Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 10, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 10, 1946
Page 4
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lllrteitlslHv' 1 '' *" ^Vl" *> *• V ' J ' ' ' "• ' '; , ' '" ' l '' ' d fr <r < },' V V tt * 'C'wS'l' M *•'* T* * tH '\ ^ *» "* * * •' *» M4*«fc««W»>Ak**a«i fcl^t*li^Ulll«Miilrrl'iM»t* l Aiiairf«**IJi«>riii» -i " "' ! "^ ww^'dVx^As^iJiia ".""^"^ "^\ Ttflilirtl-'f^'At rtif 11 - - '-1 . l> 1J!_ JLr:'".' _OJ Jr-'i^jriTjairj n "3- 1 - 1 ^"^ •rJ-k"-* t. LI j .JJMI S8!$£feS$i| ^ By Chick Young :iV/ay to tte house a sltenf;* me in rtiy tracks. - I WISH TH£YD (SET OUT A LITTLE HOME RADAR SET FOf? LOCATING HUSBANDS I'D MUCH RWHER, SELt I-EE-LOdK6D i COULD \ VES INDEED! /SND YOU ww SEE OLD> 30RWAVS REST^SSUREP I'LL HWE YOU FACE", WHEN HE / OUT OH THIS PLACE NT THE !ilS T^lCK. / EfVRUEsr POSSIBLE MOMENT! i GOT IT, SUCKV! SWELL! GET THJST WMTINGFORYOUTO RE- ^ 36,000 ! I? WS MSQUERNJE OFF CftN Cft6H HIS CHECK QUICK, WINPY, SO WE BEFORE He GETS WISE J CAN CftTCH THE NIGHT iP STOPS PAYMENT/. PL ^ NB T0 Hts HOWE WANT TO CHECK ON THE TITLE, AND ODEST ByGalbraith ,» MAYBE I CAN PISTKACT SV{ TWAf SWIUVMN& ' P'CH/ SCORCH >« A\AVBE WAS ...ONLY CURIOUS.. YOU'LL NEVEB CEGBET THIS, FRIEND! TOAAOEKOW YOU'LL ^ JOS ANP BE- EA.KIN' IN THE DOUGH! THIS BOOK SlVES YOU I YOU'LL H^YE E/X BEFORE DU'VE RE/XP /Tin going to start looking for an apartment^he gets out of the Navy in just-three, more years!" -'so- m\w\v do :iwa with nil .... ,. .. ' i li . : .. ; ; . ..H crsh be rg e r Freckles and His Friends By Blosser LI'I'PS tl|> ill IJHijiny Business &: I <SOTTA STUDY THIS TECMMIQUE: AND SEE WHY HE /J' HAVe DOES SO MUCH DUSIMESS ' DRA& ONE MUDDY WHATLL ? YOU HAVE, ] ice, RUSTY/ DOUBLE,. DECK . "CHOCOLATE- COME/' HUP-TWO- THPEE-FOU3/ i SaUEEZE OMS"- •t4Alt-!'COMlN' UP/ LlSTEM. PEEWEEiTHlS IS TMS BB&lSlNlNG OF A BEAUTIFUL. FRIENDSHIP/ NOT VET-HSV, \,<^1 i YOJ'Ks A ( WM .' WSIL,I TECLAEE.', A V EOT I Fi'AR YOU'LL WANT H I MISTER STONE/ Hy j SCIENCE V. CCO-A-WSNON*.' I'D 'SAY FOE \ FOR EOCv.1 ON S3UK <9FF?y CViERE.WlU. YUH7 AW! • FSUA--- ^ 1}JE SAKE OF VDUW CAW FRO-J TO CL!T THE r-OTCHES THE I VVANTCHA X'li'' 1 iAWATCHA A^AKE\TEtZTION,V01V DID WELL TO ,r-( CO,MIN'S OF THESS CHAP5> T'LOOKlT ^iwy:; ^JHI$ <TteS^^~--, ,SH^TiH!.M.' • j^^lvV^. WILL (-ISSIJKCE.^—-^-<>. Thimble Theater DATING BACK TO PALEOLITHIC PSRIOP. , i 'IT'SA' OL' PIMNER BELL, SWEE'FEA ; SIR?/ DIP VOI RING? LOOK WHAT I KXINPff ?^^5&«£^rSKv» TO AU. THE VJVUCkA VOU «5tK)T IN 1-60 OF VOU Pi fOR AS •: FOR Pi SOV'S Nift, THESE ARE .JUST ft , COPR. |y|«. KING FKA1TRF.S SVN'hU Uf- Inr « OKtU'ItlGtlTS RR OH, I KNOW YOU WAIJT SOWETHI'UG FPQM THE BAHK/ .^o~- x 'YOUIJG *-< LADX I WAWT THE WHOLE BAHK/ WORRY, OLD GIRL I'LL GET YOU BACK TO YOUR By J.R.Williams Our Boarding House With Major Hoople IF THAT'S A HORSE TAKE IT OUTSIDE/ I WOW'THAVE A HOR5E WOVM COM& /OU'RE SHV \NHEM\AieLEFT B> SECRET/ LlSTEM IKJ TURKJ IT UP HIGH,' NVE.'DOYOO - HOWVBVDU CQVER£O A I WJORvi I HN3 A ROLL A \DEPOSlTOF STUDANJIUM iMABAM»< ,> PYTHON COOLDKJT AW eLEtA£^T SI* IW MY PARLOR/ AMD CARRY <SVJAvLLOvJ AMD ibOTAPlCKS ARE FREE Al^P MQRe.IC*NV 60Y , OPTIOM. 1 AS KC^DER SLIDES FROrt HIS PE-RCriiHI5 ATT£ PNERT2.D UOrtS ElWUGri FOR CIRCUS" 1O &OY5' I'. 1'OU —1CAS3 USE THIS H\\3S IMS 8 . /0 RP.PIDUV CLASSIFIED Up to 16 .to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 31.to 36 30 to 40 411 to 45 46>to 50 *•** *_^'™ i v/ilG ( is Days Month 1.50 2.00 2:50 3.00 4.50 6. 7, i. J3.SO •y "*• • • * twv UtUU " uJUU J.Di' Rates are fdr Cdhtlhuotia inserdohs Ouly» . t All Want Ads Cash In Advance Not Taken Ovef the Phone 1.20 l.BO i. 10 ,3!s6 2.40, 4,00 2.70; 4.SO 3.00* 6,00 For Sale I* 1 ', BABY CHICKS, IF WE DON'T B-AV- '^iave them we Will order them for you, Feeders Supply Co. 17-1 m I CORN, CORN 1 CHOPS,- WHEAT, hen scratch, plenty growing- and laying mash. Feeders Supply Co. , „ 17-1 in JOHN DEERE TRACTOR, MOD, gel H and equipment. W. E. Reaf-»don c/o. Olu Lloyd/ DeAnn highway. ' , : 5.61 90 ACRES, 80 ACRES IN, HICK- ory Creek bottom, 10 near Me- Casklll, running, water, ; • good growth of young., timber, 3'A miles north oJ.McCaskitl; See'or. write Edgar Keatofi,. McCaskill, 1 ' Ark. .. ••.••. ,-.--., •- ,-, r.Mt ROUGH L'UMBER/6 MILES'EAST of Hope on Highway 4; Phone 45b;- C. B. Waddle. . 0-6t '<440 FORD CONVERTIBLE coupe, with radio and heater: Motor in A-l condition.- 'Good tires. See .R; N. Putman, 815 §outh Main St. or. phone 404-W after 0 p.m. : : .-•..' e-'6t NEW FIVE ROOM MODERN TILE house, plastered inside. ."'Good terms. T. A. Belew, Plume 362-J. COTTON POISON FOR . W.EEVIL or worrns. $10 per hundred weight nacked in 50 pound bags. • Mbnt& •WSeed Store. . ' 9-6t RECORD PLAYE.R, TABLE SIZE. Phone 482-J. '9-31 NEW KNEE HOLE DESK, OCCAS- ional chair. . Alb.wpol 9 ; x.l2 I'ug, 8 foot Electrolux .in'-perlecl cttn-; dition. Phone 484 or 92G after -0 p.m. Mrs. Newt Bimdy. 9-3t 1941 FOUR DOOR GI PLYMOUTH. Good condition. Cheap. Mrs. Glen Hollis. Patmos road. Patmos, Rt. . . 9-3t ...-MONS STUDJO COUCH; COO North Washington. Also pair .of . white rabbits. ' 10-lt TEXAS MINNOWS AT SOUTHERN Ice Co. F. W. Chance. 10-6t FIVE ROLLS OF BEST GRADE 34 inch hog wire. See Hope Mattress Co. ' 10-3t FOUR GALLON JERSEY COW, heifer calf 4 weeks old.'-W.'E. Bruner, 1020 East Third St. 9-3t '*'• For Rent BEDROOM WITH PRIVATE BATH Phone 94G. I0-.1t Ht Ip Wonttd ie? Phohc-,973 6r See i'fl Gefe, MoHrew Rehovoting iih»nM -• * ... j^i^--.. ., Jt^ , . *^ 'OR THE BEST IN OUARAN- teed work call dbbb's Matttresa Co. at '712- W, 4th. We call for and deifVer. -Phone 229-J. 2Mm Lost MAN'S .BROWN BILLFOLD CON- taihing $55, iderillficatlon papers and pictures..Lost Sunday afternoon'.on Little' riv6r<'close to Allen's, Ferry. Reward fbr return to R, N.-'Putman, 816 South Main St.. Hope; or to.,the Hope Star :0fncev , • ;r-: •; .' . '• , 5-6t Wanted to R«nf HREE OR FOUR ROOM UNF.UR- nished apartment or furnished or Unfurnished • .house. Permanent residence. •'•,• References, Phone 007. j:." r . .; .; ;, 8-3t Estate for Sale ilXrROOM, HOUSE FOUR- LOTS. 02'North Hervey. Recently dec- or.ated' oh -inside. $4,750: .Floyd -"''..'. . . 5-Ot at Wei{ Av*nu« & WfH, g'tHMaeif**, Minister Bible School-* 9r45, a.m. Clashes or ftll ages,'Lloyd Coop). Suplt A ftUl attendhncc is the*re$boftsl<< jfllty or every rtiefnbe?. It Is Vouf oss If you fail to use your opfcor- ,-Mornl^e Worship. Cofrt»nt(h!oh Wy, hflfMdiateiy alter the close i tlibl^ ,S8hoOl h6U*. ChHStlflM Youth PWlowshlp meet- nfe-^8:30'p.m, Mf. and Mrs. R, L. Bonder, sponsors, No eVehmg preaching'services, Brother Ilaraegree and ivlrs, Hardgree. are .attending , the National. Jonvenlion of 'Christian Churches low In session ih Columbus; Ohio. A called meeting of the official ward ,will be he"ld immediately oUowihg.thd .close of:the mornilng ervfces. Members of the board will please emain. for.-this short but impor- ant session of the board. GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Ni Ferguson-Street D. O.,.8llvey,,Pa8tor • . ,. Sunday.-'Sdhool 1 -^10 a.m. Breaching, -trll nirh.-..Eld.. J. Alert Maples, one of,.our interstate nlssioiiai-ics who has been Working n Arizona and ; Pennsylvania, will ie Visiting' with' us and will be ringing ,lne message at this hour. BTG'and'Bible Class r^O^S p.m.. Preaching -—7130 p.m. ' Auxiliary, Monday —2:30.p.m. Teachers' Meeting' ih the: home of vlr.. andv-Mrs. "John'Clark, Monday —7:30 p.m. ...;.,'...'•,- : ,-• •-:•., v Prayer 'Services,'',Wednesday —8 p.m.V '( '. -. :",; .:•'.'. ;.-•;!..' - ;' ;. : ... 'OH . -Qy.ICK; SALE,' MY FARM, groce'ry and/filing station,.5 miles out on-ihighy/ay 19 from^Prescott. .Thriyiog; business, .owner- leaving' state-'fov .health. : Roy W.nrd-, '.pres- cott.Rtv .6, v: ••-.- 9-Ot ' '• • ' L ' '• '. '? • •:•'. .• ' ice 'LAIN. AND-. FANCY- SEWING. Reasonable,'prices.' :'Mrs. Esther ,McLain, 224.. North Hamilton, Phone,H08-W., ; 6-flt ADMIRAL * RADIOS • ; Battery/ 4 Phonograph ',.'' ; Combination .'.'• . Bob Elmore Auto .Supply . FOR—D«p,ehdabl,p and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • -C PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too, 8mah • ANDERSON BROS. • BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures . Plumbing Repairs i SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 269 Hope. Ark. Church News FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and; Ferguson Streets , T. F. Ford, Pastor v ' "The church that..is different." Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Morning..Worship.—11 o'clock. P.Y.P.A. Class —6:45'p.m.- Junior P,Y:p.A;-r- O;45 p.m. Evangelistic Service —7:45 p.m. Choir. Practice,' Wednesday —7:45 Ladles;. Prayer', and Bible Study— 'hursday—2:30 p.m.. . •:.•: Praise- and - Worship, Friday — 7:45 p.m. • . You .are; always .welcome to all if 'these, services. ; FIRST BAPTIST' , Main tiThird Streets . S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday. School — 9:30 a. m., H.E. Thrash, Siiperinteriderit. 'Morning Worship -—10:50. Dr W V. Adams, President', Central Bap- ist Seminary, Kansas City, Kansas REMOVED FREE Within 40: Miles • DEAD HORSES, COWS end CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phpne .883-W XPhone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R . .. COMPLETE LINE OF OFFICE SUPPLIES JOB PRINTING Gentry Printing Co. Phone 241 Hope, Ark. ouncing ^ij^jSfe^ ^^^^m^^m Regular Scheduled Air Service Arkansas Cities ', AUGUST lOih, 1946 Read Down Flight 4 ROUT.E ONE 12:30 pm 1:00 pm _Flight:l^ 7l30 am 7157'atn 8:02 am »9:17 am ly, ar" Iv ar Iv ar Fort' Smith , Fort' Smith Little'Rock Little Rock 1 Hp,t^ Springs _ ROUTB'THREE ar, Iv ar. Iv ar Iv Read Up __ 5:47 pm 5:20 pm 5:15-pm pm* 'Flight 5" •2:45 pm __Flight_2 7:00" am 7:44 am* Flight 3 •7:w am 8:33 am 8:38 am . 8:53 am ' 8:58 am • 9:23 am .9:28 *m 9:41 am ' ar 9:46 am " 10:15 am ly Iv ar Iv > Texarkana » El, Dorado 1 El.Dora^do < Texarkana V Texarkana ly Iv Hope ArkadeTphia No»«; Subj«cl lo~ch»nfl« without < Hot Springs ' lilitle ROCK ar Iv ar Iv ar Iv ar Iv ar Iv ar Iv Flight 6 5:26 pm* 4:42 pm 4:37 pm 4:22 pm 4:17 pm 3:52 pm 3:47 pm 3:34 pm 3;29 pm iiOfl'-BW JPlightJ_ 6:15 pm •5;31 pm FA;RES ED 23.18 20.86 9.98 12.68 10.80 7.35 5.33 0 „•„..» FV Fs LI HS AK HO TX Fayettevilte 0 3.68 J3..80 17.18 19.06 21.68 24.60 Fort Smith 3.68 -0 ' ltt,88 14.86 16.73 19.36 22.28 Little .Rock 18.20 10,88 • 0.-- 3.9.8 5,85 8.48 H 40 Hot Springs 17.18 14.86. -'3,98.; « 1;88 5:33 735 Arkadelphia 19,05 16.73- 5.8§ > 1.88 0 3.45 5.48 Hope 21.68 19.36 8.48 5.33 3.45 0 2.03 Texarkana 24.60 2?.28 11.40 7,35 5.48 203 0 El Dorado 23.18 20.86 9,98 12.68 10.80 7,35 6 33 ALL FARJS SUBJECT ,TO FBDE?«AL TAX. Twin Engine Equipment South Central Air Transport Inc. "THE ARKANSAS AIRLINE" For Tickets qnc| Reservations See SCAT Agent tiTTIS FiYlMfl'-SiiXiCI T»U>P<uini Alf^t* m 866 ' ' ? '5 A " " »' 1 -/"A >,' '/' .**•>• f ,t . f H dj> 1 S t IV; rf 0 fo ' A ft k A N 4fk I Pantomine Artist to Appear at New Theater on Sunday Sunday on llik stage of® . — th<* New Theatre, that, faster Mitniial Nlrrtltz he toured the entll-e , Peter Paul WI11 appear I field of operations providing person presenting hJfl uhustial REC- hJ and sensational "OFF P ORD," a .Hot of l outstanding fnUsic, ,,,i Peter Paul; a world farnoiis nr.- list nnd star of Broadway,', stage ahd television, brings to theatre goers of Hope a presentation that Has provided arnusbmenl v all over the world. Mr. Paul has^ust-feturn- ed to civilian life after completion lalnmeht for his mated. Immediately after leaving the service Paul appeared !h television broadcasts in New York and worked lii lead' ing night clubs in that city before coming South -to present his "OFF THE RECORD" to audiences of the Molco Theatre Circuit. Like Jimmy Savo and other pan* tomlne artisls ( Petet- Paul in "OFF THE RECORD'* 1 concentrates Training; Union— ' 0:45 !fr sell ' Lew-allen. Director."- > ^Rus. . .Evening Worship --8 p.m. Message by the pastor. ; "V <. Wednesday, The Fellowship Hour will be held at the Park Wedriesdnv evening at 7 o'clock. FolloWibrV .will be a watermelon feast.. For any who do not have means, of transportation they are asked to be at the church by G:45 Wednesday evening and transportation to the Park will be provided. .-v. . HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Norh Main and Avenue D H. Paul Holdrldrje, Pastor "If -my people which'are 1 called by my name, shall ..humble- themselves, and pray, and'^'seek my face, and- turn from thoii-t wicked ways; then will I- hear, -from? heaven, and will forgive '"their'-' sin, and will heal their land." II Chron. 7:14. ... ,. Sunday School —9:30 a.m. Morning Worship — 10:50i ' Christ's Ambassador Service — C: 30 p.m. Evangelistic Service — 7:30 Wednesday: Prayer and 'Bible Study —7:45 p.m. Thursday: Women's ..Missionary Council —2:30 p.m'. _ Friday —Hl-r-C. A. Brigade — The pastor has returned from his vacation, and will be 'the speaker for both the Morning:< Worship and the Evening Evangelistic Services. FIRST METHODIST . Pine.at Second Robert B. Moore, Pastor Organ Music—Mrs. Dolphus.Wh.it- ten, Jr.— 9:15 a.m. ! '. Church School—9:45 a.m. ' Morning Worship — 10:50 a.m. ; Sermon by Pastor. Youth -Felolwship —0:30 p.m. -' • Evening Worship —7:30-p.m. Sermon by Pastor. — o— • —-J Young Louisville Minister Aids Louisville, Ky. — (/pv— Th 0 Rev. Edward J. Lee, Jr., Baptist minister with an urge to rebuild the lives of paroled juveniles;" doubles as pastor of a rural church, chaplain at the Louisville Children's Center and volunteer probation of- fice.r with the juvenile court probation department. " .' : REED 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES • Complete Repair, Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop on , . are acclaimed ' as the tops otv record. Mnnnger Rommel Young of the Now Thcali'c has announced that his screen attraction, to be presented with "OFF 'THE RECORD" is '.'Tars and Spars," starring Ja> hot Blair. . . of four vcnrs service with 1 Uncle'laughs, and his performances Sam's Navy. While in the Navy Mr ' '" ' Paul wn? stationed in Memphis, Tennessee at the Millingion Navy Base, whote ho was featured artist with-'Clyde McCoy's Sugar- Blues Orchestra ahd appeared in many outstanding stage presentations with this fine aggregation. It was his stellar work in these shows that brought him to the attention of the Navy High Comm'nhd which transferred him to : the South Pacific, where at the. direction- ofc Ad- Will'. be the guest speaker. '•'. T he choir will sing "I Love Thod, 0 Lord" by Simpklns. Yesterday's Stars By The Associated^ Press home ce Wee Reese, with only i Pete Reiser, > Dodgers—singled home Pee . Wee -Reese .with only run of game as: Brooks blanked Phils. 1-0. Wliitoy Kurowski, Cardinals— paced St. Louis' .attack with.'. two singles, double and homer driving in,three runs ih 5-2 verdict over Cincy. . i Warren Spahn, Braves-^-racked up fifth victory in six starts at Giants' expense, 5-3. \ Lenny Merullb, CUbfi—hammered P.irnle pitching, for -lhre,e doubles and a single, driving' home four runs in 9-3 ^rornp. Rudy York, Red Sox—crashed 14th liomer-of season 'with , two on to shade'^Yankees, 4-3., ;LAST NIGHT'S'RESULTS American: Le.ague Boston 4; New York 3. Detroit\5; Chicago 4. Cleveland 5; St. Louis .4. Washington 2; Philadelphia 1. Natonal League St. Louis. 5; Cincinnati 2 Brooklyn 1; PhiJadelphia 0. Chicago fl; Pittsburgh 3. Boston 5; New York 3. NOTICE Jilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT-'EM • ADJUST 'EM ,• R;E4CO.RD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made .Metal Venetian 1 Blinds FREE ESTIMATED-PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING is for DIVIDENDS on your fire insurancel We can give you' complete protection, and save you at . least 20% on your insurance- cost. Your life insurance pays dividends, why hot your fire insurance? Foster-Ellis MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Non-Assessable Legal Reserve : 108 East 2nd . . Phone 221 NOTICE LISTEN VOTERS !! Elect the man that knows how FRED A. 1IUCK Will get the job done. This ad signed and paid for by a taxpayer. W. A. Wray CASH>- • • in 10 Minutes! 9orr9W money from MI on yoipr ?ar, or olmo»» any' thing pf value. We'H lend ypw all you need if we po^ibly son, regardless of where you live, The more you want Hie bettfr we. like it. Ten minutes usually get? yow the co$|u> Ask for Mr, McUrty, ot Hope Awto Co. "£ Political Announcements Star is authorized to Minounee the fdllowing ai candidates subject to tha •ctioh of the Democratic primary elections this Sum>. met: Circuit Judge LYLE BROWN Hempifdad County For County Clerk- ROBERT C. TURNER For County Treasurer i«RS. ISABELLE ONSTEAD i McCORKLE ; SYVELL A. BURKE • For County .Judge FRED A., LUCK FRANK RIDER Washington, Aug. 0 **•(&)— Pro- durlion ol tires for passenger- em's and motorcycles will be stepped up die last half of this year, the Civilian Prbdtlelldn Admlni'Stra'tiofi announced today. W J. Sears, director of the OPA rubber division, reported .that a goal of 09,160,000 iires for thia year can still be attained even, though °My ?0,842,101 were produced in the first six months. • OPA announced that tires .for trucks and buses totaled 7,704,894 » the first half of this year, more *an half of the yearjs goal oM3,» 800,000 Units. As a result Sears sai/J the supply of bus and truck tires is capable of meeting current demands except -for small delivery and pickup vehicles. 1 0 - — Soil feeds our nation— coriserve For Representative Post 1 ' , GLEN WALKER. , ARTHUR C. ANDERSON' For Representative , Post 2 - TALBOT FEILD, JR. Nevada County For Sheriff and Collector OTIS LANGSTON Half the world's output of industrial dja-monds . and one- thir.d of the cobalt -are mined in the; Belgian Congo. Harry Segno r, Sr. PLUMBER ; Contracting and-Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto,Supply Phone 174 '. 216 S. Main Tire Production o Be Stepped for Night phofie v' 101 w , • T » vv«*«B«PIB«h^ ••• r i MOTOR REWINDING BARWICK'S > Clectrrc Service 114 E. third St, Hope, AM mi PIANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct.F-rom-Chicago" ' ' • Looks like new •Sound* like new • New guarantee, - • ' If you are interested in .buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will call on ''' CRABBE BROS. PIANO ! CO. "Texarkand's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue. . . Texarkana, U.*,S. Dimensions' 16 to 70 Feel MARTIN AN IMPARTIAL AND UNBIASED ESTIMATE OF THE CONDUCT AND ABILITY of MR. SAN This is an exact, quotation from the opinion of, the United States Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of Baker vs. United States, 115th Federal 2nd, page 543: ' "THIS OUTRAGEOUS CONDUCT ON THE PART OF THE GOVERNMENT ATTORNEY (MR. ROREX) WAS UNETHICAL, HIGHLY REPREHENSIBLE AND MERITS UNQUALIFIED CONDEMNATION. 'THE PRIMARY DUTY OF A LAWYER ENGAGED IN PUBLIC PROSECUTION IS NOT TO CONVICT BUT TO SEE THAT JUSTICE IS DONE.'" L Remember, the words are not mine, but the Federal Court's. k '' e -ii he P° m P° u . s assertion in Mr. Rore*'s campaign circular he will add experience and dignity to, and bring resoect for the office of'Attorney General." .1 j / 9 n V!V n9 certain • "the Court's estimate of Mr. Rorex's conduct and ability is no recommendation for a candidate for Attorney General of Arkansas, 7 The court's blistering reprimand of Mr. Rorex may be one of the reasons he was not reappointed United States-District Attorney. , ,- 1 Arkansas will follow Hie safe, sensible course and Re-Elect ,,'» GUY E. WILLIAMS ATTORNEY GENERAL There's no substitute fpr prQve.<! ability .and experience Political Advertisement Pai4 For by Paviqj L. Ford, Fort Smith, Ark. •tj-j *?<<

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