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Oakland, California
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..0 SATURDAY EVENING' Ctlbtine 3UJGUST 18, 1923 i i ists to Bap! Eastbay Churclies Observeo-To-GhiircIi'Sunday -o. Stri ire Bic i Pastor Back FromEurope iWilliinek New Baptist Soloist CFORCi it UVNTER. uha mi ae nffW at faaor soloist at the first baptist cAortV. for fnte yosrt Humor toss soloist at she Baptist thmrch, Bmko-ley, and toe a short time was so-toist at St. JeAVfe fworteriaa rkorrk, ttrktly.

Dr. Meldon of New Orleans at first M. Missionary Conference Set Aug. 21 Tha Thirty-fourth annual meet ln at tha Woman's Home Missionary society of tha Methodist Episcopal church, California confer nc. will ba held Tuesday and Wednesday, August SI, and at Weeley Methodist 1 1 a a I church, corner of llayea and Buchanan streets, 8a Francisco.

Several hundred delegates re pre-aentlnc Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Napa and Nevada dis Fint English Lutheran First M. E. 5ta Rapt 1st church IaaW hues A mt aa MfliMi to v. t. rr.

C. MMeMoi. president l.r iruoun iM the College New Orleans, Mill John Snap. tna psstor. a ill r-J -t tn(l "Oo-To-l'hurch" r- turn from hit European trip next ChWcliRalljj A grand rally will ba held at tha Twenty-third Avenua Baptist church tomorrow at ifeclal opening exercises will be In charge of T.

8. Watson. Ioora will ba tloaed at for atereoptlcon pic turea and Rev. E. Couch of Chicago will lng.fl whlstla negro melodies.

Sunday school at I.J0. Tier. W. C. Bpeneer will preach at tha morning eervlce oa tha subject "Tha Vision of Wide Awake Men- In tha evening hla aubject will Virtually all of tha churches of the Eastbay' will observe "Go-to-Chunh" Sunday tomorrow with appropriate programs.

With the summer vacation peqiod at en end the are facing fall and winter activities with assurances of continued interest and attendance by the church-going public. Rally day or iGo-to-Church" Sunday is designed not only to re-consecrate the church member to the worthy aims of church activities, but also to Enlist that portion of the public without church affiliation. Dr. C. M.

Meldon, president of the College of New Orleans, still be the preacher at tomorrotv morning's services at the First Methodist Episcopal church. Dr. Meldon is expected to deliver an interesting discourse, on a subject of his own choosing. 'Witnesses" will be tha topio of Rev. Wendell S.

Dyalnger, pastor, at tha First English Lutheran church. Sixteenth and Grove streets, tomorrow morning. In speaking of tha theme tha pastor says: "Ood has always need tha personalities of men. Tha story of tha church ts tha story of Ch riot's conquest over men- some of them great men. Tha future history of churches depends on this same Instrument.

It It great privilege, to give ear per-aonality to tha service of God." Tha public la Invited to this service. There will be so evening service. vlce tomorrow nytrnliiR st the First MethadiHt Kiactial church. Twenty-fourth and Broattwav. In th evening at ltw.

A. J. Kennedy, suiorlnttmiiiit of the (iood-Will lnlutri movement on bolh side of thebav, wyi sped. The mimic for tmlh services will tinder the rnpuhle direction of Margaret Bradley who Is submltute efyjamst while Bessie where his two months ttln-arary Included a vMt to rails, throurh the battle-field of the raomt world war, and to Berlin: trip through and up threugh Norway; brief stops at 1 England: a nil through tha taenous ecenlo fjorda of 8we- Hen: and then attendance at the Baptist World Alliance which met tricts, will ba In attendance. Mra.

r. O. Harrison of Oakland will preside at tha Tuesday morn-Ing and afternoon aeaaiona. Tuesday morning's program In-elude five minute reports ot department secretaries, report of courtesies committee, of confer In Stockholm, Sweden, the isttei rart of July htra he got In B-atty -Roland, the roRulnr organ be "A Colored Maa who Saved the Int. la away on.

vnoatinn. The solo Norwegian Danish M.E.J Swedish Baptist lfc- u. -J. 7 Rev, V. Engebretaen.

pastor, w4ll ence treasurer and appointment ot Ufa or a Great, Preacher." BOY EVANGELIST STILL PREACHES Tomorrow morning will be spe-. rial Cradle Roll and Faculty Day in 1 tiuailet is Marlr.i Hove Brower, hoprano; Orvilla OreV T'anw, sub-Mluite contralto; C. A. Kleser, subKtltute tenor and. Ttobert Baxter Todd.

barlfritie. The following music will be tendered by the Soloist at the morning service: Organ, Triere'' Borowskl foucH with World nee1 ana problem and ttet people from many lands, lie will return with a new tnessaire In his heart for hi people and will have many thlnRs to tU In hla sermons In the com. Jng months. A chorus choir will resume ae-thipevjiert Sunday which will add JnDlri.lio to the services. A Work committers.

In the afternoon' Mra A. W. lonard will lead tha quiet hour. Dr. J.

W. Sherman will speak on "Christian Amerlcanlia- the Swedish BaptUt Sunday school, lenth and Magitolla streets. An interesting aad varied program Is prepared under the leadership of the soperlntenclent, Av K. Ellison. Evangelist Nygrcn will preach st 1 the morning service at 11 o'olock.

IN TENTHJTREET Uion." Margaret Bradley Klllott. jreach at the mmng service tomorrow the Norweglan'Danuih M. .10. church on the aubject "Our Vnchanclng Ood." At the evening aertca at I o'clock, there will be a special song service undef the direction of the church Mrs. M.

Nordvik Is loader and Ils8 Ellen Eioines, or-fcanitit. The pastor will speak on "The Choir Invisible." Sunday school and adult Bible; Vew tenor has een secured tr soprano and Tenor Duet. "LoVe complete tha quartet, Oeorae B. nivlne" (daughter of Jarlus) Iunter Berkeley, who has sung, Stalner raere win be no. evning service on account of the Swedish lecture hy Undertaken By Trinity Trinity parlxfa Is prepared to nont successfully In a number or Marlo iIoVev Biower and C.

A. 1 Sven Hedln at the Civic Auditorium. the. East bay churches In recent Rleser. However, there w-IU be the regu It.

3. Cheek, evangelist, Is speaking nightly at tha rtatecostal Church -of Ood In Cnrlst at 37 Tenth street, Oakland, Gabriel Hurbace, tha 11-year-old pteacher, continues to attract to the evangelistic sessions. Younc Hurbace la tha son of b. Hurbace and Mrs. Hurbace, both of whom are superintendents of tha meetings.

Mrs. Hurbace urges all who have cast off clothing to bring tt to 72 Tenth street, whera It la given free to tha needy. lar Young People's Prayer meeting at p. m. and the Y.

F. U. service at 6:30 p. in. On Tuesday evening the Barrac- i onrf wi class meets at 10 a.

m. oing people's meeting at 7 a. m. Oscar Paulsen, leader. ALAFWTOR Mra C.

W. Wise will preside at tha evening meeting. Rev. K. A.

Klmonds will give the "Life Service Message." A literary and musical program will make up the balance of the program. Wednesday morning Mrs. C. W. Wise will report oa "Young People Mrs.

F. Dawson will give the report on "Children's work," and Mrs. J. E. Piatt Will read the report of the corresponding secretary.

Mrs. A. W. Leonard will have charge of Installation of officers. At the afternoon session Mra.

M. C. Smith will conduct the outlet hour. Dr. F.

M. Lark In will live an address on "Inspiration from Information." An address on Indians will be made by Mrs. J. W. Henderson.

Other numbers Include "Pageant of Nations," elec Dr. Thompson Given Welcome in South rr. w. T. Thompson, paator ot Calvary Congregational church, who was named special preacher for August at tha First Methodist church of Los Anrelea, writes that he was splendidly received last X.

I .11. lous activity for the fall and wln- the home of Bvangelist although thera haa been no durin the summer la the and en Wednesday evening the reg- UfIual pvogTAm ot servlcea and ular mid-week prayer aervice will nieetlngs. The parish council met 'August IB to lay out tha policy Evangelist Nygren will be here rhi RETURNS FROM Baptist HIS VACATION years, xne mner members oiin Sflo Beautiful Vpo the Mo, Hurler iSSlS wn'h ta'MaMe, lZTjlZetort. 'lome'ouu At the evening service the music iiualcal attraction Is also offered 1 follows: very Sunday night and tomorrow organ, xgenae venlnc Quinto E.

Mag.aninl, flute 1 ololst from the New York Sym- Margaret Uradley Elliott Phony orchestra, who Is in Oak- Quartet. "God ho Mad st land 'for time and has played I Earth and Heaven for soma of the commercial clubs 'Marlon Brewer, Orvllla Ttuw, C. the. citv, wilUagain please the A. Rieser and Robert Todd, congregation with some of his own Baritone Solo numbers.

Other master artists who Robert Baxter Todd. will appear at tha church every Organ, "Allegro Maestoso" month are Dorothy Dukes Dlmm. Faulkes. cellist; Graca Adams East, cornet-J Dr. John Stephens, the pf5tor, 1st; and Orley See.

wm De sway for the ne two DEPARTMENT I lecturing at meetings being skIMMwVVVwVVfWWMwVwVMMrVVAAA Sunday. Dr. anl Mrs. D. O.

ColeRrove of I a few Sundays. All are counci, -representing all tha or- The new church Is magnificent. welcome. gani.ations of the parish, consists Last Sunday morning thera were over four thousand people present, vary seat occupied and hundreds of Kev. Lloyd B.

Thomas, rector; Kev. G. K. Weagant, vicar of Holy Innocents' chapel; Messrs. 8.

J. Taylor. F. F. Heyland, C.

C. Nourse, Tenth Ave. Baptist Tenth Avenue and East Mth St. a W. PHILLIPS.

Minuter 11:00 M. Preaching 8ervlca. P. M. Union services at Brooklyn Presbyterian Church.

C. W. Null, speaker. First to. E.

Church, Alameda, have returned from thoir vacation in the Sierra. Their Journey extended ovfcr a thousand miles, taking In Giant Forest, the length of tha Midland, trail, through the Owens River, Valley from Mojave tq Mono Lake, over the Tioga Pass and through Tuolumne Meadows home. tion of corporate board, prayer by standing," ha wrote. Dr. Thompson speaks at tha First Methodist church tomorrow, and then goes to San Diego where ha will apeak in tha First Congregational church.

NORSE LUTHERAN MORN SERVICE TO USE ENGLISH English services in the Trinity Xorwegian Lutheran church at 82S Athens avenue, near San Pablo avenue and Twenty-fifth street. Mrs. T. A. Story, and adjournment.

The International Association Of Women Preachers will hold Its annual meeting August 18-30 at tha Chicago Training School, 4J Indiana avenue, Chicago. Eight of the sixteen denomination represented in the association will represented on the program. Baptist. gl(sVVasMaaasfs'VasaaAMssBWasMMA(sAAA All departments of the churcn at tn, pacific Palisades in i re In a mort flouriBhlng condi- Monica. tlon and ara busy rounding up Tha mia.

cit service on Wed-Tlana for tha fall and winter. The ne8aay evening at 7:45, will be in Roger Williams Jeague will resume ch of Mr Taber. Iu meetings the second Tuea- Frank C. Gale and his wife, I will be held at 11 a. m.

tomorrow. I Rev. O. T. Brandrud is fiastor of A.

K. Peat, H. l. Drury ana KoDert Barkell and Mesdames R. M.

H. Drury. C. M. Alexander, M.

James, and Charles Nosier and Miss Harriet B. Bakewell. The church teachers met August 17 and planned a rally day for the school August 28 and a service for the parents and children. There will be a social evening for men Trinity House August 21, under the direction of the Brotherhood of St Andrew, led by C. C.

Nourse. Tomorrow there will be a cor-n nrate communion of the men of ay night ot each month with Dr. Allle Gale, sail for China the church, Sunday school meets at 43 a. m. Acting Pastor -V REV.

RALPlf C.tWADDELLt acting and assistant pastor 0 tlio First Congregational" church of OaklancL, who has had ehnrgt of church activities during an interesting period 0 development. John mecmer aa rresiu.m, t1 the steamer vyomen'. AtutiHary nder the eaves 9 VI ya 111 I IflVlfc 3" Baptist After several i-ancisco at noon 23 rd Avenue Baptist Church 23rd Ave. and East 17th St. Swedish Baptist Church X-ugh au iu commlmea1 months absence they will return li bcH mUngn a.

well as at to their work In tha mlss.onay tha meetings tha Auxiliary on field. -first TtiesdaT afternoon of the brotherhood and the church school teachers, at 7:30 a. m. In the church at Telegraph avenue Missionary Addresses to Be Delivered a. m.

each month: the Sunday school, A. Si Caldwell, auperintendtnt, will! again meet In departmental Tenth and Magnolia Streets Rer. John Friborg, Pastor Sunday School, M. 11:90 A. M.

"BLASTING IN NATURE'S QUARRY" "The Vision of Wide Awake Men and Twenty-ninth street. At the 11 a. m. service. Rev.

-Lloyd B. Thomas will preach a sermon on "Co-laborers with It wilt outline the privilege of service which rests upon the members of the congregation. At the 7-4R n. m. service, the address will roups for opening eserefsea and ava efficient teacher Tor all classes; nnd tha four B.

T. P. nnder tha direction Hugh W. Thomaa and K. Langdon will take tip tha denominational pro Golden Gate Church Has New Rooms 7:48 P.

M. BKTH EDEN BAPTIST CHURCH. Filbert bet. 7th-8th sta Services every Sunday at 11 a. m.

and "A Colored Man Who Saved the Life of a Great Preacher' gram as outlined for all young people In tha northern Baptist contention. The congregations at the Sunday services hav been better this continue the series on The Pain way into God's presence," the sub Ject being, "The Highway of Serv ice." First Lutheran Sixteenth and Grove Streets A MISSIONARY address wUl be delivered by Rev. W. B. Ohn-stead tomorrow at the First Free MetliocJist church, 819 Thirty-seventh street.

Dr. Olmstead is general missionary secretary of-the Free Methodist church, and has traveled extensively in Viis and in Oriental countries. He is pow on another trip around the world, taking with him a number of missionaries. At the evening service at 7:30 he will deliver another missionary address. 8 p.

Sunday school, 1 p.m.; w. YrT. p. prayer meeting every Wed. eve.

at 8 p. m. Rev. J. P.

Hubbard, pastor. Bethany Baptist Church (Penntman Ave, near SStb) We seek the lost, and edify tha saved. U. W. Hawdrtckson.

Pastor Plans are being made for an aggressive work along the vari Bummer than ny previous tui-responding season, which is a lol of the good spirit that prevails mnnr ih neoDle aifd its a good ous lines of aettvlty in he Golen I Gate Baptist church. Some im W. S. DYSINGER. PASTOR creachinsr 11 m.

and 7:30 p.m. Both sermons by Spencer y' A. M. Sunday School Rally. Stereoptileon plctutea and tory.

i Rev. Raymond K. Couch of Chicago will logand whistle ttagro tnelodiea. omen of the fall work. Tomorrow i provementu have been made, so 'XL A-Frldell, who has been sup-j that now the Sunday school has for plying the pulpit and acting as its use seven rooms, all well-lighted pastor of the chudt fwp three 'nd well equipped.

The lirtermedj- We Believe the Bible and Preach the Gospel Danish Norwegian Church 25th near B. 14th. Sunday school, 10 a. preaching, 11 m. and 8 p.m.: B.

Y. P. p. consecutive summers, during ur. jates and also the juniors have Knanc'i -vacations, will preach ben organizetl, and with as Theosophical Itiaual.i His morning topic is "The te splendid leadership noBle, Milllillllllllli 'Adventurous Life" will be women, mucfe, is e.xpected avening subject.

a boys' club has alao bn formed 1 Out Savior's Danish Lutheran Church 7th Ave. and E. 18th St a. m. and p.

S. 10 a. Young People's meeting, An lnrormai nome coming rr- A Bible Study class, recently or ention will be given by tt cnurcn eanlned. will meet once a week, un OAKLAND THF.OSOPH K'AL SOCIETY 319 Pacific Building Sixteenth and Jefferson FREE CLASS IN THEOSOPHY Every Wednesday. 8:00 P.

M. Loaning Library open daily 12 to 4 P. M. In honor of Dr. Snape's return from der th leadership of Mis Alice nnrooe on Monday evening in the Austin, a faithful member of The church parlors, and all members church who has had large expert- i Friday.

8 p. w. O. Rye Olsen. pastor.

S3 20th st. and friends of the are giving ioie insiruwion. cordially invited to attend. Elab- she Is looked upon as being equal orate plans hsjee been in process of i to those who conduct the work of tmrnutwrnw 1 1 in i ii Lutheran. formation for several weeks, ana a tne titie lnstuutea uniaue Program will be given, hear so much.

Lutkeran Friends after which Dr. Snape will respond with a brief talk of his trip. A octal' nour will close the evening's enjoyment. All are urged to be present by 8 o'clock. Central Lutheran Church "The Homelike Church" 411 2 8th between Telegraph Ave.

and Broadway Four Great Rally Services 9:45 A. M. Sunday sch ol service. SOCIETY OF FRIENDS First Day (Sunday) at 11 A. meeting for worship The Friends' Meeting House, corner 11:00 A.

Vine and Walnut streets. Berke churches Is being made this lumuer by Dr. Charles Wood, pastor of the Church of the Covenant, Washington, D.C., and by Mr. Wood, who axef spending the sum- -Rally Service. Sermon Theme, 'The Ministry of the Church." Anthems by Central vested choir.

-Luther League Rally Service. ley. Also meeting -for worship on Third Day (Tuesday) at 7:45 St. Johna Evangelical Lutheran Church :30 Topic, "Back to the Bible." Topic Leader, Mrs J. H.

Berg. 53th EJgerlej avenus and i street 7:45. P. M. Service.

Sermon Theme, "What Are You Ashamed Of?" Special Music 1 Christian Religious Publications wgygrM BIBLES -Jtobort I McHatton. pastor. JLJ' JL JL-M JLJf A Sunday School 10:00 A. M. Christian Endeavor 7:00 P.

M. GOSPEL BOOKS and TRACTS. Bust 14th and SSth Ave. (Car 8) Rev. H.

Teimken, Tastor. Sunday School, 9:45 a. in. Preaching servica, 11 a. m.

ros. H. Berc, pastor. Res. 415 28th St.

Phone Oak. 8401. On the 2nd and 4th Sunday Services at 11:00 A. It. and 8:00 vetr TWit nnA Tract Co U.

The pastor preach both estern 1Jo0K ana tocrniBg and evening. 1817 Telegraph Aenua Trinity ISorwegian Lutheran Church Athens Avenue, Near 25th and San Pablo REV. O. T. BRANDRUD.

Pastor. 'Oakland 8004. English services next Suhday, 11 a. Sunflny School, M. Confirmation cls.

Saturday, at I p. tn. of the month the eervicei are in the English lsngnags, ana on the 1st and 3rd "SftnJay in the German language. Christian Pentecostal Th church where you're a stranre but once" ii Tlie Young People' Society meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of esch month at 8 ps at hte church. THEODORE ROOSEVELT'S Nine Reasons For GOING TO CHURCH 1.

In this actual world, a churchless community, a community whete me have abandoned and scoffed at or ignored their religious needs, is a community on the rapid down grade. 2. Church work and church attendance mean the cultivation of the habit of feeling some responsibility for others. S. There are enough holidays for most of us.

Sundays differ from other holidays in the fact that there are fiftyrtwo of them every year therefore, on Sundays, go to churcn. 4. Yes, I know all the excuses. I know that one can worship the Creator In a grove of trees or by running brook, or in a man's own house just as well as in a churcn. But I also know as a matter of cold fact the average man does not thus worship.

5. He may not hear a good sermon at church. Ha will hear a sermon by a good man who, with his good wife, is engaged all the jfteVtn making hard lives a little easier. 6. He will listen to and take part in reading some beautiful parages from the Bible.

And if he is not familiar with the Bible he has suffered a loss. 7. He will take part in singing some good hymns. 8. He will meet and nod or speak to good, quiet neighbors.

He will come away feeling a little more charitable toward all the world, even toward those excessively foolish young men who regard churchgoing as. a soft performance. i' 8. I advocate a man's joining in church work for the sake of showing his faith by his works, Tomorrow Night at This Church' F)HILQSOPHERS of today are atiU struggling upward toward the Intel-e lectual heights of Saint Paul He changed the currents of history, and, is called "the greatest mari of the Christian era. His was a life of romantic achievement.

How does the passion of Paul differ from the master motives of modern men? Henry Ford, Lloyd -George, Lenine, Gahndi, Well each a modern world figure. Yet Paul tops them in each field of intellectual accomplishment. I Why? Tomorrow night at 7:45 E. A. Fridell will give a character study of Paul under the caption, The Passion of Paul." This address will be of special interest ed those who consider seriously the "go-to-Church" mood of the day.

Added to this special address, to complete a very attractive church-day program, will be musicby the Charles Lloyd Quintet Charles Lloyd, basso and director; Eileen Almstead Piggott, 'soprano; Ruth Hall Crandall, contralto; George R. Hunter, tenor, and Martha Dukes Parker, organist Orley See, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra violinist, regarded by many as the premier violinist of 'the West, will play in the white circle at thia service. Our corps of ushers will be aided greatly in providing satisfactory seats to all, if those desiring first floor seats will come early to this church. Wt especially invite those who were turned away last Sunday night to return If they desire, and every effort will be made to accommodate thera. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH John Snape, D.D., Pastor Twenty-first and Telegraph Ave.

Car 4 and stop at tho rWrV. strot San Ptbln, arwa4 Lake-shore aad Piodmont tort stop ana hlock from tha chaixK. Ail otociria trt tfrp Hocks frm iVe cftarr'i. igMsjrsasflj tg FIRST i ns I sdies Aid Jocnety meets on HE'S BACK AGAIN! "The Fiery Irishman at the ii 1 1 I 3 the 1st Thursday ef the month liuroh ion Dr. H.

O. Breeden, Pastor 8 p. at the church. On Ike Srd Friday ef each month at 8 p. mM toclsl gathering at church.

A cardial welcome la alL piritualily V4 ki ervicc Old Columbia Theatre t)ont Fail to hear" his lecture Sunday p. m. it the FAITH of the Early Church? 7:20 p. M. Greatest ii ociability A.

IU Dr- Chas. Roland Hucbon of Los Anireles. fcrerictendent cf missions tor the sUta of Califnia, will speak on "Keepirfe Heart for Life's Duties." Gospel Auditorium Gospel1 Auditorium Forty-aecond and Rich Street, Just off' Telegraph if The Fnutvale Christian ChurcK Sunday, P. M. 3 Trultvala Ave, aad East 17th St. KeUy CNaalU Pastor 1 ome vominp; oundav riome doming Question" tl.M-A Dr. V. S. Manners vrlU preach i ir-'r- I T-, r-r, ff-riit er ici TCOIIIXG THE FUTURE IK THE FACE" the tl commandmeni All.

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