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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 9

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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1 i DECIDER li, Oakland Ctftune TUESDAY EVENING FcitFiSjida. Grip Of Influenza 00 mm av 1 E.f. DELGEB DIES prevehtiva, lake Laxative CANADIAN RAIL QUININE Tablets. na Dox tha signature of Oroya. 0r- 1 second marriage WM annulled and, after the divorce had become effective, they were married the seo-ond time.

Louise Newsome Oliva died October Oliva' third matrimonial Ten ture was'a-aecret marriage with Slare Dolan, 19-year-old daughter of Joseph P. Polan, TJ. S. inspector of bulla and boilers. The marriage was annulled two weeks later and kept; secret unl AprU.

1923, two years later. "I Oakland Homestead Arrange Yule Whist flrfl bellift niftd bV ily Own Invention Nothing JBetter in Artificidt Tefr (: aVevwaiat vs S-J BunlonrGurc; Toot Tntrrtomt li 1'iwfit tbc bnt I tw eed. I hava tried all kipim, but the? to hela But ttem ma bomea fcaa diNtppmrwl and I have beea completely eared tot toe suraetl.00. AanaCerr. W.J.

J3on't Delay Your Owi Relief "Edward Delaer. son of tha MONTREAL, Dec'; ll.Lord it erecTAt wtri 10 THE TarBUSE I WASHINGTON. 11. John wrecked to make way for business building, for nearly half a century, Delger resided In Oakland. Soma years) ago, however, he established his residence across the bay7 He was educated in the local schools and eastern colleges.

Delger was prominent In Masonic and Knight Templar orders. His wife. Mrs. Margaret Pryor Pelgei. died in March.

A. son and daughter survive. They are Mrs. Joseph. Barnett and Frederick F.

Delger Jr, both of San Francisco. Delger was the brother of the late Mr. Matlida Brown, Mrs. William E. Moller of Piedmont and Dr.

Lillian Delger Powera of New York. nERniiva famine buokew. GRIMSBY, Eng. The herring famine In the North Sea has been broken 1 by the arrival of Tast schools Of fish. Shauahnessv.

chairman of. tha lata Ftederlck Delge'r 1 and Mrs. Ernestine Delger, early settlers, in J. Carattl yesterday "wak appointed i board of, directors Of the Canadian BOOfSi SOIHFMIRT t- i ciniciann. aiea last nmiit i nu ill Pacific railway, died yesterday 'Hfhomefin San Francisco, following SUCTIONS postmaster at Altamont, Alameda county, succeeding H.

Chriaten- "an.UIness of several months. The his 70th year. Ha was ii SAN FRANCJSCO, Dee. The-fourth matrimonial ventre Of Rinaloo' Augustus Oliva, commission man, and -politician, became fcnown today with the announcement of his marriage to Myrtle Gavanaugh, 23, who assisted, him ii his recent e-luction, suit brought by Elaine i.u.ioi. Th TmaAAinc nonurred in suddenly yesterday, peath was duf to heart 'diseass irid'complicatlons.

Oakland Home IWhy (irtrer another day wheat Tea eaa ppvre what "Faeryfoot" eaa at baa time btao tht? Weaak aethlaBMra than in ovporto- aity aewwietiaee thm waadertul reaiedy at ear rtahaot yours. Kamember. suaraa- Itea 'Talryfoot" to brlna pela reaef slmoet In. etantiy. aboa today atrial, Hot fj nut be eatieied or yao eaa renra" funeral will ba held tomorrow at 1:30 p.

m. from tha family home, Twenty-fifth street and Fair-Oaks avenue, San Francisco. The interment, which will be private, will be made In tha Delger vault In Mountain Vlew eemetefy. Rnrn In tha nld family at Lord 8haughnessy was born in Mil 1 i taken ill stead No. $39 for their Christmas whist In Paclfio building next Thursday evening- Joseph Shawl sen.

who declined tne apporntraeni. Following postmaster nominations were sent Senate yester- VVilllani J. Dusel, Redwood City; Walter L. HaleyJ Associated; Ruth E. PoweU.

Claremontj Presentation M. 8otor Co tcerd; Gertrwe Brandon, Crocket.t; LHenry F.Stahl, Vallejd; Theodire I Sausalito November S3, but was Stark Does a way with thorn nl nni ia front Sunday while attending tha Pen ing of a Knights of Columbus hall inrfllnn was immeal kept secret until today. Mrs. Oliva wiu be the cnairman. 13 the daVhtetf of Mr.

and Mrs. LMri. Catherjna Rishel. Mrs. Nel- a .1 all rhft UmWOlL 111 ri.

thill r.ltv. and Chas, 8wH. Th He Sheets T7a no o-Vi ftf For Sale Drag Dept' KahnV Dr. J. B.

Schafhirt I Nineteenth '-Telegraph 1aTTmrk'j rorfntlv ately realised to be serious and. hi Whist lis open, to tne puuuu. family 'gathfrxl. TO BW TRIED FOR FILri NEW ORLEANS, Deo. 11.

Ben I. Salinger under arrest hera on charges of using the malls to defraud, today was ordered by They were married by. Judge M. town recorder of Bausa-Hto, at his home, with Camilla Henry and Harold V. Henry as witnesses; -i Oliva divorced his first wife and married Louise.

Newsorne in Ban Jose in 1916, before the divorce of rnmllle -Gilardi Oliva. tha first 277 fiacon Building Third Floor Coarlaaoaa Practice ia Oakland Since 1008 J2ik and Washington Sis. 9 a. an. le p.

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