, planning to allow tha colt to kic and fuaa himaeJt.tlrad.; aoma taannar.

hi thumb baeama entangled in a amall loop lb tha slackened rope, the arnroal audderily jumping forth, tnsing tha and tearing Moore' digit completely ftff. lie waa treated by a local physician Immediately. Tha hi-cldent toolt place at Herbert Oartn'a ranch on tha Dublin road. Cfaklantl Preacher Aidrtiieajtotarians HATWARD. Aug.

2l.The discovery of Ajn'ariea" was tba topic" nt. in lililraii delivered bv Dr. be taken up at the Alvarado meeting, with a repetition at the 8an Lorenzo center Friday. Hayward Hunters Return With Buck HAYWARD, Aug. 21.

Carrying and dinners." An interesting fact Is that John Talt uac In all of his coffee shops Towle's Log Cabin Maple Syrup. This famous syrup is used exclusively, and Talt has recently placed an order of 27no drume of the syrup to supply the Oakland bop. Other firms who handle nation I with fhem a 115 pduttd buck, the only one to fall before the rifles of the party, seven local men have returned from a short outing In ally-recognized food products and which furnish tha John Talt Coffee Shop exclusively, in their particular line, are: M. J. B.

Coffee, S. XV. products. Th WiU tha Lrvermore hlua. They ajre; Constable Al La Cunha, Carl Soren- sen, Andrew Sorensen, Martin Sor- low Brook dairy will furnish butter.

ensen, Ray Graham, George van Dyke and Harry Van Dyke. Al 1 nnd cream. though an enjoyable time waa had, they say, the lack of deer in the hill detracted from the pleasure that might have been derived. Regular week end expedition into th hunting territory through ihe present season ia contemplated by the group. rrederjejt Vlnliig Fisher, paator of the Plymouth church.

Oakland, be. members of the Hayward Ro-tary Club at their weakly luncheon yesterday noon. As an introductory feature, a fiv minute aervjea talk on the veterinary profeesion was given byvPr. Clemen, wniiam T. Knlghtley waa chairman of a committee charge of the day.

John Lea Wilbur, preai-dent, presided. I' 'Si 1 COXGRESSMAX VISITS. VAl.LEJO. Aur. 2 J.

Congraaa-man A. Fret vlsitedber yea-terday froni If you ate It In Tha TRIBUNE, tell them ao. there no rind or waste to 1 I DBuBiBIB riBIO Tasty Ohe AH milk fur. nUhtd by our dairy pre dud on our own rtneh near Alvwudo. Your iiupttum it JOHN TAIT'S COFFEE SHOPS in San Franciscd, Oakland and Los Angeles use (exclusively) TOWLE'S LOG CABIN SYRUP' with their service of (D WfflEE fa W0.

mhsbldy im i wis Butter, Cream Milk served at John Tctjt't COFFEE SHOP Ti if it furnished the: Waffles and Hot' Cakes I WILLOW BROOK DAIRY Day Market 19th and Telegraph.

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